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– You got a gold tooth – Yeah – Oh, I didn’t even realize I got – You got a green tooth – Not anymore – You got a green tooth? I got a gold tooth – [RCSparks] All right gentlemen, it’s gonna be a big day today We’re gonna be here to get gold, comedy gold – Making grams today? – [RCSparks] Yeah, right. I hope so. I hope – With these so many people, we better get like – An ounce? – At least – [RCSparks] We have a good opportunity – There’s quite some gold I the goddamn pen – [RCSparks] Thanks to all my friends for coming out today to help us catch up on our late season, as you know Thank you for all standing six feet apart That we started late in the season These guys wanna see you to reach the season goal, which we haven’t even set yet, right? – No goal – [RCSparks] Who knows how long we’re able to do this under current world circumstances? So I say Joe, fire up the generator – Firing up the generator – [All] Fire it up! – [RCSparks] I like that I did enough job for today Everybody watch out for the generator There’s a flag on a pylon on either side Crazy Joe – Hey – [RCSparks] Everyone’s onsite – Fuck, it’s busy around here but there’s a ton of people here – [RCSparks] I’m gonna get you to monitor what’s going on in the funnel mine If you can handle what’s going on – I’m driving a rock truck and I was gonna run this bulldozer and I can kinda be right here and over here – [RCSparks] Okay – To see how many guys I can yell at, at once – [RCSparks] Okay, what’s going on? What’s going on? – Didn’t matter – [RCSparks] This doesn’t fit? – Does not fit – I’m having a problem with your Johnson as well – [RCSparks] What’s wrong with the Johnson? – Your cousin named her Johnson (laughs) – It doesn’t want to side to side – [RCSparks] Here you go, it fits – The coming down seems to be okay, but it doesn’t wanna go side to side – It goes open, it goes down, but it won’t wiggle – [RCSparks] Nothing? Let’s check the ESC on the side Did you try unplugging it and plugging it back in – That’s all it says? – [RCSparks] That’s first step guys Come on, you should know that You learn that in excavator school – We had school? – [RCSparks] Did that work? See! It’s an ID10T prob – Oh yeah? – [RCSparks] What you got there? – Beer – [RCSparks] Is it cold? – Yeah – [RCSparks] You got the first one with the cozy on it Smart. That’s why you got a supervisor hat I know, original draught (dramatic music) One truck is full Yeah, we got a full truck Hold on, I’ll bring the truck out – I see what you’re doing, sorry – Have fun (engine roaring) (indistinct) – [RCSparks] Looking good buddy Rolling along Crazy Bob Good, good. Yeah, take it out We don’t need like that Throw it away yeah Sluice Box Steve Now checking the level of the Sluice Boxes Got great flow off of them now with these new Nautilus batteries One of them running two of those pumps right now on a 12 Volt, and then the shaker plant running into the final recovery sluice right here These guys finally load and pay – [Steve] I ordered each plug it up, that’s three times now – [RCSparks] Well, that’s what we get when we run small gravel We just gotta keep an eye on it – [Steve] This is the gravel – [RCSparks] At least we have the reverse switch, where we can just back it off Such a small area to be working in Although comparatively, this mine site is absolutely enormous Tryna figure out how to get out there – It just gets deeper, right? – [RCSparks] Yeah, well I can see it is We gotta get that pay moving boys Deeper and deeper So everyone tells us that we should

be piling these trucks all the way up So it’s spilling off the edges, but we’re not gonna waste any of that Peter We work hard to get it Not just to drop it along the way This dozer weighing 63 pounds, pure hydraulic power Everything mixed together, so the pump for the hydraulics is only on when it’s being requested – [Krazy Joe] It’s like a 45 minute round trip, man – [RCSparks] Yeah, but you know how many complaints I’ve had from YouTube viewers? It’s gotta be as safe as possible apparently – [Krazy Joe] Well, so you got a driveway down there – [RCSparks] I got tons of calls from him, Shaw. Warning me You should have heard them when I told them Yeah, I know. I know – So Wes was just saying that he’s feeling pretty good, that he’s confident on the excavator now? – [RCSparks] Yeah – So I’m