Gideon Levy in Edmonton – Questions and Answers

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Gideon Levy in Edmonton – Questions and Answers

I want to introduce the audience to a small town called a booth a PUD that ramallah area from having to Ramallah there are 70 settlements my father’s dead 85% event was anticipated I cannot go to pick up my quality the water meter that we have is not how much you are not allowed to own a water meter now thank you to the presenter you may be upset you may be happy you may be confused to make me everything you will know I agree one thing this domestic if you are pessimistic at might be concerned I am 100 percent mischievously I don’t think for a moment that there was other I get intent on any Israeli government to see anything short of taking over the entire land honestly I would be very quick sir only only if Israeli citizen would accept me as an equal human being that they will observe pressure on the Israeli leadership to consider something my question to you sir is this do you think I am out to lunch if I suggest that Israel eventually creating a reality on the Palestinian land it is impossible to remove the six hundred plus thousands immediate settlers do you think Israel is moving towards giving billions of dollars and convincing the world that Jordan is the future Palestinian state with the fact that 60% of the Jordanian population are also Palestinians are they want to force this on the people of the Middle East thank you Thanks well take that take two or three questions at the time to come on perfect that first of all thank you so much it’s always a pleasure to come and see you and thanks Emily my question is that I have noticed I mean I’m very pleased that your position with regards to BDSM or diversity diversity has changed because I prefer gossip you were here your position was different my question is what makes you change your mind and thank you all right thank you very much yes go ahead sir thanks very much for your presentation um I have two questions first question would be I understand that we have a pessimistic view one on what’s happening here but what changes what you have maybe anticipated if I believe that the parties the Zionist union if they were if they would have won the election and the other question is you know I guess we accept that there has to be international pressure and this is a kind of this is that proce that we have to take but three years and generations and generations of indoctrination of Israeli citizens and generations oppression to Palestinians is it possible I mean is it possible to actually in all in one state solution is that actually like in a pessimistic sense is it is it possible after everything that’s happened full-time good that I could handle yeah but the end of the evening would solve all the problems evaluation about Jordan is the person state for many years many Israeli politicians and others played with this idea her own erasure on Rose singer of this that Jordan will be the Palestinian state Gaza will push into Egypt and we solved everything I think by now I think by now most of the Israelis and most of these various politicians realize already that this is an impossible dream not to speak if it’s boring are not going to expel the Palestinians again the second and third time and I think that this is off the table right now I don’t think that anyone believes that you can expel 2 million persons from the West Bank into Jordan I don’t think that anyone believes that without doing this you saw so-called solve the problem I think the main problem in Israel is that nobody has really assault the bones where are we going to and what is the solution but these kind of solutions except of some very very few I think

that the stood that this will not happen there was also others who saw that the more will colonize the Palestinians that we just leave with time as the timeline and finally they will be they didn’t leave and I think that all those games most of the Israeli politicians know that those all those games need to know where it will never happen never it’s not raining there is whatever is less the respect is to be annexed by the Jordanians and reserved in 1877 plan over the United Kingdom yeah but they didn’t don’t want it okay and this will not be a solution this will not be a solution Joe then I mean you can change the regime and show that this was part of the play to get rid of the King and to make it make it really a Palestinian state with a bison majority I don’t think that those things can happen anymore I hope they can’t happen but I really don’t think they can help the problem is that there is no plan not that there is a secret plan what to do there is no plan or should I have one st. they don’t like to cause this man and he once said that only donkeys don’t change their minds and at least for this he was right I changed my mind throughout the 70 40 last year’s so many times and the direction was always very clear – more more radical solutions and – more more radical songs because the boys so and the more the situation on the ground became worse than worse and the smaller the hope was that things will solve will be solved by themselves for sure I went to more radical solutions 5 years ago when I was in head with the last time I would never speak about the white state but I still support them and two-state solution but I think it’s too late we miss the straight straight left the station will never and back and therefore I have to ask myself what is the alternative for me to support the VDS or the support boycott of Israel while I am not boycotting Israel and living in Israel is not a very simple thing but I live in Israel I mean how can I call you to boyhood when I don’t know pudding I bought both products of their occupied territories but this is very artificial because the separation between the settlements and Israel is a very very superficial separation or distinction Israel is involved in the occupation project all Israelis involved in it and you can’t separate it’s not only the setlist it’s not only the army there’s not one single economical financial company who doesn’t have branches in the occupied territories we or all of us israelis are part of the settlement project and therefore this distinction that I make myself that I don’t buy wine or ginger from the West pay for the settlements is a nice solution but it’s not really a very very genuine one but I live there and I have no intention to stop living there and still I believe that after all those years with Israel did not learn it in the good way BDS is always better than bloodshed and as I tried to explain without shaking the Israeli society nothing will do now the holy question is veneers will be effective Israel cannot claim that boycott is not legitimate true yeah Israel is the first boycott her what is the siege of Gaza not a boycott what is the boycott of Hamas if not BDS I mean Israel is doing it what is the call for sanctions on Iran if not sanctions so no doubt about the legitimacy the only question is is it effective until now in 10 some effects the BDS I think more more Israelis are

