Maisamma IPS Telugu Full Movie | Mumaith Khan, Prabhakar | Sri Balaji Video

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Maisamma IPS Telugu Full Movie | Mumaith Khan, Prabhakar | Sri Balaji Video

Brother-in-law, this is the government-assigned land in Kotapet. 400 acres Put the thumb impression And here there are 350 acres Another thumb impression And the other-ring road that was supposed to go that way was turned this way, and in this centre 450 acres Give another thumb impression We clutched 1200 acres, brother-in-law 1200 acres. We got it in this province And what about Andhra and Rayalaseema? What have they done wrong? I will grab the whole of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Chief minister, a minister in your cabinet is being accused of devouring the land around the city What’s your comment on that? Because of this your party’s reputation is severely damaged What’s your comment on it, sir? What action are you to take against him, sir? You are renowned in the entire country That you are a spotless minister And because of him that name is being hampered You would still ignore him, sir? Tell us, sir Why are you leaving without answering, sir? Tell us, sir Sadhu has corrupted a lot He is doing a lot of harm to the party I need to put a full-stop Really? Brother-in-law. Brother-in-law Brother-in-law. Brother-in-law – Hey, what? Nothing, brother. Do we have to catch dogs again for survival? – Why do we need to catch dogs? What else will we do after you lose your post? What rubbish are you talking! – The CM had already made up his mind that he would dismiss you Tomorrow it would be your last flag hoisting in the party office Brother-in-law. Brother-in-law What’s this! Why did you risk your life for me? You are our leader, sir. It’s my responsibility to save you Nothing would happen to you till I am alive Lie down. Lie down Take rest. Take rest Take care of him – Ok, sir Sir – What’s this? My resignation letter. I came to know that there are a lot of complaints against me. That’s why Opposition party complains hundred times But we don’t mind all that I know you are a man of integrity Don’t bother about all that Next week there’s cabinet exposition I have the faith in you that you could save this state just like you saved me I am promoting you as the home minister Thank you, sir – Ok. Ok Goodbye, sir Brother-in-law. Brother-in-law You are the luckiest person on earth, brother-in-law Just a while ago you were about to be dismissed But now you are appointed as the home minister You are lucky, brother-in-law. Really very lucky Brother-in-law, out of blue someone attacked on the CM and you saved his life all of a sudden Brother-in-law, from today onwards along with lord Venkateshwara’s photo “You must hang that attacker’s photo as well and worship him day and night, day and night Brother-in-law, he’s here. He’s here

He is coming. He is coming Come here. Come here, Narsingh He’s here. He’s here to kill you – He is our man Brother, you got me out of the jail so many times You gave me a chance to clear your debt after so long Brother, I am very happy today I won’t forget you, brother Brother Brother-in-law, you said he’s our man. Why did you kill him? We are done with him, and he is done now It’s always dangerous for us if a person who knows our secrets is alive Where are you going? – I am in the line next You are not capable of doing any harm Wash this knife What are you thinking? – You don’t look like my brother-in-law – Do I look like a killer? No, you look like the future CM, brother-in-law Give me those 250 grams How much? – Come on, sir! How can we take money from policemen? How much? – 40 rupees, sir Take it. – Come on, sir! How can we take money from policemen? – Just take it Did you see this, father! Did you see this! They think policemen are scoundrels drunkards, irresponsible people, social vultures who prey on innocent people by demanding bribes but no one knows that there was a person like Venkat Swami and an officer like your son Rama Swami in the department No matter however hard I try people are not letting me walk on the path of honesty From now onwards I won’t leave any officer or person taking or giving bribes I won’t leave them The government passed directives to ban bar and restaurants and indecent dances Come. Come Brother-in-law, when you smell those notes like a dog When I smell them? – 25 years ago 25 years ago? – ..In Palakollu municipality In Palakollu municipality? – ..when you used to catch dogs “I miss it” Greetings, sir – What’s their problem? Your government banned cabaret dance The women’s organizations were troubling us We can’t lose ladies’ votes, can we? Guys come to the bar only for cabaret dance, sir. – Ok If it is shut down we will be left with a begging bowl, sir. – Ok. Ok Sir, you will have to do something for us. – Ok. Ok. Ok The law that governments make are like vadas Vadas are for people and the hole in it is for you Insert your little finger in the hole Cabaret dance is banned, but Kuchchipudi isn’t “My name is Mummait Khan.”

“I am not related to anyone.” “My name is Mummait Khan.” “I am not related to anyone.” “I will steal your heart.” “I will entice you with my smile.” “I am an addiction, honey.” “I am a sweet pain in the heart.” “Beware of me “I am injurious for your health.” “Come to me. Come to me.” “Come to me. Come to me.” “My name is Mummait Khan.” “I am not related to anyone.” “My name is Mummait Khan.” “I am not related to anyone.” “Come, hit the floor, join me.” “In your town girls have nose-rings.” “But I have a ring on my navel instead of the nose.” “In your town ladies put a dot on their foreheads.” “But I have tattoos on my back instead of dots.” “Any game, any adventure..” “I am ready for any new experiment.” “My route is..” “My route is separate.” “I am the favorite of many.” “I have got a large market, kid.” “I don’t give a call-sheet to everyone.” “Come to me. Come to me.” “Come to me. Come to me.” “My name is Mummait Khan.” “I am not related to anyone.” “My name is Mummait Khan.” “I am not related to anyone.” “Officers, politicians, real estate orders..” “..join hands together and pay the rent..” “..l will give them mental peace.” “Roadside Romeos, rogues, and mischievous kids..” “..if trouble me too much I will put them in control.” “..with just one stare.” “No matter whatever the age is..” “No matter whichever animal it is, I will encourage everyone.” “I am doing social service, O boy.” “I am distributing my beauty.” “I am a virus.” “Sing in chorus with me.” “One. Two. Three. Four.” Wow! It was great What great dance! What great figure! Girl, I am ready to pay you as much money as you want From today onwards you are the permanent dancer in my bar – And what are we supposed to do? You want me to hand her over to you after introducing her? We are not taking her away for free. – Well-said First listen to me Tomorrow it’s Sunday She must be sent to my bar in Malakpet That’s not possible The number of colleges is more in Habsiguda Tomorrow it’s Sunday So she should be sent to my bar first Wait a minute. We got licenses together We shared profits together Let’s share this girl as well in the same way Won’t there be a problem from police then? Police? What can they do? The home minister is in my pocket You need not worry about it, girl We shall keep her together We will share her together I fell down – How dare you to arrest us!

Don’t mess with us Who got us arrested? Who dared to take action against us? Hey, inspector! Who is your officer? – Hey, you! It’s me, Scoundrel Mysamma. Mysamma IPS You are the one who danced in the bar, right? Hey, you! What are you up to? You don’t know about us Hey, you know who I am? Satti Satti of Sanatnagar. If I whistle once the entire city comes to a standstill You know that? Hey, Hussain! Brother Hussein! Habsiguda’s Hussain If I bang my thigh the entire assembly would be here What are you staring at? You don’t know me well Open the cell – Yes, madam Swami, send both of them here – Come Madam is calling you – Slowly Shut up! Stand quietly, scoundrels Swami, rub some oil and chilly powder on it. – Ok, madam No. No, madam. Don’t mess with us I am telling you this for your own welfare The stick’s ready, madam What? – What? What did you say? – What did I say? If you whistle the entire city comes to standstill? Yes, it comes to standstill – Then whistle No, madam – I said whistle Don’t make me angry I am whistling, madam What! You call it whistling? – My hand just slipped And the city comes to standstill with that? Once it came to standstill, madam You know how it should sound when one whistles? This is called whistling Hey, move aside! Come. You come forward And what did you say? If you bang your thigh the whole of assembly will be here? Bang it once – Let’s not talk here, madam We can talk somewhere else, madam – Shut up! Where else do you want to talk? Bang it. Come on Forgive me, madam What’s this! Is it a thigh or a stick? You know how one should bang the thigh? This is calling banging the thigh Madam, please. We are leaving you as you are a lady I am a lady, but you don’t know me well Go and ask them, they will tell you If I bend hundred men like you and give you a punch you will get a puncher Get lost. Get lost You start giving them a coating – Ok, madam Madam, if my brother knows about you he’ll slit your throat Who’s your brother? – The lion of Panjagutta Ok. Ok Greetings, brother – Wait a minute. Hey, you come here You are crossing the line You know who I am? The lion of Panjagutta Release my men – And what if I don’t?

