PA Open Wheel Television Show Air Date: May 29th 2007

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PA Open Wheel Television Show Air Date: May 29th 2007

this week’s show is brought to you by aspen transport village and advanced development services well hello reigns fans it’s time once again for another edition of PA open wheel on this week’s show Fred Rahmer crowned champion of the inaugural Keystone cup series Jason Johnson returns to Victory Lane at SSP and representative john Payne joins us here in the studio these stories and more as we bring you the fastest 30 minutes on television p a posse racing com is your online destination for local sprint car news video photos and more get results live or shortly after events are completed be sure to watch the latest racing videos or tune in four episodes of P open wheel view thousands of racing photos including weekly action shots from area photographers to many classic shots from years past don’t forget to sign your child up for the kids club or place your order for Posse merchandise at our online store only at papaws since 1995 jan k salvage has been your cage premier recycler affairs and non-ferrous materials well you have a bag full of aluminum cans or a flatbed load with scrap steel you’ll find J&K quick and convenient we can even let you donate your recyclables to charity we’re committed to providing the best personal service and competitive pricing with the ability to adapt quickly to your ever changing requirements call today at 717 843 3672 or visit JK salvage calm to see what J and K salvage can do for you Aspen transport village is proud to be the weekly sponsor of our news located just west of York one route 30 or online at Aspen transport com but Greg and his staff put your RV adventure on the open road in local news the World of Outlaws were in town to spoil the opening night of the dupont tyvek keystone cup series at grandview speedway wednesday evening in the 35 lap amai no one left early as Danny goes on ski and donny schatz swap the lead back and forth numerous times with Lazarre ski nosing out shots by a scant 36 thousands of a second in a photo finish shots led to first 20 laps until the zosky took the lead in heavy lap traffic with only two laps remaining shots tree took the lead by a nose with the white flag flying but lasagnes key wasn’t finished and returned to favor in turns one and two then holding off one final charge from shots as the pair exited turned four he was really exciting their last as last lap come down the backstretch oh I had a 50-50 shot and I didn’t know which way Pittman was going to go so that’s went across the bomb i SAT there in the middle I knew he’d get a run on me but hope you folks enjoy because there’s a lot of fun going out there for the checkered flag Joey Saldana finished third with Jason sides fourth and Paul McMahon fifth six through ten were Fred Rahmer Greg Hodnett Jason Sol wood Tim Schafer and Jeremy Campbell on Thursday night the Keystone Cup Series moved to the vastly improved big diamond Speedway as Lucas Wolfe let all 30 laps to pick up the five thousand dollar winners first after starting on the front row of the stellar 24 car field Fred Rahmer who started 4th and quickly moved into the runner-up position by lap six filled wolf in his jimandlaura I’ll go bak number 5 w throughout the rest of the event at times gaining ground on wolf but could not mount a serious challenge fortunately tonight was just one of those nights were going pretty good with this good starting position but that’s a funny way the draw work sometimes sometimes it works for you sometimes it works against you but it definitely just was able to take advantage of it tonight pod Schaefer artsmith Stevie Smith my curly Lance to each TJ studs Doug ash and Brian lepo were your top ten also on Thursday night the ASCs national touring series made a stop at Susquehanna Speedway park as former pasti member jason johnson returned to central Pennsylvania and quickly found his way back to Victory Lane but it wasn’t easy for the Louisiana native as Johnson had to fend off several late challenges from Wayne Johnson and Chuck heaving to score the

win Trevor Lewis and Pat cannon rounded out the top five with Justin Collette Kenny Adams Chad Leighton Jimmy stitzel and foster landon completing the top ten the rim writer Mark Smith was victorians friday night at williams gross Speedway for round three of the dupont tyvek keystone cup series greg hodnett took the early lead from the pole position as Smith drove to the front moving past Bryan lepo into the runner-up spot on lap nine then began to chase the leader with hot networking the inside of the turns and Smith behind the wheel the key or company 07 glued to the outside curb the pair rage side by side through the corners left after lap exchanging the lead several times before Smith took the lead for good at the halfway point of the 30-lap event Hodnett refused to concede however and