Fearboat「Miitopia 🛡😨🗡Ep7」

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Fearboat「Miitopia 🛡😨🗡Ep7」

Oh music yes I did Bob I love it so much I never really paid attention to it so good hi everybody my name is Phil but we’re gonna be playing a video game called a Meech hope you’ll let us do it oh well good morning Connecticut afternoon viewers any any time good and this is Phil what’s YouTube welcome everybody by popular demand and by that I mean all heads me one second I don’t think I’m supposed to be shown right now give it wrong view and miitomo there we go um see me a lot of you guys were like really asking for the return of this game for Ferb for me topia a lot of you guys but like like one guy specifically I’m sure you’re watching in the comments section of one of my videos one of my live stream videos was like hey could you do some I really like it the person I was watching before stopped doing it are you please doing it you’re like you know what I mean I’m totally in I have so much fun with this game let’s do it what is this pic well design me Curtis a you like alright what is this gonna come into play I wonder Oh scaredy pup scaredy pup I like scary pup Ben looks a little bit too much of Chris hex honestly uh crow Renaldo I like your Ronaldo frisk I feel like it’d be done with shorter hair and fluffy that’s a character right there fluffy what else we got here got one more thing right which one looks the most plucky hmm cyborg sure Harold Takeshi weird dude evil Peter Mustapha or lenny face how could I not give it to my boy weird dude the classic main protagonist of such great titles that I dare not even mention on this live stream there’s the music I love so much whoo you’ve collected five new types of swords alright fair enough next so I should probably make this the best view there we go alright well we got three arcade tickets I think it’s time for some RPS all right schmuck get in there we got our redeem ourselves I’ll play the first game before the chat hops in alright our ps2 started off no rule that baby it’s always about our PS oh good first game let’s get one win we got one more win that’s what’s important to me right now I do feel a lucky streak coming on let’s go I mean it sucks face is like okay I don’t want to lose money no food with that money come on then Oh tie up tie up oh why can I not win – is it RPS Speedrunner playing for you now you think you think nah man oh alright chat you decide now help me get two wins chat which options are we looking at rock paper or scissors I’m gonna keep an eye on you here roulette is so much better than aw man rock super Colby gamer says rock to start it off all right that does not seem like the best option all right let’s do that one more time play again we have your face back no it’s a come on kid give us your best shot it’s all good here we go I’m looking over at chat what are we looking at three two one listen chat we all stir mm with rock those did not seem to be the plays big oof that’s okay though we will play again another time we gotta do the best we can for a while all right failable you’re failing my expectations of your intelligence you have expectations my intelligence I’m honored I had no idea that people expected anything in my intelligence uh no don’t you I think you got like a new like clothing Ari item recently all right well here we’re back it out we’re said now I forget where we were let’s see that’s right simple Bob simple bob was fighting that’s okay here

we go what our winner off it’s your Erica yeah this would guarantee a treasure chest you know what yeah this will grant me a treasure chest why not see what we got Go Go Go understood it’s the penguin gear I remember now you are the rock strange comedy no I see you I love so you can’t see smoke city smoke is bald Erica is that a shot at him Erica is the sassy one so you know why–i I can see that coming from her let’s see what we got actually we get the speed up this fight this is a non important character fight waiting this we don’t have to watch every little bit of Greg Oh new skill love and peace what we got Korra’s over know what what of the tip jar okay so now only Erica just like simple Bob dude I just talked to simple bottles that you know Erica’s not too bad love song oh my god horrible man hey hey it’s candy she feels now let’s go simple Bob so now we just got to figure out who I was going on with Erica here next I love that I love that giant mood of a face on her hat giddyup all right well here get to the middle of the road it’s what we’ve been looking for now I don’t want to slow down just yet the travel begins when we ascend I got to see what’s in that treasure chest that’s taunting me it might be more RPS tickets that’s important for me to know all right here we go nose Rock a and nose rock beat truly up there with the most conniving of video game bosses Oh Erica don’t butt in Erica come on Erica you don’t need to do that Erica love and peace baby let’s go I talked her out of it Erica it’s okay he doesn’t hate you anymore you don’t hate him anymore it’s alright it’s alright yo let’s go Phil Boaz just like such a dude Phil what’s running such a good like support not just literally supporting but he is actually supporting them their attitudes on and breaking his spine makes me happy go let’s go the other man who stops probably retreats others Oh schmuck spicy dish Oh God digging oh god what dude what if you had an attack that could make people breathe fire what do you need I love it simple Bob’s been cooking up some mean ones here but rather schmuck as simple puffs Benina up some mean ones here put a little bit of a whole lot of a thing open I gotta check it oh okay I appreciate that help me out a fair bit Sun chance is there a pro at minecraft I’m glad to know glad to know I always all stuffy I’ll be fine I don’t understand their interaction sometimes that’s what gets me sometimes the interactions are like I want you to eat chocolate for dinner I think moles are cute like what these interactions sometimes do didn’t beat up a poor mole I love that lob shot home cooking baby dig in I love this game man why is this game so cool let’s go Phil bow dude we are changing Erica’s heart Erica was the sassy moody one and with a little bit of encouragement and a lot of teamwork and some fail boat posing not sure what that was we’re curing hearts out here man let’s go simple Bob going for those big kills that was tough I disagree man we win right through that literally I just helped beat him we went right through that oh I guess I wasn’t ready chess interesting maybe you mean ten and peakins Oh

