Club Penguin: Road to Snow Ninja – Part 9

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Club Penguin: Road to Snow Ninja – Part 9

all right let’s keep going guys and we basically have three more matches unless we get to a bonus Tron we have maybe two if we get two bonus rounds but if we don’t get two bonus from we just get to the third round or get through the third round we have three more matches to play here and then we are good by getting the helmet and that completes the snow costume and then I will be ready for the livestream to get you got done at Tokyo 999 and I did not get the PD persons name so sorry ah man so anyway oh look at that stop enemies from attacking the snow ninja by blocking their path that’s interesting hmm okay huh so if someone’s in the way they can’t attack me huh interesting okay so anyway like I was saying uh I’ll be ready I’ll only have two things left to get who knows how long that’ll take but that’ll be good enough for the livestream for me and of course he’s gonna take a shot at me oh no he didn’t oh that’s great I’m gonna go right next to you actually gonna go here so you can’t get too far away from me there you go all right because he might move ahead and then he’ll throw back at me and then it would be a hard shot but we’ll see okay there we go yes I didn’t see what this bonus round was or how to qualify for it so okay he didn’t move at all that’s fine I don’t care I’m gonna move up one actually and then take a shot because I think you get points for moving and points for hitting him so yeah that’s what I’m gonna do just to get my bonus my power card powered up a little further yeah there we go and up he’s gonna take a shot at me again that’s okay cuz I am the one who can take it cuz I’m the closest don’t mind to too much let’s go ahead and take another shot there we go oh I think he might have dropped out here not good we may have to play another game oh no he’s backing up why were you going no you got to move forward dude don’t don’t be scared we gotcha alright I’m getting close to another bonus or getting close to another power while he took nothing away from you okay I’m gonna move here then hit that there we go all right good all right now into round two let’s see what we’ve got here all right oh yeah good stuff all right 10 and 9 nice now I wonder the mark rise if it’s like a 12 does it give more health when I heal everyone no ninjas down oh we can get to this one we can get to this one okay guys best thing to do here is go after that guy we’re both going after that guy that’s good all right oh and we got a power card sweets probably should have doubled ah man I should have I should have I should have seen that done done done a combo uh-huh okay all right here we go there yeah oh man that that really did some number on those guys Oh oh no he’s gonna hit us both ouch okay so I’m gonna move to here and then I’m gonna heal us both by doing that there we go all right stay still don’t go nowhere oh we got gombo that means everybody had shields please come help buddy you don’t need to be afraid please come out please please all right here we go let’s see what our combo does here all right and so we’re gonna get shields and healed yes all right and he should be able to take that guy out and then I’m not yes not worried about the tanks hitting me at all we’ll hit you though ouch okay what I’m gonna do here then is do this can I hit no I cannot so I’m going to back up one and I’m gonna hit you that’s the best thing to do here for me you’re going to hit him it’s going to be a one-on-one battle and you’re going to win that because you have fish water power and also you have more health in him so come oh yeah you got this buddy you got it and I’m gonna leave this guy over to you so hopefully you can help us out a little bit here please would be really really nice if you could help us out a little let’s see let’s go here and I’m gonna uh you know what I’m gonna help you out here we’re gonna eliminate this guy right now here we go okay he’s gonna take a shot you’re gonna know he didn’t take a shot nevermind okay so he’s gonna okay I was gonna say it ouch we’re gonna get nailed okay so here we go I’m gonna move here and then I hit this guy we’re

