Getting Started With Mobile Affiliate Marketing

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Getting Started With Mobile Affiliate Marketing

broadcast is now starting all attendees are in listen-only mode good a good evening everyone Rutland here managing partner over here I am growing calm for ride media net and iMovie tracks calm in case we have any viewers and listeners online tonight for the webinar if you don’t know a little bit about me just Google me it’s pretty easy I’m not going to go into the whole scenario here but I’ve done a lot of public speaking over the last five years that I date ad tech leads con droidcon apps world village summit mobile show o with my partner Ryan gray we also hold our own public seminars and teaching workshops as well in internet marketing mobile marketing media buying lead generation and tonight we’re going to cover three topics basically we’re gonna I’m gonna give you some ideas on what to pick out mobile mobile marketing is it’s nothing new it’s been around for the last decade so to speak but our industry performance marketing industry affiliate marketing industry they’re really starting to catch wind of mobile marketing and opera and he said it gives us and I just wanna I just want to cover some tips here tonight show you guys how to make a little bit of cash over the next 24 to 36 months I see a big window of opportunity and performance marketing mainly for mobile marketers so without further ado we’re going to go into a little presentation here and we’re gonna talk about top offers how to pick good offers ideas for offers we’re gonna go over some stats here we’re going to talk about mobile click fraud which is pretty much the number one thing that’s plaguing mobile marketers and advertisers from actually going online and spending large budgets and of course tracking and scaling effectively tracking being the number one issue above mobile click fraud I think in my opinion that tracking comes first so if you guys aren’t aware our partner bill burr now lead programmer for iMovie tracks calm is our patent-pending proprietary mobile tracking technology platform we’ve been able to do some pretty awesome things obviously for us when we got into mobile marketing we faced a ton of click fraud and a ton of accidental clicks and stuff like that we started working with Bill to build this platform as affiliates as advertisers of course as the performance marketing agency mobile performance marketing agency revived media we built the system based on what we’ve experienced so we didn’t just come out of the Woodworks and decide to build a mobile tracking platform this is built completely from the ground up by Bill and marketed by me and Ryan and we built it based on our own spending millions of millions of dollars and spin and I hope you guys enjoy the presentation a night we’re gonna cover a lot of things you’re gonna learn some stuff I guarantee you learn some stuff so starting off here a quick overview about mobile marking some stats I pulled up currently there’s 5.5 billion plus current mobile device subscriptions worldwide there’s 48 million plus people with mobile phones they don’t even have electricity and to give you an example of that over in Nigeria over 80 percent of the entire Nigerian population accesses the internet from a mobile device that Saudi Arabia is staying near 60 percent sixty percent of the people only have their phone access the internet incredible numbers a trillions SMS messages were sent in 2011 it’s projected 788 million mobile only Youth Internet users by 2015 a projected twenty point six billion in mobile ad revenue by 2015 another projected 119 billion dollars spent by mobile shoppers by 2015 nearly every mobile device in the world can actually access the internet mobile browsing is projected to surpass desktop browsing 2014 now if you read any of my mobile marketing off articles across my movie tracks are I’m grind or you’re a member of the private community and I am grind then I know that I stated this almost a year ago I figured that it would by 2015 surpass desktop browsing which they’re saying by 2014 which is a youth year sooner than I expected a projected nearly as many mobile devices as there are people across the world by 2015 so that brings me to my next point why mobile why mobile marketing you know last up until August of 2011 last year I

spent the last three years building an M think top 20 CPA Network convert to Mediacom I’m the former CEO of that company we worked a lot and web-based performance advertising and marketing runnin web-based offers well I quickly made the transition to go nearly 100% mobile with Ryan over here or vive media and I’ll tell you why and the stats the stats are here and they like explaining exactly why you should consider mobile marketing and advertising mobile performance marketing right now forty point one percent of mobile devices users they access browsers thirty-nine point five percent of mobile device users access mobile apps ninety percent of smartphone users their searches they result in an action being taken ninety five percent of smartphone users they have searched for local information on their device seventy nine percent of smartphone consumers use their photo to shop use their phone to shop sorry seventy four percent of smartphone shoppers make online or in-store purchases now to define an in-store purchase is to basically be searching on their phone and buy it from the store or on their phone while they’re in the store eighty-eight percent take action within 24 hours that what that equates to is people that are on their phones looking around for things have immediate needs 24 percent recommend brands because of mobile searching measurable every detail of a mobile campaign can be captured and reported despite what you’ve heard despite what you’ve read online there are very few companies – that I know of in existence that have put in as much effort as we have but haven’t accomplished as much as we have in the mobile tracking and targeting space every detail of a mobile campaign can be captured and reported providing accurate data for our eye metrics high-performance mobile display ads they average 5 to 6 times higher CTR click-through rate the traditional web-based desktop ads in simple terms mobile affiliate marketing is a process of which mobile publishers media buyers and website owners market and/or advertise mobile optimized campaigns and or offers from advertisers which then result in revenue to you from each action and/or cell download lead registration call and that’s where we really put ourselves also ever vive media is to provide that type of traffic to those type of campaigns for mobile optimized campaigns is to do mobile search mobile display push notifications in-app advertising mobile email and SMS app installs and more we’ve also in client we’ve also put in the performance models for mobile advertisers to come on and experience what a lot of our web based advertisers experienced last year and that