POWER SHIFT 2011 DC Action Day, Puppets, Interviews, Occupation and More.

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POWER SHIFT 2011 DC Action Day, Puppets, Interviews, Occupation and More.

ladies and gentlemen it is our pleasure to present to you this afternoon be billionaires behind the Chamber of Commerce two hundred million dollars spent loving our government of 1 million dollars 1 million dollars from Jenna right now her for the gentlemen Bobby offices and that’s where that money is getting fun what is it for our future what is it for our nation 815 deaths over 12,000 asthma attacks ergency room visits Mira when returning hell annoying Pennsylvania Ohio your party Norville that is hurting our economy brown line communities actually flipped it so these are the communities that are on the front lines of polluting sources I career oil refineries so Wilmington is a community where there are over five large oil refineries such as beep or not BP will be peace and Carson tesoro Valero the conoco phillips are all there and so they’re all emitting different pollutants consider causing asthma cancer or cardiovascular problems etc and the DC metro area alone the dead on toilet paper coal plant it’s two miles away causes 37 deaths it causes 60 heart attacks remember 600 asthma attacks and 287 million dollars in concord loss to the people in the DC area genon hides behind its money behind us lobbying dollars and its influence is making our brothers & our sisters across the nation sick and it’s even killing them we’ve already traced the 37 bodies that die every year from Genoa pollution in the DC area they’re all here on the sidewalk were leaving a trace of what they do to people every year so they can’t behind hide behind their money mart the dirty facts about pool are out and he helped me expose that tentacles all kinds of cool pretty much every type of goal that people go clean cool but it’s not clean at all because there is no absolute way clean coal without damaging homes property water and egg well without this program about this program I would think that would be destroyed maybe on goal EPA has created over 30 different kind of jobs that help people instead of dirty old rooms one of the youth that’s in Wilmington this past Friday actually met with a president and told her told her about her and her friends in the community and we are getting it we are dying off and we don’t want that to happen because right to queen heir to a cleaning up the environment because we are people we shouldn’t be sacrificed for facilities next to the late summer communities why would we do that because they think that we’re not educated enough to rise up and down we are saying that we are educated enough to rise up to overcome them yes we love it because we have to have new life new life AJ Green rework well this is our first demonstration we’ve seen in this massive amount in Washington DC and the kids get to experiment at all and see for themselves what it’s like there’s your freedom of speech right there so do you know what

they were demonstrating about that it looks like it had to do with organic or growing your own or get rid of bad coal and and do things naturally is what it looked like they went by so fast with their signs what did you think I thought it was cool bye we are coming together breathe the BP oil spill work all coming together anything that comes city’s water are getting sick people are breaking at aransas hi bugs Butler from the skin what is this this looks like something out of an anthrax Phil what is going on if they said this would not happen to us but it did happen to us America I’m not the only person in this car there are thousands I mean thousands upon thousands of people a workers of people who didn’t work families we were out there contaminating intro in our clothes that we have to take to our homes and clean and washing machines that we have to reuse and once our kids to close it with all offices all is not they told us that 48 hours of the all the busy and the h2s gases and all of this stuff which would dissipate it would not make us sick but it did I’m standing here telling you that it big you know everyone think everyone I was going to go into the military because that’s what my councilors told me that my people told me because they thought that was the of the only solution to be successful and that’s that’s not true those alternatives and those deep dickin granted industries are in our community lying to us and contaminating us without any of the people know it’s funny education and it’s about I’m to carry our story and you know we might my family has a slightly different cancers are all affected by ministers my neighbor’s dog south in the in the valley are affected by uranium mining mind my people in Houston are affected by air pollution and industries coming into their third Corpus Christi by firefighters it’s not about just an antonio but it’s about a whole issue that we all need to come together and share those statements in order to stop climate change mark and where there are billionaires there are dollars billions and billions of dollars the cherry on the cake the spirit of free enterprise nami crisis of our time and they use if you lead us online community the new if you lead us in displayed against the world’s richest dirtiest of bridges that are destroying and killing communities and undermining our ecosystem so here’s a future that’s going to ship the system and protect people get involved with the moment specifically with environmental justice I go to morehouse college in Atlanta Georgia Georgia people college community which is experiencing a lot of toxic car nah I’m gonna watch you have a pine box in CT atlanta georgia Depa delicacy breathe let’s go right now in georgia their curly King coal fired power plants are mostly in rural communities with these communities awesome car experience residual effects

from the from the bonfire present the dilution that’s basically put we put out to the air they can’t breathe they’ve higher instances asthma and obviously you can’t ignore the fact that a lot of these communities that are next to these coal power power plants or people of color are modest means basically for people so we’re trying to change that and make sure that everybody has an equal opportunity Nevada I’m we bring you people are you voting for the day is founders from 712 Congress you for politicians and wherever there’s dirty money there will be attraction and for the traction weave through strong and passionate relationship how we all know and what we and gentlemen is the fruit of this interaction the fruit of this cross-pollination between the daily money and the tourney politicians my heart is this video’s dirty politician and dirty money together can do a lot of love and that’s represent to you skyline adjustment and mountain weight loss program a shank on a redistribution blue planet temperature amazement all survived the prisoners of the Chamber of Commerce your tax dollars that it’s not gonna be easy so we’re on a wave to a confrontation right now there’s a group rallying in that corner of the park under the rising tide banner that’s going to go take some action against the folks that are green-lighting mountaintop removal the folks that green lighted the Gulf oil spill the Volk Center green lighting new coal in Wyoming they’re going to go take a stand are you what you want to be with

them this is an unpermitted Margit you need to tell you that there are some risks involved and some people will be taking greater risks and others you can take those risks or you can just merge to support them but they’re meeting right over there we’re going to continue this we’re not backing down we’re just building from here rising time North America’s initiation and engages in action nonviolent such as civil disobedience because we’ve seen in the last few decades that talking and asking is just not really working though there’s really a sense of urgency in terms of the time in movement we really need to get going and we feel like this is the best way to get where we need what planning needs this is not just for us that’s what this organization tries to do we’ve been successful or definitely growing Oh cuz we don’t have the money to buy politicians so we have to make our statement with our will rather than with our money like the corporations can do and this is the way we do that we can write letters we can write letters and then and the companies will pay people to write letters we can hold rallies and they’ll pay people to come to rallies but when we put ourselves on the line and are willing to make real sacrifices that’s where our opponents back down because ultimately they’re acting out of a selfish motive they’re acting out of their own profit it’s when it comes time to actually make some sacrifices for what they’re fighting for they’ll back down and will continue on and build the vision of the world we want what do you want to say I want the power out of the hands of corporations and into the hands of people so that we can build our vision of a healthy and just world if you want it would look like where people have the ability to create strong local economies and not be destroyed by by outside corporate influences look like people are meeting their needs through their personal relationships not through increased consumption of material goods I go outside people are willing to put their their freedom and on the line for it you know I think that really gets across yo I mean no there’s no better moments in now you know it’s not get it’s not going to get better two weeks from now No I just want to be this sense of power and i hope that i can take that back

because i love america and i want Americans in the world and our future children to be held and live in a prosperous environment because we need to be clips to the new movement power chef’s we need to make our voices water and bring back and the passion I’m here for all you people who have no voice to live in those communities there that they don’t drink clean water they don’t have good land to live on because they’re being polluted I’m here for all the people who have died because of that to get arrested because the Department of the Interior it’s approving action that are compromising my future and the future Oh join us Oh Oh Oh they have a future that’s invested in the future that’s invested in equality I want to see more and more happiness and you