LAST to LEAVE the SOTY Showdown Movie!

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LAST to LEAVE the SOTY Showdown Movie!

(upbeat music) (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Let’s meet the house guests (upbeat music) – I can’t believe it, I’m in the SOTY Showdown, yeah! (hollers) Hey, I’m Stephen I’ve been riding dirt bikes for a little over a year now I have my own little dirt bike track out here I come out here like every day to like practice and try to get better Come out here to blow off some steam I have five sisters and I’m the only boy So yeah, sometimes it’s a little rough If I won the SOTY Showdown, I’m gonna use all the money to buy myself nice racing dirt bikes so I can finally get in some races So my strategy for this, I haven’t watched very many shows like this, so I really don’t know what I’m doing but my strategy is, make the most amount of friends as I can, make like a couple of alliances but kinda hang a little low and not be super crazy about trying to get everybody out I’m just gonna kinda slowly rise to the end without getting myself kicked out Brand new dirt bike, here I come (dirt bike revs) (upbeat music) I’m headed to the SOTY Showdown. (hollers) (dramatic music) – No way, I’m going to the SOTY Showdown! (hollers) That’s what I’m talking about No, maybe I shouldn’t do that, I gotta keep this What’s up, I’m Jared As you can tell I love everything sports, so any sports I’m gonna own it (upbeat music) I play pretty much any sport but my main ones have been football, baseball, and wrestling but really anything active I’ve gotta win those challenges So that’s my goal, I’m gonna win any active challenges and be active reaching out to all the different players, so they’re on my side I’m gonna try to be the likable person in the house So everyone kinda be’s on my side and at the end, I’m gonna win this challenge I got two kids and a wife at home that I have to provide for and what I can do with that money, oh there’s so many different things I was born for this I’m going to the SOTY Showdown! – I’m going to the SOTY Showdown! (hollers) Do you know how many video games I can buy with this grand prize? What’s up, my name is Derek Oh yeah Are you kidding me go for C! (laughs) I don’t take myself seriously So hopefully none of the guests in this house take me seriously until I win that dang grand prize and I walk over their fallen bodies! You can say I’m kind of a psychopath I’m gonna win this See that, I got these two crutches here which means I got a leg up on the competition What, why am I the red character, I’m always the purple character! Scrub Lord, I swear you give me that color right now Looks like I’m going to the SOTY Showdown Oh yeah (upbeat music) – What is this? I always wanted to go to the SOTY Showdown! Now I get to go, I’m so excited! My name is Taylor and I love playing soccer (upbeat music) If I win the grand prize, which I’m going to, I’m gonna get a year supply of ice cream

My strategy is to cause up some trouble in this house SOTY Showdown here I come (piano music) – What are you kidding, I’m gonna go to the SOTY Showdown! Whoa, it’s my dream to go on the show! You guys need to watch out, I’m coming to win this thing My name is Peyton and I love to sing and I love to play music and I’m super competitive (upbeat music) I like to consider myself artistic and athletic I’m like (indistinct) guys SOTY Showdown here I come (upbeat music) – The SOTY Showdown! This is awesome! I can’t believe that I’m gonna be in the SOTY Showdown! My name is Jordyn and I wanna be a hairstylist when I grow up (upbeat music) I like inventing new crazy hairstyles, the crazier, the better When I win the prize I’m going to start my own business My strategy is trying to be the most likable in the house So no one would want to vote me out (upbeat music) – What, I’m going to the SOTY Showdown, yes! So I’d like to tell you a little bit more about myself but I am too busy cleaning up after everybody else that makes a mess in my house (upbeat music) My name is Jamie and I am a mom of six kids If I win this grand prize, I am going to take that money and go on a vacation with just myself (upbeat music) My strategy is to act like I’m too old to play this game and then shock them all on finale night when I win the grand prize SOTY Showdown, here I come! (upbeat music) – What, I’m going baby, I love it! (engine revs) I’m Steve and I’m going to the SOTY Showdown I guess npw I’ll have to take some time away from my sweet baby and go win myself a big prize My strategy, win the comps, be the best of the social game it’s gonna be a cakewalk for someone like me SOTY Showdown here I come! (hollers) (engine revs) (upbeat music) – Blake, look at this! – I’ll grab it – We’re going to the SOTY Showdown And I am gonna win – [Narrator] Are you ready for the SOTY Showdown? 10 house guests, six weeks, only one winner with $100,000 at stake These house guests will compete each week to see who will control the house They’ll battle for their lives, as one of them will get sent home each week With so much at stake, there’s gonna be drama, lies, deception and a whole lot of fun House guests, are you ready to be cut off from the outside world? You may enter the house SOTY Showdown begins now (hollers) (hollers) – Whoa, they have a music room guys, look! – Two ply baby! – Bongo drums! – They have a pool! – Whoa, look at all this food, yes And it’s a secret one The pantry’s my favorite part of the SOTY Showdown, yes! (hollers) – What no escalator, it’s like they didn’t even care

– I guess they’d let anyone in here, this is gonna be too easy Get out of here (laughs) – Whoa swings, whoa! – This is our secret room – So do you think we should try to work together? – Obviously Wee! – Guys, you gotta come see downstairs! Awesome chess set! And a gigantic one too – Oh cool, there’s tac tic toe And I do an X and block – Oh sweet, I found my favorite room! – Whoa, this place is so cool, look at this! Whoa, I found the room I’m sleeping in! (alarm rings) – Come on, crippled man, hurry up! (upbeat music) (indistinct) – Whoa! (laughs) (indistinct) (upbeat music) Hi, house guests, my name is Barb and I’m gonna be your host of this season’s SOTY Showdown In just a few minutes you’re gonna have your first SOTY competition, when the winner will control the SOTY house (laughs) But be smart ’cause next week someone else is gonna in charge SOTY gear’s in the closet, let the best house guest win – Look at all these SOTY gear – Oh, what we got here? Okay, let’s do this – Oh my Gosh, I am nervous Why am I so nervous, my palms are sweating Oh my gosh, our first competition – Ooh, yeah, first competition What’s this? – Whoa – Interesting, this looks easy – Whoa, I’m so excited! – Welcome to the Tower of Doom challenge – Each house guest has two minutes to stack as many cups as possible – They must be stacked just like this By the end of two minutes, you must lock in your number by ringing the buzzer – Your two minutes starts once you hit the buzzer – I’m so pumped for this! – I’m going to rock this! – Go (clock ticks) I’m gonna grab as much as I can I was super nervous, going into it, I did not know what I was doing I felt like my hands were shaking the whole time I just didn’t feel focused and I really want to be focused on my first competition I kind of actually really wanted to win it – All right (clock ticks) Okay, one stack should start it off Oh boy, I’m pretty sure I won this competition I thought about throwing it because it was you know, the first one, but then I thought, big moves need to be made right out the gate How am I going to know if it’s two minutes? I’m just gonna build the size that I can, give it one good solid run and lock in my time (clock ticks) – Well, so looking at the challenge right off it seemed like a pretty easy, straightforward challenge (upbeat music) (clock ticks) – All right, here we go Finally, the first head of household challenge, I was so ready for this one My initial strategy was to build two different towers so that what if my main tower falls, I would at least had something to fall back on, so I didn’t have to end with zero That was my safety net just in case this one falls down, I’d at least have something (upbeat music)

(clock ticks) – So when I first came out to see the competition, I was like oh this is gonna be easy (clock ticks) – So this SOTY competition, I think it went very well – All right, I’m gonna take this nice and slow Get to a good amount and stay at that amount, wait, can I go like this? Gosh dang it. (laughs) Here we go Okay I have six – Two minutes, we have two minutes, calm down, two minutes Oh my gosh My hands are shaking I was able to stack tons of cups I got the, my tower was super high but then unfortunately no, no, no, no, no, no! it tipped over before I could lock in my score, so I had to start from scratch Hurry, I gotta hurry, I gotta hurry, I’m gonna run out of time – I’m gonna breathe too heavily and knock this whole thing down So I went into it and I’m was thinking, here we go I’m just gonna assert calm, easy, build a solid base Come on, come on, come on (upbeat music) How are we looking? Okay I have a little bit more time I think A little bit more time – I was counting in my head but now I forgot how much time I was at It’s moving (hollers) – Oh no, oh no So as I’m building it, I get all the way up to 11 I go to put that 12 point on and it starts to sway a little bit so I had to kinda hold on to it (upbeat music) So I got down from the ladder, and I knock down my first one, came down two towers I’m just like, (indistinct) And so now I had a very short time, I had to go back and try to build something and make something positive out of this round – When I stacked it up, I had a lot of time left but I didn’t know that And like I felt like it was gonna fall over so I just hurried up and pressed the ringer (indistinct) (buzzer rings) (hums) – I stacked nine cups Yeah. (laughs) (buzzer rings) I don’t know if anyone could have beat me in this – At the cup stacking competition, I felt like I did actually very good but I don’t think I got number one, which I am fine with because I don’t wanna make very many enemies right off the bat So my strategy is to do like really well in them so that people know that I’m sort of a threat but I’m not making any enemies yet And then wait– (laughs) Oh I’m getting excited (upbeat music) I’m just gonna stack, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot That was probably the most disappointed I felt in the whole competition It felt defeating because I felt like there was no way I could compete anymore Oh no, no, okay, do we give it one more? Do we do one more? I was worried that the time was going to run out, so I hurried and locked in my time I just (buzzer rings) feel like I blew it – That’s falling over one more, one more Go to where everyone else is gonna give up keep going I’m running out of time! One try, that’s all it took, 11 I probably could have scored 12th one in but I wanted to make sure (buzzer rings) I didn’t run out of time ‘Cause I went slow and steady, I didn’t want to do anything that would make it so that things would fall over and I’d have to re-build it ‘Cause that’s when you get in trouble when you’re stressed for time – I got to about 10 cups and then as I’m putting the 11th on, it was getting (hollers) so I decided to kick off the 11th, stick with 10, lock in my time, I said, “Screw it, I’m done.”

I’m done (buzzer rings) It’s moving too much I don’t know if I won but still pretty good – I had a short time, I built up to about eight, the ninth was a little square I was like, I am not gonna take another chance I’m gonna stick with eight I think eight is a solid number I don’t think too many people will get above eight, but I don’t know, it’s gonna be tough Lock it in (buzzer rings) That’s it, that’s it, that’s eight, that’s eight, we’re good – Oh my gosh that was such a hard competition The cups almost tipped over on me, like every single time but I was so nervous, ’cause I jumped off the table and I (indistinct) I touched the button, so that way it didn’t fall (buzzer rings) – It didn’t fall over though, it felt like I could have done more I’m not sure if I got the highest number of cups but I’m hoping I did because I would definitely not be safe if I didn’t win this competition I think these guys are trying to get me out of this house (upbeat music) (buzzer rings) – Hello SOTY Showdown house guests We have an official winner of the competition and they’ll be the SOTY boss for this week Let’s see how well you guys did All right, folks, Derek stacked 10 cups under two minutes – Good job – Are you kidding me? (laughs) – Next up Steve stacked 11 cups Oh, sorry Derek – Jamie stacked nine cups Jared came in at a whopping eight cups (claps) – Eight’s not bad – Respectable – [Barb] But before he hit the button, buzzer his stack fell over which means he got 0 points – No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no (laughs) No, it fell but then I– – A donut for your first competition – No, I built another one – That’s a donut for your first comp – That does not, God, I didn’t, no way – I love it – Jordyn tied with eight cups also Payton got nine cups Taylor also got nine cups And Stephen got 11 cups – Whoa! Oh so it’s a tie Blake got three cups and Parker got zero cups So the highest score was 11 with Steve and Stephen tying So it comes down to whoever did it faster Stephen rang it in one minute and 42 seconds And Steve completed his in one minute, 11 seconds So the SOTY boss of this week is Steve! – Dad won – So use your time wisely ’cause soon you’re gonna have to put up with two house guests for elimination Ta-ta – Oh, oh, oh baby! First comp win – He won – All right so I have like 15 minutes to decide two people to put on the block We’re gonna have to do a quick like one minute meetings in the theater room What do you think Payton? Who should I put on the block? – Well, if I were you I would put it on people that are gonna be hard to beat – Do you think I should go after people, do you think you’re easy to beat or hard to beat? – I’m easy, well if– – What do I get if I don’t put you on the block? – I won’t put you up for next week if I win – So if I don’t put you on the block this week, you promise me you won’t put me on the block next week – Hmm-mm – Okay, I’ll take it into consideration Hey, go tell a Derek to come in – Okay – What’s up dude, how’s it going? (laughs) So what do you think? I only have like a minute with you, what do you wanna do? – I don’t know – What’s your plan on this whole game? – Well my plan is just be a wild card the entire time Nobody knows, nobody really knows, but – So your plan is you’re coming in telling me your plan is to be a wild card – But what I’m saying is this wild card can be like in your back pocket, you know, you can play me as a wild card and I can really mess up some people – Who do you think, like, so in the end all that matters is like having the most numbers and getting to the finals, who should I put up, starting off early, should I start off with heavy hitters or do I start off easy? – You know if I’m gonna be completely honest, I’d go for like Payton maybe, she kind of scares me a little bit

(laughs) – She’s actually kind of good at these little competitions at SOTY – Exactly – But yeah, and you can never get a grasp on what she’s really trying to pull off – Yes, she’s the most threatening I feel, ’cause nothing, you never really know what’s going on inside her mind until she wins a competition – Or do I go easy and just like put Parker and Blake on the block and then everyone’s like, yeah whatever – That’s also a good idea – I don’t know, I’m trying to think of what I should do – All I know is you shouldn’t put me up That’s what I’d do now – (laughs) We shall see – All right – All right So how many cups did you end up with in that competition? – I don’t even know a lot (laughs) You know, I’m loyal, I’ll stick with you Are we going to the end with this thing, are we gonna be the last two remaining? – I mean, if you win, I win, I feel like – Okay, so here’s the thing, I would go after Jared I would put him up and just get rid of him – Oh my gosh – He’s a tough competitor – But if I put him up and then he gets himself off, ’cause he’s gonna be good at competitions – Okay – And then he’s targeting me – That’s true But then you could maybe– – I’m kinda thinking I don’t want to get like too dirty in this Like I wanna do something simple clean, easy – We can maybe use him, maybe go after the little ones Just get rid of Parker and Blake – Parker and Blake and no one’s upset except for Parker but she’s not gonna beat me in a competition – Yeah, maybe we just have to do, oh my gosh, everyone’s gonna hate us but maybe we just get rid of Parker and Blake – It’s the bad guy move but it makes everyone happy – Okay, maybe that’s what you do in this first week and then we go after Jared later – Or if we get some kind of really good opportunity – Okay, so you’re not gonna put me up, I’m staying here? – We’re the final two – Final two We’re staying here till the end – We’re staying till the end Are you really though? – I am (laughs) – That really sounds so serious – All right, let’s do it – Nice job with the competition – I know – We’re tied – Yeah, I was trying to go high, but not the highest – Oh really? I didn’t think I was like killing it either – I know, I didn’t think 11 was that many cups but – Who would you have put up if you were up in here? – Who would I put up? I think I would put up Taylor and Payton because they’re the most competitive or Taylor and Jared probably they’re the most competitive out of our little group here, so – Okay, so you would have been swinging heavy? – Yeah, I would try to get the more challenging ones Like the more problematic ones – I don’t really see like us having any problems, so I’m like, I’m just gonna kinda of – Yeah, ’cause I’m kinda just flowing through it, I’m not going crazy or anything – As long as we’re kinda on the same page, I fell pretty good about that What’s going on shorty? – Not much – So, what are you thinking, we got like one minute – Okay – Why should I not put you on the block? – Because I won’t put you on the block – Oh really? – Yeah – You sure you won’t come after me because I’m a boy? – Yeah – Okay Just checking Do you have have anybody, people you’re thinking you’re gonna work with? – No, just you – Interesting – What’s up Tot? So, this is it, we’re in the big game (laughs) I’ve gotta tell you something really quick that I think you should know, just so in the future you know I’ve had more than one person think I should put you on the block, to kick you out – Why? – I’m not gonna say names but they think that, I don’t think that but other people do, okay So know that in your head, you have to play strong, but know what, I don’t think that, I’m not putting you up Don’t tell anybody, don’t tell anybody, okay – Okay – But so we’ll keep like a little secret but I’ve had at least three people say your name – Why, though – I know that’s not cool – Do they think I was mean? – No, it wasn’t because of that, they thought one specific reason was they thought you were really competitive – Okay – But keep your eyes and ears, pay attention ’cause people might try to trick you but they’re trying to get you out You can do this, I’m not doing it Blake are you scared of me putting you on the block? – No – Do you think I’m gonna put you, do you want me to get you out of the game? – No – Do you wanna stay in the game? – Yeah – Okay, I don’t know who I’m gonna put up – Please – Oh You’re too sweet (whines) You did good on the cups – No I didn’t – You forgot to hit the buzzer huh? Excuse me, so I have to put two people to see who goes out of the house, who do you think I should put? – Blake – Blake