any fatty good down that oh yeah you’re a big a deacon Sophia is a large the new source of power by some vagary over the arcane the more MP yetis you ate the greater their effect will be they will prove again once you’re a team as in 20 MP caddies to scarf them down yeah thank you kook we yeah friendship restored friendship restored I’m glad to see all right eat grub luckily we can all eat glad to hear I need to figure out our eating situation to give us a better chance of meeting all right defends the speed I feel like I would benefit a little bit more from that than Erica all right Horsham me well you don’t want this so this has to go to Erica and simple Bob I wonder what I’m gonna get new party members it’s been a while there we go oh so about life in love super Bob what he likes it adorable and then you haven’t eaten yet I don’t want to give it to him he doesn’t like it that much he qicang hang out he can hang out for a while it was full I need to get better at eating man that’s a strange strange sentence I do all right polka odd uniform you know what all yours buddy increase that defense you need it well game’s gonna be reading today I’ve no idea Petra we’ll decide later they always look so happy Oh what was this supposed to steam color brown right well wherever we can find a brown color I think that’s what it was I’m losing a little bit of there there thematics alright that’s okay you need something them monster armor simple buzzes evolving advanced Bob advanced Bob is this powerup man what is his this is like all I got light bluish kind of thing what we don’t really have a light blue that’s okay then I mean I mean schmuck was green oh okay that’s right we change that around couldn’t nope they’re good that’s okay bluff it well update that later let’s see oh is good for right now these guys are increasing their relationship a little bit simple Bob and Erica I think it would be bad to have these guys increase their relationship a little bit more we’re are like best buds here actually these two are the closest of buds interesting let’s keep let’s keep going what we got set out good spot good squad all equipped and ready man ah you’ve glad to find entrants uniforms sounds good man you can change your colors in this stuff menu Oh perfect idea for here menu stuff aha thank you very much chat head and weapon too bad it on equips them too bad well I have of course have yellow you have who are you again I think you were blue I think you were blue I don’t worry about that schmuck you were green it does make a lot of sense all right and then Eriko is I guess red but we don’t really have too many red options all right yellow blue green red simple simple simple simple all right well we’re gonna lurk over there that’s right let’s do it man we’re getting into it there’s a feature called Edit appearance wait what really all do dot Alton I’ll just take a look at that later thank you guys for the heads up we’re gonna print speed we’re back at the air so spin up here Erica’s still sassy well I suppose we could give up and never find the prints same eye I

suppose I can go on there we go we have to we have to collect sir collector work sir man my words are not coming together today course sir why is like the word forming in my in my head but not correct Leela it happens sometimes all right you have a choice let’s go up need some kitty oh that’s a strange coming what is armor man symbol Bob’s armor is so good when you’re when you put me in Starling my Starling plans kind of fell through I probably all right iliza is high demand for it yo let’s go simple Bob and Erica having uh having a nice like Oh what was it called a resurgence it’s good man I’m glad to see I’m glad to see will be the – it’s piece of cake I agree we’re surgeons a recovery excuse me Daniel is highlighted why because that is my name charge I agree open of course you open it I hate that I hate what that is awarded me I’m not I’m not okay with it got a hole in my shoe perhaps you should get some new gear it’s been a while since you had a new gear from not mistaken you’ve been rocking this one for a long time let’s do it simple combat man we already know how to handle it well let’s go praise boys praising love will kill with friendship it’s gold simple Bob took that head get out to miss swamp I agree what a breeze this is going great just do the roulette we’ll see about that well we’ll talk about that maybe I’ll do at least one oh boo up do op do op another one we’re gonna praise together oh that’s great this game is nice all right eat grub we all have too much unfortunately but feel both on eating today I’ll say that much you did I eat last time you need some food there you go give them a lot actually and you all’s gonna get some miss Kay I don’t think we know that what that is okay you really like that good to know we’ll do that later we’ll do that later I know they’re all hungry I’m upset I never have enough food in here no your stream is 10 thank you do for justice whatever I don’t care weightless don’t like stand on it I don’t care enough we’re going to a new area let’s do it man hello Veon huh oh that’s right Richmond nearby Lin sighs they asked him what his name was he didn’t even want to answer he just sighed at them and so that’s what they wrote down you imbeciles take me to the princess see it’s this instant and don’t you dare dawdle whoa God what was the waiting out of the loan cuz I was at mom I was attacked by monster God I don’t care about that does he just make excuses the entire time we have to play with him don’t we Oh Griffin do we aint skipping this way let’s go it’s he in the squad – oh my god little Griffin is strong oh oh boy Leslie’s going for some different ones here home cookin though that’s how we do do in before the Prince just steals the food don’t you dare buddy he’s eyeing it he’s not doing anything thank you I agree let’s go sir that thing would happen he gets me every time I look at jum / that’s how we do it simple Bob geez I don’t like that I don’t want that at all oh it’s using that move this actually is

