IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter II SlimLine – 054

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IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter II SlimLine – 054

hi and welcome to my Playhouse and today once again I’m in the data center it’s really not weather for it because the weather’s pretty outside well this last week I have the how the experience I have a student work stuff and have this in the area that he’s a new IT guy in a company and he has to redo the IT infrastructure and stuff like that and he has to set up a new server and all this is so that he can practice setting up servers and stuff without damaging any of the equipment so like to test the student before he’s giving tasks and one of the tasks is to remotely take over a server and install VMware and well this didn’t have a lot of problems he was not very familiar with sirs and old so I ended up using a lot of time explaining what the remote adapter in the server is the IMM and the RSA stuff like that and I thought there must be a good YouTube video that he can just see and that will explain him everything but I wasn’t able to find that so I thought maybe I should make a youtube video about the the remote supervisor adapter that’s what’s it called and well there wasn’t any good video so I thought that I would try to make a video about the IBM all the HP all the Dell management adapters that enables you to remotely takeover and a server if it’s somehow disconnected from the operating system these adaptors is they’re being used differently from brand to brand but the idea is about the same so I’ve got mostly IBM machines I have an experience with HP and I have tried the tack adapters on the Devils all soon but I’m gonna show the IBM because that’s the issue for me maybe on another video later on how we can do some of the other ones I know I just don’t have anything connected right now all my servers has say our is a two factor all the newer server they changed the name now it’s called I am an integrated management portal I don’t remember they used to be very big this is an old one and it’s actually from an HP this is a light on adapter from HP and you were able to put this in the server and it it needed external power and then it connected to the HP server and you were able to control it it has its own network card here so it’s it’s like a computer in the server that’s able to control the server yeah there used to be very big this one even got its own ATI graphics processor yeah this is this was the original way to do it you you borrow or a card like this and they were fairly expensive actually there was very expensive but the companies they probably thought that this was a great idea because they started to to build in this circuitry on

the main board the the IBM 3650 model one it had a it had a similar card like this it was a lot smaller and but it was on the main ball and it kind of plucked in at the top and you can see my video on the 3650 model one I’ll show you where that is at yeah but nowadays on the newer servers it’s just a part of the motherboard and you can actually don’t even see it on the motherboard it’s not like it doesn’t have its specific area where it’s at it’s just there why is it important to have a remote supervisor adapter it’s because you don’t have to be at the server location to operate the server normally you don’t need to be at the location to operate the operating system because you can do a remote desktop to go to the Windows server or if it’s you notes or something else there’s ways one that – you know it’s probably like it till that connection command line stuff like that but you can you can remotely go in and do something with the operating system but if the operating system crashes then you have to go on location and remove the server put in something it might be if you’re playing with the operating system and you accidentally change the port or the firewall settings and then suddenly remote desktop does work oh this is H does work then you have to go on location and do something about it with a RSA adapter or HP it’s poem I like unadapted something and of the talents of doc the something you can actually go through the RSA adapter and get a screen up and see what is the server doing change things so that you have connection to the operating system and can and that’s really handy if the server is far away at work we have servers that is 110 kilometers away from where I’m controlling the server’s if I mess up and lose control over the operating system it’s very handy to just change to the IMM adapter or the RSA adapter and being able to save my buck and not having to drive 110 kilometers to power on/off power off/on and drive all the way back and I did another video where I put up a new server IBM model 3650 at 104 and before I lift the area of data center I in the parking lot I made sure that I could access the RSA adapter all day that was an IMM at after before I drove all the way back who because with access to them I am a doctor I was able to go home and install the operating system partition the disks celebrate and figure network all that stuff I didn’t need to stay down at the datacenter in the cold of heat and the noise right here is pretty quiet nice days the center is like it home lab it’s a sensor and but the ones I gather we gotta wait they’re pretty noisy and it’s not really a place that you want to stay too long and it really interesting on him well most of what I’m gonna show you is a good computer but I will just bring the camera around to the backside and show you some of what what you need this is a fairly old one and back in the days there was like there was all kinds of connections on the back of these

