Mosaic News – 09/07/11: US Appeals to PA to Drop UN Bid

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Mosaic News – 09/07/11: US Appeals to PA to Drop UN Bid

link TV connecting you to the world lean TV is viewer supported watch more at link TV org link TV presents mosaic world news from the Middle East Tara today’s top stories serious snugs the head of the Arab League while security forces launched fresh assault on homes Gaddafi’s disappearance fuels renewed speculation about his whereabouts and the US appeals to the Palestinian Authority to abandon its UN statehood good mosaic world news from the Middle East begins now halle to collateral Tarzan velocity reuters quoted a coordinator of the operations unit to find Gaddafi saying there is information indicating that warmer al-gaddafi was in the city of Bani Walid and left he said it is likely the Gaddafi headed to Libya’s southern borders with Niger and Chad shadow watch had the head in okra on the other hand the US State Department said there is no evidence that Qaddafi or his family members have crossed the program to Niger the State Department spokesperson said that authorities in Niger informed the US ambassador that those who cross the border into Niger for high-ranking officials and Gaddafi’s regime huh meanwhile the world is holding its breath in anticipation of news that pinpoints the location of fugitive Colonel Muammar al-gaddafi who could still be hiding in Libya Zetas Burkina Faso and nitrous denial of Gaddafi’s presence in the territories increased the complication of the situation in Libya especially as the entry into the cities of Seth and bani walid is being delayed which some believe has given Gaddafi and his children one more time to arrange their escape Gaddafi’s disappearance has evoked fear that there is domestic international conspiracy to smuggle him and his children out of the country he give the Arab Qaddafi has escaped and disappeared in the vast deserts of Libya yesterday’s media reports claiming he fled to breaking a Faso via Niger were denied by both Niger and Burkina Faso burkina faso openly stated that it has no knowledge of Qadhafi’s presence in its territory in some poke grants a presença Burkina Lunada movie Allah we have no knowledge of his presence in Burkina Faso as for the claim that he may have had in Tunisia or other countries we do not have any information and we do not feel that we’re obligated to know we will reveal what we know on the subject when he arrives at our border al hopparoo he demoted we’d annuity for Qaddafi on Bob so the only confirmed news is that Qaddafi has disappeared from the public but no one knows his location even the United States with all its advanced tracking technologies said that his hiding place has not yet been determined Lemuel Cuffy returned with a lot woman getting lost Kari unity the hella Tunisia in addition French and Nigerian military sources said the Qaddafi and his children were not in the convoy of armored trucks and military vehicles that entered Niger Monday night Qaddafi will have to appear some day either killed or captured by the revolutionaries or as a refugee in an African or non African country none of this is important at the moment what worries the revolutionaries in the National Transitional Council is that his disappearance may be the result of the failure to completely cleanse Libya of his influence here at the Holy Medina t sipped weapony Wanida do not Italian Oh Idol bout bein a delicate could you say horrible of the V wobbly Mickey some believe the delayed entry into the two cities of certain bani walid without any fighting may have facilitated Gaddafi and his children’s escape by giving them more time speculation began circulating about a domestic and foreign conspiracy to hide him and provide him with a safe haven in this context some of his loyalists and associates were captured by revolutionaries such as foreign deputy foreign minister solidcam who was found hiding in his relatives home episode soir ancilla hey KiB baton baton yes miruna hula doll mania de mystère melody de Libya Cameroon boy in mattoon shock patentable yeah bassoon and fathom what revolutionaries are searching for the battalion’s weaponry in every house they collect weapons in order to ensure that they won’t be used against Libya or so they say this is of course a difficult task the revolutionaries are holding their breath trying to manage the security situation meanwhile the whole world is also holding its breath as libby’s stability depends on locating Qaddafi and his children some reports say Qaddafi has smuggled gold and billions of dollars which he would not hesitate to use to destabilize Libya and its coastal areas Qaddafi was a problem when he was

