Agent Mastermind Saturday Strategy How to Build Your Own Flower Pot to Market to Expireds and FSBOs

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Agent Mastermind Saturday Strategy How to Build Your Own Flower Pot to Market to Expireds and FSBOs

hello everyone this is scott’s bass agent mastermind so excited to have you guys here honored to be here with you guys if you’ve joined us for the first time one I want to make sure that you can see my screen to want to make sure you can hear me okay and I do want to say that if you’re if you’re joining us for the first time it might be better to call in there’s a little audio button on your panel there and if you click the drop-down arrow it’ll actually give you telephone options a dial number and an access code that will put you in it’s just seems to get better it seems to allow you to hear it a little better and then there’s less interruption or less break up also if you’re doing this for the first time feel free to go to our agent mastermind private Facebook page we’re approaching 10,000 its agent mastermind calm forward slash groups for / agent mastermind and a lot of collaboration going on in there just to really appreciate you guys collaborating and asking questions and helping out with everybody that we can so really really really good group a lot of activity so today I have a special guest and a special surprise for you guys today and that is my good friend Aaron is it redfern redfern yes Rhett turn out of Colorado and here’s a sorry to say that we’re going to be snowing in Colorado on a month he said so he actually said that kind of funny they have to plan their Halloween around what the actually the what the weather kind of thing is we’re saying okay you explain your Halloween costume around your kids k razy man crazy confetti so what aaron has done which dude I can’t thank you enough for doing this and you know huge thanks to Glenn Murray know we started this in January we started the flower pot strategy and that’s we’re going to be talking about today but Glenn or I’ll excuse me aaron has has been able to get this CEO proved in Colorado so for you agents that are on the call you’re going to be able to take advantage of the cee education with this flower pot strategy in mana I tell you if you had to go to one class this would be the class out go to this is where the successes have been it’s an amazing strategy to implement incorporate into your business so here and I’m going to kind of sit back I’m going to do this with you but I’m going to let you go over this class as you teach it the sea I wish I really wish someday that we could get these webinars siiii approved so there’s anybody on this call that has that power I would love to have a conversation with you because we were attempting to get these classes approved in different states where I’m doing in Michigan he’s got in colorado we’re going in illinois to do it so we’re texas has actually been submitted so we’ll have it there soon so if you’re one of those states you’re going to be able to get to see you prove so Aaron what do you got for us man yeah first of all it’s great to be on the phone call thanks everybody for taking time out of your busy morning here after labor day to day not was so this strategy by far and away for me is my most favorite strategy and it’s really what propelled me to to get it CD certified you know bit a little bit about me first off I’ve been a senior loan officer at supreme lending here in Denver for my 13th year in the business I based on my 2013 survey results one hundred percent of our realtor partners recommend my company and hopefully you to your fears and ninety-nine percent of our consumers give us a positive review and I used to date technology to help agents win every listing presentation and help their listing sell sell faster and by using results in advanced marketing you too can double if not triple the amount of business that you’re doing right now and we’re going to we’re going to cover that more than that you know the whole flower pot strategy is really in a technical term results of advanced marketing what kind of break all that down so it doesn’t sound so complicated on a personal note been married to my wife Carla for 11 years which by far and away was my best sale job ever yeah and I got I got two kiddos they’re both boys they’re going to be there seven and eight right now they’re going to be 89 here in October and my oldest is very focused he swears he’s going to be a professional football player or someday and he even got even has it narrowed down to the team he said he’s going to play some new orleans saints there you go love it robert yeah no no idea how he got there since uh I was born in st. Louis and leave your in Denver never using step foot in the end of identity that’s cool so no one I have to arm just to just to kind of go for what you just said the results in advance guys like if you’re multitasking on this what we’re going to do just to kind of reclassify we’re going to go

over the strategy this week we’re going to give you detailed concrete success stories we’re going to give you a bunch of different examples from people that have been doing this since January and also just a tried-and-true strategy that absolutely positively works even if it’s just going to a listing presentation today tomorrow marketing to expires marketing to fizz bows and also the whole mind the mindset is really what I want people to understand today the mindset behind giving something of value the law reciprocity giving something of value and then in return getting something back it’s just we as a human creature we we tend to want to give back to those that give to us and that’s what this mindset is all about so that’s what he’s going to be covering i will show you some examples next week we’re going to be covering exactly how to set this up i mean literally step by step with from a partner Vicki rice and we’re going to give you a really simple solution to do it within a minute and a half to three minutes tops have this thing ready to go so I’m excited to show you so don’t miss this one um close your doors turn off your phones turn off everything so you don’t miss the mindset of this and the whole thing but also don’t miss next week as well okay sorry I’m absolutely yeah and just a we’re just go set the table a little bit here quickly on mindset here on why we want to do this so we’re we talk about lead generation we’re going to talk about cold calling versus in-person visits we talk about the potentials of having a daily success plan did in all of our businesses as well as that law of reciprocity results in advanced marketing and how that plays into that we’re going to talk about some prospecting tips give you some Fizbo scripts that absolutely work if we have time we’ll cover some seller objections and in the end we’re going to get ten things you should as soon as you open your door and flip back on your phone fitting that you should do right away so the essential of sailing first of all people do business with people that they bond like and trust so I think one of the biggest challenges in any business is to make sure that you eyeball your leads mean you know you get that person-to-person visit shaking their hand introducing you have a person and not a postcard or boys and their there’s tons of studies out there that obviously show that as soon as you sit down with somebody and they meet you your odds of becoming a friend and converting that lead go way way up way up way up everywhere absolutely so so any strategy that you have needs to