7 Fun Ways to "Role Play" With Your Audience on Periscope #PatScope

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7 Fun Ways to "Role Play" With Your Audience on Periscope #PatScope

hey guys welcome to the periscope session here where we’re gonna be talking about how to use periscope to better engage with your audience through seven ways to roleplay with your audience now when I say roleplay I mean you’re going to assume the job or the role of some thing that allows you to keep your mind set around how you can better engage with your audience in this way so let’s turn this around I’ll give you a glue seven fun ways to roleplay with your periscope audience so slide number one is become the tour guide so this is well I’ll just drop my phone there number one become the tour guide what does that mean well it’s kind of obvious right tour guide it’s somebody who takes other people with them and shows them around educates them about where they are at and I think this is one of the best things about periscope is because you know live stream was always around right live-streaming webcams that’s not new we’ve had you stream live stream we’ve had web TV we’ve had blog TV all these sorts of things where you are able to watch people live from where they’re at but typically you either have to have a super sweet really expensive setup in order to do that using live stream or Ustream comm or something like that or you’re just in your bedroom and you have that you know that kick that logitech camera that looks like this that had the eye in it that is something that was very common you could sit on a computer screen to watch other people and usually the background was just like a dark bedroom or something right kind of exciting a lot of musicians got started that way which is really cool but now we have these things called mobile phones and that allows us to take anybody with us anywhere in the world where we have connection and periscope describes periscope has you a window into somebody else’s eyes and so that’s kind of what you do and so when when you have this device you’re able to show people and give them a tour of wherever you’re at and that’s one of the best things that you can do because people love to see where you do what you’re doing and where you’re at and all that sort of stuff it’s why we love to go on brewery tours or chocolate factory tours it’s why those things are so interesting it’s why on Discovery Channel how its made has been running for over 10 years now it’s why you know we just love to know the guts of stuff and and when you are the tour guide you were the expert and you can show people around where you’re at bring people on trips wherever you’re at with your mobile device that’s what you share and people love that people people love you for that Thank You Jamie for sharing this yeah how it’s made is one of the best shows it’s also kind of giving people a behind-the-scenes of what you’re doing so maybe the tour guide situation is wherever you work anyway and you can show people the processes and the things you do to do whatever it is that you do to serve your audience and when you do that people are gonna understand quality of whatever it is you have to offer they’re gonna understand kind of what you do to work and it kind of gives them an insider view of what you do and that’s some experience that they have that normal people who watch you or listen to you or read what you do don’t have it make some it makes them feel really special it makes them feel like they know a little bit more than other people and when that’s the case you share it right just like why we share in and out in and out as a burger chain here in California and also in Nevada I think there is one in Vegas but when you know the secret menu you share that secret menu with other people right it’s it’s it’s just a thing that you share with other people because it makes me feel like you’re in the know it makes you feel special and if you go in a brewery tour you get to know the insides and the outsides of all these different things and so what do you do you share that oh my gosh look at I mean I’m I’m an expert at this because I went on their tour and you know I that this is how their process for doing it right so it’s educational and functional just like Vallarta said and when you understand or when you can understand that this is so powerful to share the behind-the-scenes to give a tour of whatever it is that you do it empowers your audience to share and they’re gonna be more likely to do so now if you’re just joining me I’m showing seven different ways that you can roleplay with your audience to have them engage with you more in the first one I just mentioned is you play the role of the tour guide so become the tour guide protein style that’s right no bun right I also like animal style fries have you had that okay Wow everybody’s talking about in and out hey here’s a question in and out versus five guys which one’s better amount has overrated sorry not so high what brandy no no grilled onions yes you just haven’t gotten into the secret you granny I think that’s why you know now animal style animal style fries yes never bend it now Wow Kristen I’ll take you there let’s go cuz I’m really hungry now you know and now culverts I never heard of culverts five guys says go live your fee okay that’s awesome now here’s another here’s another thing you can do number two become the game show host so did you kind of see what I did there I asked you guys which one do you like better in and out or five guys and boom