really not looking good hold on a minute let’s turn off auto battle for a second here so I believe I can move Bilbo in here for a little bit press X I know what that was take it press the wrong button hold on back all right here we go stay sharp we will not back down I fully agree we have to wait till fail boat is feeling good enough then we can moving back from the seat all right here we go Phil is back in action get that boy in there back into combat oh I love these sidebar that’s so cute oh this is not good smoke scared him down smoke just stared him down do you see smug theorem right back in the eyes Oh first I do up you up yo in forward stance restoration of help get well soon visit a friend in the safe spot to speed up the recovery what that’s so good let’s go elbow simple Bob got it but since this music man oh my god the schmuck that’s there on one more time huh oh here it comes you want to go after schmuck that’s all you got you be able to get hit with as many eyes as you want he’ll walk here with only two back he only needs to to look at you you need six to look at him he only needs the normal amount trying to fight schmuck let’s go team plays dude I like this man I like this a lot oh that does that’s a little rough oh he’s attacking three times now he’s a growed HP banana that’s how we do could you stop what is this first stubborn court bluff baka what is that is that is that smoke you need that you definitely need that smoke what are you doing I can heal myself with my home cooking protection mode oh you stepping in yo let’s go the cinematic shot y’all catch those cinematics what are you ain’t simple Bob what are you doing No oh I hate you let’s go new skill resurrection heroes never die we want good oh yeah I guess simple bombs on here Oh big rip well just happen though this is not good this is not good we’re gonna start to lose people fast simple bob was trying to be too heroic it’s not good we can still heal a little bit but she’s now completely out of MP deal with might be able to do something though encore Oh another heal maybe no schmuck it’s in our turn oh my god the strats here’s enough MP to heal people let’s go the double home-cooking baby it’s a whole entre them’s the big strats it might not be a big enough strat though wait a minute wait a minute friendship little look oh my god friendship level up – up – up let’s go the power of friendship baby people saying you sprinkles I forgot to press the spring a little button well first of a whole lotta man I don’t even need to you have a do op do op yo friendship okay well first of all MP life now we don’t need that being an MP one right

over here stat that’s not enough I forgot that sprinkles don’t do much well for now that will do for now with a gripping like calling over there doraville all right we need to triangle for a resurrection thing again it’s so strong at least schmuck can take that hmm I’m worried I’m not gonna lie we’re very fastly running out of MP oh let’s go come on schmuck yo got this extra MP bonus that’s exactly what we needed we’re keeping this going I don’t know for how long but we’re keeping this another another friendship level up this Griffin’s trying to tear us apart is only getting us closer together we’re in warning together we’re evolving as we fight you can do what you want to us man but we’re still learning as we go you’re making mistakes not killing us this early you’re making mistakes let’s go smart do it for her that is how we do the level up across the board is almost all smug gained a little look at my boy look at my boys schmuck get out of miss swamp get out of me swamp get out of here they do it hard fossil experts we should pull this group oh I spy the castle Oh Erica just loosely she’s just like twitching up and down cuz you can’t see her actual feet she’s just like dancing in place now we’re all men princess your beloved princess will soon be by your radiance I’d go man big strats greenhorn castle well where is Prince everyone’s size when they say his name I can understand why return safely we see splendid here is a reward throne room talk to me adorable oh well what do they like to pegleg’s daring this is all your beloved Prince hmm and not my name oh you you dog no what are you doing with princess who are you supposed to be oh no one special only the princess’s fiance princess can’t make you marry a dork like you Wow Wow Joe gee those callouts yo let’s go Joe gee look me in the eye and say that oh yo let’s go that’s a good right there I remember that don’t my boys please stop stop it you two I really need all the school tubers that I modeled these guys after to like voice over the scene if we can get in everyone is here moment that would be too amazing what on earth is all this commotion the

anime lines all boy it’s a proper bickering okay George George is about to break out his super saiyan blue those three are in a state maybe some calming fruit might we ask you to find one for us don’t worry don’t worry welcome Vincent Lee accrued so are deep in the forest I think we just talked to them but sure but whatever works alright they are burning up with anger he comes yeah I’ll give that I’ll give you a little something first more money Oh literally more money goodness King Gigi is loaded all right here we go oh the mr. meeseeks guys so much so much fun uh-huh all right all right here we go where we off to now no not up here almost almost here we go off on adventure here go go go I completely agree I am the wind simple Bob you’re a monster and I love it what a battle would you really let loose a prince has a bit if he if he’s her betrothed feel bad for for princess ooh scree I’m raring to go I love just like half dashing let’s go whoa what’s that button what’s that button a tap tap the explanation boy I’ve no idea what that was no I’m fine I’ll find their symbol Bob we’re all good whoa Mars me trap I don’t like how it’s alone that gives me Wario Oh what careful it took Erica lost ah let’s go give her back oh let’s go simple Bob give her back do you mess with one of our friends you mess with one of our friends now you take the hits piece of cake that’s right baby one is XP let’s go oh dude Erica of course we gotta get Erica to catch up a little bit okay first me there we go there’s a Mars trap that is cool oh I’m Marci now I want to continue playing man I haven’t fun Erica’s face what taunted food and fortunately y know both of us didn’t eat before who could use the attack more oh this has got to be a simple Bob even though we ate before man this has got to be a simple Bob food yeah man he will take plenty of advantage from that speed and attack style and grace all right what we all looking for macho threads oh my god still without about here out here about to look like a jojo’s bizarre adventure character I bought abs what on earth in the outfit is completely gold Phil modes bizarre adventure what is this sure let’s go I love that aesthetic so much III what we got here it’s your dream I remember that now this aesthetic oh it’s so nice literally bought ABS adventure armor I mean yeah you did just buy armor but I gotta admit this one is pretty good and you aren’t blue if I’m not mistaken there we go love that keep dude we’re gonna have Chinese food I