be geared around getting in front of somebody and eyeball on them if you will on belly-to-belly every day so in order to do that you’re really going to have a game plan um and the most successful groups that I collaborate with from that I work with without missing a beat these folks have three in-person visits a day and it’s not some crazy math equation up there the EEAS for expired f is Fizbo and two is personal contact so whether it’s you know three expired two expires in the 5th 03 personal contacts however you get there out of those three groups you need to meet eyeball to eyeball with three people a day and then they to set up those appointments they make 12 to 18 success calls it a day so they’re reaching out to expire it’s impose personal contacts and they’re making sure that they make those phone calls blocking off time and do those money-making activities to to make sure their business grows and increases you know when you know what’s crazy about those two things right there is three in person today 12 to 18 success calls we say 13 hellos per day in it the guys I’m telling you it’s insanity than like the percentage of increase in your business when you do this it’s on your calendar and it’s like you put your war paint on and whatever time it is you use 13 hello s per day whether it’s half in the morning passing afternoon this is where the success is right here and then just throw in this mindset of something of value into it catapults it into a huge snowball that’s what you snowball cuz we’re talking Colorado right absolutely yeah so get getting into that mindset right ask yourself what am i doing right now or what is my competition doing with expires or fizzbuzz you know are you sending out a postcard are you calling and leaving a voicemail message you know ask yourself do I want to be another postcard do I want to be just another voicemail message you know what what I want to do to make my business difference and it’s kind of like this you know if you’ve ever ever asked yourself what switch fishbowl my fishing in our swimming in you know am I am I in the left there with all the postcards and the voicemails and and what do i do to jump out of that fishbowl and get into one where I’m kind of swimming all by myself

and that would be even who’s totally outmatched and if they’re able to do that for sure and your your your guide and your ability to get there is really your result in advance and that’s what we’re that’s what the whole idea behind all this is man we’re going to help you jump out of that fishbowl and start swimming by yourself now people always say well should i should i cold-called my leads or should i make him person visits real quickly we’ll take a look at both techniques if you’re going to cold call you know you’re going to block off 46 hours a week you’re going to call 60 to 90 leads you’re going to shut off your phone your email everything you know not answer yourself you’re really going to focus on those four to six hours a week a call on your 60 to 90 leads and our numbers show that fifty to sixty percent of expires and syd bows are never going to answer the phone so if you’re calling on 60 prospects are week 24 to 30 are going to answer their phone which gives you 30 phone call conversations and your whole goal is to convert 30 of those in 25 eyeball-to-eyeball appointments right and you’re only reason to call these folks is to get a face-to-face appointment it’s not to sell yourself over the phone as far as your marketing strategy and tell them how great you are as far as you know you’ll do business and this for their home it’s really more about making a friend agreeing with what they say if Kenny selling as far as what you’ll get them to do you always want to do in person and I know that’s that’s a difficult thing sometimes for us sales people is the realize that talking to people over the phone really is just trying to get in front of them and in any selling that you do always need to be face to face and then once you’re done with that obviously you want to put everybody in your database you want to follow up follow up follow up follow yeah yeah you know what you know it’s kind of funny we were talking about this here today about follow up it’s like I’ve never had anybody complained to me like Scott you please stop calling me and following up with me and giving me updates and checking in plate you just driving me nuts you know what I mean it’s never that never happens it’s the idea I haven’t heard from him in two weeks three weeks four weeks never he called me man you got the listing but I never heard from again so like it’s just follow up follow up is the number one key success in any business absolutely and then a couple that word if you look at the personal visit how that differs from the co call is you’re going to use results in advanced marketing on you’ll prepare your marketing piece of the day before you’re actually going to go to their home and ring the doorbell and you got a fifty-fifty chance if they’re going to be home or not now my advice to to my partners and what I’ve seen be the most successful if you go out sometime after about three thirty four o’clock because the working mothers that try to be home once the kids be home from school they’re usually home by then and then just your your odds later they I can intend to go up so if you can put this into your daily plans to do at some point after it’s a 334 clock you’ll have a lot more success with this and a lot of my agents actually incorporate this into their day whether it’s you know they focus on areas that’s on their drive home so it’s a very easy thing for them to do or they know they’re going to go and do their kids soccer practice or whatever they try to plan it a long way to the drop doesn’t take that long at all oh yeah you might so plan out your day like plan out the day the day before like know where you’re going to go know what neighborhood you’re going to go by why not dry you know find out where the expires are the physicals are always always be ready you know I’m saying yeah always be ready and you know in order to make sure that you do this consistently you got incorporated and plan it out and to be vertically bone you kind of have to make it easy on yourself you know you’ve got if you know you’re going to go in a certain direction every day on your neighbor high plank expires and suppose that are along the way that way it doesn’t become a task to drive the opposite way your prostate what’s a lot longer doing this way and you’re going to see that you have a higher rate of conversion doing things this way so a little bit of the mindset there once you see both techniques choose the one that’s best suited for your personality or do a little bit of both okay but you got to find figure out which ones that makes the most sense for you and that you’re going to be willing to stick with on time it’s a little bit on the law of reciprocity and I know probably most people on the call know what that is but it’s a it’s a psychological state that refers to when somebody does something nice to you with a positive action you’re going to you tend to reward that

