Civilizing the Barbarians Lecture 15: Q & A

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Civilizing the Barbarians Lecture 15: Q & A

you so the rich man asks what do I need to be a good person the first thing Jesus says before you give all your money away is follow the commandments just yet after the death of jesus christians taught that well you don’t have to follow the commandments because jesus says that saved you from that this is not true so yeah this is not true what are the commandments the Jesus meant again did he mean 613 commandments which maimonides recognizes which by the way would include exterminating emelec probably not because jesus clearly rejects clearly this is textual established rejects the commandment of giving your wife a letter of divorce which is one of 613 commandments according to maimonides right so he clearly views the Lord differently from a rabbinical you there is just no question about it so he gives examples of the commandments and the examples come from the Decalogue which Christians never abolished it’s the dietary laws is the laws about cooking their kid in his mother’s milk which Christians said that do not apply at least not a name there we will see the situation is much trickier and then you make it be they were not getting his mother’s notice in the Bible isn’t the Bible it is in the Bible and Gomorrah is it it is in the Bible it’s directly multiple places three places so this is one of the commandments which is clearly very serious since it’s appears in multiple places but the entire sort of we shall see the next lecture how the keeping the law was addressed by early Christians it’s not as simple as you do not have to keep the law the death of Jesus Christ removes that but what I’m trying to say that it’s very clear from the attitude of Jesus Christ and this is why by the way he was hated by the rabbinical authorities was that he did not accept rabbinical Judaism is normative right by the way he was not the only permanent at that time sort of there the decision that of their which way the Judaism would know has been made Talmud has been written and it’s it’s literally there the decision at the end of the first century after the destruction of Jerusalem or sort of putting the wall around the Torah creating the Talmud and fundamental rejection of Christianity which became the Saturn in some sense one of the central points of rabbinical Judaism becomes that christianity is false you cannot you know you have every day to basically say a prayer which says that these are evil people and that becomes the part of the rabbinical Judaism it was not during Jesus time it wasn’t yet defined it was still discussed you know after all there were said uses they were high priestly party which ignored of this rebenok of things right des moines power chi alpha was not a Hasidim he was not they had passage impact on to right so it’s a you know we will have to look at this sort of delay relation to the law but fundamentally Christianity maintains absolutely the

Ten Commandments the core of the lost stents they are not the absolute better way the binnacle Judaism does not recognize Ten Commandments as a universal significance meaning thou shalt not kill does not mean thou shalt not kill a human being it means thou should not kill a jew thou shalt not murder whatever a Jew and Christianity takes it is a universal commandment thou shalt not murder thou shalt not kill has been used as the translation for centuries so permit me stick to it thou shalt not kill as a universal significance not explainable you couldn’t say well but they are not people everybody is a person so certain Commandments become absolutely central certain Commandments do not become central because in many respects as we’ll discuss next time they were never meant as universal however whatever context you take it’s pretty clear that dietary law did not apply to the Gentiles guey so yes order the insertion so party so was it state as i order to myself was good or it was stated that being rich was better the way to be a was man the question is was poverty good absolutely okay there are multiple interpretations but here i will give your mind with our and it’s not particularly regional one yes i think it was meant that poverty absolute is absolute good it’s good okay s st Francis of Assisi will say will encount him later is that you know we have to follow lady poverty for him it she becomes this a great great figure it’s something precious and there is something truly disgusting about memon you cannot as Jesus says this is direct girl you cannot serve God and Mammon you cannot love money and as Paul interprets the love of money is the root of all evil not some oh say he is overboard I am reporting what is right you don’t I mean obviously most people do not accept it the love of money yes it is good by itself that is the point there the point is I look the point again you could say well I I disagree and you would be an absolute majority but what Jesus actually says blizzard are you the poor right this is someone ambiguous and he keeps repeating this is not a random quote it’s it’s everywhere and it’s Buddhist intently sports and then you and then again under occupation and the wealthy people were those who actual count elaborate most of these Romans at the time they were pretty much hated and rest of the country where sensor for a fake baby collection and national quite apart don’t you know this is a context which is very close to the heart of the slaves all over the Empire which is not kind of Europe their meetings this kind of pointed mostly I take the most of the people who h/o accepted in usually this that’s what mark isn’t teaches you the quite what what it says that it was slave religion well it’s wonderful