was to pay on a no-risk basis with us to pay only on results and that type of advertising when it came on in 2007 it literally exploded the last three years we’ve seen hundreds of CPA and performance marketing networks explode on the net because the money train and that’s what’s happening right now performance models for advertisers it’s a win-win situation they only pay on successful costs for actions cost per leads cost per cells cost per clicks cost for installs or paper calls or click to cost the types of campaigns that we’re seeing right now in the mobile marketing space is mobile entertainment mobile content such as ringtones iPad offers sweepstake offers mobile lead generation for insurance companies dental offices mobile apps absolutely phenomenal in Google Play and iTunes store now Amazon has their own app store click-to-call campaigns SMS campaigns those are all types of campaigns these advertisers are taking their current businesses on the web and transitioning over to mobile and to give you a real quick couple examples of what these offers look like this right here is a simple app install from the Google Play Store this right here is a simple quiz that people will follow through and click the buttons over here on the left we’ve got a DISH Network click to call basically we need on your mobile device when you click the green click this speak to a dish specialist button a number will pop up and you’ll go through the process another pin cement type campaign when you enter your web PIN or sorry your mobile PIN and then of course what I was talking about it’s free quotes for cheap and insurance auto rates these are the type offers are very popular right now their mainstream mass marketable and that’s where the money’s at now we’re

going to jump back and forth here a couple of times because I have a few points to make so we’re gonna cut we’re gonna pop out of here and at the end of this webinar I’m gonna put together presentation for everybody and you can follow along with the slides and of course the video replay so if you can’t if you have to hop up for a second or if you miss a couple of things because we’re jumping around it’s alright we’ll replay it and full detail later on so we’re gonna click out of here am i show you the types of offers and what they look like first we’re going to start with a couple of quick D calls basically on your mobile device when you’re ready click to call this of course you’ll have a little prompt to come up to call in for the the DUI attorney can consultation but not other one the dish network that we saw another number will pop up and you’ll get a prompt on your phone to call in this is an Orlando getaway from Disney and of course it’s the same you click to call representative and it will pop up a little dialer for you to press the button or cancel out speak to a representative and you get paid out on a certain time limit on these types of offers dating is really big in for web optimized offers right now these offers from just hookup flirt flirt cafe one of Germany’s largest dating advertisers they’ve all started going towards mobile because in dating people want instant gratification on their phones so a quick sign up and you get paid sometimes on after they click this button to fill out a short profile like this and once they click the submit button here you get paid out on it right just took up you go back again you join for free once members fill out this short form they can click that and you get paid typically anywhere from four to six dollars for just hook up sometimes seven eight depending on the quality another one is a full name and phone number and then you can start chatting for free with other people and you can get paid out right on that another one is ringtone numbers where you just select your operator and this is actually a UK offer so it’s not going to work for us but you pick your carrier of course you put your mobile phone number in there you hit continue and we’ll just see it doesn’t exist so if if it did you were to come here a comeback with a submission type application which will basically tell you to check your phone for a pin submit for a SMS message coming to you and when you confirm that you get paid out on it another one is the thumb play ringtones where they pay out on successful carrier bills another is a WAP optimized video game design education offers mass market offers is what’s making money partner trackers people want to track their significant other attract girlfriend’s tracked boyfriends they click this answer subscription they agree to the terms they click track now the pin code sent via text message says cell phone once you acknowledge that you’re subscribed and you get paid out on it as an affiliate then they’re ones pac-man games which is another pin summit mobile cash source which is basically a loan type offer people who can fill out this information and click get my cash now and you get paid out on that and again we have the whap version of the insurance offer where this is a short form so if they just were to fill out at least five forms hit submit continue you get paid out on its affiliate looking over a couple apps once people download these apps from revive media isn’t it brilliant very easier Fillion we can go through that you of course will get paid out on that and another one here games there’s there is millions upon millions fifty million plus apps and the Google Play Store so there’s a ton of opportunity just think of apps alone if you look as an affiliate marketer if you’re familiar with how many web offers were available in the last two years you know a couple thousand across all of networks imagines what’s possible alone in the Google Play Store when there’s over 50 million apps now we’re going to talk about a little bit about click-fraud tonight and I got some information that it’s gonna be probably surprising to most it this is the biggest this is the biggest drawback this is why most affiliate marketers are afraid to get into mobile marketing they don’t want to lose money well I tell you if you’re paying for traffic it takes a lot of money to make a lot of money it’s just the way it is in mobile it’s different and I was talking about web-based I said when you have to spend a lot of money and mobile it’s different we’ve seen we’ve seen campaigns with EP C’s earnings per click of three to four