leading Libya and has become an even bigger problem now that he has disappeared from Libya the man has a long tradition of hulen chaos his disappearance may give him a chance to once again create chaos either inside Libya or in its neighboring regions same emo boys seven people were killed and several others injured in Syria during a military operation in the city of Homs the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said soldiers and security forces used heavy machine guns near the khalid ib’n Alwaleed mosque in the neighborhood of alkyl idea adding that parts of the city resembled a battlefield a video posted online showed syrian soldiers firing at an individual bleeding on the ground as gunfire is heard in the background the location where the video was filmed was not specified honar came a Latina called usually with their childlike behavior these soldiers joking around while being filmed with cell phone cameras seem as though they’re on a Boy Scouts trip however there’s state sanctioned weapons and the tanks rolling behind them indicate otherwise but they’re acting as if they’re not going to launch an operation they are the protectors of the homeland as the Baathists say is not clear how the syrian regime will comment on these images here soldiers are taking pride in the cold-blooded killing of an injured person tossed on the ground observers say the regime is using its most loyal units and it’s attempt to strike at the mobilization demanding its downfall was it over forward madam I however this video is not wholly representative of the army activists continue to post images of officers and soldiers announcing their defection from the Army which are later denied by the regime’s media outlets neck and move them at the boon heavy model on Odin at the usual via this clip filmed in roast on shows what could be the first time soldiers go out publicly it is also not clear how the regime will respond to this development [ __ ] hablas abia panida Bethenny Luna had the asuras a few weeks earlier activists posted these images of a house in a loose tan saying that several of those who defected were taking refuge in it when security and army forces attacked the house killing everyone inside these army units continue their patrols and finally reached at Syrian town of Al nuke death the residents of homes woke up at dawn on Wednesday to find a large number of these forces in their city there was heavy gunfire with the use of a wide range of weapons all communication was cut off a few hours later the Local Coordination Committees websites began posting the names of those killed and injured their numbers were not definitive in the images cannot be posted online the center of the city which has gained the title of the capital of the Syrian Revolution seems deserted das miedo a la bubi esefeb fahem sea and Medina this designation is because homes was the first city they responded to da da was called the top of the regime and since that day Homes has been demonstrating despite the large number of killed injured and detained residents myosin woman suaram in my area meaning within Surya yaki dwinelle helical Nepali be escorting Obama fatty is that was a Hammond ammonia albano the images from homes and other Syrian cities confirmed that the mobilization demanding the downfall of the regime continues to grow some believe this justifies Damascus’s request to postpone the scheduled visit of Arab League secretary-general Nabil al-arabi on Thursday a later date will be specified for the meeting the secretary-general was to propose an Arab initiative to Syrian officials to end the crisis that has lasted six months it is not clear whether the visit will be held on saturday as planned but it is certain that arab foreign ministers will meet again next week to review the Syrian case in light of the rapid develop it’s faraz kalani BBC hablas acronis era a Syrian revolutionary website published an online manual to help the peaceful protesters face the security campaigns against them during their demonstrations more specifically the guide book gives lessons for nonviolent protests Omar Hargis reports the little Mutasa a Syrian protesters guide for effective and successful demonstrations dear Syrian protester do not let them win the peaceful battle over you you are the perpetual winner of non-violence this is a guide book published online by the accra Syrian Association in cooperation with the Syrian website mundus it gives guidelines to protesters for the best ways to make masks that protect them from the tear gas Adele aluminum motiva the guidebook advises protestors to maintain the peaceful nature of the revolution in all of their actions especially in direct confrontations in addition it suggests

that protesters were thick clothing to ease the pain of beatings and running shoes so that they can easily escape during clashes Adele aluminum lava the guidebook also requests that protesters not carry any notebooks or documents with information of their friends and acquaintances especially those who participate in the movements or passwords for their online accounts the lily act on Hollis the guide book suggests a number of ways for the Syrian youth to gather and rally as well as quick evacuation routes through side streets the guidebook calls on protesters not to vandalize public property and not to use or carry any form of weapon in order to preserve the peacefulness of the revolution looking at the leela let it thaw is a photo hotter than commute however while the guide book contains numerous suggestions for how protesters can defend themselves if they are subject to assault from the shabiha it does not provide any advice for what to do when they are subject to gunfire rocket-propelled grenades or nail bombs which is happening right now in several Syrian cities Otonashi Lawson was related to envision ten people were killed and dozens wounded in a bombing that targeted the High Court building in downtown New Delhi the Indian capital government officials believed that the bombing was aimed at destabilizing the country olindo Alamo I didn’t matter ve been jaded halala a column inches rain well header for heavy hail Mother India was attacked for a second time in less than two months this time the bombing targeted the High Court in central New Delhi the bomb was placed in a bag left in the reception halls approximately 100 people are waiting in line the courts main entrance to receive entry permits as new module when a teacher to ashura toolkit level jaha a shorter total Waka Tillman doesn’t work you’ll entertainment the police cordon off the surrounding areas and evacuated the site ambulances transported the windage to hospital the capital for its part government can you download the attack believing it was aimed at causing panic and undermining the country’s stability mission negligible a edema Tahu avuna we should never be frightened by terrorist groups we are determined to capture the perpetrators of this horrific crime and bring them to justice wow that the viola de stefano delle heat of jarate bombay 11 well let you work at the bombing the targeted New Delhi was a reminder of the mumbai bombings is pasteurized which killed 26 people for the 2008 bombings which killed 166 mokelumne 18 verse 8 18 08 dean acheson well a TI Charlotte owatta rotten banal india-pakistan a lasalvia t the bombing sport tension between India and Pakistan as New Delhi accuses I’m about backing the groups they carried out the bombings Oh salada Barton wash wash-off son feet of zeeland was the work 24 people were killed in a double bombing carried out by two people with explosive devices the Bamiyan targeted a senior security official in Quetta city in southwestern Pakistan one of the two bombers blew himself up and a booby-trapped a vehicle near a car belonging to Farooq shahzad Deputy Inspector General of the frontier corps in Baluchistan the other gunmen broke out in chess odds home and detonated his explosives killing a number of shots guards security sources confirmed that shahzad was not seriously wounded meanwhile the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and said that it was a response to the quad authorities arrest of a senior al-qaeda leader the fourth trial session of Egypt’s ousted President Hosni Mubarak has been held in the capital Cairo amid tight security the court convened to hear more testimonies the police chief Mohamed Abdel Hakim was charged with giving false testimony he denied that he had any knowledge that police were armed or given orders to shoot protesters Mubarak and his aides are charged with ordering the killing of more than eight hundred protesters during anti-regime rallies thousand presidents and his sons also face corruption charges previous trial sessions saw heavy scuffles between Mubarak opponents and supporters protesters accused the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces which took power after Mubarak Al stir of dragging its feet they want the council to be more

