NAVI Panix – How to Play Valkyrie (Rainbow Six Siege Guide)

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NAVI Panix – How to Play Valkyrie (Rainbow Six Siege Guide)

hello and panics from the Rainbow six team and today I’m gonna present you Valkyrie and give you a few tips okay Valkyries in the battle that gives Intel Intel an information is here from Rainbow six you want to have information so you can know from where the enemy is attacking simply where they are so you can know how to prepare as a defender how to move around on the map and place yourself on the right position to control their attack and let’s go get some kills so these cadets is very simple neutral camp like grenade Oh any trouble objects and you can go on new operators camps like drones on attack and you can have informations and see you around if you plot you can like surface like this that you can turn around in every angles and you cannot cannot like go watch behind where the vector periods because like you can’t watch behind a camp that’s the only thing you can watch so it works very simple like you see you see what you destroy it you have to shoot it do any damage on it so even like grenades or any explosions like the shine bags are charged even Kelly’s explosion launcher destroys the – kuvira so back here is the doubts you have the MPX which is the gun that we will recommend playing especially with Navi shams you got also the dis basketball which is used to be very very good but shotguns have been assigned set unless you want to play with it very specific situation you should always take the MPX it’s just a better gun you can use it for every range and also with your informations you will most likely want to have the possibility to play people as long right where with the shotgun you have to play in corners and in the close call those situations and you don’t have that freedom that canvas gives you you have the deagle deagle OG 50 which is not like you cannot choose another gun but it’s one of the strongest weapon pistol in the game it makes 71 damage like if you’re close to someone in two bullets you can kill them I love this weapon because there’s not so much recall you can put like now on attachment in stock muzzle brake or sensor come on another break then you have not so much Rico visits and if you’re close range you don’t have any more bullets in the MPX or even like just you know like someone’s gonna pass you you can just wait for them to pick you and eat fire them with the laser sights in further damage they’re very close to it can be very very effective you get the c4 and the shield I’m going to show you why the c4 is more useful January but in some very specific scenario which is team maybe you want to break and shield if you have like some surgery that involves a shield that you also operator cannot bring or if you want like I don’t know you could go you and you’re good like although hope you I thought I don’t have shields and you want an extra shield like having four fields that just like a bit abusive on the shields but it can work so Valkyrie is absolutely useful on every Maps there’s just some maps where you have that extra advantage maps like Consulate’s coastline border or cafe the competitive map pool that are like cameras are very very useful because you can true it’s all sides I promise you can do it and I mean any maps but on all maps like conflates if you throw it outside you will have a lot of information on where the enemy is gonna attack you can know instantly if you’re like defending CEO like I am now you can with a simple cam like like this one let’s say that is very common and known you can see if people are coming to see you or not and you can see them from the other side if they’re gonna go

repel out the balcony for a meeting take and then you can just tell your friends and your mates where the name is pushing and you can set up yourself maybe address some some shields on anything maybe send someone below to to prepare for soup for so yeah the the outcomes are very strong also you are gonna go spawn killings maybe you gonna maybe have a RunAs because someone is rappelling on the balcony you can can jump on the CEO destroyers of claim oh and should again the balcony here rappelling that’s that’s what you want to do on consulate lots and even like coastline like a sideboard or in cafe its map where you you can respond respond kills outside with the the cam doing tell that well Q becomes give you it’s very strong and again you can see rotations in the map if the enemies switching strategy in going from another angle or if someone is trying to sneak out to another window it’s very very useful on specialist map but obviously the other maps like clubhouses very very strong as well you have a lot of hideouts inside the map where you can see enemies and just say area this together can pick him or I can see for him whatever really like you have a lot of hideouts on music there’s a lot of like you see benches here etc so we can hide on absolutely every maps good cams etc on Villa Club in ten pack you gonna be one thing but cams more inside because that’s outside because all the play of the articles gonna be more inside gonna focus on on being inside where Jose that will always be one of the a repelling even in the middle of drawn on Tampa Club and Villa you cannot use as much those outside car is not going to be useful because everyone the play of the article is going to be inside the map so it does not that extra advantage of having information absolutely everywhere on the map in considering outside the map and zone outside the building so yeah that’s what the map the contour of of a Curie are very known you have IQ which is like the perfect home track you want to begin against echo and vacuu especially that’s why like if if both of the echo and like urea bands you’re not gonna bring in cue that much but if one of those are still playable you want to bring the a cue because denying the information is as much as important as having information that’s the the goal in Rainbow six choo-choo-choo then get the kids to zero if you information yeah so if all five all five different girls are alive when they go on comes they can be looking at it but if you look a B and you call them then you can have animation where you you you cannot see if anything more on you camps and you have to leave the camp and either wait for the ring to stop or to stop it yourself by pressing the observation to the button and it means that’s in the like those five seconds of the KB’s call you can push on the map and maybe push somewhere maybe set up an execution and no one will know you are pushing because deformations are out unless someone is dead people that are dead don’t get any rings obviously so they will be able still to give you information so just keep in mind you still can be as a control only if all five people are alive finally you have natural as well well that choice that you won’t bring that redress for micro scams if just if by any chance that you need to use it because like he right so cam I’m gonna show you like so can that is pretty annoying because you have to pick in to to this rate so maybe you want just to throw that sure here make it disabled and push at the same time so they don’t have that information or pick to destroy rates but yeah it’s not normally you don’t use the Tatra for that it’s just that it disabled it for a few seconds and that’s it final maybe final operator or contour it’s not directly to all these gadgets but no matters very strong on maps like consulate where value is absolutely insane because you can simply denies the renounce within the mat so let’s say I

