Fallout 4| Cypher Chat (Humble Beginnings, our first video)

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Fallout 4| Cypher Chat (Humble Beginnings, our first video)

right college meeting with the wife is really awkwardly to stand in that over shoulder and that is the creepiest moment I’ve ever see in the trailer and so she just wants the maritime it is have all gone which yep I think just if all games do this from now on that just opens up so many more options for creation I mean the only other game other thing cause of the other better version existence fight night champion where you could scan your face into the computer though I mean we won’t really know how extensive is until we get hands on it thought you can just tell from the trailer I say and you’ll yeah it under say where you want the question is though that a race including are we gonna be stuck with the typical Bethesda face where that’s the same style of first that we’ve seen in Oblivion we’ve seen in Skyrim we see no fallout 3 we seen in New Vegas it’s the same model it never changes no matter how much you play with the things if you don’t know you know because i’m on the i’m on the video now a new tube and if you if you just look at the soul there’s a massive variety between all the different fair to the end of it through in the game and i didn’t want to look bad no do you all do look visually quite different that the differences aren’t that at my new despite the quite large I know anyone about me it’s like me the squareness to the sides of the head in 20 so that means that they’re all gonna have difficulty annoying because he always doing this year so that always they’re all gonna be quite stiff in in the way to look I’m they always are yeah I did I did like how I mean if you look at I mean if you look awesome hmm you a rapper and actress actually one of the creations from GTA I’m going to go to like [ __ ] it I think is that one may 15 seconds with you yeah well he’s in there yeah anything anymore one of the things actually I picked up on that people sort of went like we had the announcement trailer for falling forward not that long ago and after that people everywhere I’ve seen anyone talking about forward for people were going mud complaining that it didn’t look next-gen enough the graphics were terrible this is going to be terrible you know you know those graphic knobs that just can’t get their head around it it’s completely beside the [ __ ] point in the fallout game I mean and I wanted to add here’s the thing about that like people are so wrapped up in getting a game to look quote unquote next-gen in the way that the graphics are presented so this is going to be an excellent experience a lot exactly thats was the way look I mean what don’t they all didn’t want everything to be the [ __ ] our 1866 and that game was garbage I didn’t like the order 1886 myself it was terribly sorry it looks good but it played horribly yeah see just by the packet to learn is where do you stop with that the next-gen you know I mean do you want it to be like real life you’re like the thing is my attitude there’s always being right if if you want real life by a [ __ ] blu-ray and watch it [ __ ] Phil you know it is a game it should be the content of the gameplay and the experience comes before that magical today yeah that comes before the game they’re called video games it implies it to even look bad the graphics are actually good to lighten but see that’s the thing uh yeah I mean all right I think it looks really a next-gen um an excellent system is that we built it on top of the old fallout 1 so what more to people want yeah they wanted to make them pancakes free like the game perfect i’ll double talking to the robot like when your diet when the guy is talking to the robot when your player is talking to that that robot it look great but it looked like it was well captured and yeah all right Brett one as well I mean all all the interactions they’re not like all strictly you can enter an excellent at any time it’s not like the old fallout where you ask you have to choose a bunch of things like John mid-conversation you can shoot someone

in the faceless wanted to yeah and who I’m not kidding didn’t want to shoot the overseer yeah yeah we all did look though I will mix the walls of text cuz some of us options well I mean they did always partner wasn’t like I mean how it did anyone here not blow up megaton son I didn’t I did I didn’t when I played it the second time so yeah I that for like three I I die like Megaton survived my first playthrough my second playthrough I blew that to kingdom come I’ve never known I so I’ve known anything so wrong feel so right okay i justjust I know we’ve sort of gone off the topic a little bit but dies we’ll just sort of for anyone lessening I’m the only one that can see the gameplay that’s going on at the minute playing new vegas here i’ve just got into the character creation screen and so anyone you know this watching us can see what the previous fallouts character creation has been like and if you’ve seen the the the creation for Fallout 4 how much more different than looks and how much more in depth it looks I’m just going through a couple of the options here that are on the screen yeah like well while I’ve seen worse in games it still feels very set in place um you know you could sit for hours and change it and not get anywhere yeah I I didn’t want to interrupt anybody but like what fallout 4 it seems so granular like you can get down