boom boom boom boom everybody started chiming in so you know it’s great to ask questions on periscope you know this right you’ve done this before most likely hey where you from and all those sorts of things but when you ask a question where there’s a different answer or specific answer that that you want people are gonna be very very passionate about sharing that answer so you just all witnessed it right there which one you like better in and out or five guys you guys shared your opinions some of you guys are getting kind of passionate about your answer and I would – because I’m an in-out guy but be the game show host put your audience to the test ask for an answer I share that all the time ask for an answer not just ask a question but ask for an answer and more specifically I can give you an example here you’ve probably actually how many of you in this room right now who are in this periscope watching me right now say me if you’ve watched a game show just type in me if you’ve ever seen a game show it’s probably me most of people in this room mimimi a lot of these awesome Me’s brillz me me me me okay great now type in me one just the number one me one if you’ve ever watched that game show by yourself or a game show by yourself type me the number one if you’ve watched a game show by yourself just completely by yourself a lot of me ones okay great as you can see him again asking you for specific answer and you’re giving it to me so I’m kind of proving my point already now final question related to the game shows type in me – sure that works out pretty well type out me – if you’ve at any point while watching a game show by yourself have you yelled out the answer you’re alone you’re by yourself Alex Trebek gives you that answer and you say what is Wisconsin you yell it even though nobody is there to hear you look at that everybody in the room not everybody in the room but me seven somebody just done many times but look at all the me twos here we all love to shout out the answer we know what he’s there why why do we do that does anybody have any guesses why we love to shout out the answers to gameshow questions or quizzes when nobody’s there it’s not like Pat Sajak is gonna come through the television and award you a prize or anything like that it’s fun let’s hear some more answers we-we-we or know-it-alls we are involved we want to be heard feels good to be right you want to be part of something love going to be giving an opinion satisfaction yes you guys are on it you know there’s satisfaction in knowing that we’re right it feels really good when we get the answer right right like when you shout the answer and then you immediately hear it on the television you’re like yep I knew it and then if you get it wrong you’re just like yeah but right we want to be right so use this to your advantage when you’re on a periscope or when you’re doing a webinar or even on social media this is something you can try on the social media right now so one example I like to use is you know so ask questions where there’s a specific answer there’s a guy named Steve Spangler he is a scientist and he does a lot of cool fun experiments he’s been on Ellen and Oprah and he used to do his his YouTube videos like this he would do an experiment like he would suck in air from a balloon and what would you expect you expect the voice to be higher but actually his voice would be lower he’d be like whoo roars this was my voice and then he would say this is again an YouTube video where he’s demonstrated this he would say this is what happened this is sulfur hexafluoride which is a denser gas it’s not helium like you would expect and as a result the voice is lower leave a comment tell me what you think on YouTube pretty cool and so the comments were you know awesome cool weirder get back yes and all that sort of stuff right it was just like it wasn’t very engaging like what would you expect people to comment when you’re giving and revealing everything but he switched it up and this is where I learned this technique from specifically Steve Spangler Science com then he switched it up he would do an experiment just like that but then not even reveal exactly what happened he would ask you what happened what’s the science behind this what do you think occurred in the comments exploded it exploded people were getting into fights just like you guys in and out five guys people are getting very passionate about what happened and they would try and outdo one another to come up with the best answer right so that is something you can do with your audience as well so when you’re on periscope ask for specific answers and it doesn’t matter if you already know that answer it gets more interaction like that Valera says scope analytics software is being developed I think I can create an easy webinar FYI awesome sorry it’s probably side conversation but you can use that idea of the human need to want to feel right to your advantage on periscope so if people don’t reply that’s fine you just keep going and you know not everybody who’s watching this has replied there’s 131 people in the room and I’m pretty sure not all 131 people responded but the other cool thing is when other people start replying it brings in more people to start replying some people are not early adopters when it comes to commenting so they’re gonna wait for

other people to comment and once they see chatter and conversation they’re gonna say wow awesome I’m not gonna be alone if I were the only one to answer some people don’t want to be the first one to answer some people do want to be the first one to answer so thank you guys for the hearts confirming that you guys enjoy this so use that to your advantage so let me let’s try another one what is more important in a video sound quality or video quality you tell me the answer if you’re posting a YouTube video what’s more important than video quality or audio quality let’s see sound sound sound sound sound sound sound sound isn’t that awesome and now as a result of surveying you in this way you can all see kind of what’s more important so side note if you’re doing video hopefully your sound is good but yes it kind of depends on what it’s about of course but it just shows you that audio quality is actually very very important and here we go here’s some of the more conversations that are happening as a result linguist as Francis says it depends the