I am giving you just two minutes time. Let them go Hey, you wait outside I am waiting inside I am giving you just two minutes. How are you? I am the corporator speaking from Old city Madam, Old city’s corporator Hey, stop it. That call is for me I am leaving. You can beat them What’s the matter, scoundrel? – Leave me, sir. Leave me, sir Is it for you? Is that call for you? Mind your language – Shut up! In Old city there is no water in the taps there are no lights in the market there are no drugs in medicines educated people don’t have jobs those who have jobs are not getting their salaries In spite of having so many problems why did you call police station? I am the corporator. I will see you What will you see? If I punch you in the middle of the road you know yours will get a puncher Great – Hang up the phone, scoundrel Hello! – Is inspector Mysamma there? One minute, sir – Madam, Srikakulam MLA That call from Srikakulam is yours – Yes You want me to leave you and beat the rest. – Yes, right I am Srikakulam MLA Appalaraju speaking What’s the matter? Did you put us behind the cell? Let him go – I can’t leave him But I can put you behind the bar and break your bones Scoundrel – That’s how a police should be Why are you screaming even before I hit you? Now scream. Now you scream Hey, stop! – I won’t You gave me two minutes time – Two minutes is over Stop there. – No, I won’t. I will never come here again Hello! Sir. One minute, sir. Wait It’s home minister Now the home minister will get a puncher Hello! – Good morning, sir No good morning – Tell me what it is, sir What shall I say? They are my men. Leave them How can I not leave them after you called me, sir! Leave them immediately – I will leave them right now, sir If there is anything you can take about it and settle it Ok, sir. Goodbye Swami – Madam. – Leave them Why didn’t you do that before? What was the need for such huge built up? Get lost. Get lost Get lost I got the call from where I was expecting Now I will make them sit and settle it as it should be done So tell me what you would like to take? Tea, biscuits, samosa, or anything else Basha. – Madam. – Arrange snacks for everyone Yes, madam. All of you may go out Swami, go, have coffee. Out Now tell me – Actually, madam Don’t waste my time and come straight to the point Madam, you are newly appointed here No one had told you about this But there is already an understanding between us What understanding! – That every month we From our association we give you 50,000 rupees every month It won’t do – How much do you want then? Two lakhs Betrayal. Fraud. Cheating Everyone is selling their soul. Everyone Politicians are selling themselves Police are selling themselves Bloody politicians Please move aside – Bloody police Hey. Stop- Get down. Get down Oh God! Why did you slap me? Hey, where’s the light? – Light? The rule that a cycle doesn’t need to have a light had passed a long ago – Oh! Who passed that rule? – You don’t know that as well in spite of being a police officer? That rule was passed when NTR was the CM. – You! Oh! Oh! Oh! Where is he? You are slapping me so many times to know that? – Where? Where is he? – He is in ‘Sardar Paparayudu’ He is in ‘Bobbili Puli’ He is in ‘Missamma’ He is in ‘Gundamma Katha’ He is everywhere You? ‘ Oh! Where is he now? – I am trapped here Where? – Now? He is here now And where is that, kid? – That means he is in heaven So you are trying to escape from here by taking someone’s name who is there? Come. Come to the police station. Come What will you do? – What will I do? I will take you to the police station and charge you 5,000 rupees fine for not having a light on your cycle and six months prison term

Come Oh God! – You think I would accept it if you beat me? You are right. You won’t accept it if I beat you with my hand Hand isn’t enough for you You will Now beat me. Now beat me Hey, stop! Stop! Stop there! Hey, stop! Politicians don’t have integrity Police doesn’t have honesty At least let there be lights on your cycles Let there be lights on your cycles Sister Hi! – Hi! – See this Happy birthday, sister! – Thank you. Thank you Hi! Come. Come. Come – Take the chocolate Happy birthday to you – It’s not my birthday It’s my sister’s birthday. Take the birthday chocolate, madam Happy birthday to you! – It’s not my birthday today, madam It’s my sister’s birthday. Long live – MP Ekambaram! Long live – MP Ekambaram! Long live – MP Ekambaram! Long live – MP Ekambaram! Long live – MP Ekambaram! Long live – MP Ekambaram! Hey, you all stay here I’ll be back Stay there Long live – MP Ekambaram! Long live – MP Ekambaram! You all stay here Brother. Salutations, brother Salutations, brother. Salutations Brother, I got these garlands only because of you The success I got in politics is because of you, brother Brother, it’s all your blessings Brother, I am a renowned rowdy of this town I have got so many murder cases filed against my name There was only one MLC seat And for that MLC seat there was a lot of competition But what you did in turn? You went to Delhi and used your influence. – Ok And got me that MLC seat. Thanks, brother. Thanks Uncle, there’s a call from Delhi – What’s the problem? They called to prove the majority He is asking you to come to Delhi along with the five MLAs behind you We are not his slaves that we would reach there as soon as he calls us. First of all ask him to fix the rate Ok. Hello! – Brother, you are God for me I will be indebted to you for many lives It’s alright. Now get up – No, I won’t get up, brother I will be here. I will stay here at your feet Uncle, he is ready to pay one crore rupee per person Tell him not to bother – Hello! I talked to uncle Many years ago just like you there was a person lying at my feet – Who is he, brother? Home minister Sadhu – Really! Uncle, he says he would pay two crores per person Is it aims? Hang up the phone Hello! What’s this – Sadhu stabbed me in my back He became a minister through wrong route I went to Delhi as an MP – Uncle, he is asking you to quote a price. Three crores for each MLA, i.e. 15 crores and 5 crores for me It’s 20 crores altogether Ask him to send 10 crores in advance. I will be there. – Ok Brother, what shall I do to repay this debt?

I am even ready to sacrifice my life I came to know that the party president has kept your sister-in-law – Yes, brother And I heard that he does everything your sister-in-law says – Yes, brother, he does Ask her to make my nephew the youth president Is that all? It’s not at all difficult She will get it done She will get it done Thank you. Thank you, uncle – Don’t thank me and mend yours ways Control your weakness of women You are my political successor in future Greetings, brother. Greetings Greetings Uncle, brother Gore has released from the jail today Do you know that? – Yes, I know that I need to talk to him Bring him on line Hello! – Brother Gore.. – Greetings, MP! I am very happy that you got released from the jail And I won’t be happy till I slash that Sadhu into pieces I know that. He killed the minister and got you trapped in that case He is a chameleon that changes color every second In order to kill him we have to outsmart him I am a dog I don’t bark I just bite I hate him more than you do I have been waiting all these days for his death and for you who would kill him I will plan how, where and when to kill him Leave it to me. Come to Delhi by morning flight. – Ok Gore, you came here searching me and instead of spending this night with me why are you getting into these fights? I didn’t come here for you, but I came for your daughter who is a grown-up girl now Daddy I am not your daddy, dear I will daddy of your child No, daddy. Daddy, please You shouldn’t say no. Sit down Sit down. Sit down Daddy, please. No, daddy You must give birth to a small baby And then you must play with that baby Come – Please. Please leave me, daddy Daddy, please Please leave me, daddy Mummy – Get lost. Mummy. Come here. Come here, dear Mummy. Please leave me, daddy Please, daddy Mummy. Mummy. How dare you! Someone please help me Who are you? I am your death I swear I am going to kill you Take this Watch this