just realized let’s go Chinese foods here we go I think we’re all set now let’s keep it going well first let’s do one rule way start go Chinese uniform where we got one of us thank you why does if we get a duplicate luckily we will not find out how Street well the faster the TNT face in the middle Mouse treats Oh interesting yeah I mean why not why not you know I want to see what that budget is the jolly jaunt ticket let’s see we’re gonna get it no we’re not gonna get each beat banana there we go HP banana one more why not since that’s the pitbull put them I love these streams so much no but we can have a duplicate maybe okay we take it Rhett’s Chinese uniform okay how does this work Oh can you give it to like another person no I’d rather sell it honestly yeah that works with me yeah boss vote for the red buff boat that’s what we’re calling it I also don’t mind Flex boat bump boat and flex boat they both sort of work at least you got some nice treats because you already eat eaten I don’t save over feet so now here we go make that an emote flex boat go chat which side do you stand on do you stand on buff boat or flex boat fail ball four flex boat pledge your allegiance now I love little flips they do alright can you add another character I don’t know I’m sort of waiting on it I believe I have control of it what is this bow Oh tasty slurp same the wool strong strong tasty schnapps all right let’s do it I like flexible person spicy dish let’s go Erica her fail buff flex boat cool Dodge to swallow it now we do it sure plus one oh nice ball health do this that friendship briny man all their they’re not that bad high attack not that high HP dude I love how he just comes down with that head Oh America does not deserve that is that too much punishment recently oh my god snaps back now we can just see it let’s go flex boat oh the dual got it we have to create duo names for all of them like simple bobbins schmuck when they attack like what is the what is that duo name I’ll leave it to you guys to create the names I can’t monitor at all too much for me to remember let’s go tan tan tan tan at that snob this mob duo flex anuman let’s go fast Erica goes it’s useful sometimes sometimes earworm a cow don’t have ears fail bow I mean it works I guess sure sure simple cooking Yogi’s distracted plays Samak Oh Bob I think smuggle Bob is actually perfect simple schmuck before you were damaged let’s go simple father taking him down donut killed him and want to hit that was spun back on him

the too strong all do we have so much food I’m so ready I’m going up for now new this is good man oh buffering buffering oh there’s just a lot of enemies at sea all right Marcy trapped in the middle of the game here well for now I I would personally rather take oh never mind they just went for him I thought it wouldn’t come for us until we attacked yo simple smoker you trying to interrupt the duo wait a minute but but they like show schmuck for a second can you like end up hitting them I guess not ow this they don’t do a lot of damage all right all right don’t smack us give them back I agree dude that thing must feel so much pain there we go thanks for the help now smug Stern give it to a man Oh Friday boys hit him with that Friday hey yo Erica twice though Erica head with a hey yeah good job failed oh yeah team simple Bob one worse than me man when simples bob is that he hit some of that simple sob ooh bonus XP that’s once again I’m gonna go to Erica I need to level out this egg this whole eggs like XP thing dude we’re kidding some food I like it well video output low all on now the stream is actually down no Kappa this time that’s not on my part though that’s not that’s on youtubes end yeah I know I know this isn’t memeing here I’m gonna restart the stream here well we’re back I’ll be back feelable the stream is down actually true this time no I think we’re good that was rude yeah that wasn’t a mine that’s on youtubes end I’m still outputting the same stuff YouTube D gave me a warning though so yeah forcing me though alright I bet we get rid of all the fear and worry in the world I miss what the first line was but sure yeah well fraud this all of a sudden if we do find this common fruit we should grow more get people even it coop fail but what are you doing and then we get take over the world but Neverland overlords calling people down so no one will ever fight us let’s go just kidding got him feel what laughing emoji hey don’t want that clck stop fooling around and keep walking look at the elbow go that laughing it’s over the top I agree sounds good giddy up a bite simple Bob while you hittin some with the giddy up you’re running beside us it’d be a little weird any other way honestly please slow down Oh Chester let’s go of course open it like I will do every time from your on out and ever on out let’s go Phil have some Jack legs I don’t know man we certainly are making a lot I’m making it quite the run here the other hasn’t been in for all cutscene rustling bushes maybe hmm I don’t know he sees it but alright where’s me what is that this is that this arm he pulled out you got the calling fruit okay probably in yeah okay I was gonna say man we’re a lot of combat encounters yeah we go big leg nah man there’s no leg this time I can see that pulling man check out on party well what do we got going on down here listen to this what