concerned but it’s still long way to go because what it is there is no definitive I thought once that if Israelis will be prevent prevented from the Saints in Gallerie Lafayette in Paris or in Macy’s in Rio or in Selfridges had not known this will bring an end to the occupation because they will not be end be ended when late and I still believe that the way to make a change we through this way I don’t know any other way my only concern is will they make the linkage between the pressure and the reasons the price and the scene because Israelis pay directly a lot photo occupation and above all in the Second Intifada it was a little bit horrifying to be Israeli those years but nobody made the linkage between the occupation and the punishment that anyone who dared like myself to make this linkage he immediately was blamed as a traitor as justifying terror and I don’t get down to the definition of terror which is also something very flexible I can assure you that any suicide bomber any search that Bamba would rather sit in a Apache helicopter push a button at lunch rockets on seven neighborhoods rather than go and explode himself in the markets in Tel Aviv in Jerusalem but Israelis most of them did ask themself why is a palestinian young boy or girl ready to sacrifice his life to go to this terrible criminal act of killing himself in the middle of a class or market with street killing tens of innocent civilians why does he do it and therefore because nobody asked why the Intifada thing and he didn’t bring any advantages any achievements to the Palestinians whatsoever I hope that with BBS’s will be more effective in the way that people will ask themself ah they don’t have to pay a price is it worth it we are going to be punished is it worth it there is also possibility that there will again with all the protection Wars that Israeli society had been without the world immediately become more United more nationalistic will stand together against this time will show I’d rather see political pressure on Israel by governments by the way this will be more effective but this doesn’t happen I think that the day that the American president will really be devoted to put an end to the occupation we don’t need any BDS Israel within months will have to and every patient it’s enough to tell Israel that the service crew will not be supplied for these venir flows and then I will why won’t you see how in Israel react but all this is not happening so with all those complex Institute’s I really hope that bps will be effective it will be a wake-up call for the Israeli society about the holistic union I wrote an article rather provocative as usual claiming that there is only one thing which is worse than if mr. Natalia will be reelected and this is if the Zionist union will win directions I truly believe that the journalistic Union itself to be even to pronounce me impossible ugly name let’s call them labor as they used to before the till now let’s human know which whom are we doing labor is the founding father of the occupation labor is the founding father of the segments project shimon peres it is fact happy and we should I am and gautama here at all the others they are the founding fathers and the health Barak they will build more settlements and under Netanyahu the only differences in the rhetoric they speak about peace they don’t want to govern another people they get Nobel Prize for Peace they sign off slow

without the regulating one settlement one house in the city so if you ask me what is better it’s better when we face reality especially when the world is starting to move if labor would have taken this those elections and mr Hansen being elected I know exactly what would have happened he will be me that me me to his Mahmoud Abbas wonderful photo opportunities he declared already that he needs five years for the peace negotiation five years I told him five weeks is exaggerated but for the next five years but all the plans are ready it’s all about good intentions and we don’t have good intentions five years seventeen are so the world would go to sleep again the world would hug the sadistic Union the American through targeted the UN taking you everyone they would be a gathering Heuer of the peace talks which lead to nowhere and never led to nowhere because the DNA of labor is about continued occupation don’t be mistaken about it the only difference if there is a mistic union would’ve warned and I don’t underestimate this is about domestic politics because the level of racism of nationalism of anti-democratic legislations of the right wingers reached a very very critical and dangerous stage labor would have put an end to it from this point of view labor is much much better no doubt but for me the issue of the occupation is the issue which no other issue is Boulton as this and when it comes to the occupation there’s no difference between labor and lecithin don’t be mistaken about this and about the last question I just have to be able to read my handwriting which is not ah well there once the solution is impossible customer is very easy to tell you know possible Lupo detonating goose Lamia grow codependency Lebanon group what happens in all the dimensional stains is one just to the opposite direction it doesn’t work it creates bloodshed Wars tensions even in your country it’s not very clear for how long will it stay together I came to their one state solution as an alternative as an option after two visits in South Africa South Africa inspired me rodentia troops and I saw the problems in South Africa there are many problems in South Africa and still subset freaking two days ago just place them 20 years ago and in South Africa unthinkable things happened things that you will never believe 20 years ago that are going to happen and I remember all those threats what would be South Africa all the white people will be slaughtered and it didn’t happen and I know again those of you would also suffer cutter is crime there’s corruption than many problems but by the end of the day when there are and this one really moves me when I saw the white beggars in the freeways and I saw the black bosses and I saw more of the quality double to say it’s a food equality I don’t want to romanticize it too much but South Africa is it proved that things which look right now and syncable can become now I can show you one thing the majority of the Palestinian people know more of it but the majority of the Palestinian people want to live together with the Jews was the Israelis in peace in equal terms injustice obviously the majority of the Israelis want to live separated and thence the core issue but I believe with all the fields in the hatred that we don’t have any other alternative and therefore we have to stop talking about it and to both work toward Eve maybe it is just a dream but you know at least we have a dream without the one-state solution after losing hope in the two-state solution you’re a man with nothing so we haven’t worn and I think we should try to go to this direction and to stop with this empty talking about the two-state solution which today’s only an excuse to get more time because many many people