Brother, greetings – Greetings What you said is right – What are you talking about? That Sadhu is very dangerous What has he done? – Brother Gore who was released from the jail yesterday, he was killed last night What! Brother Gore is killed? – What happened, uncle? Someone killed brother Gore – Who can it be? It’s definitely Sadhu. – What are we still waiting for, uncle? We shall kill him. – Bala, in politics you have to be patient I will tell him. His end is nearing Remove them Scoundrels, will you kill me with the garlands? Sit down. Sit down – Sorry, sir. Sorry, sir We forgot that you are stuck in garlands. – Carry on Now Mr. Bush Laden will present minister Venkobu a medal from Gunny book – Wait. Wait He is 7 feet tall, but he doesn’t have a brain He is giving me a plate instead of a medal Ok, I know that it’s a plate, but he doesn’t. Go ahead Along with the medal he will also present him a Gunny book I am very happy today, and at the same time I am very sad as well What I am happy about is that Mr. Laden Bush – He’s Bush Laden Yes, Mr. Bush Laden, he came here for me from America That’s what makes me happy Now what makes me sad is he came here and checked into a five-star hotel That charges such a high price To make sure that the Gunny Book people don’t face such problems in future I’m pledging to allot them 500 acres next to the assembly Are you happy? – Thank you What! 500 acres next to the assembly? But where is the vacant land? It has been transformed into public gardens – Thank God he didn’t pledge to give them the assembly itself I think the press didn’t like your pledge I wonder what they would write in the paper. – I am here Look how I would win them over And for my journalist brothers to build their homes I am sanctioning the public gardens There’s bad news and there’s good news What do you want to hear first? Give me the good news first – The newspaper guys have written high praises about your felicitation by the Gunny Book authorities yesterday What else would they do other than covering me? I had already sent them their covers And what’s the bad news? – You got an arrest warrant from the court – I am a minister How would they arrest me? – They came here with a permission from Assembly speaker Why was I summoned, sir? – A case has been filed on your name – Who filed it? – It’s me Who are you? – An unemployed man What’s your problem? – In year 1992, on 2nd of October under Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in the rally in Palakollu a politician a minister, a responsible person a big gentleman in his speech said that everyone must study and vowed on Mahatma Gandhi that he would provide a job for every educated youth, and that pledge was made by this big honorable gentleman, your honor I see – My father who believed that vow for me, for my studies sold all our assets, our only home

one goat, two hens, one bike, one cycle and I even sold my wife’s nuptial thread to get a degree, your honor – I see. – Yes In year 1996, in the month of May at midnight my wife committed suicide, your honor because of, because of this honorable gentleman My father also committed suicide as he couldn’t bear the poverty – My God! My mother couldn’t bear that shock and she too passed away And the reason behind these three deaths is this honorable minister, your honor Yes, this honorable minister But.. But till now I didn’t get a job So, your honor, under Section 306, 307 and 308 This man who committed three murders should get 14 years imprisonment for each murder i.e. 14 multiplied by 3, 42 years He must get 42 years imprisonment Or he must be hanged till death thrice Or this particular moment he has to give me a job as per his pledge That’s all, your honor This is August 29th, 2007 Till this unemployed man gets job as per his promise this minister will have to pay him 25,000 rupees salary per month This is a verdict I am passing with tear in my eyes and grief in my heart Are you happy? Hello! – Is it Mr. Basha? – Yes It’s.. Your daughter consumed poison What happened? – My daughter consumed poison, sir Swami, what happened? What happened to Basha? Basha’s daughter consumed poison – What! Basha wanted to make her daughter a doctor She is getting a seat only because of her rank. Got it? From others we take minimum 50 lakhs but since she reached till here without any recommendation you have to pay me at least 25 lakhs I can’t pay such a big amount, sir – Why? You are policemen. You don’t leave even cycle-riders You sure earn a lot of money Not every policeman is corrupted I survive on my salary – You mean we depend on bribes? No, why would I say such a thing, sir? With the salary I pay my bills, run the kitchen and supported my daughter’s studies till now My wife passed away due to lack of proper treatment That’s why to make my daughter a doctor I worked over-time all my life At most I can arrange up to 25,000 rupees, sir Please give my daughter a seat in your college I beg you, sir – A person who doesn’t have money to get treatment for his dying wife dreams of making her daughter a doctor? Your daughter looks good If you take your daughter to one of your senior officers he’d give her a constable’s job And then you can get her married to a constable like you She would have a baby constable then Why would a constable dream of making his daughter a doctor? Now get lost After her dream of becoming a doctor was shattered That girl committed suicide, madam What’s this, daughter! Are your studies more important to you Than me? – Papa You wanted to leave me alone? Can I live without you? – Brother Basha.. – Madam Zarina, every person should have the will power to reach their goal at any cost. No compromise. Ok? Here is your MBBS seat – Thank you. Thank you, madam It’s ok. Don’t do something as stupid again

I paid the donation and fee that required Now you are the future doctor, ok? Thank you – Best of luck My two hands might not be enough to save the world But just my indication finger is enough to wipe a fellow human being’s tears Taking bribes might be wrong “But using that bribe for a noble cause is not wrong Father. Father, at first I thought Mysamma is a good girl, and then I thought she is bad And now I think she is very, very good Sometimes I don’t like her But most of the times I like her, father Earlier you used to say that a doctor-doctor pair looks good and a police-police pair looks even better Mysamma next to me. How’d we look as a pair, father? It’s ok with me if it’s ok with you “Your walk is a beauty.” “Your waist is a beauty.” “The curl on your waist is a beauty.” “I will touch it. I will hold it – Shut your mouth.” “Look at the front. It’s a beauty.” “Look at the back. It’s superb.” “Look at the face. It’s a beauty.” “Look at her top. it’s..” “Get lost.” “Your yearning for me, your longing for me..” “ out of this world.” “Now stop pretending, my handsome hero..” “..l am falling in love with you.” “You can’t resist my charms for too long.” “Just take me into your arms.” “I will be impressed..” “..if you fulfill my wishes.” Shut your mouth. What rubbish? Nothing “Don’t take such liberties Listen to me.”