serious in charging and punishing him and his henchmen Yemen has witnessed yet another day of anti-regime demonstrations thousands of people have taken to the streets in the southern city of ties protesters chanted slogans in support of the revolution shouting freedom and god is great they also denounced the bombing of Yemeni towns by forces loyal to embattled ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh at several points during the peaceful demonstrations government troops opened fire on protesters protesters in Yemen have intensified since early june yes after Saleh went to Saudi Arabia for treatment of his injuries received in an attack the people of Yemen want the complete downfall of solace regime they say the revolution is peaceful and will continue until victory since protests broke out in February in Bahrain many people including women and children have been killed injured imprisoned and tortured with the help of Saudi and UAE troops but six months on the will of back Irenaeus remains intact calling for the ouster of the auto halifa regime with hundreds of protesters to have recently gone on a hunger strike including famous doctors and prominent rights activists what back may knees succeed in completing their revolution it’s almost seven months since the ruling call Holly for regime began its crackdown on anti-government protests with the help of neighboring Saudi Arabia dozens of Bahrain ease including children have been killed by the ala Holly for forces and their Saudi backers thousands of people including medics rights activists senior clerics and former lawmakers have been jailed after months of detention some two hundred activists including dozens of doctors and nurses are now on hunger strike protesting the ongoing crackdown on the streets and the tortures inside prisons the Bahraini military court has decided to release the remaining detain medics who have been an hunger strike however charges against them have not been dropped and they remain at high risk of being re-arrested at any time well we know that the Kings decree has been overruled and the detained are once again facing military court tribunals and would obviously they’d seems that they’re guilty until proven innocent we’re adding our voices to be to insist that they be tried in civilian court meanwhile about a dozen Irish doctors and nurses have shown solidarity with their Bahraini colleagues by staging a hunger strike helicon a new international diplomatic mobilization was launched between occupied Jerusalem and Ramallah to bring the Palestinians back to the bargaining table ahead of their UN bid for statehood recognition this month a US delegation met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas the delegation also met with Israeli officials yesterday to coordinate their positions regarding the Palestinian statehood meanwhile Palestinian mobilization efforts are being launched at the internal level to rally support for the declaration of a Palestinian state at the UN also a media campaign was launched in several languages explaining the Palestinian position in addition to other symbolic campaigns bad and facility 3 after failing to prevent the Palestinians from pursuing the statehood bid at the UN Israel and the US began shifting their focus to the day following the vault a US delegation led by the US President special adviser Dennis Ross and US special envoy to the Middle East David Hale hell talks behind closed doors with Israeli officials the two sides discussed ways to help avoid adds that would further deteriorate the situation on the ground as well as ways to convince the Palestinians to sign a statement to resume peace talks Celia the US delegation is looking for a formula and a mechanism to bring the Palestinian side back to the bargaining table we hope this mission will succeed we insist on holding direct talks as is the only way to help establish a viable Palestinian state hi them sao ha this is exactly what David Hill and the quartet special envoy Tony Blair are trying to convey to the Palestinian President Al Queda licinia hazama Tamara the tunnel and 40 beza the Palestinian leadership has made up its mind we are at the bottom of the hour and the political