there was a network connection that had to be plugged into a switch then there was a keyboard and mouse connection and there was actually wires running from this one and over to the server and taking the wire connections from the keyboard and the mouse and giving it to the car and the same thing with the monitor here this one came over to the server to the monitor port and then there was power because the card did not get power from the server if you power off the server it was not able to power the power so to be able to power on the server it was necessary for this car to have its own power supply they they did that differently since this car now the server doesn’t really power off all the power supply’s doesn’t power off they still produced power or enough to be able to power the the IMM of the RSA adapter inside of the server so it’s a it’s a good thing not to have all these connections because well connections is potentially era we’re gonna go around back okay we don’t have very much light back here so I’m trying to hold a light with one hand and the camera with another hand and pointing with the third hand well not exactly this is a model to server and it has and I am M adapter over here and a network caught but this is about the extent of what the IMM adapter is on a modern server it’s a network card so there’s not much to it you just plug in a network talk and go into the bias to configure it and I’ve kind of marked them with a red strip all of the IMS just to know that and they go over to the switch here and mostly I put the IMS on the bottom that’s just every server has at least has two connections one is the network and one at the IMM so that that’s kind of the bad thing with a with a management adapter it takes up a porn in the switch even though I got a 48 or switch I’m using all I’ve actually been thinking about getting a new switch the IMM or the RSI adductors there are usually only 100 megabits and the switcher that you can’t see it from here because it’s on the back but the switcher God is a gigabit switch and it’s the gigabit connections are really being wasted yeah 100 megabit sufficient I’ve been thinking about getting a new switch and putting all the the management adapters on there and just plucking that switch into the other switch them that way out you only use one gigabit port but I need a new switch I have one actually have have one on the shell here this into switches of 100 megabit switch but I haven’t done it yet that switches rather large ships it’s over 100 it’s it it’s true it fills as much as a sewer and it’s kind of waste because a random have one that’s only one you the the you is the household the server is how much room it syncs up like this one this is just a this is just a pillow this is one you why that this is one

and these servers is to youth this is a blade similar and it’s seven years down here we have a rather old sir 3950 and that’s true you and that was the sumo that I was gonna show the the remote supervisor adapter on because that’s the one that my student is using we’re gonna have a look at this server this servers remote supervisor adapter on the computer I stopped by using the remote desktop I have a have a jump server and my VMware setup that I used to jump on stop that the screen pops up outside of you and I have this jump server and I’ve I have configured it I’m gonna make sure that it fits inside screen and it and it pops up with this screen it wants to make sure that I’ll know what I’m doing I don’t want to see this and it will connect to my and when this jump when I’m on this jumps around on the same network as the RSA adapter in there 3950 server I should be able to access that oh I didn’t like the antivirus things or I changed my default screen and I’m sorry this is probably it’s in Danish I’m gonna plug in the IP address remote supervisor adapter to refresh and the default password for thing is user ID and the password is password with big letters and the zero instead of the oh and this is the thing that I usually tell my students trainees to do set a timeout you have the option of setting no timeout and well sometimes when if the remote server supervisor adapter dies it’s irritating not to have a timeout if we set a timeout to about ten minutes if something happens it will automatically kick the connection after ten minutes and then we can do it again do you want to save the password necessarily bottom 10 minutes is great continue and now we are on this server and can do different stuff with it the top rated tells us yeah that is an IBM remote supervisor adapter and tells us the name that we have given this adapter and it’s actually configured down here in system settings you can just put whatever you want right there no big deal but it tells us that name and it’s it’s a good thing to put that

