Animation In PowerPoint: How to use Animation Pane and synchronize animations

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Animation In PowerPoint: How to use Animation Pane and synchronize animations

in this video I will teach you how you can create an animated infographic 11th of surveys for an example we have a survey of literacy rate in a community which shows the percent of male and female who have the ability to read write speak and have technical skills see how the graphics appear in a synchronized manner and the male and female figures get filled according to the percentage this will be done in three steps first one being create figures for male and female second insert text and graphics the third one is going to be to animate and synchronize it so to create this the first thing that we need to do is click on the shape icon and draw a circle first we are going to create the icons for those human beings we need to give the circle a size the height and width is going to be equal make it 2 point 2 centimeter removes the shape outline and bring it on to this slide then again I’m going to insert go this is going to be a rounded edge rectangle after inserting this I’m going to make the body of the human being with these shapes these are going to be those shoulders I’ll make sure that they are centrally aligned that is they are aligned in such a way that they pass through the center of the circle which is a head then pressing control D I will duplicate it rotate it to make the chest of the man in after making it slightly white I’m going to make sure and it is in the center so I’ll drag it what’s this line of ears it’s in the center me to round the shoulders twist a bit of the shoulders slightly and make them round edged I can keep this one as it is or you can make it round out keep it slightly round it press on all the control shift button by changing the size to increase it symmetrically again pressing ctrl D I’m going to use the same shape to make the arms of the human being of the man reduce the length so that it comes out to be like this again pressing ctrl D copy their arm and cavity other arm make sure that both of left and the right hand they are of equal size and are equally placed interesting control they just copy and paste it a slightly below to make like reduce its weight a bit press ctrl D to duplicate it again that we have a bigger automatic the width to me seems slightly white the proportions are not correct so I’m going to reduce it by using the arrow keys then my sliding there I’m going to reduce its width as I get alignment lines shape is ready it is the size of the head slightly and make it central aligned now the next thing that I have to do is I’ll select the complete figure then I’ll press ctrl G to group it and then I can move all of it together as one shape holding the ctrl and the shift key I’m going to resize it to a smaller size so it’s going to reduce in size it Nasima triple proportion maintaining its aspect ratio after I have created the male figure the next thing that needs to be done is to create the female figure for this I’m just going to copy the head of the male figure a place it against it and then again copy and paste or duplicate or just pull the ctrl button and drag it but since it is grouped so I will have to use the copy option as I cannot duplicate a group figure until or unless it is angry take out some of the pieces from it and then they will come to the insert shape and here for the body we are going to use a trapezoid shape so this is going

to depict that’s a stone and the female figure make sure that it is centrally aligned we need to remove the outline by click to the shape outline it’s like bingo outline then I’ll bring the arm towards the body and rotate it slightly this is going to give the shoulders placing it irritants likely increasing its ripped by holding the control of the shift plan so that it increases from both sides as I drag it rotate this arm and place it over here in such a way that it is exactly aligned with the trapezoid angle I’ll rotate it slightly more and make sure that it is a tine properly placed arm over here that’s a state using the arrow keys bring a leg increase the length of the test slightly more decrease its width control-t to duplicate the leg and then place both of them together now you see we have a line on the bottom of both of them this means that both of the legs are at the same height and distance so the figure is correct and I’m going to select it click on duplicate go to rotate and flip it horizontally once I have flipped it horizontally I’ll drag it towards the other side and place the other arm over here make sure that the distance between the body that is the chest and both the arms is equidistant so that both the arms are equal length and distance from the chest this video just makes over here it’s control-t and be half the female figure make sure put it on top of the male figure so that both of them are off the equal length then place it I decide and my figures are ready still I’m not comfortable with the ratios of chest and the legs so I’m slightly to make the trapezoid longer so that it gives me a much better icon for Lady that I have for me after having done this I’m going to place both these figures exactly the at exactly the part of the slide and of the same size where I want to keep them in my actual presentation because once I have done this I will not be able to change it later on so you need to think about it first then I’m going to ungroup both of them after I have encrypted I’m going to go into the shapes and I’m going to draw our rectangle on to the complete slide magnet you remove the outline after removing the outline right click and send to back so it’s not the figures are not visible because they are the same color I’ll press ctrl-a to select all of them and croley to select all uncheck the icon at the top left and then going to format merge shapes and subtract after I have done this you see that one of the leg of the figure that I created is slightly bulging out so this is not right so I’m going to press ctrl Z undo change the color of the triangle rectangle that I inserted on the slide select that one leg slightly shifted towards the right a control a again and then go into format merge shapes and then subtract so now once I click onto