through the granular a little bit and really like shape of face shape April yeah I mean not the idea I get you can just kind of it means he’s just the Creation Kit you just can’t you just do where you ever you want meaning you can you can choose how thick you on the facial hair to be you can change the placement of sad hairs if you want to hear exist it’s gonna a mother prefer to get my hands on that to be honest I think right from fallout league they put were creation like the type the creation it did that as I like to ask us or rather than in fallout 4 they’ve made that sources nothing is because in farts are the most cinematic feel with a different camera angles yeah yeah I’m not something that’s what they use in to create your NBC’s himself oh yeah they giving us the tools it’s actually letting mob together and make it you know something more but yeah I mean I mean I think it’s the same for the best building as well as another essential they used to build houses and stuff they’ve just given us the ability to build a zone and those things fall out since Fall Out man it it it’s just that alone I mean under customization as well just the amount of customization options on the guns and the found symp this simplified it suits is that usually I spoke to look really regarding the door and just about how a lot of games warcraft in is it’s not a seamless as it should be and it’s a lot of times I even get involved in it because it’s like tag DOM and yetis the learning curve on that can be quite high but I mean this one is ridiculous you can literally find in a plastic bottle a toothpick in some toothpaste and build a writing other jobs and it’s like a cute really you know if it’s working really good but it’s ashley yeah like you actually looks like it going to be complicated then it’s simple and easy to do with a lot of processes what crackin systems do look very annoying and a lot of fun there are times the move and a lot of times the menus are really cumbersome and it looks like this is really easy mmm so that’s really cool and look if I can take turrets and just blow away like meet these coming up my dates I’m gonna be happy with that yeah I mean I wonder how far it goes like because if he actually mentioned it was a cell man I’m just wondering how I yet balance in the game and how I soon we need to be in set locations yeah it’ll be like having onto the hot I’d say that maybe come from the old one do people and if you could like create your own settlement way alright the leader of it and [ __ ] like that and you have to be so cool like you know if I like yours come across all to show you that you could you can set up right wait give all our mother base yeah but not yours come across factions in fallout door these groups and factions of people it good if you could create your own faction and beaver good or evil off

somewhere we are alarming dogs yeah yeah so it’s all sick I’ll give me this build No yep and you know what was amazing about about this the whole base building thing is I think what they’re gonna do is the game is so large that they’re gonna give you quick travel locations where you build your home where you build our homestead like that’s where they do unlike you travel between them and all that different stuff yeah it was cool to see I mean to be honest I know I never really use flash of all of which I mean it is a guy I very rarely flash troubled I just walked everywhere just for the sake and roleplay know about the exploring and fast coming to me oh yeah I’ve nearly I’ve nearly platinum going a little off topic I’ve nearly plaque in The Witcher because I don’t use such level really fast travel can be a really hmmm a sort of thing um there’s a game on the ps3 really damn good game I love the hell out of that game but the fast travel system and it was really it was so sparse and the map was huge there was no form of mics or anything it was a game called Dragon’s Dogma oh yeah there was no mind the map was huge and was there was one major city that was your hub the you had to travel back and forth between back and forth between and it was the only form of fast travel was these crystals which were so expensive to buy and were almost impossible to find yeah I’m you never went one way literally took you back to the minutes yeah they could only take the back of every time yeah any time you’re gonna go to mission you always have to make sure you’re ready to actually a progression because once you’ve left those gates that was here I think what good fall out it’s gonna be what it’s going to be accessible to do it if you want I don’t think it’s going to be like a load screen I think going to get into what are the flowers warbird things uh yeah yeah Berta birds I think you can get into a vertibird and fly from one point to the next and kill things along the way I mean if I get a wooden screens going to see these two buildings and that are the really impressive yeah because the one thing that did mired in about the previous and I’m guessing myself everyone that attended the loaded really invent and everyone rush from you can I just don’t mean a button it’s just something is on screen here again I’m the only one I can see what’s happening in the game player for Fallout New Vegas here but this is something that’s always bothered me whenever in the character creation when you’re talking to doc mention libreng up those pictures but the black blotches on you to tell them what that what you think they are there’s one of them I will