Theory except you have to look at the facts I know factor this terrible things we know many early Christians okay what do we know about them we know that for example the mains which we have in the New Testament a couple of most famous promoter Christian couple is Prisca and Aquila they were prosperous a tent makers right they had a business they were selling tents they were not slaves but many of them wore citizens okay when we get to first Christian writers sort of the first significant Christian writer is justin the martyr he was a philosopher it trained philosopher teacher of philosophy he was not a slave what is this probably they’re clearly one lip what we see in the New Testament again I urge you to read the texts what we see let us do remember the letter of James with its violent attack on the ridge which is thread okay how does it start it starts addressing Christians saying look at you guys if the rich guy comes to your congregation you all for nover him you give him the seat of Warner you’ll be that’s really unacceptable by the way what is the important message that’s how it was obviously Christians were human they were funny I mean chill today you know the if Chad gesh key a famous Catholic sort of go sample as bishops bow Chad yeah she is the founder of Adobe and then did a rich person all right people bow if somebody less important from Mexico without citizenship comes they do not bow they do not put them at the same table they don’t feed them thus a filet mignon it’s now entities in the early church it’s the same thing by the way I did not tell you that Christians were doing things Jesus tell them I never did say that I mean it’s very clear throughout history the Christians do everything in their power to first explain these things away listen no he couldn’t possibly mean really being poor he means being poor in spirit by the way that’s how Matthew presents it so it’s I mean as long as your opponent’s better you don’t have to give up the money or they say there are very important as long as Chad Gasca gives one tenth of 1% of his money the bishop we will make him a paypal night and they did of course alright so when you look there is a very consistent and you say end by the way did Christians like were really chased well I don’t know Paul writes went unites 2 Corinthians since you drew thinks pagans do not do they have this guy who sleeps with his adopted mother that’s a really bad thing to do ah so Christians did do things early Christians middle Christian slave Christians Pope’s did things some there were worst periods than Borgia and Alexander the six he was a terrible man but there was a period in the history of the church specifically the 10th century which was known by church historians its poor no crazier do I have to translate ah not pornografia porno crotch I mean there were bunch of sort of loose women who control the see of Peter appointing their lovers their sons their whatever to be bishops from was it particular Christian no absolutely not but right now I’m non discussing what clear I mean I have 15 more lectures to tell you what Christians have been doing since the time of Jesus Christ but it’s not it’s

again I urge what you present is official Marxist point of view I do not believe there is historical evidence that it was a slave religion feeling good again one thing I recommend again reading the sources what you will see for example that the sources requires an advanced level of literacy right which is still domine I claim that most people off today with university education even with advanced university degrees where they have difficulty comprehending say letter to the Romans by Paul remarkably advanced theological texts which available and you guys could take a look it’s complicated sir what we see is the original documents are actually much more sophisticated than one would encounter for centuries to come so if it’s not as simple I have to go to the next question so I think there is an expression in the Sermon on the Mount which is a source of well at least confusion inside me okay which is blessed are the poor in spirit so I would love to hear your table is poor in spirit lucky me okay so what the question is why Luke says blessed that blessed are You the poor while Matthew says blessed are poor in spirit let me tell you my take on that one thing which it clearly appears in Matthew is that he somewhat mellows the attack on the rich he doesn’t quite drop it he cannot and he he wants to preserve think but he mellows it sort of many modern scholars believe that his congregation she’s most likely from Antioch was well-to-do guys so if you preach to the well-to-do guys you you sort of say well I mean what it means is that as long as your spiritual it not attached to the money you don’t have to give it away that’s not what Jesus says even in Matthew sort of he is not but he mellows the thing he spiritual eise’s again when you look if you compare it’s in the sixth it’s in the fifth chapter of Matthew if you compare their sort of the way their Beatitudes blessin are presented in Matthew and in Luke Matthew spiritual Isis them fortunately we have multiple sources alright so I you know I chose to present the gospel of luke because I actually claim it’s more likely to go I mean it’s really totally socially unacceptable therefore that’s what probably jesus said but but in in some sense it’s very simple I mean the Christians for 2,000 years are trying to explain Jesus away purely by accident my question is since the Apollo jinan which is under the modern welfare state and so maybe not us modern all birthday I took just is essentially everyone evil under this sufficiently interiorly comfort but really comfortable standard ah I don’t think that if you go to Scandinavia you would find that everybody’s rich almost well and that one thing is it a I don’t think I don’t think I don’t think that in reality there is that your question is deeper than it might appear I suspect it’s intended as a deeper question yes being well fed effectively makes a person non-spiritual I’m very well been fed so there is a contradiction between spirituality and abundance of filet mignon I think it’s it’s just so if I’m