about feel though recently alright what you saying what he’s saying what are you saying what are you saying Erica would you just tell them what do you tell why did you grow closer by fine you know what as long as you don’t tell the screen I know what there are talk about as long as they don’t tell the stream I’m content fall I’m saying good good god I didn’t talk too loudly alright eat grub all we’re gonna eat good we’re gonna eat good who wants what is this snoop radish is busted who wants some salad I’m nervous I don’t want to give this anyone right now let’s go with a simple stuff for now all right and you don’t know what it is so let’s see what you look what do you think of it all right you’re contented with it good good good you don’t like that you really don’t like that I guess your again the tears or you know the the biting the bitter teeth okay my god my boy doesn’t like anything he doesn’t like any of our selection that’s a kid for now failable can have some of the the mushrooms saute very good by the way I love mushroom saute why do you all eat chocolate what is this party so we even had it okay good what is that party goodness okay what do you all want want a new frying pan understandable go for my guy good stuff good stuff Equipe thank you very much need to increase that strength what do you want you want the wool investments you know what all yours all yours I prefer the penguin thing but you know what you do you I don’t decide it all you get the red one of course all right can you want is still a little bit weird but you know what we take it the rainbow Mike dude let’s go for a min I have a point 104 here we go the style I love it get flipped you spent so much spending money do you need it sometimes go what’s out here looking cool set out let’s go go go go I kind of like the ice cream cone I’m not gonna lie I might put that back on Erica do you hear Phil it is exploding TNT it’s so sad weeps openly flex boat with the rainbow Mike treat yourself I agree is he alright alright alright what next we take it on here we did that we got the calming fruit let’s head on back here oh jeez what’s happening oh god it’s all in disarray the fighting got intense I see jouji awakened his stand oh never mind it’s actual combat Oh what is this imp let’s see how strong these things are there’s clearly here the tutorial things see what we got here without let’s go man these newly upgraded gear do that rainbow mag man it’s doing some plays flex boat hidden it to him alright it’s still one piece I agree we’re making some stuff happen man whoa another okay at least they’re super easy to tell you down here I’m sure that won’t be the case in a fair bit here you know we’re gonna eventually have a boss that we have to fight so far man I gotta say I really love the auto battle in this game maybe one day I’ll do some I’ll do some more like a manual combat but man Auto battle is like perfect for this game because I can just give some

some top and commentary or anyone else what’s going on do you guards the grinch Oh God even the Grinch’s recoiling oh oh it is a boss mr. meeseeks I well you told me to get you food that’s why I was here for I’m not here to guard you just to get food I have a one job I support the king except for what that entails fighting monsters oh my god it’s actually mr. meeseeks I hate how close that is his goals literally to support the king they press the button summon a mr. meeseeks ed to support the king that’s his entire goal I hate this game sometimes same here I’m rippled with muscles under this armor but I’m not much good in the fight that’s too bad I disagree let’s do it boss fight time big imp boy he has two eyes okay this guy doesn’t look cute that naughty imp that’s all you never mind looks are deceiving that spear is powerful I see so much on a banana though ah I love opening turn healing very wholesome for the party not so great in the way of outlook for the actual whole fight but we take what we get well we are dishing out some mean damage let’s go on court you goes I gonna super Bob that’s going a simple Bob give it to him Bob that high dps output let’s go do get out of Miss swamp all the power man you I feel bad for the IMP all dude let’s go do op do op what do we got a full HP recovery so they can lend a hand the darkness but Erica is like Oh buddy you have no idea how dark my heart really is you trying to dip my heart and darkness oh that’s got nothing on me oh no no the Chinese food was too spicy Erica’s not about that life good so I get like yeah I also have some inner darkness what what you doing oh my god let’s go smug also has some darkness in him that we haven’t we have no idea we have no idea what’s in his heart [Applause] dude I love how this darkened images like I’ll get them I’ll tear i’ll taught them with the dark side and she’s like yeah actually we’re also like you know completely cool with that you have no idea what this party is all about the simple schmuck combo that’s how we do boo-boos XP that’s the ones I’m gonna go to Erica to keep to make sure she’s completely caught up there we go double spooky very rare very good to dealt with I want to know what’s going on in there but first King Gigi the Dark Lord is here he’s right inside the pool hold on spin a while since I’ve had to bring out this voice but it sounds like it’s uh it’s back in on the action caught in with wires hold on we’re ready it’s been a while I’m excited to see it Georgie princess its cowering Oh could she lost her face of course goodness gracious me well were those things oh mama mama mama I’m scared save me good mantra I agree I agree Dark Lord

Hank Stoller my beloved it’s a beautiful face I saw him heading toward nightmare tower jouji come with us we need your help buddy nightmare tower I understand I’m so scared well I must pursue the foul fiend boy he rats I’ll save the princess yes yes she’s doing that stress-eating oh he noticed him same big same all right well we don’t have him as part of the party yeah I I imagine we’re bringing Jojo along with our crew eventually all right Yatta Yatta done down or not done I love Jojo fail boat it’s so good all right in the next step now I’ll do it right now I don’t care I’m addicted to this video game what can I say we’re at least gonna try and take on the first level here don’t know if this will bring me all the way there but nightmare tower it is big spook big big spook dream jet you know it was here this entire time and no one ever just thought to deal with the giant menacing tower it was clearly standing there for a very long time I agree justice pursuing is pressing down on me okay if you’re scared you know scared dude simple bob is not a scared fellow never mind you know it takes a lot sometimes sometimes it takes a demonic castle to bring out the the inner feelings here let’s save princess and get out of here simple Bob you know a strong warrior but not fearless fair enough you’ll learn a lot about someone eventually with enough conversation a person I want to say go up to the right probably has some loot but going up is the way I want to go right now we’re on the move and get in the groove I agree let’s do it metal overload is totally right this mental overload same uh princess will join your party I don’t want to know that whole are minute if that’s a spoiler how I’m about to hit that time out no spoilers everybody let’s go why is chat delayed because the world is not instant it takes a second for that for the UH the chat live to to go over to my actual output him back over to you guys takes a fair bit let’s go all the combo plays love and peace sure oh right we’re removing the quarrel Erica picks a lot of fights has a lot to say about a lot of people but she can be talked into talked into uh or talked out of her out of her fights that’s cool no we close it add two hundred rescued faces let’s go piece of cake I agree we’re cleaning it up I’m loving this slowdown no way man we got a rush I want to go up keep on going up man treasure chest let’s go open it of course oh no no stop permitting me with those breakfast we ate well I’ll still you ate tea this morning slimes hitting me with apple jellies give me with Apple jellies sure you know what sure Apple jellies that won’t be a an extremely easy enemy could take care of one by one not Bilbo I actually hit a couple out of time oh my god Phil the hit into it once here ten some encouragement to good job jellies all good job jellies did Bobby even eat this morning do let’s go film oh let’s go film oh he’s in a good mood and full of energy so he gives them some love who slaughter them one per person as you