gonna eliminate him completely there you go you’re gone buddy oh no I’m gonna should I know I’m gonna go for the elimination here only because I’m worried that he won’t be able to eliminate him with the shot and I was gonna heal but oh he’s gonna take a shot he’s gonna help right oh he did oh I should have healed then bad move okay this is okay this is okay um all right we both need to be healed a little so I’m going to go here and no I want to go here and then I’m going to use my 12 power card and heal here yes oh wow that I almost didn’t get that off okay good all right so oh yeah he’s helping out now yeah and now we’re gonna heal and hurt you buddy that’s right oh no I shouldn’t have moved here because he’s gonna look Dom DOM all right well that’s okay we got him in this we got them in him and this little round here I move here that way I don’t yes okay good everybody well almost full health actually I’ve got a bunch of power cards so here we go let’s take him down you’re gone buddy you gone yes and you take a shot take your shot no why didn’t you take a shot hi-yah all right well I’m gonna move to here and then I’m going to heal this guy and then we’ll all be at full health and this guy will be eliminated and then we just have one more round and if it’s a full health bonus round you might actually get it so let’s see okay yes and yes finish him off that’s right baby okay I’m gonna heal you oh man almost full health and let’s see so what do we have here for the bonus round no ninjas down we can get to this bonus round Oh ninjas down not a problem really I wonder if I can get them to nope let’s see if I can get them to use a bonus card oh yeah we got a combo and we’re getting shields wow this could this would have been a full health bonus round guys this would have been a full health bonus round ah oh man don’t move away it’s okay if you get hurt you’re allowed to get hurt so we’re gonna get shields yes full health and shields this would have been it right here guys unfortunately that was not the one that it asks for cuz look right here we’ve got this cuz we can take him down at one shot and we would have gone man I want this stamp I kind of hit him there we go good nice oh I shouldn’t have wasted it or I shouldn’t have wasted my fish power dumb cuz we’re all gonna use it and and it’ll waste our fish power darn darn darn darn darn oh well he got beat up that’s all I can say Wow okay so I got two Bower cards and a third one coming no ninjas down we’re in the bonus round here we go and I’m going to actually use my card right away and get a triple right here hopefully they see that and maybe someone will give me a shield come on oh man I was hoping for a combo but no okay that’s okay uh right actually the the fire guy hasn’t gotten a bonus power card yet or used a power card yet so nah man okay here we go oh boy this could end up pretty bad here actually Oh oh boy oh okay good all right he didn’t go after me thankfully uh so I’m going to use my power card again right here and get everyone holy cow that is like a super bonus card you probably couldn’t hit actually can’t four is four and three that’s my combo thank you thank you thank you thank you that is going to be very very useful we’re probably gonna eliminate this guy I’m gonna get a shield and healed yes that’s gonna be awesome and probably stun this guy maybe set them on fire oh this is good this is real real good yes and stun and please don’t let him hit me Oh beautiful okay so I’m going to let’s see can I tell what everyone does oh yeah all right let’s see what everyone does here is anyone gonna target him I can’t tell um I’m gonna go ahead and target this guy yeah so I want to end him but I wish it would tell you what the other people targeted because that way I don’t waste it but we’ll see okay he’s gone right no somebody else target him I think okay good good good good and he targeted him so he’s gone for

sure let’s see what this guy does he’s probably gonna come down and hit me or oh yeah so he hit me and that’s okay I’m okay with that let’s see Oh power card oh ouch I thought we might get through the bonus round with without getting hurt or with having full health at the end oh wow we’re gonna get another shield sweet nice actually you know what we might actually finish with shield and full health in the bonus round that should be a stamp I think it should be a stamp anyway okay here we go combo combo you’re gone you’re gone buddy I don’t know this guy is gone but this guy’s gone oh yeah here we go yes full health and shields and end it end to end it Oh baby ha that was excellent look at that guys we’re ready for another round right there so 44 and it should go to 64 but maybe more because of the bonus round one two three and four oh yeah eighty percent so that means the next one as long as I get through the three rounds we are getting it we are getting it we’re getting we’re getting it oh my god oh my god okay I’m excited guys I am excited to get this all right cool alright here we go here we go last one who’s gonna help me get it who’s gonna help me get it I’m gonna be the snow ninja as usual and let’s see all right okay here we go okay we got seven thirty little man and p18 four five seven one six nine one all right guys let’s do this let’s do this okay here we go waiting for ninjas to join the battle alright good good everyone joined quickly that means that we’re not gonna have anyone lag out oh we got it oh wait we could get a full health bonus round here I’ll be good guys get a stamp on this last one along with the mask or that I’m sorry the helmet that would be great don’t know if it’ll happen but could alright let’s see here let’s move it along okay and I’m gonna get in the range of tank here let’s see I’m gonna go right here yep I can take him and he can’t take me so that helps a lot okay here we go come on yes come on let’s do this I want it I want it I want it okay cool I’m out of his range still and I go right here it’s still yeah okay and I can still take him oh don’t be afraid it’s okay and you need okay there we go it’s got saying you need to move okay it’s okay don’t be scared all right well there we go we’re going after tank here and all right and he can’t hit me and I should move Baja I don’t okay ouch let’s see which way should I move here um I moved there he can get me if I move here he can’t get me but I can’t get him but I can get him there and he can’t get me there that’ll work so he’s gonna hit that guy I’m gonna hit tank and I don’t know who this guy is gonna hit probably this guy let’s see yep okay so it’s kind of a balanced attack here let’s see what we do next okay out she’s gonna hit them ouch all right so I think it is time for a little power card boost for my buddies here let me go over to here and power card everyone not that I need it but maybe oh yeah cool cool combo do it do it do it yes yes we got a combo so everybody’s getting shields we’re getting watered we’re getting snowed sweet that’ll help help us toward our full health bonus round we’ll see what happens but I’m gonna try my best to save my power cards until they’re really really needed especially to bring my held up because last time I was the only guy who screwed it up so let’s see oh that should take out the smaller guy ten strike a guy yes okay and tusk is almost gone oh you meanie you got rid of their shield that is just plain rude and I think they’re gonna be able to take him out so I’m going to go ahead and heal and I’ll get a power card for that there we go yep got it and it’s a twelve I don’t know that that matters but anyway it is one and yes healed you and you should take a shot at him you didn’t take a shot Oh No ouch okay I’m gonna heal them all so I’m gonna heal the this guy here the fire guy good all right and they should be able to take him out there I think Oh what happened to water

