The Wise Eats Diet Plan Part 1 – Change Your Diet, Change Your Life (Wise Eats Podcast Episode #12)

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The Wise Eats Diet Plan Part 1 – Change Your Diet, Change Your Life (Wise Eats Podcast Episode #12)

Well, hello there Welcome to another edition of the wise eats podcast If you’re looking to improve your health and fitness and aren’t sure where to get started. You’ve come to the right place 10 years ago I was 270 pounds eating fast food every single day and abusing my body with reckless abandon. Today, I’m in the best shape of my life and hoping to inspire others to transform their health as well One of the main ways I got here was by completely changing my diet and philosophy surrounding food Which is exactly what I’m gonna share on today’s episode I’ll be covering exactly the foods. I believe you should be eating and avoiding to achieve optimal health There’s a lot I want to touch on so I’m actually gonna break it into two parts Part 1 will cover some of my history the wise eats diet Philosophy some do’s and don’ts my favorite places to grocery shop and more part 2 will cover food prep cooking Supplements and my personal daily diet routine for optimum performance What I will not be covering are any get slim quick gimmicks or diet fads, no miracle pills No, Instagram influence or nonsense just sound principles Accountability and tools that actually get the job done now I’m no diet expert or nutritionist and I can’t tell you the exact diet. That’s perfect for everyone because it doesn’t exist We’re all unique different genetics and needs but what I can do is share a set of fundamental principles That have completely transformed my life and hopefully they can at least get you going in the right direction So if you think you’re ready to finally take control of your health Then you want to listen to this episode because I’m dishing up the wise eats diet plan. So let’s get to it It’s time to wise up What’s up wise guys and gals Welcome to another episode of the wise eats podcast today We’re diving deep into diet philosophy and exactly the types of foods You should be eating to lose body fat build lean muscle and optimize your life Originally, I wanted this to be One of the very first episodes of the show a foundational thing because there’s so much confusion these days There’s so many diets to follow so many workout regimens you can choose from there’s a lot of misinformation out there a lot of greedy corporations that are just selling garbage and lies and Personal agendas instead of educating people about what actually works, but I want to change all of that with wise ease I want to bring it back to the basics Just tell you the tactics that will truly help you become the best version of yourself So we’re all different with varying nutritional needs beliefs and goals But no matter what your diet philosophy is There’s some simple truths that apply to all humans in general and that’s what I want to get into on today’s episode And we’re not talking shortcuts or quick fixes. No pills no potions no macro restrictions Just what works coming from someone who has had to overcome some of the worst diet habits imaginable Before we dive in head over to wise choice And subscribe to my free newsletter if you haven’t done so already When you do you’ll immediately receive a welcome email containing the full list of wise eats approved foods drinks and supplements Building your diet based on these real foods will help you lose weight build muscle increase energy fight depression prevent disease and feel amazing So get over to wise choice nation calm right now sign up for free and get that list of approved foods Delivered instantly I have you have to try your food But I want to so the idea behind the wise eats diet plan is a real simple philosophy that you may have heard before And it’s to eat real food We want to eat for optimization plain and simple. No soda no processed foods No junk food takeout or added sugar Of course, we’re gonna have these things from time to time myself included But as a general rule you want to be eating whole foods from good sources Because the nutrients that you fuel your body with make up your physical appearance

attitude mental clarity energy levels creativity mindfulness and so much more Literally your entire existence is defined by the things you’re putting in your body So when you put in nothing, but junk that’s exactly what you’re gonna get back out tired sick depressed and worst of all Imprisoned both mentally and physically from lifestyle related choices in this kitchen We don’t eat Cheetos. We make choices wise choices So what exactly is real food It’s things that come from the earth not from a science lab things that were alive at one time fresh fruits vegetables free-range chicken grass-fed beef wild caught fish Nuts seeds grains That’s real food. It’s foods that are raw Organic, and as close to their natural source as possible. They’re coming out