What about you? Why not? – ‘Cause – ‘Cause why? – I want Jordyn to get out – You think Jordyn and Blake Why do you want Jordyn out? – Because I don’t want Blake out – Ah, but you don’t wanna go up I haven’t decided yet, we’ll have to see okay All right I’m the SOTY boss That means I am safe this week no matter what, can’t get kicked out of the house And I gotta choose two people to get kicked out Good news is I have won the competition that’s only good for like that final see who did the best in the game vote but I gotta put two people out, I’m trying to decide if I go easy, if I go heavy or maybe I’ll try to trick somebody who’s a good player and see if I can get them out when they’re not looking I’m thinking about starting off putting up just like two simple people and then trying to go after a bigger person once somebody pulls themself down We’ll see, it’s gonna be complicated I think I can do this though, I’m kinda excited about being the first winner in the SOTY Showdown, boom SOTY house guests, it’s time for the nomination ceremony (sighs) All right, guys, seriously I want everyone to know this is not personal, but I am trying to win this game, so that’s what all my decisions are for So, the first house guest I nominate is Blake – Blake – Blake, you’re just too dang cute and I don’t think I can beat you Blake, oh no – Sorry Blake but that’s not as hard as the second nomination But I came to this game to make big moves – No – It had to be done – Wow, okay, betrayal right off the bat (hollers) I don’t feel safe here anymore (hollers) – This nomination ceremony is officially adjourned Sorry man – Don’t touch me – It’s okay, it’s okay – Blake I’m sorry Sorry Blake – Oh I’m sorry (upbeat music) – I’m mad, that’s not nice, I don’t wanna go out – I’m just, I don’t even know what to think right now I didn’t think I was gonna be in this position, like first challenge, and first voting, I’m on the block Like, I just didn’t think I was gonna be in this position And I thought Steve was true to his word I thought really what he talked to me, that it was gonna be serious and he was gonna stay true to it, but it’s just, this game brings out people’s true colors – All right, well I got like one minute, so the real question is are we teaming up and knocking everyone out as fast as we can or are we going out for each other? – I think we’re both the strongest in the house so – Clearly – I think we need to team up and knock everyone out solid – Just destroy competitions and knock them up, final two then we battle out for the winner – We can battle at the end but at the beginning we gotta make it to the end first We gotta team up here – Final two – Okay Really the only thing I can do now is try to win this last chance challenge because I mean, I think if I don’t win it, I don’t think anyone’s gonna take me off because they see me as a threat and so really my only chance is to win this last chance so I can pull this off me and put on someone else But other than that, I might be going home this week – Steve did exactly what I told him to do. (hollers) This is gonna be a good week guys, good week – Nominations, actually not as hard as I thought it was gonna be I liked that I went into it and I was like, okay, I’m gonna do something that’s gonna hurt someone’s feelings but it felt kinda good Go big or go home I’m here to win $100,000 – Mind, (sighs) I’m so glad it’s not me – So how are you feeling? – I don’t know, I just, I didn’t think he was gonna treat me like that – I mean, getting put up for elimination the very first week is brutal but you still have this competition, this last chance competition and I don’t know, you can win and take yourself off – Yeah, but like, to go far in this competition

I need friends – I’m your friend I’m your friend – How you guys doing? – Good – I’m not hungry, I’m just gonna go (indistinct) Are you coming with me Jamie or are you just– – Yeah, yeah, I’ll go with you too Yeah – What are you gonna do if you get picked for this competition with your leg? – You know I don’t know – Like what are you gonna do? – But if I do picked, I’m gonna have to come up with something, because I don’t wanna get voted out – I don’t know man – Blakey, I hope you don’t have to go home – If I win, I will take off the necklace – Me too – Do you guys, are you guys gonna keep me in? – Yeah – So should we be a team? – Sure – So if any of us win, we have to take Blake off the block – It’ll be a secret too, so don’t tell anybody – Okay – So what should our team name be? All right, Three Amigos – I like that Put your hand in – Three Amigos! – Three Amigos! – Three Amigos! (laughs) – We’re gonna win! (alarm rings) – Hey come on! – Come on! – Three Amigos, that’s not a bad alliance name I don’t like that I’m not one of the amigos, though It’s gonna make me reconsider because I was thinking Jared of my target but, maybe I need to go after Blake (alarm rings) (laughs) – Hello house guests Are you guys ready for the last chance challenge? Where six house guests will compete for the power to change or keep the nominations the same The SOTY boss and the two nominations will compete no matter what And they each will draw a random house guest Let’s see who wins the last chance challenge Once the players are chosen, head on outside Good luck SOTY house guests – All right, we’re already gonna be competing so now it’s time for me to draw the next person to compete Stephen – Whoa – All right Blake you pick one Blake chose Payton – Oh! – [Steve] Oh my goodness – The last contestant is Derek (laughs) – [Parker] Stop laughing at my uncle! – I hope it’s a physical competition All right house guests, head outside (hollers) Oh come on Derek, come on, come on Derek – SOTY guests welcome to the slip and leave SOTY challenge In this last chance challenge each competitor must take their red cup and fill them up in this black bucket The first person to fill up their jug and get the ping pong ball out wins May the best house guest win (upbeat music) On your mark, get set go! (hollers) Blake hasn’t joined yet – Water I don’t like this game! If I wanted to stay in I knew I’ve got to win this If I win this thing I have complete control of the house this week, it’d be perfect Yes baby! – Come on Blake! – It’s slippery, why are you pushing me? (hollers) – Get out of the way – I lost a cup – All ready lost a cup Slow back – I wanna win this competition I actually didn’t wanna win it

because I kinda wanna stay low profile Then I started doing really well and I was in first place – I can’t get up without you! – Hey yours is about to tip over! – Running on that thing was crazy I was just sliding everywhere It was hard to get up the hill Maybe that’s because of a little extra weight that I’m carrying right now but it was not a cake walk – On my weigh down! – What’s wrong with (indistinct)! – I’m so close, it’s almost out! (screams) – I can feel it, I can feel it! I mean, I was going so fast, I was getting the double cups, I was making sure that all the water went in there and I got all the water possible I was able to see Stephen and Steve next to me and I was beating them So I had this in the bag until Derek got hurt Hey he’s actually hurt Pause, pause (hollers) – Oh my leg, oh my leg – Pause come on He’s hurt I think he’s really hurt – I think we need an ambulance – You okay? – Come here, let’s get him off, let’s get him up At least get him off (indistinct) – It’s your knee? – My knee – The bad one or the other one? – My bad one – Here let me see, let me see – Roll over – Whip it around, let me see – Oh – That’s messed up – Oh – I don’t know if we should carry him or we should get like an ambulance here – What do you want Derek? – I don’t know – So, yeah that whole Derek thing, I feel bad and all but he keeping him in this competition for longer actually may be a benefit for me because that guy is not winning anything – The crank update, Derek has chosen to forfeit this challenge – It wasn’t really a choice If I’m gonna be completely honest, I shouldn’t even have been in this competition The whole crew in SOTY Showdown have no respect or boundaries for anybody with an injury They just throw you willy nilly in competitions and do you know what happens, somebody gets hurt You know what there’s a lawsuit coming your way – By the looks of things it looks like Jared, Steve and Payton are tied for first place Stephen’s in a close second and Blake, she’s nowhere’s to be found – I saw my competitors and I was like, yeah, I can beat them I’m actually thrilled without winning anything – On your mark, get set, go! (hollers) – Out of my way! – Hey, get out of my way! (laughs) (indistinct) – Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, I can’t reach it Hey I got another one That final slide, I just fell right down, I was moments away from winning, cups, water everywhere I think this was exactly what I needed to get that ball out and the victory would have been mine, so close – I got mine! I got mine! (hollers) – I don’t know the words to describe it Disappointed I guess, I just thought I was gonna do better I just, oh man, I did everything I could, I don’t know what else to do – I won the last chance challenge! – Good job Payton! – Good job Well deserved, that was a tough one Derek was better – What was you thinking? – I can’t believe Derek got hurt, I feel bad for him and he really, I thought like he broke his leg Things are just crazy in this house – Since I was the winner of the last chance competition, I could choose to leave the nominations the same or save somebody If I save somebody the SOTY boss gets to pick a new person (sighs) And I choose to save Blake Blakey (dramatic music) – Thank you Payton Since I chose to save Blake, it’s up to you

to choose a new house guest – I am not looking forward to this Since Payton won, she cannot be chosen (sighs) I nominate Parker – You’re just trying to make me get out of the dumb game (growls) (laughs) If I do good, would you all eliminate me? – Nope – Nope – No, my target’s Jared, he’s always been my target – I would say we definitely have three votes to stay for us – So I can count on you three? – Yep – Yes – I don’t think so – You’re safe with us – Maybe we should do all girl alliance – We’re keep all the girls safe at first – I already saved Blake – I have the best name for our team, Just Four Girls – Yeah, that’s cool, I love it, because there’s four of us – But we have to keep it a secret – You guys know how you guys are voting yet? – Honestly I really don’t know how I’m gonna vote yet – What about you Derek, what are you thinking? – I don’t know, man, Steve, he’s like the head honcho right now I don’t want him to get upset and eat me – But he’s already like betrayed so if you had an alliance with him, he’ll betray you as well I feel like you two are kinda like together as a team and if I can get you guys’ votes, I can just scramble together a couple other ones and I can stick around and we can make this alliance even better – I mean, you’ve got a good point but we’ll think about it, we’ll think about it – You guys stick together – All right, house guests, it’s time for the elimination ceremony All right, I won’t be voting unless there’s a tie, you each have a couple seconds to tell everyone why you think you should stay in the house Parker, ladies first – Please keep me in the house I don’t wanna leave – ‘Cause I’m the most loyal person here, I’ll be your best friend, I will never vote you and I’ll never win the SOTY boss challenge because I’m not gonna vote any of you guys out Just keep me in please – [Steve] Taylor – My vote for someone to leave the house is Jared – [Steve] Jordyn – My vote to leave the house is Parker (screams) – [Steve] Stephen – I think Jared shall leave the house – My vote is to send Jared out of the house – This is easiest choice of my life I choose Parker to go home – With the final vote four to two, Jared, you must leave the SOTY Showdown house You are eliminated – You betrayed me I’ll see you on next season – It was nothing personal You’re done for – Bye-bye Jared – No get, no you guys, no, you guys are bugging me – I’m sorry, I tried – Jared, Jared – No get away from me – Jared, I just– – No – Jared, you’re just – Next season, next season the biggest competition we’re in there I’m sorry – I’m not believing anything any of these guys are saying – Jared – Peace out (dramatic music) You started this and it’s not the last time you’re gonna see of me I’m coming back (upbeat music) – Taylor thank you for voting me to stay – Oh no problem, now that we’re part of the alliance – Just Four Girls to the end – Parker, I’m gonna talk to Jordyn to see why she split from us and see what’s on her mind – All I know that she betrayed me – So Stephen what are we gonna do for this next upcoming challenge? – What’s up boys? – What are you doing in here? – Are you guys happy I just knocked the big dog out of the house? – I know I’m kinda happy (laughs) – See don’t get me wrong, I only voted Parker off because I like to see her reaction – There was no offense taken, I knew that there was no chance Jared was staying We had to get him out – Yeah – Yeah – So the problem is that only leaves three boys left in the house – Yeah, we gotta eliminate some of the girls – We’re outnumbered but now it’s time to – I’m thinking step up the game Jordyn might be voted out by all the girls because after she broke– – She did try to turn on her own alliance – Yeah – And I know that there’s this little three person alliance with the girls – Oh yeah, definitely

– That’s now– – Probably against Jordyn – Yeah, probably not happy about happy about the Parker leaving the house – Yeah, because all three girls voted for Jared except for Jordyn – Yeah – So I, yeah – So we just need to like, not make it super obvious but we gotta pick off a girl this week – Yeah we need to – So – If I’m gonna be completely honest, I think Taylor’s like the ring leader right now with those little girls – She would be a big one to get out – Yeah – And I think she’s the one to go for – Yeah – That was kinda awkward I mean, me and Derek already had like a little thing and I’m glad Steve came in and like had the same idea to get one of the girls out but I’m thinking I’m gonna try to stay more with just Derek so that it’ll just be the last two of us at the end – I mean, really any of them ’cause it’s a numbers game right now – Yeah – Yeah – Alright, so – But if we can– – You two I can’t compete for the SOTY boss challenge so it’s gotta be one of you guys You gotta step it up, you have to win this one – We got this – This is like life or death ‘Cause if one of the girls wins one of us goes home – Yeah, that’s true, they’re gonna vote two of us out – Yeah – And it will not be Stephen – We gotta step up and we gotta get it – Do this – Do you guys have any idea what this next challenge might be? – I have no idea but it’s probably gonna be a mental one ’cause the last one we were running around, but then you gotta use your noggin so Derek’s gonna have to win this one (laughs) – Oh I don’t think so, Stephen’s the closest within school, I haven’t been in school in I don’t know how long I know the timing was a little bit suspicious on Steve’s part, his acting kinda sucks but I think for now I can trust Steve I mean, we both wanna vote out one of the girls and I think it’s gotta be Taylor She’s a top dog but me and Stephen from the very beginning kinda had this mutual thing going on I looked at him, he looked at me, kinda just knew we were in an alliance – You can’t go on this side of this – Yeah you can – Hey – Hey – Hey – Is our alliance cool? – Yeah – Yeah – Just Four Girls? – Yeah – Yeah – Well then Jordyn, why did you vote Parker to leave? She’s one of us, we’re supposed to be a team – I knew that Jared was going home no matter what, ’cause I was hearing a lot of people saying that they were gonna vote Jared out and I didn’t wanna ruin our alliance I didn’t wanna give away our secret group Since I voted for her, they don’t know that we’re working together – That makes sense but I gotta talk to Parker, she’s really upset – Wait, let’s all go talk to her – Okay So I don’t get Jordyn’s logic and don’t really buy it so if I become SOTY boss next, I might be voting her out – So how are things going? – Good I actually, so I had a little thing going with the boys, so that they think that we’re solid I believe – I haven’t broken into the girls yet, I think they’re ready to fall apart (laughs) They seem to be like at each other I don’t know why Jordyn voted to get rid of Parker – Yeah, what was that so I’m a little confused all about? – I’m still trying to infiltrate the girls but they’re tough But if you got into the boys – I fell pretty good about the boys’ situation, I didn’t walk in on them like them having a conversation but I think they seemed fine with me walking in and we just started talking but – So final two still with us – Still yeah – We’re go till the end – Well we’re not gonna work together except for these kind of things – Okay – No one can know – No one can know that we’re working together – What’d I tell you, I told you I wasn’t going after you, right? – Right – Do you trust me now? – Yeah – Are you working with the girls a little bit? – A little bit but then Jordyn betrayed it So I don’t know – We gotta keep an eye out on those girls and you need to pretend to work with them Make them think that you’re on their team but really who’s team on you on? – Yours – Me and you All the way, okay – Yeah, are you gonna betray me like you betrayed Jared? – No, I told you from the beginning what the deal was right? I had to tell Jared that because he’s a big competitor, right? Do you wanna compete against Jared in all the competitions? – No – We had to make a big move so we could have that chance Remember did I give you inside information last time? Do you want more? Remember I gave you inside information and told you people were trying to get, need to put you on the block – Yeah – They are still out there and you’re still a target this week so you need to try to win this challenge for the SOTY boss okay? – Okay – You win this thing and then you control who goes home – Do you know the challenge? – I don’t, we’re gonna

find out here soon I think Okay I’m gonna go so no one sees us together okay – Okay – Parker, I still wanna be in our Just Four Girls group I didn’t actually wanted to kick you out of the game – Well why did you vote me out, why did you vote me to go? – Well, I didn’t want people to know that we’re in a group, I just wanted to keep it a secret But now I’ll always vote to keep everyone in our group Lookey Jordyn we could call it Just Five Girls – Yeah, yeah – High five – Give me high five – No, I give (indistinct) – Give me hug – No – I have a feeling that our Just Five Girls is gonna fall apart before it even starts I don’t trust Jordyn really Don’t tell her – So I’m kinda lied, I’m gonna vote anyone out that stands in my way Even if they’re in my alliance (alarm rings) (upbeat music) – I tried vaulting over then I saw Parker so I just stopped – Hello SOTY Showdown house guests Are you ready for another SOTY boss competition? We’re gonna see how good your memory is Whoever wins the competition gets the power over the house And will have the difficult choice of picking two nominees for elimination Who’s ready to play Thumbnailed It? Head on over to the theater room Good luck house guests – Oh my goodness, I am super psyched for this competition This is totally down my alley, like memorizing things and visual, like I am just good at these types of things I’m not sure about the physical challenges but this type of stuff, I got this, this is gonna be my first win, I know it – You guys all ready for Thumbnailed It? (hollers) Because I was the last SOTY boss, I’m unable to play in this competition Thumbnailed It, a thumbnail is gonna appear on the theater screen for five seconds at a time You have to analyze it and memorize it because you will be asked a question about that thumbnail The last house guest left wins the SOTY boss competition Each house guest has a blue block for yes and a red block for no (upbeat music) Take a good look at the first thumbnail (upbeat music) Was the color of Jamie’s dress blue? Lock in your vote Parker lock in your vote Blake lock in your vote Blake and Payton and Jordyn you are eliminated (buzzer rings) – What, wait – No – [Steve] Take a good look at this thumbnail Was Stephen’s left hand holding on to the bed? Stephen lock in your vote Parker lock in your vote Stephen’s left hand was not holding onto the bed Stephen you are eliminated (hollers) – I thought it was my left hand because my side of my face was closer to the camera – You disgust me – Gosh dang it (hollers) – Well, the majority of the time I had no idea what I was guessing – [Steve] Thumbnail number three In that thumbnail was Taylor’s mouth opened? – Oh no – Shoot. (laughs) – [Steve] Lock in your votes Lock in your votes Taylor’s mouth was shut, Taylor you are eliminated – Yes! – Why! (hollers) – I don’t know! – [Steve] Check out this thumbnail from Christmas time Was Jordyn folding her arms?

