Starcraft 2: Ladder Revamp – Considering Motivation

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Starcraft 2: Ladder Revamp – Considering Motivation

hello there my name is Jack Attack and this is a ladder the starcraft 2 ladder is of not like this one it’s old paint stuff on it danger signs it’s made of wood and sure it works you can stand up on it see it’s safe maybe you’re scared to climb the ladder maybe it doesn’t look very safe maybe the closest you get to a ladder is putting your coffee cup on top of it maybe you’ve taken the first step that went from bronze to silver now you’re trying to go to the gold league this is where you’re hitting your personal skill ceiling maybe you’ll go back down to silver the point is this ladder is scary we should find ourselves a better ladder a newer ladder more inviting an enjoyable ladder so that people can play starcraft without worrying about falling and breaking their neck understanding motivation is incredibly difficult and we as human beings still are nowhere near a hundred percent certainty of how we get motivated how motivation works but there’s a lot of people working on it and some of the people working on it came up with this which is the temporal motivation theory let’s put in starcraft terms motivation to play starcraft easy enough expectancy which is kind of deceivingly worded in the sort of columbia way expectancy is the probability that you’re going to achieve the result that you want to achieve so this case promotions x value which means how much you value getting that new border on your portrait finally this is all / delay which is how long it takes you to get to where you want to go the lower the delay is the higher the motivation is going to be if we look at the system as it is now best case scenario you start in bronze 1 2 3 4 5 6 in your entire Starcraft career you will only get meaningful feedback regarding your skill six times maybe you played for six years once a year you get to find out that you improved that’s a gigantic delay a lot of times players will have all of their delay in one particularly jump will say you shoot right up to dine it no problem it’s easy for you you are a natural great you’re in diamond but to get from diamond two masters is gigantic it’s this huge chasm it takes you forever that means big delay low motivation what’s even worse is you have no idea where in diamond you actually are no idea you could be right on the edge of masters and not know it and then you give up because it’s been so long even trying to get in the mask you just give up that’s it but what usually happens is the opposite you think you’re about to get masters league but actually you’re more in the middle or maybe towards the bottom there’s a lot of different factors that go into that the first one is divisions so you might think to yourself I’m top eight diamond that means I’m almost in masters right completely wrong the reason for that is because there are a hundred people assigned to a division and that’s based on the time that you get into that leap so say you have six starcraft accounts I don’t know why you would have six starcraft accounts but say you do and you play all your placement matches right in a row and somehow there’s super fast placement matches and they’re all the same mm are you all all six of your accounts will be placed into the same week it’s based on the time that you happen to qualify for particularly so it’s random its lucky it depends on random factors it has nothing to do with skill you could be a part of the worst 100 diamond players and be top eight and think you’re about to get masters but not so you think hi expectancy you think you’re right about to get what it is you think I’ve got a ninety percent chance this neck game I’m gonna get promoted when in actuality it’s more like a two percent chance that you’ll get promoted so let’s get rid of those immediately now we’re still in the problem of delay we want to decrease the amount of time it takes to get from each point on the ladder that’s very easy to fix we replaced the meaningless divisions with meaningful divisions one to ten top ten percent you are the number one bronze players top 20% here the number two etc etc now

we’ve gone from only six points of feedback in a lifetime to 60 not bad now it’s likely that the value of going from bronze 12 bronze to is about a tenth of what it used to be going for bronze to silver okay so now we reach equilibrium between delay in value the thing that changes this equation is expected see now the percentage chance that we’re going to receive a promotion is way higher so we’ve got a positive effect a negative effect and a positive effect overall we have a net positive on motivation in addition by going for a hierarchical structure which is very intuitive for human beings it’s literally the way that the brain is made on a physical level and even on a thinking level when we go from gold 12 platinum 10 it will be more valuable than we go from gold to two gold one because now we’re in a different league now we’re a different section by adding tears we’re decreasing the value less than we’re decreasing the delight again another plus the motivation now value is a lot more difficult thing to manipulate it’s very subtle and there are a