Pokemon Reborn Map Demonstration- North Aventurine Woods

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Pokemon Reborn Map Demonstration- North Aventurine Woods

hello community okay so what this is is basically I gotta go forth like thank you three types of people first is people who are looking at learning how to map their I can’t type and speak at the same time clearly learning how to map better than our MXP I’m going to try and give some tips for that second is people who people who have studied named people who get distracted constantly like myself know people who are interested in I’m seeing background stuff behind some the game and third desperate and or bored people so hello hello everybody basically what this is I’m just gonna be mapping one of the areas for the game for episode 10 right um Cameron and I can talk about what I’m doing and such so like as you see if right there I have made a new map it is completely blank I have just added grass that is pretty grass I take this stuff from the tile side I’m left here I just tried to actually point to it with my real hand which you guys can’t see that’s good yeah it’s kind of like a drag-and-drop things so if it’s a little bit more complicated than that so I’m going to this is the map I just did this is like the second the other half of the same forest that I’m going to be doing right now three tiles to the width just for now because I want this all connect perfectly so I’m going to do is just copy three tiles from this side poopy Easter yes let me make sure I have the right height on this with you guys okay I do because I want to match up so it’s not completely awkward which someplace in the city it has completely awkward we don’t want that now um I’m going to take a little color here it’s just a wren tile it’s an auto tile so it kind of conforms to the environment around it yeah it forms the environment around it which makes certain things really easy to map if you are working with our MXP you should probably already know that okay so I’m just going to use that for drying purposes for now because I already have what I’m doing with this area sketched out so everyone start with is I need to count the borders what that is it’s one two three four nine squares one extra from each side from the sides okay basically in Pokemon games look essentials games if you get too close to the edge of a map you see blackness this happen a couple times to my releases I wasn’t totally worried about it at first but I do try and cut down right now or it’s like the edge of that okay basically what I’ve done here is it’s I’ve just made these little dots to mark how far I can go that’s how far I can let the player go before they will reach over before they will see over the edge of the map where it doesn’t exist and I’m circling around with one ounce right now because I know I might be kind of hard to see on YouTube kind of kind of kind of um so there there is dots we have dots now because this left section has extend this other map I don’t have to worry about that I can draw that little path out everything else I can not go past these dots um so that’s just a little markers for my guidance now I already have what I want this area to glow to look like sketched out so I’m just gonna add a couple tiles there and do my quick little outline first like really if you’re getting the mapping I really strongly strongly suggest you do something to play out your area before you try actually mapping it rather than just kind of like jumping and going oh I’m with them on the place because that tends to make some rather a flat cluster designs actually especially if you’re first starting out and don’t really have an intuition for mapping see almost right out there I didn’t so that’s okay okay so I said I already have this layout sketched out so I’m just drying on here

for my reference and I’m not gonna talk about not going to talked about we’re in the game this is exactly because that would be too easy the hotel is really handy just for making little things like this and later I’ll just fill it in when I’m done with using it oh boy over here all the way up there no the way that I actually passed my dots this will probably make more sense in the actual game but this is just doing right now so okay that goes up here and last but not least actually kind of turn off there okay that’s fine no what I am going to do is this is the forest as you may have guessed where it lists the map down here I titled North aventure and woods and I almost typed North azorín woods which is a mistake I’ve probably made a good seven or eight times working on this place um this is forest so like many forests those trees and you say I’m going to take my little tree graphic on the left here and I’m just going to work row by row across here like this this is sadly most what making the forest is about is trying these trees on here now one thing I will notice if you’re spraying in a Pokemon game or pretty much anything I’m trying to think of an example where trees don’t do this I guess there are some RPG tiles that just show leaves is a canopy overlay so I guess that’s an exception but like in case like this where you have each individual tree a it’s really tedious so I’m going to cut out as soon as I’m done talking as you can see I’m just kind of going across row by row and thank you saying what I’m saying though is when you have individual trees like this and you’re just kind of laying out words of them one thing you want to be sure to do is stagger them so camera zoom in here so you can see when talking about because I’m working at the highest like the least the most most most most most zoomed out that I didn’t actually need that many most I was crafting my least release zoomed in the most zoomed out you know whatever okay anyway what I’m talking about is you see how I’m staggering this here it’s like because a little bit as opposed to just doing like this one solid row which Amelie would be really easy but looks really bad so we’ve gotta go for quality here over what’s easy that she won’t put one there yes okay I’m going to pause the video until I’m done laying these tree bases out I’m basically just using these as the generic walls home cook with the forest to form a boundary that’s something you will see pretty commonly in any RPG with forest so basically any RPG ever so yeah as I just said I’m going to pause the video until I’m done with this or think of something interesting say I’m sure that’ll probably happen first because what I was doing this entire map over here I was just sleeping myself I could comment on this this and this and how I hate to make these mountains and this umm yeah so okay hi again that took old like 30 seconds um I’m gonna show you a better example cuz I realize I explained it poorly funny about the staggering thing like you can see I’m going down rows here but um I was fortunately going to put a tree like this just block it off you can see it syncs up there it likes it looks like the trees were planted in a row and although I do have to do that sometimes just because the way it works out try and avoid that as much as possible so undo and I can just move it one tile over and that you know it looks so much better and that’s a little thing but if you’re mapping if you’re working on mopping this is a habit that you really need to get into this just you know being willing to redo the little thing I don’t

