Library Welcome Week 2020 Workshop

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Library Welcome Week 2020 Workshop

>> Hello, everybody This is being broadcast If you can hear me, please — [technical glitch] — comment section Nope? Says broadcast live And it says we’re recording So I’m going to take it at its word Hello, everyone My name is Brenda And I’m going to refresh my camera just in case I’m one of the reference librarians here at Santa Monica college And I’d like to have my colleagues introduce themselves to you >> Hi, I’m Steve, I’m assistant librarian at Santa Monica College, I work with the computers and the library website Thank you >> Hello, I’m Marina, I’m one of the reference librarians and I’m one of the librarian one instructors And I’m also responsible for the library guides that we’re going to be talking about So hope to hear or see you soon >> Hi, I’m Patricia, I’m the interim Associate Dean for Learning Resources which includes the library And Learning Resources such as tutoring, and the Science Learning Center Welcome >> What we’re going to do at this point is I’m going to be showing you some things for about maybe 10-15 minutes And Marina and Steve are going to be checking chat so if you have questions, please do use the discussion tab and ask us the questions as we go And actually, just to sort of test that right now, if anybody is out there and hearing this, please say something in the comments Just to let us know it’s actually working >> Comments, everybody can hear [Overlapping] >> Perfect So I’m going to go ahead and share my screen with you Because we thought for the library it might be most appropriate to just give you a short introduction to how you get to the library resources online and what sorts of things you’ll be able to access and when you need to be enrolled to get to them and when you can just see them forever Now, this is the college website, And in order to get to the library from this website, you mouse over student support and click on library in between counseling and tutoring And there is another version of this attached as a video tape, I’m sorry, as a video recording to our booth So later on if you want to take a look at it, it’s a little more in depth So from the library, you’ll see a lot of options, when we can finally get back on campus, this is what the inside of a library looks like And then in here you have search options as well as service options In the middle you have various opportunities to search different resource groups depending on what you’re needing to look for So say you have an English paper, an sosh paper or econ paper, you can look for anything we subscribe or or have electronic access to, it’s a good place to start if you don’t have a very specific search in mind and you just sort of want to see what’s out there If you know for example that you need E-books, you can head here to search library resources, this is another entry in to that one search You can type in your search Say you’re in marine biology and you need to find out about dolphins You want to make sure that you’re in articles, books, and more And it gives you the option to sort by only those things that are available online which you’ll want to do since we’re currently closed due to the COVID crisis And then you can narrow it down by other areas, like, is it an E-book, is it on my specific subject, what language is it in, how old is it? So if you’re looking for E-books, that’s the way to go If you’re looking for database articles, in the center you’ll find about 40-some odd databases Some are general, some are specific to a topic, some are just journals or just newspapers And this is where you dig in where you have your topic in mind, you have a tar get and you want to start searching to find information Before I show you that, I want to point out ask a librarian This is 24/7 research help So if you have questions and you need help, and it’s during time when classes are on and when we would normally be open, you’ll talk to a Santa Monica College librarian via chat directly and we can help you while you’re doing your search like a live search assistance You can also use ask a librarian even if it’s Sunday afternoon, we belong to an international consortium of librarians, so 24/7

When you click on this button or when you click on the chat interface embedded in most of our databases, any database that will let us do it, you will be talking to a college or university librarian, either from Santa Monica College or one of our partner institutions in the consortium So heading back to databases, you have some options when you head here You can go in to all databases which is in alphabetical listing of all the databases that we currently subscribe to with a short description of what’s in each database And I want to point something out while we’re here, many of you come in and you want to transfer You want to get your first two years here done, transfer to another institution You can help yourself along that path with the database called college source online And now all of these databases are subscription databases So you have to be currently enrolled in a class in order to access them If you would click on this today, it wouldn’t work for you But if you click on them Monday 31st, it will work for you and log in with your Canvas log in College source is really useful if you want