never change my mind it looks like two bears high-fiving and that is not an option in this and it should be boy boy learn from this actually it’s actually an easter egg with rocks i will never i will never i see that this an easter egg wave is the option actually sir two best high-fiving the bloody well should be i’m never gonna see that so and we got into combat in this game i love the fact of that system doesn’t stop time entirely where am I free jet just slowed it down those so much was lost because it were a bit ridiculous including with him and it looks like it works really well as well me it slows it down enough and I hope we’re not on earth on the regeneration system yeah like how it used to be the cool down yeah I don’t like that well I mean I played I played fallout 3 both ways like I would come if I felt like shooting I would throw a shoe in as well because yeah that’s were found to shoot mechanic to follow up free will I think they put a lot of people off a thing because they bought the game thinking they could play it like a shooter and then obviously going to calm and but now I mean from the gameplay we saw at least two III well it looks like you just you definitely can I might get such done earlier i love how the game just doesn’t even has a sort of a dead rising ask feel regarding how it’s not taking itself very seriously we see the quiz in a dress and he’s got like it still has some and stuff and it’s just hacking people I mean I I think that it’s like this they want to allow the gamer to choose how you want to interpret it you wanted to be a heavy experian to go get you some guy I saw a guy get killed cuz his head blew off

after be shot by its heady bad you know that was awesome i didn’t care what anyone says i’m using that gun forever arm and yeah if that wasn’t Sofia and nothing will self ok that’s just fall I don’t know Peggy gun pathetic amana Teddy gun in real life [ __ ] that terrigal man Tennyson what did the teacher in Baltimore what did you teach me what woman one well sorry I let it go Teddy’s know like a one thing that I want to bring up and it’s something that I think is gonna be a very controversial topic on fallout 4 is the character is now voiced now while I might not seem like a big thing for anyone that’s just sort of joining fallout 4 due to the hype or you know this is the this is their first fallout game that’s not going to be a big thing in fact they probably prefer that because a lot most games now are you know the main character is voiced but in all four lines in fact almost nothing aha in almost all bethesda games you know look at oblivion look of morrowind look at skyroom look at fallout three new vegas it’s always been a son protagonist and for like i said for people that are just joining i think that the voiced character will be find in fact they prefer that but for someone like me who is used to that silent protagonist when they’re playing that’s sort of like style game because the bez de games like this have a very signature feel and you can’t find anywhere else what’s going to happen is it all the school six or before the voice as well I think it’s just the direction they go in to give again tomorrow cinema appeal probably to a piece to a larger audience but like I know you saying when it’s when it’s text you kind of have your own interpretation of the meaning or everybody well you did how do you feel little digging you continue all right no I still now you must be mr. late you have to make your point not and it better be a damn good point okay so with the whole voice things I think it’s a good step but I think it’s also a step that follow-up you know passed ball players like myself I’ve played all the fallout games from one on forward for us it’s going to be hard to adjust but for the new guys it’s going to be like oh this is this is small well let me see what went on but I mean yeah I mean for me personally i prefer the cinematic feel i like to have a voice character i think when you create especially with the creative the creation system mins or so much better more advanced you create a character who looks really cool it you could you’re gonna connect and bond more with the character you’ve created it’s like in Mass Effect everyone Shepherd was you know unique to them I Leidner I don’t think I’ve ever felt as connected to a character that did Mike shepherd in mass effect and that wouldn’t have been the case if Shepherd had not been voiced and but I think it’s a good good direction that the cinematic camera angle seem to look fine but but the same note what Matt will touching on I think when you’ve just got when you’ve got lines of text you have in your regular on interpretation your character anyway you don’t have the game trying to sponsor well the universe now is you like any heart on it you know part of yourself on it book book for me like fall a new things in Skyrim I didn’t care how my car to look but with mass effects I shall have a voice and the camera angles that you sure your guy yeah it makes a big difference so it’s going to be gonna actually make me care about my current ya gotta be kind of a blank template you know just all cake to make it the thing is that will touch on as well as I’ve noticed this a lot with voice games is the protagonist voice is always a white voice it doesn’t look like the voice would really suit you know of a black person or a Chinese person or it always seems to be quite a caucasian origin boys tell me to say yes yeah they’ll try to make it as neutral as possible and I think let’s go Matt okay you could you couldn’t play my CI anyone else over then the Caucasian I feel like fall out I saw this will be able to pull off a lot better than I don’t know why in this damion you can I don’t know why they can’t have two voice actors say all right fine I i think what you might be a more than one voice out yet in this polymerization is in depth know that I firm this only 25 shots a spoonful male 1 from here the issue because of so many lines money is what it’s a lot of day early so it’s a lot of