cents which literally triple and quadruple ROI now that may not seem like a big number until you get 10,000 clicks a day every day on that one offer so you can imagine at 3 cent a PC times 10,000 clicks you know what you’re making look fraud it’s the practice to clicking on ads for the sole purpose of earning money directly and we’re causing harm to another company’s advertising campaign that’s the simplest definition for click fraud a warning what you’re about to read and listen to and see might be a shocker to you includes a lot of information I’ve compiled as an affiliate advertiser and affiliate Network owner being directly involved a managing countless mobile ad campaigns some of the information our efforts I reference back to in this presentation is with anonymity because of guaranteed these sources complete confidentiality that would not reveal their identities for giving this information to me I will literally travel all over world attend mini marketing advertising trade shows I’ve made countless contacts whom I personally addressed these issues to mostly being managers and some of them being CEOs CTO co o CMO CFOs of the world’s largest mobile advertising networks in the world first starting off here little background information a scary survey result from Harris Interactive on behalf of pauna flex at the end of last year going into the first quarter of 2011 resulted in 47% of mobile app users reporting that they click tap on mobile ads more often by mistake than they do on purpose the result of this since most new mobile advertising model models charge advertisers by the click just from this survey result alone is enough to strike fear into anyone running mobile advertising nearly half of the people clicking your ads didn’t mean to another study by mobile app marketing platform trade mob recently found that 40% of mobile clicks on ads are essentially useless this is the result of accidental presses or fraud that’s one of the challenges facing mobile advertising which is still lagging in comparison to web-based desktop advertising trade mom found that 22% of these clicks for accidental and 18% of them were fraudulent that could be one thing holding back mobile advertising as some advertisers questioned how effective their spin is on mobile the trade mob chief operating officer specifically stated 8% of the clicks that are created by an app publisher who uses a service a server to register false clicks that’s malicious click fraud in its finest form if you want the blunt truth about it a more sophisticated problem is when someone deploys botnets on a number of hijacked devices to manipulate mobile clicked in some cases fraudsters hide behind a banner ad behind another getting credit for both clicks these two methods alone account for 10% of useless clicks considering the fact that pay-per-click advertising is the most common and popular form of paying for mobile advertising markers have to pay extremely close attention to their clicks and try to identify clicks that come from credible sources as well as the deceiving data I want to define accidental clicks here because there’s a lot of confusion on accidental clicks getting mixed up with mobile click fraud there – are completely separate they’ll explain why accidental clicks there’s three really major types of them there’s finger slips people slipping their fingers across a screen screen and clicking ads it’s usually because of small screens confusing banner or text ads will also cause people to click on as a it mean to and of course poor placement of ads the way to fight this right now is to simply black lift these sites if you can now a lot of mobile ad networks don’t have the technology for you to blacklist these websites that they’re serving ads on which is pretty much completely useless to use an advertiser if you can’t block out Bad’s non-performing sites our proprietary mobile tracking software on mobile acts we do this for you by revealing your refers from your clicks we built this because of that issue we were facing ourselves you can also review all your mobile ads though you want to ensure that you’ve specifically designed and crafted them to mobile devices and provide accurate easy to read information to minimize your accidental clicks make your banner ads very easy to understand very clear call to actions very simple design layouts don’t clutter them if you guys have ever ran reball offers and the cpa marketing industry you’ll understand that a lot of guys they moved over to the flogs and the blogs and stuff like that the long content-heavy

type of advertisements that basically they told the store filter people into purchasing the offeror getting a free trial mobile is completely different people want instant gratification they’ve already searched they’ve all right they’re on their phones 24 hours a day there you go to bed with their phone they’ve already done the research they want instant gratification when they come across to your ads another type of accidental click is batch die piece and again I’m gonna jump back and forth here a little bit because I want to show you a live example of batch die piece now batch type piece can work both ways they can be included as accidental clicks the batch die piece can also be a deliberate click fraud now the batch type piece I’m speaking about at this point is accidental clicks it’s pretty tough to pin people down based on the IP addresses I with all the fraud monitoring tools in desktop advertising we’ve come accustomed to being protected so to speak by targeting tracking platforms ad networks but I gotta tell you I don’t assume that I piece identify mobile devices uniquely because they don’t click frauds very hard to detect in full automation it’s extremely tough for analyzing mobile visitors all mobile phones they pass through a proxy at some point and you can literally have hundreds or thousands of phones all coming through the same proxy a loss the same IP address you can ease this basically translate and you could easily have a large volume of clicks from one IP and a shortened time span which might seem a little weird but it doesn’t necessarily indicate that it’s malicious traffic now I’ll tell you a little creepy information that I’ve dug up Verizon t-mobile actually allow private information to flow past their proxies from their customers pretty scary ordeal here in these carrier cases they’re pushing out the MS ISDN header which actually gives away the end users phone number now it’s possible that the users mobile number phones are giving this play however we definitely feel like the carriers should make a lot more effort to protect their users or start coming through their proxies pretty scary deal that your carrier could be actually giving out your phone number now I want to show you a live example real quick of batch type es that aren’t fraud now what I’m doing here is I’m going to our my mobiie tracks mobile tracking platform and I’m going to show you a stat report I ran for IPS now with iMovie tracks I’ve group my data by IP addresses which basically a group sum by IP which tells me which country they’re coming from now this example I’m showing you it was a profitable campaign that we were running and it it was on air push it which is an android-only Network and this was an Australia based campaign now you can see here this IP fifty eight point one four five point one four eight point three from Australia originated five hundred sixty six clicks 406 landing page views fifty nine landing page clicks a fourteen point four three percent landing page click-through rate and for leads now yes we lost money here on this IP but the fact of the matter is is