purpose of the content and we can keep keep talking about this we could probably be able to have a whole periscope without just audio versus sound foggy and again does it really matter actually yes it does so as a result people get very passionate about it here’s another question for you what’s more important content or design which one is actually King content or design we always hear content is king but is designed King what do you guys think is that last comment about analytics sorry yeah I didn’t hear that content content content content says contents is everybody now here’s where it gets interesting what if I were to say well okay content is very important obviously but what if people land on your site and the design is so terrible that people don’t even read the content that you have what’s the first thing that people do when they land on your website what gives that first impression is it the design or is it the actual content design exclamation point exclamation point so we can have this debate here and have it but as you can see I’m asking you questions where there is some answer and as a result of that we are a lot more engaged again you’re getting very passionate about this the TD Romig says okay fine design but here’s another thing sure what if your design is awesome and leaves a good first impression but when people start reading your stuff it’s actually stuff that is terrible so does it even matter that that design is important well I got a lot of lol okay fine so I’m probably confusing you guys I think the most important thing is that they both have to support to each other I think that’s the most important thing so anyway we could talk days about this we’re only on topic number two taking the role of a game show host so when you’re on periscope be the game show host people love game shows people love to answer questions hopefully this was really helpful for you guys if you guys feel that this content is helpful for you as periscopers say mustard say mustard if you feel like this is helpful I know where mustard came from I think because I made a sandwich for my son this morning but okay mustard mustard mustard yes absolutely mustard mustard okay good we got lots of mustards in the house again just random things like that like maybe somebody wasn’t paying attention right now and this is just another side tips if somebody’s not paying attention when they hear something that’s out of them out of the ordinary they’re gonna start paying attention again so saying mustard actually it was not a bad idea you know you’ve all gone on websites before I’ve seen the same old stuff same old ads but when you see something that’s completely new that’s something that’s gonna be like whoa whoa did he say mustard spicy mustard brown mustard there you go so another side tip for you all right let’s go to number three the third way you can roleplay with your audience is like Heather says a grey poupon become the matchmaker become the matchmaker so this one’s actually pretty simple if you are with other people introduce you be friendly be the kind person where you’re introducing people to other people so the connector yes says Megan novel nice connect people this is one of those things you can do you might know some connectors in this world who just seem to know everybody and a lot of times those people are very very successful or just know what to do because they have other people in their lives that they can go to when they need help there’s a couple people who come to mind right now Jaime tardy from eventual millionaire john cochran these are all people who just seem to know a lot of other people so when you become that person who likes you lewis house yeah absolutely is cliff ravenscraft totally great great great suggestions as well as other connectors when you become that person through periscope you are doing people a huge favor for the people you

are introducing to live and in person if for example there was a person right here hey guys meet Jill she’s I don’t know why my arms around Jill don’t tell my wife but Jill is amazing she has a website at blah blah blah calm and you know what am i doing for Jill I’m doing her a huge favor because people are being introduced to her so Jill’s like awesome Pat thank you so much for introducing me to your audience but but you’re but the audience is feeling very grateful because they’re meeting somebody who could potentially add value to them and just the fact that I’m it’s like what do you do when you’re with a group of people and you’re meeting people for the first time you do that right like if you treat periscope like real life then people gonna be more likely to treat you like a human being they’re gonna be more trusting to you it’s again just a way to connect people when you become the connector you become more authoritative that’s the bottom line when you become a connector you become more authoritative so that’s that what did what did Al Carroll Montero say I want to know uh what Al said Pera connector is that what is what he said jill has a transparent personality yeah totally nicely nicely done I’m waiting for confirmation on what Al said so how are Carol I’m sorry what did Carol say because it seemed like it was important you guys agreed and I was not paying attention I was trying to make sure Jill was being taken care of but anyway Jill’s hot right look at flawless okay so parrot connector there you go I like that thank you be the parrot connector so just to recap number one become the tour guide number to become the game show host number three become the matchmaker introduce Jill to everybody you know number three become the entertainer this one’s obviously you know I’m all about transparent with people who are transparent like I am become the entertainer now this is obviously something that not everybody is going to do and if you just choose one of these that’s great but this is number four this has become the Entertainer periscope is a way for people