you know if if you’re got a flat tire on the side of the road and somebody helps stops and helps you fix it your natural tendency is just to make sure you get their name and number and do something nice for them to reach back out to them and thank them and you know take them off a lunch or send them if you have card or do something and that’s just a natural human reaction and there’s a lot of power in marketing and selling that it goes into that if you provide marketing marketing marketing and more marketing materials in advance of your meetings with sellers that you’re going to begin to build that trust and that likeability that we talked about on that first slide it’s going to go way up man these people are going to they’re going to feel like they know you they’re going to trust you there in a bond with you a lot Master did anything you’ve ever seen doing marketing this way so everybody on the call and this is a boys standing or anybody it really quick errand is there anybody on the call that has used the expired listing strategy and I mean I’m going to show you a bunch of testimonials at the end of people from the facebook group there anybody on the call right now that is using this currently I know there’s a ton of people that want to use it there’s one there’s one lady that I’m as your flower pots for she doesn’t know how to put her flowers and brochures and stuff together which were going to cover next week but um I just want to ask that really quick why we’re talking so go ahead and Mel oops I’m sorry don’t come to hit on you get no problem so and for me this is a very important slide and I don’t recover a lot of mindset here up frogs but it’s just like eating those wimpy once you wrap your mind around the y the what and then execute it becomes really easy but everybody on this call this is a safe call and we’re all either in the real estate community either agent or loan officer or whatever but if an expired home did not sell and you survey all those folks 99.999 percent of the time what’s the answer that they typical ensue mer is going to give for why their home didn’t sell I wasn’t marketed it wasn’t marketed it in for us to understand that it’s worth millions and millions of dollars there’s tons of companies out there that do you know focus groups and survey consumers and really try to get into the mindset of the consumer that their marketing to instant millions of dollars trying to do it because I know how how powerful that information is when it comes to an expired or afisma but especially an expired listing the fact that we know exactly where that consumers mindset is is I value it’s worth so much money it’s crazy yeah right i mean you we know that the consumer sitting there and they’re like my home didn’t sell because my age it was horrible they didn’t market it enough man that that agent in the phonies ever the price never the price that price is not the she right yeah never price or condition rather provide rigidity employ it’s always my agent didn’t market my home enough and it’s kind of funny but it’s worth its weight in gold and understanding that because the fighting is it could be the biggest baddest marketer in your market that had their home right but if it just was a price writing for the condition it just they still don’t move and we see that here in Denver even there’s homes are moving very quickly off the market out here right now but we still get our fair share of expired every day just because even for our market the price in the condition for some of these properties isn’t right and they sit there so there’s opportunity in every market no no matter where you’re at in the country whether you’re in a really hot movie market for one that’s taking a little bit longer days on market that strategy works and just understanding that that man I have a consumer who thinks their home didn’t sell because their agent did a horrible job um we’re going to play right into that we’re going to tell you what you’re right consumer and we’re going to market market market your home we’re going to a better job than that last agent don’t you worry about that and it’s worth its weight in gold and I guess the whole the whole point by this is like if you address the marketing piece you know nine times out of ten that’s why it didn’t look that that’s why they think it didn’t sell that that’s just that’s the biggest piece day if you under just know going into it why these expires don’t didn’t sell or why this is what itself course it’s never price or condition joking but if you just know it’s not about it’s not about us as as the real estate agent it’s about what are they feeling what are their pains why what are they thinking right now and you can address some of that and the script we’re going to give you in just a little bit it guys it’s just a slam dunk absolutely yeah so in fact any of those materials you’re going to you’re going to put together you want to completely lead price off altogether

that’s a separate conversation so don’t don’t include price on anything that we show you hear that you want to build but know that that’s your consumers mindset what if it can advance prepared a marketing piece that had some of these elements and that some of these things you could do for them before they sign up for you to sell their home alright so again think of my analogy of the agave even a little bit more even hear your voice or know you think about this now that this is where I’m telling you guys this is the biggest this is the biggest no-brainer on planet earth and it’s so powerful and so successful if if you do this before they even know you were here you even on a new listing you’re going to they know you and they know you’re coming but you need to do this stuff before you your chances of getting that listing and building the relationship it’s going to give you referrals from there uh now is like 10 times greater absolutely especially I’m inspired but don’t don’t shortchange yourself only on the expired this strategy works on fizzbuzz my agents that are really doing well with this they even do it on their own referral listings from their personal contacts one because on occasion they still end up in competition you know sometimes even on the referral you can get you can find yourself in a spot where that referral is reaching out to one or two or more people than you so just walking into any listing appointment any listing that you want to get doing the strategies it going to do nothing but increase your conversion overall and Scotty said there increase the number of referrals you get from these people and that’s really kind of a sub you know benefit of doing this but it’s huge on growing your business so what if before you give them at these people you prepared in advance a property website forum if your company has a flip book presentation property business cards and people say well it’s a property business card it’s a really easy thing you take your business card that has your face on the front and all your information and on the back you put a very easy to make avery label comes you know just a short little every label that has a picture of the the house that you’re looking the to target for listening and then either a QR code or some kind of link that have the information about the house on it I’m telling I’ve gone back into houses and Florence evenings they don’t throw them away people don’t throw away their house is crazy that business card to sit well cause it’s not about it’s not about it mean it’s about their home it’s like saying you sending them a post card with a picture of their family on it’s just so hard to throw that away they think they can do it which is on reddit yeah yeah well in just on a side note to just on your regular listings it’s a great it’s a great idea to do it in a collection no right people are going out and they’re looking at houses all day long man if you’re if they if you get a picture of your house your listing and your business card on the front right you’re listening to probably