Live Travelling with Bruce Should Bruce Do A Meet and Greet Cruise? Plus Trivia!

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Live Travelling with Bruce Should Bruce Do A Meet and Greet Cruise? Plus Trivia!

yo we are live we’re on the air our I think we are how you guys doing out there it’s RIS here with traveling with Bruce just checking my phone to see if my show is being picked up I see commercial happening so that’s a good sign huh I think yeah I think we are alive I’m gonna double-check the quality of the feed here looking good so far welcome to the show welcome to my channel this is Bruce with traveling with Bruce from Canada Creston British Columbia to be precise it is August the 11th 2018 it is day number 365 of this channels existence and tomorrow is actually the first birthday of this channel but today marks the last day of the first year of this channels existence I can’t believe it it’s hard to pin a year welcome you guys glad to have you back I’m hope you’re enjoying the videos I’m putting up these days and live streams the views are kind of hobbling along these days our subscriber count is at twenty five hundred and twenty people that’s the first year’s total tally of subscribers from a standing start no sponsorship no experience no clue on what I was doing a year ago other than I wanted to make youtube videos and see how it went and well here we are I started live streaming January the 6th of this year so that’s above what eight months to go now so the first four months I was only posting video sometimes a couple of day but usually you know five six seven a week and then I began to go live on in January and I now do eight live shows a week and post one or two videos a week on top of that if I’m like in you know I have something to talk about and something I hope you’ll enjoy so there you go the future I don’t know what the future holds specifically I just know that I want to keep doing what I’m doing I want to keep growing my following I want to find how far I can take this channel I want to broadcast from true ships themselves I want to start taking cruises I want to do meet-and-greet cruises with you people and get to see in person and broadcast from ships and also gather material that I can then use for future videos when I come back between cruises and make the make my make my videos as appealing as possible to as many of you as possible but to still want to be the guy known for information on the cruise game what’s going on out there I find that there are different kinds of youtubers of course there are millions obviously tens of millions of youtubers and in the travel business there are some of those some of those are professional travel agents and others are or sponsored travelers and then there are folks who are hobbyists and who just you know I do a video once in a while I kind of fall somewhere in the middle of it all I’m not paid by anyone to be here my my donations that I receive from my viewers is the lifeblood of my existence I don’t know if there’s a sponsor that would want to take me on I’m I don’t hold back when it comes to criticizing a cruise line is you regulars should know if you’re a newbie and you don’t know I love talking about cruise ships cruise ship holidays but if a crew slide screws up I just unleashed on them which probably doesn’t help him the PR department with regards to oh we should give this guy free cruise or we should we should treat him like a travel agent and give him the PR tour no one calls me because maybe they’re afraid I’ll say something I mean I’m not a bad guy or anything like that I’m not looking to pick a fight but if I see something that’s done wrong I think I’m gonna speak up about it and let you focus in on what I feel what’s going on and so far most most folks who watch this show seem to like that approach they’d rather I not sugarcoat something tell it the way it is and live with the consequences and go from there and that’s just the way it is I’m gonna keep doing that I’m just gonna keep going forward with how I see it because I am NOT a travel agent I’m not sponsored by any agency out there to Huck huckster a cruise or convince you to go somewhere and get a commission for I do you get paid from a few sources of course which I try to be as open as I can about my channel I do get paid by Amazon if you ever buy anything on Amazon through my Amazon link which you can find down below here in the description I do get a commission or a finder’s fee if you call it call it that I also get a finder’s fee I get a commission every time anything like this is ordered from my RedBubble store you want to pick up a traveling with Bruce t-shirt or a coffee mug or any of the items that are available there yep I do get a fee for that it’s built into the price of the item and I thank you all very much for the help

I do get paid by YouTube for commercials and there aren’t commercials running on my videos from time to time some of you see them some of you don’t and I do get you know a couple bucks a day these days from YouTube’s not a lot but something there was a hundred twenty day time frame where I wasn’t monetized I had been kicked out and I’m back in the whole reorganisation thing just blew everything out of the water for all of us in the smaller area of YouTube which I’m a smaller Channel and I finally got realized about a month ago or a little maybe five weeks ago thank God for that and I’m back in would be nice if I did 10,000 views a day but I don’t this channel doesn’t do that kind of boy not yet with 2500 subscribers it’s growing but it’s not a I’m not a viral video kind of guy I have a hardcore follower group of followers who follow me closely and enjoy their company very much on like daily chats and I’m reaching out as best I can to new followers through multimedia and social media marketing techniques that I’m trying to come up with I’m trying to work the Facebook group page I have for traveling with Bruce I have a Twitter account I have a Instagram and I try to let the world know what I’m up to and of course my viewers thank you you guys a lot of you out there have been very helpful very instrumental in exposing this channel to the you know social media universe by sharing some of my videos on Facebook and other platforms and I appreciate that very much some of you have literally called friends or emailed friends or texted friends to say I know you like cruising you like to go to you should watch Bruce he loves talking about cruise ships it’s a lot of fun on his daily shows and thank you for that – I appreciate it anyway what a year just just an incredible year I had no idea a year ago that I would be as busy as I am now I didn’t think I would be as busy off of YouTube that I am I am extremely busy with so many other things to promote this channel and it’s what you have to do if you’re gonna be a successful youtuber you’ve got to constantly be pushing your channel and expose exposing them as much as you can as best you can I had no idea that that would be the case I thought the channel would just promote itself I just put the video out there and the video will will find viewers know that you have to help the video find viewers what I do find know is when people do find my channel they’ll write to me and they’ll say we I just subscribe to you I really enjoy your your your videos I find them very informative and then they’ll write back like a week or two later and say I’ve been watching your videos now for two weeks I can’t believe how much I’m learning about going on a cross it’s incredibly your channels fantastic so I’m getting a lot of that follow up commentary from people and I very much appreciate hearing that if there’s any kind of topic you want me to cover on this channel let me know I’m more than happy to do it if you have a question about cruising going on holiday the new cruise ships coming out port of calls what can you do when a cruise what can’t you do in a cruise what what it all means if you’re new to cruising bring it on fire away some questions to me I and my viewers who are signing in already while you’re watching me good morning happy to try to answer any questions you have about going on a cruise this channel is perfect for a newbie if you’ve never been on a cruise before you’re brand new BD cruising this channel is perfect for you we talk about cruise ships all the time and what’s going on but if you’re addicted to cruising like a lot of us are we’ve been on multiple cruises we can’t wait to get on the next one this channel is for you too we love talking about our experiences over the years and just in the last one and our soon-to-be new experiences on cruising all the time you’ll find that if you’re new to this channel you realize oh man his followers are really into the into the cruising game and we are more than happy to to share our thoughts with you on what the trials and tribulations are about going on a cruise the positives the negatives and everything in between and we love it we absolutely love the love the vacationing idea on a cruise ship it’s absolutely fantastic today I am I don’t have much in a way of cruise news for you really the topic today is should I do a meet and greet cruise I was gonna have a longer title but you can’t really write a long long title on YouTube you have to keep it short and sweet so the real question to me for me to you is should we do a meet and greet cruise if so when where what cruise line what ship how long you name it tell me what your thoughts are on what would be the perfect meet and greet cruise it doesn’t have to be just one it could be the first one ever or it could be a suggested meet-and-greet cruise that we should do going forward I’d love to do one before the euro zone if that’s possible and I certainly want to be doing me Greek cruises right off the bat in the New Year a January February and and from there for going forward like to do multiple a year and multiple venues not just one region but multiple beat

regions but share your thoughts let me know and would you come on a meet and greet under what terms and conditions would you like to come onboard I meet recurs I need to know if there’s enough interest out there for me to even bother contacting a travel agency entity I’d probably go through vacations to go calm and try to set it up through them because of course I’m not a travel agent I won’t take bookings for anyone but if we can identify a cruise that can become a meet and greet cruise I’d like to then promote it as such again I set out to reserve a number of cabins and go from there I need to know how many cabins would I need to reserve for a meet and greet cruise from viewers out there who are watching me now and and tonight and this watching this video maybe tomorrow or next week comment below if you are watching on a rerun tell me where should we go and what cruise line should we be on and what ship should we consider and let’s go from there I’d love to get your thoughts on that alright I want to say hi to everyone who’s signing in the comments have been coming in here while I’ve been talking away again I want to thank everybody for supporting this channel for the last year the number one way that people have supported this channel other than punching me is through donations people have been sending me donations made no bones about this I do this full time this is my kind of job I’m constantly researching topics to talk about during my shows doing for my videos and also for my trivia and I do trivia Tuesday nights and Thursday nights at 8 o’clock and evening and we will have trivia later today I’ve got trivia questions lined up for you guys and we’ll see if we could stump you today with some of these questions so I’m constantly doing that and and I make no bones about it that the advertising revenue helps the the affiliate marketing money from Amazon it helps the the merchandise sales for traveling with Bruce merchandise it helps thank you and but the donations that come in to me directly are the Rd absolute eighty percent of the of the revenues that come to this come to this guy it’s from viewers like you have heard me I’m just pouring some caffeine-free here Cola into one of my coffee mugs here we go there’s oh there’s a there’s a coffee mug they’re traveling through smug with that logo they’re just need a beverage and yes people do make contributions to this channel on super chat through YouTube when I’m on live and I don’t mind it I thank you very much about thirty percent of the funds that come my way come to be pledged here thirty percent goes to YouTube for the handling and the promotion of the super chat if you send me a doughnut of five dollars a dollar ten dollars under dollars whatever you want thousand tenth us 94 to 96 percent of all funds sent to my channel through my paypal donation button which is you can find it on my home page my traveling of Bruce homepage there’s an icon there’s a bunch of them one of them is a it’s a PayPal donation button if you click on that you can send funds to me anytime you want day and night seven days a week 94 to 96 percent of those funds land in our account for gem jennifer and i my my wife and it’s instantaneous its within five minutes we can spend it and it just makes a huge difference and I thank you all for for any all of those thank you um and I’ll leave it at that that’s the end of the crowdfunding for the day now let’s talk about saying hi to everybody and then let’s get into the topic up should we do a meet and greet cruise cat is here hi cat she signed in today it looks like 1:13 this afternoon and we’re on at 2:00 Eastern it’s now to 11:00 Eastern Time Tracie don’t lock hi Bruce and all 87 Fahrenheit earlier today in Naples then rain thunder lightning and how temperature is down to 78 but real muggy obviously is still raining and thunder in the distance yes it might be cooler but it’s muggy er but welcome to the show Britney Lockwood hi Bruce and all hi Britney Britney I have a question having to do with seasickness what would you recommend for it when not even what the cabin gives his crew will work or what the captain gives us crew will work my my mom is highly prone to motion sickness and the trains are not an issue for her and trains are not an issue for her well there’s all kinds of you know remedies out there for it apparently some people say eating an apple will make it will make a huge difference I think that one of the ways to to again this is for me one way that I think would work for me if I’m on a cruise ship I would prefer to be able to see out out into the sea and see what’s what’s out there what’s going on what’s causing the problem so if I can it’s you know focus my attention on the waves themselves even in the distance and the crests and you know all that other

activity going on I think my mind would be distracted away from more of the motion but others say no no you got it yet and not look outside whatsoever again into an inside room or going to the middle the ship a lower level in the middle area of the ship that’ll be the most stable part of the whole vessel as its doing this and then and from there you can take certain medications now they have all kinds of medications for motion sickness there’s the patch that looks like a little band-aid you put behind your ear here and here they have the wristband that that also as a effective apparently these are sold right on cruise ships then of course you go to the doctor on board the ship they do have medication they can literally give you an injection of some kind of medication I know a friend of mine was not feeling well and was given one of those and within a minute they felt much better again I you know is it is it it’s a psychological is it is it you know right or not I don’t know but there are all kinds of remedies for that and so Tracy I you know I’m sorry Tracy from Brittany I would say for that kind of a cure I would do a youtube search or Google search and just find all the remedies out there I know gravol is available there’s other medications available on in pharmacies anywhere for motion sickness and go from there Tracy Dunlop a happy birthday one year anniversary for traveling with Bruce thank you congratulations great vlogs great life shows great trivia really enjoy your show always learning something new Tracy yeah you know I live I live for comments like this thank you so much I’m just hoping that people out there who see this channel quickly realize wow you know he just talks about everything I mean anything to do with cruise ships and traveling all angles and is not afraid to try and tackle a topic what I excuse me what I don’t do is I don’t do how do I say this nicely I don’t do feel-good videos where where I you know I I take a tragedy and try to make you feel better I just tell you what’s going on I’m scouring news sources all the time for updates on cruises and I’m I try to read between the lines when it comes to public relations press releases with regard to Cruise Line companies because they’ll tell you something that’s just peaches cream and honey and bread it’s just beautiful but the reality is they’re hiding bad news from you or they’re they’re hiding they’re hiding a problem that they’ve got and they’re trying to dress they’re trying to dress up a pig you know that’s what they’re done and I try to cut between that nonsense and tell you what’s really happening out there to kind of give you a heads up hey by the way you know the latest one of the latest episodes has to do with the Norwegian joy the Norwegian joy cruise ship which is only a year and a half old built for almost 1 billion dollars sent to China and decked out completely designed for the Chinese cruise market supposed to be the preeminent number one first-class cruise ship for the Chinese cruise market and Norwegian that made a big hullabaloo about it big opening ceremonies massive naming ceremony all this stuff and the ship has been there barely a year and a half and they announced about a month and a half ago they are pulling that cruise ship out of China it’s gonna go into drydock for a 50 million dollar retrofit and it will then be placed in Seattle starting next April next April for next summer’s cruising season in Alaska and after the cruising season is over in Alaska by the fall that ship will be moved down to Los Angeles will homeport out of LA and will now conduct a series of mexico riviera and panama canal cruises to miami and back for the remainder of 2019 into the winter months of 2020 norwegian made this announcement like it was good news they they they tried to dress this thing up like oh this is great you know we’re gonna we’re gonna twin up the Bliss you know the Norwegian bliss is in Seattle right now and we just put it there a few months ago and it’s doing great business and oh the demand is so great we’re gonna bring the joy over from China and it’s going to join the Norwegian bliss next summer is gonna be just fantastic these two twin ships will just do all great things and we’ll take the pearl the Norwegian Pearl that’s doing Alaska this year will remove it and we’ll move it somewhere else it’s just fat that well yeah it’s not fantastic a cruise lines do not build 1 billion dollar cruise ships place them in a market that they thought would last for 10 or 20 years and in 18 months yank the ship out of there strip it and re paste it with english-language signage a redo the entire on deck everything restaurants are gonna be ripped out and put back in everything is gonna be Americanized because this ship is a Chinese tourist type ship and an American would feel they’re on a foreign vessel it wouldn’t they be lost the signage is all in Mandarin the casinos are all Mandarin language cusine slot machines and symbols everything