have a camel side ever came outside and I want to see people running outside the map oh I seen them out here I’m gonna peek here there’s a gadget you get denied and you can get shots from the guy that it’s gonna be who’s gonna be having an advantage on you so yeah that’s the only last return towards last control part of what’s Valkyrie so for senior GOP returns you can there’s not really like any operators that work specially good with Valkyrie it’s a information in is absolutely important for any special a Cromwell’s but anyone even on site and I wanted maybe for denying like smoke like if you have the Decameron sites and you open on supplanting again I use the camp to give the information to smoke smoking somewhere where the planter is to deny the plant we can also like just give the information to anyone to pick it so any operations work you can put it to play with the new ramos that needs maybe do exchange formation to know where your opponent is so in your overall pattern are good as well but another one is the NEC for petals if you have like a c4 brat with you you can let’s say on Consulate’s you can give him in the cam on piano and you’re gonna say hey but you see for somewhere bring me and I’m telling you when to make your c4 explode so you see on the ping okay okay I see back pushing is gonna make some old when you see back on the ping you can ask your teammates to explode the c-4 obviously these tricks box with you as well as you have the c4 so yeah artists back on D on T equal to zero you get a kill that’s a free kid for you all your teammates and so for the tips well as I said you have a lot of hidin camps I’m gonna show you I can hide like the spots that you can hide on in the building there’s there’s outside cameras like show you please leave it I’m going to show you just the thing that you have to understand with vacua camps is the perspective firstly this is the perspective and also the angles like if you put a cam I can say here on Consulate’s your parents is pushing for man min if they go here like they’re not gonna look behind even the drone is not going to look behind them know like to be that check may be here not gonna check tak above so that’s one way to keep you cam hiding out first thing so one thing even if they know the cam easier they cannot destroy it in a safe way to have to give themselves into longdesc to destroy it in a dis moment you teammates have someone that is looking absolutely not at them and they can shoot him we don’t having a fight back so that’s also something you have to consider as an attacker you gonna know maybe doesn’t come here but you’re not gonna want to destroy it unless you get some to safe less and you get a have to push out to maybe want to watch the cover and you don’t want destroying all just let the information here all waste NATO anything yeah so that’s important to think about I was talking about perspective of course perspective is strong you’re not going to see the can some here because there’s that miniature scope like hiding it but at the same time you see the bomb plant you see the table plants if they plant at the door you can hear it you can say it if you plant the corn or something but that’s not somewhere someone the one who want to plum there that’s a good spot to hide the cam and yeah again like perspective if they come from the other side will have fully the bomb site so you will have co2 will be plunging in cos it’s never going to happen that they could confirm yo to cite foster you attack so what you think about the specific achieve that if they perform and mean an event like from the balcony they cannot see it as much what the average focus on it like here you can see it do you have to know that it’s here but you have to think about the specific chief all the time when you use you get I’m going to show you a few spots now on on consulate and cafe I can say the outside cameras are very important so I’m going to show you a few spots you have a very common spot is this tree because with this tree you can