thinking we should get him off that, onto another machine – [RCSparks] Good idea – Maybe get Tyler in there – [RCSparks] (honk) them right up – Alright. Tyler and Wes, switch it up – [RCSparks] Good Everyone’s gotta be efficient on every piece of machine – Absolutely – I thought I was gonna be foreman by now We talked about it What’s going on? Like seriously. This is annoying Like I’ve been here longer than most What the (honk) you want? – I hate to interrupt man, but would I be able to borrow 20 bucks just for payday loan? Like I need new tires for my truck I keep telling you this – Maybe if you were to work more and stop begging for money, you’d make more money Ever think about that? – You’re not a foreman, so shut up (engine roaring) – [Krazy Joe] Work hard for that pay (dramatic music) (dramatic music intensifies) – Whoa, what’s wrong with that loader? – [RCSparks] So let me, let me tell you, drop the drive shaft So a lot of people questioned my methodology behind the orange gorilla tape on the hopper Making it a smaller hole – I like the challenge – [RCSparks] There it is, right? It’s all about having a good time – Heck yeah! – [RCSparks] Okay. Shut her down – [All] Shut her down – [RCSparks] Let’s take a break Okay, shut her down for a second so we can have a look at this Yeah, I think it just popped the set screw off of there So yeah. So, okay, cool – Definitely think so – [RCSparks] Good input on you. Just coming up here – We shut her down cause it didn’t have any rear wheel drive – It snapped the set pin – Usually you grab the side of there – No, actually it’s just a set pin Yeah, no it’s in there So we got the loader fixed Like we showed simple set screw just to the drive shaft If it was only that easy to fix in full size This is why a lot of people say, why don’t you bring in the full size machine? And if I did, can you imagine the expense that would be Instead I can do it at 1:4 or 1:14 scale

Still get massive amounts of gold Cost me a fraction. A lot on batteries though – The day that the mechanic doesn’t show up, eh? – Right? The one time we have all these breakdowns Good thing I’ve been doing all the maintenance during the week, but there’s no way I coulda seen that dropping a set screw I think it’s going to be simple – It is what it is – Beer break – [All] Beer break – Here we go – [RCSparks] Listen – For all the new guys – [RCSparks] Green horns – Green horns – [RCSparks] Come on over. You can just sit on the corners Face away from each other I’m not kidding, here Joe We got special We got, we got new guy, new guy. Here – [Krazy Joe] All right, two and two – [RCSparks] There you go Face away from each other Can you open that for me – [Krazy Joe] Are those – [RCSparks] Hold on. I don’t wanna be rude. There you go – [Krazy Joe] Guys you’re doing a great job – [RCSparks] I know you’re hungry, down – [Krazy Joe] You’re gonna go to the rock – [RCSparks] That’s prison rules right there, right? – I saw it – [RCSparks] You got to protect your food Fire it up! Everybody’s feeling a little more rested up Krazy Joe, you’re hoping for something big in the glory hole – Well just doing a little bit of reclaim while we got so many guys up there working, right? – [RCSparks] That’s exactly it – [Krazy Joe] We still gotta reclaim the land after we’re done, right? – [RCSparks] Well, you can see up in our old pit It’s actually grassed in quite a bit up there I’m glad to see that (engine roaring) It’s a beautiful Tobias breaker bucket on here Painted it up six feet apart (robotic noises) (honking) (engine roaring) (indistinct) – [RCSparks] Have you had the mandatory amount of urine to be onsite yet? – Absolutely – [RCSparks] You better? We do a piss test here – Mandatory minimum of six, right? – [RCSparks] Yeah. If you’re found clean then basically you’re not invited back See now, look at this Now the funnel mine makes sense to you, don’t it? (robotic sounds) Who is running this without an operator? – [Wes] Well, that’s Lyle – [RCSparks] Were you running that? – No – Who was just operating this? It was you, wasn’t it? – Lyle – I have not driven a truck yet today – [RCSparks] Apparently you’ve had too much sun, sir – Well then what the hell are you doing here? – [RCSparks] Go sweep the road – The whole thing? – [RCSparks] Yes, go down there to the end and start sweeping obviously – You do that, I’ll do this – No, you gonna put this on the table first You know the rules – Oh man, do I have to park this first? – No, leave it right in everyone’s way That way they can bitch and complain all day – I like it. I’ll unplug it though (engine roaring) – [RCSparks] See a lot of people laugh at the fact that we covered this up They don’t understand I’ve been treating greenhorns here since, I don’t know, three years now Faster – [Krazy Joe] Come on get that gold – [RCSparks] What? You don’t wanna? – Maybe I don’t – [RCSparks] Okay, switch He doesn’t wanna load pay faster – [Krazy Joe] Okay, switch! – [RCSparks] Wes, good job. You got a new guy