to find out things, like, what financial aid is offered, how big is this university? What kind of majors do they offer? What kind of prep do I need to do to get there? So if you do the pre work in college source before you head off to that appointment with your counselor, you know, like, much more targeted questions to ask, and they can help you along your path much more easily because you have a better idea of where you want to go In addition, there are a bunch of other databases depending on what type of information you need And when you go in to them, I’ll just pick one When you’re doing a search in the databases, notice you have to log in if you’re not currently logged in and you have to be enrolled in order to do that This is your Canvas log in And then from here, when you do a search and you get results over on the right there is an embedded ask a librarian So you can do your search, ask your question, not lose your search Okay? So heading back from the databases, back up to the library homepage Next on this list are research guides And these are the live guides that Marina was talking about a little bit earlier These are literally exactly what’s on the label They are lists of resources and helpful hints and videos to help you whether you’re doing business or dance or whatever area of interest you’re currently enrolled in We also include a couple of current events like we have one for coronavirus, we have one for the upcoming elections As well as a general FAQ And one specifically on doing research, how to do research So these are helpful hints if you’re starting your research for example and you get stuck I’m choosing a topic, I’m stuck What do I do? We have help for that I need to find out about articles, what do I do? We have help for that I’m doing an MLA style citation, oh, what do I do? We have help for that While we’re here, I want to also mention the fact that we have eight-week fully online one unit UC and CSU transferable library research methods classes The one for the first eight weeks, we have two sections, one is still open So if you’re looking for that one additional unit and you know you’re going to be doing in papers, some essays, some presentations, some research this first eight weeks, check it out And that is a transferable unit as well Okay? So heading back to the library We have workshops and videos that we’ll be doing and in fall we will have live Zoom workshops on a variety of topics We also have linked previous workshops that we’ve done Now, these are the full length of a class So this isn’t, like, a 10-minute chunk This is an entire website, an entire worksheet English [ Laughter ] entire workshop on research methods or fighting fake news or how to use website and research, for example So sometimes your instructors will offer you extra credit if you view one of these workshops So something to let your teachers know about If they don’t already I talked a little bit about ask a librarian already And while we don’t offer tutoring services in the library, we do link to them And I wanted to tell you a little bit about tutoring, just because it’s very useful It’s peer tutoring, it’s free to you And it’s confidential So you can go here and you can find a tutoring appointment scheduling tool

So just personal experience, this is my 21st year at Santa Monica College, and I’ve worked with a lot of students And one thing that they’ve told me is that they wish they’d gotten tutoring earlier So a lot of things that you do at SMC at any college, they build on each other So if you don’t get that, like, foundational information set and you go on to the next level, you may not succeed as well as you hoped Because you didn’t quite have your foundation solid So if you start to feel yourself getting a little behind, talk to your teacher Get some tutoring Get that information settled deeply and your foundation set so you can go on and succeed at the next level So heading back to the library Ask a librarian is also linked here If you are a continuing student which you probably are because this is really set for new students, but let’s say you had classes last fall and you’re coming back Do not return your items to the library at this time If you have specific questions about it, chat with us We will help you Under resources, we have resources for students and resources for faculty We offer your teachers a one-hour Zoom class session that is sort of built around whatever that class is So a business orientation is different than an English orientation which is different than a history orientation That is for your teacher to request So please do not use this link But what you can do is you can take the look at our YouTube channel And on our YouTube channel, I want to show you how you get to that without this link Because if you just Google SMC, it’s not gonna work, St. Mary’s college apparently has a lot of videotapes out there But if you spell it out, Santa Monica College library YouTube, spell it all out, it will take you there Once you’re there, we have a couple of play lists The play lists on this side, website resources, those are those, like, 45-minute long workshops But if you say you’re in art history and you need to use JSTOR and you’re, like, I’m lost, how do I even get started? You can go in to the database tours Fill down until you go down to the JSTOR database search and this gives you a