oh I think with his power card stuck like that I think that means he’s glitched out Oh No there it is it might be back maybe I’m wrong okay all right there you go all right what do we got next round two and okay so can i okay so if I go here I’m actually closer and he can’t get me yeah that’s the one I want to do all right oh no don’t move away I need your help guys I need your support oh okay um oh boy all right so I want to go after this guy here um yep okay wow it’s gonna be like one on three here guys it doesn’t seem like anyone else is participating I need your help guys please oh yeah there you go good good all right bring up the rear guys come on let’s do this let’s do this we need to get through round three guys because I want my helmet in this round okay um all right what’s the best thing to do here um okay so there we go he moved into range I’m going to do oh no no oh boy um uh-oh yeah whoo that was close I didn’t think I was gonna get that off but it’s gonna heal all of us it’s gonna hurt him I don’t know if it’ll hurt him enough but it will get my buddies wait yes good move good move and okay so we’re in range of him he’s gonna hurt all of us he’s gonna kill my shield that’s okay um best thing to do here for me would be to do this and then hmm I’m gonna go after you yeah okay we’re gonna get out of Tanks range here everybody’s going to move and then we’re gonna go after you and you’re gonna go after him right yes very good and you can’t reach him but that’s okay tank can’t get us that’s most excellent he’s gonna hurt all three of us okay now I got two Bower cards what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna move up then I’m gonna use the power card in the center here yes and it’s gonna heal us all hopefully get a combo combo guys please combo for me combo yes combo we’re getting healed and shield healed and shield healed and shield all right good good good all right yes and we should be able to take out the tennis racket guy with our combo yeah I don’t doubt that it’s gonna be no problem we’re gonna poison tank and hopefully stun him so he can’t walk toward us let’s see here yes all right that’s right see you later bye-bye and now what I want to do is try and stay away from tank here and heal my friends there you go all right let’s heal and how boy I don’t know what’s gonna happen here Oh everybody’s got shields so that’s really not going to be terrible from tank and then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna okay some I think I’m close enough that yeah yeah so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go here and then I’m gonna get another power card shortly so I’m going to go ahead and use this one that way I can heal everyone to the max make sure to hit him and all that stuff although I should have probably saved that guy’s that was probably not a good move I should just use a regular attack yeah oh well that’s okay that is okay ah everybody gets healed though so we’re at full health and we’re going into round three with full health and two shields and if this guy doesn’t get hurt man I hope there’s only one enemy one enemy please want any oh my gosh one enemy guys we might get this we might get a full health bonus round guys let’s see what happens here might be able to manage I don’t know but that’d be cool to get the helmet and the full health bonus round all in this one match no hit yes yes that’s what I was gonna say hit me hit someone else all right and here we go I’m gonna go ahead and fire at him save oh that was dumb I didn’t know they’re getting a power card you didn’t use it in the right place ah cuz then I could a combo to gotten us all shields Oh have you used that in the right spot that would have killed him okay well we can cross our fingers here guys hopefully hits the shield guy hit the no you went through the wrong guy okay um let’s do that and power card and