work but I mean I think the last game i can remember did that was was it def jam look for me frontera yeah jumps like the new you yeah they had several voices everything and you’re sort of person but i think again this big me God can you imagine so have a good ones yeah if you have cost more money I maybe it’s hard because you know you wanna you wanna like get as much diversity in the game as possible like I’m one of those people that I want to see as much as possible you know as many people represent as I can but you know for something like this when the dialogue book is probably as long as war and peace okay like it’s a very long game and I kind of forgive them that heart what do you think I’m overactivity is there’s going to be in this I mean I other than obviously the side missions in the main quest casino in Vegas sure has a lot of usually had vegas but i really hope because it looks like this some areas which are going to be really heavily populated and another’s which are quite barren so it’ll be interesting to see what mark and you’ll be racing to its supposed to be the option car didn’t ya mean get more fallout cries out for cars I feel like I feel like if they were gonna be vehicles and again that’s something that I’ve shown longer and yeah I mean I so the thing is you did in the trailer I mean like the sharing like the old style cars when they were learning to the fallout shelters and stuff like that and the right reasons nope yeah but the bus that’s if it’s looking just really really nice route were so mad max-style vehicles yeah yeah we gotta work and effort after go into that would be un design it so see even if there was a vehicle’s in the game by default like we already know that but the consoles are going to support mods as well in increases my way just look tomorrow it’s [ __ ] saying yeah I’m not wait to see the depth to how far that goes with obviously the consoles technology is this limited compared to pcs output it’s gonna be interesting to see what multi-core carryover I mean that’s potentially yeah I’m endless DLC by the way that’s Patek the potential endless quest lines and I might touch on I might touch on the fact that i did before we started a chat somebody said that it’s on both consoles is that like I just think it is I don’t want to be a schism yes no it’s obvious Howard is a beautful house it is coming to Xbox one in early 2016 and that’s fine I get it fault PS for cool so whether it whether it’s something that Sony are allowing or not I assume that’s what’s going to be the deciding factor I mean I what they do you give dr. Cooper says to some credit I mean that default in the game coming out in November right and I’m also also about what would still be carried over now who’s going to decide what what’s get carried off to the console and also that’s why I’ve been wondering I don’t have no idea it’s like I’m it up to the modest themself or for people to upload them onto it maybe a lot of where there’s an exterior mods I don’t know I I assume you know what you think they might have to pass when we can filter they might have to pass a filter like I imagine you’ll you’ll make a mod right and then it’ll take like a YouTube video it’ll take some time to load up and then if it doesn’t pass you then can’t like you can’t download it or something like that yeah I need to be something that goes to the bunker some Bethesda and then they dream are they releasing them selfie I know he not work out would take it being said but they have the faster net where you know all the stuff from dooms gonna go and Bob’s gonna go so whether the markets on that and then we can download somewhere so I see where the mothers can upload them onto that that makes sense that make sense he’s an exciting I’m behind when you consider completely grandmom’s yeah i mean i really like a developer of really pushing for you know Monson’s continue to pop you know all the community buying the community we see professor have always been really open to mods Skyrim followed ticularly elder scrolls games have always been huge on Mars such a huge modding community which just examine my skyrim although my pcs I’m

