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Om Bahadur Full Movie | Latest Hindi Dubbed Movie | Upendra | Preeti Jhangiani | Hindi Action Movie

Hurry up! ! ! Bravo, you saved my life! You did a great job Satyabhai, spare me It’s not my fault I didn’t do anything wrong Spare us! – Spare you? I’ll do that now Touch any one of these two fingers If you’d touched this finger, you’d die by the pistol

But you touched this one Mangal, play the song Start Throw them both out Sire! Welcome! We were waiting just for you Come fast He’s the director Move aside. Come sir. He’s the hero – Hello Instead of calling a star or a minister, whom have you got? All the stars and ministers are in his pocket. He’s very powerful He’s the backbone of the film He’ll bail us out if we get into any trouble Who will give the clap? – He will Come to the movies with me – What will you do here alone? What would you hoods know about what a woman is? The earth is a woman, all of creation is a woman ! The water-bearing rivers are women and so is the woman who gives birth ! That’s a dialogue! I will gouge out the eyes of those who cast evil eyes on women ! Super, sir! You must garland the hero Do the honors Garland her too – I’ll do that Come, let’s practice our dialogues Good, you acted well How much are you spending on the film? 8 to 9 crores – 8 to 9 crores! Naidu is spending 8 to 9 crores to make this movie Get him to donate a big sum for Ganesh Chaturthi. What? Your wish is my command I’ll pay as much as you want Doesn’t matter. pay up What are you paying the hero? – Rs. 7 5 lakhs 7 5 Lakhs? For this jerk? Here you are Where are you staying? They’ve put up such a lovely figure in Moti Mahal Beg her for forgiveness! Sister, if ever anyone looks at you with lust. you must thrash him with your shoe! Chew some betel leaf and spit on his face! There’s a room booked for me in Hotel Holiday Inn Shift there tonight – Sir, please let go. Sir, I’m not that type of a girl – But I am that type of a man Naidu, now I’ll take leave – Hope there’s no problem If I stay here longer, you’ll be in trouble I will be in trouble if you don’t support me Brother! – My sister! You must do as I say Come to my room in the evening. Don’t turn me down I’ll make you the heroine in the next picture Sir, I said, cut Super. All the heroes are useless compared to you It looked like you were real siblings production, get a cold drink for sir Do as I say and your life will be made It will be best for both of us What is the point in crying? Instead do as I say Stop sir. . Listen to me. . .don’t beat him Spare him. Leave him, he’ll die. Sir, it’s my first film ! Calm down. .stop Have mercy on me, spare him

Apologies to her – Forgive me Sister, forgive me This cinema is a holy place which is worshipped by people’s obsession So many people that make you laugh are crying on the inside The clowns cry in films Those who have eaten act as if they haven’t And the starving act as if their stomachs are bursting The rich act taking off their clothes Those that have no clothes wear finery to act. They do it all for their belly When the belly is filled, some people act for it’s a hobby some without it. some act for name and fame and the ones with name-fame also act Some have an itch to act and some act to rid themselves of the itch You seem to have the same itch Before acting as a hero, try to be a hero in real life! Glory to Satya ! Rascal ! Before the camera, he calls her a sister. . but later lusts for her! Scoundrel ! – Shut up Here comes the boss! Keep sitting Get me a chair Now I will ask you a question And you have to answer If anyone talks nonsense I’ll skin him alive! All right? How am I to look at? You look like the pop of Shahrukh and Salman Khan ! I’ll bury you alive! Like their pop. . ? Have I grown so old? What the heck. he doesn’t understand. Answer my question properly Yesterday we went for the shooting. – Yes There was a hero. – Yes Like him. .I have a level. . Don’t I look like a hero? You’ll make a superb hero! Can I become a hero? – Of course, you can How about if I act in films? If you act, you’ll leave behind Jubilee Star, Rajendra Kumar I’ll put up a big poster of yours And I’ll garland it – Your film will definitely do well You’ll become a superstar – That’s fine. Bring Naidu and the director here What the. . .you here. in this condition? I was in the toilet. You said bring them in whatever state they are Fine, be seated So producer and Director Sir how is your shooting progressing? What shooting? I have been ruined ! The way you thrashed him at the muhurat, the hero is in hospital ! So what if your hero dumped you. complete your picture Can the film be made without the hero? That is why I called you here We’ve picked a super, superb hero for your film Who is he? Him. Distribute sweets Satya is our hero! ! Be quiet! Stop it. .What is it, Naidu? To be a hero, you need star value You’re making a movie on hoodlums I’ve lost count of the number of times you took ideas from me How to make this deal and that. . You’re making a movie on goons with a hero that is girlish For a movie on real hoods, you need a real hood as hero The theaters will dance The distributors will create problems They will ask, who the hero is. I will have to explain to them. Talk to him for five minutes 5 minutes. . ? I can talk for five hours on the market The distributors won’t come to buy the film with a new hero A problem will be created Turn around – That side. . ? You won’t make business if your film has brother in it?