yeah you wouldn’t know what to do all that’s gonna be ripped out and we’re gonna put no luck Las Vegas style casino all the entertainers are gonna be bumped off that ship they’re gonna be putting North American entertainment on there this is gonna cost them millions more than the 50 million dollar or refurbish and this is bad news this is corporately not good news it’s the kind of news Norwegian this is what Norwegian has to do I mean I credit them they have to do this they got to take the ship out of China it’s not selling out they’re probably running at 70% capacity they can bring into North America and they’ll fill it up there but it’ll take a while and that ship may be running 60 70 80 90 % capacity for a while there may be a bunch of freebies for travel agents offered for promotion purposes and to get them on the ship to tell their clients about the ship there’s gonna be some serious marketing going on it’s only begun that’s the kind of stuff I like to be known for it’s not pretty I don’t get brownie points with the PR department at Norwegian for this because they’d rather I just dress this up and make it all shiny and pretty but it isn’t shiny and pretty it’s down and dirty it’s called sausage-making and this is what happens in the cruise business from time to time it happens with the Marriott hotel chain it happens with the Hilton Hotel chain they have problems too casinos and Vegas have problems sometimes too there are certain channels that will tell you how great things are and their promoters or whatever and then there are channels like mine tell you what’s going on and that’s what I like to do so I can sleep comfortably like going all right I haven’t misled anybody I’m telling you what I know telling you way I see it as I feel it and I hope it’s okay with you and for those folks who’ve joined this channel and have found that no he’s not he’s not giving me happy stories all the time I’m going somewhere else it’s what you got to do if you’re looking for for us you know fairy tales there are channels that’ll give you nothing about fairy tales but if you want the real deal on traveling this is the guy I hope I’m the guy and I hope I can keep your loyalty for that and thank you very much for a drink joining me and you know I have fun doing this I think we have fun on these shows more fun than not so it’s not all you know doom and gloom like that so anyway let’s see what happened Tom Henry hi cat Tracy and Brittany Brittany Lockwood happy one year anniversary Bruce Thank You Brittany C keeper hi Bruce and all sunny and muggy here I’m on my way to pick someone up at Fort Lauderdale Airport the things we do for friends ten minutes and I’ll be gone one year already congratz thanks buddy cat food party time Robert Brandt happy birthday buddy a happy birthday happy happy birthday hi Bruce and all 77 and worse for Germany thanks fella I appreciate that I know you’re joining me live on a Viking River cruise right now I know you’re on it and it’s probably what Oh 10:00 or 11:00 at night over there so not as late as usual as you’re watching me or not not that late 28 at nights right right on fantastic time Henry you need blur you need blur tooth radio in the car see k oh okay so I’m Henry’s talk to him about ladies the car so you can listen to me on the in the car Tracy don’t laugh has she tried this is for Brittany’s mom I think for the motion sickness has she tried those patches behind the ear they would they work for friends and have issues with motion sickness on ships they put them on prior to the cruise and change them every two to three days so you know again I’ve seen people on cruises who have won all the time there they got him on they got him on when they get to the terminal already because they’ve had him on for a day or so and yeah they’re they’re absolutely doing it it must work for somebody Tom Henry it’s 89 in Richmond Virginia Tom Henry hi Robert Robert having room service so I can join so I can join the show that means my wife got stuck with the twins he’s laughing OMG doh Robert do you think the river cruise you’re on is worth the money Kat Rose says a 79 feels like 84 Tom Henry happy Anniversary twb thank you Tom C keeper should Bruce do a meet and greet Cruise and M&G cruise I certainly hope so but only Bruce knows for sure it’s not like the subject never comes up on this jet people want to know exactly Kat rose I think it might be fun Robert Brandt mg toe he’s answering the question for mg toe weather source that or not that depends we wouldn’t see the towns if it wasn’t the way we’re doing it but if we ever did it again I don’t think we would spring for the sweet we would just do a balcony room so maybe something little smaller interesting stuff I’m just mg toes saying that’s it okay cat rose how are the river levels cat wants to know Robert Brandt saying the service and food beverage top-notch first of all on the ship everything’s bad he’s really happy with it Tracy Dunlop hi Robert room service very nice no three-hour dinner for you tonight raining in Naples today in Florida Robert grant river is still low but we are hoping to keep cruising along so there you go river levels low we’re still moving along at Brittany Lockwood the patches is something that my mom has not tried okay Robert Brandt saying a Tracy is still a very nice meal even with room service

he’s not getting ham and cheese on toast I’ll tell ya that’s great see keeper thumbs up everybody Sylvia so on high all 83 feels like 93 in Greensboro North Carolina Thank You Sylvia for joining me and tall us and juniors here head hello Bruce and everyone 75 raining with flash flood warning here in the Bronx flash flood warning in the Bronx my goodness you got a home game for the Yankees today is the game on off or are they on the road let me know Tracy Dunlap they really worked for friends these are the patches Britney a doctor subscription needed for them usually okay Tom Henry is saying I sylveon it cool jazz is here hello Bruce from the overcast New York City 74 degrees from the weather map price of gas $2.99 a gallon I will find out tomorrow what the gas price is in Coeur d’Alene Jennifer and I are getting in the car tomorrow there’s going to be about a 15 to 20 degree cooldown around here and we’re heading to coeur d’alene for the Costco we’ll get some gas down there while we’re there I’ll let you know Britney Lockwood I am not at all prone to motion sickness and left unless I try to sleep in a vehicle going somewhere yeah I have that that that can be a problem cool jazz at Edie Tolson we’re in the Bronx area cuz we got in New Yorker talking to a New Yorker here see keeper and we are we are buffering he says we are buffering how do I look the computer looks okay from here my phone looks alright I hope the signal is okay for you guys we’ll keep on going here let’s see cool just saying hi Sylvia Britney thank you for the tip Tracy C keeper gotta go everyone be good see you later see keeper Sylvia feeling great at Dolson I’m at under sixty third and third Avenue in the Bronx is where he’s located Richard sees saying Richard he’s seeing heavy storms moving through Philly right now Traci Dunlap saying thumbs up Robert Brandt cat Rossum hmm cool jazz okay okay okay okay at Olson jr. down by the old third Avenue el ah he knows where that is Richard see I have 49 days booked for cruising through May 2019 so I vote we meet and greet in 2020 well I’m hoping in 2020 that I’ll have had a bunch of meeting greets already at Dolson at cool jazz not far from Yankee Stadium I have only lived here three years so unsure about the the okay Sylvia isn’t that where Alexander’s used to be on Third Avenue the Train not there anymore question mark cool Jess oh yeah ed Tolson you you’re a newbie to the old Elle tracers station the old L train your new do we do that and Jordan is here good morning Bruce and all it’s 24 degrees Celsius in Brisbane Australia happy traveling with Bruce anniversary the first birthday today thank you and Jordan very much and welcome from Brisbane nice to have you back as always cool jazz is saying yes Soviet that’s right that’s where he is Robert Brandt at traveling with Bruce you need titles like Justin Bieber’s new haircut at traveling with Bruce to kind of jazz up views yeah I mean that’s what I should do I should I should you know talk about all the speculation on the Kardashians you know I like give you all the Kardashian news and and fill you in on all the rapper the rapper info you know which which rapper got shot today you know that kind of stuff I’m talking about clickbait oh man Richard C morning and Jordan wow you are up early ed Tolson I ride the four and the D train the most he says okay and Jordan morning cool jazz cool jazz Bruce will you do a show tomorrow in honor of your anniversary no I’m going to Cosco tomorrow I’m gonna take a break it’s my day off and I’ll be back on Monday and we’ll talk more then uh Jeanette shianet lanzhi is here i hope i pronouncing that right I’m not sure hi Bruce beautiful day and Dalton Illinois 89 degree Bruce keep telling it like it is I love your realness and truthfulness that’s why I subscribe to your travel blog thank you so much for that comment that’s what I live for that’s what I hope I’m here for for you guys Thank You Sylvie my grandmother used to live on 153rd Street I lived there for a while with her Brittany is saying it’s 82 feels like a temperature of 90 and it’s cloudy right now Robert Brandt how to get cheap liquor at traveling with Bruce calm there’s another way to get views Bruce just start talking to one how to get cheap booze it’s all in who you know and where they’re located I think a cool jazz good morning and Jordan top of the morning to you at Dolson snowmeow I love it in here I just love it here in New York a rubber Frant yes do I’m what dude yes to a meet and greet Roberts saying yes Bruce do a meet and greet Cruise Tom Henry hi aunt Kat Rose I miss good bagels oh yeah I do get good bagels in Costco Calgary but we don’t get good bagels at Costco coeur d’alene I don’t buy in there I only buy the bagels in Calgary love the sesame seed bagels they’re fantastic Robert Brandt st. Thomas agreed you

gotta come save Thomas Bruce yeah gotta have a cruise that stops the same time and Jordan yes Richard C 4 a.m. here in Brisbane Australia she’s up with her coffee watching traveling with Bruce live cuz I’m on at 2:00 instead of 5:00 on Saturdays and so she has to be up three hours earlier to catch the Saturday show that is dedication to my channel I love her mg toe three or four-day cruise on a Long Beach there’s a meet-and-greet idea he said Robert Brandt is going high an mg toe it’s near your home yeah a Long Beach is 1500 bucks okay it’s still a still a flight it’s on the west coast of course but we’d have to drive to Calgary or Spokane grab a plane from there and work our way to LA but hey can be done Tom Henry sounds good a seven-day with a group party was Robert how about that Tom Henry San and Jordan morning Robert is going well Robert Brandt Tom Henry you know it the Richard C so Bruce how many CDs total do you have on cruisin figure out later rock n roll is a smaller ship though to see Shane go on a small ship and and Jordan warnings up sylia at at Dolson I might have to make a a trip to the Bronx to meet a new friend laugh out loud how about that cool jazz do a three-hour tour on the SS Minnow it’s guaranteed to last awhile pay for three days or three hours again a three year cruise out of the deal I want that you can only can do all kinds of inventions figured all kinds of schemes and you probably of all kinds of people visit you on the island that you’re gonna be on and you’ll be able to meet the millionaire and his wife and the movie star would that be cool oh my goodness who’s gonna be dealing it I don’t know cool jazz that’s pretty cool a Richard C and Jordans he’s got the cups of coffee going for her a Debbie Manuel hi everyone late start I got stuck at Costco 100 expected today again was smoked in Northern California Debbie hang in there got stuck at Costco because everyone is shopping just like your shop in their own they all want to be near yet they can’t be yes so they want to be near you and they all hanging out of Costco when you’re there it’s just the way it is what you’re gonna do welcome to the show today and Jordan saying hi morning is Sylvia so I’m Henry I can’t how about the SS Minnow what about that Robert Brandt laughing eleven out that the comment let’s see what we got here everyone’s welcoming Debbie and everybody else cool jazz how’s the river cruise going Robert pretty good at saying still be anytime you are certainly welcome come on down here and she’s laughing out loud Robert Brandt lots of ships to stop and st. Todd lots of ships do stop in Saint Thomas Robert is saying absolutely during the winter months st. Thomas is a must for the Eastern Caribbean Tracy Dunlop act traveling with Bruce make a stop and st. Thomas on a meet and greet cruise might get a good deal on a bottle of rum from someone you might know down there yeah you thinking yeah there might be a dealer Robert Brandt saying very nice set cool jazz not something we do over and over but maybe every five years or so so I low silo Steve is here from Seattle hey Bruce and all 72 for a high to the in Seattle 63 for a low with clouds 77 days till the Bliss in the Haven suite for a Mexican Riviera and a mere five hundred twenty six days on the cruising with wheels group cruise on the Encore in navin I would be interested where Bruce just tell me meet and greet tell me Bruce where when what were there Sylvia that wasn’t directed at you at all Sasori uh and Jordan morning Debbie Manuel stay away from those fires prayers to all Tom Henry had cools yes we think alike my retirement goal is a deserted island Lisa Morris here saying hello all hey least some more how are you doing today welcome to the Saturday show glad you’re here Robert rent at Tracy Dunlop I’ll arrange a free bottle for everyone who comes about that what do we have 200 people Robert you want to give away 200 bottles of booze oh my god the island will get out of control pretty fast we need mix Richard C Brittany Lockwood batches are great over it makes your mouth dry yes those batches do have side effects it gives you dry mouth but you know drink water and keep hydrated Nina Frank hi Bruce and all from a much-needed rainy Sweden it’s pouring for the second day and it’s great that’s fantastic Nina I’m glad to hear in Sweden it’s one its cooled down and two you’re getting rain you need it Europe needs rain and plenty of it fantastic um cool jazz yay Tommy Tom Henry we have a warped sense of humor yeah yeah we have a worse as you know I think a bunch of us on this channel level work if you guys are watching me every day for like an hour a day you’ve got to have a twisted sense of humor it does I mean look look what you’re looking at oh my gosh oh my god the Robert Brandt if you get a if you get seasick easy book book a Mitch midship cabin so if you get seasick easy book a midship cat that’s the way to help avoid it or minimize the problem AJ Walsh is