good enough to run it looks absolutely incredible just can’t play well actually speaking on PC just a set of clear for anyone watching this they’re probably confused as hell right and i will first start I apologize up the footage is a bit jittery my computer doesn’t like you’re having recording software running in the background as well second of all I on this topic of mods I actually have a mod in this game it’s active right now that has dog meat from for like 3 as an available companion in New Vegas and that’s the sort of thing that I really like about the modding community but I just wanted to clear it up for anyone that was watching I was confused as hell as to why dog meat was in New Vegas a lot of potential just for I mean mods is early and they really happened every game has dogs you’ve got to have a dog in the game mom if you don’t make the game Doug of Judy call a duty house a dog yeah I don’t see here moment you quite knew what he was signing when he made that [ __ ] dog yeah he started to trend they stock will love you blah blah blah [ __ ] else inside his dogs and everything you know something that don’t want a dog just from my experience with ghosts that it wasn’t a bad game but really was overhyped it was just another NPC yeah yeah nice being invested in overhyped the dog wow I mean I sell they don’t get me a spotter I’m a dog that’s all I think that’s more useful in the dog and ghost with no training either by this mote useful at the jog away yeah he’d let you just walk up to the thing those hey come with me Oh pick up at span affirm you o rip the throat out of that gecko for me yes the dog actually seem useful in combat a small compared to the one in terrible which one well what will start should we do something darling so i can now they know the scrolls online you can have a panther they didn’t do anything it just sits there and watches you fight look you’re [ __ ] pound to do come on get it get involved more coming more something yeah but no I don’t yes did you get the dunk from blood forget them instead of running it seemed like huh yeah we’re definitely seeing that way definitely the scene or better may need anybody if you have as well i like that i like the super beauty from the fall out to Holly I don’t know so I love that was his name or his name Oh Hawks I will Jim he was awesome car Madrid me I was sad when he left I was sad when we like parted wings look you two evils not good pilot yes so actually yeah when we’re on the topic of companions do you think we’re gonna get more human companions and fall at four or do you think it’s just gonna be that dog okay yeah yeah other human seems like a natural conclusion yeah hope again yeah hope we get more robot companions really because their songs it’s not like the the sex robot from New Vegas Jesus Christ I don’t want to worry about my I don’t want to worry about have to protect my anus and that in the font free those requests where you dealt with an unprinted and yours actually made by Ed yeah in the Commonwealth which is actually exist in Boston where the game is set yeah so I assume ur gonna come across androids in begins and potentially get an Android companion kind of android 18 yeah you know just because I said that don’t anybody send this to send a link of this video to my girlfriend just cuz I made that comment times to the other games right references life well I’m a timeline a seem to be distinct of the carbon well where he ended up it rickettsiae yeah I it was like you see hidden honey it’s a pretty cool it was a quest where you kind of helped him to scare we have been made into all breathe I’m a pretty cool actual fall out my stuff I love that i sell i love the goals i love that the people you meet in the fallout games I thought Vegas was actually better than three and I was controversial but see I actually kind of have to agree with that I love it new Vegas yeah this was I’m telling well it figures just had more choice to it yeah Stefan is the house

and now i guess was reception in Las Vegas and so did my head in what the war plan to do in to the casinos and try to take the weapons from you but that really got my juices and we like some lunatic from where sons walk into like a building with about 400 you know how we looking weapons walking over in comfort I want get over encumbered here’s a question I want to know actually one um you okay we know that there’s many ways to go by completing followed um one of the ways you can actually go hard it is to pretty much just talk your way for the whole game if you have your speech up high enough you can just talk your way through pretty much every situation so I always put a speech of it my question is they each other look is it is the game is fallout 4 gonna be as like heavy on speech like where if you have your speech marks you can just breeze through it because I’m this is a potential spoiler for anyone that hasn’t played fallout new vegas when you if you side with the NCR and you come up against legged lon yes who’s one of kai’s ours but in fact he skies ours right hand man you can talk your way through that entire encounter if you have 100 feet and you basically just talk the kaisers legion into just had leaving the Dom with the NCR and while that’s you know kind of useful I think it kind of takes away from her because I think realistically I don’t think kaisers Legion would give up that easily just because some guy was like oh hey you know I don’t think it’s a good idea i mean we have a lot of guys here I mean I know you slaughtered an entire time with a group of like four men and you had everyone crucified and you’ve taken many slaves and you have pretty much the entire the mojave wasteland in fear but you know that he couldn’t take this damn that’s in ruins and the NCR squads that I’ve had to personally train because they were so dumb there’s nowhere you could take them I mean really I mean you’re basically these good people choice for you know as multiple tackle a scenario but times talking just will be the right thing I do wrong go ahead includes panini won’t be the right options maybe every because I’m a gun-toting american but I just have you in my way alkylating well even as a non gun using Irishman this is I still like to blow the head off sand things and followed this is nothing