He made so much money for you He made many deals for you Words won’t solve matters. . . ! Be quiet You will keep laughing till the shooting ends. Understand? Laugh. Let me hear you laugh Discussed the business? – Done with it in 5 minutes It’s not true that you need a real hero for a real story You are the hero! – He understood real fast Now that you are the hero, I’ll change the story for your image You won’t know my story You don’t have to change a word I’ll keep telling you and you keep shooting As you say – Story OK, hero OK Location OK, heroine OK The heroine is not OK The heroine will be of my choice But who will she be? – Hold it, guys We’ll write out chits. Name your favourite heroines Give me that Now tell me. Brother, Rani Mukherjee – Aishwarya Rai. Divya Bharti. – Shut up! It’s years since she died Where are you living? What characters! Mr. Naidu, pick one up The one with Aishwarya Rai Aishwarya Rai charges 2. 5 crores, Rani Mukherjee 1. 5 crores. Kareena Kapoor 2 crores preity Zinta 1. 5 crores Who did you pull out? The heroine still hasn’t come How will we shoot? What do we do. Bunty, come here What is the time? – It’s 5. 30 Sir Where is the heroine? – I had called Call up brother – Very well sir No. .forgive me sir I never took protection money in your area ! please spare me! I will leave this place! I will go to Dubai please forgive me You are the Bhai of all Bombay please forgive me Take him away fast Everything has been arranged for Take him away Good day Bhai, this is Geelani What man? How’s your shooting progressing? What shooting? I’m in terrible tension Why? What’s the matter? – The heroine still hasn’t come I’ve been waiting at the location since three days. Do something The heroine hasn’t come? – No Don’t worry. I’ll call her You pigeon, it’s me Yasim Khan, your pop Sir. .when did you come? You were in jail. I’m still in. But why aren’t you sending the wench to work? Mr. Khan. .the producer hasn’t paid us I’ve received the cash Quickly send her to work How will it do if you take the cash? Just listen to my words Stop interrupting me Cut the line, send the wench to work and in time I’ve got the money – Mr. Khan, just a minute. . Hey, hang up! – Very well Yes papa? – Where are you, dear? I’m at the parlour Attend Geelani’s shooting – Now? – Yes, it’s a commitment This is the film director and this the producer. – Hello

Good day – Good day Here is Rs. 5 lakhs as advance You’ve come to this city after so many years and you are meeting your old lover You set eyes on him. Madam, you can’t bear it He too will look at you, you will look back at him. . In the meantime I will get the graphics to drop flowers And butterflies. . lights Madam, happy. Madam, you have to express joy Madam not anger, happiness. . – Shut up! Who is he? I won’t act with him What do you think of me? Unknowingly a mistake. . I am returning your money! Why are you requesting her? She’s come to act and she will She’s taken money in advance Hey heroine, this is Bangalore not Mumbai You are acting with a real star not a fake one The one standing before you is not a fake hoodlum He’s a real hood. And these weapons aren’t fake They are all real weapons Why did you turn pale hearing that? Go and rest. Go! Yes? – She’s dying to go to Mumbai Ensure that she doesn’t do it Mr. Naidu, something has surely happened between the hero and heroine Keeping this in mind, if we make a flashback story. Yes, madam? – I will act in the film Don’t think I’m saying this out of fear for him You are paying me so I will act How does it matter to me who the hero is? She’s not saying the dialogue! The film is getting wasted. Who is this stingy chap who speaks in between. . ? Madam, you are the film’s dialogue writer