in because these supervisor adapters are much alike so if you have 10 servers it’s a good thing to see what server you are actually on so there is no confusion but minor detail see server monitor difference different status we have the system settings system status here and it tells us that system status and it has some links to what is below so if you want to see the fan speed you can just click that link and it jumps down on the page but the most important one is usually is the server on verge and this server is armed and the server state it’s Esther is booting OS or in an unsupported OS and it doesn’t actually recognize vmware in this version so it’s okay and the server is operating normally that’s great our monitor parameters are we can see the temperatures on the cpu there is for cheap use in the server there about 30 degrees of 120 fahrenheit and the ambient temperature is 32 degrees I chose 89 burner and we have some other things here we have some fan speed and it tells us that I am plotting I am user ID from this IP address is now managing yeah locked in to the RSA adapter and it jumps down again I think the page automatically refreshes and this is the system location LED and we can we can turn on this LED and the LED is on or we can have it blinking jumped out again and now the LED is blinking and this led is under server as well so if I’m going to find this server and a rack with a lot of servers it’s a good thing to use this led I’m gonna turn it off I don’t need it blinking so that’s about that menu then we have the lock menu let’s see we have some I just locked it in here errors a setting system to unrecoverable error that doesn’t sound that good yeah it actually seems that the server has some kind of an ear all that I didn’t really know about so that’s also a good thing you can actually go in and see some of the errors and these errors are there also displayed in the virus after server but to see them you would actually have to reboot the server go into the BIOS and check the errors I’m not gonna dive in tabular to these errors they doesn’t don’t really matter apparently it just and there’s all kinds

of good information here you can see what have the server been doing we have been playing with it and you can clear the lock here or you can save the lock as a text file if you want to show it to someone else like this this server is way out of service so but if this was if the server was on the currency I might have to show these errors to the IBM service technician know what this was all about then we have some vital product information tells us what kind of server this is what machine model and serial number and a unique ID code and it tells us the MAC addresses from two plans and then there is different components inside of the server with their replacement numbers down here and doesn’t we say further down we have some some virus of vision information seems this Paris the newest edition is from 2008 the tireless takes us from 2007 might be a good idea to try and see if this and you update this thing but it doesn’t really matter it it handles fine so the integrated system management processor and that bill is from 2007 this is it’s becoming a rather old Civic oh never mind more importantly this task server power restart fashion right now the it kind of tells us the same information that was on the starting page this we’ve seen that before this server has been rebooted or restarted 119 times and the server has been powered on five thousand nine hundred and sixty two hours and everybody’s really quick calculation in their heads that’s about 248 days I cheated I used to calculate so that’s not a lot for something like this I don’t know why it’s only been on for that amount of time maybe this has been reset at some point maybe now we have the server restart control and we have different options we can power on the server immediately this would be stupid because it’s already on we can power on server at a specific time and press that and we can see here we have the option of powering on the server at a time and a date so we can choose that at this state at this time the power will turn on let’s go back and then we can power off the server immediately this one oh we can shut down the operating system and power off server this only works if it’s supported if it’s a supported OS like Windows Windows would be able to shut down nicely the server till the windows to shut down and windows would shut down and then the server would turn off and the next step option is to shut down a waste and restart the server it shuts down the OS nicely and then it reboots the server this would be pretty neat if you already know that the server just need to be rebooted and you don’t have to turn it off and go in and turn it on again and then there sir restart server immediately it’s like the old button on your PC with you could

press restart and the computer would just restart immediately like power off power on and then we have the schedule to power cycle the server and this could be very nice if you don’t want the server to be on all the time usually servers are on all the time but could say that this server is only needed once a month to take it back up then you could say set the date to power shut it down and turn it on and how often to do this there might be a problem every month I see what it does like you weekly schedule every Sunday every Monday like that I haven’t really used this but maybe not once a month but let’s say you actually turn off your server in the weekends or in the server only needs to be on doing work hours like it could turn on days of the week and eight o’clock in the morning shut down OS and power off server so this is when we go home let’s say is 17 now we save this the server will will turn on and 8 o’clock in the morning and it will turn off at 7 o’clock 5 o’clock a fight yeah this is probably from the good old days when when the operating system and programs was very unstable so restarts Getchell means that you could reboot the server if you you could do this at night so if you have like Windows NT that has a habit of getting bad overtime you could could actually tell the server to every Sunday at 11 o’clock at night reboot the server shutdown OS nicely and reboot the server restart the server same so this is really neat it has a lot of good options I haven’t used it for anything oh it’s a pretty neat feature to have and you might find some use for it it’s usually not used in big companies but in smaller companies this might be okay then there’s the remote control and this is really handy there’s a lot of texture it more or less just explains how crappy yeah bear is as always EMF problems with these things insisted this yet so let’s see what happens when we press are you really sure yeah let’s do this so this is actually working and just my student has been working on this so it should be right now he has installed him we’re on this server and right now the server is running VMware version 5.5 which is according to the list of good hardware for this version of yes X I should not

