🚛Mi Primer camión y la lío #1 | SnowRunner Gameplay ESPAÑOL

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🚛Mi Primer camión y la lío #1 | SnowRunner Gameplay ESPAÑOL

very good everyone welcome to the channel I am a hawk and we are in snowrunner a new game that I have a channel that I create it will be very very good and well we start with the introduction which is a little tutorial says thanks for indicating the efforts of recovery and maintenance after this flood we will need all possible help to repair bridge that collapsed is our only connection with the other shore it is worth first you will have have to find the observatory so that To see what surrounds us, there are some how many observatories that we will see now that when you get to them they discover you part of the map then you must find a truck capable of transporting the materials needed for the bridge and once you have it the bridge will have to get to the workshop very well okay and so much in the hand is worth he is very very handsome I have seen a couple of videos and it looks very good first option should always be to explore the zone press m to open the map ok ok see these are the observatories which are the they discover parts of the map to see where the workshops and sites and goals the goals that still always show up and we will find the fatal sun we must get here ok ok okay I don’t even know where the road is but well let’s go there okay it is a game that basically treats driving different types of trucks and trucks and such for quite a lot pretty difficult ok hold shift and 9 to change gears to slow gears now worth in theory after 100 total now we go with all-wheel drive and in slower gear we better change gear when let’s be on the ground already normal Well, as you can see, he looks very handsome and the driving is very pretty very curranted when it goes through the mud it goes sinking, that is, you are making the sinkholes and everything and you can break the vehicle the wheels there are fuels they are very very and it’s going to be a new series that I’m going to bring I hope you like us we also go so many let’s see chavez now is that the beautiful car is leaving it has a heap the car I’m going to try to cheat see if you can over here okay okay for very good we remove all-wheel drive that now already we can go full blast it keeps going to we have to find the observatory which I think is being straight how do you see from inside and this enhances the weight well then we’ll see, I guess they will teach us more things in theory the yellow dot is where we have to get there I make a point blue out there because I didn’t know exactly by where but awarded around here ok you will find different types of terrain including road to bar value deep water rocks steep snow and ice are a skilled driver with a well-equipped vehicle you can driving on all kinds of terrain in in case of doubt it is better to avoid the risks the codex that you can access from the escape menu contains information about the different terrains we we fix I don’t know why the car is leaving so much but do operation but I’m not going to try to go to bag and the water is so shallow to see if I was thrown now but why not life we spend it we spend it your morning with paradores but short to talent this one it was also very sale you can refuel here or near free booster vehicles Regarding seeing, I’m going to look at the sea with ok i passed back but we are going to do a

thing it was a path on land that around here points my gosh but that’s ok let’s do cheating i’ve seen you can do trap doors many times let’s go slow and all-wheel drive at the end promised without want Slowly the truth is that it rocks a lot and when let’s start carrying big trucks with heavy loads and all that there yes let’s freak out evil We are pulling on this now to see if can i cut a little way ok you will see the observatory later these icons after detecting the the latter with whom they interact very all right I’m going to change Well, it’s good work discovered his first observatory discovered observatory reveals part of the map to repair the bridge you will need a larger vehicle to carry those materials open the map to see your target environment finds a truck able to transport materials necessary normal let’s get the truck discovered observatory revealed part of the map you have already said if you press you can place voucher markers you can no longer clear marker type with ok here in side truck this is a trailer and I’m here and the road is here not well I don’t know if you can mark I guess and here over here over here come on I don’t know why there is sometimes that the camera it turns and there are other times that they don’t go when It gives you a little bit of truth and i can go through the trees look for points for the slope I mean a lot of art the map kind of forces you a little bit of the terrain forces you a bit and thanks the season the terrain is worse he gets you out there another point and it looks gorgeous and driving is a past as it goes and the laptop in theory up here he is already the truck if they change and I guess we will have to leave this shot that catches the other if it goes up sometimes I don’t know if it doesn’t go up because for the new truck by finding the first truck from highway this truck is designed to go by road does not include scene off-road so trying to get through pants and the nih muddy with it you can get information assured that it also opens the menu functions and he says change of also we brake brother I dont know stop engine change truck well it’s not the ideal truck but it will have to serve the company of the village of steel river is waiting for me to repair the bridge to worth contracts you can see a list of patterns available

some contracts are locked you can check the details of contracts to find out how unlock the great they already have good machinery powerful to get to the position that comes out the problem is that it is isolated the rest of the area rebuilds the point to get to the workshop and get a real planks contract metal and wood planks I would wish rather method life for one and for two remember to always activate the missions otherwise it won’t let you do the more markers appeared the city indicates to the warehouse come on but I will mark because if not brands I’m here from here 71 meters and over there and then not anymore we call it repairing the east bridge truck can carry loads loads or truck trailer matches has average load capacity in grooves in this truck will fit two slots but ok with this truck we have to watch for several things one that will surely go to take more draw and two is on top is not all-wheel drive and is prepared for these roads a back station something now a little mud I don’t know come on luxury it’s also easy looked I have neither virginal the grooves of the neighborhood lead only to truck oops if I let you speed up for him sector but why because it turns like this but it is lost like a while turning I push it spin and when I let go it takes a long time to stop spinning the town is a ghost town there is no glasses here i am just for you parked cars how it came into our lives make us the other afternoon turn a little and stay two hours turning I guess I will be out here soon other side I really like the camera a little bit outside not easy career management there are various forms of automatic grenade provides the fast charging process and no place which would be in theory I carry one of lives ok now we have to look at the map there mark the route I am here we mark here and I have to go to the bridge let’s move this a little bit try follow to the maximum the fabric because yes no we may try to cut paths and worth We’re going over there well one per million can put workshop I take care of the deposit the rear fender the box too well I as everything is not breaking as usual it is custom already okay down there left I think I tells me that the dampers are shit the engine a little bit and the deposit too are the ones who have a lot of the series or I don’t know if it’s because they are already broken the dampers now but I’m going rest and goes to the championship more things

