Warband Editing Tutorial (TweakMB overview, Morgh's items)

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Warband Editing Tutorial (TweakMB overview, Morgh's items)

hi guys this is Starck one and if you are listening to the soothing sound of my voice and seeing my desktop it is because I am finally going to do that little introduction to modding tutorial like I’ve been promising for a while the music in the background is for a visual aid later on now the first thing that we’re going to talk about is war band battle sizer because if your computer can handle it higher battle sizes are very very good and really impact the fun of the game so it is the simplest thing I will be including all the links in the description to this video but you just go in here and pretty much all you do is hit save and exit when you get the battle size to what you want and then it’ll go into the config file and it works it’s really fancy and not at all hard to set up you might have to choose modules but I do not think that is the case I believe it does it all automatically and next something a little more complicated but not terribly much is tweak MB and we’re going to just go ahead and load it up now the first thing that you do is go to load module and for a Clash of Kings at least you go to Flora’s mod pack 2.50 and continue and you browse for your folder which as we all know is in your steam apps common bla bla bla into your modules and we’re going to look at 1.5 X which is of course my name for my particular tweaks to 1.5 and you see there a huge lists of tweaks not supported and that is unfortunately exactly what happens most of the time now what we’re going to do is just take a look at some of the things that I’ve done say okay here are the enterprise details that you can tweak you see right here and this column you’re sort of choosing how much they cost that sort of thing over call overhead cost number of inputs all of those things are relevant now these dividers on this screen the prices input and output is how I have my payouts to what they are and this 600 600 basically gets you roughly double or a little bit more due to the tweaks and what you want to do whenever you’re doing things is you’ll just change that number say to 500 and then what you would do every time you want to save what you’re doing is well eventually go and save them you can leave the screen and we’ll save what you’ve done so far you hit Save Changes and actually a better thing to do this on would be on not my module but I’m just not going to hit the Save button but here are other options the amount of ammo and things that’s how I change Jarrod’s to have six instead of their default of three but you can change everything about the arrow capacity of the various missile weapons map size this just affects the maps that it will create so if your computer is a slower rig you can actually really turn down the map sizes and then still be able to play these maps and that’s pretty cool and there you chain you can change renown and everything like that now a very important thing is ai Lord parties this is where you can really change the fundamental difficulty of a game for you and see here you have a hundred for a faction leaders you could turn that up to five hundred if you wanted the Kings to be really really incredible and I didn’t change too much of these metrics in my mod and bandit parties there’s a lot of stuff that you can’t really change but here is where you can change the size of all the various bandits which I didn’t bother with companion management most of these aren’t on and here is your party where you change say you want to start out the game with 100 min all you have to do is come here and say 100 and all of a sudden you have 100 min and that will be your base so as soon as you come in out of the box in addition to your renown or leadership points or whatever you’ll be able to have all of that and this is where you can change how often you pay and everything like that speaking of pay you used to be able to change your management of the money that