feel them I take out just last one on its own get down to miss swamp I agree my man and the comforting and everything to fill votes feeling on cloud nine right now this horse slime doesn’t know when it’s in for fail bone alone did 36 damage let’s go man and as our clean 200 let’s go man let’s keep it going find it in strange place for an inn but you know what I won’t question it oh here we go you saved a lot of noses and eyeballs sprinkles okay just sprinkles refuel every Wenders sprinkles refuel I forget help me out chat window sprinkles or fuel oh the people’s grant is a wagon to power within you truly are bake of all probe Autopia all right you make it to your smiting monsters Wow okay expert wants to reach joy 250 people I’m doing oh yeah so apparently every in it completely refuse or sprinkles that’s pretty crazy I understand but what is this but what is this oh ho ho oh ho symbol bomb about to shoot the shot you’ll be back in a sec I understood what is this simple Bob got a wig simple Bob but got a wig to try and impress Erica all that’s amazing simple Bob got here simple Bob got here wait maybe or actually he already had here but he drew it out and dyed it with a her just got a wig huh I suppose he doesn’t just stick with it that’s okay man he saw him all he saw her arguing with schmuck earlier one to cheer up well let’s eat some food here all right so we’re all hungry who needs what let’s start with some cake you know why not man we’re all adults here uh give me some I see I say okay give me some be magic and MP that’s an Erica thing okay oh well no one else but Phil Bowl likes the chocolate so you can eat the chocolate Bilbo there we go then devil’s food cake give it to you oh my god he loves it devil’s food cake is apparently his thing and you know what you get a salad you got the salad simple Bob let’s go I don’t mind increasing your stats across the board all right apparently what do you want to buy okay you want some clothing outlandish uniform I like the Chinese food of not gonna live but you know what it gives you some extra defense I feel you man let’s see what you got oh my god schmuck about to cook up some mad orders schmuck oh my goodness the daring costumes smoke about the cooks he went from Chinese food to Japanese food because that looks mad anime I agree chat all right men let’s set out keep this going schmuck rocking it eat the da key mas

all right well the guy go go go I agree man there’s a lot of new areas in this in this little area so many different ways you can go its brain classes these goblin B huh all right sure dude smokes about to destroy you cellar moon style smokes been watching some anime recently let’s go man smokes a closet weeaboo coming out about it showing that passion hitting up that Sailor Moon cosplay it’s beautiful goblet ham thank you helps having to cook on the team here there’s so much fun agreed I completely agree as well this is a fantastic time nope what we’re thinking about is this something on me yes back of your head there’s a bag on your clothing or bug bug bug on your clothing smack some Bob or snacks muck excuse me don’t take off please do not take off Erica we need you as a healer here oh my god the glasses pair out the 8 the 9 I squad here let’s go hello Phil my husband tacky just really falls over so go to we’re going through these goblins schmuck really does like a lot of anime cuz we’re gonna goblin Slayer right now a lot more family-friendly oh oh oh elbow trip them oh I don’t like that I don’t like that at all alright Phil though you could right back in there get into that safe room feel but you’re in timeout till your heart returns to the side of good I don’t want you to cause any arguments while you’re in disarray here all right all right all right get back into combat my boy there we go I love that little sidebar so much that’s the VI headwind carp resistant that’s right alter-ego they’re kicking in that’s all right we won he fell for the click beat the darkness in his heart took over a fortnight video was made that day spin sped without rain all right all right we’re some me man we’re getting things done who was it no continue playing thank you very much I’m definitely approaching the end of our session for today but I want to do one more this game is so addicting man we’re gonna do an impression of schmuck Oh God get down to miss swamp get out of Miss swamp oh that’s so good yeah justice does see the thing oh I love this game man forgave me so good all right you like the Goblin ham no problem my boy never thought of you as an attacker but you know whatever whatever works all right you like this as well.i increases your attack so I think this is pretty good for you to have all right and you like it and you know what let’s see what you’ll see what you think about it okay like it good to know uh and you also like cake so why not please tell me I like this buddy okay thank you he enjoys it good to know he ain’t like the choco so I don’t know man all right for now let’s set out one more run one more run I’m having some fun with this game oh the dark tones man we’re approaching the final staircase there let’s do it go go go oh this game is so much fun this will be the last one though I’m saying it right now up up up we go how we do don’t worry don’t worry simple Bob gonna smoke on