this is a batch of clicks from the same IP that actually sent four different targeted leads to us another one here was an australia IP one seven five point three five point four eight point two three oh it sent three clicks three views to LP clicks and two leads from the same ip so that’s what I’m talking about accidental botched clicks now I’ll show you IP fraud later on which is completely different than what I’m talking about here but I just wanted to clear that up so we’ll cut that out and we’ll come back down here and we’ll we’re gonna define mobile click fraud baby alright so basically mobile click fraud it’s typically caused by shady publishers who find loopholes and policies and they exploit them to range fake clicks on mobile PPC ads this means you as a mobile marketer you’re charged for ineffective advertising your conversion rates are a lot lower ultimately your revenue is going to be lower they explain some different types of fraud here that we’ve experienced and advertising server-side fraud for instance is typically caused by shady publishers it’s pretty easy to pinpoint though you can simply study where your clicks are coming from because fraudulent clicks typically come from similar IP addresses and will the fingerprints and like I said when I showed you that report which was an accidental IP click report those IPS were coming from Australia that we’re targeting the difference the server-side

fraud is is shady publishers don’t actually know your targeting options so if you get a batch of clicks from similar IP addresses in a short amount of time you’ll be able to you’ll be able to take a look at that and kind of tell that if you didn’t get any leads that’s a little bit shady if you however if you did converted you could probably guess you’re on a Wi-Fi network or something like that and it’s actually real mobile traffic coming through its clicking through your landing page it’s obviously it’s clicking through to your offer and it’s converting however the difference in server-side fraud is if you get a batch of clicks again from similar IP addresses and you don’t get any conversions and you’re not seeing that data pass over your landing page it basically means they’re just clicking the ad and that’s dead another type of fraud it’s called sophisticated fraud and this is really this can be a lot of different types of fraud this is just what we call it because there’s no real name for it this is because we can’t really figure out what exactly the fraud is but it’s a lot more difficult to identify and prevent because publishers they’ll actually distribute clicks out between IP addresses and lower the chance of the same type of fingerprints that you see on server-side fraud using an ad verification platform such as iMovie tracks it instantly reveals click peeks at unexpected times with our day parting feature and iMovie tracks we’re able to reveal this and this can be an indication of sophisticated fraud I’m going to give you a tip here with sophisticated fraud you actually do have the upper hand but until you hear and read this and understand it a lot of mobile marketers are simply overlooking this and losing a lot of money and they’re jumping off campaigns because they think the offers profitable not so crappy publishers they don’t know your campaign settings and they don’t know how you’ve got your mobile part your mobile campaign targeted so you should be able to quickly identify clicks being sent to your mobile campaigns from clicks are outside of your target settings an example of this is if you were to target iPhone se through jump tap and you started to seeing a lot of clicks from rim Blackberry or Android anything outside of iPhones then you can quickly pinpoint that and get with your jumped a prep and discuss if that’s a potentially fraudulent publisher site that’s in the unit clicks another example would be buy click click geography and that’s basically targeting US countries on your mobile ad campaign through say jump tap and getting clicks from India or etc now one thing I didn’t add in here but I think I should express our test clicks and unfortunately this does exist between some of the platforms I can tell you 100% without a dolt without a doubt mob golden is one of the most scariest mobile ad networks out there they have sophisticated partners in other countries clicking adds another another couple of companies unfortunately they have their mobile review teams who review your ads and click on your ads to check out your stuff and for us being in the u.s. these mobile app teams are actually in India so we’ll see a batch of clicks come from India now the hidden the hidden information behind this is as an advertiser you pay by the click so if you’ve got mobile reviewers clicking your ads and those clicks are recorded and say the ad network system you’re gonna be charged for those until you go back and negotiate with them so keep that in mind yeah I want to show you something I’m gonna go back to my movie tracks here and what I was talking about was the deep the week and day parting feature here and I’m not really trying to pitch this guy at you guys this is just basically this is how we track our mobile campaigns again it’s built from the ground up so you can see here on Sunday Monday Tuesday on this campaign alone we lost Monday Wednesday and Thursday we made money Friday and Saturday we lost money now for these these campaigns you can see that the cost our sorry the revenue and the cost associated with the clicks in the leads it’s finite in conjunction Wednesday obviously we had a heavier day but we are profitable and that’s the importance of day parting in Mobile’s now I can’t give you a specific example of fraudulent clicks coming from the day parting feature on iMovie tracks because we’ve never actually experienced that so that’s actually a good thing for all of us but let’s say at 12 a.m. here you saw 15,000 clicks and at 1 a.m. you saw 4700 and then at 2 a.m. you saw 4300 and then at 3 and you saw 22,000 clicks that is an indicator that you need to go to your mobile ad network say hey what’s going on here why am I getting this verse 2 clicks so that’s one of the cool features that we use to track our profitable days track our profitable hours for each device over at iMovie