“You make me angry every second.” “What’s this trouble? You are fighting me?” “It’s so difficult to handle you.” “You are driving me go crazy.” “Remove this distance between us right away.” “Show me heaven..” “..after night falls.” Our madam will be presenting a good-luck ring to Zarina who is going to join the medical college on behalf of the residents of this colony Thanks, sister – It’s ok Dear – Zarina, get up I am always your well-wisher No compromise. Ok? – Ok Wish you good luck If a constable stands in a circle everyone living across that circle can sleep in peace These were my father’s words And today what I heard is that a constable who works day and night putting his life at stake can’t dream of making his daughter a doctor And madam Mysamma paid the donation fee and answered that college management in their own way and helped my daughter realize her dreams Basha, no On behalf of all the residents of our colony I wish Zarina that she fulfills her father’s dream to see her as a doctor and to see her reach a great position in America I won’t go to America after I become a doctor I will start a hospital in our police quarters Due to the lack of money for the treatment I lost my mother at a young age After I become a doctor I will make sure that no other child loses her mother for the lack of money Take care, dear. Study well – Ok, father The train is about to leave. Come fast Come. Get in this coach You can change the coach in the next station Your coach no. is S9. Take care The ticket is with you Take care, Zarina Call me to the station after you reach there Bye, father. Bye – Take care, dear What’s he doing here! He was supposed to be in the court Who are you? – The unemployed Why did you come here? – Why are you surprised! I came to join work – Work? On August 29th, 2007, the judge passed a verdict Did you forget it? – Why would I forget it? I am giving you salary every month – That’s the reason I had to do some work for you, sir Tell me what I should do – What can you do? I will do whatever you would ask me to do Dance on my head – The space isn’t enough Then go outside and dance – There’s no space at all Why isn’t there? – There’s a big crowd over there Crowd? Who are they? – Unemployed youth Unemployed youth? – Yes. Along with me you must pay a monthly salary to all the educated but unemployed youth who belong to your constituency The judge passed this verdict with tears in his eyes and grief in his heart – ‘Are you happy?’ – Yes So now you want me to pay you all monthly salaries? No – Thanks. – No thanks Why? – They are already being paid salaries downstairs They are being paid salaries? Move. Move. Don’t break the line Don’t break the line Here’s your 25,000 rupees The minister’s reputation Shouldn’t be hampered. Count it Hey, you! Which godown did you bring that money from? How much? – 20, sir Move aside. Move aside. Move aside Please come, sir. Please come Actually what’s happening is – There’s no need for that He told me everything – And I distributed the money What! It seems to be a long line You need not worry, sir. There will be about 1,000 persons What! – 1000 multiplied by 25,000 which makes it 2.5 crores Hey, I am telling you this right now. You must come here on the first of every month and take your salaries Our sir’s reputation shouldn’t be hampered It’s 2.5 crores per month, sir which makes it 30 crores per year He has collapsed. He won’t get up any time soon Are you happy?

You can go Hello! Yes Send the body for post-mortem Brother Basha, I heard that your daughter is studying MBBS – Yes, brother With Allah’s mercy she should become a big doctor That’s what I am living for Allah will make your wish come true. – Thank you Sir What’s the matter, sir, you are here? Brother Basha, come with me – What happened, sir? I’ll tell you. Come with me Please Brother Basha! Excuse me – Yes I am sub-inspector Rama Swami – Hello! I want some information – Ok Sambayya, AC coach – It’s me Ok. A few days ago on 3rd a girl called Zarina met with an accident in the AC coach.. – On 3rd? Yes, a girl got into the train in moving train By mistake she got into the AC coach So I asked her to go to her coach S9 I don’t know what happened after that You mean you don’t know that that girl fell down from the train? – No, I don’t know that, sir Thank you for the information – It’s ok My in-laws gave me this ring, sir You got the ring that that girl was wearing but you don’t know what happened to that girl? Tell me Tell me. Tell me what happened to her Tell me the truth Tell me the truth I don’t know, sir. I don’t know anything Don’t beat me, sir – I will kill you I will tell you, sir. I will tell you. – Tell me. Tell me That day after that girl got into the train Who are you, girl? – My coach no. is S9, sir The train moved and I got into this coach You shouldn’t be in this coach This is AC coach You can be fined for this – Oh no! What shall I do now, sir? Change the coach in the next station. – Ok Buddy, there’s a great figure outside

What a great figure! – What are you saying! Did you call me, sir? Thank you, sir Girl, it will take time to reach the next station You can sit inside. – It’s alright, sir. I will stand here What are you saying! You are like my sister There’s vacant seat inside You can sit there. – Ok, sir Sit here, girl. You won’t have any problem. – Thank you, sir It’s ok Enjoy yourself! Hey! – Sir She’s dead – What would happen now, sir? I might lose my job – I will take care of your job First you throw her out of the train. – Ok, sir You killed an innocent girl, scoundrels Sir, I haven’t done anything I don’t know anything, sir Sign here. Sign here Sir – Sign here! Sign here! You sign here. You too sign here Swami. Swami, stop it I said stop it What do you think of yourself? If you arrest them you must bring them here If you interrogate them you must do it here If you take statements from them you must take it here You took them to a secret place bashed them up, warned them, threatened them and took confession statements from them How dare you! – Madam, they all have money and political support They can change the law and escape. That’s why I took their confession letter that they committed those murders This is enough to send them to the prison, madam Give it to me. Did you prepare the FIR papers? Give it to me – Madam. – Give it to me Let them go – Madam, but The court has given their bail Here are the bail-papers Release them – Madam, but I said release them – No, madam We shouldn’t release them, madam File a case against them, madam. Please It’s none of your business It’s me who should decide if we should file a case against them or not Brother-in-law, three’s a girl for you Be careful – Good morning, sir Tell him who she is – Ok She’s police officer Mysamma

Greetings, sir. – Minister sir, our kids are released Thanks a lot, sir. – Hello! It’s not my brother-in-law you should thank, but you must thank police officer Mysamma – Thanks, madam Sir, here are the confession letter that Swami made them sign and the FIR file – Ok. Ok Ok. Ok. Mysamma. I think I saw her somewhere Mysamma. – Sir. – When are you Where did I see her? producing the four of them in the court? – Next Monday, sir Next Monday – Next Monday? Minister sir, you must save our kids in the court You need not worry at all If you have black money my brother-in-law can Am I right, brother-in-law? Thanks a lot, minister sir We shall go now Sir, I will also make a move – Mysamma. – Sir You stay there I think I saw you somewhere Did we meet before? – We met once But I don’t remember it – I didn’t forget it Did you meet her in some party? You must have met her in the police day function where you were the chief guest. Am I right? Ok, we shall meet later on – Thank you, sir Madam, my brother-in-law set his sight on you Now your good time has started Yes, the countdown has started Order Order Order Please proceed – I dealt this case, sir As per AC coach attendant Sambayya’s statement they molested Zarina mercilessly and killed her and threw her body from the train And watching Zarina’s dead body her father head constable Basha died with heart attack It’s inhuman, sir. We can’t let them escape Sir. Hang them, sir. Give them capital punishment Order. Order – Are you Sambayya? Yes, sir. – Whatever that sub-inspector said is true? He was lying, sir This is Sl’s conspiracy He had beaten me and forced me to sign on that paper Then what’s the truth? – That girl committed suicide, sir Swami, this is court – Note this point, your honor What actually happened? – Sir, that girl instead of getting into S9 coach got into the AC coach And her cell phone rang just then She was talking to her boyfriend and said You rascal! How dare you to betray me! And banged her cell, sir She tried to jump from the train I tried my best to stop her from doing that In that struggle that girl’s ring was left in my hand, sir And she jumped from the train, sir She died right in front of me, sir – He’s lying He’s lying. He sold himself for money Sir. Sir, that girl didn’t have a cell phone Order. Order – I am the railway police constable We got this boy’s photo inside her blouse from her dead body I am the railway superintendent As per the reservation chart those four guys didn’t travel in the AC coach that day I am Dr. Venkat Rao I did the post-mortem on Zarina’s dead body At the time of her death that girl was 3 months pregnant Here are the post-mortem reports The evidences and witnesses’ statements prove that Zarina fell in bad company and as the boy who made her pregnant betrayed her she couldn’t get over that shock and committed suicide by jumping from the train And these four persons are acquitted. – Yes Because of you. It happened only because of you You are the reason those four guys have escaped without any punishment – Yes, it’s because of me. So what? So what? – Wow! You put it in such a simple way Had you submitted the FIR and the statement I took from them in the court – If I had done that? They would’ve got capital punishment Is it enough if you think so? Foolish man, police department doesn’t consist of only you and me There is an officer above me There’s another one above him And above him there’s another one Above all of them there’s the big daddy The home minister. If I hadn’t torn those papers someone above me would’ve torn them What happened in the court now would have happened even if I had done what you wanted me to do So that’s why money and reputations bent you? Tell me the truth, madam How much did they buy you for? And how much did you sell your conscience for? – Hey! Do you have any idea what you are talking about? What’s the dharma you know? What’s the justice you know? They have tied down the justice with blindfold It has become blind and dharma is limping Morality has died