to be entertained and of course that’s a lot of the reason why you’re here and there’s a lot of different ways to entertain of course hopefully this is entertaining because it’s educational and valuable that is also entertainment but you could do things that you might do in front of friends that you might not do in front of people like play instruments or sing or play harmonica shout-out to Chris Ducker on Ducker scope um again this isn’t about making a fool of yourself this is just about being entertainment and and giving the people who are watching the idea that you know they’re in the right place that they’re that you’re actually helping fill in their dead time because they wouldn’t actually come on watch you on periscope unless they just wanted to do something and be entertained in some way shape or form so there’s a lot of things you can do doodle says Nicole oh I think that’s great number one tour guide number two game number three matchmaker number four entertainer thank you for sharing that you guys don’t know what this is this is a recorder this is a recorder this is a fourth-grade instrument and I found it the other day and my son and I were jamming on this so I’m gonna play song for you and I’m gonna play the game show host at the same time I’m gonna ask you what’s the name of the song Hot Cross Buns no gotta make sure the holes are all covered okay Titanic TD what up Freebird TD gets a shout-out Titanic nice oh my heart will go on yes I’ll take Titanic though because that’s where it was fun okay that’s terrible no that’s not actually something anyway thanks guys 1.4 million we reached 1.4 million hearts Greenacres Cathy how did you know ha viewers are dropping well don’t force entertainment that’s all I gotta say about that but obviously periscope is a great great great platform for entertaining and again make sure that if you are going to share something like a concert or you know somebody on stage at an event make sure you you’re allowed to do that but that’s another great way you know I’ve watched a lot of pregame football stuff this past weekend a lot of people are using periscope to actually show behind the scenes at football games which is awesome I think that’s really cool super entertaining I

also saw a triathlon in Mexico the other day on periscope again my eyes are just glued to the screen because I’m watching that stuff okay number four become the entertainer next number five become the reporter so this is what I feel periscope is very powerful for and we’ve seen this especially recently with a lot of the things that are going on in the news the elections things on the other side of the world as a reporter you are sort of the first to the scene and using periscope you are bringing this information that’s breaking news to people now this doesn’t have to be anything dangerous it doesn’t have to be anything you know sad it could be something great but when you play the role of the reporter again you are seen as that authority who is the first to mention all this and there’s potential to go viral obviously if something is happening it’s definitely something that can be shared and again it’s sort of like you know how reporters write when they it’s kind of best practice for people to share who was the first one to report you know when you might watch a news report but then it says from our friends at 6:00 news in Toronto or something like that you know they always give credit and you know that’s not necessarily always the case with periscope but I think when people watch you and you’re giving breaking news it is giving you a lot of credit for you being there you being I guess you know active in promoting whatever it is that is going on and again it just makes people feel special because they feel like they’re there to when something is happening everybody wants to be first right everybody wants to need the first at something and if their first or relatively first to know something they’re gonna be more likely to share it like I talked about earlier with a tour guide stuff and knowing the secret menus it’s why people whenever some people who have super popular Instagram posts they you know what are some of the first comments that are usually posted first second third right and it’s because people want to be first so give people an opportunity to feel like they’re first yes Jamie says they feel like they’re getting the inside scoop and I think that’s important for example Simon tried to trick a live engagement from periscope summit I don’t know what that means exactly but anyway sorry is a lot of stuff going here if you are not in you are out I like that reference to in and out there nicely done frankly rob exclusive yes five now two more here again just to recap we’re talking about these seven ways you can roleplay with your audience to increase engagement the first one was become the tour guys show them around because a tour guide educate them on where you’re at and also show them around behind the scenes number to become the game show host ask questions people love to answer questions even when they’re by themselves and so use that tendency to increase engagement to get people passionate about answering a specific question and starting conversations that way number three become the match maker introduce people to other people through the power of periscope in that platform number four become the entertainer obvious just entertain people share some of your talents or share other things that are being entertainment entertaining in that area number five become the reporter be the first to give people news about something doesn’t have to be sad doesn’t have to be dangerous or anything like that but it could just be whatever be the first to share something and on the scenes people get the inside scoop number six number three says Sara Jill totally number six become the teacher and of course this is an example of that when you educate people people are gonna be very very thankful