stayed on the inside challenging Smith until the end Fred Rahmer coming from 17th to finish third Geoff Shepard fourth and brian lao po fifth Kevin now Lucas Wolfe Stevie Smith Mike early and Ryan bulky finished in position six through 10 respectively when Jeff furball takes the lead at Trailways Speedway challengers know they’ll need to take the high road to get around in 2006 track champion and that’s exactly what Frankie heard did in route to his second straight 358 sprint car went when fraud night roar-ball wasted little time moving to the point on lap 8 and several cautions and red flags kept the field closed allowing the Romberg service center place and fence company number nine to get by Brad McClellan and then pass roar-ball on lap 22 using the top side of the speedway and then pool way for the victory McClellan crossed the line third with Joe Tron junior fourth and Mike Biddinger fifth rounding out the top ten where Brian eichelberger Paul hively Danny Dietrich Adam Lawrence and Craig Myers Lucas Wolfe showed a packed house that he’s a threat to win every time he gets behind a wheel in scoring his first career Lincoln Speedway win and second overall Keystone Cup Series event victory wolf read the first two laps and kept his cool when Doug ash road to cushion taking the lead in turns three and four of lap three wolf patiently followed the hammer and reclaimed the lead for good on the backstretch of lap 16 once in the lead wolf easily pulled away as lands two weeks caught ash for second lap 18 but at the end it was all the orange number 5 w pulling away from the weeds to post the victory by nearly a second I think that was going to go away the folks home idea was to learn to reel in over them ash settled for third with greg hodnett fourth and Fred Rahmer completing the top five keith coffman Corey Haws Nikki young Mark Smith and Brian lepo rounded out the top ten the series moved to ceilings grove speedway Sunday evening in the large crowd got their money’s worth with nearly 40 cars pit side new Oxford’s Brian lepo took the lead on the second lap from pole sitter Lucas Wolfe and pulled away from the field as Geoff Shepard and Mark Smith were on the move when lap 10 Shepherd completed to pass around wolf for second and Smith powered in the third of appt later lepa held the field at bay for several apps as greg hodnett driving to jns fabrication number 22 made his way to the runner-up spot and Shepard and Smith both suffered mechanical problems following a lap 25 restart hundun took the lead off turn two then survived one last caution to win on the red flag we changed some stuff to loosen it up because I couldn’t rotate the corner and I was going to shake it loose all time so I just worked out for us we ever done a good position overlap Oh Fred Rahmer Todd Schaefer and TJ’s cuts completing the top 10 were chat Layton Stevie Smith whence the Wease Mike early and Shawn Michaels the series final stop found two for tens at Port Royal Speedway monday afternoon with 36 cars signed in as Stevie Smith set fans time and set on a pole for the 25-lap event after a couple of cautions called to start back Smith behind the wheel of the race number 19 beat Todd Schaefer into the first corner of the tight dried daytime surface easily distancing himself from the field as mike wagner used a late race restart to drive around Schaefer and close one Smith as the leaders approached lap

traffic but one final caution cleared the track availing Smith the cruise to the five thousand dollar victory my hat’s off to the crew members they’re doing a good job we’ve had a long week struggled at some races but we seem to be going forward and hope this is an indication of better years to come behind Smith that the checkered flag was Wagner schaefer keith coffman alan coke Donny Craig’s jr. Cody Dara Mike early Raymer and Chad Layton fred rahmer scored enough points to capture the inaugural dupont tyvek Keystone Cup Series championship here are the final standings of the six rage series The Saturday programs at Port Royal selinsgrove as well as the urc event at bridgeport speedway we’re all cancelled due to rain now here are the current speed dog central Pennsylvania sprint car point standings stay tuned for national news right after this commercial break eichelberger zoo pullet essential pas premier choice for used auto parts with a few simple tools in a little elbow grease you can save as much as eighty percent of her new auto parts and with a very large selection of cars at our location to choose from you’ll find what you’re looking for at a coworker’s don’t forget if you have a junk or scrapped vehicle give us a call to convert that heap into cash call us today at 7 17 to 25 5610 or visit eichelberger soup what calm aspen transport village serving the area for over 20 years essential pas one-stop shop for RV and trailer sales service parts and storage shop for parts and accessories from home by logging on to aspen transport calm located