NEEKO League of Legends – MONSTER HIGH REPAINT (English Subtitles Available)

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NEEKO League of Legends – MONSTER HIGH REPAINT (English Subtitles Available)

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel Today we meet for a League of Legends collaboration on the NEEKO champion My partner and friend Anastasia Custom will offer you the classic version To watch her video, the link is in description! For me, Winter Wonderland skin for which you chose the chroma via my facebook page some time ago, so this is the obsidian version that I propose I chose Monster High Jane Boolittle doll mostly for the skin color First, I cut her hair as short as possible Then I remove her makeup with pure acetone, cotton swab and cotton disk I dive my head in very hot water for one minute to soften it si I can remove it With a screwdriver I scratch the inside of the head to get rid of all the small hair With a clip, I extract them patiently … on, and on, and on.. ^^ ‘ I put the head back carefully not to break the fork The girl is ready to be transformed! With a sanding sponge also called magic sponge I rub the whole body to remove the smooth and shiny look And ease the rest of the work I mark the location of the hole I pierce I insert a thick aluminum wire that I glue with super glue With Magic Sculpt, I form a sausage, narrow on one side and thicker on the other end, then I wrap it around the wire Now it has to dry up for a few hours During this time, I look at Neeko’s outfit. First on paper I then choose the materials: imitation leather both brown and used black, imitation sheep fur

I cut the paper pattern and I give you my tip to fix them on the fabric before cutting, When we can not pin or if it’s too small we fix with Patafix! It’s not very academic but very convenient ! : p We cut, here no hem so I cut flush each piece I apply the golden paint on the borders and patterns I also use studs For the bodypaint, I decided to use the airbrush Please be nice because this is the first time, and I decided to use a technique with paper tape (as for nails) the effect will be good to make Neeko’s body streaks We take off the paper tape and the streaks appear Let’s go to make-up using watercolor pastel and pencil and eventually I will use acrylic paint + MSC varnish MSC layer before the make-up too! Once this part is done I then go to her tail

With acrylic paint Again with Magic Sculpt I carve the scales of the tail

it looks slightly like crystals I’m trying to make quite angular shapes by modeling 2 hours of drying later, we go to painting 1st layer violet acrylic paint 2nd layer iridescent paint A layer of MSC at the end We move to the wig, given the shape of Neeko’s hairstyle a frame is needed I chose the black Worbla (thermo plastic) viscose and white glue ModPodge First the braids below the hairstyle I then looked in my accessoriesfor her braids and arm jewelry The work of the wig begins, it is necessary to warm up the Worbla to model it

Apply it on the head I tried several tests before defining its final form Eventually I started with the hair below TADAM! Very elegant, no? : p After drying, we make the top of the wig in red and purple I use the Magic Sculpt one last time to create the crystals that float above the character’s head Once our crystals and accessories well dry (a few hours)

I fix the wires on the back with a small little super glue Since it is not solid enough I remake it with UV resin The appearance is much better and it will even completely hide the wire once painted then we paint: 1 layer of purple paint, 1 layer of iridescent and a layer of MSC The pieces of her head jewel are golden Last step: assemble, dressing and finishings I’m painting her short directly on her legs to keep the outfit not too bulky so it won’t create an umbrella effect on her skirt My Neeko winter wonderland chroma obsidian is now complete

Feel free to leave your comments below and have a look at Anastasia Custom to discover her version many collaboration are still waiting for us in the future because we have a lot of common passions ! See you soon