climate is heated Israel will not yield to international pressure it will neither stop the construction of settlements nor resume talks based on the June 4th nineteen sixty-seven borders Israel’s the one pulling the plug on the peace process therefore no one should mount pressure on president Abu Mazen or on the Palestinian leadership which has adopted a clear position to counter the Israeli decision on moco Phyllis hora le bouton mr. Israel is hinting at launching a new escalation while continuing to turn a blind eye on the increasing acts of aggression committed by its settlers in the West Bank the Palestinians are focusing on the September 20th UN bid they are launching media and diplomatic campaigns which include broadcasting televised messages in six languages including Hebrew in Russian the world’s countries are invited to recognise Palestinian membership at the UN el carrusel Muslim in hushaby zeitouni Philistine wob’ sawai this chair which was handmade from Palestinian olive wood is said to tour the world under the theme Palestine deserves Israel is continuing to monitor the situation with anger while seating to commit the Palestinians to its conditions and keep them away from achieving international legitimacy in other diplomatic news the United States is doing its best to halt the deterioration of relations between Israel and Turkey that’s the word from a State Department spokesperson who said that improved ties between Jerusalem and Ankara is in the best interest of both nations well you know we are concerned we have over many months tried to work with our ally Turkey and our ally Israel to strengthen and improve their bilateral relationship we still believe that getting back to a good partnership between them is in each of their interests and we will continue to work for that goal with both of them but we are concerned about the state of the relationship today and this news just released the Shin Bet Security Service announced that two weeks ago in the g-load neighborhood of Jerusalem a suicide bomber was caught in the act of attempting to detonate himself in that Jerusalem neighbourhood the suspect has also been identified with being involved in the March 23rd bombing in Jerusalem at a bus station right in the center that was responsible for killing a British tourist joining us now in the studio to discuss a range of diplomatic and security issues is kadeem at Knesset member Nachman Shai good evening good evening now tell me the head of the idea of home front command is warning of a coming storm so to speak where as the Minister of Defense is saying the equivalent of there’s not a cloud in the sky well you’re a reserve Brigadier General near of the former IDF spokesman where do you stand on this issue at the center no seriously I think none of them is right none of them with all respect the first statement came out from a certain are filling by the head of the home command that he has to make sure that the public is ready for whatever comes and you hours later the defense minister woke up in the morning and send all his troops including himself to the television station saying well our situation the fence situation hasn’t been that good that’s also not true because we we know what happened you just reported about another attempt to for suicide bomb and so and so it has not been so in our history nonsense I believe it’s just the middle of the center between the two of them we may have a war somewhere in the future hopefully not but currently the situation is quite stable and comparing comparing with the Eternity that’s all so don’t take it too seriously not the first one in order later let’s turn to the diplomatic front now the opposition chairwoman and the head of your party Kadima CP Livni is basically appears to be holding the prime minister responsible for the deterioration of relations with Turkey now much of this diplomatic fallout happened after Israel refused to issue a formal apology for the deaths of these nine activists in 2010 where do you stand on that issue well I feel that we had a certain stage few months ago where we could resolve it maybe by expressing sorrow and paying some compensations directly or indirectly we should see in front of us the important the strategic importance of this rarely Turkish relationship this is a crucial issue for Israel not only because we used to sell them so much not only because we used to military cooperate with them because they are now

the most stable Arab state in the region and we have to keep our relations with them and so we made a mistake few months ago and since then things went out of control and now we are faced with a serious confrontation with Turkey let me ask you do you believe the Israel owes them an actual apology due to the events that not apology apology I would not but I will find the right wording and I’ll be honest with you words if words can help let them work are we we have all our own are covered that’s me we respect ourselves we give all the credit to the IDF that’s fine but at the same time we should think also about the future where are we going from here and if it helps i’m not sure it will but if it works let’s do it without losing our dignity as is the views expressed on mosaic are from contributing broadcasters not link TV or it sponsors the production of mosaic is made possible by grants from the John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation the Fire Dog Foundation and by support of viewers like you thank you watch mosaic World News Online stay up to date with breaking news read our blog get transcripts and past shows and more Atlee TV org slash mosaic this program is brought to you by link TV for educational and non-commercial use only link TV is the only u.s network dedicated to global and national news uncompromising documentaries and diverse cultural programs programs which connect you into the world