seven-minute tutorial that takes new to getting in to the database, using the search function, finding and retrieving an article, figuring out citation and going back and finding out more information So that’s what the video database tours are And again, to get there, you just have to spell out Santa Monica College library YouTube Because SMC gives you a completely different school Finally, over here on the left-hand side, you’ll notice that there are some links And some of these are the same as these It’s just say a button goes down, you can still get in and find books Where this button goes down, you can still get in and find databases But I wanted to talk to you about starting research Because a lot of times you get started and your teacher’s being kind or cruel, hard to tell And they say pick a topic Your choice And your brain immediately stalls because you’ve got so many things that you’re interested in right now but you’re not sure which one, which one you can write about And we’re a college library and what I mean by that is we only collect information about those things we teach So don’t just look at our collection Also look in the public library collection If you have other options, make the largest pull of information that you could access possible when you go to do your research But to find that topic, where do you start? Over here on the left-hand side of the library under doing research, we have research topics And this links you to a database called opposing viewpoints in context And this is a database that’s actually based on a series of print books They are pro-con essays and include explanatory information and also links to things like journal articles and statistics and interviews So if you’re not really sure what you want to write about, you can click on that research topics link and it links you to a whole buffet of topics that you could pick So say I’m interested in hacking I can click on that, it will give me an overview of the topic If I read through it and I think this looks kind of interesting, I can do this, then I can find related topics, I can find specific articles, I can find related subjects which

are separate from this but in the same family as it were And there is actually a video database tour on this particular database So if you’re wandering through this and you want to find out more about it, you can go back to our YouTube channel and take a look at the video on opposing viewpoints So, I’m going to stop sharing at this point And are there any questions in the chat that we’ve not gotten to that you would like me to talk about? Because this is question time I don’t see any questions >> I think, we have answered them in chat, I don’t know if we’ve answered them completely At the end some, there are lots of students that want anime suggestions, we were going to type those in to the chat at the end >> [Overlapping] I’m looking at classics like [ Indiscernible ] Work of Friends and Doctor Stone and organization [ Indiscernible ] just got it out of the chair, so thank God for that But, I can talk about anime through the rest of the day, so that’s scary >> Crunchy Roll is one of our databases that we’ve subscribed too, so our anime collection is really lacking >> This is true Crunchy roll expo is going to be virtual, the 4th, 5th, and 6th, 3rd, 4th, 5th, next weekend, check out the website because they have creators doing live drawings, premieres like they do with their onsite, and I miss going to San Jose for that but >> Here’s a question, not anime, do we have access to the digital subscriptions of the “Wall Street Journal” and New York Times? >> Yes, we do And let me show you how to do that I’m going to share screen again And head to the library for that So Again, to get to the library from the school homepage, just mouse over student support, click on library between counseling and tutoring And we have a database that is — >> We’re not seeing your screen I see the hackers and hacking window up >> That’s weird Okay Let me close that Are you seeing it now? >> No I just see us >> Hmm New technology, always fun Okay >> I am posting in the chat box how to get to U.S. News [Overlapping] >> Yeah Oh, now I see the link here >> Okay So, from the school homepage, by the way, this is the first time any of us are using this technology So [ Laughter ] >> Yeah With reason >> With student support, click on the library, and when you head down to the databases, we have one database that is all newspapers And the reason why I recommend that if I head in to all databases and scroll alphabetically by title, down to U.S. news stream, see how many databases we have? The reason I recommend going to U.S. news stream instead of like the “Wall Street Journal” or New York Times website is because you have to do individual searches in each one of those websites They have a firewall if you’re not a paid subscriber, after four or five articles they cut you off You have to deal with a weird sort of web layout and go through all the pop ups, when you finally do find something, can you get the whole article? If you go in to U.S. news stream, you’re searching all of these major and regional and some local newspapers with one search Already paid for It’s updated from about 25 years ago to actually today’s newspaper So it is very up to date And it gives you, it sort of delivers the article to you and helps you with citation all with one search Okay? So if I’m looking for specific publication, there’s a couple different ways I can go I can go by topic Say I’m looking for election information Excuse me I can then go down here on the left and it will allow me to look through only these results by going in to the publication title Washington Post >> It’s not showing the screen, Brenda