the subtract those two figures are going to be subtracted from the rectangular shape that I inserted now you see once I’m moving it it’s moving with it because basically this is one rectangle with cutouts of the figure that we created earlier now the next step that I have to do is that I’m going to change the shape fill of this rectangular into a gradient fill this is going to be the background of my presentation so I will give it the same color that I require onto my background the next thing is that I’ll go into the design and I’ll format the background now this formatting of the background is actually going to give the the color of the icons or the figures that I created you can give it a gradient fill you can rotate it or whatever theme or whatever colors that you are using you can use the format background to give it to these icons and they are going to stay like that because basically what is happening right now is that we have a black background with a gradient fill and then on top of it we have a rectangle through which we have cutouts of the figure that we have created so we can see the real layer of our presentation which is the background we are doing this so that we can animate our characters or figures later on according to the percentages up next I’m going to click on the insert tab and insert a pentagon shape make it elongated as shown over here I’ll give it a no fill and the fill inside is going to be off its top blue color adjusted to the top right of representation and then pressing ctrl D and another one reduce its size slightly and then I’m going to change its fill to second color it’s in control D it’s going to address itself after I press control D to the same angle that I kept the second one from the top so this is a very useful feature slightly reduce its length from the backside then again press control D so in a symmetrical fashion the correct angle I have four Pentagon’s elongated Pentagon’s which I’m going to use as minors for my presentation having done this I’ll again go to shapes and I’m going to insert a circle I’ll place four circles on this presentation on this slide in slightly sort of a haphazard fashion so we press control the change place another one over here slightly increase its size give it the shape fill the same as that of a corresponding banner that I put on to the top right and add another circle by pressing control V with usage size give it a different sides from the first and the second one and give it a shape fill again for the third banner that I created I can press control D bring in another circle place it over here and we’ll change its size give it a shape fill if you find changing the size is hard by holding ctrl and the shift key you can use to the height and weight at the top right to change it but make sure that the height and width are equal so now we have these four circles as shown over here the next thing that I have to do is I’ll click on insert and go into the icons tab since we are making an educational survey so I’ll use the pencil to denote those who can write this icon to denote those who can speak and talk to the note who can read and for those who have some sort of technical knowledge I’m going to use these screwdrivers after being the icons in I’m going to reduce their size to 1.8 each dragon put each one of the icon in each circle making sure that it is horizontally and vertically aligned its alignment is going to be by the crosshair that is drawn automatically so it is exactly then I’ll hold ctrl to select all of them to give them a no outline and change its field white color then our

press and hold the control buttons like each circle and icon and group them by pressing ctrl G after I have grouped it I’m going to insert text onto this slide Animation In PowerPoint: How to use Animation Pane and synchronize animations by going into the insert pressing onto the text box I’ll draw a text box over here I’ll set adjust the font and the size of the font and I’ll insert text boxes over here I’m going to fast forward how I inserted the text so we can move on to learning how we can make animations moving on to the final part of my presentation that is the animations now this is the most freakiest step but I’m going to simplify it for you and I’m going to teach you how you can use the animation pane in Microsoft PowerPoint that is this fade at the right to easily synchronize and to give timings to your animations so the first thing that I need to do is I have to I’m going to tell you what the basic theme is so that we can gradually build up onto it so what I want to do is that I want both of these to come in simultaneously and after this I want the percentage 50% to to shade these figures with the same color that is this dark poof so ultimately what is going to happen as you can see as we create it earlier what what we will result is that these blues are going to come in together at the same time then this blue is going to disappear and the sky blue along with its banner is going to come with the percentage disappearing so this is going to be the basic theme of my animations now how we are going to achieve it what we will do is we are going to start off with animating the circles first and then we will go towards these banners and then at the end we are going to insert the percentages figures now in all of this the most crucial part is going to be to synchronize all of these so it’s it’s really easy it seems hard but it’s really easy if you go step by step as the first step in the same sequence that I’m going to follow for these appear that is the dark blue first and then the sky blue that the green one and then the yellow one I’m going to select them in the same sequence so holding the control button I’m going to select all of these then I will go and click on this drop down menu to get more animations and I’ll go into more entrance effects now once I go into more entrance effects we have many entrance effects over here as you can see and as soon as you click each one of them you get a preview of it so I’m going to give these a blind effect so I’ll give it the blinds once I do this you see onto the right side on the animation pane I get these four animations and if I select this one over here you see the corresponding automatic eggs selected if I select this one the next one gets about there on to the right over here are these green starting and ending points this is the time line so at the moment if I play all all of these are coming in together so you see the starting point for all of these is the same whereas the ending point for all of these is the same as well so to the I’m going to make certain changes in it so what I can do is that I’m going to drag as like the first one press shift and select the last one so this is going to select all of these together another way is to press the control and let’s say if I want to do selective selections holding the control button now I have selected the first and the last one I can select the third one and the second one as well so now I have selected all four of them now I am going to come over here and you see this shows additional effect options I’m going to click on it in the additional effect each different type of animation has its own effects and timing options for this I’m going to select the direction to vertical so the blinds that are coming they’re going to be coming in the vertical direction and it’s timing the most important one is the start one this is going to tell whether I want this particular animation to start off on to