be but right now we are actually on the operating system can see what the operating system is doing and we can go in and configure stuff and this actually saved my butt the other day because I was showing my student how to do a specific task in the networking of VMware and I wasn’t thinking so I disabled the network card the active one and I was actually able to go in through the management adapter and on the screen configure yeah this one I was actually I had enabled this one the second network card on this server I had told VMware to used this one as the primary one and then the connection just gone and I actually did not know that I could go in here and fix it but I tried and I found this option and I changed it back that bein where Nick zero was the accent one and everything was great again I saved myself a two-hour drive often back to visit the server and to do this change so that was really great and the students had no he could he would continue working on the server just well it took me about 10 minutes to find this option and this time it was it was my fault couldn’t really blame him to back but this is the remote and what is even more neat is if if I wanted to install VMware or something else on this there is the option up here to load different stuff on the server like I can put a cd-rom in my computer here and I can share it with the VMware or the other server so if I wanted to install Server 2012 if I have a CD I can share it or if I have an ISO file I get the option of loading an ISO file and it will be like putting an ISO file in the server and I can install an operating system from my home computer to the server using this method okay I actually found an ISO file this is I’m not gonna run it but this is an ISO file for updating firmware on your IBM servers that’s a totally different video but I would be able to open this and it’s even on a network drive it’s not on the computer it’s on a network drive that the computer can can access so I can I can mount this market and I can choose to write protect it and I can mount it now I’ve mounted this file in like the cd-rom drive of this VMware machine that’s pretty neat it saves you a lot of time which means that when I install a new server I can just plug in the cables configure their RS a adapter or the IMM adapter and when I can see that the connection is okay I can drive back home and I can install the server from another location sit in my comfy chair

instead of the noisy server data center I’m out this again I don’t mess up the students play play PC play so I’m able to mess with things on the operating system that you should kill the connection like this one that we were just into I could set a new IP number here if I set up a new IP number and this was on a network and I could I could use connection to the server really quick and using this method I would be able to go back in and change it back and get connections on the server pretty neat yeah that’s the remote control remote control ASM then we have PXE network boot and this pretty much explains what it does if you don’t know what PXE is it’s like you can start a computer or server and when this PXE boot is enabled the server will go and see if there’s a another server on the net that’s a PX e server that is answering and you have the option of having this server boot from that server and it will have delivered the operating system over the network and this option tells this server to next time as PXE client and it will do that and it will fear this switch when it has done so this would be pretty good if you wanted if you have a server image on a PXE server you could put this server have it reinstall the server on it and the next time it boots again it will stop the server have never used this would be an option to use it for that then we have the firmware update here we can download new firmware from IBM and update on the RS a adapter it’s not it’s not the the server’s from where it’s the remote supervisor adapter firmware then we have some access remote ASM and it’s it has to do with that more of these remote supervisor adapters can communicate and we can make a list here this next session has to do with that he is in control but this first one is more general the name that we was talking about at the start you can change that it’s no problem it has a unique ID we can change that we can put in some information this is mostly for other admins so they can go in and see what what this is we can say operating system the sewer timeout section here is used for making sure that the server is working probably the post post watchdog here enable this this shows the amount of minutes that that the post test when you