Actually, something has happened between the two of you Give us a little flashback about it Sir, she doesn’t want to go into flashback You know everything Tell it to the camera in style Don’t talk like a lunatic You want flashback? – Yes sir Shift the location to another spot Good day – Good day sir What are you doing Sir? The flashback has to open at this spot Yes. At this spot If we cut with a ring like this, the flashback will begin That’s not right. First the flashback should proceed. then give it a twist of novelty like it is in movies these days These days, they run back all the shots are in reverse Mangal, what film was it? Yes, the same – That’s very easy The camera rolls back. . – Yes, that’s what I want The same. . it will be nice if some runners run by Let them run in reverse, even the train is in reverse. The flight should also be so. producer, what do you say? Very good – They should just be running Fool everybody. Sir, there are 35 goats right here We’ll make them move backwards Sir, we’ll also make the crow fly backwards We’ll make you too run backwards Yes, hurry up Tell the heroine, I’ll be there Don’t take the trouble of going all the way there We’ll send you there from here I don’t want it, I don’t!

Sister, at least take a look at what I got you Show her what I got Computer for you New clothes for you – And the latest book All this is for you – I said, I don’t want it Why? What’s the matter? What is this? Tell me, you met with a small accident on the bike You lie like this so say it. Well, forgive me I’ll never kick box again I won’t do anything that will hurt you Not just me, don’t do anything that will hurt you either Neither you nor I will get hurt only others will be hurt What? – Kick boxing Brother, stop! You. . ! Haven’t seen you for many days Weren’t you well or were you admitted to the hospital? She’s like Barbie Doll who is she? She’s Divya, my daughter The culture and tradition of this country is rotting in the trash But I like it. Would you like to see the resort? No, not the resort. I’ve brought her here to become a film star Teach her everything she needs to learn for that Don’t worry. I’ll teach your daughter singing, dancing. horse-riding and everything else Before becoming a film star, your daughter came to my resort. it will add glamour to my resort Would you like some whisky, brandy or something? Are you new here? I’m Satya, the coach. Time is running out, come fast Isn’t there a lady coach here? If you kick the water instead of my livelihood, you’ll learn swimming I’m the only coach for kids, girls boys, grownups, old people Come fast – I don’t want to learn swimming I don’t want any man touching me praise be to God God, the shadow of us men shouldn’t fall on her I’ll sneak away quietly

Look at her act as if nobody saw her to date What did you say? Stop! Help! ! Help! ! Madam, there’s no choice for learning swimming that you need a woman not a man Today it was a man who came to save your life You need a man for many things Keep that in mind Somehow they find excuses to touch us women This fairy doesn’t like men She’s a touch-me-not Before marriage girls in our country won’t let a man touch them And after marriage, no man wants to touch them How are you Charanpal? – Hello Khan Bhai I’d told you about my daughter This is a picture of her I’m getting her trained completely, horse-riding, dancing, swimming. Beautiful You know, we need money for this Thank you Your face doesn’t resemble hers at all Don’t say that. She takes after her mother I didn’t work on her Tomorrow she should turn out to be a goose laying golden eggs I will take her to Bollywood And make her a heroine For that you must help her with your underworld connection You will have to become her Godfather Come on, climb on Give me a hand – Sure, why not? Touching is everything. Nothing is achieved without touching When I touch you and you touch the horse, you’ll get the energy The heart should be clear Come on move. It’s the filthy hearted that find everything filthy Whom do I touch next? Madam, good day Don’t worry I know horse-riding I will teach you A slap on one cheek is unlucky put the other cheek forward so it will be balanced If she was anybody else, I’d have done it but she isn’t like them Forget it. With that face any girl will be fire If you wear a band master’s dress no girl will want you She’s not like other girls There’s no such thing as that kind of girl All girls are alike If that be so, let me see you touch her and talk to her If Satya raises his eyes, a hundred girls will be at his feet If Satya smiles, a thousand girls will smile If I talk in style, a million girls will melt What the heck is she then? Even I can talk like this Do it and prove it What do I have to do? – Flirt with her That’s all? In a week she’ll be saying, I love you And walking all around me I challenge you, I’ll pay you Rs. 50000 Break a poor girl’s heart for 50000? No way. Impossible You’re saying it in this way because you know you can’t do it when she slapped me for touching her arm. how can she fall in love with a nobody like you?