not all of them but many people in the West and even is when it starts no there will be never two-state solution and if this is the case restart our souls Johnnie up at the microphone there’s a yeah what answer the others didn’t whine about there so Johnny want you go ahead and ask your question come a little bit closer the other patients always military or culture or religion or great wonder if you look at the place discussing the ring if that change that things good great just go ahead thank you for he’s off just a common question Tommen will be but they’re not humanity of the Arab person not in Missouri the unofficial position of the Canadian government and the American government and the British and the French just two examples of this about twenty years ago some a reporter asked Madeleine our Albert if you know a million dead Iraqi children you know what she had to say about the American sanctions that had caused a million dead children and she said we think that’s an acceptable price to pay literally inconceivable that they could have talked about the million children or even a million dogs that way so you know another example recently a movie American sniper basically somebody who’s pathological killed sniped under native people and has no moral qualms whatsoever about it it becomes a kind of hero and they asked clint eastwood the return of the producer if you know if there was a problem there that they didn’t seem to be any moral questioning some mushnick and he pointed out that no in one of the scenes somebody asked the sniper he had any moral qualms and if you pay close attention his eye twitch you know revealing that the deep down there might be something there he might have moral qualms sniping so many people so maybe simple point was that the non humanity of the air is pretty much the status quo canada in the u.s. at least in their policy no doubt about it and then the second thing i just wanted to suggest in terms of expulsion of course the world can’t stomach that israel just try to expel them you know the palestinians from the west bank wonder but what about on their scenario and i believe this has been Israel’s long-term game plan for a while which is what about under the fog of war because the first time they expelled Palestinians was under the floor and then the second time was under the fog board and we find them pushing for war with Iran or where the rock was supposed to be you know a great enterprise that was gonna be easy and then Iran and then Syria Hezbollah a mess so your question there you have your question so that basically what do you think of the proposition that Israel’s waiting for a big war with America with NATO on Iran on Syria and then then that fog of war stage three of the Palestinian expulsion which is the only solution you want to Jewish state on a piece of land full of non-jews one plus one equals two you either don’t get your state you expel the people or goodness let’s move great thanks good I think you got that right yeah the next question yeah we’ll take one more before we let mr. levy ensue there’s an election coming up in the United States next year could you please give us your assessment of the possible contenders and party positions going into that election and do you think that there is the possibility that after this election there may be the deliverance by merit of the miracle that you speak up and secondly closer in time for us in Canada here will probably be election to the fall time I think we howl here probably understand the conservative party position towards Israel could you give us your assessment please of the Liberal Party position and come again and again I keep on telling you that our contract was it and come to