lot of different little parts to it let’s consider hearthstone when you play a game of hearthstone you get a pack it’s exciting because you get to open it there’s the random factor that you might get something and we can just sort of put that aside and that’s that’s a big part of it right random rewards very you know sort of motivating it has a cycle cool effect to it but also these little things like the way that it glows the way that the pack shakes and it wants to be opened almost the way that explodes and is exciting and the way that even there are people recorded saying yeah when you win games all of these little things all these small things come together to create value in StarCraft we have some of that but we could definitely have a lot more in StarCraft we basically have the border around your name the fact that the symbol is really cool looking and the fact that status and prestige and the community are associated with League all those things add to the value of the reward of getting promoted personally I don’t have too many ideas concerning how we can increase value other than the stuff that I just mentioned so if you have an idea about how we can increase the emotional motivational value of getting promoted that feeling different things that we can do to increase that please share that in the comment section let’s talk about it if we can increase the value to feeling of value in the whole picture then we can increase motivation as well let’s talk about loss aversion loss aversion is the human tendency to value a loss negatively more than make value a gain positively so basically to feel good about wins and losses and starcraft you would effectively have to win twice as much as your loser that would be neutral motivation territory one of the likely reasons why blizzard currently prevents you from getting demoted during a season is to avoid loss aversion it’s especially devastating the old system when there are only 7 leaks maybe something you worked for Diamond League say takes you two years and then you get to voted that’s awful it feels like something you’ve achieved is being taken away from you and because of loss aversion that negative feeling is twice as intense as the positive feeling that you got when you finally did get promoted the problems with having node emotions in the middle of a season are that you are seeing a accurate representation of your skill and your MMR is still changing so when the new season comes around you’re going to get demoted anyway loss aversion is a difficult if not impossible problem to solve if you’re only looking at wins losses demotions and promotions but there’s another way we can solve it we replace the bonus pool with daily quests the problem of the bonus pool is it focuses in the player on the points and the points leads to wins losses promotions and demotions those of the interactions daily quests take the focus away from the latter points now it’s really important how this is executed otherwise we’re just going to end back at loss aversion first off daily quests have to be actionable it has to be something you can do right there right then it can’t be something like get a hundred kills with a sigh storm because you don’t know if you’ll be able to accomplish that that day there are so many different things involved we want to make them as actionable and attainable as possible specifically daily quests need to be attainable in a day and that’s not 24 hours a day that’s a day of average playing for an average person and lastly

we need daily quests that are completely separate from win-loss the way that the latter works is that you’ll be winning half the time and losing half the time eventually it’ll move you around to get into that place problem is you’re feeling the loss because loss aversion twice as much so if you’re just lathering it’s a negative emotional state to start off with something simple in something that I believe is already being tracked in StarCraft aside by destruction and creation now I say destroy x value and create x value for a very specific reason if you say kill X units or kill X buildings then you’re going to be affected by your opponent oh man i really hope i get azerty makes tons of zerglings so I can kill X units that’s frustrating what if you keep getting products it’s not in this latter state but I mean what if you did or the other way building what our billings destroy X buildings that can be exciting well sir don’t make a lot of buildings so then you’re like oh god I hope I don’t play as ER because otherwise be able to get my daily achievement something that’s a little bit more reasonable and not quite as wishy-washy per race is value destroy a thousand resources worth of stuff cool create a thousand resources worth of stuff you can say even of units or buildings you can specify if you want to I think stuff is pretty good though I’d like to make a small note that because gas is mined approximately 2.5 times slower than minerals it’s also about 2.5 times more scarce / map than minerals I would like to propose that resources equal minerals plus gas x 2.5 while we’re at it we can change the resources lost tab as well and this would make it much more meaningful another idea that would be a little bit more difficult to execute on but