fuel i’m not going to pour it’s almost full we are here again I’m going to move on a slow march and you know very handsome he moves to the load the box but I also suppose that with the weight of the load has to be a lot because this beam they are a roe because it goes plus the truck using the entire ball is the truth point well I hope you like it a lot these videos because this game had eager to play it Today’s power has taken me I have loaded the wheel diaz has in charge of the relative and the deposit and the damper I think the league is quite forgiving but and I’m building the port I just to see advanced but still gives you work ok worth missing wood and stop here and wood for two worth you should be sawmill is already here I could go here and I could be encouraging but I’m going to do and I already have evil ways okay, let’s go and I don’t have a workshop because workshop I have to go to how can you repair it here from having a motor to the buyer who rescue what is rescue that you are not missing is losing diesel from the host of age is losing what ok let’s try to make the mission and on top now not to bear your money we would have bitch not only that the camera is very low efe if I have time to go and come back I suppose that the rescue button it serves so much I have to hurry up what diesel is going down come on with the symbolic that this knee running is the knee It is not so much water that comes strong I am to 20 liters nerd and I hope they can rescue more trucks I wouldn’t give it not authority no no no no just me of luck the dream will melt out of nowhere no planks I think I have of close them there’s no one here with a case and I’d be all right

you find the tools of one size different a different number is used so never the bad thing is that I’m already sleepless and we were on top or not out of fuel now what as long as you have to go back on consumption as it has if your engine tank and so are harm to consumption with tilde also will increase can refuel in a tank a workshop yes, but I can not If I’m not going to rescue what happens rescue in the initial zone you will lose the room continue I don’t know if you told me something that I can bring diesel with the other car but i’m not sure now i’m going to rescue him is done can back to the sawmill i’m going to cut and I will come back when I’m in sawmill because if you are not here not that’s it and that’s ok nothing happens nothing happens we’re fine It was a little scare just the whole mechanism running let’s see if we can get off the bridge aggravated in this chapter would be his leave the bridge to the engraving and now for the following we start the mud to the area its comfortable there the map is very large and I think there are three different maps and you have to be doing missions all the time this type yes and then change change the land vehicles change the type of missions a little bit not only loading and other other things too today with weight and today I am doing the red like a little mud seeing it well to all of them with a little bit I think it’s going around here, I’m not going to leave the marked bridge there are stones too that according to how you step on the terrace tires is that you have to watch in everything in this game water rocks types of terrain and above we have come without putting short gears or anything this my old enemy and that is also this past I think we have finished the club too It seems load very well or bridges are made bridges this bridge if you drink enough when you get enough experience increases the range of behavior at each rank they receive more options vehicle and advisers can also need to rank up I paid and rebuilding old bridge look at what beauty is the same as before all this you can now leave the peninsula and get to the workshop start looking for another contract the contract you complete in receiving the money and experience is worth to repair the entire bridge first I’m going to look at where they are show your map the way it has ahead it won’t be easy you can switch to other of their vehicles in there what to change vehicle

established ok i’m going to leave this one here too very very fast I am to leave this path here all right tired of the engine and how it was changed as vehicles remove cargo rescue too ok finally has managed to change the vehicle today this one I also have a little dust I’m going to take it to where I have the truck and there we leave this chapter total very similar button So because this will be a sawmill and is the aida road straight to the highway and if with the big change happened by this must happen come on 2 seconds or not or not and just Hello because the game has that if you clueless a second and you go with many hurry you load the car you have seen a hole and 12 engine damage in the truck as it’s a little bit higher no has given him but this well to get another the other part of map according to what they say is that the way it’s super difficult then let’s go with this car first look a little bit What there is with this truck then we go with the big truck and then we have to discover more everyone calls more antennas these people know how it’s called not worth I think it is that today oops what scare with the smoke from the exhaust looked like it had the punctured I think it is that when it comes out of the mud until a while has passed that has already removed the mud from the wheels not will not let you keep spilling the crochet here the bridge that we have built and see what the map says here ok here at the observatory that doesn’t he was leaving ok here on the way he’s cut out yours what is more near First to this jungle thorium okay guys I hope that you liked to subscribe and in a couple of days the new episode of this vegetable five months and not be sandwiching but I think I’m going to bring this 7 to 5 first I will leave it a bit stopped and I’ll keep bringing this ok until next time