– Oh no – [Steve] Derek lock in your vote Jordyn was not folding in her arms, everyone is safe – Oh my gosh That was the hardest picture in the world – So stressed, I’m answering question after question and I’m getting them right but so is Derek and Parker, I’m like how in the world is Parker getting all of these right? It’s insane but I finally got down to the last three and was feeling really, really good about my situation – [Steve] Check out this exciting thumbnail Were there 20 stars visible on Jordyn’s pants? (upbeat music) There were 20 stars visible on Jordyn’s pants, (buzzer rings) Parker you are eliminated (hollers) – I can’t believe I got down to the last three but then I got on a hard question and lost – [Steve] Look at this adorable thumbnail Were there two green presents in the background of this picture? – Ah shoot – [Steve] Lock in your answers – Shiitake mushrooms (upbeat music) Seven layer dip – [Steve] Jared lock in your answer There was one green present in the background, neither of you are eliminated (hollers) (upbeat music) – [Steve] In this doll maker thumbnail – It’s terrifying – Was Payton wearing black shoes? – Were her shoes even in the camera? (laughs) I was too busy seeing the giant doll face – [Steve] Lock in your votes – Oh know – Payton was wearing pink shoes in this thumbnail, you’re both safe – Dang it! – [Steve] Check out this thumbnail (laughs) Were there four villains in this thumbnail? Lock in your votes – Can I pause here, did you see how ugly my face was in that, what was wrong with my face, with the lava on it There’s something wrong here – [Steve] Lock in your vote (upbeat music) There were four villains in this thumbnail you are both safe – Jamie, pick the wrong answer! (upbeat music) – [Steve] Take a look at this thumbnail Was Stephen wearing a gray hat (laughs) – I don’t know – [Steve] Lock in your answers please Derek your answer please (hollers) Stephen was not wearing a hat in this thumbnail you are both safe (hollers) Check out this exciting thumbnail Was Taylor wearing a white undershirt? – Look at me Jamie, embrace my eyes, because it’s the real answer – [Steve] Taylor was wearing a gray undershirt Derek you have won the SOTY Showdown, – Yes! SOTY boss competition (girl screams) – I’m the boss! I spat all up in her grill – [Steve] His knee healed quickly – I blew it, I blew the competition that was meant for me I may never get another competition that’s perfect for me to win SOTY boss and I just feel like a failure

Maybe they should send me home, maybe I should be done, I just, I can’t believe I lost it It’s so stressful being in this house, guys, you don’t understand, it’s so stressful – I think on every one of the thumbnails I got pretty distracted, like the doll maker one for instance, I was just too busy trying to figure out why there was an M&M bottle and not like an M&M box or bag And then he throws in like a shoe question I just guessed, I got it right, went down to the last two, and I obliterated Jamie She didn’t stand a chance and I’m the boss (hollers) I’m the new SOTY boss You’re going on the block for that – Oh boy (upbeat music) – Previously on SOTY Showdown, nine house guests now remain in this SOTY house With a shocking elimination, Jared becomes the first house guests to be eliminated from the SOTY Showdown leaving the remaining house guests to battle to see who will be the next SOTY boss Jamie, Derek and Parker were the final three in the competition of the Thumbnailed it challenge to see who would be the next SOTY boss and in the final round of the challenge, Derek emerged victorious With a new person in power will drama ensue? Will alliances be broken? Who will be nominated to be eliminated this week? Welcome back to the SOTY Showdown (cries) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – So nominations last night was a lot of fun I enjoyed every second of it but now I gotta come back to reality It’s time to tell Parker that she’s been nominated – Yeah, so that’s not gonna go well – I wanna be a fly on the wall so bad, when Derek tells her Parker that he nominated her So Parker, I think Derek needs to talk to you – About what? – I’ll just let him tell you – Hi Parker? – Hi – How are you feeling? – Good – You feeling better? – Yeah – That’s good So because you were too sick too come to the nominations you know, I’m just gonna tell you something now, okay? I have a present for you Do you want your present? I can see that you have a cool necklace here but I have a cooler necklace for you I’ve nominated you and Jordyn Look how pretty that necklace is Steven, let’s go, go now! (hollers) (growls) – [Stephen] Help me! (hollers) (growls) – He did this to me while I was sick I’m getting angry, he’s so mean and ridiculous (growls) (laughs) – Hi SOTY Showdown viewers I interrupt this episode for an important message We need your help Choose your favorite house guest, go to the Shot of the Yeager’s Instagram to vote And make sure you follow them and comment on the SOTY Showdown post and pick your favorite player The winning house guests will receive a prize on finale night

So go vote now and follow them – All right Parker, let’s make these cookies so that you can give it to the boys and they will vote the other person out so that you could stay in the game – Okay – After tasting these, I bet Jordyn’s going home – Payton, can we chat real quick? – Yeah, sure – I feel like everyone in this house isn’t on my side and they’re trying to get me – I actually think a lot of the girls are having a hard time trusting you – Well, I was just asking if you get picked to get on the competition, if you’d be on my side – No, if I get picked to do the last chance competition, I’ll just have to think about it – All right, that’s what I wanted to ask, just wanted to work with you in this game – So Steve – What’s up? – I have something to tell you I got some information I’d like to pass on – Okay, so you’re sharing information I like that – There’s a secret in the house There’s a secret door with a secret combination, – A secret door How do you know about the secret? – I just found it – You found the secret door – Well, I’ve found – What’s in it? the code, I don’t know the code – I thought you said you had the secret combination – I never said anything about secret combinations I don’t know the code to it, but if you go downstairs and on that white bookshelf, there’s a key pad and I don’t know the code but I think there’s a secret room in there – Interesting, really interesting – I don’t know how to get in We’ll have to listen around – Yeah I gotta pay attention and find some clues – Find, who all knows about this? – Me, you and Stephen and Jamie – So I’m the last one you told? – So far See ’cause I wanted you to listen around more ’cause now that you know, it’s all you’re going to be thinking about now I just wanted you to be focusing on like you know the challenges – Let’s figure out this combination – Secret room, interesting Hey girls, wait, wait, shut the door, shut the door Guess what – What? – Do you guys want a secret? – Sure yeah Okay, I want you to remember I’m telling you this secret I’ve heard there’s a secret room somewhere in this house – A secret room – A secret room I don’t know what’s in it I don’t know how to get into it, but it has to be a secret just between us okay, and other people know, but only a couple I don’t know who all knows, but I know that they didn’t tell you I’m telling you guys – Okay – Okay – Hey, let’s get out of here before they’re thinking we’re together When we get out of here, I wanna play some Call of Duty – I know we gotta play the new one when it comes out – That’d be fun – When’s the new one coming out? I think it’s like, I know the beta comes in like October like eighth or something – Guys I made cookies – What, why? – She wants you guys, if you win the competition to take her off the block – Oh, interesting tactic I’ll take a cookie I’m not promising you anything yet though – I want a cookie too – Thank you, Parker, good idea – I hope my plan really worked, I don’t wanna get sent home – I see Parker walking around campaigning but I just don’t want to I’m pretty sure I’m gonna win this last chance competition so it doesn’t matter (alarm rings) – Do it guys – Hello SOTY Showdown house guests Are you ready for another last chance competition with two nominees have a chance to save themselves The SOTY boss with two nominees and three other house guests could get to play in this competition Whoever wins has the power to shake up the house Who’s ready to play ninja pong? First, make your selections and then head on outside Good luck SOTY house guests – Because I am the SOTY boss, I automatically play it in this competition and so does my two nominees I will make the first random selection Jamie – Oh! – Welcome – My first pick is Steve – Oh!

(hollers) – My random pick is Stephen – Oh (claps) (hollers) – Game time – Let’s head outside I haven’t got to play in any last chance competitions and I really want to ’cause I (indistinct) more nominating challenges, I’ve only done two, which are the boss ones I really wanted to win and take Parker off the block – Yeah, I’m just you know mad because I didn’t get chosen I really wanted to play this game (upbeat music) – Today we are playing ninja pong using these Ninja Kids squish balls that you can find at stores now Each house guests throws their three Ninja Kids squish balls and whoever gets the highest points wins One, two, three, four, and five points will be awarded and the loser will have to select a box Two house guests will play at a time May the best house guest win At random draw, Stephen and Jamie were chosen to compete first (hollers) – You’re going down Jamie – Come on do this, do this, do this (buzzer rings) – I’m going for Ninja kid first (buzzer rings) – Go Mom, go Mom! – Stephen! – All righty – Come on Mom (buzzer rings) – You got it like halfway and stopped – Make me proud – Boo (buzzer rings) – Last one – Go Stephen (buzzer rings) (buzzer rings) (hollers) – Let’s go! – Stephen got one point, Jamie got zero points Stephen, you get to move on, Jamie choose a box – All right I was chosen first to compete and tanked What are these people in the house gonna think of me? I’m definitely not a competitor right now I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing I mean, could I win this competition, this entire competition with never winning anything? I feel like a $100,000 is just slipping through my fingers and I’m the only one to blame – All right, guys, looks like I got the hour glass grand prize which means I have the power to remove one of the nominees from the chopping block And I can’t be put up as a replacement nominee – But there is a catch The next loser can choose to keep their prize or take Jamie’s – Since I won, I get to choose the next two people to compete I choose Steve and Jordyn – All right, I go first (buzzer rings) – Oh (buzzer rings) – Boom! Two points baby! – All right, Jordyn, it’s your throw Steve’s ahead of you by two (buzzer rings) – No! – I’m going for the win Oh! (buzzer rings) – It’s my last throw, be my only hope to win (buzzer rings) – Yes, I win! – Yes, I win – Steve beat Jordyn by one point, (buzzer rings) so Jordyn you must pick a box – I’m picking green Oh, whoa, 100 bucks! – Oh my gosh – Hey Jordyn, now you could keep this $100 or you could trade for the hourglass – I’m going to take the hourglass Can’t take myself off of the block with $100 – All right, since I won, I get to pick the next two competitors I choose Derek and Stephen – Oh Stephen, you’re going down – Sure about that? Here we go (buzzer rings) Two points! That was a lucky bounce – [Girl] You got this Derek

(buzzer rings) (hollers) (buzzer rings) – That was way too much power – I’m down by two I gotta get a good one (buzzer rings) Oh! Wow (buzzer rings) – It’s just connected with the other one – Okay I need at least two points or otherwise I’m eliminated (hollers) (buzzer rings) After a few rounds I started to get the hang of it I found the right way to throw those squishy balls and you know, I did pretty good All right I got three points that means Stephen is eliminated Choose your box – I choose this box So Jamie was really easy to beat but sadly I kinda lost the second one I got two mystery, giant Ninja balls These are awesome Now I need to decide if I wanna keep these or swap it out I think I’m gonna swap it for the $100 – All right, awesome, these are mine now! – I’m all about the Benjamins baby I feel like I’m the overall winner of this whole challenge because Derek (indistinct) and I got a hundred dollars So I’m fine – I opened it up so you guys could see all of the mystery prizes that are inside of it – Well, the only two people left are Parker and Steve let’s see who wins (buzzer rings) – I got this – Go Parker! (buzzer rings) – Oh! Let’s do this Ninja Kid (buzzer rings) Boom! – Ooh – Three points baby! – Parker, you need to get points Do this (buzzer rings) – Oh my you almost got five points, Parker – Sorry Parker, I have to go for the win (buzzer rings) (buzzer rings) – Oh! – Steve won with four points (buzzer rings) – The one I felt the most guilty amount was taking Parker down but I didn’t get to choose who I played against I just had to take her out And when I finally won, oh, it felt so good – [Derek] Parker, you must choose your box – What is this stuff? I got mystery mini balls (indistinct) Because they’re my favorite I wanna pick the Ninja balls too but I wanna stay in the game I don’t know what to do, I’m just gonna take it – No, now I’m not safe – Looks like Steve and I are the last ones to go – I knew from the get go I had the gun because I am really like I’m working with Derek I don’t trust Derek so I feel like a target I knew I had to go for the win (buzzer rings) – Oh – Ooh, four points – Okay (buzzer rings) Oh! – All right let’s do this more points (buzzer rings) Oh so close! – Here we go (buzzer rings) Oh okay Right now, Steve has four points and I only have three – I need points, I need points (buzzer rings) – Oh! – It’s still points, it’s still a point – Come on Derek! – Just a small one, go small Derek (buzzer rings) – Yes, victory! – All right, I lost, I’m gonna choose a box I choose the red one Whew! – What is it? – I think it’s a Ninja Morph suit (laughs) So I can keep this and wear it for 24 hours or I can trade it with somebody So many choices (upbeat music) What to do This is looking a little small See, who would fit in it perfectly? Let me see, Stephen, Jamie, Parker I think I’m gonna trade with Parker – I don’t think she realizes what she’s losing here though – Bye-bye – Thank you – I got the worst present to me ’cause I have this ugly thing that is super ugly It doesn’t even fit me I have to wear it for 24 hours – All right, what am I getting, money! One dollar – [Stephen] Ooh, one dollar’s a lot it’s more than I got

– All right, Steve, you have a choice, you can keep your one whole dollar or you can trade with someone else – This is a hard decision because I want the $100 but safety for the week sounds amazing I’m gonna trade with Derek – Yes, yes, I was honestly super surprised, I, 100% had thought I was gonna lose this – I’ve got the hour blast power – Yeah when it came time for a trading, I had a hard choice ahead of me It was really between that $100 or getting the hourglass But I think I chose right and in the end I got a whole dollar Now I just got to go find a vending machine – You guys are friends at Ninja Kids came up with these really awesome toys You can go get them at the stores, you guys should really go check them out – Who wins all the competitions in this house, this guy Should I shake some things up? All right, Jordyn, I’ve gotta make a decision Do I use my power or do I just leave you guys the same? We haven’t really talked much since this game began so – I think you should use your power on me – Why? – Because we have a team remember? – We do? – Yeah – I don’t remember I remember hearing about another team that I’m not involved in, the Three Amigos – The Three Amigos, what? – I just thought I heard a rumor that there’s Three Amigos on a team was that you? – No – So you think me and you are on a team? Who else is on our team? – Just us – Just us So you’re on the block I have all the power to take someone off What should I do? – Jordyn – You want me to save Jordyn? – No take off her – Leave her on – No – Okay, taking, if I take off her necklace, she’s safe You want me to take off your necklace? – No, I, yeah, take off, just make Jordyn lose the game and go back home – You want Jordyn to go home – Yeah – Why should I play with, are we on the same team or whose team are you on? I heard that you’re on a special team called the Three Amigos – What are the Three Amigos? – What are the Three Amigos, you tell me what the Three Amigos are – I don’t know – So you promise me you’re not in an alliance with other people You’re not in a team with somebody else – I’m not talking it – Oh my goodness gracious I feel like you might be on another team – I’m not – All right, well I’ll think about whether I should use this power or not with you, okay? – I’m on another team – You’re on another team with who? – Dad – With Dad? – Like you – Sounds suspicious After meeting with these two, I’m even more confused than before I thought for sure Jordyn was in that alliance, but now I’m remembering, I don’t think it was I think it might’ve been Taylor, Payton and Parker or was it Blake? Maybe I got it both wrong I’m just so confused, I don’t know what’s going on I don’t know who’s with who anymore Parker gave me some weird vibes Jordyn couldn’t really commit to anything I don’t know what to do with this power Since I was the winner of the last chance competition and I have the hourglass, it’s time for me– (hollers) Oh she tricked us I get to choose to leave the nominations the same or take somebody off the block I have decided not to use my power – What? – That means the nominations are gonna remain the same (upbeat music) – You know I’m really enjoying being the SOTY boss Everybody’s being nice to me, I don’t really have to worry about anything It’s just a relaxing time Unless everybody’s just talking behind my back – I’m guessing Derek picks his nose, I’m just saying that – So Derek told me to keep that secret that we found secret and not to tell anybody but Stephen and Steve were kinda acting weird around me, like they knew something Do you think Derek told? (upbeat music) (buzzer rings)