a click or with the previous one or after the previous one so for these circles I’m going just like after the previous one and the duration in which they are going to appear are selected to 2 seconds which is a medium speed now once I press ok you see on to the animation pane those green bars now they are staggered in a different manner so this one is going to start here and it’s going to end over here as soon as it ends the second one start and then hidden so we’re here when this ends it’s going to so I have each each proceeding animation is going to start after the previous one has completed its effect so once I play it now the first one appears and then the second one appears and then the third one appears and then the fourth one appears now I have given my animation to these circles now the next thing is to give animation to these banners that I have on to the top line again I’m going to select all of them in the sequence in which I want them to appear it’s like all four of them click on more entrance animations go into more entrance animations and for this I’m going to select the picket so it’s going to bed early peek in from either side now after this I’m going to click on additional effects and you see the direction to which it is speaking in right now it is from the bottom I’m going to selected I can select it from either direction but I’ll select it from the right so they’re going to peek in from this direction from the direction on which they are in aligned with the slide the timing for this I’m also again going to selected to two seconds so that the timing for the circles the duration in which they are appearing the banners are also coming at the same time now the important part is that I want to hook these up or link these up with the previous one that is with the previous animation that is I want to hook this up with this full circle over here and I want to hook this showing up with this full circle to hook the green tab with the queen circle so basically what I want to do is I want all of them to start off after a certain animation is triggered or started so I’m going to select all four of them again and I’ll select with the previous one now at the moment they all ended up jumbled up because they are all collectively starting off with the previous one which is titled a scope 105 now the next thing that I need to do is that I want to couple all of them with the particular animation that is the circle one in this case so first I’m going to click on this and you see the group automatically gets highlighted I will just pick it up and place it below this one and you see it’s time line since this is time with the previous one so it’s time line automatically got adjusted it start is the same as the one of the circle and it’s ending is the same as the one as that off that circle next thing that I’ll do is I’ll click on this I’ll see that the sky blue one is group 107 so I’ll select this and place it below 1:07 and you see that both the timings are matched now then I’ll select and see that this is group 106 the green one we’re going to click over here and I’ll drag it over here now we have each group each color group with each other and both of them are starting at the same time and both of them are ending at the same time let’s play all and let’s see how this looks like so blue dark blue comes in then the sky blue and then the green one that the yellow one enters now the next thing that we need to do is that we have to insert shades onto these figures and these shades are going to be synchronized with its corresponding color or the percentage that is written over here and then we will have to add two animations to it the first one is going to be the one which makes that percentage appear and the second one is going to be the one which is going to make it disappear now for this what I’m going to do is first I have to insert rectangles we’re going to insert a rectangle which is going to be equal in size or it can even be wider we don’t need to be very we