of the ground. They’re You know raised in a farm locally sourced that’s real food hot pockets and cheez-its and cookies and Break my heart, but Captain Crunch is not real food. It’s poison. It’s scientifically engineered modified in a lab and then loaded with chemicals and additives and fillers and preservatives and it’s just marketed to Generate profits, but it just it doesn’t deliver any value or lifeforce to your body And I know that may be common sense to a lot of people but it was not always obvious to me Because back in my mid-20s. I didn’t understand what real food was I mean, I’m sure I had a general sense of what was good and bad for me, but I didn’t care I was buying Burger King everyday buy-one-get-one-free whoppers I buy pizzas, you know two at a time and spread those over breakfast lunch and dinner and My most prized kitchen utensil back then was my fry. Daddy. I’d go to Gordon’s load up on mozzarella sticks and jalapeno poppers and fried mushrooms and chicken nuggets and french fries and I would literally Deep-fry my dinners every night Bosco sticks any I don’t we have Bosco sticks in high school used to bake those put butter Parmesan cheese on them that was my dinner If I was trying to eat healthy, it would be something frozen boxed or processed always almost always I mean I didn’t even know to cook for myself so my life was just a constant cycle of junk food and inactivity and I was 270 pounds and miserable and finally I stumbled across a fitness article That’s very similar to the episode. I’m recording today from a website called the intense workout and it basically just told me to stop eating the junk food and Start moving if I wanted to get in shape and I mean Wow earth-shattering news, right? I mean Stop eating junk food and exercise and you’ll get in shape Wow shocking But I mean call me naive or ignorant. That was a huge light bulb moment for me. I Just didn’t understand the Impact that my diet was having on my life but now I understand proper nutrition and the importance of exercise and I’m addicted to it crave it and I’m hoping the message on this episode can impact someone else who may be in the same spot. I was back then Okay, so what kind of real foods do we want to be consuming well starting with the most important its vegetables in all four especially green leafy ones There’s literally an endless amount of benefits for eating green vegetables like fat loss and disease prevention But they basically turbocharged your existence and I’ve rarely ate them throughout my entire life. I mean Outside of an iceberg lettuce salad, I would eat no vegetables But today I’m having smoothies and salads and stir fries with greens like kale and spinach broccoli I use cauliflower rice a lot any way I can think of to add vegetables to my diet I’d do it and the health benefits are dramatic kale is loaded with vitamins antioxidants It’s anti-inflammatory. It helps you prevent disease if boost your energy Prevents cancer it’s a miracle drug So before you reach for that popcorn or that bag of potato chips get in the kitchen and make a wise decision If you want to be a real lesson maniac you need to make some wise choices in your life And it took me a long time to get used to eating vegetables like Into my mid-20s or maybe even close to 30 But now I have them in almost every single meal and I can’t live without them I know if my junk food addicted self can get used to vegetables and actually love them and crave them anybody can

Now outside of vegetables my favorite carb sources are jasmine rice oat bran quinoa sweet potato white potato also and fresh or dried fruit and if you want to see some of those carbs in action, you can head over to Weis – eat calm slash recipes and You’ll find the slammin sweet potato or the mega power potatoes Those are a couple of cool recipes and there I make them those are staples I make those probably every week every other week just to have four quick quick meals I make a big thing of them and boom put them in small little containers and Off I go don’t know what we’re dealing with here bad. We’re gonna bake them at 400 degrees for about one hour So I talked a little bit about the things that you want to be eating but what about the things that you should be avoiding For starters eliminate fast food Completely if you can eventually, you know start small, but get rid of it completely Taco Bell Burger King McDonald’s That stuff was life back in the day, but I don’t even touch it anymore And I can already hear the 2009 version of myself. Just crying for help but That I’d kick that guy’s ass 2019 West will destroy 2009 Wes So get your mind right in the same way Get that junk out of your life. I mean to me that stuff doesn’t even register as food anymore, you know obviously if I think about you know a whopper Even a Big Mac. I mean double quarter-pounder of cheese when I think about it hard enough. I’m like man, it sounds so good but Then I just have my normal Delicious healthy food that I