know why I always go into that East European accent for a little it’s just actually I dunno why I had this friend in high school who always did that and I seem to have adopted that habit her in like the past week despite not talking to her and since high school so that’s good um yeah but just just that known about the staggering thing like because I realized I’m kind of explaining that poorly basically you don’t ever in a natural environment like this wanted to look like the trees were arranged and a deliberate formation don’t you know that is what to take steps against yes okay skip again I’m really bad look here I’m talking to have a knock staggering and such and I did it twice up here let me just okay this is only taking few minutes actually I’m coming down to the last few places on the snap we talk about these little narrow sections here this is going to be less the case for other styles of napping but um with the staggering thing you’ll be so easy just trying to draw the staple line of trees down here and call it a day now with a place like this you’re gonna have to leave some extra room for yourself and just go row by row Bhairo just you know kind of little jagged treeline because even though it’s still rather arranged and in fact is ranged it looks so much better than just I mean I realize were only dealing with the bottom half of a tree for now but he was your imagination to fill on the top yeah yeah okay you have to do the same thing in this little section I don’t I get about two trees worth of space trees are apparently a measurement of distance now there are three times two trees okay pause again okay so I’m coming down to the bottom of chair and if you look on my other map you see I want to have this little scroll thank you mostly I have this little dark Cove where you can see that you’re exiting the forest um so in order to do that I actually had to make a separate graphic entirely for that this whole conglomerate it’s actually kind of stupid I say actually a lot just place that down like that three exits this forest this won’t have to put them in all three I’m gonna count out how many tiles in between these two because they’re so close Thank You Shirley you know what I need to count out how my towels are in between the other one too and the easiest way to do that actually is just to uh draw strings across so I was on too many that’s fine so I’m gay good Maxis retreat there and any position that trying to count out because that’s too small citizens that want to look back for just for that okay that’s gonna go like that and now you can see that I can get exactly it’s my space for trees as I ain’t there that way like spend do not that I have like this little gap in the trees here and a player could potentially walk down in between that area and they would see the engine screen and that we bad Oh at for exits okay scrap the scroll I’m a is pro yeah I’m sure you’ll deeply surprised I make mistakes that should be sarcasm to you by the way yeah okay then I don’t care though that’s not centered because that path is artificial it doesn’t need to look centered this light color that I’m using for the structuring thing is gonna go away pretty soon okay so I’ve built those in and going to fill in my little holes here and I will be right back again okay so in case like this where I’m drawing the beast trees over from the left over to the right now I won’t bring them into this grove where the exit is I can’t do that without overlapping with this tree here so I’m gonna do is rather than doing that I’m gonna draw a couple trees this way and just skip two spaces because I know that I had those um 2×2 spaces of extra tree that’s such a weird way to describe something thank you unless it’s minecraft ha had two spaces of extra panel skimming two spaces that can start with