you paid your friends but unfortunately that is no longer possible as most of these are not you can change how much you garrison people by in this tweak for 1.5 but not the rest of the wage calculations as you used to be able to do you can change how people will become happy or sad about faction relationships and change the way that villages like you for doing quests for them that sort of thing and there’s a lot you can’t change but the great thing about we can be is it is pretty much self-explanatory and all you have to do is set it up you load the module and that you can change the faction colors here there’s a lot you can do in game and in morgg’s that you can do here as well but a lot of things that’s pretty nice if you have noticed that stat loss from getting knocked out you can click that button there and take that out you can change the behavior of a whole lot of things I’m not going to go into all of it but honor loss is another thing that you can get rid of and you can change your right to rule so if you wanted to get a hundred right to rule for being married or something like that just to be able to get a character very very high right to rule quickly for a role-playing scenario so you wanted to play Daenerys who actually sold her dragons and came with a ton of unsullied and then she can marry whoever and then immediately rebel and so on and she would have a hundred right to rule because she’s Daenerys Targaryen or whatever all the things that you want to do role-playing wise and then here in skills actually you can change a lot of things which is pretty fun so if you’ve always thought that say persuasion should be a charisma skill which makes a lot of sense you would come over here to this box and then just change all of that the same goes with if you wanted to make power draw and agility skill just find that the damage and archery would be more suited to agility or whatever than strength you can go with it that way you can also change the max level of skills however this is somewhat less effective than other tweaks and as it says up here the maximum level of a skill is 15 and some skills won’t scale higher and one last thing is prisoners you can change the rate that prisoner Lords escape sixty percent is the default for a Clash of Kings but if you hate the fact that Lords escape from battle and you think you should always capture them on the grounds that they were knocked out on the battle with everyone around them you can turn that down to zero if you want I do not do that because well I like a little bit more dynamic nature in the game and prisoner management here you can actually allow tavern keepers to bribe prisoners which I might check and here you can change how often you’ll get ransom offers so if you pretty much never want to get ransom offers you can turn that down if you want to get them more often to ransom off Lords you can turn it up and here is the max prisoners in prisoner management which some mods have as ten prophecy of pinned or does by default in The Clash of Kings it is if I turn it up to seven and yeah that’s pretty much although there is to say about we can be what you do whenever you are happy with your changes is you hit Save Changes and then it will make a big change list and everything will be fine which we can be is very very simple and one of the best tools for messing around with the game in general now we are going to talk about morgues morgues Mountain laid with fire and sword editor I always accept and never read it now the first thing that you have to do when you load up is change module settings now there is a way to edit this game through the module system which involves Python and stuff unfortunately I have no idea how that part of it works so if you’re watching this video in the first place you should have already be aware that there are better videos out there this is just me fulfilling a request from one of my subscribers and now what you do is instead of module system you go to text compiled files and you browse in your module directory as we know modules slash whatever and then save configuration ok that brings you to the base of morgues you see here on the right side these five items troupe parties party templates factions and items we’re going to go through all of them in turn and actually start out with the item editor because that is one that people tend to care about rather a lot

and that takes you up to this big screen which can be pretty intimidating and at this point I am going to tell you what I always do whenever I am editing items which is I have in my other screen the game going on now if you watched my last video already you will notice that as we crashed before there is the HAR law hanging out but we are making this video before continuing our campaign and all you have to do to get to the item list is go to debug mode cheat menu find an item and then you just jump up say to the 192 – 287 range because here’s where some interesting is your heavy Spears your long swords and great swords halbert’s bows and that sort of thing and also some of the plight armors and well boots and gloves which I didn’t really change that much and the iron staff which I increased and made able to be used on horseback and a lot of other things the reason I’m showing this right now is just to illustrate that it is something that you will want to have in your other monitor also if you do not have another monitor I would highly recommend it it is very much a different world now we’re going to talk about our changes to say horses right now so all we’re gonna do is jump in and search for type animal and go now I could go through the list of items because I know where horses are at but this is actually a lot simpler and easier on the eyes it’ll search through and actually type animal has nothing so probably I should have went with type horse yes that is exactly what I should have done I don’t always use the search and here all the horses are it’s searching through all the other items but we know that they’re all in the front now over here on the right side you have the fundamental things that you can change about a horse you have the body armor the hit points some maneuverability the speed the scale which I believe is the size and don’t quote me on that and then the charge type damage which I’ve never touched here are the modifiers of course you know that lames way back to stubborn and so on this is the sort of things that an animal or an item can be don’t put a chipped horse I don’t know what would happen but just don’t put modifiers on animals that you don’t need to now if you make a mistake in morgues all you have to do is click off of that item because before things to happen what you need to do is click update items so if I wanted to that coarser to have 25 armor instead and only item 156 coarser we would hit update item it would say BAM I did exactly what you asked of course that’s not what I want so I go ahead and revert it really quick and well that’s horses now far more interesting in that is say type one handed weapons so what we’re going to do here is talk about how to let items have different characteristics which I have done pretty heavily in this mod now say one handed axis in the mod they can’t block in this flag side right here on the left you have all of the signature attributes of the weapon for example can’t reload on horseback how it Perry’s bonus against shields penalties that sort of thing and right here it says no parry that is what you unclick for all of the weapons that you want to be able to parry for example daggers have that not have not had that removed from them and so that’s why no parry is still on there but axes the two-handed weapons even war maces have no parry and have wooden parry instead to sort of the game characterizes wooden parry differently I think as is sort of worse block and I’m fine with that you’ll notice that also I left the war mace with bonus again shield but right here there’s crush through blocks and further on can knock down now those are things that are in the version of 1.5 and are being removed in 2.0 and I totally agree because blunt damage is already good speaking of blunt damage if we wanted this war mace to do a huge amount of damage all we have to do is say put 55 right there and now our war mace would do 55 damage but of course that’s not what we want you could also change the type of damage and here you can change all of the different motions so if you wanted it to be able to thrust like a sword does when you hold it back in and sort of stab forward