here today heading to Seattle Thursday NCL bliss next Saturday count me in on a meet and greet if the date is compatible fantastic AJ as soon as I know I will let you know we are we are speculating on some ideas here Henry saying yep that rose me to live in a tiny apartment so interior yeah cool jazz comedians onboard cruise ships usually make one of the folks wearing a patch you know either be made fun of her feel sick what would you take I’ll take the make fun of me boy yeah that’s alright then be Manuel hi Dom Cheyenne Robert Brandt lots of rum helps seasickness there you go a Brittany Lockwood spinning her signal is spinning you may have to reload Brittany I’ve still got a good signal here we’ll see how others are doing let’s see her cat rose in her ear from what I hear I tell him Henry AJ Walsh check on Adrienne for us let us know how he’s doing in the concierge level of the Haven ah let’s see sallow Steve seasick booked the biggest ship not not a small one there you go tell him Henry I would like a New York or Boston I would like a New York or Boston to Quebec or from or all from there also in the fall foliage like to have one of those New England meet-and-greet cruises that’d be a lot of fun I’d be pretty good cruised on a cat I wonder what the difference between markets is wonder what the difference between markets is cat I’m not sure what markets you’re referring to to a Robert Brandt keep in mind cold weather cruises need much more space to pack clothes not a one bag cruise that’s right folks cool jazz at Tom Henry M I would love to do New England and Canada only problem I don’t want to port in Boston and Maine I can take Amtrak and be there in three hours for half of the code for half the cost yeah well when you’re in the area it’s just not exciting right people ask me you want to do in Alaska cruise I’m going let’s see the look at mountains and pine trees and the art of glacier well you know the kind of around here to sort of but you know Alaska is still a special cruise of course Brittany Lockwood it looks like I had an issue and there was buffering hopefully that you’re through it Tom Henry I met the comedian on the star while waiting for the art auction to start he was laughing at my sense of humor you you must be kindred spirits there Tom fantastic dumb Henry morning Nina silo a Brittany Robert Brandt at Tom Henry humor and I grew and the great art laughing out loud a cat Rose cool jazz that sounds like fun Richard see also at Brittany you want to be in the middle of the ship the lowest level you can get for seasickness wife has issues and we always pick this area and only on really heavy and are only on really heavy seas hurricanes is it a problem so interior middle lower levels way to go cat rules I want to go to Bar Harbor Maine cat saying cool jazz Bruce you should ask AARP to sponsor you guts get some of those senior discounts yeah yeah I mean that’s what I should do I I don’t think they’ll sponsor me I’m a Canadian not an American you know so I don’t think that’s the right there I’m shot whatever Robert Brandt saying it’s 8:23 p.m. right now so I’m just reading his message this is seven minutes behind Tom Henry I don’t what is this I don’t know which is harder I know which is harder waiting for my cruise or waiting for silo to visit Adrian the Hitman uh yeah what’s gonna be harder waiting for my crews are waiting for a silo to visit even and letting us know how that goes uh yeah I’m Tom I’m with you I can’t wait for silo to get on that ship and say hi to a Dinn for all of us oh my gosh um Anthony does gaming Bruce uh hi hi what are you talking about hi Anthony um Anthony we left talk about cruise ships all the time around here and today the question is that my channel today is a year old or tomorrow technically it’s a year old and we’ve been talking here lasted a while about putting together a meet and greet my viewers are saying you should do a meet and greet cruise I’m asking my viewers today well you tell me what what cruise ship should we do this on what area what itinerary should we book should we book a cruise off the east coast say Florida and Caribbean should we do a cruise off with the west coast or we do something in New England that what should we do and and when uh and any favorite cruise line yeah that’s kind of where we’re going right now Anthony although we cover at all I mean you got a question on cruising fire away and if you’re an avid Cruiser welcome to the chat cuz you’re surrounded by avid cruisers here a Silvia cooljazz laughs applause Emily we could all get AARP discounts cool jazz at Robert Brent but have you seen anyone from the galley trying to catch the fish of the day yet they do are you are you eating the fish out of the river in Europe I don’t know no yeah Tom Henry when is your when is your cruise so he wants to know crew jazz yeah Sylvia Swan we could use a discount for sure Suzanne Hoffman is here

right happy one-year anniversary Bruce ginger candy from Trader Joe’s is a is really good for motion shake sickness there you anything with ginger in I’ve been told you’re right Susan thank you so much for that tip that’s great cam oh hi everybody hey cam I everybody cool jazz Yankees are at home against Texas and the question is will they get rained out will they get a deluge don’t know at least some more Ola cab Debbie Manuel no buffering here fantastic Peter heck Emma’s here hi Bruce a rainy and overcast and tarpon springs 90 degrees that he’s still heading to the beach fantastic Peter welcome back to my channel today we’re talking about a possibility of a meet and greet where when how what where and Jordan Olek am Tracy Jim Thomas you start fill us in on that kind of stuff Bruce and I will puke Kardashians and Justin Bieber like Lake Jesus I think what Jim is trying to say here cutting through the red tape here because you know you got to read between the lines of Jim sometimes he doesn’t tell you the way it is he’s kind of trying to tell me don’t you start talking about the Kardashians and Justin Bieber on this channel don’t you start doing that with me because I will puke like you would not believe the for the thoughts i preciate that i think i think we’re safe yeah they gonna be alright da man ray I am I am Platinum Member on norwegians so how about the so how about the msec views since they accept other line frequent Cruiser points you know we could do as crews on the sea view or how about the MSC seaside why don’t we do a cruise on it they’re offering deals do we want to take a chance on that one Richard C hello @mg toe Britney Lockwood I am leaving for college hopefully on Friday if not on that day then one week from today hoping to get an approval to move in on Friday crossing our fingers for you Brittany and it’s coming it’s coming Jim Thomas by the way Bruce happy anniversary thanks Jim I appreciate it and thank you for all your support you’ve just been a real loyal friend of this channel I love it Sylvia Britney what college do you go to and how far is it from where you’re homeless let us know Britney what’s the deal there Mary Ellen Shaw is here today she’s in the house when mom’s sister and I wore these can’t pronounce this word by the way this so so cool PO lemony in the patches you know the one behind the ear you know we were tired the whole trip we were just tired luckily I now know I don’t need it there you know Mary thank you for that information you know for some folks they panic about oh I’m gonna get sick I’m gonna get sick and so they take all the kind of meds before they get there I don’t worry about it just get on the ship and explore it for yourself there’s all kinds of remedies on board you can take remedies with you of course you can take meds with you use them when needed I say and see well how it goes there’s always a doctor on board if you really need help but the folks in the in the shop you know those those little stores they have on the retail level they have like that variety shop there we can buy pop or bottled water or t-shirt they also have remedies there that work for millions of passengers over the years and you want to talk to the guy in the gal behind the counter cuz they cruise full time they live on board the ship talk to them about it they’ll help you out you’ll be Dee Walker is here hi all hi Dee Walker welcome back to my channel today I’m glad you’re here Reggie and her man hey Bruce how about a transatlantic group cruise from New York or Southampton him you know there’s nothing how about we could do like a repositioning cruise maybe out of Miami maybe out of Fort Lauderdale all the way to Europe you know those are cheap and they last like two weeks I’m sure we’ll be sick of each other by the time we get there can’t wait to get to the cotton and then scatter get away from each other I’m just I’m just asking uh what do you think barb is here hi barb just came in are you planning a cruise when and what are the details I need to go to Costco today also barb um the talk of the the topic of the day is should I do a meet and greet gross and if so where when what cruise line I’m looking for info your thoughts are always welcome to so far nothing’s been nailed down I’m just asking hey should we do it and if so which one when how soon when what where when what because I’m up for something like that Reggie and her man princess ship or Royal Caribbean there you go there’s Reggie and her man’s thoughts right there I’ve been on both those cruise lines there okay Bart by the way happy anniversary Thank You Bart it’s one year tomorrow officially but this is the 365th day fantastic oh by the way I took a look today at my oldest video it’s the first one I ever posted have any of you seen it you can’t all have seen it because I can tell you right now I have 2,500 2526 cry burrs okay it’s every subscriber were to watch that video one time it would have at least 2,500 views that videos got a hundred ten or a hundred fifteen views so there’s no way Oh everyone has seen that video now some of you probably been kind enough taking mercy on my poor youtube

soul and have gone and taking a look at my earliest crap videos but I said I invite you all today any time you want this weekend go to my home page click the little bar that says videos and then over on the other side you’ll see a little up box that’ll say it’ll say newest newest video most popular or oldest first click the oldest first it’ll show you the oldest videos I ever made the first one on August the 12th 2017 it’s all about crossing a river in Germany on a little ferryboat that doesn’t have an engine the river powers the ferry across the river it’s a cable ferry ride and it goes both directions without using a motor it’s the coolest thing ever I made a video about that I invite you to enjoy that video or not hopefully you’ll mercifully give it a thumbs up maybe write a little comment saying congratulations on your first birthday then I know you’ve seen it and I know you see it because you’ve written a comment on that video but give that video break it’s only going 150 and used let’s get that up to 500 views how about that that would be your present to me go and check my oldest video and if you’re down there and those are those we’ll check out the other Berlin videos I made and those other early videos that would be just fine anyway that’s just a suggestion now if you shared it on YouTube that would be a real stretch for you guys but you guys actually shared that old video on the net and it went to five hundred to a thousand views I’d freak out I would then believe in the or social media like you can’t believe anyway I just mentioned it and again I thank all of you for your support like I said those who of you who watch this show you’ve got to have a twisted sense of humor because look what you’re looking at and that video oh my god shaky but I am talking over it I do I do a little voiceover while I was filming it because I was fascinated by this thing I was really fascinated by this video is really cool anyway you get the chance please check it out Thank You barb thank you Reggie Reggie and her man going to Costco Monday with a friend hopefully no crowds well hope for the best I’m going to Costco tomorrow I’ll do a meet and greet Coeur d’Alene Idaho tomorrow at the Costco come and join me at the food court I’m having a chicken baked and say hi to me and say hi to Jen you’ll get to see her in real life you’ll recognize me you won’t recognize the person sitting with me but likely its its Jen fantastic Jim Thomas hey Deb Bart I will look into AARP discounts Robert bread I’ll give away two hundred bottles no problem you get two hundred people coming down to st. Thomas Bruce on a group on to meet greeters you got 200 of them I got 200 Falls a room for ya I’m ready for you how about that that’s awesome stuff Debbie Emanuel sing hi Jim Robert Brent warped sense of humor yeah yeah he and I both lawndale Williams is here hi Bruce long down from Summerville enjoying your show 91 degrees feels like 100 fahrenheit lawndale welcome back to my show I noticed you love typing in all caps I don’t care it’s easy for me to read I’ll tell you that welcome to the telecast today there’s 35 folks here today already I’m gonna have some tribute for you guys if you want to hang around for that 15 thumbs up so far today two thumbs downs I’m already made two people mad but I got 15 who apparently like me so what the hey we’ll take that thanks you guys Dee Walker I’m in Seattle as well perfect weather right now for me fantastic Dee Walker it isn’t bad you’re in the 70s in Seattle even the 80s nice weather for sure AJ Walsh I’ll be sure to check the Haven a/c we’ll return and report Thank You AJ get a picture of this guy we want to see what this guy looks like get a picture of this Haven Nancy for us and uh and let’s take a look at this guy I got the Facebook page for traveling with Bruce the group page we’ll post it on there we’ll say beware watch out for this guy Robert Brandt ad cool jazz they haven’t served a lot of fish other than smoked fish but we have seen the food come on board and I think it’s very fresh yeah I bet you it’s the best of the best with these guys Richard see a meet and greet leaving say from Rome or London Barcelona can be a transatlantic there’s an idea Maurice is here hey Maurice just heard Norwegian Breakaway went out of drydock I don’t know what they did but maybe we could do a group cruise on that ship because it’s all freshened up I’d wait a month or so and then take a look at it yeah it all sanad cool Jess oh man I should go go route on for the Texas Rangers you make all kinds of friends in the Bronx in Yankee Stadium you just go there and cheer your heart out for those Texas Rangers all those Bronx Bronx civilians that you’re surrounded by they’ll treat you like gold baby oh yeah you won’t have any problems getting home don’t you worry about that a couple escorts you’ll be fine cool jazz that’s great Robert Brent smoked fish is awesome nothing

like fresh fruits and veggies Tom Henry Sylvia March 30th 2019 bliss Panama Canal and February 29th 2020 star to South America these are cruises Tom Henry’s already booked on can’t wait to go cool jazz laughing out live at Dulles and jr. if they won yesterday they won yesterday so yeah the folks the Bronx could be in a real good mood if we got some more Texas fans there today it root them on again Jim Thomas you read that correctly sorry sometimes the text gets overwritten by the autocorrect a that’s way it is cool jazz Tom Henry do you have room for more artwork you have more room for more cool jazz wants to know Tom Henry welcome lawndale Williams Dee Walker is showing me some kind of similar I don’t know what that is Britni lock with nickels nickels state university in Thibodaux Louisiana and it’s an hour and a half from home there you go that’s where Brittany is going to school going to college at the Nicholls State University and Thibodaux Louisiana and I’m sure you’ll have a great time says Sylvia Tom I would rather wait for Steve about his cruise laugh-out-loud he we’ll have many stories about silo Steve I’m countin on you silo Steve we all are we want that report from you because you’re gonna be in dot Haven despite what the Nazi thinks about it this should be fun um cool Jess I think Tom Henry is drinking is typing a slur it’s all good I couldn’t care Tom Henry saying probably not need to get it all hung to tell he doesn’t need any more art thief because if he gets it all up the stairs are fair game too he can get us get his artwork up there he’s probably got enough but who knows Tommy yeah we all know once you get it done Kath rose Wow Brittany a friend of mine lives there how about that mg – how about a long beach – Catalina on on one day crews cheap for everyone yeah I’m not I’m not a fan of going to Catalina on a tiny boat no way I was on the the Ruby Princess with with with Jennifer the last cruise we were on last year and we were leaving LA and we were watching the the ferry boats coming in some of those high-speed catamarans and the the other ferry boats coming from Catalina coming into coming into LA Harbor and I’ll tell you just outside of the LA Harbor there are 15-foot swells like this you’re not getting me on one of those tiny little boats not a chance no way I’m on the big Ruby and we’re in 15-foot swells and we’re doing this nothing we’re just we’re just plodding along through the water smooth as silk no vibrations and I’m watching these ships coming in oh no way you’re not getting me on that that’s that’s the for me that’s the barf mobile yeah I’m gone when we got here ode Edie Tolleson sing I’m up for a group cruise if you planned it far enough out I can pay for Jim Thomas Mississippi paddle boat cruise yeah and that changed the net aj walsh happy Anniversary being with you from the beginning Bruce AJ was I know he’s been a long time at that handle of yours is familiar to me from way back and we’ve gone through all kinds of growth on this channel isn’t it something that’s fantastic Dee Walker I’m I’m on it laughing out loud he said Brittany Lockwood sorry it is taking me a bit respond to comments I’m completely in on that chat but I have been copying and pasting tips on seasickness remedies so my mum can have them very well well done Tom Henry up at Cecilia Silvia he’s saying sila will need to do his own tales of the high seas that’s right Oh a side title is he’s got a given us the full meal deal on this thing I can’t wait Dee Walker I’d love to see you freaking out too funny Reggie and her man Norwegian Breakaway heard they were replacing all the carpeting changing the Blues Club to rock and roll bar and some other refurbishments probably because of that storm they got stuck in last year in New York that bomb cyclone they were in that baby coming back to New York they were probably getting some lot of cosmetic work fixed up and so on I’m sure Sylvia Britney she might not get seasick has she been on a cruise before Britney Lockwood my college/university will be turning 70 this year hmm Reggie and her man we were on we were on in 2013 few weeks after its inaugural to Bermuda so they were on that that ship early on cool just have to watch that video to see if Bruce had had more head in the hair then I’m not even in the video that first video I’m asking you to watch the you know the one I made on August 12 last year I’m not in it you can hear me I’m holding the camera I’m talking but you don’t see me you just see this this this ferry boat like I said it’s a basic stuff and when I made that video I didn’t have a youtube channel when I made that video I didn’t think I would have a YouTube channel I was just making that video really for my daughter and for my wife to see that because I was in Germany with my mother and I come across this ferry here and I was just doing it for them but as it