nutri and as you can see completes the tray right in time to running the Grove this has given me no in the bother I’m gonna have to do the same thing in between these two groves skip two spaces and that doesn’t look fantastic but it looks better than having a half tree or the alternative just leaving these two spaces they’re blank so that’s what I’m doing here again here I actually probably made these growth graphics better but whatever skis okay that’s that and I have two more rows to go this is good where it gets a little bit tricky see you again I did that one relaxant on the little word I really need to stop that okay um I’m gonna dragging this over and so you can see as I’m going across it might be hard to tell on a low resolution like YouTube but it’s actually deleting in the bottom of the Grove graphic so I’m just going to stop right there I’m gonna grab the bottom part of the tree graphic I’m pointing out with my finger again just look where my cursor is bomb graphic here gonna pick up where I left off zooming out so I can go all the way across I can do that safely because the Grove graphic actually doesn’t cover as many truck even though it’s like three rows of trees the graphic itself only takes up like two-and-a-half rows so I can do that bottom half if that makes anything if none you just don’t worry about it you don’t worry your little head about it I almost did it I said the word little I think the I said before so kill me okay now I’m gonna fill in Topsy’s trees where it doesn’t intersect the grove now if you are working with our MXP you probably know this already if you don’t you don’t there is a third layer I was working on layer two so you’ve got the crown you’ve got things above the ground third layers things above things about the ground or at least from this perspective I’m going to use the third layer to finish this row of trees I’m gonna cheat over the Grove just a little bit for now and that looks okay see no harm done I’ve got one more row of trees so let me just finish that up real quickly we okay so um I have my outline done it’s the next step that is at the bottom of the trees next step is to add the tops of the trees because the tops of the trees are actually passable you can walk behind them apparently it’s not that way in the main serious game oops whatever I feel like this adds more interesting puzzle mechanics where I have some places as players may or may not know I’ve got add a little tree up in this corner here just except feel like that looks like a bad corner here too there too back at the tops of the trees are possible and reborn I’m just rounding it out right now they aren’t in the main series I feel like they should be but whatever well I staggered poorly in this row here we I tried say you fixed and soft at the same time turning the sixth I have made a problem six okay so I thought my car’s rented out this area I want to be a little bit more boxy up here see I keep using my actual physical and I’ll get used to this I swear I’ll have to be slightly more boxy because that’s actually going to be a human settlement as you’ll see by that I mean a house that’s the fancy words for a house the human settlement okay um it’s next step now that I’ve got my little places you don’t want her to look actually coronary like I did in my original design so I’m just filling them corners here cuz again when you’re making natural areas like this you want to look natural or at least as much as a videogame can possibly do okay so next step as I’ve tried to say before I got distracted now three times I think um tops of the trees yes so tops of trees it’s not all that complicated we’re going to go on our third layer because that’s what allows me to stack these streets on top of them the bottom of the trees are things in the ground the tops of the trees are things on top of things on the ground so once again we’re just gonna start on the

left here and go all the way over and that should be pretty simple okay it’s a good visual effect I’m gonna do that top row I have to change the height for that so once again I’m going to pause until I’m done or think of something more interesting say and by done I mean when I get to this little area down Eric’s I know that’s gonna be some hell that’s gonna be some right there okay so beep boop that’s the change oh and you’d better pack your knickers we have three tops bloody everywhere okay except down at the bottom here sorry I’m stretching um all right so here’s um a little bit so we can see what’s going on here I’ve done pretty much everything here except with bottom two rows of trees and 3/7 is these groves again and the tricky thing about that is because I’m putting these tree tops on the third layer and if you’ll remember I had to cheat because the girl was on the second layer I had to put the tree bottoms on the third layer here I’m pointing with my real hand skin and stop that okay yes they are there so if I were to okay I can put the treetops over that way over the Groves that works that is not where the third layer of the three bottoms was but okay see you back in zooming further all right now if I try and continue this row I’m gonna bring it over this way if I Trank then you pass to this Grove area what’s going to happen is oh no I’m deleting the tree bottoms whatever shall I do okay here’s what we do couple options actually depend on how this works out um firstly I’m going to bring if you bottom half of that tree top all the way across cuz I can do that safely without deleting anything okay now really all that I have to worry about is a swan tile here there’s a these top right and left corners of the tree graphic are actually completely blank these tiles they still exist this can cause some passed bill tears if you’re putting them over them easily like I am you already fix that I have to is I go into your database with you for your title set click over the priority where your tree is and set these blank tiles just our five that’s the highest you can possibly get and that means that if you put like a blank tile over something that you shouldn’t be able to walk on whereas normally putting that blank tile over that something would make you be able to walk on it if you have the open possibility like this if you set the priority it makes the open possibility above the tile that you can’t walk on so it doesn’t apply that open possibility property the impossible tile below that probably makes no sense to people who do not use our MXP and you know whatever maybe you’ll understand me roller I’m kidding I’m kidding don’t worry about it basically for people who are just watching this to see some who’s behind the thing stuff that was what was causing some random possibility errors in I think it was Jasper probably right I had not set that’s our five property these trees so yeah so I did that but those tiles are blanks I just have to worry about that one top tile sometimes I back in here find the Grove okay so apparently this screen recorder thing that I’m using if your file gets too large it cuts off the recording this is not something I knew because this did not happen then I did test recordings because those were obviously very short small files to make sure I could actually be heard which I hope you can hear me otherwise I’m going to kill myself um yes no so okay picking up where I just got cut off all I have to worry about is this top pile and that’s just in that place there if I put it there it deletes the top of the bottom of the tree and layer blows make a layer below I’m gonna restore that that’s gonna delete part of the Grove graphic thing so wanting to go to the bottom layer and pull that Grove graphic thing just slap it in there now the reason I don’t do that in the first place is because if I put that down normally you can see that