have information on all the south and west sides but it’s so common that sometimes people always look at this tree to find the cam so what you can do is maybe supervise people throw it around the fontaine and here you have a cam that is very hard not to see everything on cue repels 11 year ago and also limiting balcony and west south side of the map so that’s one spots get that candle i’ll show you before this is pretty good absolutely everything as well that’s a good cam another cam that you have it’s on and mid windows so someone tried this is a good try you have the admin UI polls you can see where they are playing maybe we want roon out and visit window or visa door and you see also the south side the important stuff is just one rappelling we can see where the empanada are going set up the attack on meaning you have that one that I showed you on the printer you have one you can throw here this is free Hydra not from the drones and you have the most important informations for the table plant and you can sound if people are pushing in and planted the bomb that is pretty good is just trying it on this tree and you can see anyone wanting to repel on the piano yellow if the pigeon came on claim near the door etc you have two other important firms as they can be bomb sight or it can be just above the mums I attack for the average defense piano can hide you can hear and see the fits of everyone in the panel room see where the bug is and you can do see fourth week like I showed you before and yeah you don’t see the cams at all almost like you really have to think about it and watching there so that’s a very good cam follow me if you want to know when opens operation come lobby that’s a good cam unless it on like really looks at its you actually he really has to go next to it to see it so you can see anyone that goes in finally for the garage you may want but come inside the track you can see anyone who is going into garage and know where they are planting at the same time we don’t really see it unless you take care of it should we watch it we can put it more in the corner if you want you gonna have to walk more on the sun’s and have less visuals another good cams is this one very hidin yeah most of the important information is that they’re pushing and planting something rats and yet it’s pretty much it for comes late of you can have a lot of other cams that you can hide a bit everywhere and from down there if you want just you have some informations there’s always like twice but cams and you were like politicians like visitors to rotation part of the map so always useful okay so for cafe you have a lot lots of good spots I just wanted I like lots again you have to enter to destroy it you know where it is and then so if you make holes here with a shotgun maybe see where they’re on piano and if you hold still here you can maybe try to send someone here and fight them on deformation queue that’s very good you have a lot of hiding spots back inside is there again we have this thing that is pretty cool to hide the cam you can see part of CG I’ve done terrain in the piano a bit of piano a counter in piano now we got some very good spots as well like here to see inside piano piano is like place where you want a lot of informations here you see like if they’re pushing the corner but you can play as well on the song Hugh’s still not opening inside minibar Java so this one I like lots this is benefit of table can see step pushing in the bouncy for them from below you have two scans that are pretty known you don’t see it

because of the little tissue here and yet you have the most important information and then she and pill order if you’re playing on kitchen and that you open also taking on top you can hide the cam here it’s very good to information on mining another one that is pretty known but you can see it more with the drones if you’d run into train receiving in train another camera lag point they want to open this hatch I started to come in fireplace and what you see for them when they are doing to fireplace into the fireplace because they have to crouch and so easy to kill ms Morgan so you have those drawers or whatever you call it can put its benefits again if you want to play with this perspective if you put it here normally when you enter you don’t I cannot look on the top and you don’t see it an event from from here you may want to put it a bit more like more on the thing actually if you put it like this you see your room what you need to see and you don’t see it from here on you know here you have two on top two seeds so yeah on the basement you have one attesting cameras it’s dark here you can put here and you see all the long hallway don’t waste the camp because of the lightning another camp to see the the same for the same purfles is here again you have the same tissue that’s very always useful then you can see the tables I mean the the red carpets corridor as but I like to be here is always behind this on the table again because this perspective you don’t see it very much but you can see very clear on the camera what you need on bakery may want to have the coming trap here to see when they are picking the door the window if they took the control of that then you have like people comes I can hide here and hide it underneath that’s one of those corners to have information of the plants and where they want to brush I’ll a scam that is not very hidin but people don’t really look edits is here because can select the bow and the kitchen freezer this one I like because if you have the control of bar but you know the pushing freezer which times can happen you have a fishy fell from here right for the doll the plant identity kill so it allows my kid with Vaccari I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to subscribe to the never YouTube channel