tracks moving along here click box aka botnets this is another type of fraud the typical cases of click fraud they can be a deliberate attempts to run up your advertising a cost deliberate attempts using a people who using a click bot or a piece of software designed to drive up clicks it could be paying a person another developing country to click on your ads we’re innocent accidental clicks as a result of technical mistakes made by developers at developers for example every time an application is started an ad click is counted that right there that is useless to use a mobile marker and you can be charged for that more complex techniques they could botnets which our fraudster which are frost serve marshals of our Mia zombie computers they’re modified to look like mobile devices to add servers and they click on your ass and yes this is happening on their Wyant signed fraud this is another type of sophisticated technique and it really involves deceptive banners perhaps hidden behind another element on the website on the mobile website it’s the utilize to trick users into clicking on them all those types of frauds though they can they can be detected by analyzing your traffic patterns such as lots of clicks a lot of times volker clicks from similar IP addresses like we explained before or lots of clicks coming from geographies that aren’t targeted in the ads aka other countries right now I can tell you right now the fraudsters they’re really not employing sophisticated evasive maneuvers and click fraud and the more alarming fact is because few advertisers or networks are actually aggressively blacklisting the publishers I can tell you last week we did a little test we signed up with five out of the ten major mobile ad networks as a publisher we were automatically approved so I can tell you that the mobile ad networks out there they’re pretty much on the warpath again it against each other the war Mobile’s on and whoever signs the most people is winning so another type of Florida I want to cover real quick Wireless in their neck hearts at the end of the last year click forensics because they’ve conducted extensive studies that start tracking large amounts of fraudulent clicks routed through mobile devices also wireless internet cards these clicks they’re harder to detect the notes coming from wired computers because the wireless card it effectively disguises the origin lumping them in with legitimate mobile users under a single originating address that’s kind of scary fact give me an example is that if you were to have a tablet for instance let’s say somebody had a tablet and they were going to go click on ads and they went to the airport and they plugged in their air car well I think got an unsecured connection then people come into the airport connect with their mobile device to that connection through the air card that’s how you get a batch of the same IP click so now what you’ve got is you got this dingdong that’s clicking ads fraudulently but you’ve also got real mobile users accessing the internet through that wireless card IP address so keep that in mind mobile ad network fraud another there’s a very very reason why mobile advertising networks won’t tell you exactly why advertisers experience these large vs. to click discrepancies much like the large Mini’s click fraud rings that dominated PPC fraud over last decade a new faction of click fraud has now been born mobile is exploding and this really makes a lot of sense when you drill down to the fact of criminals and fraud errs we as marketers know it but guess what criminal and Pradas they knew they knew mobile was going to explode before this you see they follow the money much quicker than we do that’s why by the time we got here and started testing out different mobile advertising platforms and models we all start target talking about getting messed over on this network and that network and now a network and that network and so on and so forth as the number of people using the mobile Internet continues to rise rapidly criminals are going to continue evolving and exploiting new technologies with increasingly efficiency so just so you know remember people who don’t like leaving the app from clicking on ads and getting launched into the browser’s remember that would tap the typical AdMob ad and a native iPhone application will prompt the app to quit and launch the new iPhones web browser display the ad which is going to record a click on your end which you’re going to pay for is a mobile advertisers now I’m going to tell you something really messed up what most advertisers don’t know and mobile ad networks won’t even tell you I piece mobile users can connect to the internet but their carrier provides radial signal connectivity between the users and their local cell tower and a cell tower likely connects through telephone landlines to a central proxy server which then connects up with the internet that central proxy would make also users on

particular carrier appear to come from the same ip address when requesting pages and content from the internet from the Internet 3G 4G WTF T don’t even get me started on outside of the u.s countries gos since a number of geolocation data providers can only map users through geographic locations associated with their IP addresses the signal may not be available in either the typical geolocation data for users click might reflect the wireless providers internet proxy server location instead of the actual location of the user again don’t get it started outside the u.s. cookies a lot of older wireless devices don’t even support cookies the contemporary devices that do may have a very low limit on how many total cookies might be stored on the device such as for users themselves may be able to adjust mobile browser settings to say disable the cookies altogether so cookies may not be available for the purposes of identifying and differentiating individual users I delete mine all the time again who knows what goes on in other countries now some carriers may be able to make up for the loss of the IP address in some way after all each wireless provider must have the ability to tell one cellphone user apart from another because they build them these carriers might be able to pass some unique identifiers over to the ad networks such as the users account ID and the users phone number or an encrypted version of their phone number unfortunately encrypted phone numbers and account IDs are likely not equivalent in warth to IP addresses because the ad network would have no way to properly audit the individual user identification since sure they’re not being cheated such as by delivering fictitious ID numbers along with automated clicks from the carriers if they pass the user’s phone numbers that would might be ideal since the phone numbers can be actually called if in depth auditing were conducted and ordered ascertain that each number represented an individual user however carriers that’s not in their best business model to do therefore they don’t do it therefore we don’t have that that it’s just a simple scenario now we’ve covered some fraud types I want to quickly talk about how you as a mobile marketer an advertiser can combat mobile click-fraud by detecting suspicious click patterns advertisers can have a more accurate picture of their campaign performance for more effective advertising and better future planning with proper detection this information can save advertisers tens of thousands of advertising dollars a month here four key points for identifying mobile click fraud high ratios from impressions to clicks if the news is too good to be true it probably is real if results are significantly outside the range of top performance it’s most likely due to unusual circumstances aka get with