to sweep the road, switch off I’m not gonna get you to sweep the road I think that there’s another job for you – What would that? – [RCSparks] I think these guys are smart, ey? Making up rules on their own They don’t understand discipline Hey, shut it down – [All] Shut it down – What do you need boss? – [RCSparks] Cam thought it was a good idea, just to shrug his shoulders He doesn’t really take this seriously And so I figured, now would be the best time to do a seismic test to make sure we can feel that you’re digging in the right spot. Would you agree? – Absolutely – [RCSparks] Thank you – A little known fact in mining That you can tell the density of the ground – [Lyle] Am I supposed to be half or not – [RCSparks] All of it Lyle – Thank you. Somebody gave me the sledge, Steve? Here you go noob, sledge Hold on, get in the middle of the circle Okay, what I need you to do, is stand in the center Over there please I need you to hit each dot with the sledgehammer, and it’ll register over here, the density Go ahead. Yeah, faster (sledgehammer bumping) Barely getting a reading, faster. Harder – [All] Harder – [Krazy Joe] Faster! – [RCSparks] I’m starting to get something – [Krazy Joe] Faster! – [RCSparks] Harder! Whoa, whoa, whoa, you missed one You missed one – [Krazy Joe] Oh, you got to start all over – [RCSparks] Hold on, hold on. You got to start again – [Krazy Joe] Hold on. Are you ready? Are you ready? Okay, go! Harder, faster. Faster (cheering) – [RCSparks] Come on Thor – [Steve] Are we there yet? – [RCSparks] No, we’re not getting anything Okay, nevermind. Back to work – [Krazy Joe] Back to work – Fire it up (indistinct) – [RCSparks] Okay, so what I need you to do is grab a bulldozer and start filling in all the holes – Okay – [RCSparks] Thank you – Excellent test – [RCSparks] Thank you – This is the best job ever. I don’t know what – [RCSparks] Whoa, whoa, whoa, settle down I like your enthusiasm Tell me what you like about the job – Oh, it’s a great place you know Driving great equipment – Hey boss. I hate asking again, man, but I need $20 for my dog’s paw He injured it the other day – [RCSparks] You said your dog was a girl – [RCSparks] Hello – Hi – [RCSparks] What are you doing out here? – I’m here to uber your food – [RCSparks] Oh, you bring food? Can I see? Yeah, nice. Boys? Shut her down (all cheering) – [RCSparks] Lunch time! Nice job – Bon appetit – [RCSparks] Thank you my love I appreciate you Some food for everybody. Nice – [Wes] Pickles, cheese and more meat – [RCSparks] Hey, looks good, man. Looks good I get my stupid gluten free dairy free (honking) – Boss – [RCSparks] Yeah – I See all this food, no (honking) beer – [RCSparks] What’s the deal with that? – You know where it is? – Rookie. Oh, he’s not here Hey, blue hat guy, go grab six beer. Faster (all shouting) – [RCSparks] Yes, another day on the rich Alberta gold Prairie’s You don’t think this lunch is free, right? This is part of the RCSpark’s studio, YouTube gold experience Every one of these guys all signed a contract today that said they’re paying for this experience – I didn’t read the contract. I just signed it – And a full cavity search to the end to make sure you’re not stealing gold – What? What? – [RCSparks] Jim, cavity searches Oh, you’re on cavity search duty Six feet apart, gentlemen You know how hard this is to keep everybody six feet apart – I got better feet than you – I only got two feet, man – I know – How am I supposed to measure that – [RCSparks] We got the Kobelco out here, digging away New operator on the excavator Costs a lot for me to train these guys, but overall to bring it… lift it up But when they are trained, it makes it a lot easier We’ll have a nice, smooth running team Good. Yeah – Can you do me a small favor? – What is that?