You’re worth doing household. – Shut up, Londonraj ! Do you know who princess Diana of London fell in love with? An ordinary horse rider What? Girls want a mass hero like me not your wealth Then accept the challenge and the money Satya, the fool is ready to give 50 Don’t act silly We want the money And we want to show the stupid guy his place He’s not asking you to marry her You said, there are many things to love in life Assume this is also one 50000 at one go If you refuse, he’ll think. why don’t you do it if it’s impossible? I don’t like the word, impossible You don’t know when I will look at the girl. . Look at her and smile. Then talk to her. Only 5-6 days, I will make her say, I love you What? – I just can’t do this What do I do? – This is why I tell you to pay attention. But you are holier than thou I can’t even touch you I’ll touch her and show you pay attention There, do you see How she swings, see her waist You have to swing your hips and learn to dance Careful. . .the floor is slippery If you fall, your back will hurt Satya, the step. – You don’t need to be formal We are close friends This purse. . Give it to me – Satya. . . ? Now what do we do? – The steps No, we’ll do the hip dance Many girls here have no hips They’re absolutely straight A lovely hip like yours is great Come on, let’s do the hip dance What hips, what movement That’s good fun What’s the matter? Are you hurt? Where does it hurt? – Here Just a minute. . .gently. I’ll massage it Now it will get better What thighs. . ! You are so delicate Now how does it feel? Feels good, doesn’t it? Just a minute. . .gently He’s a lover. I like it ”Limpid eyes melting my heart” ”Never did I see such youth” ”You are sweeter than a sweetmeat”

”Makes me drool” ”Figure like a bottle of wine, with satin smooth skin” ”Dripping with the incense of flowers” ”Gait like a deer, cool as a cucumber” ”With ten admirers following” ”We’ll work together” ”I am a girl” ”A punjabi girl” ”I am your Salman and you are my Aishwarya” ”We make a great couple” ”I am your Ganguly while you are my Nagma” ”I will play with you” ”Let me fulfill your desires” ”This is the moment” ”Come for I wait for you” I don’t see Satya Yes? – Can’t you stay without Satya? Divya, what is wrong? Why do you say that? The poor girl doesn’t know anything pretends to be innocent You are crossing limits Do you even remember that you are a girl? You are crossing limits not me God knows what you are muttering ! And you are crazy for men ! I’ve been noticing ever since I came. have you ever talked without touching Satya? You just need an excuse to touch him You call me mad? You are mad about him! Shweta left. . ? Yes. She also said that she’d never return I wanted to apologise to her I don’t know what I said to her I should not have done this Do you know why I did this? Since I laid eyes on you. . I started liking you Unknowingly I didn’t want to fall in love with you

Fearing that I might do wrong. I kept away from you But now I can’t stay away When Shweta would touch you and talk to you, I’d burn with envy That is why I did this Love for you is the reason behind this Love for me. . ? What are you saying? I’m nothing in comparison to you I really love you a lot I can do anything for you For some reason, I don’t believe it. Don’t say that No Satya, I really love you Divya, this is not right Love between us is wrong Forgive me No Divya, please. – please try to understand Satya, now tell me how did you ensnare the girl? Look. . .assume this is a girl But it’s a glass – Assume it’s a girl Okay. – Then as we pour alcohol in the glass. . similarly Lord Brahma filled girls with envy, jealousy and greed What is this girl jealous of? This other girl If you want this girl, then praise the other girl. . as Rambha, Menaka and other angels Whether she stands up or sits. . just praise her even if she merely coughs Automatically she’ll get on the line Man, you’re a real guru Must ask you, How did you feel when she first said, I love you? Tell me. . – Go on ! Tell me. – Why do you want to know? I have to know. I paid you 50000 Take off your clothes Now I am Satya and you are Divya No, I am Londonraj – For a short while. – Very well Now I will kiss you Why are you looking there? Why did you do this? How did your heart agree to do this? Had I ever harmed you? In your eyes, love is just a game, isn’t it? Why Satya. . ? You used me for your selfishness Will you do anything for money? You are celebrating your victory But it won’t last long One day when you realise your mistake. you will deeply regret it You broke my heart by pretending to love me Don’t ever treat anyone the way you treated me Divya, just a moment. . . hold it Stop the car! Divya, please listen to me Stop the car please listen to me please listen to me only for two minutes.