turn on power on the server it will run through its post initialization or startup process and we expect that to be finished within some kind some amount of time and we can set this like if it’s not done within five minutes this will tell the server to reboot start over I’m disabled well again and this are always watchdog and this one tells it how often how often to ask the OS if it’s okay and then that’s a launcher loader watchdog and that means that from the post watchdog until the operating system is is entering four minutes let’s say wow and if the OS is not answering within four minutes then again then there is a power of delay if something goes wrong like if they’re always watchdog is not answering any more then it’s gonna try to turn off the system turn off the OS and we can hear tell it that it should try for four minutes to turn off the OS nicely before it just restarts the server and n/m I which is non-maskable interrupt this is a delay that you can set on the server if the server experience a unrecoverable hardware error it will it will have an end and I and and you can actually tell it here that it should not reboot right away it should shut down and then wait three minutes before it starts up this might be a good eight years if something is running hot from the server then it has just enough time to cool down there might be other options but that’s one of the things that could happen and down here we have the a SM date and time and it has is savings and Eisley using the network Time Protocol here in different time servers it was time for the cold servers gonna be useful and you can tell it the amount of time that that goes between that it synchronizes time just here and then it will synchronize the time and as far as I can see the time is right now sir and here under the miscellaneous options we have the option of disallowing commands on USB interface and this is a great opportunity to try the help button because I’m not sure what this disallow command on the USB interface is about so when we press the help it will try to explain what this does and you can read the help right here and I kind of cheated I went on to IBM’s homepage and I found what this what this really does I don’t think it’s explained very well here but it’s actually that the operating system on the server is able to communicate with the RSA adapter through this USB interface and what you can do is disable that if you don’t want your Windows

operating system to be able to communicate with this our essay adapter you can set this button and it will not be able to do that also it’s possible to update the firmware on on the RSA adapter from Windows or Linux but you have to be aware that if you disable this oh it’s down here if you disallow this you will not be able to do that either and all the changes that you do in this page you have to press save down here at the bottom before they really take effect well that’s probably way too much about that so let’s go on to the login profiles and this is pretty simple you can you can allow people access to the RSA adapter there’s the default one one that we are locked in with now and I have created one more like an LLC via account launch our visuals and this one my student uses when he is locked in and I just go for the default one if for some reason that he misses up it’s nice to have another account to come in and save the day and down here we have some some global locking settings these settings apply to all baktun profiles so you can you can set some some global security things like how the user is authenticated and it gives the options of LDAP only local first then LDAP and or LDAP first then local so that you would have to be able to to use the local settings that are these and you could put in held-up settings as well I know there’s a as a possibility to use the active directory also totally sure how that works but it’s probably flew LDAP and you have a period of time here if you fill your login five times missus of the password five times it will lock you out for some amount of minutes the default is two minutes but you can set this opportunity for hours and there’s a whip in activities session tame china and this is the one we get at the very start where it asks us how long we can be inactive without being kicked off and it’s actually possible to to tell the system that 20 minutes or 10 minutes if nothing happens at that time it will kick you off automatically pretty neat and then there’s the and options that you have to change your password there’s normal security here and there’s high security and yeah there’s it’s a bit more strict you need a password and passwords cannot be reused five times that’s kind of neat and let’s try and create a new user up here I’ll just no I think I’ll make that smell and I’ll give it a password we are and we have the options of giving it authentication levels you can be supervisor and you can change stuff or you can read only which then you can see all the options but you can’t really do anything about it let’s

say that modern your mor H Jo his custom user account management nope you can’t go there but he can do remote console access and I can say that he is allowed to put on a remote disc no we’re not gonna do that yeah but he can also stop and stop the server cannot I’m not gonna let him steal the lock dr. configuration security no that’s probably what he needs this would make him able to go in on the RSA adapter and see the status after server go on the remote access console and see what the operating system is doing and he would be able to reboot the server if it had died so save that option and yes it’s pretty simple but now that’s a pretty neat option the next find is alert and I haven’t played around with this very much but there’s tons of options here and you can have it sent you alerts on a lot of different stuff you can make alerts here on different that section is really big but you have the option of configuring up to 12 people that can receive alerts in different materials and you can put in numbers and email addresses and it you can forward different kinds of fluids and in different methods and stuff like that I’m gonna go fast forward on this because it’s this is a big area and I think this could could probably make an entire video just playing with the alert section it it can do different alerts and it you can also choose just to forward alerts to another server although it forwarding and yeah basically is there something wrong with the server it can send you an email that’s the quick and dirty way port assignment the heiress RCA adapter has a lot of ports that are used for different stuff the list is long and in this you can you can configure the port to what you want it to be so if I want to make the window Terminal Services something else I can change it in here and save it and that that could be a good thing if you have a conflict like this is a really common used port I might have 20 servers on my network that all would use this port number for the remote terminals Windows terminal servers services of RTP Remote Desktop Protocol and I would have to change this on some of the servers if I wanted to net it from my rooder yeah you can change the pore in here and network interface this is the network interface for the RSA adapter you can see that it’s enable