get sold a little bit faster but that’s another class also you want to create a brochure right this is a standard brochure create text message numbers that allow the property website to be downloaded to a cell phone this one I love create an e postcard that you can do for relatively little to no cost and the seller can you send that to the seller and this is before you meet them that they can share with their family friends business associates create a hits report for the for the consumer which shows all the activity that you’re going to be doing for them in reporting back to them on a weekly basis and then a facebook listing page right you create a facebook page forum and I actually love the strategy of the facebook page the craziest strategy and it’s there’s no cost to doing it and it has the most it has the biggest return on investment because not only I don’t know I won’t go off on a tangent but look for all the stuff like next week we’re going to show you how to create every single thing except for the Facebook lifting we might even get into that a little bit but we’re going to show you how to create and we say 20 minutes at the end but we’re going to show you how to do it and literally a minute and a half to three minutes the all the other stuff and so it’s not like you got to spend hours and hours creating all this stuff we’re going to show you how to do it next week yeah it’s great yeah we’ll get too far off from the tangent either but the facebook page is great I mean huge we won’t talk about a way you can engage your your your seller going on there and asking them to foot posts of why they moved into the house to begin with what they loved about the house their favorite restaurants schools just things that made them love the neighborhood on a Facebook page that’s advertising that to the new family that’s going to come into that home it’s just really powerful stuff and it’s it’s

really cool so what if you did all that and you put it in a flower pot arrangement comic we see here and you give that to the consumer crazy you know and what’s funny is we’ve been talking about the results in Hispanic the results in advance for years literally five or six years but then Glenn Murray no big thanks to him brought up flower pot like instead of giving them the flowers the postcard the business card stickers why not throw it in something beautiful that that that you could actually hand out or give to them that looks so like something of value and then you know use the scripture we’re going to give you instead of just the flyers and make something special and so that’s what people have been doing and I got a ton of examples at the end but it’s insane how that just elevated the whole strategy to another level yeah it’s I mean it’s such a such an easy effective way of doing it you know you look at something like this total cost and something like that’s probably how those three bombs maybe three to five bucks some people have spent ten but still i mean spent on the bucs get 10 expires i mean to get one listing i don’t know about you but I’d Rick it’s about writing small checks to catch big checks but it’s more importantly building relationships because when you hand it to them they’re like wow thanks you know and it’s just little stuff like that so go ahead yeah and some of the strategies have you even heard behind this is you know if there’s a an admin in your office I’d so this is a great task for them to do for you that’s doing it if you don’t it’s great d even if you want to explore this strategy with three or four agents in your market one person goes on on shopping duty once a week you know that we can kind of team up and knock these out but it’s really an inexpensive vehicle to deliver such a powerful piece and it the cool thing about too is these arrangements you go into the house and it’s a gift and it has all this stuff you know sprinkled into it about their house you go back into the house two weeks later and it’s almost like it’s untouched I mean if they look at it they kind of put the stuff back and it’s just crazy how it captures their attention and it keeps you in front of them for if they’re looking to list right away they do it and I’ve even had two medians come back and tell me that you know a month or two even after they’ve done it they’ve gone back into the house and this you know this piece is still sitting displayed prominently like in their in their living rooms on their on their coffee table or wherever it’s just kind of integrated how it works out awesome there’s just another there’s just another example that had posted by stephanie extra might even be on this call but Stephanie just posted in a really cool idea that will show you after after we get to the examples all right so our six sport core skills lead generation right everybody okay well great i want to i want to do these fin posing inspired you know where do i go to find them and obviously why you need leads because it’s the gas that get the car moving right so if you’ve got to have them no way no way around it got to have leads so people always ask well do i wait for the phone to ring to get my leads or so i go on the offense and try to get them myself go on the objects man yeah they let me give this question let me ask you this question Erin does the offense or the defense score more points all since yeah baby doesn’t even matter if it’s the seahawks defense it crushed my bronco buster that’s there often still scored more points yeah so our suggestion is always buy quality leads okay and this is this might be a little bit of a shock with people to their life’s always like well i can make it go into mls and i can i can spend you know a few hours a day researching and I can find them I don’t really need to pay for them but let’s let’s take a look at why our suggestion is that you go ahead and just buy quality leads you can subscribe to a lot of services for 42 115 hundred twenty dollars a month that will do all that research for you and here’s why big why you want to do that right if you don’t pay for them you can you can spend all day in MLS trying to find them or you can go to the newspaper and try to circle them but what you’re going to find is that you’ll spend a lot more time doing that it will actually be something that’s prohibitive it may stop you from doing the strategy enough to get results out of it you know it by doing it that way by going into mls and try to do it yourself or

certainly in the newspaper how much to me and how many hours are you spending doing that well I think about think about if you had somebody even if you don’t buy one of these services or use one of these services we have no affiliation to any of this we’re showing you but if you were to spend the time making the phone calls getting the hellos and doing the three appointments per day what someone else is putting your list together for the rest of the week of expired phys bows past clients current clients follow up follow up follow up you wouldn’t you’ll never need another like you you don’t need any lead source you will have as much as you could handle if you only focus on the phone calls in the follow-up absolutely so you know women stuff out there that’s pretty good and I hear great reviews about is the red X you know there’s there’s all kind of them out there and again Mike Scott said we we don’t have an affiliation with any of them but it’s just more of a from a time aspect don’t spend your time in MLS or you know research books been to three hours a day researching this you know spin spin eighty bucks and get somebody that does