Code Hangout #17 – Create Camera Like Snapchat in iOS – iOS Development Tutorial

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Code Hangout #17 – Create Camera Like Snapchat in iOS – iOS Development Tutorial

hey one is the founder of developers Academy and today in this episode I would like to show you how you can create or use an open-source library to create some camera just like the snapchat camera ok now you recall that the snapchat camera it doesn’t look like the our default image picker controller ok our image picker controller it looks quite like the camera in the iOS device okay look with this one you see on the screen this is live casting from my iphone over here ok it is right here and dump ask Warren right now here we go so this is an iPhone right there so you see that this camera looks really nice and you can you can make it like this ok and you can even focus on that alright and look at why would you here oops alright alright and with this one you can even take a photo take a video game very nice or you can show the front-facing camera like that hello alright so now let’s go up to our start projects and you will learn how to do this first let’s go down the link right down below and download the start picture including the things I set up for you and also the open source library right and if you are watching this on youtube then go down the link in the description area right so I see you in a minute alright welcome back now this library it is with the link inside the photo that I gave you it is an open source library on github but the problem is this one is written in objective-c and many of you may not be familiar with Objective C so I want you through this a little bit get just a little bit because I already set up some of the things for you and I always will put some comments inside the code for you just one or two lines that you need to change right so now let’s up let’s be the UI first all right let’s go back to main our storyboard and I will drag out a view control like this this view control it will serve as our image picker sheet guy image picker the camera basically and for this one how about I want to do it I will embedded it in a navigation controller embedding a navigation controller like this and make sure that this navigation controller is the initial view controller I will do it like this is initial view controller right so for that one for this one view controller I will assign the custom class of this to be the home view controller if you look at our folder right here the camera our controllers this one is that library and it has tons of other things it has home view controller which is the basically the initial view controller inside that it has the camera inside that it has a the segmented control you can change the segment control into the video view controller okay detect the video so that one I will go here so like that custom class over this custom class we will do it home view controller and just like that okay so now let’s how about let’s run this one and again for this one you will need an iPhone to run others I believe that we are running on Xcode 7 and with Xcode 7 all you need is a developer account a free developer account you don’t need to sign up in the program of course if you want to ship apps to the App Store then you need unpaid developer account I’m with this one if you can just test it like this all right it’s that simple ok you just need to assign the class of that ok but now the problem this when we click into this how we can take the picture how we can get an instance of that picture that we are taking so let’s let me show you that again so I’ll cancel project like this so let’s drag out another view control and then we will have that inside that view controller it is shows as the preview image you can try okay I will check out a view controller like this right and and then inside this one to do an image view just like that check it out like that fill the whole screen and of course for this one we will need a auto layout for that so how about I will make this a challenge apply Auto layout on this one okay and also we’ll also need a button okay I will check out button like this just close to