and DHCP is disabled it is using a static IP here I’ve set the hostname it’s rather long I am really thinking about making these smaller so I’m gonna do that at some point and there’s some other network settings here mostly most importantly is the IP number which is also the IP number that we use up here so this is where we set it and the subnet mask and default gateway network protocols here you can set up is in mp agent and traps so that errors and information can be sent onto an ism SNMP server somewhere or else and that can collect all the the errors and static statistics stuff like that and there’s the name domain name System DNS where you can put in your DNS servers this is not enable on this server and there’s a till net protocol you can actually till knit to the RSA a data as well as this web interface and here you can sit there the number of connection that is allowed at the same time simple mail transfer protocol here you can set a server hostname or IP address if if there are say there a data adapter is sending out emails it needs a server to send the emails to and you tell it here which server to send it to then there are some LDAP should be used with lock-in and stuff like that it’s pretty hardcore things yeah we gonna go onto security which will probably gonna go quickly over you can set some Issus ill we can enable or disable I’m not gonna go into these details I almost never use this I really haven’t used it for anything but if you’re a security freak you would probably want this configuration files you can backup your your RSA adapter configuration and this is handy if you want to make 10 servers that have just like maybe set up a lot of configurations on them and just load in the configuration on another one like I have 20 servers that are almost alike so I could make all the changes in the RSA after once and I could pack it up and then I can restore it on the 18 of us or 19 other ones so that could be a feature I’ve actually forgotten that there was this option yeah it’s here and it’s it’s usable then there’s restore default when you have set all these options and messed up something you can reached all the defaults I’m not gonna do that and then you have the option to reset restart there are a em and that’s the remote supervisor adapter and you can reboot this without touching the operating system sometimes the remote supervisor adapter can mess up it can do really funny things and a lot of the times it can be saved by making this restart just booting the RSA adapter so

that’s pretty neat and down here almost at the bottom of theirs scalable partition ation petitioning and this has to do with the model of server this is a 39 50 and this is a server that is able to do clustering master/slave things you’re actually able to connect eight of these servers in a big cluster and yeah you can pick configure that here have the RSA host adapters talk together and share memory and I haven’t tried this at all I only have one of these servers so I haven’t played around with that even though I would have loved to try this is the server is outdated and right now it’s not it would only be for fun which of course is okay fun is good and the last button is still lock off and I’m actually gonna try that I’ve now locked off the interface and in a short while I think it will kick me probably not but let’s try something else I’m gonna minimize this and I will show you that you can make a till net correction when prompt check to tell me this not available so just make it available it’s under where is it it is unearthed at remove programs programs and teachers okay turn Windows Features on oh wait and there it comes and down here somewhere we can find the Tillman so that client right there okay and if you install shell nuts it shouldn’t take long well it actually took way too long now it’s getting there that’s and it’s there that and we can solve it it’s alright Oh hmm wait yeah and I’m gonna turn it to the IP number of the remote supervisor adapter oh I missed that one here we yeah username and it was one password and we’re in help and we can do tough different stuff using telnet and I think this is where I’ll end this video sometimes it’s absolutely helpful to do this because there is an option in here to restart the RSA adapter and you have to be careful it’s this one we started a s/m and you can also restart reset server so you can reboot the server or you can reboot ASM RSA adapter and that’s pretty important to know the difference but I’m gonna stop the video here and how we just have the

finishing talk back in the data center well I hope you found that very useful and when you go out and you fo new enterprise servers make sure that it has the remote supervisor adapter or now the IMM so that you can manage your server remotely and both the server and the operating system it’s kind of irritating that the price has gone up so much for the for the extra features like if you wanted to take over remotes remotely take over the console it’s expensive irritating such a nice thing to have but you need it so you have to buy it thank you very much for watching my video please subscribe to my channel I love subscribers and then you see me again I think