would be really cool to see in the future is land expel so you could say cast expel now probably easier but then I would just build a hundred and festers and fungal the same spot hit nothing and then die that wouldn’t be particularly fun this is an opportunity for us to motivate people to explore areas of the game that maybe they’re not exploring so we change it to land xpel I have to hit things with fungal growth a nonzero amount I have to hit something with a fungal growth awesome cool I have to do it five times today all right I’m gonna do some fungal bills I’m not to try to figure out how to use the investor a little bit better now this is something that’s really simple and kind of deceiving how effective I think it would be play x games getting a skateboard learn how to be really good get in the X Games but seriously play it a certain number of games whatever that number is the cool thing about this is you know what league the player isn’t as blizzard let’s say we’re on the new system and the new system you’re a bronze 10 okay maybe bronze 10 to braun 5 the play x games number is 1 play games of starcraft today cool maybe you get into like bronze one through five knee up areas and it’s like okay play two games today not win or lose that’s the important thing too we don’t want to connect wins and losses to the daily quests we want to keep it separate from that you want to keep it actionable and I didn’t mention this before that’s actually something you can do the land X spell and again this is something that would be really difficult to execute but you know as blizzard with all your data if you’re not collecting data start collecting it you can know it’s possible what kind of units this player is building and you can tailor the achievements to get them to try new things maybe they’ve never built an investor maybe their achievement is build one investor may be the first achievement for them is not even land misspell but since they’ve never built an investor before they’re clearly a little bit worried about spellcasters and they’re staying away from them which is a pretty common trend among lower level players maybe their treatment is built an investor maybe it’s built for investors because destiny and then once they’ve seen that they don’t see that quest ever again but a new quest comes up that new quest is land X fungals or destroy x value with infested terrans these are just some of the ideas that have been bouncing around my head I’m sure you’ve got a lot of ideas for this as well please share them in the comments let’s get them all together we’ll show them to Blizzard guilt look at all the cool ideas we have but let’s assume there’s a whole bunch of these type of things that we can get going now you have a good idea about what i mean by daily quest let’s take a look at the motivation theory expectancy is going to be a hundred percent because we can design daily quests in a way that one hundred percent you sit down and you play the games you’re gonna get the reward one percent if you win or lose you will fight and you will destroy x stuff whatever that might be that’s a 100 sent a Chiva bilal in that day and obviously you’d have to tweak the numbers to make sure it is an achievable goal in Monday the delay is really fast because you’re gonna do it that day BAM

all requests I achieved it today reward good that’s gonna fill a lot of the gaps between 1 through 10 because you can’t expect to be promoted every single day you’re not flash but the problem and the reason why I left it for last is value if you put daily quests into the game and they aren’t assigned any value zero times anything you math majors now I’m talking about it’s zero that means zero motivation will happen there will be some innate motivation in people just like to achieve things like oh yeah cool that’s why achievements are in every single game because there’s this need this human need to achieve things it’s a lot of the reason why people play starcraft or people have a hobby of playing guitar they’re not going to go professional but we like to achieve things to master things it feels good but we can do better than that this is where the more difficult to execute part comes in this is what we’re talking about in-game currency voice packs skins all these micro transaction type things can be as they are in many games tied to these daily quests you may have noticed that I haven’t talked very much about grand masters league and that’s because Blizzard has a solution that I already like a lot so I’m just going to support it grandmasters league is the top 200 players on the server marked at a certain time in the day whatever time that it may be it’s midnight and the most prominent time zone on that server okay great so you can say aw man yesterday’s list of Grandmaster was this I’m gonna try to get in today whatever it might be no bonus pool no ladder points no show the MMR people know exactly where they stand exactly how good they are and so will everybody else they’ll be like oh my god that’s amazing the person Nev got 7 km mr that’s never even happened before that’s how good he is because once you get into the top 200 players mmm hour starts to have even bigger value in that you can have really big gaps of MMR in between the first and second