little white area there there’s nothing below it cuz that’s the lowest layer that’s the ground it’s like basically this hole in existence and somebody could find that hole and fell into void no I’m just kidding this is minecraft but it would look bad however I can get away with doing that here because that treetop conveniently obscures that whole of existence from view so no big deal another option if I so desired is I can just go on for your bat lair and choose the graphic for an event that I make right there just choose the graphic that’s three top click all is on top done doesn’t look like it matter during game nobody will know the difference I do try to avoid doing that as much as possible though just because it’s best to keep mapping things in the map there and things in the event layer and not cross the streams um also because if you have to may event it lags as I’m sure many people who have played older versions nope Kafka Sylvia Forrest cough cough that’s not a big map it just has like 300 events because of all the three is disappearing so yeah I’m going to do that again I’m going to draw the rest these treetops on where I can I think I can do that here yes okay I’ll be right back as soon as I finish up this bottom row your next bottom row five and finish by Rev to the next row I mean I’m just going to read Eman straight my point here if I try and put the treetop here it erases the tree bottom below that they can just go and restore it on the second layer so yeah I’m gonna do the same thing here again what’s wrong there whoops okay first or second layer that deletes that part of the growth graphic I’m off groves the right word to use and what else to call clearing except for well here’s the backwards logic I make a place where the trees condense just I can make a clear cut fade so you can tell you can walk through there the why do you walk through the place where the trees are more heavily condensed shouldn’t get lighter rather than darker I guess I guess that’s if you’re going into the woods but even so you I just Pokemon logic man okay so I finished up those that’s the only catastrophic glare mess that is going to be necessitated in a forest like this other places it gets a little more complicated but so now I just draw that last little pops of trees across the bottom row so it doesn’t look like that row just stops there and we’re done with the general layout so now I get to be slightly more interesting part I’m going to go back through our grass tiles here you can fill in our network of paths looks better the tree is actually properly blending the ground now which is important to say the least okay so now I’m just gonna take a look at my map and see what this next thing I have to add that’s going to be the general obstacles around the forest so you can’t just walk through this place casually um for instance these logs I spray these logs myself you won’t find them in any another Pokemon game I’m not a hundred percent satisfied with them they still pop out a little bit too much to me but I use the same colors is from this tree here and then some more so idk it should be fine it is weird however that um these logs are bigger than the trees here I don’t know where I’m also using the fill bucket that cou been catastrophic okay dropping log there casually yeah but they’re actually bigger than the tree is here but they need to be so they actually look like an obstacle worthy of not just jumping over there would be nice if you had like rocks feather or something okay elsewhere where else more logs where my log crew at oh that’s actually I forgot to put a tree here it’s a special tree it’s an obstacle tree looks like a normal tree