that and for that one how about we call ascend okay we’re saying that over internet sent to someone okay you know how to be on how to be on Easter messaging app usually will use that pop up the image send out to someone okay alright so pause the video apply Auto layout on this one just apply Auto layout on to image view and the same one and we will come back and continue this project right all right welcome back I hope that applying Auto layout on these two elements is really simple for you if you didn’t find it easy or straightforward then check out the own things Auto layout cause right down below again please check that out if you are not familiar with Auto layout because that is a very critical tool for YouTube you universal app of course in hours nine we have stack view website classes but all of these tools are built on top are two layouts you still need to learn about Auto layout to learn about those tools so learn Auto layout first all right so now from this preview image view controller I will drag control drag and create a custom model segue so we’ll have present model II okay and this view controller let’s name that class to be this class the preview image view controller only has is an image view an image so that someone can pass that image to you again so let’s preview image view controller and for that one also we want to name the a segue to be show image preview or something okay this one she’ll image preview alright and believe it or not that’s it so let’s run the project once again and to see how looks like right here we go it runs on the iPhone okay and now when we click and shoot up photo alright it says that expect that found Neal why I’m rapping why is it now when we go back into this okay and now if you look at this this one is usually when you have an error like this it means that you have a property okay and that property is Neal then when you that probably is near language sense a method or you unwrap that Neal probably they will crash your program it you might not you may already have this problem all the time right this is very very common when you use optional right so now let’s go up into our the stack I get this okay and if you click onto this you will see that this image view dot image is the one the line that breaks out code why is it okay why is it now when we go back into this this one is thicken the error okay you see that this image view is Neal that’s why this image view is Neal when we access the dot image property of that one it will crash our program why is it Neal well this image view is an iboutlet and as we create a new view controller we assign the same custom class to that view controller we also need to connect the iboutlet into that view controller also right so when we go back into this let me hi that right-click to that and you’ll see that we have an image view right here this image view right control jacket like that and that’s it now let’s run it once again and hopefully it works this time all right here’s our app and let’s check this photo boom there go all right we have this image and then we can have that button we can click into that we can do anything we want right but now how it does all of this happen okay you just create some view control assign some classes but how you can use this one in your project in the app that you’re working on well let me show you around you find out that this is really really easy okay so the home view controller this home view control is the one that shows the camera that one you usually actually don’t have to worry about that okay it is that class the home view controller the edge and homey controller dot M get down H is the

header file dot M is the implementation file basically all the code is usually is dot dot M file okay we want to talk about this later on but the thing that shows this preview image view controller is the class that you can write ok this preview image view controller you can do in any class write any code of yourself in the end this is in squid right but all the things you need is an image view and devar image this for image UI image is a property of public property so that’s someone the home view controller can pass the photo taken to this preview image view controller ok and how it can pass into that how we can pass the image that taken from this home view controller to this preview image preview image view controller Y through this segue we name that show image preview right so let’s go into the home view controller dot H right here and then we roasted I am right I place a warning over here and for you guys see that this five warning of you the first warning is that replace the simple camera demo with your project name okay why is it well because this code is in Objective C and the project we are working on is in Swift so if you are working on a project and your project names something like snapchat something like snapchat clone then one you want to do is instead of simple camera demo so if then you want to do snapchat clone Swift alright you this one is your project name right with that import statement it will import all the swift code into this project so that this object is see find this Objective C code can use your squid files right it’s just that the second one you want to do is right down below just scroll it down you’ll see another warning this warning is that if you would like to change the name of the segue the model segue from the home view controller to the preview image view controller then make sure that you change it over here the same way we’re using is show image preview okay that’s why it over here says perform segue with identifier like this right okay and below this code also there’s another warning and this warning if you look at this guy if you’re not familiar with objective-c then just look at the name of the method you very very familiar to Swift code okay it also has the prepare for segue and also has the UI storyboard segue segue and has the center okay the syntax is maybe a little bit harder to read and all the star things okay but only those made up basically the same okay you also check the identifier of the segue to this one show image preview okay you change use a different segue identifier it change it over here okay if you use a different name guy is instead of preview image view controller you use something else then change it over here okay something like same image preview controller or same image view controller or something like that okay just change the name of this so that it’s cast the segue destination view control into the time into the class that you are writing and make sure the inside that class you also have the image property thinking passing like that okay it’s just that simple right and we don’t have to write any code to show those camera just assign the classes that’s the wonderful thing about using open source library Avon is the founder of developers Academy in this video I would love to invite you to developers Academy monthly I know that as we start out we often in term didn’t have any experience didn’t have any programming experience but so that’s why we seek out to causes or programs out there but the problem is those causes and programs they didn’t offer you the whole experience maybe they will teach you the con concepts but after that if you want to be real war apt after that you want to learn more advanced technologies and skills in hours then you are left alone I think that there’s a better way for you to doing this there’s better experience for you to learn to cut cut your learning curve so I do jump ahead now before doing that I want you to I want to introduce you to the successful mindset edible boys Academy that we teach our students I want you to commit to learning and know

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