lecture not to answer such good question and that’s far beyond a girl your audience yes no I don’t think that classes of conflict between classes is the name of the game even though there are some consequences which are social consequences but by the end of the day it is about real estate it’s a national conflict about two people who share one more piece of land and this is the core of the israeli-palestinian conflict I don’t even like to write et to call it conflicts like never before anyone called the Algerian French relations is that Gillian French country the words that French occupation in Algeria sorry okay there was a French of the base in Algeria and he dead two countries and there was no French Algerian conflict and same thing here but in any case classes religion some other natural sources they are all part of it but they are not the core the core is a national dispute over a piece of land it is about real estate yes the organization is not only in Israel the organization of Palestinians Islamophobia planes to the hands anyways if we have it worse and worse all over the world also in Europe by the way not only in the United States and Canada and still there is a difference because it is when I think again it reaches a level and don’t forget one thing that in Israel we are dealing with the people who is not an immigrating people he said people who wasn’t there for Israel was established who is I hope got to stay there forever and therefore they dehumanizing the Palestinian people is from my point of view much worse and besides you know if you drive 200 km/h in the freeway and the policeman stops you it will not be very convincing for him if you tell him listen also the others drive like this many things that Israel does there are also other other people’s in other states who do similar things so what what what does it tell me does it release Israel from any responsibility I’m not ready to accept it but sure the humanization is not only in Israel absolutely expel expand under the form of war again there are all kinds of ideas all kinds of minds but it’s not a plane for sure there are some lunatics who believe that one day there will be this big war and then under the form this war will get rid of all the Palestinians this is first of all not a player and I must tell you considering the performance of the Israeli Armed Forces in the recent years I would be too confident about the outcome of such a and I think some Israelis know it that those days of Israel back in the six-day war in 67 those days are over that the performance of the Israeli army becomes from move to war poorer and poorer and I think some Israelis know it so to build to counter the war there’s something that we need say Israel is by far this connection of reality in any case I don’t think that there is a plan like this elections in the United States despite not an expert for American politics obviously but really after this appointment form President Obama I read the robot to say I mean who will be both devoted or more attached to both knowledgeable about the

Palestinian problem then then Obama and if he didn’t work with Obama on the other hand you see some changes in American society you hear some maternity voices both also including in the Jewish establishment you hear more more voices that start to ask doesn’t serve the American interests the still service way to continue with this policy for so many years there’s no state in the world he gained so much for aids support encouragement like Israel throughout all those years and I guess there will be a moment in which American decision makers will ask themselves should it continue like this should be there are some limits does it serve peace justice democracy but to be frank it happens very slowly and you know all those people attending that process historical process take long time that a change in the United State is very slow and changing the world is very slow what is your answer to the Palestinians who live now so generation and the dissipation how can you tell them that historical changes take decades and maybe centuries and what will be about their own lives in in between those changes is about the election in Canada I know even less I know one thing I’ve now one week here support point out that we flew here that Alberta here today and mr. Levy said to me mala is in Alberta isn’t that sort of the heartland of mr our Kurt I think we’ll need more people in Edmonton that oppose my views does it not I think the audience is someone pre-selected I’m sure you guys know a lot of Harper supporters I’m sure they do yes go ahead and others if you’d like to ask questions thank you I just have a question that’s related to one of the earlier ones and in January when John Barrett was signing the memorandum of understanding with Israel that basically said that to select Israel up for criticism equals anti-semitism as well as some other things there was an American Palestinian American scholar who was here giving giving talks his name is Steven salaita you see author of Israel’s get stolen books but he was fired in the United States from the University of Illinois at champaign-urbana for his Twitter feed during the bombardment of Gaza that was ostensibly if he was said that he was uncivil and therefore he would be possibly he’s there and I’m very interested and we you know and within the other part of the story which which wasn’t articulated by the University but he was one of the people who was initiating the void of the academic boycott in the United States which is which is very controversial and I wonder if you speak about the academic boycott okay thank you then we’ll take one very last question for the evening then go ahead sir I was just wondering about the intimate of society I think is you know are they obviously religious and secular as we’re going to choose religious groups and their spirituality because it’s penis’s issue this is video a moral issue that’s being dealt with it’s been ignored what they’re the Jewish religious oops how they feel about this whole issue of the occupation and how they rationalizes right thank you now our last question for the evening go ahead I agree with you I’m afraid I’m a woman so I believe there’s always the way I feel I think it’s important for