funner I don’t think ever allow you to the to talk your way through it you know with the opportunity the tap the talking system BMI Fleetfoot free throw in intellect yeah I think so too i think i don’t think you’ll get that choice of the talking ways where you can happen to me I mean typically don’t allow easier anyway typical gamer days a year in all seriousness though it’s one of those things where if they allow you to talk your way through it you’re you’re sort of your something some of the gameplay so I don’t know if that’s exactly something you would necessarily would want to live but you know the game launched multiple playthroughs you play styles I mean I know right I do yeah yeah and if you’ve just got a silver tongue and you just a [ __ ] you can still that’s gnarly yeah it’s the matter if it was done something like in them in Skyrim when you have to bring the Nords and the Imperial the Imperials together for that treaty um that’s sort of more realistic you know you can sort of imagine two warring factions coming together to to bring a temporary peace to fight greater evil there that made sense but like I said that example with Lonnie asst it’s just like that that doesn’t make sense like he wouldn’t know and you just have like a little hold on this I’ll be an alpha male with a fedora here of course we’re taking out all the betas oh my top of the morning mass paintball Bingle I mean if you are role playing aside like you’re really she combines can take many hits and talk is your main wrong point I don’t know then you don’t get power armor then you don’t get Paul I power armor you don’t get a dog you don’t get anything go home you’re playing the wrong game like that you know you it makes more sense than being a sweaty guys talking on a lesion in power armor you look like a [ __ ]

brutal oh the power armor in fallout 4 with anyone see on the trailer how to play you’re gonna air now ah did you see the choice I don’t think anyone I’ve the jetpack yeah the jetpack I mean I love the [ __ ] to the armor slide on that you have your own customized power on yeah see again but I’d be your own customized power it still needs me to think I movie play like hey you know I mean but seemed as if sat right it’s gonna be one movie it’s still like bordering on right all these multiplayer options why does Christmas ish i’m gonna be analyzing and it is something that i think i mean i hope with the power armor it’s not something you can do that anywhere yeah not something he just get that does that’s something i was thinking because like i remember in like fall three yeah a night followed three specifically getting that power armor like it was like the cover future it yeah it took most of the game a lot of work and a lot of killing a lot of talking to work your way into being able to earn and then use that power arm it felt like such a triumph and it felt so worth it I’m wondering if are they gonna like dull up feeling down is it gonna feel like oh yeah I got the power armor okay um from what I’ve seen is like you go into account under attack I think you can yeah it’s not something you can just a quick blow and put it in like your back pocket and pull out whatever mmm you know I want it like if you’re idiots like you’re in it you have to carry this with a few now you know it’s like if you want to take it back so when I left the common and pick it up for you that I someone mm-hmm actually when you mention about coming and packing up there was something I picked up in the chair of thought was quite interesting was that the tell copter uh when the main character through the smoke signal on income the the tilt copter to get into it I wondered because that looks like something the Brotherhood uses um dad like I’d I wondered that have anything to do with the power armor or was that like a separate allegiance I that that’s something they quite interested me yeah i mean the proof of my baby part of the global road I mean the Brotherhood half- same go about their work in different factions kind of separate from one another sir yeah it’s completely within the possibility will come across them are you most likely will now you’ll definitely come across some unrelated the bestest these not fall out without them really this point I’m a single similar what like you walk around him okay one of that succeed that was in it in the trailer when you were wooden swords and it may I say what a big Michael Jordan’s father the same I mean just the sheer amount of armor types and gun and stuff and the father gives you a visual representation at the rear just went well I mean there are several hundred modifications or weapons the video features over 50 based weapons as well I mean look how do you change anything and it changes the appearance that we go you know everything you change as a visual you know correspondence with it so if you change shoulder piece is the party games will change be in front of you or in real time you know have this a lot again to do is to help you choose the adjustment then when you put it on you actually quickly go and then you see the difference well this it’s all in real time as you’re doing it because it’s just in front of you click what you want to change and see it boom up on the gun all and pop up again your place or something else so and i will away from ours in that yeah just thinking about seeing how many teddy bears i can fit into my gun you know Teddy where’s my burger patty they’re going to tell me when I first well nothing’s