just west of york when we’re 30 aspen transport village carries a full line of new and used motorhomes fifth wheels travel trailers toy haulers cargo and utility trailers so stop by and let aspen transport village put your RV adventure on the open road welcome back fans it’s now time for our national news friday night donny schatz added to his win total as he took the lead from paul mcmahon with just four laps remaining to earn the victory at the dirt track at lowe’s motor speedway that man took the lead on the opening lap and began to pull away early before a series of cautions and a red flag kept the field closed on each restart he opened a sizable advantage with shots doing all he could to keep up then the pair entered lap traffic with less than five laps to go giving shots the opportunity he needed to drive past McMahon into the lead from there he pulled away as he recorded in seventh a feature win of the season over McMahon Tony Bruce jr. Danny goes on ski Steve Kinser Brooke taught Nell Jack hot and chilled Chad Kevin all Terry McCarl and daryn pittman the all-star circuit of champions race at attic of speedway was cancelled due to rain well that will do it for another week of racing news be sure to visit PA pasti racing com for more on these stories along with photos video and more this leads behind the visor segment is brought to you by advanced development services contact ad s when you are looking for installation of underground and housing electrical utilities or snow removal services we had a very unique and interesting individual visit us at our studio recently Pennsylvania’s state representative john Payne stopped by to talk about how important racing is to the Keystone State as well as the upcoming Pennsylvania oval track day at the State Capitol we now present you with our conversation with mr. Payne well we have a very special guest with this this week on our behind a visor segment now we we’ve had drivers we’ve had car owners and mechanics on his show and we’ve had track promoters this gentleman is neither of those he is buying for a race fan and he is the driving force behind the big event coming in harrisburg AR about Pennsylvania oval track day at the Capitol building representative john Payne John welcome to the show thanks John thanks very much for the invite great to have you here and a lot of talk a lot of buzz about the big happenings in Harrisburg really is yeah it’s we had formed the motorsport caucus of Republicans and Democrats a few years back and so we want to promote racing in Pennsylvania all racing not just one kind and first year that we had an event we did in NASCAR

day and that was just a huge success at about 4,000 fans of 15 cars and three drivers and simulators and everything else and said we’d like to work with you this year and do the dirt macadam tracks and the drivers and the modifieds in the sprints and whatever the tracks want to bring for lunch and they’re already talking about next year I mean we just want to promote racing in Pennsylvania the tracks the drivers and try to get people more aware of what is out there what is amazing but you know people are not aware of everything it is going on in the world of short track racing and when we started this project we first talked I was surprised at how many tracks that are in a state yeah it shocked me when I first came to the capital and we talked about the motorsport caucus I was blessed we have a couple members who were active drivers actively go to the tracks and when Dan or Gary would say hey you know there’s 60 some tracks in Pennsylvania I’m like that can’t be that yeah there are you know and you talk about the amount of fan base and how it’s really the grass roots were even our drivers in the Nextel circuit today whether it’s tony stewart loves racing a dirt track exactly it brings it back to that’s where we start and I remember is it younger man in Hershey when I was on the stadium fire crew and we raced cars midgets and sprints in the stadium at her right I think as Bobby Gerhart some other people out of Lebanon would come up and be the primary leaders that the names that are remembered would do the Hershey hill climb that’s been brought back and just they just did it the other weekend against a rich history in that area for racing a lot of history in this you know you mentioned of course the deal at Hershey IE i believe years and years ago the midgets ran in there in the in the arena and actually a guy by the name of you may have heard of him and ready Mary Ellen daddy raised there of course williams grove speedway aj foyt has raised there in gordon jon clock and Jeff Gordon and Kasey Kahne has raised there in the past matter of fact KC has a win at williams grove and he’s coming back in a couple of weeks to raise it williams grove along with dave blaney he’s also a now read on the NASCAR circuit so there is a lot of history here in in this part of the state as well as throughout the entire Commonwealth