what it right there yes okay so that should give us a full health bonus round actually guys because I’m gonna heal first I think yes no wait let me heal first huh he’ll heal you come on come on count it count it count it count it let me heal oh gosh this should count this should count they should totally cow guys come on full health bonus round full health yes oh okay no I don’t really care what happens I mean that’s not true I do care what happens but uh but the full health bonus round I really wanted that stamp so that is sweet uh-huh and if we don’t win this one I’m okay cuz no matter what we’re getting the mask or that I’m sorry the helmet boom oh you were going down my friend death ah ow alright go ahead hit me I don’t really care how much alright ah man I’m so happy we got that stamp so they’re going to go after him I’m going to go after tank actually because I have a feeling that they’re going to all go after him so I’d like to use my shot on him there we go so let’s see what happens here yep and you guys are gonna go after this guy yeah all right and any oh he didn’t do anything okay well whatever worked out anyway uh oh okay I was kind of say what happened I thought it did lag did you see everything just all happen at once I was weird okay Oh what that is so not there was a guy standing there he shouldn’t have been able to move there you know what I mean guys it just shouldn’t happen it just shouldn’t happen that’s all I can say I’m gonna say and that’s all I want to say okay let’s heal up here let’s try and beat this bonus round tank is a cheater tank is a cheater all right let’s do that and oh yeah come on let’s heal up and hurt this dude let’s see this is a 12 make a difference let’s see seems to to me it seems like the 10 the 12 card is actually more powerful I mean I don’t have any evidence of that at all but whatever um okay so I’m going to oh boy Wow oh I got two Bower cards here too I’m gonna go ahead and move here and then I’m gonna use my power card right here and heal all of us and hurt tanky tank and hopefully uh yeah hopefully this will end tanks life it should because we’re all three going after him and then while we’ve got a tennis racket dudes and we’re going to be healed up we’re gonna be at this bonus round guys we’re gonna beat this bonus round bye bye tanky tank and now we turn our attention to the tennis racket guys you are making us angry okay okay you’re making us angry and we don’t oops oh um oh I’m gonna heal my friend okay that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna heal I’m gonna heal oh gosh I wanted to use my power card but I hate when I get stuck in the middle like that is so annoying it should let me use it but anyway he’ll my friend it’s probably a good plan we’ll see what happens hopefully they don’t attack me okay oh ouch uh-oh I’m gonna die I’m gonna die oh no I didn’t die I didn’t die okay let’s do that and power card right here it’ll heal all of us and hurt this dude and maybe we’ll get a combo get some shields combo shield combo shields no no no okay all right well I tried there we go all right good yes and my power card is a 10 so it should should probably oh no more power cards I’m out of our cards guys I hope that’s enough to get us through oh yes it is three on one baby yeah that’s very funny oh yeah I think it’s hilarious oh yeah you’re so funny hahaha okay somebody go there let’s take him down guys come on let’s beat the bonus round and make this count make it count guys make it count make it count make a count make it count make it count make it count make it count okay yes yes oh yeah okay I knew he’s going to after them because he could hurt two at once and I figured that was the best bet because um because they’re more health than I do and I’m gonna do the same thing hopefully the three of us can hit it I don’t know if we’re gonna get him this John too bad nobody has any power cards left we use them all probably at this point but let’s see what happens it’s gonna be close oh yes hit him up with your fish tank oh so close we’re gonna make it though we’re gonna make it guys we got this he’s

gonna take a shot at them or me okay well I died but you know what you can laugh all you want but guess what my friends are gonna take you down that’s right they’re gonna take you down buddy alright this is it right here two one and we make it through the bonus round all right here we go yes and he’s gonna take a swing at you boom I knew it yes alright good stuff good stuff we all made it look at us dance we got it we got the stamp I’m gonna get my helmet one two three and four yes okay let’s go put that helmet on but let’s check out that stamp there awesome so basically we have all the stamps that we can get until we become the snow ninja because can’t defeat the master so now you can’t even play against the master of snow until your snow ninja I can’t play with sensei unless you’re a snow ninja and of course you can’t get the gem without being us no ninja so there we go let’s go ahead and load this up and put it on and I think I can I wonder if I can do the special move let’s see if if that is true let’s go to head items and where is my little helmet here okay man I have a lot of oh there it is there it is okay and let’s see let’s go over here and dance yeah there it is guys awesome awesome awesome awesome so I got that and I think I can make myself disappear yep that’s the same as the other one but yes awesome alright guys well that is it for the road to snow ninja before the live stream which you guys have probably already seen so I’ll see you guys again soon thanks for watching and of course new lawn