place person depending and that gives something to fight for that’s really cool and while we’re on the topic of mr let’s just show the MMR please this is why the main argument against showing NMR is loss aversion you don’t want to see people lose their point an MMR but guess what they’re seeing themselves lose latter points anyway latter points are just this fluffy layer that we put on top of the MMR to attempt to make it look better but it doesn’t make it look better it’s the exact same thing except we don’t actually know where we are in the grand scheme of things because we don’t know what our NMR is now NMR is pretty easy to talk about with GM it’s just a list of 200 m mrs and you stack them accordingly and it’s very easy but there’s a misconception that you can either have MMR and that’s shown or you can have a tiered rank and if you have both they have to be separate they have to be separate things that’s what it explains in the post most recently about this but it says okay you’ll have to rankings you’ll have your MMR and you’ll have your tier they’ll be separated they’ll be different the tier rating will be like the best you’ve ever done but the NMR will be your current status and personally I don’t like that at all I think it’s really in elegant and kind of confusing it sort of lens into this tendency that a lot of players already have which is like well I’m about high diamond but I play like a low masters really it’s just another manifestation of everyone being super focused on their ladder points and super focused on their rank and they’re standing instead of being focused on having fun playing the game or if you want to improve being focused on improving at the game you’re watching all their ladder points go up and down little minutia let’s cross off that confusing double ranked system where your two ranks at the same time and combine them together it’s actually relatively straightforward we kind of already have this system in place we have latter points and your ladder points determine where you are within your division but latter points don’t tell you what your actual skill rating is and the division doesn’t actually tell you anything so replace your division with one through ten and you replace ladder points with mr and you’re done you don’t give someone a list of every single bronze 10 person on the server that’s kind of extensive you just have sort of ok bronze one and this is your MMR if your bronze one you know your MMR which is cool so you can compare with your friends and things like that Co far away you are from top pros and different things like that that’s cool but also you know you’re in the top 10% because that’s what bronze one means and let’s talk about percentages for a minute because that’s kind of insane I’m gonna bring up an actual chart this is ridiculous I have no idea why this happens maybe it’s due to the fact that there’s no demotions or the algorithm

does a particular thing that places people in leagues etc personally I and I’m gonna start from a place of ignorance here why are the league’s changing I i really would like to know that and maybe there’s an explanation um maybe it’s just ok if you don’t allowed emotions then the leaves are gonna shift and there’s nothing you can do about it we’ve already got rid of that the whole not emotions thinks nah that’s gone forget about that so that’s the only thing then ok great we’re good leagues will be leagues but I need to know why why is it masters the top 2% of all players all the time based on NMR why if we have a system that’s totally based on MMR and not latter points will that fix the problem all things that I really like to know if anyone from blizzard is watching and David Kim is watching hi David please I’d really like and I think a lot of people to just on starcraft me would like to know why it is that the league’s change why is diamond ten percent one moment and eight percent and you know the next day and it does this little shifty thing what what’s going on there it’d be really cool if when we restructured your bronze one you would know I’m in the top 10% of bronze and wouldn’t be that weird shifting thing while bronze one was the top 2% this week but next week it’s probably 2.5% like we need to get rid of that unneeded complexity make it really straightforward and I think people are going to be really happy too long didn’t watch daily quests replace the bonus pool they have to be actionable they have to be attainable within a regular day human being would play starcraft and i have to be separated from wins and losses replace the divisions that we have now with meaningful one through ten divisions representing ten percent chunks of the population show the NMR forget about latter points it’s a waste of time make the GM top 200 mm our change every single day a particular time and again show MMR this will work because we’re decreasing delight we’re decreasing value but less than we’re decreasing delay we’re increasing expectancy and we’re keeping loss aversion in mind my name is Jack Attack as always thanks for watching if you have an idea for a video you would like me to do please leave with any questions comments criticisms concerns or anything beginning with letter C in the comment section below I’ll see you again soon who