turned out it was perfect to put on YouTube because I’m just talking generically to whoever’s watching him check it out I hope you like it Brittany’s saying yes my mom has been on a cruise Reggie and her man by the way happy anniversary happy happy happy anniversary thank you thank you thank you so much tell your friends to subscribe to this channel and watch it for sure Robert Brandt at cooljazz have enjoyed the smoked fish appetizers great the 11th Paul Lucas laugh out loud cruises a jazz hey Paul how you and regi a man cruised TV livestream in 12 minutes AJ Walsh assignment except Reggie and her man Adrian pick on hit man video already cruising with wheels founded online from another posting yeah but it wasn’t a good picture it was a so-so picture we need a better one than that Robert Brandt I should send the twin to visit Adrian for spring break I know what you do it Robert Brett I should send the twins that’s what he’s doing to visit Adrian for spring break cruise and maybe they’ll get a ton of young gays to join them and hang out with Adrian and ask him all kinds of questions and oh boy Robert you are nasty that is up there all twisted sense of humor on this channel you guys all with us Reggie and her man yes they will be talking about the seaside Paul will dis Robert grant great idea laughing out loud do that Nina Frank I still vote for fast deal one seven one eight to the 25th of November to the second of December Carnival Magic balconies from 5:29 and solo 798 really good deals that’s the one Nina thinks we should do for our get-together uh Dee Walker st congratulations so to the one University and Jordan hey Dee Walker Reggie and her man Robert Brandt a cruisin Wilson Adrian is gay so supposedly not an issue I don’t know if he is I don’t think I don’t know if that’s true Robert Brandt mg toe that would be a would be would be cheap except the airfare to get there well you know to anywhere you are that’s the way it is Tom Henry and Ed Olsen pay for for all of us you want to pay for all this Jim Thomas watch the answer for the first question is Tokyo I’m ready for your tributes Robert Brandt Reggie and her man I can help I can help but think that the underlying issue because how can you not like someone you are just meeting how can how can that be Robert is asking you Walker for your information Bruce I’m a lady my name is Dixie Thank You Dixie for that because when I see V Walker Thank You Dixie welcome to the channel well Wilson good afternoon everyone I suggest a January 2020 each turn crews out of Florida I would give time to plan and pay for it well I’ll tell you what ball uh by the time 2020 rolls around I hope to have a bunch of cruises under my belt as the meet and greets already but I also hope in not-too-distant future to be able to announce cruises into 1919 and 2020 so that you can then plot the 2020 cruise you want to pick from to get a meet and greet it’s not like everybody has to meet me on the first one but I’m just curious today what should be the first one when should it be how many will come that’s what I’d like to know Reggie and her man Robert Brent I agree with that some people have a chip on their shoulder and take it out on others what a shame Tom Henry at Reggie cruisetipstv chat moves too fast and it gives me a headache that the thing to scroll tip em tip em I found Adrienne on Facebook but the chat won’t let me post links interesting tiff thank you for that welcome to the channel Tracie Dunlap could you imagine having the Haven full of Spring Breakers and Adrienne having to meet all their needs laugh out loud robber Bret just hit make him run his tush off absolutely cat Rose last boat I was on last year on the pooches sound ferry from Seattle to a Paulsboro pole pulls Beryl that was the last time she was on a crew on a boat that she was on and I was on the ferry boat here names worth between Balfour and and what’s the other port O’Call there’s Balfour and Crawford Bay that’s right on Lake Kootenai going to Ainsworth that’s last time I was on Richard sees asking Bruce how many cruise days have you been on ships gosh how many um one over forty maybe closer to fifty now I’m thinking as the number I’m thinking fifty and then there’s two transatlantic that’ll put me over what 64 66 yeah 60 I’m thinking at 60 sea days in my lifetime something like that I’m not like any and I’m not like a lifer but I got some under my belt I’d like to get a bunch more though a bunch more yeah Paul bonus Tracy I’m laughing my ass off Robert Brandt I can absolutely imagine Peter hekima I think your first group who should be in January or February

2019 that would give everyone time to make plans a cruise out of Florida would be great Robert Brent at Peter hekima I think that’s good also see Robert likes the idea Peters thinking cool jazz come to New York and ride the stat 9 of Barry and we can all say we’ve been river cruising I’ve done the Staten Island Island tour the entire around the entire island of Manhattan twice I’ve done that and enjoyed it both times very much really enjoyed the the the Manhattan tour that was a three half hour for our island tour fantastic really recommend it to anybody Dixie please don’t plan for December or April that’s my vote that’s my vote just not those two months any other months that’s all I’m saying all right well okay I’ll keep that in mind so this one uh cook cook jazz laughs out loud cool jazz Lavin Ola Robert Brent does everyone already have a passport if not get it now get a passport you’re gonna need a passport to go international cruising these are international cruises we’re talking about let’s play some trivia how about that you guys have waited long enough if you want to play some trivia I got one how many we got here thirty-six I hope you do want play some trivia if you’ve never played trivia before what I do is I ask a question I it’s got multiple answers you send me a text one guess per text no cheating on Google by the way don’t don’t cheat and I’ll tell you whether you’re right or not if you guys need help after all I start giving hints these don’t last long but they’re a lot of fun and let’s see if anybody wants to do this I would’ve got Robert Brandt does everyone already know fast work at rows getting ready to go to Lincoln City Oregon with friends Lisa Moore says going me take a cruise in May that’d be great Dixey saying yay all right let’s see what we can do tell me this you know The Postman Always Rings Twice you know the old expression well postmen sometimes get hassled by dogs did you know that I think we all know that well I’ve got a question for you uh here’s the question knob tell me this is from 2015 okay this is the official these are official US Postal Service statistics all right 20 cities in the United States that had the most complaints from postal workers getting bothered by dogs what cities in the United States are notorious for where postal workers get picked on by dogs the top 20 cities fire away see what you can do at Debbie Manuel was just saying princess Norwegian Royal Caribbean would be great would not be thrilled with the Carnival Cruise somewhere warm six to eight months out would be great just give me some notice and let me know cooljazz he’s thinking the u.s. city of Nova Scotia cooljazz that’s fantastic unless you had an idea of a Nova Scotia cruise in mind and this is before I asked the question which could well be I’m cutting a break here Peter hekima is think in New York City cool Jazz’s think in New York City who else is thinking New York you know let me get New York the other way but a couple guys think in New York City right now as a city notorious for postal workers filing complaints about dog attacks I’m taking a look right now at the top 20 and guess what New York ain’t on the list maybe New York City does not make the top 24 dog issues with regard to postal workers Dixey is asking what about Seattle the city of Seattle is that a problem City for postal workers number 17 on the list looks like around 28 complaints in 2015 any complaints um Gregory Power is here he’s thinking Boston is a problem for dogs and postal workers same with Peter hekima he’s also wondering about Boston let’s take a look here excuse me here Gregory Peter Boston looking on the list of the top 20 cities not one of them not Boston no sir not Boston Tracy Dunlop Miami is Miami a dog problem city for postal workers nope Miami either New Orleans Brittany Lockwood is thinking about New Orleans how about that town for postal worker issues and doggies no not nor nians no sir Robert Brent Detroit question mark is troit in the top 20 yes number 16 28 issues 28 times reports were filed with the Union postal workers having issues with dogs in Detroit Tracy Dunlap Chicago number for Chicago 45 reports of issues in Chicago with dogs Sylvia went with Seattle we already did Seattle tiff went for Detroit we did true Detroit Dixie LA what about Los Angeles number one town of problems dog problems LA 74 reports filed by postal workers Los Angeles at Debbie manual

what about San Diego number three town San Diego 47 reports San Diego cooljazz how about Dallas number five Dallas 43 reports of dog problems Sylvia had Boston we’ve tried that Tracy New York nope wasn’t on the list AJ Walsh Philadelphia City of Brotherly Love where the dogs don’t love the post he’s 12th on the list yeah Philadelphia around 30 31 complaints from Philadelphia by postal workers about the dogs Brittany Lockwood what about Houston number two city is Houston 62 complaints we now have the top 5 la Houston San Diego’s Chicago Dallas those are the top five well done Debbie Manuel Chicago we have it pretty luck with Miami didn’t we do Miami we did and it’s not on there Philadelphia we’ve done it Dallas we’ve done it we’ve done Dallas Debbie’s done Dallas continue on uh Tracy Dunlop Los Angeles we’ve done LA Debbie Manuel la Debbie Manuel Atlanta Georgia what about Atlanta Georgia is it on the list for problem cities nope not in the top 20 tracy has Boston we’ve done at Robert Brent where are the dogs running loose anymore Britney Lockwood Oklahoma City is another yes oh hold the city nope not on the list San Francisco Peter hekima San Francisco from Peter hekima not on the list either so urbanized dogs aren’t a problem ed Tolson jr. Dallas we’ve done it Britney Lockwood and what about Orlando Florida nope it’s not Orlando San Jose California edy Tolleson think about San Jose um no San Jose is not on the list uh Tracy Dunlop Houston is number two cool Jes thought dogs all needed to be on a leash you see that that’s probably why there aren’t so many complaints these days Robert Brett is thinking Austin how about Austin does it make the top 20 no it does not and Jordan had Houston addy Walker Dixie Pittsburgh what about the city of Pittsburgh does it have a dog problem for the Postal Service no it does not Tom Henry Lancaster Pennsylvania how about you know how about that town no no like Esther would make it either Houston for Peter Fort Lauderdale Tracy Dunlop was thinking about Fort Lauderdale uh no Fort Lauderdale not on the list Oklahoma City not unless Jacksonville not in the list Virginia Beach not molest Jackson Mississippi I’m an ex postal worker I know I had problems in Jackson Mississippi Bruce is it on your list already done Philadelphia we’ve already done the City of Brotherly Love Tampa Tracy Dunlop was thinking about Tampa Tampa Florida not on the list oh my goodness Atlanta not on the list Beverly Hills 90210 how about that area code no no that postal code not working not on the list either Pittsburgh not Melissa Tom Henry I am thinking places with more yards now rather than row homes that might be what you have to think about Kate Gaddis think of San Francisco know maybe Manuel my intent is a postal worker in San Diego Peter hekima Baltimore how about the city of Baltimore Bruce number 18 on the list Baltimore 27 complaints Newark New Jersey from cool jazz what about Newark across the river from New York nope not on the list Tulsa Oklahoma Tom Henry’s thinking Tulsa Tulsa nope not on the list either Washington DC Robert Brandt what about Washington DC the home of the swamp not on the list no Indianapolis Tom Henry is thinking Indianapolis uh yes number 19 is Indianapolis 27 complaints Robert Brent Debbie did Dallas laugh out loud that that’s not very nice Traci Dunlap Newark we’ve done it already Tracy Jersey City nope Tom Henry DeeDee Dallas on level hat off eyes off Robert Brandt Atlanta we’ve tried Atlanta it’s not on the list at all Washington we’ve drawn we’ve done Robert Brandt Richmond Virginia what about Richmond were a town that has dog problems nope Washington nope Richmond no um at Henry Lavin Aucilla Las Vegas a Tracy don’t let us think about Las Vegas it have a dog problem nope it does not Denver lawn Dale Williams gone Denver yeah number six on the list around 40 complaints in Denver Cleveland Tracy Dunlap yeah number nine on the list around 36 complaints Columbus Ohio Tracy Dunlop was thinking about Columbus nope not Columbus um Robert Brandt I think USPS needs to shut up about them them dogs Britney Lockwood Fresno Fresno California there’s a progressive town nope it’s not Fresno Debbie Manuel at

least Bruce used it as past tense and not currently doing it laughing out loud how about that Dixie what about Portland the city of Portland yep number fourteen thirty complaints Portland did we see new audience Tracy is asking yet we did a Frank is here Frank welcome buddy what about Phoenix Arizona look and yeah number ten on the list Phoenix Arizona well done thirty-five complaints Phoenix dog problems for postal workers AJ Walsh st. Petersburg Florida is a guess and sorry it’s not on the list Tucson Arizona Britney Lockwood what about Tucson you already have Phoenix what about Tucson nope I haven’t got Tucson here Portland Maine no neither Portland Richmond no Raleigh no Charlotte North Carolina Mondale is looking at Charlotte darn good guess straight down but not a dot problem here Honolulu nope Nashville what about Nashville or as our hockey friends say Smashville neither neither neither not on the list Memphis Robert Brandt what about Memphis Tennessee no sir not on the Reno Nevada Britney Lockwood what a Reno nope not Reno either Gary Indiana no Sacramento cat Jim what about Sacramento California yes number 15 on the list 29 reports of dog problems in Sacramento we’re running out of spots I need one two three or five to go and just went back a little bit that double-check somebody yeah I’m still looking for five cooljazz Cincinnati Ohio is that on the list no I will start giving you hints shortly Tom Henry oops that tablet battery died when I was abraham less typos now on the PC not the booze just a sensitive touch screen and the stylus never seems to get the right light the right the right letter either hang in there buddy Peter heck I’m Atlanta we’ve done it Britney luck with Naples Florida not on the list Albuquerque New Mexico from Robert not on the list Robert Brandt Santa Fe New Mexico not on the list who jazz is it your final answer at the Manor laughing out loud Tom Henry Robert Brandt we keep our dogs in friendly shape here gregory power st. Louis yes number eight is st Louis well 37 38 complaints in st. Louis Jackson Mississippi Lawndale Williams on the list either st Louis Gregory power we’ve done st. Louis Tom Henry it doesn’t look like this is a big issue tri-cities not working Tom Henry cool jazz maybe in the 1862 run was near the PC good tom was wondering hey you know maybe Peter heck in my Jacksonville no cool jazz alive an outline okay I’m looking for city in Kentucky I’m looking for a city in in Minnesota I’m looking for a city in Missouri I’m looking for a city in California those are the ones I have left only four to go you got the rest of them well done you guys Roma’s near me to Robert Brandt saying I got rum near me Dallas Peter hekima we’ve done Dallas already came in fifth fifth biggest problem city the city in Kentucky is number seven Louisville there we go Louisville X it’s Louisville number seven on the list around 40 complaints I’m looking for a city in Minnesota looking for city in Missouri I’m looking for a city in California Minneapolis bingo Minneapolis number 11 on the list around 34 complaints in Minneapolis how many of those are in California weenies from baby a Bowling Green Kentucky sorry we already have Kentucky down Palmdale Oakland San Fran Malibu none of those are my California City I have one city in Missouri one city in California and you would think it’s a suburb of LA but it’s its own city connected to Los Angeles Chico California sorry Tom that’s not it either Santa Cruz that’s not it either and the Missouri people get this city confused with another state they think it’s in another state but it’s actually in Missouri Santa Cruz Newport Beach st. Louis not st. Louis we already have it Marysville Springfield Missouri watts not once no what’s the suburb of watts let’s see we’re still coming in here with guesses still coming in here where am I Joplin Pasadena Kansas City there it is gasps City Missouri 13th place 13th most was around 30 complaints a year one city last year it is cool jazz you got it Long Beach California 27 complaints these are the cities that have the biggest problems with dogs for postal workers Los Angeles number one Houston San Diego Chicago Dallas Denver Louisville st. Louis Cleveland Phoenix Minneapolis Philadelphia Kansas City Portland Sacramento Detroit Seattle Baltimore Indianapolis and Long Beach California those of the top 20 a complaints coming from postal workers for dogs delivering