it for you and for example one week in red X you could get 110 says believes in a month that’s a man yeah yeah or you know there’s 33 expired listings in four days and obviously it’ll vary a little bit between beleriand directed in the market but the great thing about these that you don’t get in MLS as you the phone number right they do for example red X does all the research they scrub it against all the lists that are out there and you get the phone number which for that follow-up that we spoke about his tea and you don’t get that with MLS now you you could go to a different website and try to hunt down the phone number but it’s just you’re not going to stick with it long term there will be something to do every day if you’re having to go through that much brain damage to finding smoke so our recommendation is to spend 80 to 100 bucks and get it for you I had one lady I had this is a great this is a great story so I had one lady said she was out delivering flower pots and she was going on either Fizbo zur expired and she went to a house they said no thanks we’re not going to list again until next year whatever it she’s but I just talked to a friend of mine down the road and they they’re thinking about lifting why don’t you in I’ll just call her and let her know you’re on your way so like she got a lead from a lead that was expired that no longer is going to sell that referred her to one of their neighbors because guys neighbors talk face it right i mean when i went home going for sale who goes to goes to the first open house all the neighbors they want to see what’s inside the house how does it look what’s it listed for that it’s nosy so what a great way to build relationships yeah absolutely in order to find these phones right spend just a little bit of money that way you can focus on those money-making activities and meeting with people and negotiating contracts so just a little bit of math cuz I’m a finance guy so i won’t bore you too much with this but you know if red x gives you have 200 leads a month and you’re spending eighty nine bucks for that you’re signing up for just a little over a thousand dollars a year for two thousand weeds that have that are great leads and have the phone number in there so you can follow up with them um you know one two hundred thousand dollar listing yield 6,000 commission it’s a no-brainer it’s a small check to write a big check and then just a couple other steps in things you want to remember is that half of your phys bones are going to list in four to six weeks right that makes all the sense in the world maybe you’ve heard that before they have to go about it themselves for a little while and get beat up and go through all the brain damage and trying to do it themselves and then they’re ripe and ready for for you to step in and say hey you know would you like some professional help in doing this and doesn’t that look like it’s going too well for you so just keep that in mind right so once you once you drop off those fizzbuzz initially they’re going to be ready four to six weeks later so that follow-up ski so drop in three of these off the day right in 30 to 60 days you’re going to be very very busy busy is good busy doing the right money-making activity is good don’t fool yourself on that though don’t pull yourself thinking look at it bleeds is busy because it’s not having somebody do that for you is smart lawyer on the phone calling past clients current clients talking dear current clients that you currently have listed or current buyers that I mean guys just never enough communication follow up with those people and somebody asked the question when do I saw once I Drive my flower pot off when’s the best time to follow up I would follow up every single day just to check in I don’t think it’s over aggressive and they’re going to tell you how they feel don’t make it just a hate you know don’t make it a beat up giving the listing type call say you know like call today and say hey how

was your weekend just checking in how things are going what your thought process is I mean I guarantee someone else is beating down that door yeah you can we’d open the beginning that they’re getting we’re getting mail pieces or getting calls you know folks that are taking a different approach if all the fish you go swimming in that bowl that we showed you initially right they’re getting all that every day so yeah absolutely so sort of expired those those people want to sell their home right they didn’t lift it just because they want to have a bunch of strangers come in their house they want to list at home so it’s probably going to go back on the market relatively quickly so especially on an expired that yeah you know that daily follow-up is going to be key so just again real quick you’re just kind of a review just so you know everybody on the call is I’ve got a game plan fifty to sixty percent of your phys bows are never going to answer the phone so you want to target 60 to 90 of those a week block all four to six hours in your calendar where you’re doing nothing but calling these folks that’s going to yield you 30 phone calls 30 conversations on the phone and you’re just looking to get five of them to say yes come meet me right you know Taipei only reason your column is going to fake the face appointment and any selling that you do is going to be in person that’s key and then again follow up follow up don’t take it personally obviously it’s just a numbers game so you know the more activity is you have the more success you’re going to have you know that’s how you pick up a good point on the don’t take it personally because I think we all like want success but we go man I called the first three people that call to the first three flowerpots I headed out or the first ten flowerpots I handed out no success in like the number i left for me it’s like it you gotta make it like a game like you gotta go all right another know another know another no I’m one closer to a yes not oh my god this doesn’t work it this isn’t working it’s not for me it’s not that it’s just Devin talk to the right person yet or built the you know found the right person is looking to you haven’t yet you haven’t created a solution or one person that you’ve talked to yet and it’s just a numbers game it’s just a matter of time because everybody that does this that i know of it consistently does this have success with it absolutely enough and i know that we got a lot of folks on the call here they’ve got and those that hear the idea i’m going to get almost all of us love it because we see the power in it we know we know it’s going to work right right and the difference between the the top teams in your area that you maybe look up to or you you’re working towards in your business right the only difference between them and you right now is really just having systems and consistency in place um because I meet with them I mean there’s tons of great personable people that make all kinds of different income out there and what you find is the difference between them are just systems and consistency is in their work plan and so put this into place you know when you walk away today get committed to it that you’re going to do it for 60 to 90 days I do it consistently and we haven’t seen anybody that does it consistently that failed yet but don’t give up after the first second even the third phone call and the reason why is because you’re going to run into two people I’ll just I’ll save you the suspense now right you’re going to be a nice person or there’s going to be a mean person and don’t take it personally either