– Hello, SOTY house guests hopefully you’re enjoying this SOTY house Different competitions, friendships, and drama Get ready folks because today is a special day I have a feeling that things are gonna get shaken up in this house Good luck SOTY guests (doorbell rings) – What was that? Where did that come from? The door, I think (screams) What is it? – All right, I’m going to open it – Open it, open it, open it – One, five three, nine – What does it say? – One, five, three, nine – It’s just four numbers – Just has– – One, five, three, nine – Wait is it supposed to be like a challenge? – 1,539, a challenge I think at some sort of competition, I don’t know Or maybe like– – Is there another, is there like a secret– – A mind game – Maybe we should go back to the back door – Oh the back part, maybe there’s something set up back there – Back yard, maybe there’s something special competition – As soon as I heard Payton say those four numbers I knew it could only be one thing – You guys, maybe it’s in like the far back – Maybe – Yeah maybe – Let’s go – I knew there was something suspicious going on, I look up and I couldn’t see Derek or Stephen anywhere – I have a pretty good idea of where we’re heading – There’s nothing out here – Oh, wait. I know what it’s for – Oh my gosh no – What? – Oh my gosh – Oh my gosh – Guys hurry and get in, Taylor, how do you know? You gonna make it, – No, no, no, you gonna make it! stop, stop, stop! Okay hold on, what was it? Oh no, it’s not working – No – What, come on! – Come on How did not know that those four numbers were the combination to get into the secret room I realized it way too late And unfortunately the doors shut and then the code didn’t work anymore I just, I think I blew it – I have no idea what’s going on everyone just started running away – So I was able to get into the secret room perfectly fine It’s me, Steve, Steven and Taylor I don’t really know how she got in, I have a feeling somebody broke the promise and kind of told So I guess I gotta weed out the imposture – There’s a secret room somewhere in his house – A secret room – A secret room I’m might have some explaining to do – Guys, we’re really in here. we’re really locked in – Whoa guys, look at this (upbeat music) – Yo, what’s up Shot of the Yaegers, It’s Collins and Devin and we’ll challenge you to our new fake food challenge And we can’t wait to see what you create – House guests, welcome to the Collins Key fake food mystery challenge wheel Today, we’re bringing in Devin and Collins famous energy and excitement into the SOTY Showdown house Today you will be competing in an all expense paid vacation to Cancun Mexico – I’m for sure getting that trip – A trip to Mexico, this is mine – Back away – I’m for sure getting that trip – The other house guests are not gonna be happy when they find out about this – Yeah they’re gonna be upset – I don’t care The Collins Key fake food challenge, you can play the game or create your own new challenges Okay, house guests, we’re gonna find out who can make the perfect creation like Devin or whacky ones like Collins The winner gets a vacation to Cancun House guests, are you ready? – Whew, let’s do it! – I’m ready

– You’re going down – I’m gonna win – I’m gonna make the perfect fake food creation – I’m the baker in the family – Fake food though – Yeah, can you bake fake food – Yeah – Except Steve eats a lot of food so I feel like he knows his way around food – If there’s somebody who knows anything about food – Is me, ’cause I made it – I’m not even gonna argue against this To start the ultimate fake food challenge we must spin the wheel Whatever color it lands on we’ll decide which food we make – We got blue Let’s see what we have to make It looks like we’re making a burger – All right so next we’re going to each spin the wheel to see which color component compartment we get high I go first – Ooh – Green – Green – Ooh There is a twist though, guys with the color If you land on the same color as somebody else, you have to split the component – No which will make it way harder to make something awesome – So you have less – Okay Stephen you’re up – That was a horrible spin – Oh green – Green – What if we all land on green? – I shouldn’t have said that Did that spin all the way around, it had to of (laughs) – Yeah, it had to spin all the way around, it was just a perfect circle – You ready, all right, Taylor – It was a perfect circle there – Nice, good spin – I got yellow – All right, she gets the yellow compartments – Do not land on yellow Derek – Whew, I got blue – Oh geeze, I was so worried he was gonna get green – I know – What if we all got green – Oh, there’s still went in there – Each person gets one tool to help them with their creation – Is that for me? – Yes – A cheese grater I’m suppose to be making hamburgers We each have one minute to make our fake food creation – Your minute starts now Oh wait, I get to open up my components to see what I got – All right, first thing’s first Oh my goodness It’s like slime How am I gonna get it out of here? – Let’s see what these components are Oh, that is so soft. (laughs) Let’s see I’m assuming this is supposed to be my bun – And let’s see what I got Oh my gosh, this is the coolest Check this out, check this out It’s got like little beads in the slime, ooh – Ooh, I can use this to make my bun gotta split it in half for the other one too Okay time to open up this Oh it’s sprinkles Green sprinkles to be exact I love these green sprinkles, they’re awesome – I didn’t think about how I’m going to make a hamburger with this – All right so I have to figure out which one of these categories I’m actually kind of shooting for and hoping to land on I think it’s best if I focus on something, go for that, as opposed to just like making a burger I’m gonna make something for a specific category and hope that it lands on one of the categories I’m aiming for I gotta check out my components first – Let’s see what this is Ooh, this is sort of like a gooey sort of thing I could use for the meat – Let’s check out my other components – Oh my goodness, it’s like clay This actually feels amazing Ooh, oh my goodness How am I even– All right, what’s my second component Oh, this has got to have a cool feel to it Let’s see what this is They’re like a little balls, little red balls It could be, I could use them for tomatoes or some kind of like topping or maybe I can make something cool Maybe I can use these as the patty, make it look like that’s the meat – Gotta make the buns and let’s get out the meat to it – All right here we are Sprinkles, all right, time to make a hamburger out of this All right, so I’m gonna flatten this out Trying to make it kinda like a circle real quick – Oh, look at this component This one is the stickiest by far We’ve gotta try and make this into a patty There’s my patty Okay, I wanna see what’s in that before we continue Oh, I got some very small brown balls

– What in the world? This is the coolest, this might be my favorite ingredient So now I have a blue putty kinda slimy, this is gonna be awesome Oh my gosh, look at this guys – Make it nice and flat, cut it right through the middle, right there Okay so now I have two different buns This will be the bottom one So my, I’m gonna for grossest and colorful by making blue, really like slimy putty my buns Okay, my bottom button is done Now I’m gonna use this as the patty – Okay, so I just gotta put that there – Oh, you know what I can do? I’ve got my little, it’s like a piece of bread (laughs) I love this, this is gonna be cool – It’s going on the patty There we go Get the patty a little brownness Now I gotta separate this – Ooh, it’s the perfect color to make it into a patty guys Ooh, that looks good Whoa, okay, since these are green, I’m gonna use it for the salad – Look at it jiggle, look at, oh, look at that How is it not falling off the edge? It looks more like an oyster than it does a hamburger Okay, get that going? Where’s my roller, oh there’s my roller Gotta get my roller out, make this into a nice bun Oh, I have never seen a better bun in my life – It’ll be like a sandwich more than a burger Uh-oh, oh yeah, here we go I can peel right out now – Now I gotta get my patty on there – Now I’m gonna put these as if it’s a kind of like the salad or like the mustard or something Put that right there Oh beautiful and then time for the top bun, voila Uh-oh, the pie is falling out Oh no, we got a crisis All right, voila my beautiful hamburger – Now I gotta add some of the secret ingredient, these little components here Okay, let’s put our meat on So I just throw a few of these in here, so it looks like it’s the substance of the burger, the delightful burger part of the burger That’ll be good Okay now, if you have a burger, you need cheese So I’m going to go with, I’m gonna call it a pink cheese to start so I’m gonna take a little square That’ll be my cheese Okay, so cheese right here – I gotta make my last bun here Look at that perfect ooze on that burger Let me lift this up here and So I got the blue bottom, the meat, the cheese and another layer of meat right here I’m gonna see if I can use this slime as kind of my sesame seeds I’m gonna go real thin with it and I’m gonna spread it out across the top here So I’m gonna really stretch it out – Guys, this looks good enough to eat At least win a trip to Mexico – I don’t think this is going to win me a trip to Mexico Well, there is a messiest and grossest category I just gotta hope it lands on one of those two – Come on guys, this thing looks pretty tasty, but it is not real food so don’t eat it That’s why it’s called the fake food challenge – Burger and fries, this is gonna be one delicious meal I got an enterprise, got my fries I’m gotta set my burger here up so I got a nice little display, Voila, I’m a perfect chef (upbeat music) – Ready – Don’t even tell me what it is – Neatest – Neatest? – Neatest – None of these are neat – None of them are neat but this will be interesting to see – I am curious on who they’re gonna say is the neatest – Well house guests, after pooling the remaining house guests , the winner of the Collins Key Fake Food Challenge

is Derek (hollers) – Are you kidding me, I had Derek! – Ooh yeah! – Not Derek – Dang it – Look at that burger right there, mmm – You don’t deserve to go to Mexico I’m taking this – I’m taking this – I’m taking my burger – Congratulations Derek, you’re going to Mexico Thank you Moose Toys for sponsoring this video Fake Food Challenge wheel at Walmart – Of course I won I knew that from the very beginning I was going to blow everybody out of the water I mean, my burger alone was just 20 times better than everybody’s especially Steve’s did you see Steve’s? It’s just blue and purple mess – I hate losing I especially hate losing to Derek but I said from the beginning I was kinda going for certain categories and neatness is definitely like my kryptonite So that was a no go – I feel like I really didn’t stand a chance I mean, I have like a green hamburger and we’re going for neatest, but I think mine was pretty cool looking – Seriously, Derek, I had the best burger and who would choose Derek’s Mine looked the best, it was perfect How could he win? – House guests, it’s time for the elimination ceremony I am the SOTY boss, so I won’t vote unless there’s a tie This elimination ceremony will be done secretly in the diary room Each nominee gets a moment to plead their case – Well, I want you to vote me that I really want you to vote for me because I am the prettiest. (laughs) – This is what I’m dealing with Well, I don’t want you to vote me out because, just don’t vote me out – Let the voting begin – I vote for Parker to leave the house, bye – I vote for Parker to leave the house Happy birthday (indistinct) – I vote for Jordyn to leave the house Hi (indistinct) – Oh my goodness, I vote for Jordyn to leave the house Also subscribe to Steven Yeager Gaming – With a very heavy heart, I vote Parker to leave the house, I’m sorry Parker – I vote for Parker to leave the house – All right SOTY house guests, the results are in As soon as I announce who is eliminated they must vacate the house immediately With a vote of four to two, Parker is eliminated from the SOTY house – Not fair (dramatic music) (screams) – We love you Parker – We love you (upbeat music) – If I’m gonna be completely honest, I’m not really upset that I sent Parker home Pretty relieved and I didn’t lose any sleep from it – So I have a feeling Derek’s gonna be after the girl’s, maybe he has a boy alliance All I know is he put up two girls I don’t feel very safe right now I need to win this SOTY house competition – So I know Steve wanted me to try to break into this girl’s group and try to become a part of it to you know see what they’re talking about and get their secrets But I’ve been unable to break in, but now the Parker’s gone, maybe there’ll be a spot for me – Like are you sad that Parker went out of the house? – Yeah – Do you feel like you lost a best friend? – Yeah – It’s okay – All right, I call this meeting so we could talk about our alliance – Now that Parker’s gone, we lost one of our group – Now we’re just Just Four Girls Looky, do you wanna be in our group, we can call it Just Five Girls – Yeah – Yeah – High five Are we good sticking together?

– Jordyn? – You guys I already told you, I wanna be loyal I promise – Okay Just Four girls it is – Yeah, I’m not sure about that I’m also not sure about the Three Amigos All right, the Three Amigos – I like that Put your hand in – Three Amigos! – You know, Derek, me and you was just hanging out in here like claim this as our man cave I might even sleep in here Now that it’s open for good this house is pretty comfy – It is very comfortable – Anyway, back to business – Back to business – I’m not going to be able to compete in this competition which means you’re gonna have to win it – I know we need control still – Because I’m afraid if somebody else, including your dad is he’s a little rough I know me and you can always trust each other but your dad is a little off the wall So is your mom, ’cause she’s Jamie’s a horror Anyway, Stephen, I need you to get control because if anybody else has control, I’m gonna get voted off Stephen, I think it’s important that we come up with a solid alliance name Now I have a few options okay We can be you can be the Boom Shakalakas – The Boom Shakalakas – We can be the Imposters or maybe the Eliminators – Oh, Eliminators all the way. (laughs) – Then that’s it – The Eliminators You hear that guys? We’re the Eliminators now – Eliminators – Eliminators You guys hear that? We’re the Eliminators and we’re going all the way to the end We’re making history right now We’re gonna be the last two remaining and then I’m gonna win (alarm rings) – Hello SOTY house guests Are you ready to put in another SOTY boss competition where the winner will gain the control of the house and will get to nominate two new players for elimination And will put their chances of winning $100,000 in danger Who’s ready to play Digging up Dirt on Derek? Head on out to the backyard Good luck SOTY house guests – It’s very important for me to win this SOTY boss competition is the only way to ensure my safety – I just barely survived elimination I need to win this – I’m trying to decide I’ve been winning a lot of competitions which I think might make people wanna kick me out of the house But if win I’m safe I feel pretty good about my alliances I think I might be going for a victory today – Who’s ready to play Digging up Dirt on Derek? Since I was the last SOTY boss, I will not be playing in this competition In today’s SOTY boss competition, I will be asking questions about my YouTube channel, Uncle Derek Like, are you subscribed to my channel Uncle Derek, do it now Then each house guest must find the answer hidden somewhere in the playground You must bring your answers you find up to me and one player will be eliminated each round The first question is what was my first video on my YouTube channel? – Perfect – Oh that’s not it, that’s not it – Oh no – Nothing in there – Yes – Yes – No, no! This is it, this is it, this is it Oh my goodness I was super scared that I wasn’t gonna make it into the first round, I mean, I was second to last But the thing is I knew exactly what the answer was but they got to the cards before I could I knew from the very beginning, I just couldn’t find a card But thankfully it was left down to me and Blake – [Derek] Reveal your answers – Lava Monster – Lego Escape

– Lava Monster – Lava Monster – Lava Monster – Lego Escape – Lego Escape – Lava Monster – The correct answer is Lava Monster That means Payton and Blake are eliminated from the competition – Really, I got out the first round I didn’t even know what it was, I thought it was Lego Escape Like, it’s Lava Monster, that kinda makes sense now but then – Question number two is what is my most viewed video? – I know, I know – Oh I know this one – Take it, take it, take it – Wait, wait – No, no, give that’s mine, no it’s mine! Back of the line, back of the line – [Derek] All right guys reveal your answers – Lego Escape – Lego Escape – Lego Escape – Lego escape – 24 Hours – All right, the answer is Lego Escape (hollers) – I got it, I got it – That means Steve is eliminated from this round – I can’t believe how crazy it was, just like, there was just names and things everywhere So everywhere I was running, trying to find, I just couldn’t successfully find what I wanted Luckily like I said, it wasn’t really trying to win this one so it worked out – Question number three What did I teach people to paint? – Got it – Wait, wait, wait, is this it? – Oh, I don’t know if that one’s it but it’s probably not Oh there’s one over there – No that’s not, I think this is it – I can use this – Luckily on that first round, I was able to find out where all of the other cards were, where I knew most of where all the cards were So it was pretty easy from then on – [Derek] Reveal your answers – Pennywise – Pennywise – The It clown – Jared. (laughs) – Jared? – The answer was Pennywise – Yay – Ooh, I’m getting close Which means that Jordyn is eliminated from this competition – I saw the card I just thought that is said Phantom, not Pennywise It had a PH, not just a P I’m just really upset right now – Question number four, who won the giant game board challenge? – Guys, so that one round that the answer was Jared, I am ran up to the cart, I saw it there and Taylor was there first, she was going to grab it and I’m like, oh, that’s not it and I ran away And so she believed it and ran away too I ran back and grabbed it I’m like whabam, Taylor got out – I didn’t even know who played in that how do I know who won? I know – Oh there’s one right here That’s my answer, okay – [Derek] Reveal those answers – Jared Also Jared – Derek – The correct answer is Jared – Yes! – I knew it – Oh thank you baby! – Taylor is eliminated That was one of the hardest competitions ever Even if you know the answer you have to find the answer and digging through the wood chips was so difficult

I can’t believe I got out, I knew the answer though I couldn’t find it – Question number five Where did I film the Floor is Lava and Random Places Ow, that was my toe! – Sorry! Right here, right here, it’s right here – No! – The only that I saw it this entire time – No! Welcome Reveal your answers Hawaii – Hawaii – You were both correct But since that Stephen brought it to me at first Stephen is the new SOTY boss – Yes, whoa! (indistinct) – Oh my gosh, guys, that was so close again Another SOTY boss competition that I was down to the final two and lost it, watched a slip through my fingers Stephen found the card before I could And now guys, I don’t feel safe in his house at all – Oh my goodness I can’t believe I finally won my first SOTY boss thing Oh, I kinda have to because I feel like me or Derek was gonna be voted out next, so I have all the power – I couldn’t be happier that Stephen won – Stephen being SOTY boss is not good for me – This is not going good like Stephen winning He’s definitely gonna make me on the block – All right I won, here’s what I’m thinking I think our two biggest threats right now stop smiling right now This is supposed to be a serious – I’m sorry, I’m just excited My Padawan is finally becoming the master – I know, I know – Finally Sorry, I lost my train Okay, I think our two biggest threats are Taylor and Jordyn but I’m thinking we mainly go for Taylor – Stephen I agree with you for your nominees Jordyn acts like she doesn’t care And a lot of the time she gets upset when she loses So let’s help her out and just get her out of here Second Taylor is crazy She’s super competitive She also gets mad when she loses – Yeah – And I’m thinking we just vote her out Taylor That’s who I’m gonna vote if you put those two – Okay if it ends in a tie, I’ll put Taylor Perfect – Okay, Stephen, that’s perfect, as long as they don’t get taken off the block after we played the last chance Challenge All right The Eliminators – The Eliminators – All right guys it’s time for the elimination ceremony Guys this just for game play, don’t take it personally But my very first nominee is Taylor (dramatic music) And my second nominee is Jordyn All right guys the nomination ceremony is now adjourned – I’m so sorry Jordyn – Taylor I’m sorry – Don’t get away from me – Jordyn– – Stephen – I’m so sorry damn it – I’m not talking to you (upbeat music) – Finally Derek and Stephen left this room so that we can chat I know that you said the girls can trust you, but now both we’re both on the block – And I know that the boys wants us gone but we just need to work together – One of us knew when this last chance challenge both of us were gonna go home – Eliminators rock! I feel like I’m some weird garage band or something with that name You know I do kinda feel bad about this, but it needs to be done Honestly, I’m hoping Taylor goes home