Just once tell me that you have forgiven me I will not even want to talk to such a cheat as yourself! It’s true that I am a cheat I have hurt your heart But I request you, forgive me just once! For this how much is at stake? I admit I did wager a bet I am not refuting that I did bet for 50000 that I would make you say, I love you But without realising I have fallen in love with you I realised it only when you scolded me with tear-filled eyes I then knew I was in love with you When you went away, I realised I cannot live without you please listen to me Believe me, please. I don’t want to hear anything Just go away from here! I am already burning in the fire of regret after realising my folly Don’t torment me further please forgive me! I swear, I really love you – But I hate you Satya, leave me! – See how deep the valley is! If you won’t forgive me, I’ll jump off and die! If you really want to die. that place is higher than this! Jump off there! You don’t know me I do whatever I say Later you will regret it You won’t get this Satya back Don’t waste my time Die if you want to! ”The heart has no language” ”Love has no expectations” ”Love follows neither caste nor religion” ”Love has its’ own language” Good day sir

Welcome, sir Sir, Divya’s father is here My daughter’s selection is really good If I tell my daughter, I’ll buy you a doll for 10000, she’ll refuse But she’ll buy a bead for Rs. 10. Just a bead What you think is right Responsibility, before your marriage get your sister married That would be better It’s important to do that Where is your sister? Dear. .she’s very sweet She takes after her mother Sir, where is the boy? Driver, quickly bring the boy inside Come here. .come Here is your son-in-law, Amit Kumar His father, your in-law Get your sister married to him He’s very hardworking Covers 5-6 areas in a day He collects about 2-3000 Your sister will be very happy with him Satya, look here For your level, he’s good enough You earn Rs. 25000 a month and want my daughter who earns millions! I enacted this drama to explain this to you ! A diamond has to be set in gold An ordinary stone is set in brass putting them in wrong metals doesn’t fit right The level isn’t right! If you find this level fine, I will accept your level

This relation is fine with me According to you, this beggar who begs on the streets. . But in my eyes, he is the son-in-law who will marry my sister According to you, I am a beggar who earns 25000 But in my opinion I am a man who loves and wants to marry your daughter I am willing to get my sister married to him So get ready to marry your daughter to me. Go! Just a minute. I forgot to tell you something important This marriage is possible only if my sister likes him Look. . . – Similarly if your daughter loves me. This marriage will take place So go and ask your daughter Hear my words carefully If my sister loves somebody then even if he be a beggar. . or a cripple, I will accept the marriage Love is very precious to me But you are a broker who has made sacred relations . . of love and marriage a business! All this time I thought Divya has a father. I will take his permission and then get married But now I won’t seek readiness or permission Now we’ll directly get married And you are forbidden from attending the marriage! I will apply vermilion in her hair if you do not come And if you come, I’ll use your blood for vermilion ! Satya, why are you so serious? Your pop came to my house Do you know why? He bought a proposal for my sister And who was it? A beggar earning Rs. 2000 He says, I’m a beggar who earns Rs. 25000 So a 2000 worth beggar is good enough for her I know – You know everything? What is this? – A teacher’s fees Guru’s fees? – Yes sir You taught me all the arts The day for my dream to be fulfilled has drawn near That is why – Are you aware of what you’re saying? You taught me horse-riding, swimming, dancing. . It is necessary to pay the fees Meaning you’re giving me this because I am your teacher? That’s right – I came here to talk to you About our love and marriage please try to understand. Even you got conned ! You got conned into thinking I love you I will marry you. And you believed it! I passed in acting but you failed I will win the Oscar, Filmfare and Cine Awards I will be famous all over as a hit heroine I will be two steps ahead of my guru How to fall in love, how to deceive others. You taught me this acting My head is spinning, stop fooling around You fool, you think this is a joke? How would a wounded heart know to fool around? Do you recall what my father said? Like your sister will find a beggar. find yourself a beggar too The one who can die for love can also kill for love! Bear that in mind ! There’s neither need to kill nor die First learn to live properly Money is essential for that Think practically I am becoming a heroine only for the money The whole world is crazy for money I’m paying you the fees Do you know how much cash that is? Rs. 2500 1 The 25000 is for your lessons and your price is one buck! If you have the power, turn this buck to a million After three years, I will return as a famous heroine Then I’ll meet you. Okay? Mohan, what Satya was and what he has turned into.