way it’s great when you run into the nice ones just brush off the mean ones and move on and make another phone call or drop off another flower pot so you find that nice person and I think it can sail that’s just a which is a mindset that you have to have is just you know these negative mean people i’m just going to brush them off as fast as they came to me and i’m going to move on because i’ll find cool and fun people to work with but i’ll take my chain if i run into more night people to mean so there’s a couple of physical scripts in here that will run through here quickly you’re the first one is when you call an agent or in cola Fizbo I’m sorry and they say that yes we are cooperating with Realtors so very simple you call me say hello may I please speak with the owner for the home that’s for sale at one two three state street Fizbo said yep this is him you say I understand that you’re selling for sale by owner enough and not trying to interfere with that I was just wondering are you cooperating with real estate agents so those yes we are bringing me a buyer and I’ll get you a three percent commission you say okay that sounds great do you mind telling me a little bit about your home okay and my personal

background is I have a lot of experience clothing in turn basically warm to cold calling and the number one thing that I always used and always thought my team to use is if you can get the client talking about their house you’re more than halfway there as far as a victory goes because everybody wants to talk about the house the upgrades they’ve done to it what they like about it what they don’t like about it right and there’s a another selling person it’s great because you can sit back and learn a lot about them and you’re kind of like a little sniper you know they tell you about the hardwood floors you sales that carry your oak right just a quick little question to kind of keep them going and you can turn this into literally a 10 to 20 minute phone call which is great because they’re going to be talking and the more they talk the better off you’re going to be because they’re going to they’re going to feel like they know and trust you more with a the amount of talking that they’re doing so once I get done with all that you say hey that sounds really nice great home then there a time i can come by and take a look at the property okay good again you’re just looking to get eyeball-to-eyeball with these folks that’s your whole your goal goal so that’s really the only change i would make their and this is just me spending time with marketing minds and we’ve we’ve literally feted these like is there a time i would change what time works best because they can say no you know what i mean that’s the only thing like we did this back in january and like and we’ve literally built you this over and over and over again and we I talked with people and hated this work did that work so like if you’re a couple I mean that’s actually that’s just what so instead of like ask for when say what time works best wednesday or thursday morning or afternoon yes great actually oh yeah yeah i’m gonna be for sure yeah that’s just mean learning fetches me learning you know and like it’s like it’s because it’s easy to say now you know if i’m not going to work if you say what time they got they got to either give you a time or though you know what i’m going to wear you know i mean so it’s just harder to say no to a time than is like what time works best if I like when you’re asking for like like like instead of saying who do you know that I can help say who did you talk to you last you know will they know that I mean it says so it’s just it just changing it up a little bit yeah um let’s use great tip all right so the fifth mode script to is going to be the the agent that is not cooperating they’re trying to save some money so same open same second line right and the key this is in that second line is I’m not trying to interfere with that kind of breaks down that wall initially right because when you call them their initial thought is our here’s another agent calling me they want to interfere with let me tell my house by myself so you just kind of tear down that wall right out of the gate so no I’m not looking to interfere with that even though you might end up interfering with it later once i get to know you and trust you and like you they may decide they want to use you but initially you just need to let them know that you’re not looking to interfere with that third line here’s where it kind of gets mixed up a little bit are you selling it yourself because you don’t like realtors are you just trying to save money and they say no we didn’t reckon against realtors we’re just trying to save a little bit of money I appreciate your honesty do you might tell me a little bit about your home right just right again back to give them talking about their house again and then after they know that you say okay that’s great perhaps if I knew a little bit more about your house I’d have it top of mine when I meet with some of my buyers I may have your home top of mine that’s best suited for them okay great you know and i’ll say go again that sounds really nice i have primer my schedule tuesday morning or wednesday afternoon which is the best for you there you go right great stuff script number three we’re not cooperating with realtors in fact we don’t you like them we’ve all heard a new this person right same opening line same breaking down the wall that you’re not looking to interfere with that right but this time it’s in so says note we’re selling ourselves from honestly I don’t really need in ages and I would really like them right Wow okay I appreciate your honesty but if you don’t like Realtors I best because you had a bad experience right and you can almost put down your phone and put it on mute for four or five minutes you can here comes the horror story right you may have heard it a thousand times before but you you just broke down that wall and they’re going to tell you the reason why they don’t like dealing with Realtors and very good because I ran into somebody that’s not a professional like you you just come right back to them after they’re done

with their little experience and say okay I understand that but the internet ever had a bad experience lean out in a restaurant then I know I have but hadn’t stopped me from eating out I just go to a different restaurant now can you tell me a little bit about your house right just kind of redirecting them again back to getting them to talk about their house and then you know again I got some time wednesday morning to thursday afternoon which one works best for you you’re just trying to get in front of them and then last but not least you’ve got the occasional person that asked what cooperating means same intro same thing here but this time they say what is cooperating me it means if I could help produce a contract on your home would you be willing to work with me his vote said yep but I’m not listening the house with you know that’s fine just tell me a little bit about the house I know something a little bit more about it and hopefully that leads into a ten-minute conversation there with them doing most of the talking and then again sounds really nice I got time wednesday morning thursday afternoon which one works best for you so um those scripts will hope to help you break down some balls there you know for the sake of time around on the call Scotty let’s get through these today I gotta come back and do the objection by later but a Notre Dame study shows that forty four percent of