– So I’m thinking that both Taylor and Jordyn are kind of depressed right now They’re on the chopping block and they’re getting nervous So I’m gonna go and I’m gonna make some promises to them and I’m going to form an alliance Hey guys – Hey – I just wanted to chat real quick I know we haven’t talked a lot of games so I kinda wanted to just have a quick chat with you Just hear me out okay So I know both of you guys are on the block and if I were in your position, I would want somebody fighting for me So I just, I kinda wanna propose a little bit of a group between the three of us If I get picked to play in the last chance competition, I will play to win okay and then we can have a discussion if I win and I be willing to use that to take one of you guys off the block and then I will vote to eliminate anyone else that you would want Like if we put somebody else on the block, I will help save one of you if we could be, you know, a team and work together – Okay – Okay do you guys agree? – Yeah – Like you’re willing to let me, you know, kinda help – Yeah – Okay so you’re gonna be playing, you’re gonna be playing and I’m going to hope to play and we’ll all be playing to win Okay and if I win, I’ll save one of you guys – And if one of us wins – You can take yourselves off okay, pinky promise – Pinky promise – Okay pinky promise – No breaking – All right are we the Pinky Squad? – Yeah (laughs) – Pinky promise you don’t tell anybody Thanks for hearing me out Have fun and just keep it between us okay? So I finally broke into an all girls group I think they accepted me This is good for me This is really good – I’m safe another week Did you hear that SOTY Showdown fans, I’ve never been on the block, I’m really safe It feels awesome! Yeah I kinda feel bad about Jordyn and Taylor being on the block but I’m actually really glad that Stephen didn’t put me on the block I just feel so free Maybe our alliance is gonna be ending soon – Real quick, I had a discussion finally, I think I broke it into the girls group – You did? – At least Taylor and Jordyn (alarm rings) I, do you hear that? We need to go – It’s time, it’s time – Okay hurry go, no I told Taylor and I told Jordyn that I would try to compete, – Keep them both I would try to win and that I would, if I won, we could sit down and have a conversation of who we should take off, and then I would try to get votes to save the other person I don’t know, I’m just trying to get in there as much as I can because I feel like the boys are going after them I mean, I’m obviously not loyal to them I’m just trying to you know– – You’re trying to get – Get their loyalty so – And I feel like the boys right we’re all tight so everything’s good – We need to go – Okay, let’s do it – Okay. Stephen, here’s the thing (laughs) So either one of us has to win – Yes – One of us has to – Well you have to win ’cause I don’t even know if I’m playing If I don’t play, you gotta win this competition And then I think a little power move here, you could take Jordyn out and put Jamie on So then it’s like, well, cause Jamie we gotta get more adults out That’s just my thing now – But, but do you think we get Taylor out first? – All I’m saying is if Taylor and Jamie are both on there, either way I’m happy with – All right (alarm rings) – Stephen – Let’s go – Hello SOTY Showdown house guests Are you ready for another Last Chance Competition where six house guests will compete for the hourglass trophy First you must pick the players then head outside to play Jumping Bull’s Eye Good luck SOTY house guests – It’s time to pick the players for the Last Chance Competition Me, Taylor and Jordayn will automatically compete in his last chance competition As SOTY boss, me and the two nominees we will choose the remaining players All right, the next person to be competing is Derek – Derek – All right – And the next person is Blake Blakie (hollers) – Blake (hollers) (laughs) – And the last contestant is Steve

– Yeah, baby, come down here! – Boom – So Jamie didn’t get picked to play and that’s not good – Shoot just when I thought that I could gain their trust, this happens All right guys, since I was not chosen to compete in the Last Chance challenge, I will be your host today Each competing house guest must jump from this cliff and throw a bean bag The bulls-eye is worth 50 points Green is worth 25 points The blue is worth 10 points and the yellow is worth five points The SOTY house guests will play three rounds The person that gets the most points at the end of the three rounds is the champion Who’s ready to play Jumping Bulls-eye! (hollers) – This competition is right up my alley I’m pretty sure I got this in the bag – We did random draw and Steve will be throwing first – Scuba Steve (hollers) (splash) (hollers) – Steve gets 25 points – Yeah baby! – Screaming squirrel Looks like I’ll be throwing next Here we go – Bye Derek! (splash) (buzzer rings) – [Jamie] Derek did not make it on the board, so he got zero points – Oh dang it! – Esteven All right, I’m next All right, here we go! (splash) (hollers) – [Jamie] Stephen missed the board also and got zero points – I dropped it on the way down I dropped it then I caught it again, – My turn, wish me luck! Tator Here I go – Come on Taylor, win this! (splash) – [Jamie] Taylor hit the tree which means she gets zero points (buzzer rings) – That should be worth 100 points! – All right my turn! – Little Jo-Jo (splashes) – Oh – [Jamie] Jordyn also missed the board and got zero points (buzzer rings) (laughs) – Darn it! – Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake! (hollers) – Blake got five points – Yes, yes, six – Oh, it felt so good to be the only one who nailed a big score right out of the gates Love hitting that big one – All right guys, it is time for round two (splashes) (hollers) Steve got 10 points – I was kinda hoping I would have scored a little higher on this next one because while the first round getting the 25 was good I think I need more if I’m going to win this thing (splashes) (hollers) – [Jamie] Derek got 25 points – All right – Don’t overdue it Stephen – Overdo it! (splashes) (hollers) – [Jamie] Stephen got 10 points – Here I go! – I wish you luck! (splashes) – [Jamie] Taylor got zero points again (splashes) – Jordyn got 25 points – Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake! (hollers) – [Jamie] Blake got another five points – Yay! – It is time for round three, so far Steve is in first place – Let’s go baby, bringing home the last cup! (hollers) (splashes) – Steve got 10 points leaving his total score at 45 Let’s see if the other house guests can pass him up – Come on Screaming Squirrel! (splashes) (hollers) – Derek got 25 points, which makes his final score 50, putting Steve out of the competition – No! (hollers) – I thought I had it locked up I thought I had it locked up, but it was a crazy finish I’m not super mad that I lost because Stephen’s in control and I feel like we’re kind of playing together so we should be good – Go for that bull’s eye, Esteven!

(laughs) – What? – It’s in the pool – [Jamie] Stephen didn’t make it to the board So he zero points (buzzer rings) – The pool is 50 points – Stephen ended the competition with 10 points, which is not good enough to beat Derek, so he is out of the competition (splashes) Taylor did not make the board so she got zero points Taylor finished the competition with zero points, which was not good enough to beat Derek, so she is eliminated from this competition – I couldn’t save myself I think I’m going home – Uh-oh, uh-oh (splashes) Whoa! – Jordyn got 25 points – I did it again! – Jordyn finished the competition with 50 points, which puts her at a tie with Derek – Blakie, Blakie, Blakie, Blakie, Blake! (hollers) – [Jamie] Blake gets another five points – Yay (indistinct) yes – Blake finished the competition with 15 points, which does not put her in first place, so she is eliminated from the competition – It’s time for a tiebreaker – [Stephen] Win this baby! (splashes) (hollers) – [Jamie] Derek did not make it on the board, so he gets zero points! – No! – Jordyn got 25 points, which makes her the champion of the last chance challenge – I saved myself, I did it, I did it, I done it! – I thought I had that competition in the bag but Jordyn comes out of nowhere, knocks out these three 25’s, or two 25’s I don’t know what’s she’s at Anyway, she gets that final 25 blows me out of the water That was rigged – I did really good – Yes, I’m the winner! This is awesome! I think I’m gonna use it on Taylor – Well, Stephen, Jordyn did the impossible – Yep – She won the last chance Competition – Stick with the plan? – Stick to the plan, – Eliminators – I think I’m gonna use that hour glass on you – Really, not on yourself? – Yeah, I feel like, they’re not coming after me, I feel like they’re coming after you Maybe if I use it on you that’ll save you and you’ll know that I’m loyal – Well, why didn’t you use it on you? – Just ’cause I wanna save you, you know? – I’m not asking you to do that but if that would have happened that would be amazing – So Jordyn told me that she’s thinking about putting the hourglass safety on Taylor, that’s crazy, no one does that, like, they’re supposed to save themselves, that’s the whole point It’s weird If I had the hourglass, I would just save myself – As SOTY boss I just wanna congratulate you for your win, you won it fair and square, good job I don’t wanna sound mean or anything, but I did not think you were gonna to win I thought thought Dad was definitely gonna win So obviously you’re going to be using it on yourself but, Jordyn? – What? – You’re using your on yourself, right? – I don’t know, I just have to think about it – Jordyn, what, you don’t know if you’re gonna use it on yourself – Yeah – Dude, no sleeping – I’m tired – There’s work to do man – What? – I don’t know what’s going on in the house, have you heard anything with what Jordyn’s gonna do? – Well Stephen’s told me that Jordyn might use the power to use on somebody else – Wait, not herself – She might not save herself, she might use it to save Taylor – You sure, what? – I don’t know, this is just what I’ve heard Well- – It doesn’t make sense to me – So if she takes herself off, who do you think Stephen’s gonna put up? – We were talking and we’re thinking maybe Payton or Blake – And if she takes Taylor off, is it the same plan or is it? – Yeah, just – So you– – Just one of those two probably – Who are we targeting though this week to get out? – I don’t know, I was hoping for maybe Taylor staying on and Jordyn but Jordyn is gonna do something with that power and so – Interesting So I feel pretty good about what’s going on, but I’m not thrilled that Jordyn won this competition If she takes herself down or Taylor down

if they get it like a thought of who they should really put up, it might be me It doesn’t make sense to me that they’re just gonna put up Blake or Payton Fingers crossed if they make a big move, it’s not for me – I can’t believe that Jordyn may use the hourglass to save me – I’m thinking, I’m deciding, I just don’t know what I’m gonna to do with this thing I understand why people want me to save myself If I save Taylor she’ll owe me forever And I really don’t think they’re coming after me It’s such a hard decision – I heard some news – From who, from who? – From a reliable source – Okay – That no matter who comes off the block Blake or Payton they’re probably going up – They didn’t say anything about me? – Not one word – Okay – Have you heard other things? No, I haven’t, I’m– – I’m worried they’re gonna put you or me up on the block personally but they said and I think I believe them that they’re just gonna go, like, they’re probably just trying to do something small not do something too– – Okay – I just don’t feel like I have any kind of relationship with that side of the house and with the guys and I barely have started to try to get a relationship with the girls I kinda just feel like I don’t have anybody – You feel like you don’t have anyone in the house – No – I mean– – Well, we’ll see – If what we need is for, we need to convince Jordyn to take herself off the block – Okay – Because I think we’re gonna have a hard time if it’s one of us against Jordyn but one of us against Taylor is a good argument, ’cause she’s a strong competitor – And they wanna send her home Okay, I can do that – Hey, Jordyn, can I talk to you real quick? – Yeah – Before anyone comes in real quick – I’m just thinking I think it would be really smart for you to use the last chance trophy on yourself Just hear me out I think that they may be coming for you and if you save yourself then we can try to get enough votes to save Taylor too – Okay – So I think you should maybe use it on yourself – Okay – You think so? – Yeah – Okay, good talk Remember pinky promise Blake if I were you, I wouldn’t feel safe right now – So I won the last chance competition I have the hourglass pack, which means I can save someone from the block I choose to save myself – Since one of my nominees removed themselves from the block, I get to choose a different one and I choose in the nicest way possible Jamie (gasps) – Oh my goodness – I’m sorry It doesn’t mean I want you to get kicked out though This last chance ceremony is a journey – So I didn’t see that coming I think I’m going home – Wow, I mean, that’s not good – Plan worked perfectly You didn’t have the thing on Everything seems to be going as planned Derek – I know, Jordyn got herself off the block, Jamie is now on the block – I mean, I thought we were gonna have to wait for our plan to go down, but that worked perfectly, so – What do we do now? – I don’t know Who do you think we vote for? Who do you think we get out? – I’m gonna be honest, I think we vote Jamie out – We need to get some adults yes but Taylor is kind of an enemy right now, so I think our goal is we vote mom out and then you win next SOTY boss – And then we focus fire on Taylor – Yes – Sounds good to me Eliminators – Eliminators – All right guys, I know that I’ve been on like opposite sides SOTY house and I wanna make a deal with you if you don’t vote me out next time, if I win SOTY boss, I will not put either of you guys up – How can I trust that though? – I guess but I’m just letting you know – We’ll think about it – I tell you what if you double cross us you’re out of here! – We will rain fire down upon you – Just consider it

– Oh man, so what are you thinking? – I think we take Jamie out of the house We need to get her out I feel like she’s kind of pulling the strings out in the background you know what I mean? – I don’t, I feel like she’s just kinda hanging out – Well, I’m pretty sure she’s kind of like a ring leader with the girls without the girls really knowing – She’s kinda like in their group but she also seems like she wants to be in our group Like everything that I’ve talked to her about she’s she seems like super nice to both sides And I feel like she’s got some sort of master plan going on So I’m pretty sure we’re all gonna be voting her out Are you in? – Okay, this is how it’s gonna go Both of you are gonna vote Jamie off, correct? Vote for Jamie, we’re going to save Taylor What do you say? Didn’t you wanna save Taylor? – Yes – You can save Taylor now So what we do is you vote Jamie, okay? – Okay – Are you going to vote Jamie? – Fine – Fine, I need a yes, positive, yes Are you gonna vote Jamie? – Yes – You don’t wanna be on our bad side, okay – A bad side – All right SOTY house guests, it’s time for the elimination ceremony Because I am SOTY house boss, I will not be voting unless there’s a tie We will be voting secretly in the diary room You now both have a chance to plead your case – I’ll go first All I have to say real quick is that there is definitely a side to this house of people that are running it And they think that they’re in charge and they are swaying you guys to make decisions that probably aren’t in the best interest for you I love Taylor, I don’t wanna send her home, but you guys need to vote for yourselves Don’t let someone convince you of something to do Do what’s best for you and that other side of the house, you know who you are – Guys, I don’t wanna go home yet, I just want to be here and make some more friends Before going home – All right guys, it’s time to cast your votes – I vote to kick Jamie out of this house – This is going to be a really hard choice but I vote out Jamie (indistinct) – I’m gonna vote for Taylor – I vote Taylor to leave – I’m really sorry but I vote Jamie out of the house – Guys, I say this in the nicest way possible Whoever is eliminated must immediately leave the house With a vote of three to two, Taylor you are safe Jamie you must leave the house – I can’t believe it (upbeat music) – I’m just so shocked that Jamie got sent home, I’m just devastated – I’m so happy I was saved, but I kinda feel bad for Jamie because we like just made something, a group and then she went home But I’m excited that I was to, only one person gets to win $100,000, and that’s gonna be me – Yeah, I was really hoping Taylor was gonna go home – So how do you feel about mom being voted out? – That was a tough one, but we got the boys crew, we gotta stick together with it – It had to be done I feel like – I mean, she’s a big threat in the game, she could have won that thing Now it’s just a matter of like winning another one and we just keep protecting each other till we get to the final three and battle it out – Yep – How you feeling being a SOTY boss and not be able to compete? – I just hope one of you two win – Oh, high SOTY Showdown house guests Are you ready for another SOTY boss competition? Stephen is ineligible to play and the rest of the six house guests will battle for power Who’s ready to play Boss Pong? Good luck SOTY house guests