>> Sorry? >> It, your search results aren’t coming up, you’re just on the page on the database >> Okay There appears to be a lag >> When you open a new tab, it doesn’t follow the new tab >> It doesn’t follow you Okay So, I’m going to show you my search results this way Oh, joy So, when you do a search, can you see it now? >> We see it now, yes >> It’s, like, “Can you hear me now?” Okay When you do a search, it brings up all these results Down here on the left, one of the ways you can limit your search is by publication title So that’s one way you can do it And then you can say okay There’s the New York Times, there’s the Washington Post If you get too many, you can narrow by date You can add a separate search term When you do that, you can go down and you can say okay Maybe I just want last month So you can narrow your search in a number of different ways and then you can go down and say okay, I just want the ones that are in the Washington Post Or the New York Times Okay That’s one way you can do it The other way you can do it, say there’s a specific newspaper article that you’re looking for and you know it was in the “Wall Street Journal” , in the last week You can go up here where it says publications And you can search by the title of the publication instead of by the topic Okay Then when you find one, you can say okay, I want this one Notice how far back it goes, and it goes all the way until today So I can say in that “Wall Street Journal” , once it loads, load for me You can pick a date range And do that specific issue Okay Did that answer the question? >> I think so I think it answered it very well, I hope so >> Okay >> When will we have access to the Economist? >> The Economist, that’s actually, is that a magazine or a [ Indiscernible ] I’m doing a little search right now So let me show you how I would answer that question by answering it Okay I’m gonna change in this one I’m going to go back Go back to the library And then — we used to be able to search for publications >> I’m not sure we have access to that, supposedly we should do it within [ Indiscernible ] but that’s harder to do >> Okay So with that, at that point, what I’m gonna do, we used to have a function we don’t have anymore for the last few weeks, we learn as we go You go in to one search and say economist And then it will give you 8 billion things, okay, 475,000, but then you can say I want that to be the journal title Got to be a way to do this >> I don’t know if it shows up in the database >> You’re looking up at the list at something that looked like economist The very top of the list that you’re on I think it’s — >> Got some print, right? >> It isn’t, we had it in print What is the second one, is that — >> It’s a very common title and there’s lots of journals, books, and articles that have the title Economist >> Yeah, no, I’m glad that you asked this question, because this is the type of thing that’s gonna happen when you’re looking You’re looking to see if we have something in particular, this means available at main,

it means it’s in the print collection, that means it’s not available online Even though I asked for it to be available online So the tools can be iffy with this, and you can keep on looking This is called the economist So I’m gonna add, I don’t know if the economist is a trade journal or popular magazine If it’s a popular magazine, it may not, it will not come up under peer-reviewed journals >> So, I don’t think >> So Let me try This is a really good question now that we’ve lost our tool to do it >> Yeah, I know It’s from the UK, I thought so It’s not a news magazine, but it is from the UK >> Looks like we’ve got the older ones So since this is going way back, let’s do a date limit and change this to 2015 We’re refine, that applies the limit to your search and that takes out approximately 97% of them You know, it’s like we do not have that online We only have it in print Which actually in a way doesn’t surprise me because I believe, I think that’s a tailor title, a tailor, Francis and Taylor They have their own database, it’s rather expensive So it might just be that it’s in a database we don’t subscribe to Keep in mind, if that happens, that’s when you start looking outside of your local collection Public libraries usually have very good collections for business because that’s used a lot for business So if you can’t find it in ours, don’t limit yourself to that I’m going to go ahead and show you how you would go outside of that search unless there are other questions that I should be answering Let me know if there is So I’m going to show you how you would do that if you’re looking for something that we didn’t have But that you needed to get a particular article And again, this is another thing, another place where it would be really good to chat with us If you’re looking for something and you can’t find it, ask a librarian Okay So, what I might do, I might go to, which is the Los Angeles public library and from this front interface you can do a title search