prepared ahead of time and I forget all about it It’s just not worth it to poison myself when I know the negative effects that it’s gonna have on my my mood energy levels and my focus So I do eat bad food from time to time on special occasions and with friends And actually I I believe that there could be some benefits to that at certain times if it’s really the right Time and place and it’s like it’s like an experience. I think that can be a really good thing. Well, 90% of the time I want to be eating perfect and Feeling good So fast food getting back to that it’s just if you look at the stuff that’s in fast food it’s It’s a just a disgusting combination of refined flour high-fructose corn syrup artificial flavor trans fats salt genetically modified toxins petroleum products cow feces antibiotics, I mean It’s unbelievable and you’re putting that stuff in your body your body is a cheese Your body is a filter for all that junk and I mean, it doesn’t even recognize those foods as so it just Automatically stores him as excess body fat And I cringe when I think that I’ve lived more than 2/3 of my life eating these types of junk foods every single day and Nowadays, it’s a whole different story my cheat meals Consist of home cooked meals most of the time we will go out every once in a while But usually it’s just eating more of the whole natural foods that I enjoy on a regular basis and that’s that’s basically my cheat meal So in addition to junk food you want to avoid processed foods as much as possible It’s just poison that’s disguised as real food chips cookies Cakes and snack foods are all off-limits if you’re gonna buy something that’s Packaged check ingredient lists and avoid the stuff that you don’t understand as much as possible the shorter the ingredient lists the better And if it has some sort of health claim like low calorie or low fat or low sugar on the package It’s probably just junk marketing Read Nutrition Facts labels and choose foods with simple ingredients corn vegetable oil Maltodextrin artificial flavor got no time for that jack. We got to wake up OK we’ve touched on the do’s and don’ts of Eating now. Let’s get to one of my favorite pastimes, which is grocery shopping Now back in the day, I would shop at all the big supermarkets like Meijer or Walmart, but nowadays Those are just last resorts The first thing I do is hit my local farmers markets We have Eastern Market here in Detroit. But we live in a suburb Mount Clemens and There’s a farmers market that I hit every Saturday every Saturday morning I’m over there saying what’s up – farmer mark I get my kale my Swiss chard my beets my romaine lettuce and

stock up for the whole week and The closer to the original source, you can get your food whether it meat vegetables produce The better so I hit those local markets I get my farm-fresh eggs from the egg, man and You know this this market was here for 40 years and I just started shopping there four or five years ago It was there my whole life and I just didn’t even know it so find out where your local Markets are around you if you don’t know already and start shopping there because it’s gonna be a game-changer for you Are there any fruits or? Vegetables you would absolutely not eat unless it’s organic all of them all of them my top three places to shop other than the farmers markets are Costco Trader Joe’s and Amazon When I do go shopping I stick to the produce aisles the meat the dairy if that’s that’s your thing And I stay away from the middle sections where all the processed junk food is even the frozen aisle I don’t spend much time in there Unless it’s for like frozen meat frozen fish or frozen produce If you’re buying them frozen dinners and just all them different snack foods It’s just they’re just loaded with nothing but sodium and preservatives and additives And just a bunch of junk and I know because I used to eat them every single day multiple times a day even when I lost 90 pounds, I was eating healthy choices and Lean Cuisines and hot pockets and pizza rolls Because the the calories are printed right on the package I knew exactly how many calories I was having and boom. You know, low calorie foods are they’re gonna help you lose weight No matter how processed they are, but they’re just gonna end up leaving you skinny and sick just the way they did to me so get on the real food kick, that’s where you want to be at low calorie is Is a false philosophy trust me we say don’t worry about calories Don’t worry about your intake the most important aspect of nutrition is the quality of foods you’re eating, okay? So the last thing that I want to touch on in part one of the wise eats diet plan is hydration You cannot talk proper diet without touching on hydration and I often get asked like how much water should I be drinking in a day and You know, I’m working out just about every single day. So I Aim for a gallon but I challenge any person, you know whether or not you’re really active or not to take it about