your ad network rep show them the data you’re recording in your mobile tracker and see what’s going on a low ratio from click to your conversions if everyone is clicking but no one’s buying or opting in or anything like that the chances are the clicks don’t reflect a genuine interest and the product offering now it’s not necessarily means it’s fraud but it does mean that you need to change your mobile advertising the way your coffee’s written the way your landing page is written or you need to get with your ad network of choice and explain the data you’re recording from your clicks to your conversions and let them know it’s lower than usual or you’re experiencing a discrepancy you can identify massive clicks as a short amount of time from a single IP address click bots again pieces of software designed to generate huge volumes of traffic and sabotage results you can flag these as potential sources of click fraud this activity can also be suspicious if large amounts of clicks originated from a single physical location excessive activity within a single publisher usually if there’s foul play the high amount of activity occurs for a single publisher not everybody that runs mobile optimized websites or apps out there that are using the mobile ad network to monetize them or frothers there’s a lot of good people out there a matter of fact the good people highly outnumber the frauds out there however the guys that are frauding they’re highly sophisticated highly intelligent and they know exactly what to do advertisers should ask to see clicks for publishers to see if any activity looks suspicious now some questions to ask your mobile ad network that you’re using one will the ad serving platform block traffic from fixed Internet with browsers like opera users are able to access mobile sites through their computers as well pretty scary isn’t it this provides click-fraud a chance to cheat the system the ideal situation would be that users don’t see mobile ads when they access the mobile

site content from the computer using opera or similar browsers – does the ad-serving platform enable frequency caps mobile frequency caps are not based on IP addresses or cookies so smoke most of mobile devices no name support cookies anyway instead they’re based on a unique ID transformed transferring from a SIM card which is similar to the web metric for a unique visitor this means if anyone wants to cheat you have to prepare a large quantity of SIM cards and change in and out of different phones every time most cases this isn’t very practical especially in the US now Nigeria and the companies is over sorry the country is over on the other side of the world from us it’s actually a reality is there a third-party tracking system available of course there is that’s why we built iMovie tracks from ad-serving tracking to mobile site traffic monitoring this would provide reliable data to calculate and understand if CTRs are maintained at reasonable levels third-party tracking also helps to identify if the children chosen media is even being effective or not one more tip on frequency caps for mobile as well unlike the web where frequency caps are used to avoid invalid traffic from automated cookies it’s more difficult to cheat on the mobile Internet therefore by placing frequency caps on impressions clicks and downloads for each unique visitor can be a useful tool to help advertisers maximize consumers within a fixed budget frame how does it work really let’s do an example here let’s say consumer a has seen campaign aids banner for more than five times a day when he’s browsing the mobile web but he’s never clicked it consumer B on the other hand has clicked the same campaign ad three times already should we continue to serve the ad to them the answer might mean no because consumer a is obviously not interested in the campaign and since the consumer B already clicked the banner three times it’s pretty safe to assume that your ad has been delivered with the frequency cap function both consumers will not see this campaign within the same mobile ad network again and the impression our click saved can be served to people who haven’t even viewed the campaign which saves you money as an advertisers when dealing with online advertising the tracking tools of Technology being developed our focus primarily on click-fraud elimination since search markers are given their resources to track campaigns there are a few things to keep in mind when tracking your mobile campaign make sure you track your campaign using proven industry tools to assure your identifying click-fraud correctly along these lines interpreting the results are even more apparent it imperative than eliminating the fraud it may not be fraud like we discussed you could have a batch of IP addresses coming from an airport coming from a local business or something and it may not be fraud if you don’t understand the analytics the chances are you can’t identify the problem you’ve got to work closely with your traffic network understand what type of traffic is coming in know your sources discover what works best inside what doesn’t work the snake-in-the-grass will always become clearer allowing you to identify and eliminate fraud or non-performance foreign traffic you need to start a mobile marketing and advertising you guys got to start working with companies devoted time to researching and developing their own click fraud prevention technology and we’re not the only ones out there but for the sake of this webinar that’s exactly why we built iMovie tracks was to protect us and our users from mobile click fraud the company’s in-house fraud prevention technology does not only learn to keep up with the evolving trends of click fraud but it also allows marketers to ISTEP dissect and understand the the traffic stemming from the mobile ad network which is exactly what you can see which is exactly what I showed you in the movie tracks already if you stay above the curve when dealing with click fraud and you can find a company with the same attitude the right individuals will help you consistently maintain clean qualified and performing traffic for your advertising campaign so that is a little bit on mobile click fraud different types of mobile click fraud and again we’ll upload these so you can reference them back some questions to ask your mobile ad network a lot of information on mobile click fraud kind of combined in one identifying mobile click fraud how to prevent it how to detect it and identify interpret your results how to track it how to talk go to your mobile ad network and ask some questions about it all been covered and walk load this again later for you now I want to show you a little bit of how we’ve been able to protect ourselves as well as our users in mobile advertising the the basic reporting and data collection that we use in their mobile tracking campaigns is that our reporting interface allows us to insite instantly identify important conversion metrics such as device operating system