to see if they have it Lots of books Not seeing any periodicals Yup Just books Hmm So, at that point, you need to do a little more digging If we can’t find it in our library and we can’t find it in their library, then we would have to put feelers out and get back to you Would that work? Yes Then we would have to get feelers out and get back to you to see if we can find it We don’t have interlibrary loan because we’re a one college district So some of the community colleges like Los Angeles Community College has 8 or 9:00 campuses, they might have something they can bring over to your campus, we don’t have that because we’re the only ones in our district So, at that point, we’d have to just keep looking Okay Thank you >> The joy of research >> I’m looking to see A lot of students are looking for textbooks, does the library have our textbooks, and — >> Trish, did you want to talk to that or should I? Okay, I’ll talk to that >> I can talk to it, if you’d like The library is closed at the moment and so access to the textbooks that we have on reserve isn’t possible at this time And one of the problems that was encountered in thinking about how the service plays out

in times of a pandemic is that usually our reserve textbooks are available to students in the library for two-hour use at a time Because we’re closed, we can’t loan them But even if we found a way to loan them, it would only be for one person per day and then that book would have to be isolated for 72 hours or more before it could be put back in recirculation due to all the COVID-19 restrictions that we have So we are trying to buy more electronic books Unfortunately, the publishers do not want to sell electronic copies of textbooks to libraries because we share them So from what I’ve seen, our bookstore offers E-books through a vendor and the prices seemed very reasonable Until we open again or until some on the off-chance that some negotiation gets worked out with one of these E-book vendors, we can’t offer reserve textbooks But the bookstore, you should try them and see if you can find the textbook that you need And some of the instructors have, they’re using OERs and that’s an online educational resource that’s free So you should talk to your instructors about that and see if they’ve done that because that really is the best solution for this type of environment they’re in right now Because we just can’t not get you that copy of the textbook in your hand >> It’s very frustrating for everyone >> Yeah, [Overlapping] >> One of our major service points >> Yeah, it is one of the most popular things that we had in the library, aside from just being a space to come and be and hang out But yeah, it’s extremely unfortunate And we’re not at all happy about it But we have no mechanism to change So >> Yeah Do talk to instructors because sometimes instructors have, like, they’ll find a book, like, that is — I’m sorry, I’m getting feedback like crazy Trish, can you mute? Thank you So, sometimes though, they’ll find a book that looks really great but it’s out of print And then they find, like, one copy and it’s $2.50, oh, my students can do this but there’s only one copy at 2.50 there’s and every other copy is $500 or not available So we’ve been pushing open educational resources and say please think about this, think about chunking it out in your Canvas shells So we encourage that pressure to come from the students as well There are a lot of different reasons why faculty pick specific textbooks but, this is an extraordinary situation If we’re not allowed due to copyright restrictions or other reasons, like, having to disinfect a book for 24 hours, then there needs to be another way, another way needs to be found so that students can get their stuff The library in our class is an OER >> We want to take up the issue, we can’t take a book scan it and put it online, that’s a violation of copyright And as librarians, that’s just something that we can’t support So >> And the school could be sued >> Yeah, and we could be sued, yeah >> We had a request for the name of the cute cat in the background >> This is Onyx He’s my supervisor Yeah, he makes sure I get up once an hour to exercise Yeah, that’s it And get him treats [ Laughter ] >> Following his own advice, he’s been there [ Indiscernible ] >> I work for him, he does not work for me Yeah [ Laughter ] I hope that you found this to be of use I hope that when you’re doing your research, you will ask a librarian, ask us if you get stuck Or even if you’re just unsure, you’ll take advantage of the free peer tutoring and that you’ll explore the databases and contact us when you need help with that