– Are you guys ready to play Boss Pong? Since I was the last SOTY boss, I will not be participating in this competition Each cup has one of the house guests names in it Each contestant will try to bounce the ping pong ball into the cup Into the cup Into the cup – Good thing Stephen isn’t playing – Whatever cup that ball lands in, the person’s name that’s in there is eliminated from the challenge The last house guest standing is the new SOTY boss Are you guys ready to play Boss Pong! (hollers) – All right, I go first – You got it Jordyn Oh – If you fail to make it in, your turn is over – Wish me luck guys – No luck Whoa It’s pro time (hollers) – Here goes nothing – All right, Derek made the ping pong ball into a cup Let’s see for the first person eliminated is, Derek, you eliminated Blake (hollers) – It’s not me – All right, here goes nothing – Ooh – Oh – Here I go – Oh – Oh – All right, Steve is the second person to make his ping pong ball into a cup And Dad you eliminated Derek – I’m sorry Derek – This game is rigged – Here goes – Oh – Oh! – Taylor you are the third person to get your ping pong ball into a cup And Taylor you eliminated Jordyn – Oh I thought it was gonna be me – Boom! I really hope that’s not my cup – Steve made another ball into the cup and he eliminated Payton – Oh (screams) – All right this is it Steve made the last ping pong ball into the cup The name that I read is eliminated Steve, you are out of the competition (laughs) which means Taylor is now a SOTY boss – Yes – Congratulations – Go Taylor – You’re welcome (alarm rings) What is this? – Hello SOTY house guests I’m bet you’re surprised to see me again I’m here to announce a twist Congratulations Taylor, you’re the new SOTY boss But instead of nominating two SOTY house guests, you’re gonna nominate three and by the end of the day, one will remain in the house which means two house guests are gonna be sent home SOTY be thinking of who you want to save – No! – I’m actually happy – I should have won, I shouldn’t have won – So Taylor, you’re the new SOTY boss – Yes – I just wanna plead my case a little bit I know Stephen put you on the block and everything and so was your mom but I just want you to know that I voted to send Jamie home and not you Just a thought, I was the one who tried to get you off so, that’s all I’m saying here okay? – Okay – Okay just saying we can be powerful friendship – Okay – All right, Taylor, who you planning on putting up on the block? – I don’t know that I can trust you – So tell me who’s going up on the block, I’ll find out either way Just what’s your plan? – Blake, Jordyn and you – You know, I don’t even know what to do here I can’t even find a way to like convince you otherwise That’s it, all right Goodbye household – When it was final two I had to act like I was angry but I was like, they don’t know we’re working together – So who you gonna put up? – Blake, Jordyn and Stephen – Ooh, you don’t think you should put Derek up? – No – Why not? – Well Stephen is attacking me – Stephen and Derek are both attacking you But Jordyn said – Jordyn should go up

– Yeah – 100% Stephen 100% then it’s like you vote Blake or Derek up I don’t know it’s your choice, you’re the boss, so whatever you choose, and then we just gotta win the competition – Okay – Good job – I wouldn’t put me on the block ’cause we have three teams The Just Now Three Girls and the Pinky Promises and the three– – But you voted me to leave the house – I know, it’s just because I had that conversation with Mom – I was in that conversation – I felt really bad sending Mom home – All I’m saying is I don’t know who I’m exactly gonna put on the block – Neither do I – All right SOTY house guests, since I’m a SOTY boss, I get to pick three people for elimination My first nominee is Blake – Oh my goodness – You get the necklace Blake – Oh man – The next nominee is Jordyn – I knew it, I knew it – And my last nominee for the elimination is Stephen (laughs) – I knew it – Just take a seat Stephen – Just eat some noodles – Hello SOTY house guests, it’s me again And it’s time for another last chance challenge Every house guest will be competing in this challenge for the hour glass trophy The winner will have the power to take someone off the block or save themselves Who’s ready to play Hide and Go Home? Good luck SOTY house guests Head on out to the back deck – All right, guys, who’s ready to play Hide and Go Home? (hollers) – Let’s do it, let’s go! – Yeah! – Each house guest gets 30 seconds to hide their chip inside the SOTY house Then each house guest will get a chance to try and find as many chips as they can The name on the last chip is the winner of the game – I go first I’ll hide it in here That’s the hiding spot for my chip (indistinct) Here you can’t find it – All right, it’s time to hide my chip next All right, let’s see here Yes – My goal is to hide it where no one will find it I might hide, put it in here Then I feel like someone’s gonna look in this ’cause it’s standing right here Perfect – Okay, I’m thinking of hiding over here Okay right here – All right, it’s my turn now, I’m pretty sure where I’m gonna put it I just need to make sure nobody’s looking I’m gonna put it here under the, can you lift it up for camera person Oh gosh dang it All right so my first plan doesn’t work so, all the way in the back Where nobody will be able to find it Zip it right up and then pretend I’m dong something over here All right, back here now I’m done – I feel pretty good about my hiding spot Nobody’s going to look inside that pillow – All right, time to hide, plain sight baby Just get that right in there and. (hollers) – All right, see, I risk putting in there It’s like plain sight but no one’s gonna notice it – Now that the chips have been hidden every house guest will go into the SOTY house

and try to find as many chips as they can Once their chip has been found, they can’t search anymore The last chip standing wins (laughs) – Hey – Move out of the way – Here that’s me – I found Blake’s chip (cries) I found one, I found Steve’s chip! – So I ran over and I figured I would search right by where my thing was so other people would go other places, didn’t work My chip was the second one found – I’m noticing as we’re playing, Payton keeps finding a bunch of chips – That would have been a good spot – I didn’t know we were allowed to go in there – There’s one in here I know it – [Stephen] Wait can it be in the secret room? – That would have been a good spot dude – Is this, you can go in here? Hold on I’m looking – I see it – Get off of me! – I found it I found Derek’s (hollers) – So I was trying my best to keep looking in the same area as where I hid my thing So then people wouldn’t go over there So I was blocking it with my body looking through drawers, taking my good old time And then Taylor comes over sees it, pushes me out of the way and finds my dang chip – I threw my okay Well they’re getting close to my chip, but no one was finding it – [Stephen] I might need help lifting up the couch – I can’t find any Look what’s in here – Opened – Checked in but I couldn’t find any – Good job – I feel like one’s right here but we can’t see it – I found one (indistinct) – Oh my, Stephen, Stephen you’re eliminated – While Payton was looking all through that pillow I was like holding my breath hoping she wouldn’t find it but she did She found it – You are absolutely freaking cheating – No-uh – You came back to that pillow three times – And then – I saw you looking through the window when I was hiding it – You’re a big cheater! – It’s because you were looking, keep on looking back at me when I was doing this, I know you were like this – No I was not looking at you – [Payton] Yes, yes – This is ridiculous! (hollers) – Other house guests were getting out of the competition but I was staying strong Hello – Oh here, I wish we were tall – Is there any back there Are you sure someone would hide it where Derek did – No – Nowhere up above – No! – Jordyn – I found Derek’s chip and Jordyn’s chip I was feeling really good When it was down to me and Payton and I could feel I was gonna win Could you imagine winning the SOTY boss and the last chance challenge? – I can’t find any – Oh I know where it might be Gotta stand here though

Taylor – I know she found mine – I found yours Taylor Wait does that mean I’m the hour glass trophy winner? – Taylor found my chip – So yeah, this just happened I know exactly what I’m gonna do – So what do you guys think that Payton’s gonna do? – I think that’s she’s gonna just keep it the same way and I mean I hope she just takes me out but I think it’s gonna go the same way It’s just doing the same thing – I mean, she’s been having some fun with Blake, maybe she’s gonna save Blake off the block – That’s true, she can take Blake off or you I don’t think she’s taking Stephen off – The thing is anytime you ask her, she says, “She’s keeping it a secret, she’s gonna surprise everybody so – It’s gonna be a shocker either way – I don’t know who it’s gonna be – If she gets off– but she’s not telling anybody – The question is who’s Taylor gonna put up – It’d be either one of you two – Well it’d have to be – That’s all I can do (laughs) – All right guys since I won the last chance trophy, I could use it to save somebody, or keep the nominations the same I choose to not use it I am going to keep the nominations the same (upbeat music) – I feel like it was a good decision to not use the hourglass trophy but I really did feel bad for Blake – Everything is working out perfectly And everything’s going to plan My goal is to convince everyone save Blake Stephen and Jordyn need to go So you guys are casting the votes I’m wondering who are you thinking? – I haven’t decided yet I don’t know what to do – What’d you think, how do you think we should vote? – All right, so with everything changing it’s kinda like two people are gonna go home and one’s gonna stay And so we have three people that we have to choose from, we have Stephen, Blake and Jordyn, right? – Yes – And us three are voting and we’re voting for one person to stay – Oh, are we all in agreement that Blake needs to go? – Well, personally, I want Blake to stay I just really like for Stephen to go Just remember if you vote my way, I’ll consider you loyal – I don’t really know who should stay – Hmm, I don’t know it’s a tough one because I can go both ways Stephen and I are kinda in this alliance, but I get that he could be some competition later on but I don’t know – Yeah, Stephen could be hard to beat sometimes, (laughs) sometimes – I guess we just gotta keep her options open I’m going to see what Steve thinks and go from there – Decisions, decisions – So is it on? – Are we still doing what we’re planning on doing? – I think so What do you think Payton’s gonna do? I guess it doesn’t matter, we have total say – Payton can do whatever she wants when it comes down to it our majority wins – Let’s do it – So have you decided what you’re doing? Like am I safe? – I don’t know, I’m just kinda seeing what everybody else wants to do right now I don’t know – You don’t know, all right – What happens if I decide to keep you? I mean, I’m 50% of who says no matter what ‘Cause you gotta assume Payton’s probably taking a girl – I would think so – Derek’s probably taking you, so really I’m the final decision I mean, what kind of promises am I getting, it feels like you and Derek are really close but what does that mean for me? Like maybe splitting you two up is a good thing for me I wouldn’t say so though because we’ve been on your side since pretty much like the very beginning we’ve been helping you out We’ve never put you on the block and we’ve been like SOTY boss almost all but once – So if you win the next SODY boss, I won’t go on the block – Yeah, you won’t go on the block – Hi house guests, it’s time for the elimination ceremony Since I’m the SOTY boss I will not be voting who gets to stay in the house unless there is a tie House guests we are voting who stays this time

Either Jordyn, Blake or Stephen Before we vote each house guest gets to say why they should stay in the house – Well I think I should stay because if I get the SOTY boss I won’t put my friends on the block (indistinct) – I just want to say this real quick Jordyn said she would keep all her friends on here but she hasn’t been friends with the boys and betrayed all the girls and her only friend is Blake who is on the block, just saying – All right house guests let the voting begin – I feel like Blake should stay (indistinct) – I wanna save Stephen – I’m gonna save Stephen – All right house guests, the results are in When I name the person that is saved, the other two house guests will be eliminated and must leave the SOTY house So Stephen you are saved – Yes, yes, I’m still in, yes, Blakey, I’m still in, I’m so sorry! – But Jordyn and Blake must leave the SOTY house – Oh I’m sorry Blake – I’m sorry, Blake (laughs) (dramatic music) – Sorry guys – So not fair – I am so glad I was saved but I wanna know who voted for me if it ended up being like a tie or what happened I wanna know how this all went down All I can say is I’m so happy, I’m still in the house – I didn’t want Stephen to stay I wanted Blake to stay I guess everyone’s not playing on my side I’ve gotta figure out who it was – Dude, there’s like hardly any girls left in this house – I know right – I’m thinking it’s gonna be down to like us three at the end probably – One of us three wins this competition, that could be the end of another girl This thing’s almost over – Look, I’m just gonna say this right now – This has more twists – We need to get the girls out because they’ve made more alliances with people eliminated So at the very end if they end up voting for us, we need to cut out all the girls so that whoever ends up between us three doesn’t have to go against the girl – Taylor’s not competing in this next competition It’s us three against Payton – Oh well that’s gonna be easy – Which means one of us win, I know for sure who the two people are going out – Derek and them I mean, (laughs) – But who are we gonna vote out between the two of them? – It doesn’t matter We’re a train now – Just get rid of one of them – We’re a freight train I feel like Taylor was more of a threat – We’re going to call ourselves the Trainees – We already have a name – We’re the Eliminators – I wasn’t part of the Eliminators – It was when we were locked in that room – Wow Now what? – Did you vote for Stephen? – I didn’t It had to have been Payton I know Derek did, but Payton must be playing both sides So I guess it’s just me and you It’s those three against me and you We’re going to have to win – Okay – Oh, you’re not in it I have to win this next competition We can do it (alarm rings) – Hello SOTY house guests, are you ready for another SOTY boss competition where you will compete for the power of the house and they get to nominate two people for elimination Who’s ready to play SOTY Match Head on over to the theater Good luck SOTY house guests SOTY house guests, who’s ready to play SOTY Match Since I was the last SOTY boss I will not be competing For this competition each house guest match this Lego build and then build it inside of the theater room right here The person who can match it correctly the fastest is the new SOTY boss Get ready to play SOTY Match – All right, it looks like I’m going first (upbeat music) (clock ticks) (clock ticks) – Seven, eight, eight, one, two, three, four,

five, four, oh, oh, okay Shoot, okay (upbeat music) Come on, come on, come on, let’s go, let’s go Okay that is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, 10, shoot – All right, here goes nothing (clock ticks) – So the end goes like this, so it’s two on this side, then it’s five across here I need to go look at it – All right, it’s my turn (clock ticks) (indistinct) (upbeat music) – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes (whistles) I think it was eight, I think it was eight Nine, oh know, one on each side probably that’s right, that’s right and then – Like this and then it comes across so one, two, three Now it interchanges like this I believe, so it’s like this, I need more blocks – How this thing was it yellow, it was two yellows, it was two, wait was it eight and then two – All right, I’m already building it wrong You know, I felt pretty good about it I felt like I had to go back a few times ’cause I messed up because I kept interlocking in like the wrong place And I realized that not everything was connected but I think I did pretty well – Oh – I started this competition, I realized it’s really hard – Come on, I’m going too slow – Seven, eight – Oh, that’s not gonna work – Okay (hollers) – I’m freaking out Trying to match all the blocks, I’m getting so confused I was so nervous, I was sweating – I don’t know which ones going where – Eight, one, two, three Okay, okay, I’m done! I don’t think I did that good – And chimney, okay So one more look, one more look Done It’s a lot more tiring than it looks You’re running back and forth, trying to remember things It’s not as easy as you think just to be like build a little Lego house But I think I did pretty good I think I have a really good chance of winning even though I wasn’t positive I needed to I wanna get this win and control the house this week – No but there’s more blocks I’m done – All right SOTY house guests, are you ready for the results of the SOTY Match competition Payton finished with the time of eight minutes and 15 seconds Steve finished with the time of five minutes and 15 seconds

Which puts him in first place, sorry Payton Stephen finished in the time of six minutes which was not good enough to beat Steve And Derek finished in the time of three minutes and 35 seconds (hollers) – Yeah – That was like destroyed it – So walking up as soon as I saw that it was a Lego challenge, I knew I have a super confident walking in I knew it was going to be easy I know that I was the fastest person to do it because I’m good at building Legos, plain and simple – Which is also the fastest time Derek, you are the winner – Looks like I’m the new SOTY boss (upbeat music) – I think Derek’s probably gonna put up with two girls but I also think that Steven and Derek are playing for each other and I’m the third wheel They’re probably just lying to me – Maybe I should start lying to some people I’m the only house guest that’s one SOTY boss twice I think people are gonna start coming after me I need to be really smart with who I put up this week Maybe I need to send a big player home – Looks like another easy week for me Things are going great, Eliminators So what do you think, Derek? – So obviously you guys know who I’m nominating this week (hollers) Eliminators! – Eliminators (indistinct) – Eliminators! – Eliminators! – Eliminators! – So which one’s going home first, Taylor or Payton? – Taylor – Yeah? – I think Derek’s gonna put up the two girls So I think you really need to push hard to try to convince him that Stephen has been trying to team up with you on the side So that maybe he puts Stephen up instead – Okay – Okay – Just, a shot, I mean, you’re going up probably no matter what unless you can get Stephen on there – Okay – Good luck – This game is so hard, I feel like I’m getting picked on over and over again Obviously I know what Derek’s gonna do and I don’t like it I wanted to let you know that Stephen came up to me today And we had a little bit of a conversation He said he would keep me safe next week if we worked together I just thought I’d let you know Yeah, Stephen said none of that – I think you should put it Steve or Stephen on the block ’cause if you, if you don’t, I mean they might, be a hard competition to beat and I’m not – You got a point – So I think Derek’s gonna listen to me – All right, SOTY house guests, it’s time for the nomination ceremony (dramatic music) As the SOTY boss it is my duty to nominate two house guests to be up on the block Remember you can still save yourself in the last chance challenge With that being said, my first nomination is somebody who I feel could be a good ally but I gotta put them through the ringer a little bit to see if they’re really on my side And that person is Payton – It’s my first time being on the block What? – And my second nominee is somebody who I feel is a little bit threatening at times, but other times, not so much And I just feel this is the safest option I’m sorry Steve – What – What? – Okay – I thought it was gonna me That is definitely great – All right guys the nomination ceremony is adjourned – I knew this day was coming I guess it’s time to step my game up I am not going home that easy We knew though guys that it was those two against us right? – Yeah – So bam if one of us wins, any of us, we get Stephen on the block

and then we control the vote – Then we will vote Stephen out If I win, I’ll get one of you guys off the block but then– – Ideally Taylor if you win, you take one of us off and he has to put Stephen up And on Derek’s reign, Stephen goes home – Stephen they are not happy – Definitely not – You put Steve up on the block – I don’t know I feel like I can trust you pretty good but Steve was still the wild card in the alliance – Yeah, he kinda came in a little bit later and he was very sus – He was pretty salty when like the secrets went around and he felt like he wasn’t a part of things – And then I’m gonna say, I’m pretty sure he was the one of the people that told one of the girls about the secret room that we found – That’s true I’m just trying to weed out the herd and get down to the true alliance you know? – I mean, neither me and Payton have been on the block yet so Has Derek been on the block yet? – I don’t think so It’s okay to be on the block Payton, I’ve been on it once – Cheer up Payton, we need you to have a good attitude We need one of us to win this thing – Yeah, I don’t think she’s going to handle it this well – It’s not good (alarm rings) – Hello SOTY house guests Who’s ready for another last chance challenge? In this challenge, each SOTY house guest will compete for the hour glass trophy The winner gains safety and can switch up the nominations This is a very important Last Chance competition Who’s ready to play SOTY Showdown Showdown? Head on over to the theater room Good luck house guests – All right who’s ready to play SOTY Showdown Showdown? – Me – We have drawn names at random In this competition a video will play on the screen The first house guest to buzz in with the correct answer moves on But if you get it wrong, you’re eliminated The winner of the first round will pick the next two contestants to compete The last house guest standing wins the hour glass trophy The first two that was selected was me and Taylor (dramatic music) – [Narrator] All right SOTY house guests, are you ready the first video? – Yes – Yes – [Narrator] Are you ready for the SOTY Showdown, 10 house guests, six weeks, only one winner with $100,000 at stake The house guests will compete each week to see who will control the house Blake was wearing a yellow dress, who was the other house guest that had yellow on their clothes? (dramatic music) – What? (buzzer rings) Payton – [Narrator] The correct answer was Steve – I’m eliminated and out of the competition I gets out on the first try, oh yeah I do – I’m staying in the competition and I choose Payton and Stephen for the next round I won the first round, I’m feeling pretty good (dramatic music) – [Narrator] All right house guests are you ready for round two? – We’re ready – Yeah (hollers) – Hey he’s actually hurt, pause – [Narrator] When Derek tragically was injured in the Slip and Leave competition, what color was Payton’s shirt (buzzer rings) – Pink – [Narrator] The correct answer was pink – Let’s go, let’s go! (hollers) – I’m eliminated I think I’m going home – I get to move on and the next two house guests are Steve and Derek Well, that was easy (speaks in foreign language) Payton – [Narrator] Are you ready? – Yep – Yes – [Stephen] Everything seems to be going as planned Derek – I know Jordyn got herself off the block,