not saying they’re evil people but you know I hope that humanity could find a path which you know well we’ll take care of each other without making everybody steak eating machine yes it’s not mmm yes we’re overfed this is politically and you know we we concentrate on very non spiritual things this is a fact we’re here in Denmark one of my closest friend is a dame and a wonderful person but I wish you would eat less take a bet he watches this so he will hear it all of our I you know and again when you look at me I don’t look spiritually advanced maybe I am but you know there is this evidence an idea it’s hard you know I am NOT by the way I never said that it’s easy or you know actually what what I said was very very directly it’s impossible and for 2,000 years Christians were trying not to follow Jesus very effective sometimes it appears to me that Christianity hasn’t been tried or at least after the constant and it sort of becomes really hard to to yes you know Stanley try so if I remember my DS of the Apostles well as a Russian acts of the apostles well so Basel either after after he was running the his congregation He stablished rather a communist totally communist the communist and brother cruel okay he killed people for no he didn’t kill I’m well they did died right there was this how they died trying to cheat to GPS punished by God yes Oh another Ivan this is what described you might not believe it but the what was described as an act yes but immediate I mean obviously in the big yeah they thought it was following Jesus well well I mean it’s all yes the new Jesus much better than I do and there are multiple statements in Acts of the Apostles let us literally sort of let us do a very simple thing sort of look at what it says in multiple occasions it says that they have everything in common this means communism once upon a time I have Poland i have a friend Bob heirs who is an old libertarian and who was always explaining to me that Christianity was sort of libertarian religion eventually I I said that was around Christmas I said Bob why don’t you read and I challenge all of future to do the same gospel of luke followed by acts of their parcels because these are two parts of the same book this was written by look and in mark all the passages which talk about reaches and whatever figure out he’s a solo guy he read it it’s about 60 pages I know it’s hard for a modern man to read 60 pages but he is somehow he did and he calls me up and says God they were communists so uh oh no no no he was an atheist before and remain the name is but he he thought that he had Christians one on his side you know he was not the only one I’m in there there is a large American party might have heard of them which which believes that so let us look at what acts of the apostles

tell us about how and all who believed were together and had all things in common and they were selling their possessions and belongings in distributing the proceeds to all is any head need and day by day attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes they received their food with glad and generous hearts praising God and having favor with all the people I think it’s very very clear statement no it’s the description of early Christian community everyone right so that’s what it says sounds very common communistic south what the government is involved that the key aspect of marxism I am NOT a Marxist neither was Peter what the term communism predates marxists we say car yesterday three Marxist not me okay there were people there was this religion which clearly at its center of text this is New Testament claim the community of property yes voluntary community he has not enforced by governments so you could do whatever you don’t have to join but if you want to be perfect so and I’m just quoting the texts this is in many respects you know one one thing is that we have to get to the point where we sort of say Christianity means that except of what Ted Cruz says there were many wonderful things about early Israel which I utterly admire yes for the record I think that many things which Israeli founding fathers were doing not all but very many were very very good and up to a certain point I I thought of Israel is literally sort of bright hope for Humanity it’s hard to be bright hope for Humanity or no so but I guess that’s how it looks but but but you know what I’m saying is therefore very many things in early Israeli history which I find out you admirable not just keyboards I mean the universal military service I mean that willingness to die for your country as these people were actually fighting for their country they were not just pushing buttons and somebody dies far away they will fight it they were I mean again we could argue some problems about you know things but there was some some something truly it in in early Israel yes hi there recording so you know for the record you know I I know but I think that it’s hard to you know they lasted longer than they could in from the point of view of sort of aspiring to do certain greatness that now they’re just human no more questions okay thank you guys