The green currency is ruling the world The rich man is the king The rich man is the God What would we achieve by rushing into things except becoming a worthless sacrifice? I won’t burn myself to bring light to the world I am a vow. I am not a tool I am a war. I am not a matchstick I am a volcano Justice will prevail eventually either by hook or by crook Girl – Yes What’s your name? – My name is Venki O baby – Yes Which place do you belong to? – I belong to Mandapeta What’s this? – Fruit What’s this? – Milk What’s this? – Thorn What’s this? – Basket Tell me about yourself I feel shy “Buddy, come here.” “There’s a girl from Mandapeta She’s damn hot.” “Buddy, come here.” “Here’s a beautiful babe. She says she can’t resist herself.” “The girl is here in a sari.” “She wants us to pull her drape.” “She is seducing us hard.” “Buddy, come here.” “There’s a girl from Mandapeta She’s damn hot.” “Buddy, come here.” “Here’s a beautiful babe. She says she can’t resist herself.” “The moving train is on the run.” “The moving train is on the run.” “if I miss it I can’t catch another one any time soon.” “Let’s dance till we drop.” “And when we drop let’s drop on the bed.” “There’s fire in me ” “Come to me, I will serve you everything.” “She asked us to dance – She called us to the bed.” “She’d serve us something – She asked us to kiss her.” “And when went to her she blushed away.” “I am a shy girl.” “My drapes are being pulled.” “I am a shy girl. My drapes are being pulled.” “if you can’t stop yourself meet me at night.” “I am a beauty babe. So take my care. You’ll benefit.” “My beauty is yours Fire a matchstick.” “She stole our hearts – She promised us a lot of fun.” “There’s a great night ahead – Full of fun.” “She might get upset if we snub her now.” Oh! I am feeling shy. Leave me Let’s go one thing You close your eyes. I will hide somewhere. – Ok He who finds me first – Me will get to enjoy me first – It will be me. It will be me It’s me – Then close your eyes. Close them Close them Hey, who will get the first chance! Who else will get it? I will get it Hey, did you find her that way? – No, she’s not here

Hey! Oh God! Good morning, sir – Oh! When I open my eyes early in the morning I don’t find God or demon I find you in front of me Why did you come here so early in the morning? There’s a good news and a bad news for me Give me the good news first – I sold 25 acres land and solved those unemployed youth’s problems Thank God. And what’s the bad news? There’s a summon from the court, sir. – Oh! Whose house is it? – It’s yours, sir Who are all they? – Sir, they are beggars Why did they come here? Sir, you made a pledge that you would build pucca houses for all of beggars of our constituency Yes, I did – The judge reacted to your pledge He passed the verdict that till you build pucca houses for all of them they can stay in your house Sir, are you happy? – Sixer! Sir – Secretary. – Yes, sir Did I get hit on right or on left? – On your left side, sir Then why did you say it’s on the right? Now you’d see only on one side, sir. – Are you happy? Brother, your nephew has been killed It’s Sadhu who did it – Yes, brother-in-law that Sadhu got him out of the court and got him killed to get even with you Sadhu. Sadhu I won’t leave you You killed my nephew You killed brother Gore You are killing all my men I won’t leave you I will kill you Here it is. Take it. You want to kill me, right? Kill me You have been like this ever since the beginning

More aggression and less thinking No one with even half a brain would believe That I killed your nephew, but you believed it. Ok Just because you are my master I am ready to give you my life as fee. Kill me. Kill me Oh God! Even the Surabhi stars and cinema stars are nothing compared to brother-in-law’s acting prowess What more can I ask for if I am blessed with death by my master? – Sadhu! Kill me. Kill me – Sadhu! Sorry. Sorry No. I didn’t know that you could think so cheaply There can be some differences between you and me, but they are political But that doesn’t mean I would kill your nephew If he gets mad he would kill you – The case was twisted in the court and those four kids escaped from punishment. Whose scheme do you think it is? It’s our minister’s scheme Who do you think must have killed them? Brother-in-law, CM, CM – Yes, I have doubts on CM What! The CM? – Yes. You are strong in Delhi and I am strong in the state If we forget the old disputes and join hands he feared that his chair might be in danger So he might’ve planned this to keep the flames of hatred between us burning – Absolutely Absolutely you are right, sir – CM, Delhi is in my hand Your chair will be vacated with just one snap of mine I got it. I got it. I got it Now it struck who killed your nephew. – Who is it? Rama Swami – Rama Swami? Yes, sir. Rama Swami He’s the one who dealt this case He produced the four of them in the court and thought of getting them punished to get a promotion But when he missed it he killed the four of them Brother-in-law, CM, CM – Yes, the CM must be with him He is right, sir. He attacked them in the court itself If Mysamma hadn’t stopped him that day he would’ve killed them in the court itself Hey, go and find him Slash his hands and legs if necessary. Go Come. Come fast. Come fast Stop

Who are you? Did you come to kill them or to save me? If you came to save me what was the need for you to save me? Who are you? My two hands might not be enough to save the world But just my indication finger is enough to wipe a fellow human being’s tears It’s you, madam? – Yes, it’s me. l am Mysamma, IPS Indian Police Service The justice I can’t deliver with uniform is being delivered without uniform I found Zarina’s killers and chased them and then killed them mercilessly A sinner can escape from that court But he can’t escape from my court Madam, you are not the Mysamma I know Some strange power has taken over you Yes, a super power has taken over me That power’s name is Durga Kanaka Durga. My sister I was born in Mother Ammavari’s festival “Hail the mother!” “Hail the father!” “Worship the mother.” “Hail the mother! Hail the father!” “Worship the mother.” “Hail the mother. She is another form of goddess.” “if woman didn’t exist mankind wouldn’t have existed.” “You wouldn’t have been born.” “if women didn’t exist nature wouldn’t have run.” “You wouldn’t have been born.” I lost my mother and father in floods My sister was both mother and father for me As far as I remember I never called out mother I called out my sister “At the age of drinking milk..” “ had to fed your sister milk.” “You helped her at every step..” “..and taught your sister how to walk.” “You are her sun, you are her moon..” “ are her goddess.” “if woman didn’t exist mankind wouldn’t have existed.” “You wouldn’t have been born.” Mysamma, go to the second room – Ok, madam For my studies she discontinued her studies and shifted to Hyderabad She kept in the hostel and used to do dance programs Hey! Hey! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! What’s wrong with you! This is classical dance program Classical dance She is performing that dance If you trouble her for no reason Watch it if you want to or else get lost from here If you trouble her again l am going to kill you Hey, start dancing I mean start it. – It wasn’t clear if people were scared of him or respected him, but the crowd became silent The program took place without any problem