I wish you the very best of luck with all This is going to be stressful and it’s going to be a lot of work Especially with everything else that is going on in life But you can do this You are capable of doing this, take care of yourself as much as you can And reach out when you need help because help is available And good luck >> We’re here to help >> Yes, we are! >> I have a question that Steve probably answered, do we have software like Adobe CS for students? Steve, still there? >> Here, I was actually trying to figure that out I think we do have that software I don’t know if you have to be in one of those programs I think it may [Overlapping] I’m looking in to that I’m trying to post a link >> Good Because there is an issue with Adobe So thank you, Steve for checking in on that >> Also, remember, guys, that in Canvas, all students have access to the Office Suite in Canvas You don’t have to own your own version of Word or Excel, everything that’s in the Office Suite is available to you via the 365 link on Canvas Instructors will say, you have to fill out this form or you have to do this assignment and it must be in a doc, a dot doc or dot doc x format, and that’s because that’s how Canvas allows us to grade it So if you try to share a Google doc with us, the student SMC e-mail accounts are gmail accounts The faculty e-mail accounts are not So we can’t actually share your Google Drive very easily And that’s why often times they will, you know, your instructors will have that sort of harsh restriction and say I’ll only accept uploads of these formats And it has to do with interaction between that format and Canvas and our grade book and our ability to leave comments and all that stuff They’re not doing that to be heartachers, they’re doing that because they need to do that in order to be able to get the work done And you do have access to it through that Office 365 link Everybody’s good >> I’m trying, I’m answering a chat right now I don’t know if Steve sees any more questions >> Not at this point >> Okay I was answering a question about Safari Books online It is under databases You can search for them there So just typing that >> I love safari e-book because it’s the only provider that we have access to that let’s you download those E-books and let’s you read them offline off an iPhone, iPad or other device >> Would you like to see that? >> Could you show them to us? >> Absolutely >> Why not, posting this, I hope you can all see the replies I’ve been posting >> Hmm, there we go Okay It’s not seeing my tabs for some reason Okay So here we are Back at college Heading in to student support Library You’re looking for a database that is a specific database, not just by topic So we’re heading down in to databases Oh, I wanted to quickly mention, we also have them broken down by area, this is not an area of interest, this is topic area So anytime you have something listed like this, it won’t have all the databases, it will only have those databases listed to that topic listed uptop and databases that are broader but might have something useful for that topic down at the bottom So this is a much shorter list and it’s specific to that particular discipline or area So, since obviously safari E-books was not under literature, we check all databases And we scroll alphabetically by title Safari Books And I’d be willing to bet yeah, just lost it So let me unshare Close that tab Open that tab Reshare This is clunky Okay And when you go to select an institution, you will notice it’s not listed So you click right up top

And you type in your SMC e-mail That tells it which college you belong to And it allows you to log in Oh, wait, where did I go, I went to O’Reilly My brain went to the most difficult one to navigate >> This is O’Reilly though >> Sorry, a siren just went by, I missed you >> It is O’Reilly? Yeah, it’s an O’Reilly database >> Oh, okay Select that Okay So, with that — >> The great thing about this, you can download their app on an iPad and then read these things offline downloading them That’s what I like >> I’m sorry, the other great thing about this, up until about six months ago, this database consisted of 4,500 books and they were all very good books, like, O’Reilly and things like that But now it’s up to 50,000 since O’Reilly’s taken over [Overlapping] >> I’m sorry, go ahead >> It’s a great resource >> And another great thing about it is we used to have a limited license, you got about five people on a title before they would lock you out Now our license is unlimited So your instructor could say class, go look at this book, you can look at it at the same time >> So this is really good if you’re in IXD or wanted to see CIS or you’re looking at programs, they also include some videos And up at the top, you can search So let me say I’m looking for Alice It’s on my brain It will bring up things by Alice and things about Alice You can also search for specific titles, so in that case, say your instructor gives you a book on this database and they say you all need to go feature engineering for machine learning, you can go in to the search field and look specifically for that title and get it We’re just about out of time So I wanted to — did you guys see that search? Hello? Okay Good Okay So, are there any other questions that anybody would like to slide in there? Remember, if you don’t think of them now or if you think of them later and you want to ask, go to the library homepage, click on ask a librarian and ask us at any time We will be manning that desk again starting Monday But there are like I said, our partners and our international consortium, our partner librarians man it when we’re not there So there’s somebody there to answer your questions Thank you very much for coming to our presentation And good luck this fall >> Thank you very much We had a lot of good responses >> Thank you, Brenda >> Yes, thank you, Brenda Great job >> Okay I’m going to go ahead and stop recording now I want to remind everybody before you leave, this worksheet — this workshop is being recorded and will be available to rewatch on very soon >> Okay >> Thank you