manufacturers device models carriers ISPs referring URLs IP addresses and custom tokens such as ad creatives ad IDs placement IDs website IDs any mobile ad network out there that has their own set of tracking tokens we can simply plug in there a system and in track the same thing on our it we also offer the ability to view conversion by day of the week or time of the day day parting like I explained and showed you how we lost a little bit of money and I’ll show you again this is the importance of day parting in this campaign because you can see for days we were in profitable three days we were profitable over for all campaign was profitable now for most mobile affiliate marketers out there once they start losing once they spend $249 and they lose money on the first day they spend a hundred ninety two dollars and they lose a hundred twelve bars on the second day they spend one hundred and seventy four dollars on the third day and lose 81 they’ll stop right there not us and that’s the importance of having a real mobile tracking tool that can identify this information because what happens is we sat it out we knew that testing one two three four days in Mobile that’s not good enough you’ve got to test all seven days for accurate click analysis and that’s what we did and look what happened on the fourth day we exploded on the fifth day we made a little money on the sixth day we made a little money but overall we were able to recruit and come out on top two hundred fifteen dollars and eight cents that’s the importance of day parting and move our device operating system we’re able to view our clicking conversion data by the device operating system we can identify the exact versions of the operating systems that our traffic is using in which versions convert the best with our particular campaign now we compile this via our internal database that’s actually updated weekly it’s a proprietary database now I know a couple of other mobile trackers out there they’re actually using Warfel data third party data which actually slows down the redirects speed of their trackers I think one of the mobile trackers out there both so redirect speed of 100 milliseconds well ours is 14 milliseconds other than the server and DNS lookup functions so overall we’ve seen in about 45 milliseconds that’s because we build it internally and proprietary manufacture other device that clicked your advertisement it’s instantly shown we can discover the devices are converting and clicking through on our campaigns and the ones that aren’t performing we can view these metrics return to our advertising network with plan to action on how to scale an optimist about making the most of your campaign now this data is also compiled via our internal database and it’s updated weekly as well again built completely from the ground up our device model same thing the status compounded weekly much of the carriers this is pretty basic targeting out there custom tokens again any ID network out there we integrate with over 200 mobile ad networks out there anybody that has a custom a token we can instantly turn racket weekly in departing referring URLs IP addresses and then grouping or reporting data we’ve also if you guys are interested you can check out some of the YouTube videos on the site but that’s that’s basically how we return the data and how we’re able to scale our campaigns another thing that saves us is a lot of people don’t really know this but in Google an ad Center say you’re running an AdWords mobile traffic or ad Center mobile content network traffic they send the damn review team out there to click your stuff which is usually a bot now the bot goes out there and clicks everything first and checks everything out and it consistently comes back it’s going to come back what we’ve been able to do is set up a clip filtering and traffic blocking system so we can actually block these BOTS now the block clicks the clicks that we want to exclude completely from our mobi Trax campaigns an example would be a scraping service such as what runs we’re mobile that we’re working on that provides spy tools for other mobile markers we don’t want them scraping near you or else you don’t want that much like prosper they would have their tracking domains showing up in the search results and a lot of affiliate marketers weren’t able to steal other affiliate marketing campaigns over the last couple years that’s not that’s not we immediately took care of that with our system these clicks are long a separate database than a normal traffic you’re sending visitors to and then it includes complete reporting seeing seeing exact clicks that were block and you can alter these rules accordingly after going for the filter clicks on the other hand or clicks that you want to reach your landing page and offer but you don’t want them to count towards your click costs an example would be the google block if you’re in traffic from adwords or other search engines you’ll notice

that you receive a lot itial clicks as the Box make their way through all your campaigns to share your landing pages are operational and weak the quality statements the preset rules that we have in place by default filters out all clips that contain IP addresses for Microsoft adCenter and Google Adwords so we’ve already done the work for you on the Adwords and Adsense app it also filters out any user agent that contains items from ads in their AdWords finally we preset a rule that automatically filters any clicked it contains the term crawl or crawler in the user agent which hopefully we don’t have a lot of spy tool guys listening in on this webinar because that’s one ding dong mistake most of the spy tools make out there is putting the word crawl or crawler in your user agent we figured that out Bill figured that out and put that in there creating a new traffic blocking filtering rule we’re not going to go in the features of my movie tracks too much because this isn’t a pitch this is the way how we do things well the most powerful features is the click blocking a filtering system and creating your custom rules the name of the rule you’re creating is called a rule name for example my IP could be the name of a rule to filter out clicks coming from your own IP address the type that’s redefined the rule as a blocker filter rule active whether it’s working or not filter IP ranges this is this is pretty good if you’ve got a and this works really with accidental clicks or click-fraud coming from a batch of IP ranges your block or filter is for an IP address our range of IP addresses this is where you know if you want to enter your own IP address needs simply set both values to your IP address the IP address is ninety eight point two five point four three point two one and you set most values to ninety eight point two five point four three point one two one two that if you’re creating a rule to block filter based on user agent referring URL you can leave this field blinks finally you can filter user agents that contain this field allows you to enter any term that