– Tyler asked me for 10 bucks. I don’t have 10 bucks You got 20 bucks? – [RCSparks] Watch out, watch out You can’t be standing right in the way in your sandals In your sandals, bro Dude, who knocked over the sign? There’s a safety sign right here Round and around she goes knock out these trays. Beautiful Wes using the loader. Very small target, but I find makes training a lot…beautiful – That was good I staged that – I saw (laughs) I meant to do that Let’s get all this here Wash and move in (buzz sound) Oh great (men shouting) Shut it down! We’re never going to make any money. Okay, number one The hood of that is going to be priority one What are you standing here for? We’re trying to do him – I think someone’s sabotaging the equipment here I got another broken excavator over, or broken loader over It’s so broken I don’t even know what it is anymore – [Tyler] Hey Joe, you got 20 bucks I could borrow (clapping) – [Steve] Nice, well done – [RCSparks] who’s driving the rock truck – [Wes] Matthew – [RCSparks] Matt? I’m gonna get you to turn into it, when I say go (engine roaring) (indistinct) – [Jim] And not the little one. The big one – [RCSparks] Let’s worry about the truck first Don’t blow a tire (robotic sounds) – [Krazy Joe] Drive forward. Drive forward Stop. Don’t move, don’t move, don’t move Drive forward (honking) – [RCSparks] You’re welcome – [Jim] Good job – Whew – Look at everybody standing around. Get back to work Fire it up – [All] Fire it up – Hey. What’s going on? – [RCSparks] I noticed you have several Brewskies for the boys – (honk) the boys. These are my beers – [RCSparks] That’s a nice pile So essential to have multiple loaders on site Bob actually suggested it last season That we also got an extra rock truck Such a nice little excavator here How do you find operating it Aaron? – [Aaron] It’s all right Feels a little bit backwards – [RCSparks] Yeah, I keep the control setup as John Deere controls People find people find that incredibly – Too bad it’s not John Deere though – [RCSparks] Yeah, well. It’s a RC It’s whatever my imagination says it’s gonna be – That’s right – [RCSparks] You know, doesn’t this make you a more well rounded operator Cause now you can operate everything – Exactly – [RCSparks] You need more pay? – I need more pay – [RCSparks] More pay. Faster rate – [Krazy Joe] Hurry up – [RCSparks] Dude, I would expect you to speak up and say something at least I know that it might not seem to be like a glamorous job, but I’m gonna need you to start doing dust control We’ve got a little bit more wind out here. All the roads – Fine – It keeps everybody’s respiratory system, you know, clear

– Respiratory systems Yes, yes. Breathing – So here we go. A lot of people said I should have where’d you go? Wes? – What? – Holy (honk). A lot of people said that I should have a water truck, but I think this is more effective and you can cover more area quickly – Do I have to make sound effects? – I would like that, actually I think the viewers would too Can you give me an example of what a water truck sounds like? – Vroom, vroom – That sucks (engine roaring) – [RCSparks] Excellent job I like your dedication and commitment Krazy Joe, That’s a big Johnson – [Krazy Joe] I’m just swinging the Johnson, bud – [RCSparks] Right over the cab? Dude you gotta be worried about the cab operator, no? – [Krazy Joe] Why? – [RCSparks] That’s a good point – [Krazy Joe] It’s just Lyle – [RCSparks] Well, and there’s no one inside – [Krazy Joe] Well a little plastic guy, I think – [RCSparks] It would look stupid if they’re just empty (robotic sounds) – [Krazy Joe] Dust control, excellent, excellent job – [RCSparks] The whole funnel road please Try to straighten out your back It’ll hurt your lower back otherwise I’m required to tell you that – [Krazy Joe] Hey Lyle, great job thinking outside the box there, bud – [RCSparks] There, good job – [Krazy Joe] Gotta take the road all the way around buddy And I think you’re going to the Kobelco – Okay – [RCSparks] Just for safety, so we didn’t have too many trucks driving around the site at the same time Get ahead of him with dust control. There we go How do you find the pump on this excavator? – [Steve] Seems to be working It’s rather slow, but it’s working good – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s very meticulous I like to use this with people that are learning Lots of power, and I keep it nice and slow Of course she doesn’t have any teeth on that bucket – [Steve] No teeth (machines roaring) – [RCSparks] Such a beautiful bucket ey? I painted it up Kev, what do you