people to recognize evening thank you I also think that using your vessels you’ll be able to see the world and optimist stones but how do you suggest that you conscientious person for social justice can change the image every day about the Palestinian terrorist who is not really worth saving and also what’s the next step what you suggest we can do okay thank you very much so getting a Scalia answer these questions what he’s done give me just another 45 seconds and we’ll do our drawings so just stick in your seats another 30 seconds when he’s done thank you I think I need like two hours it’s only 806 yeah listen in Montreal it’s a spiral I took once the trans-siberian train in Russia and one of the stops might think it showed the four o’clock in the afternoon and I came it for probe to the railway station and then I realized not many people know it that in Russia all the plane tickets and the train tickets are Moscow time it was four hours difference between must come time in the place I’ve seen you should consider it about the Academical boycott it’s really noticeable because on one hand the academia Israel is a part and parcel of the occupation no doubt about it they have those first of all there are some universities like new Vista period which are in there with pretenders secondly they have all kind of special programs for soldiers for settlers for Secret Service workers and many many others pylons so they are for sure part of the occupation no doubt about it from the other hand it is by the end of the day the most liberal part of Israel and therefore to aim the boycott at the most liberal part in Israel it is problematic only because it’s many ways easier to aim it at them so I don’t know from which direction to take it on the other hand it’s very effective and and they’re condemning Israel in Israel is very very aware to them from the boycott that is its main main issue there so I can’t view the bottom line because it goes to both directions yes if we go for boyhood we have to go for boyhood whatever it will be but a bit only on that and there is a little unfair and so I think within the academia there are some of the most progressive voices in Israel today not all of them obviously and academia is to be blamed for many activities which have to do directly with the occupation yeah that’s the question about Israel as a secular society ends about the religious and other groups first of I wouldn’t claim here that Israel is much less secure than it seems from the outside don’t be mistaken first of all there is a plethora why is why did the Jews come to this part of the world it’s all about religion I mean it has nothing to do is realpolitik it is why did they choose this piece of land based on the Bible you can’t deny that this is a religious belief it has nothing to do with super anything can be a very holy place for the Jews and still what’s the connection between holiness and serenity many Jews are going now to Amman in Ukraine there is a very very holy grave there and some tens of thousands are going there from Israel every year now to this grave ready that one from uma anyone claims for sovereignty of this place it’s a holy place and people go

then come back so the basic of Israel is religious among other things but also if you look at any other possible wedding this one is the most religious Society in the Western world no buses on Shabbat on Saturday I mean what is it not religious society fundamentalistic society Li doesn’t fly on Shabbat you can’t marry and get divorce only through a religious ceremony what is it until recently you couldn’t be buried without a religious ceremony what is it if not a religious society there’s a business on almost every door in Israel so this potential of being very very secular Yom Kippur no cos 70% of the Israelis fast in young people 65 percent this is all deeply religious and there is this problem which really will not get into it now what is what are we talking about I’ll be talking about the Jewish people which is a nationality how are we talking about the Jewish religion I don’t want to get into this but I just want to first of all say that Israel is much less secure than it seems from the outside and Israel is moving down more and more religious faces in the last one Gaza rabbis were blessing the unit’s before the entrance Gaza red lights with blessing soldiers you know that every soldier and the idea when he gets into the IDF is taking to the wedding wall to swear what does this has to do is secure the last chief of staff of the army secular chief of staff the last day he was in office he went with the new elected chief of staff to the Wailing Wall the world this is secular behavior for sure not so Israel is less secure even if these were ones and all of us want at least part of us ha very secure and very liberal and Israel is going to have the more religious faith and by the way in 10 years the maturity of Israeli children in the first and second grade in schools will be either overlooked so Palestinians which means most of the children of Israel will be not realistic maybe this is a source of optimism they’re religious they differ because you can’t speak about the outlooks in Israel as one entity there are two main groups one are and I’m sorry because part of the regulator of us know of this part form of they are the ultra-orthodox the one who wear black usually they have very little to do with occupation settlements they don’t serve in the army part of the small part of them claim to be anti Zionist there is this group that Wakata who meets with the Iranians again and again and without a father the time to call to exterminate the State of Israel but they are a very very small group but most of them already the black ones are mainly concerned about their own way of living their own matters their own budgets in recent years they participate a lot in the settlement project and the biggest settlements today belong to them but they go there only because they get their cheap housing and therefore it will be very easy to it says nothing to you is that Jana tree the golden because today the cheapest housing you can get to get in the West Bank when you steal and let this free obviously you pay less for the house the problem is with the national religious and they are the core of the settlers movement and they are the strongest not the biggest but the strongest and most effective group in Israeli society they are ready to sacrifice they’re ready to fight for a cause they are the settlers who blackmailed government after government in Israel who take hostage