the team you can cook you up something last night I saw saw what the ghost my heart was beating so fast I couldn’t sleep do you see ghosts a lot baby what do you ask I mean we do sort of fight demons and otherworldly beings quite often I didn’t understand some trauma forming from that I want to sleep hopefully it doesn’t train anything ain’t anything too bad it’s just more money why would you never not open that why would you ever not open those we fight sentient glasses and more or less love geography same in all right this should be interesting got a lot of weird eyebrow lightning clouds there sure got actually a lot of enemies for this one hmm how much HP those lightning clouds that we should be able to take them down bring up that okay they don’t take too much oh let’s go with that jump slash earworm all right what you thinking blending cloud hey you know it’s how to jam I like him let’s go lightning cloud a schmuck you stubborn fool schmuck you stubborn fool you’re hurting their feelings oh your stubbornness got in the way come on schmuck get your head in the game buddy yeah your head in the game good stuff man that’s stubborn personality kicking in that’s what I like to see there we go let’s never see that evil side again oh dude simple balls not to destroy something Dupey to damage your mess would schmuck when he was in a good mood Oh dupa dupa let’s see what we got the anime made him evil homeboy learn to praise beautiful alright the flambe though Sailor Moon finisher oh not yet not yet not yet actually I was like we didn’t damage him yet although he is all alone now now it’s simple it’s simple Bob it’s the simple schmuck ads how we do it still one piece I fully agree actually about to hit that level up to please everyone down a hill and just say yay we go I remember your future to say thank you very much for the for some more support I’m sorry I said your name again I don’t mean to jab lock you like this come on Erica keep your head in the game it’s okay oh goodness the double attack oh my goodness okay now this I don’t like that barrage of attacks isn’t too fun luckily we have a good squad here that HP banana cannon gonna be kicking in here let’s go simple Bob if you get rid of one of those things I think it would be a way better but until that moment we got a lot to go through all right all right all right Oh let’s go thank you very much I don’t want to say your name because I know you’ll just donate a little bit more I don’t want to put you into that situation but thank you very much for the for the support I feel bad if he just kept on doing that every time I said your name thank you very much for the support I appreciate let’s go take out two at once that’s really good what all their hearts are evil I don’t like that idea for now let’s keep it as good as we can the film is just chilling back there don’t you dare no Erica I didn’t act fast enough their magic is too strong it’s even pierced Erica’s heart oh no only one can be back there people did already have a turn back there let’s hope he can chill out in time the elbow

you better stay back buddy there we go let’s go Phil vote love you all I can see back there it got through it Erica love you all spell give her some help that’s what I like to see that power of friendship let’s go finish up Oh No simple bob has been power it up even all he lives it I feel bad for him he should have just gone down when he had the chance simple bah gopher cool feels good attack that’s 84 damage the poor creature it should have gone down a lot sooner how’d you come up with your name it was a meme there’s a fun meme that I just really loved when I was a kid I stuck with it also the quad level up first time we’ve had that we’re all finally at the same point here with levels Erica might be a school boy you’re colored righteous anger it fits so well with her character special enemy with the light of absolute justice Oh God do not get on air do not get on simple Bob’s good side if you’re his enemy or don’t get on Erica’s bad side both seem like a bad place to stand Warren probably reached level 10 I mean actually we’re gonna have a lot of these trophies if that’s what I think yeah here we go oh god here’s a lot of awards good job I got everyone a little 10 same time I was pretty cool don’t get on any of symbol Bob sides I agree there we go man growing closer adorable doo doo up that level five days the level five okay I think that’s our current lowest relation I think everyone else is already is it uh just above that what’s going on here push-up boys well excuse me we’re gonna get serious we’re get intimidating Lee ripped dude this duo is so good I love this duo so much they’re powering up before the final boss of this area eat grub well we got to make sure we’re all well fed you really like cake no problem my guy all yours unfortunately someone that’s not gonna someone’s gonna go a little bit hungry we’re going against the final boss I do not mind making that’d be me dude some cake cuz I want to see what you like about it okay good good and you can have the salad Erica there we go across the board level up power alright chat rat we’re at a crossroad here up ahead is potentially the final boss what should we do let’s go whisk mic don’t even know how it works should we end it off your or should we try and get the last one done we’re getting late into the night but everyone’s still around man we still got 470 people sticking around it’s a real tight it’s crazy how many of you guys like like this series oh dude wooly armor it’s crazy how many of you guys are sticking around for this series I never expected that you guys would like it so much everyone saying to keep on going let’s do it dial this is not the end of the game I will say that much you want the wool uniform you want that synergy I see you smoke wants that synergy that’s what Erica right you think I should think everyone has all the uniform now except for fail boat or does it mean manic I like what I got not enough for it and honestly game for the better we got the woolly coordination though it’s ripped don’t bother let’s go man do it I’m ready I’m so ready boss stage I believe let’s do it in the next episode I’m just