Where are you going? – Shankarpalli Shankarpalli? At this hour of night? Come, I will drop you there – It’s alright The last bus hasn’t left yet You need not take trouble Ok, if you face such a problem again do give me a call I will take care of them – Thanks, goodbye Hello! Do you have a phone? This is my phone. Take it – No, thanks Give me a call if there’s your classical dance program It’s alright. Take it. Take it It’s a gift from me. – Thanks a lot Your dance program was really great today. – Goodbye I need to go to Shankarpalli, but I missed the last bus Can I stay here in the station for this night? Women can’t stay in police station, madam No, I will leave early morning. Please Ok, you can sleep there – Thanks Sir She was going to Shankarpalli I need to go to Shankarpalli, sir. I missed the bus I will leave early morning, sir – I know everything It’s raining There’s no one with me If you spend this night with me – Sir, please Sir. No, sir Please, sir – Don’t get scared Sir. Please, sir – Please co-operate with me Please, sir. No, sir No, sir I beg you. Leave me, sir Please, sir. Don’t do anything to me Don’t do anything to me, sir. Don’t do anything to me Sir, I beg you. No, sir – There’s no one around No, sir. Leave me, sir Hello! Give him the phone Hello! – Sadhu Sir – She is my girl She must be in my house in five minutes Greetings, brother – What Brother, I didn’t know that she’s your friend and made a mistake, brother. Forgive me, brother You may go – Goodbye, brother You may go – Goodbye, sister I told you that if a girl like you lives alone in the city she would face a lot of problems Policemen are even crueler You should stay here You will be safe You won’t face any problem Go. Go inside please I am here. Please What happened? I think you don’t have clothes to change So I brought these – No, I have.. – Guests are gods I read this quote in some book It means we must treat our guests as gods Please don’t say no Please come. Take the holy offering ‘My sister fell for his pretensions.’ ‘She stayed there with him.’ ‘She left me in the hostel, supported my studies..’ ‘..and did her dance programs.’ ‘Sadhu was her support system.’ ‘He treated her with great respect.’ ‘He never crossed the line just because he gave her shelter.’ Durga People are murmuring behind us as we are living together before marriage I am a man. I can handle it but I don’t want people to talk about you in such a way Durga, if you wish we can get married And if you don’t want to – ‘She liked her goodness.’ ‘She thought that he can be her lifelong companion.’ ‘She thought that with his support she an get me..’ ‘..educated and help me reach a good position in life.’ ‘She agreed to marry him.’ “Destiny plays different games with us.”

“No one knows what would happen tomorrow.” Until after the wedding my sister didn’t know his true identity. Sadhu is a good person on surface But inside he is one of the worst human beings To succeed in politics he was ready to take any shortcut He used to exploit innocent girls He was the right-hand man of local MLA Ekambaram I got married recently, sir. She’s my wife He was minister Govindaraju’s pet dog No, dear “Kichaka, Ravana, Dushyashan Bhasmasura still exist in today’s world.” “Will women have to suffer these atrocities till eternity?” “Woman is form of Mother Durga..” “Woman is a form of motherhood..” “Those cries..” “Those tears..” “Those cries, those tears..” “..are all over the world.” “Is it for these notes?” “Is it for these notes?” Not just the corporation chairman But even he becomes an MLA tomorrow he would still be my pet dog and wag his tail at my feet Sir, I will become an MLA? – Yes Some changes and remodeling is going to take place pretty soon. I will make you an MLA But you have to do something for that Your MLA is not listening to me – Is that so! Kill him. – If I kill him how would I become an MLA, sir? Foolish man, if he dies the MLA seat will be vacated And I will give you that seat – Sir, I have a small doubt What is it? – If the MLA’s seat is vacated I’ll become an MLA Similarly if the minister’s seat is vacated I will become a minister, won’t I, sir? – What rubbish are you talking! Vacate your seat, sir Hey, kill him. Kill him No. No What’s this, Sadhu? – I gave a lead to the high command that you joined hands with the opposition And they promised me the minister’s post if I kill you Sadhu, no – I made a deal with them, sir Sadhu – Thank you You got me wrong. I am not a dog at your feet But I am a wolf at the graveyard Hello, police station! I, Sambashivrao Dunnapotula You brought great luck to my life From MLA’s assistant I became a minister But you are still there Generally on such occasions women demand this or that Jewelry, ornaments, land, or whatever! But you ask for anything You don’t take anything even if I want to give you Ask me something. Ask me something Ask me something Will you do me a favor? – What! Favor? Can I believe my ears? You need a favor? Ask me. Ask me. You will get whatever you want Ask me. Ask me – I want a seat in the college You want to join college? You want to join college? I want the seat not for myself, but for my sister You have a sister? But you never told me about it I didn’t want to tell you about her Does she look like you? It’s none of your business Will you give her a seat or not?

I will definitely get you a seat That’s my responsibility Your sister my sister-in-law She’s like my own child. I will arrange a seat tomorrow itself I am minister’s PA You wanted a seat for your sister in the college What’s her name? Her name ‘vs Mysamma. Durga, your sister’s seat is confirmed. She can join right away – Goodbye, madam I came to take my sister – She’s not here, madam She’s not here? Where did she go? She said she is going for admission in college Get down, girl – Why did you bring me here? Come inside, I will tell you Where’s my sister? – She’s inside. Go in Ok – Go in Come in, dear. Come in – Where’s my sister? Durga.. Durga is about to come. You come here It’s ok. I will stay outside – Do not worry I am your brother-in-law, i.e your sister’s husband Your half husband. Come. Come here It’s alright. I will stay outside – I am here No. Leave me I am feeling scared I am feeling scared. Leave me Hey! Hey! – Brother. – Sister Hold her. Take her inside and keep her mouth shut What’s the matter, Durga, you are here? My sister left from the hostel, but she didn’t go to college I wonder what happened to her. I came here After I came to know that you are here. I am very scared I felt like telling you about it once Where must she have gone? She must’ve stuck somewhere in the traffic She must’ve reached college by now Come. Come. Come – No. No I will go to her college once – Durga, take my car Peon, take madam to the college – Ok, sir Stay here. Stay here I am here. Your sister has also left I am here – No. – Come, let’s enjoy Leave me. I want to go with my sister Leave me. I am feeling scared Hey, leave her! – Sister. Sister Hey, after ruining my life now you want to ruin my sister’s life as well l am going to Sister – Hold her. Hold her I ruined your life? I gave you a life, but you are ruining by yourself. – Hey, if your harm my sister in any way I am going to kill you She’s your sister-in-law And you too know that sister-in-law is like daughter Leave me – Is that your problem? I will snatch the nuptial thread Sister – Now I will tie her that thread Shut up! – No. No I beg you Sister Come Come fast Come Hey! – Sir. – They can’t escape alive Set the dogs free – Ok, sir Sister! Sister! Both of us can’t escape from the dogs

You go to leave for my sake – Sister Sister Sister Sister Hey! – Brother That girl must be somewhere around Search her – Ok, brother Sister You did a great job by slaying them all Go and slay the rest of them Cap on the head, uniform on the body, stick in the hand and a gun.. Waste! Waste! We are prisoners in khaki uniform The handcuffs are not in our hand But they are on our hands We can’t do anything if we go by the rules These scoundrels won’t let us do our duty Then we have to drink and catch lightless cycles on the road at midnight is that needed? For a few days forget that you are a policeman Go and hide somewhere For a few days you too forget you are a policewoman Just do what you like to do You didn’t tell me anything. I too didn’t tell you anything This meeting didn’t even take place Slay those scoundrels What’s the matter, Mysamma, you look very tensed? Any problem? – Lot of problems You have a problem? No. I can’t believe it Mysamma is kidding, brother-in-law I really have a problem – Who is creating problem for you? There’s one evil human – Evil human? Who is more evil in this state than my brother-in-law? Brother-in-law is not evil He is God – He’s God? Not even my brother-in-law’s wife whom he killed said that He killed your sister? – No. She’s a characterless lady She had affairs with a number of men and became impure And eventually she committed suicide What happened? – It broke into two pieces And by the way who is that evil man who is troubling you? MP Ekambaram – It’s him? What has he done? He asked me to kill you – Brother-in-law What for? – If you die he would become home minister Who said that? – The CM The CM said so? – Yes, they are joining hands to conspire against you. They said I would get a promotion if I kill you. – So you would kill my brother-in-law? I won’t kill him – Why? I love brother-in-law – You love brother-in-law?