it’s just kind of slightly sticking outside the path more this tree as a result needs to exist I’m sorry tree you know I’ve been throwing off the island I know you trusted us but then we committed such a hideous act as trees and I went there I made that joke what’d you go and do about it let me use that mob actually I haven’t used that one very much um it’s again in naturalistic environments you want to not repeat tiles as much as practically possible I also have this little gap here so I’m gonna scoot that one tree over just to mind the gap it’s gonna leave a little bump and that area there but that is not a problem because it doesn’t go off the map or anything okay so that’s that’s it for my logged crew I know why it’s a crew they my crew yo okay next thing this player weds doesn’t everybody loves fire ups I know I don’t Hey look I missed a spot say if I save compulsively I suggest you should too spider webs my spider web graphic needs trees to be exactly two spaces apart so I need to add a tree here somewhere I’m on it I’m looking at my map I’m not doing anything here I’m looking at my little hand-drawn map perfect I think I’m looking at the right place yes I’m good okay no problem see how um spiderweb is gonna go right there now I have these little side places did tuck in behind there but these fire ups will eventually be on the event layer I’m just putting them down now for my reference for the future that’s not something I’m going to be doing in these videos wants say this video I expect this would be like 45 minutes long but my program is making me cut it up because apparently file size is the thing blah blah blah so yeah um spider up goes there I guess it’s a my spider up in this place – oh I missed a log I missed a burn collage this log goes there maybe we’ll put him right there okay now this is actually looking somewhat maze-like isn’t it it’s funny because he actually have no idea this is a someone a dungeon design on my part but the real area is the South woods which I’ve already mapped this is like easy mode compared to the south adventure in woods ledges such as our good oh I drew the wrong arrow on my little diagram just see to see that’s fine I know a minute this lad just gonna go back here um like again I’ve mapped this all out beforehand if you’re especially if you’re doing something with like puzzles and such and your dungeons but you should because puzzles make the world go around you really want turn that out forehand is the point I’m making here I think that’s it for the legends it’s like relatively empty maybe you some used to mapping this out the woods which is like full of stuff everywhere all the stuff sneak peek okay sneak peeks over whoops yeah so it’s latches last kind of obstacle I have is this tall grass from the third gen implying everything here isn’t from the third gen don’t whatever anyway I’m being particularly cruel about my placement of this grass I expect you will see why later all right um let’s get this to what I’m

doing as I’m placing it here is I’m just with the grass in general wild grass I’m just going for what looks best aesthetically if you’re working on mapping with RPG Maker again you want to keep in mind that it’s a naturalistic environment you don’t want to do like boxes of grass because that looks human arranged other than that you will get a sense of what looks naturalistic there’s one thing I’ve kind of in the RPG maker community about the rule of three you don’t want to do like groups of three tiles just because that’s usually the way to tell sets are made so it’s easy to do it like that but it looks bad like it would be better if you wanted to make kind of this journal shape with your graphs I’m doing this strictly for demonstration will be better to round it out like this because that make it looks more natural like that sort of things if you’re just working on mapping that you all look for okay undo all of that right I’m going to pause again until I’m done with the grass because apparently file size limitations are a thing with this recorder so yes hi again I haven’t even done anything about forgot to mention the grass this tall grass the super tall grass because there’s tall grass and then there’s super tall grass comes into tiles right now I’m just placing the lower tile kind of like with trees I will worry about the upper layer tile later okay so I’ve got the base of the tall grass everywhere I want it and I will fill that in later next I’m gonna put down is the honey trees Oh spoiler whoops oh well hi trees I just kind of conglomerated the other tree graphics to make a special kind of tree but it works just fine so that’s fine um I wanted a honey tree there that didn’t work at all VanCleave third layer whoops actually not lately I never used to have a prop but lately I keep like thinking I clicked on the layer and I didn’t so I don’t know maybe I’m just crazy I want about honey tree I guess they’re not kiss me gonna take out some that tall grass just to make it more accessible again I’m trimming this down now for aesthetics and I could give it that like edge okay that’s good um finish putting that tree where else over here okay see here I have to have a honey tree both in view of the log and the spiderwebs so I have to count the view is about eight so go six eight you can go there or six eight boom shoot I have to have the tree right there those two trees will both have to go away that’s gonna look a little bit awkward but well I don’t want to have whoops I do not want to have to separate honey trees it’s so close to each other but I will find things to fill in that gap later theft I can do a little log right there so no big deal all right yeah I’ll find more for that in a little bit so how many trees are done tall grass is mostly done alright last thing the bottom layer normal wild grass you put this not okay so my screen recording program cut out a full eight minutes earlier than it did last time because the file is too large so I don’t know what happened but the file was so much large larger this time they couldn’t keep it up for as long that happened as I was about to say the next thing is normal wild grass I’m clearly going to have to find a new file recorder or a screen recorder whatever but that’s a task for another day considering I just got this one my first priority when I’m placing this wild grass is as you can see me doing up here this harshin no not Parshin softened the