that much a day drink try to shoot for a gallon and then Maybe that’s easy for you. Maybe that sounds outrageous, but it’s not hard when you make it a priority Back in the day. I hardly drank water at all. I just drink pop Kool-aid and fruit juice. I remember when I was a kid. I used to wake up every night So miserably tired and thirsty I would just get out of bed and do that Zombie walk to the fridge and I’d get my ice cold pop and bury hi-c Slam some of that down and just or some kool-aid Fruit punch and it was just it was the best thing ever But I was completely oblivious to the toll that it was taking on my body at that time. I was just always tired But nowadays waters automatic and it’s my number one priority when I wake up each day The very first thing I do is drink a tall glass of high-quality water. I don’t look at my phone my facebook status You can see how I kind of do my water in The always work in water recipe video which is available at wise – eats dot-com water We use a home filtration system called the Berkey that was recommended to me by Mike Dolce Dolce diet And we’re a huge fan of that system There’s a lot of different things you can do out there but I originally started with a just like a pure filter or a a Brita filter and Found out way later in the game that those are not actually that great of filters. All they do is take out the odors and They don’t actually filter out all the other bad Things that are in the water, so if you haven’t already invested in a good filtration system for your water I highly recommend it because if you don’t have a filter you become the filter I know Sean Stephenson always likes to say that on his show to hear him speak It just was so ribbet Every single word is just there’s so much wisdom coming off of that If water quality hasn’t been a priority for you up to this point. It’s time to wise up So I’m gonna wrap up part one there That’s basically the whys heats diet plan in a nutshell. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel This may be some simple common-sense stuff to you But I’m just trying to tell people what works and what I believe in as someone who has lived on both ends of the health

Spectrum from being super fat to super thin to super fit what I believe in. I mean, I believe I’m pretty fit So I hope this episode is opened your eyes up to some of the dietary habits that you could be improving in your life Right now, you know, I’ll never forget that time that I first picked up that article that told me to Stop drinking pop and quit eating junk food if I wanted to get in shape. I mean my world was crushed I mean obviously I knew that that stuff was bad for me But a switch was flipped in my mind that day that I didn’t even realize at the time It was a major wake-up call to get my health in order after being stubborn and careless about it for so long. So If you’re listening to me talk about Avoid this food and stop doing that and feeling any kind of way about it. I feel your pain because I’ve been there but when you begin to change your way of eating You know cravings may be intense at times and cheat meals would be the best part of your week I used to look forward to them. You know, that’s how what got me through the week with man I know on Saturday. I’m gonna be able to crush this Pile of pancakes or whatever that whatever it was Usually something a lot worse than pancakes But eventually with every wise choice you make it gets a little bit easier to stick to the right foods and avoid the bad ones Just make small changes and it will grow into permanent habits over time Okay, thanks so that’s gonna do it for part 1 of the wise eats diet plan and I really hope you’re enjoying the show Please show your support by subscribing on iTunes and leaving a five star rating which really helps spread the word if you’re watching on YouTube click that thumbs up button Which lets me know you’re diggin the show and check out wise – eats calm or you can find all the recipes mentioned in this episode and much more Finally, don’t forget to sign up for my free newsletter at wise choice And instantly receive my approved foods and grocery lists These are the exact foods I have on a normal basis and what I believe are best for health and performance My goal is to help as many people get healthy and improve their lives as I possibly can But I need your help in order to grow I’m also always on the lookout for the best iTunes reviews YouTube comments and social media posts to share on the show So let me know what you think Thanks again for tuning in now. Get out there eat something fresh do something good and as always make wise choices Breath Buried that one at the end Take five, there we go, and I hope and I hope I’m hoping Yeah, let’s get to one of my favorite past Yeah, yeah god, I feel like I want to redo this whole part I don’t ever drink water out of the tap cuz that’s bad for you you know I’ll never forget that time that I Thanks again for tuning in the wise eats know You