the mail how about that okay now I got one here this this one I love this one I don’t know how you guys are gonna do on this one but I love this one I saw this like oh I’m gonna get them good I’m gonna get them good on this one I’ve got here about what is it one two three I got 19 19 countries I want to tell I want you to tell me the 19 countries in the world where the moat where you will pay the most the countries where you will pay the most for a McDonald’s meal a McDonald’s me like McDonald that’s a burger fries and a coke any combination you want tell me the most expensive McDonald meal countries on the planet and let’s see how you do with that alright let’s see where we go Reggie oh man how about trying MSC for a transatlantic cruising Brittany Lockwood hungry Robert Brandt the Vatican Reggie under man we could get all loyalty match perks Brittany Lockwood is starting this one off I’m gonna start with Brittany Lockwood’s first guest right here I’m gonna say it’s Germany for the most expensive meal at a McDonald’s will be in Germany I’m talking about US dollars converted where is it I’m looking for Germany on this list not on the list $9.94 american gets you this meal gets you into the top 19 most expensive meals but Germany isn’t in there Peter hekima Canada no Canada is not 994 American or more for a meal you can get a meal for less than that in Canada although in Canada you know we do pay Canadian but still convert it to US doesn’t make the top 20 gregory went with canada tiff is coming in with japan what about Japan Bruce does it make the top 19 on your list no Japan does not make it I’m surprised at that because in Japan things are expensive generally speaking but I guess in McDonald’s you can get a meal in a McDonald’s for under 994 American in Japan and that includes Tokyo Debbie that includes Tokyo alrighty Peter heck him up what about Russia in Russia Bruce will you pay price in the top 19 in the world nope not Russia will not pay in the top 19 either Robert Brandt Monaco Monaco number one I don’t know if there is even an McDonald’s in Monaco but if there is it’s not on this list not that expensive Britney Lockwood how about America I know you can buy a McDonald’s meal for less than 994 American in McDonald’s in many places so no it’s not the United States at Tollison Junior India what about a McDonald’s in India is that gonna be one of the most 20 most expensive or 19 most expensive places nope not India either I don’t know if they have McDonald’s in India because of the beef I don’t know it doesn’t matter it’s not on this list Tom Henry is real what about the country of Israel yep it is right up there it is the number but I got one two three four five numbers seven most expensive place to buy a McDonald’s meal in Israel 1189 is the starting price of a meal a combo meal in McDonald’s is in Israel that’s our first correct yes and Jordan had Russia Britney Lockwood is think in China what about China nope China’s not in the top 19 it’s cheap Paul will Gus United Kingdom the UK Bruce UK prices no doesn’t make the top 19 Robert Brent Belgium what about Belgium yes Belgium is 15th most expensive ten dollars 24 cents u.s. that’s another one gone cool jazz went with England UK no Amy what which eine no sorry Amy China is not in the top 19 D Walker Dixie what about Bali well that’s the city that community the area of Bali what country is Bali in and I’ll give you that guess a Brittany Lockwood Japan nope Peter hekima Israel we got it Tom Henry France what about France Bruce yes France is on the list 14th most expensive and dollars 24 cents just like Belgium Switzerland barb is wondering about Switzerland yeah it’s the fifth most expensive place to eat in the world for a for a McDonald’s meal Switzerland comes in to $13.50 yeah it’s not cheap in Switzerland it might be tax free over there it doesn’t mean it’s a cheap place to live how about that interesting Tracy Dunlop United Kingdom we’ve to try it already cooljazz Jamaica Jamaica Mon what about going to Jamaica for a meal No Jamaica being practically a third world country if they’ve got McDonald’s there they’re cheap because therefore the population so not Jamaica um Iceland Tom Henry what about Iceland that the land of Iceland

yes Iceland is the ninth most expensive place to order a McDonald’s meal 1102 American is the cost isn’t that interesting Iceland does ranked in the top 19th and Jordan is thinking about Singapore what about Singapore Bruce nope it does not rank in the top 19 most expensive places Tracy had China’s well and Jordan what about Qatar Qatar Qatar what about Qatar nope Qatar is not one of the most expensive places for a McDonald’s meal Debbie had China as well and Jordan United Arab Emirates there’s McDonald’s in UAE well guess what folks they have them there and they’re cheap there’s cheap food at the UAE McDonald’s is not expensive there Dee Walker Greece the country of Greece what about it having expensive meals nope not in Greece either Jim Thomas at China we’ve already done China um how barb is thinking Swiss Switzerland so it was it’s Switzerland a barb you’re correct we’ve already got it we’re going we’re moving on Britney Lockwood Britney Lockwood is thinking about Australia Australia Mon um not on the list I think we weren’t trying it Australia is not that expensive when it comes to McDonald’s at least at least which at least Australia is not in the top 19 most expensive places to buy a meal at a McDonald’s Debbie Manuel South Korea is that one of the countries you’re looking for nope not South Korea Sylvia the Bahamas NASA and those islands the Bahamas don’t not that expensive in the Bahamas either a Lawndale Williams South Africa the country of South Africa you got Cape Town Johannesburg yep Pretoria there must be McDonald’s there is it expensive it’s not no not on the top 19 most expensive either Traci don’t look Sweden what about Sweden um I’m looking here it is not in the top 19 most expensive either no it’s not Sweden so we had China a Robert Brent went with Hong Kong Hong Kong isn’t its own separate country it’s part of China now and so it doesn’t matter Gregory Power had the United Kingdom sorry no go Britney Lockwood Egypt Egypt and Middle East Bruce Egypt going to McDonald’s is that expensive in Cairo nope it’s not at that expensive amy is wondering about Brazil in South America the South American Bay is Brazil on the list it’s not on the list either not in Brazil Silvia Switzerland we’ve got it it was on the list Britney Lockwood France we had it it is expensive there a Debbie Manuel Jim what do you think TIF is going with Dubai that’s a city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates did not make the list Silvia Poland what what Poland Bruce does Poland have McDonald’s that are high priced no it does not have high priced McDonald’s Spain from Ann Jordan at Rania the Spain ranked in the top 19 it does not Brittany and an together and cat all had Spain almost all together at the same time Jim Thomas had Russia it’s not on the list Peter had France it’s on the list we got it Robert Brandt the Netherlands Robert Brandt what about the led the Netherlands Bruce it’s not on the list the Netherlands are not on the list Jim Thomas what what what what do you want Debbie what is it what do you want a Jim she’s looking for help the most expensive McDonald’s what countries Tom Henry and Arctica sorry I’m not going I want Paul Willis grease we tried it and let’s see Tom Henry and Arctica Peter hekima Argentina Argentina is Argentina on the list are gentie nah not on the list no Australian on the list UAE not Melissa Tom Henry where is that where is that missing T where is it Debbie Manuel Saudi Arabia what about Saudi Arabia nope not on the list Mexico Jim Thomas is wondering about Mexico no not Mexico either Brazil no UAE no New Zealand cooljazz what about new no not there either whe think they have big dongs in Iran Indonesia and Jordan is thinking about Indonesia and I’m looking Indonesia is not on the list for the most expensive McDonald’s meals in the world Gregory powerhead Spain as well no Peter hekima sitting in Dunkin Donuts having a coffee and the crowd is playing along now you’re talking Peter get these people to subscribe to the channel get them to subscribe we need the viewers Robert Luxembourg how about the Principality the little country of luxembourg in europe one have they got a McDonald’s and two are they on the list and the

answer is yes they are on the list Luxembourg ten dollars and ninety two cents for a McDonald’s meal in tax free Luxembourg well follow that up Robert Brandt right now with Lichtenstein here he is coming right in there with Lichtenstein and I’m looking for Lichtenstein you think that right off the get-go that would be true it’s not Stein is not on the list I don’t know if they have a McDonald’s Peter hekima what about Austria Austria that country of Austria is not on the list right next door to Switzerland they don’t have an expensive McDonald’s in Austria they must have a better price there may be better taxation I don’t understand it maybe business taxes are better off than in Switzerland because they might not have personal income taxes Switzerland but they may have business taxes with some I don’t know I’m just saying okay Brittany Lockwood Iraq what about Iraq Iraq not on the list Brittany Lockwood Columbia in South America how about Columbia is it on the list bris no it’s not ah Lawndale Williams the Bahamas we’ve tried it it isn’t there Tom Henry Denmark what about the country of Denmark yes Denmark $11 47 cents for a meal and a McDonald’s in Denmark is the eight most expensive place very good Peter hekima Finland what about Finland Bruce Finland is not on the list and it’s an expensive place I know but it not for McDonald’s Norway Peter hekima is guessing Norway number three most expensive country in the world for a McDonald’s meal is sophisticated g7 type country Norway $15.60 yiiikes go to McDonald’s for $15 or 60 cents yeah that’s expensive third highest in the world Norway the sophisticated country they’re up Robert Brandt Holland and that won’t work Robert Brandt Holland well that’s the Netherlands I believe the Dutch don’t trust the Dutch if you know anything about Wayne’s World you don’t you never trusted that not on the list Tom Henry New Zealand no New Zealand not on the list Russia for cooljazz we tried it to Australia Tom Ian we’ve tried in Iceland cooljazz we’ve done at Greenland doesn’t count Indonesia we’ve done it cool Jasper ooh what about Peru in South America not on the list and Jordan does make these surf kangaroo me Brittany Lockwood Singapore we’ve tried Singapore Amina Frank Norway we just had it and goal uh-oh is someone looking up Google and Goa cooljazz number one Angola nineteen dollars and seven cents for a burger meal at a McDonald’s in Angola welcome to Africa Brittany Lockwood Malaysia she’s guessing Asia Malaysia is not on the list not on the list Monaco Monaco from Nina Frank not on the list Bali is a city as an area tourist area and Jordan Noah Tom Henry and mcdonalds don’t serve kangaroo meat gregory power I’m hungry for McDonald’s laugh out loud Hungary Hungary is it on the list no it’s not Fiji or Fuji no Fiji or Fuji not on the list Honduras or Honduras not on the list not Honduras No Morocco I haven’t got Morocco I don’t think I’ve got Morocco let me triple check nope I know Morocco um South Korea no beliefs cooljazz what about Belize bellies no no Belize Taiwan Tom Henry Taiwan maybe nope North Korea no Nautilus Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria no Malaysia no Bolivia another guess of Bolivia no no Bolivia either high valent balances here high violence emergency and I need money hola from and Jordan Romania Silvia is wondering about Romania for an expensive meal at McDonald’s is Romanian less none on the list Falkland Islands no a Belgium we’ve got Belgium already we’ve done Belgium already we’ve tried Belgium already it is $10 24 cents we’ve done already Sweden we’ve done Argentine balances think what about my country Argentina is it is it anywhere on this list here not on the list no amendment olya what is that Singapore we’ve tried Chile Peter jicama what about the country of Chile in South America pers Chile not on the list Taiwan nonetheless Thailand Thailand Thailand no known for cheap food in Thailand not on the list no Kenya Lawndale wondering what Kenya nope nope not on the list no not in Kenya Somalia

cooljazz what about Somalia look in here it’s not on the list Nigeria Sylvia wondering what Nigeria is it on the list yes where Nigeria is on the list $10 for a meal u.s. at a McDonald’s in Nigeria it just made the list 17th most expensive well done for Nigeria well get well guest what have we got here Gibraltar no that’s part of the UK Brittany Lockwood Italy Italia no Italy is not on the list sorry Panama and the crowd goes going wild Peter I come I say you surrounded by folks who are guessing Panama they’re yelling at my type in Panama No Panama’s not on the list no keep guessing you guys Robert Brandt Croatia what about Croatia Croatia not on the list either Malta Brittany Lockwood the island country of Malta in the Mediterranean are they on the list they are on the list there’s a McDonald’s or two in Malta Tindall or seven cents us for a meal in Malta they’re on the list in 18th place how about that Tracy had Belgium we’ve done already and Jordan Peru we done a raid Silvia Swan Libya we’ve done have not done Libya but it’s not molest I’ve got to start giving you hints folks I’ve got to start giving you hints um okay you need one too sorry how many we need one two three four five six seven eight we need eight more guesses okay and of the eight let me tell you a story one two three four five of the eight are in Africa yeah five of the eight are in Africa gimme African countries folks Libya Costa Rica Lebanon have come in here neither of those are in there I need a European country for sure and I’m looking for I believe an Asian country to round it out I need a South American country as well to round it out okay let’s see what we’ve got here has to be places they have to import the beef to get the cost up is what someone st. Jim Thomas was thinking Aruba as a guest no and a Hard Rock Cafe in Malta as well how about that Jim Thomas Cameroon no Cameron Islands no Afghanistan no Kenya there’s a guess for Kenya not not working no Cameroon is a guess and it’s not on the list either keep the African countries coming Nigeria no can you know South Africa no Niger no Morocco Morocco I’m looking I don’t think so no Swaziland no Ethiopia is another guest I think we’ve had it already no Ethiopia come on you guys give me the African countries Brazil as a South American country not working on that one no Suriname is not it Equador not it ecuador not it dominican republic not it Colombia not it Sicily not in Ethiopia still not yet I’m looking for African countries a South American country in a European country uh Ghana is another guest no Botswana is another good these are great great guesses all wrong I love it um Ghana and Ghana is coming in and it’s no and no looking for African countries for the most expensive meals at McDonald’s where are we going from here Sudan is a guess from Sylvia Sudan look at is on the list it is the 12th most expensive place in the world for a McDonald’s meal in Sudan ten dollars twenty four cents I don’t know how Sudan doesn’t get that store that sort get mobbed all the time but yeah they’re alive they must have armed guards around that place Sudan Peter hekima Mali a guess of Mally mal I Mali does not make the cut no Congo the Congo yes the Democratic Republic of the Congo is on the list the sixth most expensive McDonald’s meal in the world $12 79 cents American in the Congo that’s another one gone ed Tolson is guessing or Argentina not on the list Suriname not on the list Chad Chad has McDonald’s I don’t know how many but for $18 American you are in the second most expensive mcdonald food restaurant for a meal on the planet $19 7 cents for Angola 18 bucks for Chad oh my goodness we got Chad Nigeria no New Guinea is a guess Papa New Guinea is correct $9.94