yeah I think it’s one of the surprising things is where there is a an umbrella organization for nextel in some of the organization’s football baseball the American League National like that kind of thing when you got to these 60 some tracks they are all fiercely independent right and that’s good but that’s bad in the sense that we can’t get everybody together and get recognized and understand just what an economic impact racing has in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and that’s you know when I’m a state rep I have to look at the other side yeah I love racing and it’s fun and it’s a sport but I’m trying to convince the other members in the House and Senate that it’s a big business that it brings a lot of money into the Commonwealth and that we should be promoting racing as a Commonwealth right well as I’ve had the opportunity to talk to some of the speedway owners and promoters about this whole situation coming up June nineteenth market on your calendars folks Tuesday the 19th of June it should be a fun day in Harrisburg but they were there surprised gee we’re going to work together on something and we’ll be back with more right after this commercial break I co burgers you pull it essential pas premier choice for used auto parts with a few simple tools in a little elbow grease you can save as much as eighty percent of your new auto parts and with a very large selection of cars at our location to choose from you’ll find what you’re looking for at a coworker’s don’t forget if you have a junk or scrapped vehicle give us a call to convert that heap into cash costs today at 71 72 255 610 or visit eichelberger soup what calm Aspen transport village serving the area for over 20 years essential pas one-stop-shop for RV and trailer sales service parts and storage shop for parts and accessories from home by logging on to Aspen transport com located just west of York when we 30 Aspen transport village carries a full line of new and used motorhomes fifth wheels travel trailers toy haulers cargo and utility trailers so stop by and let Aspen transport village put your RV adventure on the open road since 1995 janky Salvage has been your county’s premier recycler of ferrous and non-ferrous materials well you have a bag full of aluminum cans are a flatbed load of scrap steel you’ll find J&K quick and convenient we can even let you donate your recyclables to charity we are committed to providing the best

personal service and competitive pricing with the ability to adapt quickly to your ever changing requirements call today at seven 1784 336 72 or visit JK salvage calm to see what J&K salvage can do for you welcome back now more with representative pain there’s city transportation all over the cat runs all over the holes right so that’s easy enough to do i would encourage everybody don’t let the parking of the traffic be right on the wine i want to draw the harrisburg rush hours over the cars are right there there’s plenty of parking it’s easy to get to it’s on Commonwealth Avenue right behind the Capitol where the fountain is any of the Capitol Police or police department or the cat bus driver will be able to tell you what I where I drop you off to get to the to the race rally well the Capitol Police have been very instrumental and very cooperative in this effort and and we need their help I mean we’re going to shut the street down and and just have a big ol good a good old time watching race cars and talking to drivers and it’s in the fans it should be exciting y’all looking forward to it and and it’s just it’s it’s like the momentum building I know when we started this is 07 06 05 to look at doing the NASCAR event we had a lot of naysayers nobody will show up you’ll be lucky to get one car right no drivers are ever going to come here do you know what cost to get a driver you know and when we have the day we have 15 cars we have three drivers we have a simulator Hershey ice cream was a sponsor sunoco was a sponsor bass pro shops was a sponsor the state even woke up and said maybe we ought to come down sell license plates with the NASCAR logo on it I mean somebody finally go on it that’s probably a good spot to be they sold a ton of license plates so I think this is just an added DEP to say now we’re going to wipe all the grass roots the dirt and the macadam tracks another great opportunity for the fans come out see the drivers see the cars participate there’ll be food there should mention that they’re really food good i will show ya won’t have to worry about that it is easy to get in and out to the site that won’t be a problem as I said it’s right on the grounds of the capital jun 19 tuesday the 19th ten o’clock two o’clock come on out and like you said the farm show building parking area actually if you want to come out and get an early glimpse we’re going to be starting out there and lining everything up getting it organized but again the fans are more than welcome to park there and catch the public transportation