Yes – Why? Ever since my childhood I loved my brother-in-law Why so? – He used to treat my sister like a queen If a fly sat on my sister’s body – If a fly sat on her? He used to kill her. If another man looked at my sister If another man looked at her – He used to snatch his eyes My sister was scared of dogs When dogs barked.. When dogs barked – He used to shoot them with gun Is it only your brother-in-law whom you like or you like my brother-in-law as well? When I hear the word ‘brother-in-law’ it tickles my body That’s why I told you their plan before hand Brother-in-law, what shall we do now? – We have to kill Whom? – The CM. – The CM? And you must sit on that seat I want to see you as a CM – Wow! Your mind and my brother-in-law’s mind works same to same. My brother-in-law also made the same sketch To kill CM? – Actually it was Actually, brother-in-law – Shut your mouth What I am saying is – Go No, brother-in-law – Go. – Yes, I am leaving He planned to kill me? He would get a heart attack if he knows about my plan – What did you plan? I won’t tell you – Why? You said you love me. Till I am sure that you really love me I won’t tell you. – What shall I do to prove that I love you? What you need to do? You have to show me your love on the bed Alright – Really? Not now – Then when? After you become the CM You mean I won’t get anything till I become the CM I said there won’t be the main picture but I never said that there won’t be trailer as well What now? – The dress Why don’t you just remove it? “My love!” “I am crazy about you.” “It’s difficult to live without your love.” “O lord!” “I will sleep if you make me sleep.” “I will kiss you if you come to me.” “I will show you the circumference of my body.” “Look at me.” “I will call you at night.” “I will make you swing on the giant wheel.” “I will give you golden pots, come to me.” “I will give you a body massage.” “I will give you a steam bath with my breath.” “I will show you heaven with my beauty.” “I will sleep..” “I will sleep if you make me sleep.” “I will kiss you if you come to me.” “I will show you the circumference of my body.” “if you look after me I will surrender myself to you.” “I will shut the door and play to your tunes.” “Jump onto the bed if you have guts.” “You will come to know what pleasure is.” “I will show you stars this night.” “I will make you scream all night.” “I will lend myself to you for a night.” “I will sleep..” “I will sleep if you make me sleep.” “I will kiss you if you come to me.” “I will show you the circumference of my body.” “if you feel drowsy I will wake you up..”

“..and shower love on you.” “I will make you go wild.” “You need not burn fire in the firepot.” “You won’t feel cold till I am there with you on the bed.” “You will sweat in the game of love.” “I will seduce you with my charms.” “I will make you scream.” “I will sleep..” “I will sleep if you make me sleep.” “I will kiss you if you come to me.” “I will show you the circumference of my body.” “Look at me.” “I will call you at night.” “I will make you swing on the giant wheel.” “I will give you golden pots, come to me.” “I will give you a body massage.” “I will give you a steam bath with my breath.” “I will show you heaven with my beauty.” “I will sleep..” “I will sleep if you make me sleep.” “I will kiss you if you come to me.” “I will show you the circumference of my body.” “Look at me.” Wow! Your feet look more beautiful than your lips You brought me till the gates of the heaven But you not opening the bolt – I told you I won’t Why? Yes! You would open it after I become the CM I won’t open it even then – Why? What happened? What’s this? You are already getting upset? We are women. How does it matter to you if we are upset Or happy! Why would you men tell us your secrets! Mysu, you are my darling You are my golden deer. Why would I hide secrets from you? It’s nothing. I planned a murder to become CM Whom? The CM? – It’s the fools who kill the CM to become a CM And geniuses like me kill people like Ekambaram to become a CM How would you become a CM if you kill him? There lies the twist Ekambaram has a small brain But he a great following among people I will kill him and create sympathy wave I will instigate people. I will burn buses, shops, everything Blackouts! Curfews! Firing! Deaths! I will create mayhem all over the state I will turn all the MLAs towards my side and bring down the CM, and then I will become the CM I will become the CM Ekambaram, you are a dead man Girl, move aside Get down and ask her to move aside Move aside I am talking to you, girl. Move aside Move aside Hey, get down! Get down and shoot her! No. No Don’t kill me No Kill her! Brother-in-law Brother-in-law. Brother-in-law

You are superb, brother-in-law You got Ekambaram killed without even telling me once What! Ekambaram is dead? As if you don’t know anything – Shut your mouth I didn’t kill him – You didn’t kill him? Then who killed him? Right, these days many murders are taking place without any clues about the killer Brother-in-law There is no security here The backward classes’ leader has passed away and the minister is sitting idle at home As Ekambaram’s disciple, as his successor.. I will fulfill his dreams I would fight anyone for this If required not just my seat, I would sacrifice even my life Backward castes’ leader Ekambaram – ..Is immortal Ekambaram – ..Is immortal Ekambaram – ..Is immortal Hello! My brother-in-law is very busy. Call him later on Who’s that? – Some Kuyya from Bombay Kuyya? – Not Kuyya, but some bhaiyya Bhaiyya? Hello, brother! Salutations! Salutations! Did you come to Hyderabad? When? I will be there right away Well-done. Well-done Well-done, Sadhu. Well-done You promised me that you would kill MP Ekambaram And you kept your word – It’s not my brother-in-law who killed MP Ekambaram, but it’s someone else Why don’t you tell him, brother-in-law? I didn’t kill him, but I got him killed by my men That’s what he meant Shut your mouth I did my duty. Now the rest depends on you That’s what I came here for I brought bombs and men for you from Mumbai With MP’s death as an excuse shake the CM Buy all the MLAs But it would take a lot of money How much do you need for that? 100 crores? 200 crores? 600 crores? Take as much as you want Thanks. Thanks. Thanks a lot I made you a promise that I would make you the CM And I will keep my promise I might be the CM for the world But you hold the real power, bhaiyya I will keep the state at your feet I’ll sign wherever, whenever you’ll ask me to sign There are thousands of acres of government land in the state. You can take them You want the mines? You want Mangalagiri hills? You want Vizag steel plant? – You want Char Minar? You want Tankbund? You want Buddha’s statue in it? Or you want Peddapuram town? Will you shut your mouth? – Oh! Brother, tell me what you want. Tell me I want Hyderabad to be my spot Brother-in-law Brother-in-law. The MLAs are here Send them in one at a time – O yes! I got a chance to become a CM 148 MLAs are supporting me What! 148 MLAs? But he’s the only one who’s supporting him? One seat less to get a majority If you support me I will become a CM