it’s the cheapest McDonald’s on this list but the 19th most expensive in the world Papa New Guinea Sierra Leone is another guess coming in now I’m still looking for one African to African countries Sierra Leone isn’t one of them Chad we’ve now just got each if we just got Senegal just came in Senegal we don’t need Srilanka no Tanzania no Chad Bangladesh Uganda Liberia Zambia bingo Zambia is 10 bucks 18th most expensive and here’s Madagascar not Madagascar Zimbabwe no Molly no Pakistan no Rwanda no Guiana no Libya no one more country Africa that I’m looking for I’m looking for a country in Europe you still haven’t given me the European country and I think we’ve got almost everyone except for the South American country there’s a South American country I haven’t got I have so far got Angola number one Chad number two norway number three switzerland number five dammit there’s a Democratic Republic of the Congo Israel Denmark Iceland Luxembourg Sudan France Belgium Malta Nigeria Zambia and Papua New Guinea I need three more and the guesses are flying in here Pakistan Rwanda Guiana Libya no no no no seashells no Turkey no Belgium no Canada laugh out loud no I need a country in South America I need a country in Africa I need a country in Europe and we got this thing done um oh my goodness gracious uh what else can I say I’m gonna I’m gonna give you a big hint here the African country I’m looking for I believe is an island but it’s right next to Africa and I’m gonna call it Africa it might be in Oceania country but I’m gonna suggest this country is associated more with Africa than anything else but it is an island I’ll give you that hint right now Uruguay no Chile no Paraguay no Kiev no Peru no looking for a South American country I will give you a hint soon if I have to but the guesses keep coming Senegal Paraguay no no I bet they have armored freezer transport in some of these countries you got to think you gotta think I don’t know how they can sell a meal for ten bucks though if they’ve got armor protecting it i they make any money I have no idea meet the the European country is an island it’s on an island I’ll give you a hint there the the South American countries on the continent and it’s heavily populated with millions of people cooljazz cape verde no I’m looking for a European country that’s an island I’m looking for an African country which is actually an island just off the African coast in the south what is it starts with the letter M the letter M uh Peter hekima Sicily no Guiana no Crete no Brazil no the the South American country I’m thinking about is not Argentina about a lot of people have moved away from this country and I’m moving to other countries in South America to try and make it economically make it Madagascar just came in we’ve had that one before there’s another country with the letter M I’m looking for it’s an I believe it’s an island just off the coast of Africa what is it Marie more atius no Malta no I hope I’m right on this it might be part of Africa after all I don’t know um alright Meridiist no Venezuela Valon Martinez you got it Venezuela has McDonald’s can you believe it Venezuela it’s $14.60 American or I don’t know six billion bovi ours I don’t know how many billions of Bobi ours you need to eat a meal at McDonald’s in Venezuela $14.60 I don’t know if the Venezuelan McDonald’s can keep supplies in stock I don’t know how they get them there I don’t know where they get them from there’s food shortages in Venezuela but they say oh my gosh I’ve been disaster freaking Oh Madagascar no Malawi no I’m looking for a country in in Europe that’s an island it’s not Iceland it’s not the United Kingdom there’s another country on an isle in the UK uh any anyone anyone they’re famous for potatoes I Mandira know this country ends in qu e starts with an M ends in qu e what

country am I talking about no Sam B Karen is cool jazz got Mozambique now Mozambique is $10 92 cents for a McDonald’s meal is Mozambique an island or is it on the continent of Africa Oh tell me anybody know Brittany Lockwood Ireland Paul Willis Ireland Kat Rose Ireland yes its Ireland Ireland is ten bucks for a meal on the in the country of Ireland it took a long time to get good old Ireland to come in we’re done we’re done we’ve got the list one last time let me tell you the prices of McDonald’s meals I got a couple more kisses for you guys yet this one is starting off with Angola at $19 the seven cents Chad 18 bucks Norway $15 a 60 cents why is Norway $15 to 60 cents probably because of the taxation and if you go to McDonald’s and buy a meal in Norway you’re helping Norway fund national health care for everybody University for everybody top-notch infrastructure for everybody six weeks paid government vacation everybody mandated including McDonald’s workers you’d probably have I care dental care Hearing Care all included free of charge you’re talking about a country that has high taxation but everybody gets covered across the board for everything that Americans have to pay dearly for Canadian we can ainsworth pay for some of this dearly isn’t that something 15 60 would you pay that much for a McDonald’s meal and yet get four that you would get for yourself or your children everyone you know you would get free health care national no deductions no pre-existing conditions you would get a pension that would pay you to live on you would get six weeks holiday mandated by our employer every year you would get free University secondary education everybody would you pay that to get this that’s my question for you guys okay the next one is Venezuela 1460 Switzerland 1350 demand Democratic Republic of the congos 1279 for a McDonald’s meal Israel 1189 Denmark 1147 Iceland 1102 was on beat 1090 to love Luxembourg 1092 Sudan 1024 France 1024 Belgium 1024 Malta 1007 Ireland 10 bucks Nigeria 10 bucks Sambia 10 bucks Papa New Guinea 994 Wow how about that for costs of a McDonald’s meal Valens I think most of the ingredients and the fries are made in the country due to the dollar going up every day Brittany Lockwood Mozambique is on the African continent thank you I was right calling in an African country cooljazz it is an island connected by a bridge to the mainland kat rose no I won’t pay it Traci Dunlop maybe if the USA was 20 bucks at McDonald’s meal there wouldn’t be so with me so many of us enter a biscuit short how about that there might not be so many hungry people in the USA Robert Brandt must be tourists spying to make these Tracy Dunlap laughing out loud mg toe I’ve been to Norway I don’t care for Norway Robert Brandt at Tracy Dunlap after the cruise I’m a few biscuits over because the biscuits on the Viking River cruise are awful tasty they’re pretty damn good oh yeah all right I got two more quizzes for you guys and I got a good one here I got one here right now it’s for my friends in California but you can ice out there in the world I want you to take your best shot at this quiz this is a trick question quiz well it kind of isn’t but here we go I’m kind of curious here we go are you ready for this one guys I’ve been waiting to give you this one tell me the names of all the high schools in Bakersfield what are the names of all the high schools in Bakersfield California good luck with that one you guys I’ve been waiting to spring this on you guys ah cooljazz Bakersfield high that’s one yes sir you got one correct I’m giving you that one that is true but there are more a bunch more the high schools in Bakersfield does anybody know any of the high school names in Bakersfield I waiting here I’m watching Tracy Dunlop she’s saying Riverside High in Bakersfield no there isn’t a Riverside hi uh how about Bakersfield at Dulles and we got at Brittany Bakersfield these Dixie’s going what what do I do how am I supposed to know that high schools in Bakersfield you’re supposed to know Bakersfield it’s a popular answer around here and Jordan vertically is there a Berkeley High School in Bakersfield no there isn’t Robert Brandt the Vatican High School in Vegas no Bakersfield high you got it cool jazz we already have that Riverdale a Britney is wondering about Riverdale no no Riverdale let’s see Tom Henry no idea well just give me popular high school dance and think about this and I’ll give you guys a big hint think directions think for directions and give me the names of the high schools in Bakersfield for

directions here we go how do you know if you did not go to school and Bakersfield barber saying this is not fair this Bruce what are you doing to me Debbie Manuel Bakersfield junior high well done Debbie that was the first one on the list desert sands hi there’s a good guest desert sands hi no no desert sands I laughed out loud takes these laughing loving this Jim Thomas Wow in that fire that’s right raging the North Dade we had a fire tornado that clocked 143 miles an hour winds 2700 degrees temperature that’s crazy over there how about Death Valley hi Tom Henry Death Valley High no no can do Kern hi Katie RN hi we’ll just public earn I don’t know give me popular high school names podunk Oh Nong Khai no McDonald’s high school no the Costco high school no Cristo Rey high school Brittany Lockwood what about South High School yes there’s a South High School in Bakersfield Robert bread North High School yes there’s a North High School in Bakersfield give me directions garden spot hi my high school Pacific Coast High Barbara is wondering what Pacific Coast it’s not on the coast so there’s no Pacific goes north hi we have it south Bakersfield high we have it why are they doing Bakersfield high schools Sylvia she’s going crazy East High School there’s an East High School in Bakersfield Debbie Manuel Westville University Britney Lockwood south Bakersfield West high from Dixie Dixie you’re getting into it now you’re getting into it there is a last high school Dixie you got a correct answer well done cool jazz East Bakersfield hi Gregory power East Bakersfield I’m Robert red is Bakersfield Sylvia southeast high school mg tow car thief hi yeah there’s good old car thief I never forget it I remember the reunion everybody showed up with fancy cars I loved it this is not fair I don’t even know the name of the ones over there Ellen’s going laughing out loud cool jazz Kern Valley High North East High School Valley High Valley High is there a Valley High in in Baker’s no there’s no Valley High North High compass like what what a compass I something Jefferson that’s a good guess Thomas Jefferson Stockdale High School that’s a good guess do I leave the biggest myth I don’t even know the answer Jim Jim come on you live there I’ve talked to me about any of the high schools come on man debbie is going Lucas Randy Lucas high school how about that 100 like a cool fog high tu le fog oh my god Brad we are Beverly Hills High School attire that Cheryl an emo George Washington I how about that one no they doesn’t have a single school name that for president how unpatriotic is that unbelievable Catholic High Brittany’s think and Sylvia we have directional eye schools and Greensboro to Robert Frane too far from LA Tracy Dunlap orange high how about orange high is there an orange high school no I’m a frequent visitor or the biggest feel I’ll risk I’ll reduce myself Dixie you have too much fun with us I love it Cheryl Nemo central what about Central High is there a central you know it’s right in the middle right you got the north south east or no no central frontier is there a frontier high yes there’s a frontier high school yes Gold Rush High School what a gold rush no Gold Rush sorry Central High Norris ain’t give me your money hi what Hill High School in Bakersfield you guys are knocking off Bakersfield Robert Brandt orange we agreed to call that color polish turn there’s no polish turn high school sorry Britney Liberty what about a Liberty High School there is a Liberty High School yes cool jazz Independence High indepent yes there’s an Independence High School and lock in Bakersfield I think people on Google we’ve got Bakersfield East Foothill frontier independence Liberty North South and West High Schools Mira Monte high is another guest yes that is correct I think we’re getting Googlers here a grand theft high school Sylvia loves that one Ronald Reagan high school no Ronald Reagan high that I could see here Jim Thomas I know there was an elementary school named after the gal that died in the Space Shuttle but I don’t think they named that one for her for high school they probably didn’t I don’t have anything here cool jazz Ridge View High yes there’s a ridge of you high school jazz got a couple to go if you folks are googling it there’s a couple to go I used to stay in Bakersfield that cool jazz says oh my god I only have one two three only a four left I can’t believe how many high schools there are but there are 300 plus thousand people there it makes it I’m Debbie Manuel enterprise hi no enterprise no a Highland Brittany

Lockwood Highland yes there’s a Highland High School there certainly is we’re down to three to go I think now and we’re done this one you lived in Bakersfield Sylvia oh my goodness Robert grant get high school again high high school I would get high high school they were all called that worth it oh my goodness three to go we’ve got Centennial High School we don’t have Jefferson High by the way some what guns continuation I think I know there’s Stockdale and there is Golden Valley those are your high schools in Bakersfield here they are Bakersfield high Centennial High East High foothills high frontier high Golden Valley High I filled high Independence High Liberty High School mirror Monta North High School Ridge View South stockdale and West those are yours rich your your Bakersfield high school’s for you guys today how about that oh my goodness all right I got a couple more for you today is trivia day I’m gonna get you guys good I want you to tell me the top 25 economically most powerful cities in the world Debbie Manuel I’m waiting for your guests right now Debbie there’s one for you I’m it’s on a platter Debbie give me the city you know you know it I know you know it give it to me the one of the top 25 economically powerful cities in the world Debbie Manuel I’m calling you out right now give me the name of that city Gregory I’m not taking your answer Debbie where is it I want it Debbie give it to me dead Britney I’m not taking your answer I want it Debbie where is it give it to me I’m not and I’m not taking it Brant Robert I’m not taking it ah Debbie man you all said Tokyo she’s first all right Debbie way to go Tokyo Debbie number one city in the world 1.5 trillion dollars everyone else got it wrong but Debbie got it right well done Debbie let’s continue with all the other cities I just lost 20 subscribers they just unsubscribe for me right there they’re so mad at me for not saying Tokyo ah barb had New York Bar you were correct it’s the number two most powerful city in the world economically 1.2 trillion dollars of economic activity in new in New York City at a minimum Debbie manuals such random questions 11th ed Tollison New York Britney had a wrong answer a Robert Brandt had New York at Tom Henry and I thought the town was just a little place on the desert Bakersfield I thought just like a nothing it’s one of the most populous cities in California is like a top 20 in the California ed Tolleson is wrong Robert was wrong mg tono Buck Owens hi no Buck Owens hi sir no Dixie lusts angley’s yes Los Angeles number three city in the world 786 billion of economic activity Silvia had the question wrong Debbie got it right she got Tokyo she was the only one to get it right Britney Lockwood New Orleans no New Orleans list I bet you about a hundred years ago New Orleans would have been one of the most powerful cities economically on the planet but not now Tracy Dunlop Riyadh so Saudi Arabia Riyadh not on the list I’m looking for the top 25 and then I’ve got a bunch of American cities scattered behind that but no Riyadh is not on this top 25 Robert Brandt Hong Kong Hong Kong is let me look here yep number 19 in the world 350 billion dollars of activity there Hong Kong is on the list britney Lockwood Vatican sorry that Dixie Seattle what about Seattle in the United States Bruce Seattle is number 41 in the world they’re not in the top 25 but they’re 41 in the world 231 billion in economic activity growing all the time yes Valon Martinez South Paulo Brazil Bruce Sal Paulo Brazil number 11 in the world 473 billion in very powerful economic City Robert Brandt is thinking about Beijing in China number 13 in the world 427 billion dollars of activity and climbing rapidly I might add cooljazz this must be the anniversary tribute Oh Cheryl Nemo London the United Kingdom London number five city on the planet 731 billion dollars and growing not growing with brexit I don’t know it’s up there number five Tracy Dunlop is guessing the city of Dubai the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates does not show in the top 25 at this point in time give it a few more years though because Dubai is growing dramatically um Debbie Manuel San Francisco the city of San Francisco is not at the top 25 it’s a number 27 306 billion dollars just out of the top