think? – [Kev] It looks amazing – [RCSparks] It’s a great, great bucket. Look at that She has no issues If there was wind, we’re not getting any loss And we usually have a lot of wind out here on the Prairie We’ve seen lots of pay, blow away, hey? – [Kev] Oh yeah – [RCSparks] That helps prevent it You can see running at 67 on the speed dial here Everything heavy just comes on down here All the tailings. Beautiful – [Aaron] Where’d you get this guy – [RCSparks] Who? crazy Joe? He walked in one day and said, I’m going to be a part of this (laughs) He hasn’t been able to keep his hands off my Johnson all day – [Aaron] He loves it – You can’t be an operator if you can’t maintain your equipment – [RCSparks] What are you insinuating? I haven’t been maintaining my equipment? – Oh no. We just saw a leak So it always gotta be maintained to keep it working – [RCSparks] You know, I gotta tell ya I don’t know of a piece of hydraulic equipment that doesn’t leak when it’s 30 degrees outside – Damn straight – It’s like I’m never gonna make any money around here – I know – Every time I get it fired up, I have to shut it down for some stupid reason And I got like the most guys here – Fuck, you kinda owe a lot of money today – It’s a lot of beer – [Jim] Got a whole truck load of pay here – You got any pay left? – We got a full truck ready to go

– [RCSparks] Then run the pay, and that’s all you get – Copy that – [RCSparks] How many loaders are down? – This one is good, that one is bad – [RCSparks] So we got one loader Start bringing the gear in towards the center No, let him run that He’s got one thing, well yeah. No cab, nevermind Just scoop it up Shut her down – Working on this mine site is (honk) hell I got this guy over here, Steve, who says he knows what he’s doing He’s got no fucking clue Crazy Joe, he’s just yelling at everybody just for the sake of yelling at everybody And then all these other (honk) new guys, I don’t know what the (honk) they’re doing I don’t mind going back to prison if I have to – [RCSparks] Shut her down (all shouting) – [RCSparks] Everything come to… listen to that No sound at all Doesn’t sound like a gold mine without that running – Sounds just like Bob here The man of few words The golden helmet. That’s perfect attendance No one else has been wearing the golden helmet – Not a scratch on it either – New guys, I want this to be an example to you What you can get if you have attendance every day, the golden helmet – Isn’t that my helmet that you grabbed from me this morning? That’s my helmet – [RCSparks] The golden helmet – The golden helmet, you know what? – [RCSparks] We’ll pay for the helmet You’re forfeiting your Fort That is your reward for today – Well done – [Lyle] Now you better feel bad because Bob is gonna get a (honk) sunburn on his head – [RCSparks] Dude, you just stole from a guy that has no arms and no legs and can’t speak – [Tyler] I never knew he had hair – I don’t feel bad – He has colored hair, but it’s – [RCSparks] I don’t know what to say, having all this help on the mine site Makes cleanup a breeze Steve, you saved it for Thought you were dribbling in the pond Oh, party foul, dude – [Krazy Joe] Why’d you spill my (honk) beer, man – [RCSparks] Do you drink beer? – No – [RCSparks] Oh you don’t? – Nope – You spilled my (honk) beer, man – [Aaron] Why did you put it under the trommel – [RCSparks] Because he is protecting it from the sun – [Aaron] You should drink it – I was getting the Sluice Boxes out – Well, I was getting the trommel out – [Krazy Joe] You better get me another (honk) beer before this one sees the table Or you’re gonna to be fired – [RCSparks] So here’s a good piece from little red Look at that People always ask. Is it real gold? My answer to you would be, well then how the heck did the Sluice Boxes actually catch it if it wasn’t? Look at that piece over there It’s just floating right on top of the carpet – [Aaron] Steve is grabbing the wrench so can take them both – [RCSparks] Let her go. Perfect These gold hog mats hold tons of gold – Money! – [RCSparks] Yeah. Money, money, money (indistinct) No one’s ever seen this process Normally we keep this under lock and key – [Jim] Well they’re pretty nonchalant dumping some of the excavator work into the rock trucks And I told them, “Take it easy. That’s actual real gold.” They’re like “Really?” Yeah, man – [RCSparks] We’re not just fooling around here Everyone’s like, “You guys should drive RC trucks to the mine site.” Like we’re playing make-believe – [Jim] Crazy talk – [Krazy Joe] And then you get those guys to play with dolls – [RCSparks] Yeah, Right? Well mine are action figures – [Krazy Joe] There’s a distinct difference – [RCSparks] If they’re in construction equipment, it’s action figures There’s a piece of gold in my hand – [Aaron] Oh yeah. There it is – [RCSparks] You got a lot of pockets to check today too, before everybody leaves – [Jim] Yeah, I got a full box of rubber gloves, don’t worry – [RCSparks] Lube? – [Krazy Joe] Kevin? – [Jim] No, this is mining dude – [Krazy Joe] You don’t even lube for the cavity search? – [Jim] It’s pretty odd I imagine you’re pretty swampy right now Mandatory dunking in the settling pond – What you staring at me for – [Krazy Joe] Well, if we’re gonna pick a face to put on camera – Just rubbing my minor’s Moss. Nothing to see here – [Jim] The Moss of a minor – This just feels wrong. Okay – Well I can stay there for next time – Man, hold on. Let me see if I can get in the hole – Okay, Okay. Get it in the hole – Hold on – Oh please no, oh please no – I got my hands in the rocks and I’m getting real wet Getting real wet. Getting real wet I washed those rocks, hoping for some gold Hoping for some gold I’m getting real wet

They’re rocks, that’s not gold. They’re rocks That ain’t gold Holy (honk) my hands are freezing Where does this water come from? – Hey, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa – Look at that – [Jim] Don’t be throwing shit on the ground – I’m putting the rocks back in the pond Rocks going back in the pond – [Jim] Don’t hold on for too long, you’ll hurt your arm, man – [RCSparks] Lyle everybody gets one squirt, Joe one mask – [Krazy Joe] Next! – Don’t (honk) touch me – [RCSparks] You’re in compliance, six feet away Goldie here – Don’t (honk) touch me – Great. Wasn’t on my list of things to do – I believe that’s on inside-outside – [RCSparks] Take a squirt. That’s fine – Good job not touching me – Okay boys, Time for gold Lets wash them, wash, and wash and see how much gold we got – [All] Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go – [RCSparks] You’re using… oh, no Right away. You’re using. Grab the shovel You’re using a spoon. I don’t want no fucking spoon We should be using a shovel. Not a spoon – It’s cause brookie is not here – [RCSparks] Oh well he decided not to come here I think it’s just better luck to use the shovel Yeah boys. Wearing your mask and hard hats, and your high vis, it doesn’t get much safer than this – There’s one – Another one Oh, that’s another one – [RCSparks] Oh, that’s a nice piece Oh careful. You almost dropped it – I don’t crack under the pressure – [RCSparks] I’m loving that gold That’s a huge piece, KJ It looks like a boot – [Krazy Joe] Great – [RCSparks] Yeah There’s another piece – [Krazy Joe] Oh, nice – [RCSparks] Bigger team, bigger goals – [Jim] I suppose so boss – [Krazy Joe] Here’s to big Johnson – [RCSparks] That is exactly right Hey, it’s moving a lot of pay – It’s entirely just your big Johnson – [RCSparks] Thank you – [Jim] Well and some other stuff – [RCSparks] Well it’s teamwork You guys put that little bit of extra into extraordinary today I appreciate that. You too gold baby (cheering) – Well, you know there is an I in team – [RCSparks] Well, there is? – It’s hidden in the (honk) Yeah, in the A-hole – [RCSparks] Hey, why don’t you make like a tree and get out of here Good job Jim Here you go tiny hose And everyone always asks why we keep getting the big gold and I keep giving– – [Tyler] Hey man, can I get that chunk? I need some gas money to get home – Shut up. Come on man – Come on, man – I got to get home. It’s a long drive back home – You can walk – [RCSparks] That’s a beautiful piece That’s like three tanks of gas – Like in his truck? – Like a week’s work – [RCSparks] Dude your mask it slipped off – Oh shit, man – I see a lot of sand today – I Know – [RCSparks] There is a ton of sand in the final Like we’ll just run it through the wheel Now that we’ve got the 24 inch wheel, it is so much better – A lot better – [RCSparks] Doctor – Doctor – [RCSparks] Doctor – Doctor – Doctor – Doctor – Hey everybody, I’m doctor Nick – Doctor – [All] Oh no! – [RCSparks] That’s a piece of gold right there What you talking about, it’s just too dry Anybody got a blowtorch? I can barely breathe in this thing Oh, it’s Lyle. I can’t even tell with all these masks on – [Lyle] Surplise – Surplise. Starting the wheel – Starting the wheel – Better rocks are flying away now – Okay. Oh. There’s the first chunk. Nice – Another one rolling around in here – [RCSparks] Oh I do. I saw it – There it goes there – There it is. I see it – It’s just bouncing around It’s going to catch This takes it right up to the center The rest of the rocks get washed away – [RCSparks] Hanging on the flow, the half flow Just rinsing it down into the final bowl