appears and you use their agent and block filter clicks based on the term for example the Google block contains the term Googlebot so all clicks that contain this in the user agent they can simply be blocked or filtered if your rules for an IP range or referring URL this field can be simply left blank and this is huge when you’re on a mobile ad network running across mobile websites you can basically block out certain words and the user agents you can block out certain IP ranges and all that good stuff so that’s what we use over here there’s a lot more to it than that but that’s really what I wanted to show you and that’s literally how we do things over here now one of the things I wanted to show you was how we are able to scale our campaigns effectively and is it overall view alright so basically with carrier targeting on our movie tracks we’re able to quickly tell which carriers are performing best for us and this is just a campaign that we’ve been running here and there and you can see that this campaign Telstra internet optimist Internet optimist obviously this is an Australia campaign you can see those were profitable for us then you get down to Vodafone and TPG internet party you can see those are unprofitable this is very just this is very easy data to manipulate and go back to the ad network and cut those from your campaign to get even more granular though you’ve gotta go past carrier target and that’s what we do here and this is a campaign where we group by the device operating system the user agent manufacturer and the user agent device model number so we know exactly what operating system right here enjoy 2.3.5 was profitable overall then we can drill down into the manufacturer of Android 2.3.5 and that’s where you see HTC was profitable overall Samsung was profitable overall Android 2.3.3 was profitable overall Samsung again was profitable overall know the device models in here though you can kind of see that in the operating system Android 2.3.5 the manufacturers HTC and Samsung HTC had three exact handset devices or mobile devices and could have been tablets that were profitable and the rest of them in that batch were unprofitable you can quickly go back in this campaign near Android 2.3.5 campaign and cut out these non-performing handsets and leave you with the profitable handsets on the HTC is scale accordingly now when I say scale accordingly you can look here and see that in HTC this Incredible S handset was a fourteen point two percent ROI the rhyme was 5.2 percent however the incredible s was

where yeah sorry credible s four hundred and sixty point four percent although it only spent twelve bucks in this instance what you want to do is ramp up spend on this exact handset probably just keep these where they are maybe you could increase it as well but the more the more you ramp up on here and the more you can spin and the more traffic you can get here at four hundred sixty four point four percent alright the better off you are obviously Samsung Sony same way you had one converting handset in Android 2.3.5 operating system under the manufacturer Samsung that was profitable and it was profitable at a hundred and fifty three point one percent for me I would simply take this and put it in its own campaign and spend as much as I could as quickly as I could on this at one hundred fifty three point one percent it’s just the way I mean that’s just that’s mobile marketing basics mobile tracking basics for you so that’s a little bit on device operating system manufacturing in device model model targeting you got to know a lot of people who get into mobile marketing they talk about carriers and operating systems and manufacturing and device malls it all comes down to the device model yes you have to track the other metrics but when it comes down to it you could have five device models in the Android 2.3.5 operating system then all five of these device models sure they’re all they could be all smartphones but the difference is all five of those can have different screen size displays in different screen resolutions so that’s the importance mobile will always come down to the device another thing was the operating system you can see overall how we track our operating system campaigns over here for this campaign 2.3.3 was unprofitable iOS 5.1.1 sure there’s a lot there’s there’s a lot of landing page clicks a little bit if there’s only four leads there there’s a little room for optimization there that you can get if you want to get really granular but for the most part when you look at this this operating system campaign we would cut all these non performing operating systems out we would tank iOS 4.3 point 2 we would take Android 2.3 point seven four point 0.1 all over a hundred percent three hundred percent hard send me seven percent we take these offering systems and then drill down to the exact device operate or sorry manufacturer and device model and scale up on that and boom that’s how you that’s how you scale your campaigns effectively so again this is just a really quick webinar with some information put together to kind of clear the air on mobile marketing a lot of gold gold tips in there not a lot of information on the types of mobile click-fraud out there so hopefully you learned a little bit about that some questions to take back to your mobile ad network showed you a few the offers out there from a revived media that are working well if you guys got any questions we’re gonna be posting the replay up on the blog it will also post the replay up in the forum that’s where we’ll carry the questions over later on after the workshop this weekend we’ll probably go ahead and start doing more webinars and we’ll rig probably two a week on a regular basis and start doing some live interaction in livestock running on some campaigns that were optimizing but just keep this in mind it’s always going to come down to the mobile device what what every mobile ad network tells you it’s always going to come down to the device another thing a lot of people in the affiliate marketing space they’re running mobile ad campaigns they mess up this next tip so much it’s not even funny don’t be scared of three to four to five percent epcs because in some countries you may only pay one to two pennies per click so if you’re paying one penny and getting five cent IPC’s you can tell that if you’re gonna get a thousand clicks five thousand clicks ten thousand clicks today that’s really good ROI and that’s where the money is made money is made not an ROI of mobile money is made in volume so keep that in mind I hope you enjoyed the webinar I’m sorry it was Plain Jane that’s sort of how we do things over here we produce a lot of content across our three web properties but there’s a lot of gold in there we’ll replay it you’ll be able to ask questions and any questions you got will clear up right away so I appreciate the time tonight thank you for attending the webinar and if you’ve got any questions again post them on the blog Merstham in the forum thank you