25 but growing Oscar Martinez Compton California there’s activity there buddy you have no idea about the activity it may not all be above the table but there’s activity going on a company sorry if I were only cash-only activity maybe Compton would rank higher but I’m sorry I don’t want to pick on my good friends in Compton I don’t know if I have friends at Compline do I have any friends in comput I might not anymore but I hope I do but they didn’t make the topless sorry Robert Brandt Shanghai in China Shanghai number 10 city in the world five hundred sixteen billion a m– activity there Lawndale had London as well Tom Henry at Dubai Pete in Ohio had London as well Tom Henry won Hong Kong Robert Brandt is honoring the steamer with the Vatican and I’m sure Vatican’s got billions but they’re not in the list here Cheryl Nemo New York is already on the list Britney Lockwood Chicago was number eight in the world five hundred twenty four billion dollars half a trillion in economic activity Chicago is a big deal I have friends in Chicago I love Chicago Tracy don’t lock London very good mg toe what about Tel Aviv Bruce Tel Aviv in Israel does not ranked in the top 25 sorry uh Sylvia’s laughing out loud Tom Henry fix fix fix okay and Jordan crest in British Columbia and it just out of the just out of the top thousand just ooh so close just a mg told Bern Switzerland the capital of Switzerland nope not on the list a cheryl nemo washington DC the swamp what about the swamp is it in there yeah number 14 in the world 415 billion of economic activity in the swamp and a whole bunch of you know what’s going on over there all kinds of fun stuff Tracy Dunlop New York City we have a Dixie Mercer Mercer no um Tracy Dunlop Toronto Ontario Canada what about Toronto Ontario in Canada does it make the list at all it does not make the top 25 I don’t know where it ranks Brittany Lockwood Miami Miami beautiful city um number 39 in the world two hundred forty six billion dollars not a top 25 but number 39 in the world my a me mg toque Bakersfield there’s all kind of stuff going on Bakersfield that you have no idea at the high schools you should see the high schools at Bakersfield tons but no not sadly not in the US Gregg ranking at all Silvius want Saudi Arabia that’s a country we’ve all tried riad it didn’t play Robert Brandt la we got a pretty lock with Los Angeles we got it nina frank frankfurt germany frankfurt germany is a western as a financial center is it in the top 25 frankfurt germany I’m looking I’m looking I’m looking excuse me I don’t have it separately listed but I’m going to give you that one because there is a city a region of Germany called the Ruhr Valley the Ruhr Valley I believe it encompasses Frankfurt it encompasses Stuttgart Dortmund and other cities Cologne 465 billion dollars and I’m lumping them all together and that’s Frankfurt and I’m gonna go with that Brittany Lockwood Las Vegas Nevada with all the gambling all that business that expansion of that city does it ranked in the top 50 at least no it does not ranked yet in the US as a top 50 city but it’s coming top 50 in the world I should say not yet Las Vegas valid Martinez Buenos Aires probably the only one thinking about it what about my town what about my country Buenos Aires yes sir number 20 on the list 348 billion dollars of activity in Buenos Aires one of the most powerful cities financially in the world where you live sir your country yes Sheryl Nemo Chicago we got it already we’ve done Chicago and was number eight Robert Brandt Milan Italy financial center of Italy does it ranked in the top 25 no Milan Italy does not count and does not make the list Houston Texas Brittany Lockwood Houston Texas how does it rank number 16 in the world 399 billion dollars Houston matters big time more than you know yes cooljazz is this the end verse attributed a it’s just a just show Robert Brandt Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia not on the list sorry to say but it is a powerful city Debbie Manuel Seattle we’ve done it Houston we’ve done it oMG tow do bi we tried it Shanghai Tom we tried it Cayman Islands though banking center yes for a protectorate in the UK yes but economic activity not really it’s it’s a it’s a center for for funds there but not economic activity I’m not sure how they rank all this but I think with factories and with businesses and insurance and banking and everything all

transportation all collided together caimans doesn’t rank in this chart in that way Brittany Lockwood Shanghai we’ve tried it Lawndale Williams Paris France yes sir Paris France number six in the world 669 billion dollars of activity Paris is a powerful economic city in the world absolutely kind of a beautiful place to visit you know mg total a vanilla Brittany Lockwood Hongkong we’ve done Hong Kong I believe yes number 19 it was Robert Brandt Zurich did not rake they don’t rate Zurich did not rank in this thing Bellevue Washington sort of a suburb of Seattle ish and so it was included in the Seattle numbers Jim Thomas damn I still have listening to high school names refresh your computer Robert Brent Geneva no didn’t make it either Brittany Lockwood Atlanta Georgia what about Atlanta 34th in the world 269 billion in activity number 34 in the world Bern Switzerland did not make it Britney pretty luck with Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love 22nd in the world 324 billion very powerful city financially Tom Henry Sydney Australia Bruce what about Sydney Australia does it rank up there no it does not it does not ranked in the top 25 Debbie Manuel refresh trim refresh mg toe Brussels in in Europe thus Brussels count Bruce as one of the strongest cities financially in the world no it does not ranked steamy bean on the train in Ottawa fantastic steamer welcome buddy Tom Henry Amsterdam is his guests I’m Henry Amsterdam it is number 23 in the world 322 billion dollars of activity that’s why there are so many flights in and out of Amsterdam and rail connections absolute Cheryl Nemo was kissing Miami we already did Miami steamy bean Bruce a la frozen I’m not frozen I don’t think so I think I’m live I’m well it’s your connection my friend it’s not me keep trying um and Jordan hey at the steamy bean looking forward to your new videos on Facebook Robert Brandt Mexico City Robert Brandt is wondering about Mexico City 15 power ‘fl city in the world economically 411 billion dollars of activity there Jim Thomas Sacramento no Johannesburg in South Africa does Johannesburg ranked as a top 25 City it does not ranked in the top 25 no San Francisco Tom Jim Thomas we’ve already done san francisco it was number 27 just out of the top 25 steam Fenian did not do any in Toronto Robert Brent Moscow in Russia Moscow number 9 city in the world five hundred twenty billion dollars powerful economic town Sydney did not make it Munich a Robert Brandt Munich did not make it Dee Walker Dixie Barcelona Barcelona in Spain is it in the list it is not on the list powerful place though Britney had Paris at Tolson Atlanta we’ve done it Anchorage nope Britney Lockwood Fairbanks no Tom Henry at balance no I am with you my fabric 29th the 20 crews will start from Buenos Aires which Holiday Inn would you suggest or non none at all someplace else Brittany Lockwood Orlando in Florida no Orlando is not in the in the list and not in the top 50 in the world Tom Jim Thomas Jim Thomas is guessing Geneva Switzerland no not in there Tracy don’t gotta go have a great day tomorrow Bruce celebrate one year anniversary at Costco Paul Wilson Shreveport Louisiana no can do sir Sylvia Charlotte no can do Robert Brandt Robert Brandt is guessing Robert Brent Philadelphia ranks and call a limp or doesn’t isn’t that something isn’t that some Tom Henry get me some of those diamonds from Amsterdam maybe Robert can help and Jordan see you Tracy don’t have a awesome weekend Britney Lockwood st. Louis no Tommy Henry bye Tracy was Britney lock with Cairo in Egypt the sky roll ranked as a top notch top 25 city for economics no it does not Abu Dhabi does not rank either I’m gonna have to give you hints I need cities in the Orient I need another city in Texas I need four cities in the Orient I need a city in Texas I need a city in Northeast United States I need a city in China and I need three more American cities after that the Southwest the Midwest and the deep south west I’ve got Clues all over for you guys Dallas Amy is wondering about Dallas number 17 in the world 368 billion dollars Dallas Fort Worth very powerful Robert Brandt I think they mainly cut diamonds in Amsterdam Robert Brent Bangkok is Bangkok on the list for powerful city in the world does not show in this list at all Boston Brittany Lockwood yes Boston is number

24 320 million dollars very powerful town cooljazz Dallas we have it bar of Dallas we have it at Dolson I don’t know what that city is uh Sylvia Swann San Antonio Texas no Boston we have and eldfell El Paso we don’t have that one it doesn’t doesn’t work Britany Albuquerque no Tom Henry don’t say that word don’t don’t say that word Robert Austin no Singapore we’ve looked for Singapore double triple checking here is number 21 Singapore is a 21st most powerful city in the world economically speaking three out of twenty seven billion dollars thank you to saw no Senate zone you know Taipei Taiwan Taipei in Taiwan I don’t show it in the top 25 I’m shocked at that Denver Denver does not show as a u.s. top is a world top 50 no I still however need more I need a country in a I say the city in Asia I need a another city in Asia the two cities that I’m looking for actually three cities in Asia are in some of the most populated countries in the world one is China one is Japan and the other one I can’t give you because it’ll give it away let’s take a look here taipei denver Seoul Thank You Seoul South Korea is the one who’s gonna give it away fourth most powerful economic city on the on the planet 773 billion dollars kind of equal to London England and equal to schloss Angeles that’s how powerful Seoul South Korea is economically very powerful Manila know Osaka is another guest know another city in Japan not Osaka give me another city in Japan not Tokyo Tokyo was number one and Debbie had that all to herself I need another city in Japan that will make it now I’m looking for beyond these cities American cities I’m looking for a city in the southwest another in the deep south west and I’m looking for an American city in the Midwest those are the most powerful cities in the world and we’ve got sapporo coming in not sapporo starts in the letter and letter n out of japan ends in why a see if that helps anybody I need another oh sorry someone did guess a sucka I’m giving you that Thank You Robert Brandt six hundred fifty four billion if I missed it early I apologize but it is number seven in the world Osaka but there’s a city in Japan and starts a letter n it’s not Nagasaki it ends in a why a it starts with an end but it’s not Nagasaki it is the 18th most powerful city in the world financially powerful city Phoenix Thank You Silvia Phoenix Arizona is 48th most powerful in the world 194 billion dollars I’m looking for a city on the coast in California the deep south end of California on the coast I’m looking for a city in the Midwest with a large Airport and here it is Minneapolis just came in thank you beat in Ohio Thank You Pete a hundred ninety two billion dollars from Minneapolis Nagoya Robert Brandt you’ve got it Nagoya Japan 18th most powerful city in the world three hundred sixty seven billion dollars I think we have one city left Robert just nailed it San Diego California fiftieth most powerful economic city in the planet 188 billion that did this list except for once city in China which you guys won’t get because we don’t ever hear about it it’s called James u GA n gu a n gz h oh you young Jew in China ran or twenty billion dollars 25th most powerful city economically speaking and climbing rapidly I would say in a few years it’ll be a top ten city that’s how big this place is becoming unbelievable here are the cities the top economic cities in the world Tokyo Thank You Debbie Manuel New York City Los Angeles Seoul London Paris Osaka Chicago Moscow Shanghai Sao Paulo the Ruhr Valley of Germany that would include Frankfurt and Cologne and others essence Beijing Washington Mexico City Houston Dallas Nagoya Hong Kong when Aceros when was Aires Singapore Philadelphia Amsterdam Boston and James you after the top 25 San Francisco came 27th Atlanta 34th Miami 39th Seattle 41st Phoenix 48 Miami 49th and San Diego 50th most powerful economic city on the planet one to go one nigga oh baby here we go and then I get a day off here we go I was up early this morning working on these you guys tell me this one this is my little Hollywood one for today I love

this quiz I think it’s pretty cool I want you to tell me the top box office stars the box office draws by year you don’t have to tell me the year just give me names the top box office stars in hot from Hollywood from 1932 until 2013 only up until 5 years ago the last 5 years I don’t want to know go from starting in 32 all the way up to 90 a 2013 tell me the biggest box office movie stars and I’ll tell you how many they got right some of these stars were stars for multiple years in a row others were number one for a while then they dropped out then they became number one again I will tell you how you do on this quiz tell me the big Hollywood stars and see what we have here Cary Grant Bart you know what I can’t believe it but Cary Grant was never a number one Hollywood box-office star according to this survey never was Cary Grant number one I had to think he was a top five for years but not number one Dee Walker I’m Hanks Dee Walker I’m gonna give you this one I know who you’re talking about you’re talking about who’s Sheryl nema was talking about Tom Hanks you’re talking about Tom Hanks we all off Tom Hanks who doesn’t love Tom Hanks we love Tom Hanks Tom Hanks was the number one Hollywood star from 1994 to 1996 then he was the number one star in 1998 then he was the number one star in 2002 Tom Hanks was also number one movie star in 2004 I mean we just love Tom Hanks we just do not always but we’d love to uh thanks a lot how about that Robert Brandt was thinking bogie Bogart uh you know I I agree I think Humphrey Bogart was a number one guy a number two guy something like that but in this survey he doesn’t show either and I think that’s just darn wrong but what crazy cool jazz Tom Cruise he that’s another guy we like what do you love Tom Cruise Tom Cruise was the number one Hollywood actor in 1986 1988 he was number one again 1992 is number one again 2000 and 2001 for two years in a row he was number one again uh 2005 number one again I mean Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks somewhat the name Tom we love those times yeah number one for one quite some time Bruce Willis Debbie Manuel is thinking about Bruce Willis those diehard movies Bruce Willis was never ranked a number one guy for an entire year just didn’t happen for him must have been Tom Hanks or Hertz Tom Cruise Debbie Manuel Clint Eastwood yeah Clint Eastwood we liked Clint Eastwood – Clint Eastwood was the number one actor first 1972 and 1973 then he was the number one act for 1983 in 1984 Clint Eastwood was also done one actor in 1993 uh nine years after dropping out he became number one again Clint Eastwood we loved Clint Eastwood Robert Brent Burt Reynolds yeah Burt Reynolds you betcha Burt Reynolds was the number one box office star for five years in a row 78 79 80 81 and 82 it was all Burt Reynolds all that time you betcha we love Burt Reynolds Meryl Streep Cheryl Nemo what about Meryl Streep this she was she ever a number one actress that dominated Hollywood for an entire year no never did dominate number one obviously a top five or a top ten for a decade or two easily but not number one all of our self at Tollison Charlie Chaplin Troy Chaplin was a number one movie star however this cruel ooh this quiz starts in 32 and Charlie Chaplin was number one in the teens and the 20s but by the time 1932 rolled around the talkies were going and Charlie Chaplin was not a number one Walt Disney no Walt Disney’s not an actor Walt Disney is the studio and we can’t accept that John Travolta Sylvia is looking at John Travolta you know John Travolta in in in the 70s when Saturday Night Live or cyanide fever came out you would have thought John Travolta was the guy but never did dominate the number one ranking never did ah let’s see here Humphrey Bogart again didn’t do it Arnold Schwarzenegger Robert Brandt had Arnold Schwarzenegger one time once Arnold Schwarzenegger ruled the roost in Hollywood 1990 he probably came up with the with the Back to the Future not that future but the the what’s the name of the room Arnold Schwarzenegger movie that you know what – cyborg I’ll be back you know that movie what was that movie called I’ll be back Rosaura Slager