in gas prices escrow so that works out very well I’ve actually been encouraging some of the tracks to maybe organized bus trips from the from the speedway’s that are further away so the defense don’t all have to drive by themselves and they can come in with a bunch of other fans and and just enjoy the day I actually think there’s one or two tracks have contacted my secretary to say they are doing that excellent with buses and want to give their fans a chance not just to see the drivers and the cars but a chance to see the capital we take that for granted too because we live here that well there’s a capital that’s the capital when you see people coming in from pittsburgher erie or Scranton and they say I haven’t been down in the capital in 30 years or I’ve never been to the great it’s a beautiful building it is matter of fact that was brought up that when we had our first meeting up there with just a few of us I’m stumbling around outside just walk looking at the architecture and when you realize where you think about how long ago that was constructed and with the the equipment they had versus what they have available today it’s phenomenal celebrated our hundredth anniversary last year and you are right to think on how they were able to construct that and build that without the technology we have today without the heavy equipment right today and just the beauty of the Capitol with the marble and the mural paintings and stuff it does take your breath away it does it does well John we want again thank you for all of your help in putting this together and I i agree with you this is just the first step we’re going to where is the ball starting to roll and it’s picking up speed it’s picking up sighs we I think the future looks very bright and we want to thank you for that and thanks for coming down here today and sitting with us and we’re going to see all these fans at at Harrisburg Tuesday June nineteenth you got a child tigra here like great representative john Payne who we will have to get him to sign our helmet another one of our offshoot businesses from the racing world Brenda wolf from northeast safety has donated this helmet to us and actually all of our guests are going to autograph at the end of the year we raffle it off and the benefits will go to the York County Racing Club

injured drivers fun oh yeah so we want to get make sure before you leave that you do sign that fans as we mentioned tuesday jun 19th right in front of the Capitol building it’ll be oval track day at the Capitol we certainly invite you to come out and support your local race tracks and as John said take a look at the architecture that is our capital that’s the this is the keystone state we’re very proud of and we’re very proud of the racing we have here in Pennsylvania so we hope to see you all out there again Tuesday June and 19th as you can tell racing is a vital part of the Pennsylvania economy and in something our state government with the help of Representative pain is looking to help nurture and grow for many years to come don’t forget to mark jun 19th on your calendar for the pennsylvania oval track days at our state capitol again from 9am to 3pm we certainly hope to see you out there and support this fine effort it’s time again for another dirt track pack prize package this week we have a pair of Cindy Roo autoglass discount coupons and our winner is Jim Godfrey of abbottstown folks also don’t forget about the next Cyndere auto glass racing lemmas of york trip to williams grove speedway be sure to get those entries in on a three by five postcard with your name age address and phone number to PA posse racing attention dirt track pack giveaways 452 abbottstown pennsylvania 1730 one and again we just ask that you send one entry per person please it’s now time for this week’s PA open wheel calendar friday night trailways speedway will present the 358 sprints Thunder cars street stocks and limited stocks raised time 730 at williams grove speedway the action begins at eight pm mabel feature both the 410 and two 358 sprinters the action at Port Royal Speedway gets underway at seven o’clock as they present to reject our Chevrolet Pete’s warmer memorial for the sprint cars late models and pro stocks are also one in schedule in addition the Penn Central racing Association reunion and williams grove old-timers exhibit will also be a part of Port Royal program a big night at Lincoln Speedway where they present the fourth annual Weldon sterner memorial for the 410 sprint cars also on the schedule 358 sprinters and thunder cars action gets underway at seven thirty at seven o’clock ceilings grove speedway will kick off the modular structures night featuring the 358 sprints late models pro stocks and road runners well fans that wraps up yet another episode of central Pennsylvania’s fastest 30 minutes until next time we’ll see you at the races pa open-wheel would like to thank Aspen transport village and advanced development services you