don’t need to be very particular about it but it just has to be at least as wide as this the bigger I’m going to add two rectangular shapes over here I’ll just hold the control button and drag the other one over here so that both of them are covered completely with this now having done this I’m going to remove the shape of mine after removing the shape outline I will give both of them the shameful or the same flow as part of the start now I’m going to select both of them then I’ll go to the animation step and I’m going to add an animation onto it but this animation is going to be in a motion part so it’s going to be in one straight line these are the motion parts I’ll use the one in a line so this is going to go move in either direction now to control how it moves the green basically denotes it’s been a shock position whereas the red dot denotes where its ending position is so since in this case we have a 50% age I’m going to call this red dot and drag it up to about 50% and leave it over here so now we have this covered by 50% and I’m going to pick this one up drag it up bring it here and sweep it out 50% as well now we have both of them selected and that we can move upwards once I place like this you see they’re going to move upwards the next thing that I need to do is that I have to select both of these together and I’ll send it to back remember we inserted rectangle which had these cutouts of a male and a female figure so the reason that we did this was the shading that we needed to do now since we have a complete rectangle shape over here and then these spheres are beneath it that is they have been sent behind it once I select play it’s going to look like this now having done this the next thing that I need to do is that I’m going to pick both of these up together and drag them up put them beneath the dark move animations that I inserted earlier so now they’re coming over here and they’re starting of time in the same as the ones for the dark blue circle and the dark blue banner and I make sure that these are selected to continue or to start off with the previous one so now once I’m like four of these and I play them this is how it’s going to look like now the next thing that I need to do is I want these to disappear now the thing that you need to remember over here is that you can add two animations onto one particular object or a graphic but for that you must click on to add animation if I just select another animation form over here this animation that I already inserted is going to get removed automatically and the new one is going to come on to its place so don’t forget this is click on add animation and I’m going to select go towards exit effects I’m going to like either one of the checker box or the spit or it is all one before this I’ll use the checker board now again since they have come up at the end of it I’m going to pick them up and bring them up on top but now the next problem that we have over here is that both of them they are starting off as soon as the other ones are coming so what is going to happen is that once I play it these bars are immediately going to come and they’re going to get remove immediately so I’ll select it and I’m going to start them off after the previous one so that my animations come in they are shown completely and once they are done the after it these gaps disappeared this one again I’m going to start off with the previous one so both of these rectangles they disappear at the same time now you see onto the timeline we have these groups and training together

the animation completes once the animation completes then that disappearing factor comes in and they’re going to make it exist this is how my animation is going to end up being you can also do to make your presentation look slightly better you can change it delay to about one minute so that the fill stays in for one minute in this case I’ll selected two one minute and 50 seconds so when I play all of these now we have our renovations coming in a gap of one minute and then these are disappear now the same thing I’m going to continue to repeat I’m going to click on this and they’re simply going to click on it and press control D so you see all these animations are also duplicated once I pressed control D now the next thing I need to do is I’m going to realign them I will go into the format tab give them a shift film of the sky blue color then I’ll just simply click over here and clicking on this red arrow I’m going to see that since it is 75% it I’m going to pull it further up go about here liked it click on that red arrow pull it further up to about 75% now all these are set its timing is already set the only thing I need to do is holding the shift button I’m going to select all four of them and I will place them hidden over here and the animation for the blue one is also ready the next thing that I’ll do is I will simply send this to the back I’ll send this to back as well now once I play it the dark blue appears and then the dark moon disappears the sky blue appears the sky blue is going to disappear and now I need to insert the green one and the yellow one again selecting both of them to simply press control D to duplicate them change the shift film Queen again I’m going to see that this is 60% and 80% so I will like the yellow one the green one bring it to about 60% bring it to about 80% take all of these bring them over here beneath the previous group if you find it difficult to identify this book these clocks can also help you but just remember that they are going to come with all of those which are starting off after the previous one that is their time after the previous one now as the last part I’m going to duplicate these again place it over here change the shape fill to yellow see that it is 40 and 20% so just click on this red arrow bring is 220 person sorry this one is 20% said being it’s 20% very calling it this one to 20% and I don’t need to move them because they’re already there like both of them right click and send them to back make sure that all of these are sent to back so that this place is all clear and now once I have played all that synchronization is done and all of my graphics are appearing in the same fashion or at the same time and is appearing at the correct time and my presentation is ready so to get a full screen view of it this is how it is going to look like now if you’re delivering a lecture you can plan these blue ones or each set of animations to come in they can be timed onto a click so you can get the required amount of time to speak on each one of them thank you for joining me have a good day