What will I get if I support you? I will be the CM and you will be my deputy Don’t reveal this secret to anyone till I take vow as the CM I am the CM and you are the deputy CM Long live the future CM! – Long live the future CM! You are the deputy CM. You and I Long live the future CM! – Long live the future CM! Brother-in-law, we got all the MLAs No one can stop you from becoming the CM now Long live the future CM! – Long live the future CM! You shouldn’t say that, brother-in-law Long live the future CM! – Long live the future CM! Long live the future CM! – Long live the future CM! Greetings, mamu(uncle)! Why are you looking at me in that way? Because I called you mamu? Ma means majhi(ex), mu means mukhyamantri(CM) Ex-CM, greetings! If you resign from your post today you will be the ex-CM by tomorrow Please take the sweets, mamu. Take them Thank you – My pleasure You must’ve got an intelligence report Already 50 MLAs came to my side Another 50 are ready to cross the fence Now you have a minority and I have a majority You are outgoing CM and I am incoming CM It’s time, uncle. Time Shall I challenge you and defeat you in the assembly or will you resign the job on your own and take a graceful exit? Choice is your, mamu Are you done? – Why? You want to hear more? No. No. I want you to hear your own sweet melody voice Why would I hide secrets from you? It’s nothing. I planned a murder to become CM Blackouts! Curfews! Firing! Deaths! I will create mayhem all over the state I will turn all the MLAs towards my side I will become the CM Ekambaram, you are a dead man How is your voice? Sweet or hot? You know who recorded your voice and finished your political career? Dynamic officer Mysamma I will recommend the governor to dismiss you from your post right away You may leave now, ex-home minister What! Really? Ok Brother-in-law. Dear brother-in-law Brother-in-law. Dear brother-in-law Hey, tell me what he said Tomorrow it’s CM’s sixtieth birthday He wants to dismiss you today itself to celebrate tomorrow And that police officer Mysamma is waiting in the police station to put you behind the bars once you lose your job Brother-in-law Tomorrow Mysamma is going to change your shape Driver, stop the car – Why? You want to jump in Tankbund Turn the jeep around – We will go to the park? I will tell you Let’s go to Mysamma What? You want to accept the truth and surrender yourself? That’s a great thought That’s a great thought Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Hello! – Brother Sadhu, greetings Nagappa, come here immediately We will get the job done by the time you arrive Hey, take the vehicles out Now you will see who will change whose shape Hey, turn the vehicle around Driver, take U-turn What’s this! – I too didn’t it get it, brother You gave me a call and by the time I came here it was already done Greetings, sir – Greetings. What happened? Someone attacked us with a bomb, sir They took away Mysamma – We are the only ones who do such things Who else can it be? Brother-in-law, the phone’s ringing. – Receive it It’s not mine, it’s yours Hello! – Brother Khan speaking Yes, brother Khan. What is it? – Come here right away I will be there in five minutes Brother. Brother, you are great. You are great You did something even before I could do it Where is she? Where is Mysamma? Bring her here – Hey, you! How dare you! You leaked all my secrets to the CM What can he do? If you were with me I would’ve made you home minister when I would become the CM I would’ve given you whatever you would’ve wanted What is that that CM would give and I wouldn’t? Will you give me your life? – My life? Hey, You fool! Who do you think she is? I doubted it when he said that you didn’t kill MP Ekambaram So I made an enquiry And her entire history came out Who is she? Who is she? – Ask her who she is Who are you? Who are you? – I am your death Durga. Kanaka Durga Do you remember her? I am that Kanaka Durga’s sister

I am the one who killed Gore and Ekambaram You are the only one left now I won’t leave you Your men, your knives, your weapons Can’t stop me. I would slash you into pieces I am not someone who dies, but I am someone who kills Here I will kill you and there I will kill the CM Sadhu, what are you saying! You underestimated me, brother You are not the only one who knows how to plant bombs I too know how to do that A while ago I gave the CM a sweet packet with a bomb in it Hey, leave me! Leave me He who has a drop of poison in the throat is called God they my body is full of poison. I am also God But I am not a God who protects others But I am someone who preys on others Happy birthday. Happy birthday Thank you. Thank you Thank you. Thank you Thank you. Thank you Happy birthday, uncle – Sit down What’s the rush? My birthday’s tomorrow Grandpa, you will be busy tomorrow That’s why we are wishing you today That CM would dismiss me? Grandpa, I will bring sweets for you Ok. Thank you, dear. Thank you He won’t be alive tomorrow to celebrate his sixtieth birthday Here it is, grandpa – Yes, dear. I will open it Once he opens the packet Open the packet fast, grandpa – Have patience You will get them The headlines Chief minister’s assassination State comes to standstill The chief minister was assassinated in his house this morning The ministers of the state, the prime minister and the president I will take care of her You go there. This is the correct situation I don’t care if you would threaten the MLAs buy them, or negotiate with them But you must sit in the CM’s chair. Go It must be the act of some terrorist outfit To make him the CM, to capture this state I spent crores of rupees You tried to stop it? I have been saying this right from the beginning Hyderabad is turning into a hub for the terrorists No one took notice of what I said then Look what happened now If there’s no security for the CM’s life what would happen to the ordinary citizen? What would happen to this state? Now bear this I will take away something from her That makes her a woman I will make sure that she remembers this incident till next birth Hey, bury her alive Hey, check if she’s dead or alive She’s alive, brother She would die. Bury her ‘The process to elect a new CM has started.’ ‘Mr. Sadhu who seems to have the support of the majority..’ ‘..of the MLAs will be meeting the governor this evening.’ The majority of MLAs are giving them their support If you elect me as the CM I will prove my majority in assembly Bring the MLAs in front of me who are supporting you and after it’s confirmed that you have the full majority you will be elected as the chief minister “Where is our mother, Mother Mysamma?” “Save our Mysamma who is nowhere in sight.”

“Where is our mother, Mother Mysamma?” “Save our Mysamma who is nowhere in sight.” “The mother of the universe, Mysamma.” “The protector of the universe, Mysamma.” “You are our last hope You are our savior.” “Who will protect us other than you?” “You are the protector of your devotees.” “You are the Goddess whom Gods worship.” “Only you can protect our Mysamma.” “Mysamma, come here.” “Mysamme, get up!’ “Mysamma, come here.” “Mysamme, get up!’ “Criminals have become politicians.” “They are ruling us today.” “Mysamma, come here.” “O Mother, you killed demon Mahisasura..” “..come to our rescue, save our Mysamma.” “Mysamma, get up!’ “The demolisher of the evil.” “O Mother, the demon-slayer.” “Come and slay the demons in this world.” “Destroy the devils in this society..” “Mother, have mercy on your devotees.” “You must be there where Mysamma is.” “You must save her life.” “You must give her strength.” “ slay the demons.” “Mysamma, come here.” – Mother! “Mysamme, get up.” – O mother! “Your anger can cause earthquake.” “The earth will crack and there will be a storm.” “if you stare with anger the sky will shiver.” “And there will floods and cyclones.” “Your fury can bring a storm.” “Your wrath can burn anything down.” “Your wrath can destroy the evil.” Who are you? Mysamma! You are a tough nut. You were buried, but you came out

I won’t give you another chance I’ll slay you this time I am not a scapegoat, but I am a goddess who takes sacrifices I swear on my sister who sacrificed her life for me I swear on Telangana where I was born I will destroy you. I will destroy you, scoundrel Hey! – Sadhu Stop. I will take care of Mysamma You need to meet the governor Go there with the MLAs Hey, come! Come! Come with me. Come Go and kill her Hey, where are you hidden? Hey, come out Don’t let her go. Kill her Kill her. Kill her Kill her Brother Sadhu – You are a hero, Nagappa Come here. Come here You killed her. Actually I wanted to kill her. It’s alright Come. Come Listen to me. Come with me Come No. No No. Don’t kill me Mysamma Scoundrel, you plant bombs and kill innocent people

Scoundrels You plant bombs with this particular hand, don’t you? ‘For inspector Mysamma’s bravery..’ ‘..and for killing the enemies of the country..’ ‘ spite of..” ‘In Indian police department to raise courage, bravery..’ ‘..and self-confidence, to recognize the heroes..’ ‘..the Indian government gives IPS to many police heroes..’ ‘..who haven’t crossed IPS.’ ‘But in Indian history till now no circle inspector..’ ‘..let alone a lady inspector has been given the IPS..’ ‘..Mysamma has the distinction of being the only lady officer..’ ‘ get IPS. This should be an inspiration.’ ‘..for many Mysammas who aspire to join the department.’ ‘Woman is an incarnation of Mother Durga.”