Jamie is now on the block I mean, I thought we were gonna have to wait for a plan to go down but that worked perfectly – [Derek] So what do what we do now? – I don’t know, who do you think we vote for, who do you think we get out? – I’m gonna be honest, I think we vote Jamie out – We do need to vote an adult out yes, but Taylor kind of the enemy right now so I think our goal we vote Mom out and then you win next SOTY boss – And we focus firing on Taylor – Yes – It sounds good to me – Eliminators – Eliminators – [Narrator] Derek and Stephen made plans to eliminate Jamie but did they shoot more or less than 25 baskets? – This was a tough competition they’re asking these questions, I’m trying to look at the whole screen and there’s just information everywhere ’cause you don’t know if they’re gonna ask what color shirt gonna happen or what, is gonna be not easy – Shoot or make? (buzzer rings) I don’t know it, final answer less – [Narrator] Answer is more – Whoa, get out of town baby, whew! I’m not going home – I guess I’m eliminated Well, this is disappointing I lost on a question about myself, so that sucks – All right, I’m moving on It looks like it’s me versus Stephen (dramatic music) – [Narrator] Are you ready? – Yep – Yep – You’re absolutely freaking cheating! – No-uh! – You picked up that pillow three times, I saw you looking through the window when I hiding it You’re a big cheater! – It’s because you were looking, keep on looking back at me when I was doing it, (indistinct) – No I was not This is ridiculous! – [Narrator] During Stephen and Payton’s big blow out battle who won the tic tac toe game X’s or O’s – It was a tie – [Narrator] The correct answers it was the O’s – Yeah, baby, whew, I win, whew, last chance, last chance! – What gosh dang it – Bring on the hourglass Guys, what’s up, I managed to win this, I didn’t answer one question, I sat there and let everyone else get it wrong And you better believe I’m using this thing – Why would I even be looking at the tic tac toe board? I even knew the toys in the background thing were – All right, well since I won, the hour glass, it gives me the power to remove somebody from the block And before I do that, I want you to know that me taking myself off the block, I’m giving you someone else, I want you to know that I’m coming for you next week, you Stephen, block home I’m not done – We’ll see – [Stephen] Steve, this wasn’t part of my decision to put you up there – Oh please, you’re both done Since I removed myself from the block you have the weak power to put someone else up – That was a bit dramatic And since that I am the SOTY boss, I’m putting up Taylor – Why putting up not Stephen? (upbeat music) – Hi well I’m off the block, that’s huge news so now it’s up to me and Stephen to decide who is gonna stay and who is gonna go home And if it’s a tie Derek has to make the final choice, so, Payton or Taylor? (screams) – I’m on the block again Steve saved himself and I was the new replacement I can’t catch a break – So I hate being on the block but I’d rather be against Taylor than Stephen I really think I’m gonna stay in the house over Taylor (dramatic music) – So Stephen who do you think we should be voting for? – So, it’s between Taylor and Payton, right? – Yes, those are the ones on the block – Yeah, yeah, which one do we think is more of a threat? – I don’t really know ’cause it seems to switch off between weeks

Like Taylor’s really threatening one week, and then Payton is showing– – But I feel like Taylor has more blood against us than Payton – That is true, if we get rid of Taylor then we can say hey Payton we spared you, won’t you work with us – Also no matter what me and you have the winning vote, no matter what happens here – Stephen you need to trick Steve into voting out Payton so then we can get Payton to be on our side – Yeah – All right, so we’re deciding who stays and who goes home man Did you have anything to do with putting me on the block? – No, I didn’t, I honestly thought we were putting up Taylor and Payton and we were gonna try to vote out Taylor That’s all I knew – So Derek’s the back stabber? – Yeah, Derek, when he put that up there, I was like completely in shock – Okay, so who do you think we should send home? – I think we should send home Payton – Send Payton? – I feel like she’s kinda in the back holding the strings – Like I haven’t really had a good relationship with her like I don’t know what she is doing ever – Yeah, I think she’s probably in the back like pulling some strings and stuff – I think it’s not the worst idea, I mean, we just vote the same – Yeah – We can have a SOTY (indistinct) next week Okay – All right – All right SOTY house guests, it’s time for another elimination ceremony Since I am the SOTY boss I will not be voting Unless there’s a tie Before we vote we’ll let the two house guests plead their case – I’ll go first Guys I really don’t want you to vote me out because this is like the first time to be on the show and I promise I will be nice I just want to get to the finals and leave – I don’t think you should vote me out because Taylor could be harder to beat, so (laughs) So don’t vote me – All right house guests, it’s time to vote – I vote for Taylor to leave the house – I vote for Payton to leave the house – All right SOTY house guests the results are in Once I say the name of the house guest you must leave the house immediately The results are a tie Since it is a tie, I will be the tie breaker and I will choose who must leave the SOTY house I’m sorry to say this but Taylor you must leave the house (indistinct) (upbeat music) – I almost made it to the end – I’m safe! But I also feel so bad for Taylor With her being gone, it gets me one step closer to getting $100,000 I got this – Another one bites the dust, that felt so good Stephen I can’t compete in the next SOTY boss competition, so it’s all up to you, it’s all on your shoulders You gotta be in charge, you gotta do something Because Steve’s coming after me ’cause I put him up, and I’m sure Payton is not very happy that I put her on the block – That’s not good All right, so I’m gonna win this, we’re gonna (indistinct) eliminate one of them and we’ll get the show on the road – Perfect plan to me, Eliminators – Eliminators (alarm rings) – Hi SOTY house guests, time for another SOTY boss competition This one is perhaps the most important of all Hopefully you guys are ready And do a little bit of stretching, ’cause you guys are gonna be playing Laser Maze Good luck SOTY house guests – All right SOTY house guests, who’s ready to play Laser Maze? Since Derek was the last SOTY boss, he will not be competing in this competition Each SOTY member has to make their way through the Laser Maze The objective is to find all four digits to the combination for the secret room Whoever can make it into the secret room, in the least amount of time wins By random draw the order will be Me, Payton and Steve, oh yeah, and if you touch a laser you have to go back to the start Good luck house guests (dramatic music) – And do a little bit of stretching

(upbeat music) – All right, SOTY house guests, who’s ready to play Laser Maze? Since Derek was the last SOTY boss, he will not be competing in this competition Each SOTY member has to make their way through the Laser Maze The objective is to find all four digits to the combination for the secret room Whoever can make it into the secret room in the least amount of time wins By random draw, the order will be Me, Payton and Steve Oh yeah, and if you touch a laser you have to go back to the start Good luck house guests (dramatic music) (clock ticks) So my plan is I’m gonna start on this side of the room and then move all the way along to the secret room ’cause I feel like that’s probably the order that the code is gonna be in so I already don’t like this – All right here we go Whoa, green, yellow, red, blue, okay, ready, here goes I got this, don’t touch the lasers Okay – All right, okay, blue, red, yellow, green, blue, red, yellow, green, we got blue, red, green, I don’t see yellow Okay, I’m going for red first I gotta stay low I think This is gonna be tough Oh my gosh, how am I gonna squeeze through here? Okay, oh All right, I gotta win this so I will get rid of Derek (dramatic music) – Okay, all right, we’re good, we’re good So I’m gonna step over this one and then I’m gonna – Oh my gosh (indistinct) just like (indistinct) oh I’m a little scared I don’t wanna touch the lasers, I’m going back down – Four – Four, yes (hollers) Dang it, dang it, dang it, dang it, dang it, dang it, dang it Oh no Fast in the city – Very easy, shoot – That was scary Guys I was so nervous at the challenge – All right, I’m going in here we go I’m taking a different route this time This is just so weird I don’t think my body is supposed to move like this – Here goes Almost there – Two – Two, two, two, four, two – I haven’t even started pushing this thing yet All right, I’m good, I’m good All right, not the best start I ever had, but there’s a long time, I think I can still pull this off All right Not today laser – Oh my gosh Oh loose my money Okay, okay – Four – Okay here goes, four Four, four, four, four, four – I’m so scared, okay Oh no I’m hoping being small is gonna help me But I keep getting buzzed – This is the farthest I’ve been I gotta (hollers)

There’s lasers everywhere, I don’t know if I can win this – Two – Two I got pretty creative there, I was like climbing over the couch, going under things, just to avoid all lasers at all cost – I gotta hurry Yes, yes – Six – Six – Oh, I’m too far away Low I’m too fat, if I go high I’m too not nimble (laughs) That’s a close one Yes Okay, okay, now I got room and I’m okay, just gonna touch the red mat Ready, I can’t reach it – Two – All right two Two, okay, I’m gonna skip the blue mat and I’m going for the other two, I can guess the last number or first number What number is that gonna be? I’ll figure it out, two, two – Six – Four, two, six, okay Wait where’s the other pad? Oh my gosh This is like super risky Is there like a laser underneath me, no I’m good? Where’s that yellow one, it’s gotta be over here somewhere Oh there it is got it I don’t like this I really, really don’t like this Don’t touch anything please – I just need one more number It’s just right there, I can do this I have to hurry up fast though Okay, hopefully I don’t touch anything, I can do this, yeah, okay Oh no, going for the easier way Okay, don’t touch anything Don’t touch Yes – One – One I don’t know how to go back Okay down here, I’m scared, I can’t go through with this – (laughs) It’s like I gotta choose the right path That one looks like it’s got way more stuff, I’m going this way Oh I tore my sock God I think I should just give up at this point I don’t know – All right I can do this and I’m done Okay, okay, okay – One – One, go back now I’m so close No! – The easiest path goes down there – No, no! – You’re right there green Finally, finally, finally – Six – Six Two, six – Okay, it’s pretty much wide open from here Maybe it’s not wide open from here Ah-ha – I’m not gonna (indistinct) I’m not, I’m not, this is the last time, yes, yes What were the numbers again? There’s a one, one, four, there’s a four, one, four, wasn’t there a nine, nine, no there’s two, what? It wasn’t one, four, seven, two – Oh my gosh okay, well lasers I think I can get through here and reach over with my foot

Almost there Maybe (indistinct) – One – One All right, let’s get the blue one ’cause I don’t know one of the numbers I have three of the four, but I know the colors, I’m pretty sure blue’s supposed to be the first number, that’s my biggest problem Then it’s two, one, six (buzzer rings) – Okay, okay, four, two, six, one, okay, okay, okay, okay (buzzer rings) (buzzer rings) – Blue was four, red was one No, red was two, green was, the six, so four, no wait, four, two, one, six? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I did it! Yes I really didn’t finish fast enough (buzzer rings) – Maybe I touched the wrong button Four, two, six, one (buzzer rings) Wait, wait, wait, wait, what was that, what was the mat at the beginning, it was blue, on top left, red top right, bottom left, was yellow, bottom left was yellow, then green, so it’s four, two, one, six, four, two, one, six I’m in, I’m in, I’m in Unfortunately I did buzz a few times but I think I passed pretty good There’s no way that Steve and Payton can get through faster than me SOTY boss coming up (laughs) So I finished, finally and I don’t know my score is probably outrageous, it wasn’t pretty – All right, guys, are you ready to hear the results – Yeah – Let’s do it – All right, guys I finished with the time of 12 minutes and 17 seconds – Not bad – Payton’s time was 10 minutes and 12 seconds – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Which means that Payton is currently in first place and I’m eliminated Steve finished with a time of 24 minutes and 18 seconds – Yes, yes, yes, yes, who’s the best at (indistinct) in this household! (laughs) Yes! I’m the SOTY boss! – What, Payton won (upbeat music) Looks, like I’m in control First win, and the most important win Now I just have to decide who I’m gonna put up on the block – So Payton winning was the worst possible scenario – I’m happy for Payton but I don’t care who she nominates it’s all about the last chance challenge this week – All right guys it’s time for the nomination ceremony Please have a seat at the table (dramatic music) All right guys since I’m the SOTY boss it’s up to me to nominate two people for possible eviction I’d just like to let you know, it’s been great playing with you No hard feelings Okay my first nominee, I chose this person because someone that could be hard to beat but possibly not and that person is Stephen – Oh shots fired – Sucks with that hat on anyways – Excuse me – The next person that I nominate is someone that I don’t really trust, Dad – What? – You do realize this right, I’m just saying this real quick me and Steve, we never put you on the block,

Derek did – Dad just left me on the block though – Me and Steve never put you on the block – That’s it, I got that much more momentum for this last chance challenge – Good The nomination ceremony is officially over – I mean, at this point, this competition is like every man for himself, like whoever wins is the one who gets to choose two people to go Then nominate someone else – I know we’ve been working together as much as we can this far but you’re right this is– – Every man for himself – I know you can’t do much when you get to this point – I just thought petty Payton was gonna be on my side and help me out if something happened but I guess she likes Derek so now you can’t trust anybody else – I can’t trust anybody either – I mean, I really have no idea why I’m not on the block right now but – That sucks – Well if either of us, well you’re gonna have to go on the block – I better hope that I win then – All right I understand why you vote me out because I voted for Taylor – Hmm-mm – Okay here’s the deal though, those two are working together – I know – Me and you have the best chance if we’re going up against those, one of those two, not both of them So I think this is good because then they won’t suspect it, they might not care if you win but if you win you should at least think about keeping me ‘Cause then we can get rid of Derek who’s won the most competitions – And put me on the block – A lot of people for some reason trusts him, like you trust him, he put you on the block and you still like him better than me – Well – Yeah, I only had to vote for someone because he put you up there so, just think about it but I understand, I’m not mad, but I am gonna if one of us wins we should really consider working together – I’ll think about it (buzzer rings) – Hi SOTY house guests, Barb here again Are you guys ready for the last, last chance challenge? Perhaps the most important challenge in the season The winner gains all of the power of the house Who’s ready to play Last Catch challenge? Good luck SOTY house guests Ta-ta – All right guys who’s ready to play Last Cast challenge Each house guest gets to compete in this challenge To play each player will get 10 dodge balls to throw at them How many they catch is their number The person that catches the most will get the hour glass trophy and gain control of the house If you fall off the plank into the water, your turn is over All right, we did random draw to see who goes first And I’m first Bring on the dodge balls All right catching balls, this should be no problem though Yes No! No! It’s crazy they were like flying everywhere, like Yes! (laughs) Yes! Yes! So close! There was like one of them way up here that I caught then there was one like under my legs and I couldn’t catch them Yes, yeah! Yes! I got six points Six that might win my competition for me – All right my turn, bring on the dodge balls Look, I’m not the most agile person in this house probably, but I did play sports so I am thinking catching these balls, I might be pretty good at it (laughs) I feel like I’m gonna break this thing Easy, easy money That’s four baby, oh my gosh Okay, I’m good Oh my gosh they were to the left To the right, they were so high There were some that was so low that I was just I couldn’t get over myself to get down in front of, I did not wanna move and I was not gonna fall in Four to five Five out of six Whoa, okay, five out of seven, I can live with that Oh, I totally needed that I hope I can still pull it off Oh my gosh, yes, huge catch, boom! Oh my gosh, I almost fell in Oh yes, yes, seven, seven! I got seven points Seven points, out of 10 that might not be beatable I might have won I came through big in a big moment – All right, it’s my turn Whoa, ah!