sales people quit the first time they here now twenty-two percent are out after the second time 14 are done on the third twelve percent are done on the fourth ninety-two percent of us are out 1 through 4 knows ninety-two percent of us yet 63 Santos sales closed after the prospects is no at least 45 four times and here’s the thing about the exposure Fizbo I mean if they’re going to sell their not now or later it doesn’t matter that’s really your goal to find that out but it’s also goal is for me I kind of removed the I like to no matter who I’m working with or who I’m trying to get with or whatever I always remove the wall of hey it’s not about really for me it’s not about selling your home it’s about helping you with whatever you need help with so maybe it maybe it’s gonna come down to sell in your home and maybe it’s maybe you know I want to interview you as bad as you want to interview me and I want to make sure that i can truly help you and if I can’t help you I’m going to tell you right up front so really I just more or less want to get to know you cuz maybe down the road I can help you with something else or you can help me with something out so me for me it’s about building relationships with people I know like and trust yeah so like that that always removes a wall of okay he’s not going to try and tell me and I never try to really sell I try to get to know the person like really truly get to know the person find out what their short-term long-term goals is get a wake up tomorrow what would be your best like if you had to wake up tomorrow here’s the exact thing that I want to happen what is that great okay you know and maybe I don’t even you know maybe I we want to list your home maybe it’s not the type of home that I that I specialize in what do you mean specializing see I mean these are just different ways you can go with this but this right here this is the in this plays on people’s like inner emotions because when you get told no you’re like man it doesn’t work and you stop doing it right I’m telling you you gotta go for once you get a yes like okay cool it works you have to build the confidence confidence is everything in this business but you have to know these numbers to have success if you go to one two three or four you’re not going to make it if you go to five your success is going to go through the roof you have to keep going yeah and I think if you have the key like you said the confidence is even even if you get to know as long as you have the mindset you know you know like you said well one more no closer to the yes as long as you know that man on average they’re going to say no four times before they say yes then it doesn’t really play on your psyche that hard or plays on it less right because you know it’s just part of the plan that you’re working in part of the plan is the nose going to be in there to get the SS yep and why is that and because rebounding ones change a chance whether it’s windows and a man man i love that that was great by yeah that’s great but it’s the Stanley Cup Finals or back when Braun Braun was playing for Miami Dennis Rodman yeah didn’t try them into biking trails right rebounding wins championship so just keep throwing it at the neck keep making those phone calls Keith keep at it and don’t give up on this strategy or any other strategy really that you’re implementing until you give it enough of your effort to get the nose and you know i would say at least 60 to 90 days with any strategy you got to give it time to work itself out ok yeah because that first shot really goes in cool so um let me go let me just show you guys a couple things are going to be sharing with you next week so next week we’re going to be and you’re pretty much that those pretty much it right yes ok cool awesome so um got a couple minutes here we’ll take some questions so let me just go down

here that’s just a recap so what hey let me just go like this here and start with all right so these are just a couple things that we are going to cover this I want to show you guys some examples this is really cool so whoops I didn’t want to do that that was a big mess up let me go back to 54 again so here’s some things that people have put up there that I really appreciate you guys sharing these are just a couple ideas so this one my variation of the flower pot instead of flowers because I couldn’t find any nice looking real flowers I didn’t want to want to do fake I did a candle garnished it with what my husband called a rock bed um opinion so I just I don’t think it matters I mean this looks really cool and it gets you the appointment it gets you to face to face and here’s the script here’s the script and guys this is the best script on planet Earth Glenn come on up Glenn come up with this or who come up with it but here’s the script you knock on the door you they open the door and they say hey I’m really started at your home expired if you ever decide to market your home again I would love to interview for the position please accept this free gift is my way of saying here’s something that I’ve done for you that I think you’ll like if you ever decide to sell your email to market your home again so sorry that your own expired I would love to interview for the position to market your home please accept this free gift of a couple things that I’ve done for you in advance of meeting you when it’s Flyers of their home postcards we’re going to show you next week EEE postcard really cool stuff here’s another one beautiful orange flower because she did a couple of them there here’s that receive my first call back this is back in April we started this in January so short time after Joplin did it super excited here’s another one just come up with the listing from this morning they cancel the other appointment they had with another agent and I’m signing contracts tomorrow so pumped saving things for that here’s I I think this one was a ten dollar deal glass vase I think these are fake he did this or a presentation but I thought man that’s really cool way to go about it has really cool I don’t know probably get this stuff at the dollar store these little like pearl rocks at the bottom of it so I decided to give the expired listing a shot i tweaked the process a little for what i thought would work for me i sent a packet out Bubba Bligh’s is so far I’ve signed up one listing at 224 average for a market is 31 32 and I want to I want to stop here for a second whatever your average loan size is this is the perfect strategy to up that loan size because the higher the loan size the more money you make the higher the percentage right I had an appointment today and he indicated the reason he chose me was from the stack of eight letters he received was that i sent a handwritten note that i was specific about to to his home i have i’ve been asked back tomorrow to hopefully sign contracts lifting is worth 5 10 i have an appointment later this week for a 299 oh and of course i haven’t even been door-to-door yet this is her sending them out without even going door-to-door awesome Jamie on that one here’s another one kind of a blurry picture sorry my summertime flower pots sunblock water bug repellent wipes and hand sanitizer how cool is that so it’s not even flowers it’s just stuff to use for the summer so like get creative on my stuff and that’s all that we can buy at the dollar store it’s it’s really the law reciprocity and it makes it about their home is what the key is here the mindset okay share that next week too here’s some more really cool see I started the fire fire strategy this week first day out