for that and when you give value to people through a platform like periscope especially because it’s live people gonna want to find ways to pay you back there are different levels of payback or reward for you delivering value to your audience and educating them of course there’s hearts there’s comments there’s thank-yous and messages there’s doing more interactions and and calls to actions like going off the off of periscope and visiting a landing page for example if I were to say for example head to head to periscope or excuse me head to smartpassiveincome.com slash periscope gear to check out all the gear that I use to set up these periscopes you’re more likely as a result of me giving value to you to go there and I say hey those are affiliate links on that website as well if you click on that I do get a small commission from Amazon and again because I’ve delivered value to you you’re more likely it doesn’t mean you’re going to do that but it just means that you’re more likely to follow through and do those things when you give value as M’Lynn a joy says you receive love thanks for the recap Platinum I appreciate that and again this is another thing I was at VidCon and talking with a number of people who are just getting started with periscope which i think is really fun a lot of people actually did take action and started their scopes which i think is really cool some of you in this room were probably there watching either live on scope or actually in that room but I had a lot of people who are like Pat when I’m starting out how do I get more people to follow me I’m starting out how do I get more people to follow me well

you could absolutely you know share your scopes with your Twitter followers make sure to push that Twitter button when you send out your scope and start your scope that way you get people watching live and right away another thing you could do that was actually good idea I just made up on the fly I didn’t make it up but I’ve seen it happen and Ethan in this room right now is a great example of this go into other scopes with popular users who have target audiences that match you and deliver value within those scopes so Ethan always comes in shares value converses with people in here and just like Platinum’s doing right now with recapping these scopes people are noticing somebody had just mentioned platinum rocks thank you for sharing all that stuff when you become a person in the conversation that people you know see that there’s value coming from that person people are gonna follow you and it’s very easy to do that you just click on that person’s name and you just follow them from there and that’s how you can build your following as well it’s similar to how we do online where you go into a forum you become an authority you become authority there right you become known as an expert you just become seen and when you do that people like oh I got I guess I got a follow I guess I got a follow Ethan I guess I got a follow up on them because you know they’re obviously providing value and you know they might have some good stuff to share as well pay river quarters or croc totally so Ethan thank you hey Vicki good to see you and and platinum thank you for that too so I appreciate that and of course you can again go into the comments and different people scopes doesn’t have to be any anyone that you store you can go in and be a communicator a a value provider within the conversations within different scopes so anyway just kind of going off tangent there but again this is number six of the seven ways you can roleplay with your audience and this has become the teacher so because the teacher help your audience out you can do things like Q&A session you can actually consult with a person here on scope and people are watching live and that is going to be a huge value bomb for people I think that’s gonna be an amazing way for you to get more followers to get more hearts and of course get more people to take action with whatever it is you want them to do thank you guys for all the compliments I appreciate that okay number seven this is my favorite one this is the role-playing that you could do to get the most value out of scope especially once you start to build up your audience number seven not become the teacher become the student become the student become the student what does that mean exactly well you were flipping the role you were not teaching but you’re allowing your audience to teach you when you get your audience and Vaman you ask them questions and have them direct you in terms of where to go or what to do or get their opinion on something you empower your audience you get them involved in what you’re doing and when you get your audience involved and stuff they’re gonna be more likely to support you quick story when I was in high school I was very little I was not even five feet tall my junior year of college or my junior junior year of high school that’s how small I was but had a lot of great friends who were much taller than me and they invited me to play basketball with them so basketballs great sport I love playing it it’s a team sport right or so I thought because whenever my friends would invite me to play they were just being nice right they invited me to play they would pick me on their team right they were nice they don’t want me to be last and you know they would pick me which is nice but they would never pass me the ball and I understand you know a short but they never got me yeah Pat was the boss as Heather kind of although I would have gotten more misplayed something if I had gotten if I was the ball but I wasn’t even really playing you know I was there but I wasn’t actually playing they were passing me the ball they were very competitive and I get it I was short I wasn’t likely going to score but it would’ve been nice to then pass the ball every once tomorrow I just did not feel involved don’t be sad Kathy it’s okay and a couple months after the junior year started there