Jennifer’s not paying attention me I’m all by myself uh Arnold Schwarzenegger also did those other movies you know factory Terminator and then he did this other back-to-back action movies for one year thanks Jen Jen’s here she’s alive not by much though let me tell you that right now all right Cary Grant no a Leonardo DiCaprio that you think Leonardo would have been number one he was not a number one guy unbelievable Dee Walker John Wayne yeah we love John Wayne who he loves John Wayne 1950 and 51 John Wayne was number one 1954 John Wayne was number one and in 1971 John Wayne was number one I believe he died the next year but he was number one several times in a row Dee Walker thanks typo Liz Taylor is Elizabeth Taylor from desert from Dixie Elizabeth Taylor was number one one time Elizabeth Taylor was the number one actress in 1961 she was number one in the hollywood the number one box office draw Liz Taylor Denzel Washington Barbra sand Dan’s L 2012 Dan’s L was number one one year you betcha way to go dad’s out Jimmy Stewart Deb Emmanuel James Stewart yes James Stewart in 1955 was the number one actor in the world one time James Stewart ruled the roost let’s see here Warren Beatty from Sylvia know Warren Beatty Denver did run number one on box-office it Dolson Eddie Murphy yeah Eddie Murphy ran the roost for a year 1987 had to be Beverly Hills Cop Eddie Murphy was number one Jim Carrey Britney Lockwood is thinking about Jim Carrey yeah Jim Carrey was number one in 2003 Jim Carrey ran at one time 2003 Cary Grant no Mel Gibson never did and Amy Brad Pitt yeah Brad Pitt 2011 one time Brad Pitt ran it and had Meryl Streep as well no go Tommy Lee Jones no Amy Angelina Jolie nope Tom Henry Henry Thomas anyone know about that movie he was in Robert Brandt Robert De Niro never was number one box office he was a top five but never a number one Debbie Reynolds Sylvia Swan is wondering about Debbie Reynolds uh Debbie Reynolds never ran number one she did not have the number one spot The Wonderful Life actor James Stewart Mickey Mouse sorry no Al Pacino no Sally Fields no good guesses Jim Parsons no Johnny Depp yeah Robert Brandt you got a Johnny Depp was number one in 2010 a Johnny Depp was number one in 2006-2007 Johnny Depp was number one for three odd years there Sylvia Swan Jimmy Stewart we have him a Morgan Freeman Robert Brandt one day my firm a freegan no Shirley Temple yes mg toe Shirley Temple was 1935 1936 1937 1938 yeah Shirley Temple was four solid years Shirley Temple ruled the roost Judy Garland mg toe is wondering about Beauty Darland nope Judy Garland never number one Dustin Hoffman Robert Brandt wondering what Dustin Hoffman Tootsie and other roles the Graduate nope Dustin Hoffman was never the number one by himself actor Carole Lombard no not not also dick see Jack Nicholson yes Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson ruled the roost in 1989 one time Jack the truth you can’t handle the truth that’s right Jack Nicholson cool jazz thanks Sylvia couldn’t think of that last name and Jordan Bruce farmer Trotter with Bruce number one Hollywood not necessary Robert bred Anthony Hopkins no I don’t think so I’m just triple checking it I don’t think so I don’t think so no Anthony Hopkins never ruled the roost there Dixie Morgan Freeman no cooljazz Terminator thank you mg toe han solo Dixie while who Flay han Solo Dixie Walker Bruce Willis no broad friend Harrison Ford has to be on the list Harrison Ford asked me on the list Harrison Ford 1997 one time air Ford once and only once was the number one actor in the world can you believe that uh yeah Debbie Manuel Sylvester still on yeah Sylvester Stallone 1977 1985 Sylvester Sylvester had a twice Carol Burnett no that’s a television actress Don Knotts TV actor Britney Lockwood Kate Winslet

no a Robert Brent Richard Burton no good guess though Sylvie Swan Julia Roberts what about Julia Roberts yes 1999 she was number one box office Julia Roberts ah let’s see who’s next Brittany Lockwood drew Carey no Liz Taylor we did did we say Tom Cruise we did Sissy Spacek no Joan Collins no Paul Newman yeah Paul Newman dominated Hollywood in 1969 and 1970 all Newman had two years and then he made Newman’s Own salad dressing and other items Clint Eastwood we’ve done Meryl Meryl Monroe no I didn’t do it Philly’s own Will Smith Will Smith no a 2008 ruled once Will Smith yes sir ah let’s see is this Alfred Woodward I don’t know who that is Debbie Manuel Natalie Wood don’t Natalie Wood did not James Dean no Pacino Al Pacino no Audrey Hepburn no Audrey Hepburn does not show as a number one actress even in the 40s Brad Pitt we have Meryl Streep no coming to America Freddie that probably did it Robert Downey jr. not number one Marilyn Monroe not number one Julie Andrews yes Julie Andrews two years in a row Julie Andrews was number one in 66 67 Julie Andrews was 66 67 in the lovely lovely no sorry Tom Robbins no Glen Ford Glen Ford number one in 1958 one year very well done Rock Hudson yes Rock Hudson 1957 1959 Rock Hudson Henry Fonda what about Henry Fonda was Henry Fonda ever a number one actor Henry Fonda is not on the list for number one no Will Smith we have Julia Roberts we have Chevy Chase no can do Peter Lorre no Edward Norton no Judy Enders we got Gordy goldie hawn no Burt Reynolds we’ve done it Denzel Washington we done a Robert DeNiro no Mel Gibson no Dan Aykroyd no sir Patrick Stewart no I could say Fox no Tom Hanks we did Charlton Charles Charlton Heston Carlton Heston was he a number one actor or one year or so no Charleston trunk no justice did not Michael Douglas no Sir Michael Caine no Henry Thomas ax was a little boy and et Andrew Thomas was not Kurt Russell no Dean Martin yes Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis they ruled one year numb 1952 the number one box office sensation they dominated Hollywood for about five years and one year they were number one Paul Willis Robert Redford that guy with the hair yeah Robert Redford number one 74 75 and 76 the sting yes and other movies Jason Statham no Alfred Enuma no Marlon Brando no Marlon Brando did not lead Hollywood all by himself any one time Burt Reynolds we have a Daniel day-lewis numbered top notch actor but not number one in Hollywood by himself Chuck Norris no Doris Day yes Doris Day and Rock Hudson ruled the roost she was number in 1960 she was then in 62 63 and 64 she and Rock Hudson ran Hollywood for quite some time Halle Berry no Doris Day yes Kirk Douglas Kirk Douglas no John Travolta no Gregory Peck great actor but not number one Frank Sinatra no Martin Sheen no Jodie Foster no Bing Crosby yes Bing Crosby you number one in Hollywood 1944 1945 1946 1947 in 1948 Bing Crosby ruled Hollywood for six solid years or five solid ears quite well Barbara Streisand very good guess but did not rule Hollywood as a number one box office I’m looking for a couple more here we’re getting awful close though I’m looking for the gal that starred in the movie called gravity do you remember her name I’m looking for the let’s see here the actor that starred in Field of Dreams I’m looking for an actor that starred and guess who’s coming to dinner along with I’m just Kalina at that let’s see if you guys get it I’m looking for a James Bond actor I’m James Bond actor here we go we’ve got pottier we’ve got Sidney pottier coming in right here thank you Robert Brent yes City Pachi

number one actor in 1968 we have Daniel Craig no we have shared no Mary Tyler Moore no Burt Lancaster no Sandra Bullock yes Sandra Bullock starting gravity 2009 she was number one in Hollywood Kevin Costner Field of Dreams and other movies correct yes Bull Durham and others Sandra Bullock Spencer Tracy no Sydney Poitier was the actor I was looking for Sandra Bullock thank you Sally Field no Sean Connery yes Sean Connery was number one in Hollywood in 1965 I want the number one actor in Hollywood that was about four and a half feet tall he was a short guy number one Hollywood for three years in a row we have the Julia Kevin Costner Roger Moore thank you thank you thank you I’m looking for a cowboy an actor that played a cowboy and and he was number one for one year I’m looking for an actor that died on a Hollywood set making a movie he died making a movie in Hollywood he was a number one actor in 1956 he passed away in the 80s number one actor in 1956 I’m looking for an actor number one actor who co-starred with a bunch of movies with Bing Crosby who has Bing Crosby’s co-star for a long time he was number one Hollywood for one year we have Katharine Hepburn Dudley Moore we have Dustin Hoffman we have Mickey Rooney and Mickey Rooney as the guy I’m looking for Mickey Rooney the short guy 1939 40 and 41 number one in Hollywood Mickey Rooney I’m looking for a cowboy he had his own radio show he wrote his own syndicated columns he was an author more than an actor but in 1934 he was number one in Hollywood and heavily quoted heavily followed Bob Hope came in here yes Bob Hope is the actor 1949 he was number one Hollywood right after Bing Crosby gave up the number one spot Tojo Kevin Costner read scale and Ellen Gene Autry he’s kind of like a teen Autry but he’s not Gene Autry a cowboy 1934 he was on radio a lot as well looking for a female actress in 1943 during the warrior she was a top-notch actress she was a pin-up girl in the 1940s anybody knew as she is and Who am I looking for after that not many folks more you guys have got the rest you’ve got them all this is fabulous done so well I’m looking for the early ones now you got everybody from 1950 Oh 54 forward or 57 forward you got everybody in red Scott Gene Autry uh Tex Ritter Audie Murphy Will Rogers there is Will Rogers that’s the one I’m looking for in 1934 Will Rogers ruled the roost I’m looking for one more cowboy his first name is Gary what’s his last name and I’m looking for an actor his first name is William what’s his last name we have Joan Crawford coming in John Wayne now I have a gal here for 1932-33 I don’t know if any of nor her first name is Marie what’s her last name I doubt anyone look at will get this way cooljazz Cooper yep Gary Cooper is the cowboy 1953 now William what William who was the actor in 1956 start an executive suite in 1955 he’s been in a ton of movies he was also I believe in a few of the Hitchcock movies let’s see here Gary Chapman Gary Cooper Antoinette I’m waiting for bill Macy no I’m waiting for William boom William who and Murray somebody Oh William Shatner no not William Shatner the gal from 1932-33 is named Marie Dressler I don’t even know who she is the actor William whom William Shatner no in 1956 William Holden William Holden a tremendous actor he died on the set making a movie in the 80s it was a helicopter accident and he passed away with a number of I think were several actors who were killed on a Hollywood set including William Holden very tragic here are the top notch box office stars to finish off today’s trivia quiz Marie Dressler 3233 Will Rogers in 34 Shirley Temple from 35 to 38 Mickey Rooney from 39 to 41 Abbott and Costello by the way is another another one I didn’t didn’t get you this one happen Costello 1942 Betty Grable in 1943 folks Betty Grable Bing Crosby 44 to 48 Bob Hope 9 to 49 John Wayne 50 51 Martin and Lewis Steve Martin Jerry Lewis 1952 Gary Cooper in 53 John Wayne 54 James Stewart Jimmy Stewart 55 William Holden 56 Rock Hudson 57 Glen Ford 58 Rock Hudson 59 Doris Day 1960

Elizabeth Taylor 61 Doris Day 62 63 64 Sean Connery in 65 Julie Andrews 66 and 67 Sidney pottier in 1968 Paul Newman 69 and 70 John Wayne and 71 Clint Eastwood 72 73 Robert Redford 74 75 at 76 Sylvester Stallone in 77 we have Burt Reynolds 78 79 80 81 and 82 Clint Eastwood 83 and 84 Sylvester Stallone in 85 Tom Cruise 86 Eddie Murphy 87 Tom Cruise 88 89 is Jack Nicklaus 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger 91 Kevin Costner 92 Tom Cruise 93 Clint Eastwood 94 95 96 Tom Hanks 1997 Harrison Ford 98 Tom Hanks 99 Julia Roberts 2000 and 2001 Tom Hanks 2002 2002 Tom Hanks sorry mm mm mm was Tom Cruise 2002 was talking back and forth Jim Carrey in 2003 Tom Hanks in 2004 Tom Cruise in 2005 Johnny Depp in oh six and oh seven will swit Smith in a wait Sandra Bullock in oh nine Johnny Depp in 2010 Brad Pitt 2011 Danya Denzel Washington 2012 and Jennifer Lawrence in 2013 nobody got Jennifer Lawrence either I hadn’t noticed she hadn’t been done there you go you’re all done it’s I’m all done I know if you’re tired but I’m pooped that was a long one a lot of today on this the 365th day for troweling with Bruce we started August the 12th tomorrow as my official first year anniversary how about that Tom Henry I’m curious why you said no to Henry Thomas and et I checked and he is showing on the search I got I’ve got obviously a different quiz here Tom it’s just different quizzes different numbers different different figures it could well be that the movie he was in was the number one box office movie of the year and that the quiz gave him the number one ranking I don’t know but he had co-stars so I can’t say Jim Thomas Gary Cooper Sylvie Swann Tom Henry you cheated you’re looking it up mg toe William Holden died by falling down in his apartment of a head laceration dead drunk the set BS was just that B SMG toe does not agree with that assessment well okay Robert Brandt it’s an all and how they qualify the top Tom Henry not really I checked after Bruce said no I thought my alter ego was correct um let’s see here it was laughing out loud but it was real boos Robert Brandt saying Dixie fun job good stuff Tom Henry and none of em G’s watered-down stuff down man reroute its 432 already yes it is folks I’ve been on the air two and a half hours oh my goodness I think I’m gonna pack it in okay Debbie Manuel and Rachel Bruce please travel safe to Marta Costco happy Anniversary please travel safe see you on Monday Tootles John Henry maybe I misunderstood you I thought you meant he was not the little kid and et that’s he knew what the quiz no big deal to him I don’t care it’s okay it’s all good everybody ah thank you for joining me today I hope I got some thumbs-up out of all this work I did today twenty-eight thumbs ups thank you so much everybody thank you for joining me today I hope you had a good time I had a blast I’m looking forward to getting a nap now um well Lewis Congrats on one year Bruce have a great weekend everybody Robert Brandt thumbs ups everywhere have a great weekend everybody thank you for your support all your best wishes I love it we’re on Monday at five o’clock Eastern Time on case something okay unless something crazy happens in the meantime I wish you all the best this weekend cool jazz 1862 talking to Tom Henry and Jordan awesome show Bruce great rivers always Congrats your first anniversary on traveling with Bruce great travels to Costco with Jen a silly a happy anniversary half wine at Costco sy again thank you all everybody we will do that tomorrow we’ll go to Costco and pick up some provisions and bring it back and I wish all of you a happy easygoing and are people giving me comments on my river cruising video people have watched the video and have left comments I thank you very much by all means check out the first video I ever did called crossing the river on a river a ferry without an engine check it out and leave me a comment and give it a thumbs like if you dare and help promote that little video that I did way back August the 12th 2017 check it out and I appreciate that thank you very much I had a good time Sylvia’s saying have fun desi Wagner all right Dixie give me thumbs ups Tom Henry the bottle is getting low Robert Brent I did Tom everybody everybody thanks you guys have a great night tonight see you Monday at 5 o’clock thanks again and take care everybody take it easy bye for now