dead again I’ll be ready there at least and then I’m number three hours making iron though you think it’s all weapons gonna feel very unique to you as well like you’re gonna be okay no one else is using this gun to go see honest really probably not so many combinations you get used that their chances are and I’ll see for using yourself illegally you’re being a bit different yet you’ll get and make modified thumbs actually really sit not website yeah it was so fun sharing that was people like go and look at this gonna made look uploading gameplay of your unique armory that you carry around with you in your backpack you know what you good to be able to buy show you what is our armor be fun today I mean that would be really cool yeah he have been I don’t mean my movie player as such but just being able to learn but the power

where you could maybe have like a mail system like they do one else my way just send things to play that they open the mail that got the new do I am there for brittle yeah I mean we’ve all had one gameplay video unless so watching it I can’t play video which was phenomenal maybe may we add yeah yeah yeahs was yeah play we should be working it is it just it just exceeded it was really clever action because it showed you everything that’s on you and I’m Martha master into the best building was a complete shock to everybody they got a shorter the gunplay which far exceeds what they really did go you know it really also what they needed to deliver if anyone says otherwise that young people this point who don’t like fallout people have not played it oh the girls privilege it’s like it’s like heaven GS I think people who say they don’t like it it just turns in there to try it hey you know the most people to play it like it because the genuine little game it’s like fallout to say don’t like fallout free and you don’t think it was called and see you guys don’t get standoff oh you just don’t know what it’s about you know but it looks unbelievable a the game of the year this year oh my god this is not the year to bringing out a new game I mean do this so much stuff far this year now I think all of do it over yeah there’s nothing imagined no no as much as I like WeChat often which I have a chance in winning among it’s just just lovely it’s between metal gear and fall Dogen two outs like I said that that’s pretty much what’s coming by my game of the year my game here is either Witcher or I’m sorry fallout a little gear Witcher was very good but fall out here like one of those two is coming out on top yeah I mean yeah which is good yeah that there are different water yeah I mean we are now getting to the part in this generation websites get these games which was the star that from a development I wouldn’t be able wonderful addiction consoles been on since november two thousand thirteen two years okay so what is second box two years to really get there and i give this a prettier about six yeah but yeah yeah yeah it’s too late so you and thought you know like any presumes that you can’t build a good gaming in a few years you know it’s new years is that that’s just down to the game developers having to learn the new technology having to develop their own ways around and how to make the most of it with what they have I like the stands bedroom made where they call the games are all makes generally as well like even dishonor so they’ve gone nope next gentleman and I a lot of talking out a remastered version of the person to justice pair dishonored and was totally the best what was the best first-person action selfie of the last generation it will is the gameplay was from the light headed and it didn’t get a lot of it didn’t get a lot of brains it didn’t just hang out and like it was like it did good but it means it really well critically but it didn’t get a whole lot of oh he’s raised from gamers it was incredible and gave it probably looked a little bit in this story and an idiot wasn’t quite as a mercy but if a game play upon for you it was ill c this.type I man it was legit it was it was a lot of fun experimenting with different ways to accomplish tasks and I’m for last gen game as well I mean our particular a master anyway and i’ll definitely be getting there the size of style of Martin yeah again that’s a very unique you’re saying is all very rich it was all very retro futuristic as well as yeah that’ll answer steampunk right to as well yeah it did yeah alright guys final words anyone has to say basically if you don’t like fallout then you’re new you’re wrong your opinion isn’t right can I just say though that pitboy edition oh ho ly my mother my god I must as I have SAT all day I have said all day on the guillen website waiting for that appear when it finally appeared their servers exploded an ogre pre-order have game open in a separate shop now ok

up in refreshing every 10 minutes just way and I finally got a pre-order died about eight o’clock this evening it’s gonna be it will be something else it will be it truly will be a next gen experience yeah I’m good I’m gonna buy that [ __ ] one of those that ok so we’ll wrap this up I thanks to everyone for listening hope hope y’all enjoy fallout as much as we know we’re going to yeah we’ll catch y’all next time next video I think the next video is going to be metal gear solid I believe yeah well guess I didn’t there ya go way we’ll discuss ting good well thank you everyone for listening and I hope you enjoyed welcome to cipher gaming network yeah yes cheese guys take care bye