was a basketball tournament and my buddies of course didn’t invite me to be a part of the team because I was too short and I I didn’t want play on the team I wasn’t playing competitively or anything but they invited me to come and watch and support the team you know what I didn’t want to because I just didn’t feel like I was a part of the team but you know what if these guys my friends you know we’re still friends today but I’m just telling you how I felt as a short kid in high school if they had let me play a little bit if they had let me score every once in a while or at least try to score you know if they invited me there’s to this tournament to watch them I would have I would have gotten them Gatorade you know I would have I would have toweled them off between between timeouts and all those sorts of things you know I would’ve been very very supportive if they even just got me involved a little bit so the lesson here is get your audience involved because if you don’t get them involved they’re gonna feel like they’re on the outside and you get them involved they feel like they’re on the inside they’re gonna support you so ask your audience for help every once in a while and it doesn’t have to be like it doesn’t have to be this outpour of this huge thing that you would normally give to you know your mastermind group

and people who completely trust you and you trust them but little things make a big difference so for example if you have an e-book that you were working on and you wanted to share you like cover a or do you like cover B which one do you like of course these are two again transparent covers that you can’t see right now but you get the idea give your audience an opportunity to help give you help and when you do that again it gets them involved maybe you have a blogpost idea that you want to run by your audience and you don’t even necessarily have to share that that’s going to be a blog post but you can say something like hey guys I have a topic I want to talk to you about I want to know what you think I want to know whether you think content is king or design is king let’s talk about this real quick what do you guys think and what this does is it kind of allows you to validate whether or not this is a hot topic and this is something that your audience can be interested in you might be able to find stories and get information from your audience that is going to help you fine-tune and craft this blog post or this what will eventually become a pikas episode it might be a course that you have an idea for that you can get validation from again it gives your audience an opportunity to help you but when you do that you get helped and you get direction and you get to begin to understand what else is going to happen for you down the road or what other things you can do so that’s that become the stood allow your audience to help you – so let’s go back and recap these seven ways that you can repol hole play with your audience number one become the tour guide number to become the game show host number three become the matchmaker number four Kathy feels better number four have become the entertainer number five become the reporter number six become the teacher and number seven become the student become the student and that’s it be yourself oh I’d closed the presentation that I did I think kind of be yourself because on periscope you don’t want to try and be like other people you know some people can try to be like other people on blog posts and they can hide behind their text on podcast episodes it’s less so because you’re listening to somebody’s voice but when you’re live on periscope don’t try and pretend to resent anybody else because it’ll only look fake just be yourself and if people aren’t going to like that you don’t want them to like you your vibe attracts your tribe big shout-out to Chris Ducker on duck earscope for that quote because it is absolutely true your vibe attracts your tribe and you will begin to attract people who are just like you who are in tune with you and the way you do things and if you start to build an audience by being fake you’re gonna get fake replies you’re gonna get fake results and you don’t want that so your vibe attracts your tribe again that’s Chris Ducker I always try to give credit to where credit is due and he’s the man so thank you guys for watching this I really appreciate it I’m going to record this and post it up on YouTube as well and I wanna know what you guys think on a scale from one to ten how helpful was this to you again this is me kind of playing game show right now where I can have you quickly and easily answer how you like this from one to ten I want to know truthfully honestly if you felt this was useful for you because I’m always trying to deliver value and a thank you for your honesty for geeky dogs I appreciate that eight point four six seven four four three five eight says brought preneur ten ten eight okay could mustard clever like that that’s another thing that comedians do very well that I love whenever I watch a comedy show I love when they pull jokes that they mentioned like 20 minutes ago I love that – the flute mice thanks guys for the kind words I appreciate that always trying to improve so whenever I asked you guys for honest advice or honest direction I want that and again this is me becoming a student as well so you can follow me at Pat Flynn on periscope if you haven’t done so already look out for more Pat scopes down the road and again this will be up on YouTube if you want to catch the replay there after 24 hours if you want to recap this for you and your periscopes as well bigger font on powerpoint yes thank you for that this was definitely something I could have done that for so thank you for that thank you guys I appreciate it thank you for the hearts and best of luck to you and your future scopes I hope you find engagement with your audience through these tips bless you and I will see you in the next Pat’s go peace guys