All the gold’s made its way through here Here’s some gold in there. Look at this Right, right here Here’s a piece There’s a piece of gold right there Oh. It’s just my ring – Okay, good – [RCSparks] False alarm – Yes, the finest of the finest – Right there? – Yeah – [Krazy Joe] Watch it go into the wheel – [RCSparks] Look at Bob Marley here He’s not worried about no electricity hazard – That’s a typical whole operator They try to get away with everything – Yeah dude, guilty That’s good. Steve – Where’s the bucket? – [RCSparks] No, don’t turn on the wheel – Just kidding, stop – [RCSparks] Dunk it in there Replace the bucket before we turn on the wheel Oh, that looks nice – Hold on Let’s just get a little more here. Make sure we got it all – [RCSparks] Oh nice – One more. Still got a couple of little stragglers in there – [RCSparks] Get in the bucket – Fuck it – [RCSparks] Gold train, we’re live – Look at that right away. Oh my God! We’re team gold baby (cheering) – [RCSparks] Let me make an adjustment over here. Hold on That’s a ton of gold – There we go We’ll bring it back so that black sand creeps up almost to the top – [Jim] I have this much – [RCSparks] Let’s go, let’s see it We all worked hard for this today (cheering) – That looks really good – [RCSparks] Nice, look at that There are some nice pieces in there Jesus. Look at that – [Krazy Joe] That looks great – [RCSparks] That’s a pile of gold dude Right on. We need to dry this off I’m surprised. I’m surprised Can you hold this for a second? – Remove all that water Soak that water. Yeah Look at all that, ey. That’s insane That’s beautiful There’s some good pickers in there too (indistinct) It could be shot rounded, bird shot – Did you get them? – [RCSparks] Says grams Oh yes. We very sure – Let’s zero it out – Here you go – Still weighs nothing There we go 0.5, 0.7, 0.8 7.9 grams. Right off the bat You just smoked what I said 9, 9.7 a little piece went under the table 12. This is gonna be huge 14, 14, 14.3, 14.6 A little on there Dude, that’s our biggest day yet 14.7 (cheering) – Good job boys. Good job Holy cow. Our biggest day yet Our biggest crew yet That’s an incredible job boys. Good job, good job Now, I don’t want y’all to think that I’m not a generous bastard, right? – No one thinks that – No, of course not Come on over. Put your hand out Here’s your part for today? There you go. Everybody gets one Price of gold these days There you go – Hey KJ here – [RCSparks] You barely earned anything today there Jimbo – Oh really? – Here you go. There you go Oh, you got two Hey, he got two guys He’s stealing from you – Hey fucking put one back – I put it back. Don’t be a pussy

– Okay, now. Good news gentlemen Usually, here you go Usually it costs a shit load of money to be here The good news is, is it’s only going to cost y’all a piece of gold So if you could all put it back in the tray for me, please, – That was short lived Lets get together in on three boys YouTube gold, one, two, three – [All] YouTube gold – [RCSparks] Until next time boys Now you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here, right? TTFO, see you later – Adios – All season, 46 grams An ounce and a half What was your first YouTube gold experience like? – Oh wow – Did you have a good time? – Is it as hard as everybody thinks it – That depends on the weather, and you sir, the man who quickly and clearly stole Bob’s golden helmet for a perfect attendance – This is mine – Truth be told I stole it from you today just to give it to Bob Jim, how was your day on the mine? You know, this was like our biggest cleanup of the whole season so far So we’re almost at an ounce and a half Can you believe that? And what about you? Good day at the mine? Yes. I got you right out of the Appalachian mountains Thanks for coming down. And you? Could still use that gas money to get home though – You need to pay for all the mall you use today You think all this was for free? – You’re getting paid to be – No dude. You pay to be here – I got you out of the kindness of my heart. Nice – It’s not all 15 bucks. Awesome – That’s as good like a Harbor freight – That’s right That’s like the Harbor freight of Harbor freight princess auto – What’d you say? – I said I’m out of here – You’re out? You’re leaving? – Jim? Come on. It’s time You know what the rule is while we can’t have any gold leaving here today – Reap from my pleasure