Israel but I never blamed that I blame those who were ready to to to play this game and they are the core of the whole settlement project so by the end of the day they took Israel to this direction but they want to be really blamed for it is the silent majority who in its blindness and empathy and angles all this they are very very few Orthodox or religious Jews who stand for morality we have this wonderful organization of rabbis for Human Rights a remarkable organization but they are a very very small minority unfortunately in Israel religion goes with nationalism and it’s very unfortunate so there’s nothing to do with human rights and it’s very very important how to change the image of the Palestinians and what should be the next step and what should we do you know every morning I asked myself and I don’t have an answer what should I do so Who am I to tell others what to do and I hardly know what I can do and what should I do the Palestinians are today in the worst position ever I believe totally isolated totally lonely without anyone to support them not in the Arab world not in the West not in the East no one to finance them because the EU in the United States and Israel are already threatening to stop the financial support Israel supporting Israel is supposed to transfer them their own money which belongs to them to Texas and Israel as you know doesn’t do it innovation once and once the economic participation the West Bank and in Gaza is catastrophic and will become worse and worse but they’re isolated dad invited like better before which is also just a tragedy to see this division between Hamas and Fatah which is the biggest enemy of the Palestinians right now all this division which until now nobody was able to overcome it and they are really forgotten in the world more and more so the world is now much more busy with Isis with Syria with Iraq with Yemen with the immigrants in Europe with Islamophobia with many many other issues and the Palestine issue is not so much on the table like it used to be for many many years and this place against the Palestinians a case in favor of the continues of the occupation I really don’t know how to change it I wish the Palestinians couldn’t get United is sure place it to your reasonable that we wonder okay because it relates what bro I don’t know was a fictitious letter or a real letter to the answer Arafat who once described that the Palestine as a whole should almost just come to the streets and wear white at the surrender II sort of symbolism sit and do nothing which is the almost like a I guess they sing and let the world just wait for them have to eventually focus their attention on them I mean he promises to Arafat without one call it or any kind of actions and you sit there you sit there he laid it out as he you know gone to so much suffering so me that you it eventually cameras of the world of the eyes of the world would turn on you in this surgery as a stopped of course but it almost seems like you know I hope today that this good way to do it is that to say listen you’ve got 40% you’ve got nothing to do anyway your lives are are really under insufferable conditions meet this is the way to do it it takes weeks months years and eventually Israeli society will then start to clear a narrative that starts to clean to look at it’s not a lot of violent expression I it sounds very romantic but I know what happens

this was pleased they knew what that was he said this exactly what they wanted to say his railroad enable it to happen and liking many villages when they tried this nonviolent resistance all residents up whose violence with shootings with killings and I’ve got one of those who believe in this I know that many people saw that it should be the way Israelis love India and we don’t even Gandhi and I don’t think that this would be effective because by their do they misuse what happens in those men addresses the whole village is growing every Friday to demonstrate and it’s enough one voice one stone which someone throws doesn’t strokes and the Middle East and the teachers there and the shooting and the killing and it’s then I don’t I never believed in it because the Israeli army is by far to Putin to let this happen unfortunately I mean it sounds fantastic but it may not work you would do to us something because I his father’s for basic atheist afternoon of August who came later on basic apostles and religion no argument between us not at all I totally agree to what you say the only thing I say goes that the choice to do it in Palestine to live in this piece of land was based on other theological beliefs or on the Bible or some kind of bonus of generations which were religious ones all of those who establish them is what most of them were totally at least and secular but they use this as an excuse to do it there they excuse was religious the choice to do it in Palestine was based on the pattern no doubt about this otherwise buying the aeronaut in Uganda there was an idea a little random I don’t know who the peppered appeaser would have been established in Uganda there was an idea to do with in Argentina in other places the choice to go there was based on some religious elements that’s all what I said and we have no argument whatsoever hey because time was running out I would like like only to tell you how really move the end time of the time evening after evening drought in those talks and meetings but the level of knowledge but the level of improvement I mean I always say if I would have had their talk in the Tel Aviv I guess the phone box would be enough and even then I’m not sure filled up and it’s ready to come and to see this involvement organizations like Canadians for justice and peace in the Middle East and others and to know that even if a government shows such a my point of view bizarre to say the least bizarre attitude toward Israel which again I must say has nothing to do with friendship down this way which is really really endangering Israel and they drink the existence of Israel pushing Israel into more extremism and more nationalism a big nose international law I think knows human rights Canada that had a lot of reputation in this field is they really

invite you playing and I saw in the conference of a target when your foreign minister showed up there clouding the Tanyard you know let’s say let’s let’s just say that it was bizarre and okay I’m not saying say no more but then to come here and to see all of you and in those questions and involvement and seriousness and readiness to listen unfortunately I didn’t have a lease or tour one hostile question which is also something I’m not used to really maybe I maybe was something wrong with me so any case I would like from the bottom of my heart thank you very much