opposite of harsh softened the transition between the super tall grass and the normal short non Pokemon grass as I mentioned before mainly when I’m placing wild grass it’s for aesthetics I’m not trying to be like a jerk and make people walk over it more than a little bit like here here I’m doing that I’m being a jerk cuz I know go on the whole I don’t have to force people to walk over if people want to encounter wild Pokemon they will spend time doing so still wanna put a whole lot of stuff in this section down here this little Yui because spoilers that’s actually where you’re going to meet a new character yeah like so I’m just going to try and place grass to improve the atmosphere and make the environment smoother like this see how that just kind of complements the really Telegraph’s again you don’t want the Box tool here cuz that’s the easier for me even though even if you’re using the Box tool like I do you don’t want to place boxes of it like this like the main 3ds Pokemon games do and that works mates no end mmm Game Freak learn to aesthetic they do it sometimes they do it well sometimes notice I’m just like herp derp box of wild Pokemon have fun no that looks bad don’t do that that looks human arranged hello anyway I’m gonna use the borders here just because like you know my logic and placing it as I am is because hey it’s going to be more out-of-the-way for the trainers to walk through players that is trainers whatever it’s one anymore out of the way so it’s not as tedious this is not a favor I do in places like autherine else just because I think it’s going to grow more wildly around via just where people are less likely to walk I’m avoiding this area because again that’s where the human settlement is but apparently appear and the same specific reason for it Charlie don’t want to put just like one or two tiles three seems to look ok to is awkward though like that that looks weird Ruby and Sapphire does it sometimes weird I hear that in the wasteland though for the exact reason that it’s weird I just have little thoughts of wanting two tiles of grass everywhere cuz wasteland is some up yo so show homes by the way you’re not allowed to quote me anything I say on my youtube channel at least not to use it against me hashtag oath there’s like two people who are going to get the hash tag joke but if they watch this it will be worth because I said so I like did this earlier I was waiting for the young thing finished processing because it stopped mid-sentence again I’ll see if I can cut that out I actually don’t have any real video editing program so that’s good things I need to learn okay so I’m pretty much done placing my grass next thing I’m going to throw down is let’s put in our quote-unquote human settlements it’s can go up here I’m gonna try and do I can to make it homely huh cuz it’s a home see see what I did there once again I’m gonna start with the bottom second put the other part on the upper there so that’s gonna go like that I played on the right layer huh now this this house graphic here is just ripped straight from Pokemon games I don’t like that ah don’t play that way yo dog so ah ain’t gonna keep playing that way yo dog just signing some trees make it kind of blend in a little bit better make it look like it wasn’t just randomly placed there right now here a tree there I’m Trini happy parent triny triny I like it there the atmosphere I’m trying to go here go for here it’s just like you’re coming through the woods I’m

just oh wow I just skim forward and cut myself own crates okay okay okay oh the atmosphere I’m going for here these on you’re walking through the woods and you find this little homely cabin oh but I’m going to edit that cabin this thing so you save for now and we’re gonna pull up tilesets so I keep my project here graphics tilesets this is in the venture and file all right so another thing I really really stress for people learning to map and such with RPG Maker is do not ever ever ever ever ever as much as possible because sometimes is impractical ever let the graphics you have available the side of the design that you end up with just temporary thing do whatever I’m saying is if I have a cabin in the woods and that cabin in the woods ends up in the final release with a blue roof it’s gonna be because I thought and that’s cited that that roof should be blue not just because the graphic I happened to pull for a base for it had a blue roof let’s fix that this is graphic scale if you haven’t been introduced to it I’m like in love with it for spraying programs I can do separate tutorials on how to use this for now I’m just gonna kind of brush through this in fact I was gonna do this on screen I was can do the editing the house on screen but since the program is being finicky about times and such I’m just gonna skip while I work on this so okay so they’re probably just like randomly changed colors on your screen but um why didn’t was I went with a yellow colored roof for two reasons first being the person’s new house whose house this is this is favorite color is yellow second because it’s also where you got honey so I felt like the yellow or a–they tones would be very good for honey house I decided to stick with the cream color for the base of the house but make the rest bit more would like including moving that awful spikes doorway and having some windows make it more inviting so that’s that now our editor we saw this old house never aired update it all I have to do is click this import open and close it boom alright that’s that done next up I’m gonna finish off the tall grass which is very similar the treetops just matter of taking this but does um get a little bit more complicated so I have to use the third layer to go above the front of trees like this they have to use a second layer to go behind the treetops and that’s just a matter of you know knowing where each of your things is and taking the steps to not intersect there’s I think two more sections that probably do this really quickly just that needs to be on the third layer to be in front of trees in order to be most efficient I’m gonna get all the things that require the third layer out of the way first pop over the second there doo-doo-doo-doo and last section I’m gonna do their lair first second layer okay full of grass in retrospect maybe I should make it a little nicer what people who have to walk through that then on the other hand nah follow me I’m like torn weak someone one hand you know having more encounters and such adds gameplay and time and stuff actually makes you a game man that can be tedious I think then since this is a sidequest location I’m just gonna leave it this is what we’re dealing with so far uh-oh it doesn’t look like fat however looks a little bland so now we have the decorations decorations you know it’s important to have them for the atmosphere of map even though they don’t really have anything I’m going to start