Ah, I can realize I can move my feet but I don’t There was one that was way far to the left, didn’t even register Oh my gosh, I just strained my back trying to keep myself from dying Okay, okay, nice and easy Okay, spider reflexes right there No, that was gonna bounce back into my hands! There was one that went right through my legs, bounced through my hands a little bit, I really needed that one and I could have had a better score All right this is my last one My legs are gonna give out, oh my god My ending score was five points And I think that’s a pretty good score but I have a feeling some other people did better – Catching dodge balls, I am not the best at that, I failed during the dodge ball section in gym All right it’s my turn, here we go Okay I got one, this could work All right here we go Oh jeeze, Louise! Oh my gosh right through my hands oh Oh, okay I’m still at one but I still have a chance, I still have a chance I dropped another one And another one And another one Still only got one and oh, no! And another one, this isn’t going so well It’s so slippery, this is cheating ’cause the balls are all slippery before me and it wasn’t for the other people! Two, okay, see, see All right, got three, got three, got three, come on, one more, one more, all right, last ball here we go I had that, you cheater! I got three points I got three, I should have had more but this is not gonna win me the challenge – All right house guests are you ready for the results Each one of us is gonna take turns saying how much points we got I got six points – I got seven points – What, what? – I got a whopping five points – I got three points (laughs) – Wait so I won? Boom, final three, you and me and you baby, final three! – Yeah! – Bye Derek – All right Steve you win this hour glass trophy – All right well since I have this, I have the power to remove somebody from the block and I choose to remove myself All right Payton so you have to pick a replacement nominee – All right it’s my duty to pick a replacement for the nominee With so many choices, just joking, Derek come back up And that’s it for the last chance challenge – So it’s come down to this, me in charge So, plead your case, Derek – Here’s the thing, we’ve been in this alliance and I know it’s been a little bit of a rocky start but I think we can work together to get Payton and Stephen out and then it’s just mono e mono, a true challenge for the last bit – So if was down to, if you win the next challenge and you have to pick one of me Payton and Stephen, to go with you to the final two who would you pick? – I’d pick you at this point – I don’t believe you though – That’s up to you I’m saying now is that we can work together and I feel if you’re going up against Stephen that’s too easy of a win You want something that’s challenging don’t you, you wanna go out with a bang – I mean, I will consider you over Stephen because I feel like he hasn’t really been on my side the whole time either, it was just kind of a joint thing He says he had nothing to do with me going on the block but I don’t totally believe, you guys would make a joint decision – There’s a lot of talk when it comes time for me or Stephen becoming the SOTY boss There’s a lot of influence the SOTY boss – I’ll take it into consideration All right dude, it’s time for you or Derek I have to pick – You know I wanna talk to you about this for a little bit We need to think of the long run not just at this moment, who you wanna take out because Derek 100% will bring Payton into the final round

because he thinks he can beat Payton This entire time, he’s always I think we should keep Payton ’cause I have a feeling I can beat in her in the long run – Yeah, but you two, didn’t you guys have like a final deal? You only pretended to bring me into your alliance – I had no clue that– – Was it your idea to put me on the block – No I had zero idea He randomly like out of nowhere he said it, was our plan was– – You had nothing to do with it – Our plan was that we were gonna put up Payton – But you just said that Derek wasn’t gonna put Payton up – No put Payton up and then vote Taylor out, which we did, we ended up voting Taylor out but I think would probably rather pick Payton and 100% I am not taking Payton out ’cause I know she has all the girls votes – All right, I’m gonna think about it On one hand I thought I knew what I wanted to do right out of the gates but then after talking to both of them, I’m just not really sure what to do – You know I do not think the Eliminators were gonna come down with this but once Derek put Steve on the block, that’s when everything went down Now it’s kinda sad that one of us two is going home tonight but I mean, I don’t know I just gotta stick up for myself now and keep on going I talked Steve I think (indistinct) Sorry to say but I think Derek’s going home – I gotta bad feeling about this – All right house guests, it’s time for the elimination ceremony Steve, you’ll be the deciding vote to see who goes home tonight – Okay – As soon as Steve votes, the person that he chose to leave the house must leave the house immediately You both have a couple seconds to plead your case – You know I pleaded most of my case when I was talking to your earlier but I’m just saying I don’t know, just please keep me in I guess for now – I mean, there’s nothing really I can say right now to change anybody’s mind but just keep it interesting, that’s all I gotta say – All right Steve it’s time for you to vote who’s leaving – All right, well I just want the person who I’m choosing to know that it’s strictly because I think it would have been really hard to beat you so Derek I’m choosing to eliminate you – Goodbye Derek It’s the end of the Eliminators now – This is bull crap! – Hey don’t you dare! (hollers) I am disturbed! (laughs) Goodbye – You guys made a big mistake, I just watched $100,000 slip out of my fingers (upbeat music) – Final three guys – Oh my gosh – I can’t believe I’m still in – Yeah, neither of us believe we ever made it this far I thought I was in big trouble a couple times – I did too – I thought I was gonna leave like the first round (laughs) But Derek – Oh Oh, so this next competition is what it’s all about, it’s every man for himself The winner gets to choose one other person to go to the final two – I can’t believe I’m the last girl in the house – I know it’s crazy, Derek and Stephen were trying to get rid of all of them – You were too – Whoa – You were part of us this whole time – You tried getting me out – Yeah, you voted for her to leave, and I voted for Taylor to leave – I know who exactly I’m gonna pick if I win this competition – I’m confused on what I should do This might be the most important decision of the whole game if I win this competition What to do, what to do – I definitely know what I’m gonna do if I won this thing (alarm rings) – Hi SOTY showdown house guests, it’s Barb again This is one of the last times you will see me For our very last competition, whoever wins this competition gains the power over the house and gets to pick who they’re taking to the final two This competition is Payton, Stephen and Steve Today’s competition is brought to you by Vacos Cam, who’s letting you play the Vacos Escape Check these awesome cameras while you try to escape the Lego room Head on out to the backyard, good luck SOTY house guests (upbeat music) – All right so the timer starts once I enter the room Ooh Escape, this is good news for me because I’m smarter than the other two, to put it simply I should be able to get out of here pretty quick

All right let’s check it out what do we got here I’ve got a locked box, the last contestant eliminated Oh is that a question Okay I got cards on the colorful ground, some kind of pen or pencil and then flagged, oh the Vacos camera, okay – All right, I guess my time starts now Okay so first off I got a lock here I feel like I gotta open each three of these to open the main doors An escape, well we’ll see how well this goes, this might be a little rough – Oh guys, I can do this, I can do this I walked in the escape room and I was a little nervous because those things could be hard Okay, first let’s figure out what these are I’m not gonna grab that yet I think I’m gonna grab the yellow one first, ’cause there’s two – I gotta go one diamond, there’s two diamonds, two diamonds, three clubs, four hearts That’s not it I’ll never get out of here This is more complicated than I was expecting it to be There’s numbers on the floor, there’s banners on the wall, there’s just random things I’m sure this is gonna be as easy as I expected – All right ace two, three, four Okay, so diamond, diamond – Already a lot more difficult than I thought it’d be Oh okay, okay So, all right so that’s two All right I feel like I can use this hold on, there’s more hidden behind these things So, clover, spade, heart, done, all right First pawn down, all right, okay this says, this says, minus, okay D-I-G, what’s that? This is kinda hard ’cause I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know if they’re like clues, I don’t know what I’m gonna do – We’re being watched by a security camera It’s four, so I’m gonna put four right here What goes up top or the bottom, I’m just gonna do four here This four – Oh, oh, there’s a card behind it okay So, three, four, now, one, does this matter then, okay two, so it’s diamond, club, spade heart Diamond, club, spade, heart Boom! What do we got? Oh no – I think I might have to find more of these first to solve this puzzle and when I solve this I open that tiny little box over there, get the key for this But I think I need to get this first The last contestant eliminated I don’t know if this is just like a warning saying if I lose this I am out but like there’s no clue on either is, I don’t know, I’m not good at escape rooms This isn’t looking good for me, I have no idea what I’m doing – Dang it, okay so this one is eight, which would be one, this one is two, this is one is three, and this one is four I know what to do I did it I did it, yes! Okay A note Minus clover plus dig and, what? But I don’t know what I was doing and I think I’m doing pretty good ’cause I going fast – Is the camera pointing at something? No, it’s just pointing at me Uncle, no Last person eliminated, it was Derek – This is rough, there’s gotta be something like hiding somewhere like another clue, ’cause this isn’t enough I don’t understand Like I really don’t understand There’s gotta be, is there something underneath these? Am I even like allowed to look under these, okay, okay There’s something sticking out of here, ah-ha Oh! N, wait, N!

I found another note It says D Oh, where are the notes, I’m so scared I just found a note It says, P O, is that the last letter? – This is numbers that I need I need three numbers or a one, so what if I like, where’s the front top, six I’m just gonna try it Six at the top, that’s Man alive I cannot figure it out I’m trapped, I’m just sitting here, I haven’t solved one single clue, I am wasting time – The last contestant eliminated What does that mean! – So I got D, N, O, and P Is it like Pond I’m just gonna put that I just did it, okay How do you undo this, there you go Okay, what I got? (grunts) Oh It’s another one of those It’s this and this – What the heck am I blind? I’m just not paying attention to details Shoot, I’m gonna waste all my time doing this Zero, is that my number – I’m overthinking too much! That’s not, I’m not even worried about that right now but there’s gotta be a hidden letter somewhere – The last contestant, wait that’s Derek but how do I do Derek on this? Derek How much letters he has in his name, I don’t know – I am the worst, I, okay there’s things all over this room that I need to find N, okay so this is an O, no I will not ever escape from this room Okay What do we got? Oh boy plus diamond – Oh found one All right four letters, spells pond, pond, pond – I can’t figure this thing out Okay Derek, let me think of Derek How many people are eliminated before him? Maybe it’s how old he is But that’s three – Derek’s birthday July, I don’t know what day his birthday is 12th, oh no, I should have been nicer to Derek Oh boy – Wait maybe it’s his birthday I don’t know his birthday, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, it’s June, I do know that so it’s six It’s six, the 13th, I’ll do 12 first Is it the 11th, is it the 13th, 14th If it’s not, is it his birthday? I don’t know his birthday, this is so sad Okay, his birthday, is it was in January right, yeah, I think it was in January, was it in January? I got it right And I just guessed, I got it right What is in here? There’s, what is this doing here? Keys Yes, yes, yes Putting this over here, use this, just in case

Yes, yes! Okay, a clue, yes, I’m cruising – Stephen knows Derek way better than me I gotta he’s gonna know what his birthday is I just gotta start from the beginning Is it the 1st, the 2nd I don’t even for sure if birthday’s what I’m supposed to be looking for but 19, oh it’s 19, okay Sorry Derek Eliminated him and forgot his birthday All right, now we’re going, I got something done, stay calm, put through, I’m still probably gonna beat these two, because if I was having a hard time like this, they’re going to too – 15, 16, 17, I got it, I got it, I got it, finally! Just after a few hours of trying to think of Derek’s birthday Okay I think that very last part I kinda caught up on some time there – Don’t less, less, three, okay, now plus, on this lot and those, nine plus six plus 10 On to that plus 10 I think I did this right, I hate math, okay And two, okay, next minus hearts – It’s addition and subtraction so that should be it doesn’t matter any order Plus 15, 24 and that is minus 24 – All right there’s just one more box for me to solve Oh thank goodness, I checked back in there, all right, all right, this has gotta open this thing 910, ’cause that, where else was it? – Wait that’s a six not a nine! No, no, no, no – There’s still a box here – Oh what’s the DIG, I need to know what the DIG is – I feel like ace is a one, do I just dig this? – Yes, yes, yes, I got it, I’m free! And I’m done! I hope this time’s good enough to win this thing for me, I really wanna make this final two – Dig, the key! Does this lead me out, that’s the question, yeah, it is, it’s got to, it’s got to I gotta get out of here, I gotta get out of here I’m out, yes, yes, that stuff is a nightmare What’s my time, did I win? I may have gotten a good enough score to win But that okay, do I just dig this or dig this? I’m so confused A key! Where does this go to? Wait, where does this go to, oh yeah I got it, I’m free! (hums) It was easy-peasy win for me I hope no one else did it faster though – All right guys we are finished with the final SOTY boss of this season It’s time to announce the winner Stephen your final time was 24 minutes and 13 seconds Not bad Payton you finished with a time of 23 minutes and 43 seconds so makes you currently in first place – Yes! – And I finished with the time of 25 minutes and 32 seconds, Payton you won the SOTY boss competition – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! It looks like I’m going to the final two then – So Payton that gives you the responsibility to choose between Stephen and I to see who you’re taking to the final two – All right each of you have a few seconds to plead your case – Go ahead Stephen – All right, I’m gonna say this real quick if you take Steve to the final two, you are absolutely losing Do you wanna know why because if you take me out, I’m voting him, Derek’s voting him, Jared’s voting him Taylor who he had a secret alliance with and I knew the whole time is voting him Jordyn who betrayed you girls is voting him and Parker is probably gonna vote you and Blake,

that’s it period – Wow, is it my turn now? – Yeah – All right, first of all, I don’t think any of those people are gonna vote for me because I haven’t won a competition in weeks, I’ve really struggled, I mean, honestly if you were to pick do you think Derek is not gonna vote for Stephen, Jared, Stephen, Jordyn, for the same reason Stephen I think you have a lot better chance saying, I brought Dad, I beat him in the hard and the most important competition of the whole year I deserve to win and I think I can get you over him – Again, again, I’m gonna say this one more time, I know 100% because of the way their votes were – This is a debate? – This is a debate right now – Okay easy over here Donald Jr. let’s let me go – Like Taylor 100% depending on both of their votes, they always the same person no matter what Taylor and Steve have an alliance – All right guys your time is up, it’s time for me to eliminate someone All right this is really hard to me but I choose to send home Steve – En – Steve (dramatic music) – I guess this is how it ended Honestly she made the right choice, I would have won But I really thought she was gonna bring me, Stephen made a really good argument That’s a lot to lose (upbeat music) – Hello SOTY house guests Are you ready for today? We’d like to welcome back all 10 house guests – Hi! – This special final showdown We’re gonna give the house guests just a few minutes to discuss (dramatic music) – All right so I’ll start First of all Payton’s the one that kicked me out of the house so I don’t know if that’s a plus or a minus but I kinda respect her a little bit for it because that was probably the right decision But I mean, Stephen did what he had to do to get to the finals too so he needed a pretty incredible speech I don’t know it’s a tough decision on who to vote for – Stephen kicked me out so I think I am just gonna tell a secret to everyone I think Payton did good – So me and Stephen were in this alliance but it was more of me in the front, I was making all the hard decisions and Stephen was kinda in the background waiting until I got out and then he just happened to be in the final two – Wow – And somehow Payton managed to never get on the block until the end and that’s pretty amazing – I’m picking (indistinct) – So I think we should all want Payton to win because she’s been being pretty aggressive and I don’t wanna let her down ’cause she came this far – She did get both me and Derek out of the house – And Stephen he’s just like, he’s good too, I just feel like, he’s not good enough – I’d say Stephen’s in the final two that’s impressive Well Stephen did get me out of the house, he had the last vote, got me out but he’s also been working harder to get to the final two, got out lots of people but yeah, I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do yet – So Derek makes a good point that Payton hadn’t been on the block till the very end which could be smart game play or she just wasn’t playing hard enough And Stephen maybe just floating behind Derek but he was using Derek I don’t know like trying to like the little puppet master behind the person making all the moves – Huh – Since I was kicked out so early I didn’t see a lot of it so I’m gonna let them make their choice, like let them talk and I’ll hear both sides but you guys do make good points where I can see both sides so I’m gonna let them try to convince me – All right house guests, it’s that time but first we have a special award to give out It’s time to announce the favorite house guest Several weeks ago you guys voted on our Instagram

And my friend Blaine is here to announce the winner – Hey guys, the favorite house guest award goes to Jordyn – What! – Yes! – Wow, dang Jordyn – I thought I was everyone’s favorite house guest – I’m the favorite house guest! I get a special prize! – Congratulations Jordyn, you’re America’s favorite house guest Now guys it is time Payton and Stephen take time to plead your case – I just wanna say this real quick, I know I only won one SOTY boss competition but that SOTY boss I eliminated Jamie, a big competitor right after Derek just eliminated who was it, Parker So we already had targets on our back ’cause me and Derek had an alliance this entire time where were eliminating each and every one of the girls After that I had to win one, and Derek won right after and eliminated Jordyn which was another big competition but I kinda stayed back a little, let Derek do most of the work but I was kinda behind it all I was pulling some strings And that’s why I think I deserve to win this challenge – First of all Stephen’s only in the final two because I won the last competition And I brought him here I eliminated Steve, I eliminated Derek and I won a last chance challenge And I single handedly destroyed the boy’s alliance I mean Stephen’s alliance and now he’s the last pawn in this game Checkmate – Now it’s time to vote – I am voting for the person that I feel deserves it the most – I’m voting for the person that stood by me the most – I voted for the person, I think deserves it – I’m voting the person that I think is more loyal – Mine goes back to the very beginning who voted me and who didn’t – My vote goes to the person I think truly won the game – All right, SOTY house guests are you ready for the results? – Yeah – Okay – This is for the $100,000 prize – Payton has one point – Stephen has a point – Payton has another point – Stephen has a point – Why does it have to keep going back and forth – Stephen has a point – Payton has a point – Yes! – Payton has another point – Yes – This is the last one Payton – Yes! I won $100,000, yes! (upbeat music) Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! $100,000! (upbeat music) Bye guys thank you for watching today’s SOTY Showdown series Hopefully you enjoyed it, I know I did Make sure to subscribe to our channel and click that bell And give us a big thumbs up Make sure to download our SOTY app And we’ll you guys next time, bye! (upbeat music) (upbeat music)