kidding I’m just kidding I’m just kidding hold on there we go ah did it cut scene Georgie okay deep breath ha ha princesses what princess what are you general X when you see a video that’s a splatoon meme let’s not buy at its general yet jouji shirt no Georgie’s trying man what beauty Hey no he’s trying man I think the Dark Lord would grace me with this such a face this face is mine now I’ll never give it back Oh George is making a mad you’ll never get away with this no 500 damage probably cuz he has no defense points hopefully it’s the case goodness all God he’s twitching them as me moving don’t you dare hurt him don’t you dare hurt him that’s our friend and that’s our friends face and we came to take it back general let’s give it to him oh let’s go combo please right off the bat risk them maybe first thing I get some love to power up our team I agree fail break that / alright so what we deal with here 23 damage from a single hit and he goes again in fact Oh No come on work work let’s go you have my thanks brought him back for that dead and that’s all you that’s all you like her more now that’s literally a life-saving maneuver let’s go simple Bob Oh that’s such a brutal attack that is such a brutal attack we were not strong enough healers to handle that we have to spend an entire turd recovering from that we can’t even intimate I don’t like that at all man oh no it’s the spicy dish that does damage I just don’t want to cause any any team fighting no whoa whoa hold on a minute I’m not waiting I’m not laying our friend died I had to use the life’s Pringles but we can’t let can’t let our party leader dot or not our party leader our healer died like that I’ll save on those sprinkles a little bit later you cannot let her die is there any way to make someone aggro on to one character cuz man we need that we need that desperately oh no schmuck do not yes let’s go yes and the heal of course I use the life sprinkles I got it do not you guys not understand I did miss out on my opportunity before because I didn’t understand their rarity but now that I know they refill every every uh every time you go into a in I just use them very a lot more a lot more willingly yes let’s go – up – up full heal with friendship I’m sitting up man I’m sitting up full friendship heal just when we need it gibble isn’t so popular now oh oh because of the love thing around that works to me though the Encore is still powerful and one more jump slash baby slowly take away out of them ow and one team attack they’re suppose to physics can I can eat up bail boat also don’t think it’s safe to cooking in it all whoa out lay like a woolly gear like that can’t imagine it’s too sanitary or safe for the food or anything but and whatever alright jump / we’re in a way at a man we’re wearing away in them he definitely takes a beatin as I would

imagine Oh what are we doing yo simple Bob of course the DPS go for the group hit one more oh noes all yes go super Bob that’s the dodge I wanted to see powered up healing all of your friends are here to give you some love their schmuck let’s go simple Bob the lucky dodges ain’t as simple as you think I agree check and we got the love bumps through this music is wild I love it let’s go cheer up cheer up come on Erica I agree Erica don’t feel down we’ll get through this we’ve fought tougher we might need to do some extra healing and we need you energized for that that’s gonna do this real fast Oh Oh what I need to do real fast you’re probably about to attack again I know you’re on your second turn here let me make sure Erica’s healed enough to take another hit but most importantly I need you to have enough power to do some more attacks let’s make sure you’re healed up in that department this looks good to me victory is ours I agree simple Bob good job taking that hey I appreciate it let’s go let’s go whoa the squad strike the squad strike rather dude that was like an acetal blade chain attack let’s go man counter-attack starts playing the squad attack to kill him another roll balanced out no actually Erica needs a little bit more to be completely balanced out kirill a protein oh my goodness yo that’s the first ever proper chain attack with oh no oh no not you I love doing this so much and there he goes out lay a light thank you for saving me this time I was worse than useless nah man you were literally just useless you are worse than useless come on buddy at least the princess is safe that’s right princess is safe let’s check on them right away oh well done everybody thank you all for watching but today that’s gonna be it oh thank you all for watching this today’s episode what is this gorilla protein no muscle definition like you’ve never even imagined possible no don’t man I’ve been streaming for a long time today I got in it I’m tired my voice is tired and my voice is done I screamed for five hours yesterday and for three and a half today actually four for today oh my goodness no that’s great after your nap I’ve earned myself a break that being said we got one HP banana that’s not what I could certainly actually yeah I don’t really need too much more money right now I’m content we just going on the rule light here oh well guys we’re doing rate we are gonna do a read watch it is this

received budget it’s a jolly jaunt ticket elbow passport money clean undies selfie stick it’s like a vacation it’s a vacation what what is this the pair of them enjoy their trip together okay let’s go we took a vacation before we’re reporting in to the king they’re beautiful we all want more in there that’s amazing oh another no no yes another vacation this time got make sure Erica goes yes arrogant simple Bob everyone’s getting their vacation time in let’s go man give the whole squad a proper vacation as an award for taking care of that boss fight beautiful everyone deserves some relaxation well hey everybody thank you all for watching – next time whatever I feel I do and that was a beautiful way to end it off let’s hit them with a raid who we raiding if you guys want to keep on watching things on YouTube I’m about to pass you on over to another channel who’s playing splatoon right now because it’s a splatfest I know there are a lot of people playing there’s a good of time as any to hit up a nice raid I love this music so much let’s grade I actually by the way um recently in a Smash Bros tournament I met one of my raid targets dude this is so cool Chad Lee is a channel that’s apparently it’s a father and a son playing the splatfest doing a father-to-son play is lapis well someone just raided them apparently army of dark raid happened well baby we’re about to give him a double raid they just got a raid all baby they’re about to get something for that they got another raid entirely let’s do a baby we’re gonna hit up this Kaling chadley go in there give them a bunch of hearts give them that that fail boat love it thank you all for watching – next time whenever i feel like doing and i will see you around double rainbows let’s give it to them see you around