with this lower flour tile and just kind of go by piece by piece I’m gonna double-check to see exactly how much I’ve abused it in neighboring map quite a bit so I’m just gonna drop it here and there and everywhere flour flour flour have flour Merry Christmas have flour you get a flower you can flower everybody gets a flower even you the person listening to this right now a flower for you I love you know really I do I just I couldn’t find the words to say it until now you you you do love me too don’t you why aren’t you saying anything back why can’t I hear your voice so tight tell us me okay I’m okay seems different flowers all the places not much to say here um if you’re doing your own mapping again this is something you will in time get a sense of like you know what’s good distance what what patterns basically I think question is how do you make it look more natural where are these flowers grow going to a girl naturally and be look good I kind of do this half hazard ly that’s almost the best way to do it okay what next I’m gonna put in some bushes I like fifties on the second layer because I can stash them behind trees mainly I use them to round out corners and such like they’re they’re news gonna have love of bushes around his house oops spoilers whatever um that wasn’t even there I was totally aware but I was saying didn’t usually use this many bushes in this forest area but whatever I said just around that one out and take that grass out that’s what I’m mad about sake don’t find stuff to fill that gap because instead of having like two spaces back where the player can randomly go into for no reason now it’s just kind of like a little one space indent and it looks much better you won’t look for place like that you can just kind of round out whoops from there okay and I think that’s that it for that one though it’s good okay and then I’m gonna put the HEPA trees can throw in there again I’m just trying to round out the environment with these exam cost anything and they contribute a surprising amount especially up here like I said I see some holes in the woods I just kind of want to fill in I’m not gonna go crazy with these though I’m like with the flowers just because that’s the decision I made for this area is that there are more flowers of habit trees you know when you’re making your own areas your hands decide okay the flowers are growing pretty wildly here I’m gonna put in a ton of flowers that’s okay it’s your decision as long as you stick with it you want to stick with whatever characteristics you established for areas like I’m trying very hard painted two characteristics as much as possible between the south and north forests lasting one of those things was this flower right here I’ve all these Cyrus juice from Daddy chose this one right here would grow inside the florist this kind of florists good pun but no inside the forests some sparsely compared to outside forests they’re like flowers everywhere you can’t go three steps so that run into a flower that’s not true you can do they do that but there’s a lot more flowers and a lot more kinds UniFirst just this kind so i’m putting these down that’s gonna be my final choice though I have any flower flowers over here I need to do you know look very pretty home I think I think you’ll like it I’m gonna crime his house full of Pikachu style definitely like it I’m joking okay and I’m gonna get this one so my sassy ghetto ass recording program decided then I need like two more minutes left to be completely done said file sizes too large Ken so don’t you be with me I installed you I can uninstall you anyway as I was saying I’m just going to give this like one more quick glance over which is what I did while I was waiting for the other file to compress thanks video program

thank you I like it I feel like this has a good balance between openness and stuff this which is very much 194 and I’m not gonna invent it right now the event thing is like the other half of mapping where do you make things happen rather than just make it look pretty that that’s not something I was playing the cover though for now maybe so we’re done here except we’re not done here because there’s one more thing I have to do and that is if you remember in the beginning I copy over these three tiles from the other map that it’s going to be connecting to on the left here so I gotta get rid of those authorize that section maps can be deleted I just use those for my reference to make sure that it all blends together well if this map Flags I’m gonna cry but I probably wrong which is a wasteland doesn’t usually all right boom that’s rap um so okay so I just been like the past four minutes going over various ways to end this video because they kept saying weird things like I know I say weird things usually but they were dumb I’m pretty sure it’s that thank you for watching like four times now um but that and I will see you all a distant future