you would just click there and here is where you give your horse back strikes and things like that and here is where you click on the parries that you want it to have so if you wanted it to not be able to block up-and-down strikes say the ones right over your head on the grounds that a strike would probably break through your mace that way but you wanted to be able to parry side-to-side then you could just do it that way and so on now there’s a lot to say about item editing because well it’s one of the hugest things that you can do but I hope this introduction has sort have helped but actually there is one thing I want to talk about first and that is polearms and how to make a weapon couch’ belong horseback now I can’t tell you how to not make light Spears or more Lance’s break but say click on here the heaviest heavy spear with feathers that’s the spirit that Solis lost them is always using and what you do is you go down oops see made a mistake just click away and it’s there and what you do is come down and you say covers head couch’ balandin lance and that is these two boxes right here or and how you make a weapon cow chable on horseback that isn’t and yep that is just what goes on you don’t have to oil and you should give them the thrust on horseback if they don’t already have it but they actually might because typically the weapons are designed to be couch’ belinda probably just turned it off and didn’t bother to remove the defaults I don’t think I changed that now here you can also change any weapon to have a masterwork quality if you wanted you can change the cost of a weapon how much it weighs every aspect of it the length the cut and Pierce typing damage of course as we’ve said before and all of the motions and while it can be very tedious it is very rewarding now armor is something of a big discussion because the changes in armor values have sort of varied really wildly over the last few mods but here we see all of the different things so if you want to nerf the whites then you can just drop their body armor down to 30 or something like that and then just do that for all the different spawns of the white bodies now this is why you want your window up beside you so right now I’m looking at 496 497 498 they all say plane armor but what we can do is just start here this is 482 496 so we’ll be able to swing it over really quick just to distract and we just go down the chainmail until we find the first plate armor so there we go 496 heavy plate armor is this plate armor and thus the ones that follow are the others and then you can be sure of what you’re editing they’re actually 493 is that armor but no matter I said that wrong but it still does work out and then you can be confident move down the list and then just in your other window keep the other things in mind the massive plate armor is this plate armor here it’s called heavy plate armor in-game but we know that it’s the massive plate armor it’s what Gregor Clegane and zero other people wear and so going to just say you know if you wanted to give gregor clegane say 70 and body armor or something like that then you can now in fact victorian Greyjoy’s armor is super fancy not sure if it’s really low in the list or not but anyway when you go to the surcoats over mail you could see the individual ones so if you wanted the old town Knights to retain their look but be stronger without having played armor or anything like that then you keep it this way and these item numbers 8:40 8:45 they’ll eventually sort of get pushed into your brain over the important items that you want now that is all four items to talk about and now when you’re done with all of your edits you’ve you have to hit update every time of course so we haven’t changed anything about the bride dress but if we wanted to make the body

armor 60 which we do just to say BAM and that number right there if you went into the actual item cons one text file that would be the number you could change and that’s actually how I made a huge amount of changes before I discovered how to use morgues and it’s really made my life a ton easier and you would just hit Save Changes and it will create a backup in case you’ve made a mistake you always say yes and then BAM it’ll create a backup into your folder that’s named with the date hour and time and you say all right awesome so right now the general bride dress if they try to marry her off and someone tries to stab her at a wedding she has 60 body armor that is the effect of that edit now what we’re gonna do next is actually this has been 20 minutes which i think is long enough and I want to get a drink of water and a little bit of a break but after this we’re going to talk about how to edit armies and factions and troops and hopefully this has been semi informative at least and if there are any questions of course put them in the comments more than happy to answer what I can or to direct you to another person on YouTube who is much better with computers that I am and could probably answer them better but thanks for watching this video guys I hope it was informative and not a waste of your time if it waste of your time and you already knew how to use morgues then then you shouldn’t have watch this in the first place but I’m gonna go ahead and sign off on this one now and then when we come back we’re going to edit other faction troops and such