we had five pots deliver two of the five told us they were seriously entertaining the idea of relisting their homes and promised to call us when they do they were very well received and we are excited to make this a regular part of our marketing very very good looking is the one that Eddie did here’s the guy just this so he’s at 3.2 million when we first started in January using the strategy he’s listed in Seoul 3.2 I’m about soul of trees got referrals it like that but 3.2 million just with the flowerpot strategy ok so add that to your our July flower pot she did a really cool red white blue one love that think you’ll endure for sharing that on the page Liz my fourth of July seen the flower pot so she had another 4th july deal folder is really cool idea for flower pot program you have old china packed away in boxes so really cool idea there Thank You Debbie for sharing that here’s camellia thanks for mr. Carter I delivered my first three flower pots anticipating great of results very cool here’s some really cool father flower pots and so I’m just showing you people my first and flower pots were spur the moment hanging baskets I think positive Diane thank you for sharing there’s that here’s notice hey guys remember the flower pot I took to a listing presentation last month while the owner just called me to say they are ready to list the house with me so one month Sylvia thank you Silvana thanks for sharing that here’s some Jodi shared little card holder things that she got

flower pics there’s 50 clear coil cords holders for twelve thirteen fourteen dollars for 50 of them so really professionally done nice cool hard it will hold the flyers the postcard the business cards all kinds of stuff looks like they’re on ebay there’s and you guys can get a copy this this PowerPoint as well here’s some other pictures that another spin of the flowerpot idea they are made a flowers for my top 25 clients which we delivered yesterday sticker on pot by the way I am never too busy for you and your referrals great great great idea and this is going to past clients what an amazing way to help them remember who you are and what you do for a living I love this she just sold right on there Janice ok I have decided to work on the flower pots and I just wanted something that would really stand out so I started with the pot I just finished my first pot was like opinions one hundred percent completed will update so I just I just took a bunch I finally faithfully using the Firefly strategy for the past three weeks and tonight I left at home with spectacular ocean and mountain views Thank You agent mastermind Kimberly bottle you’re awesome so this stuff’s is no joke I just want to show you one that was just put up here by a good friend of ours on the agent mastermind group you’re not part of it check this out so this one she just posted I’m not too long ago where’s it at right here Stephanie one hour ago this is my first marketing package it’s a spin-off of the flower pot for a potential listing and repurchase the couple came to an open house I was hosting this past weekend and talked about possibly lifting their home and buying another one in the next town over so I made a marketing package to try and get a listing appointment contains a large yummy fragrant candle with my label on it snazzy prospective flyer of their home with all the specs and photos from last time it was listed blah blah blah so how cool was that doesn’t have to be it’s all about you giving something of value shown on the e care result in advance doing the marketing that you would do on their home up front before you even talk to him she just took it off the old listing so brilliant Stephanie I hope that works out for I would love to see how that turns out so yes sure this stuff is reopen next week grab a great man I would say it’s just great stuff because it again it plays into that the consumers mind said they want to sell their house they didn’t do it because they don’t think the last person marketed it the right way you’re there you’re doing something different you’re showing it as yours you’re going to market their house but it’s easy thing for us as salespeople to do I mean you show up and knock the door it’s a your confidence goes through the roof Syracuse elk or a person delivering flowers I mean it’s so easy um and just get out there and do implement your MC results absolutely so to get a copy this PowerPoint contact the loan professional design here if for some reason you don’t have a sponsor and you’re just getting on the class every week to send a any mill to a mmm invite @ and we’ll get you hooked up with with the sponsor in your area Karen any questions that you see that came through that that I might be able to answer now I know next we’re going to be covered a lot too but but I would say there’s any questions that we didn’t cover or what do you say the second time around so the so somebody says what do you say the second time around the first time what you want to do is give them the flower pot use the script hey sir your home expired would love to interview for the position here’s a free gift something I’ve created for you to help you kind of share with you what I do for my clients which is all about their home and then what i would do is just follow up with them either we’re gonna we’re going to cover next week a drip campaign you can use but i think will be really beneficial for you to drip little bitty things about marketing to their home not about you but different things like the text code the QR code the flyers like maybe just send them handwritten hey just wanted to remind you of the fliers that i create with the QR code in text code hey you know it really would like a chance to interview for the position here’s a an example of the weekly update that i’m going to give you where the where the hits are coming from and like Zillow and Trulia select that so as different things we’re going to create a drip campaign for you so you can use that I think will be really really cool so after you drop it off you can send them stuff of course to get in front of understand problem so all right all right hey buddy Erin I sincerely appreciate you going above me on call of duty and getting a CD approved so agents can actually take advantage of this in Colorado and we’re going to do Italy every single state will get this thing approved which i think is so cool working on a couple other classes is we’re working on the phone burner class or working on the farming your database custom Facebook audience with facebook i think is going to be awesome and in virtual freedom i think would be another awesome siiii classic that everybody could benefit from so working on that all the time if you guys have any suggestions please go to our facebook page at agent mastermind calm for class groups forward slash agent mastermind and aaron again thank you so much

appreciate your brother I know you doing some other things will keep a secret and we’ll go from there so appreciate you more than you’ll ever know for doing that and hopes i hope you guys take this implementing incorporate it into your lives and i know it works because i’ve seen tons of success with it and it’s just getting in front of people building relationships and then following up with those relationships all right Erin any kind of water yes no I appreciate it appreciate you doing the time cause lots of thank you yeah thank you so much brother all right guys si si same time same place next week have a great rest of the week have a safe for us a week and we’ll see you on the web take everybody you