Yes, he kept mum even after all that humiliation He should have asked her why she deceived him Yes, Satya did go to ask her this But in this time, that Khan kidnapped Satya’s sister Brother! ! Brother! ! No. . ! Let me go! Brother, help! ! Let me go! Brother, help! ! Brother! ! Let me go! ! Brother! ! Help! ! He’s lying. No atrocity was committed on his sister This has been proved by the medical report He’s acting just to escape the law Listen public prosecutor. . When somebody is raping your sister will you wait till it’s done. to murder him so you can get evidence? Today you are screaming so much. . where were you on the day the kidnapped your sister? I was in your house, with your daughter in your bedroom Your Honour, just my words made him react as if his daughter was hurt

So how could I keep quiet seeing this happen to my sister? In my shoes, anybody would have done the same Tell me, what wrong have I done? Your Honor, tell me! After hearing both sides of the case. the court has reached this decision that Satya is a criminal and is sentenced to 3 years imprisonment Brother! ! Don’t cry, sister. Why are you weeping? What crime have we done? We have fought and won the fight Don’t shed tears – How will I live alone? You will have to live You have to prove to the world that Satya’s sister is brave! How will I live alone in this society? It can be difficult but so many women live alone This society is like a street dog If you fear it, it will bark at you and make you run away But if you growl back, it will run away wagging its’ tail ! Every woman living in this society has to be valiant You can’t be till you are dependent on others Learn to be self-reliant This brother saved you when atrocities were being done to you Don’t think another brother will come to your aid if it recurs You have to save yourself! You have the strength Just identify it Don’t think a knife is only used in the kitchen to chop vegetables Learn to use that knife to save yourself As long as you have that courage, no law can touch you Till I get out, not one weak tear should flow from your eyes The courage and patience to help feeble women should show in your eyes! I have to leave We met Satya in jail He told us the entire story After being released from jail, he wanted to live like a good man But these people wouldn’t let him He joined us in our gang to get over his love He earned a name with his deals We used to teach him now he is our guru After all this. .guru turning into a hero, shooting. And calling her to be the heroine. We just don’t understand it Anyway forget it. Where’s the shooting tomorrow. Have to tell him Stars of Suratkal. Shooting. The heroine is only the heroine of money Talk to you later. What happened to you? What are you doing? The director said your getup has to show you bleeding Then let my body bleed Get out of here Where is the director? Sir. .did you call me? Look, Mr. Director. My tongue is slipping due to eating betel leaf sir, I can’t hear. – You want my real story? Everything that’s happening here is real, the hero and heroine. Then why use fake blood I’ll really cut it up It will hurt sir. – It will bleed Knife! – pack up! Threatening him. .go away! Stupid Threatening the director? Forget him, he’s got a screw loose If you’re a real man, use the knife on yourself before others Tell me, where you want me to cut myself up put the right symbol on the heart Not the right mark. . .wrong What is this? Tell me who beat you up? My papa has given this as a memento of our love My papa wants me to fall for the film hero But I love this hero

I don’t want the name or money of the wealthy Your love is enough Sir, blood ! You really cut yourself up! One has to learn from her if one wants to be a star What real acting is I am going to be a superstar James, this is a minor thing Sir, doesn’t it hurt? The knife only cuts the skin And it bleeds. But the heart is cut with other knives Tears flow out, tears of blood Miss Divya, please come Sit here please – Here. . ? Director Sir, sit here. – Yes, sit here What are all of you watching? Go back Sir, are you ready? please lie down a bit. Now you’ll be in each others’ arms and share a kiss And I’ll take a shot of two roses. – What are you asking for? It should appear as if you don’t know it. So we won’t wake you up Look at how he is lying, with beard growing like Devdas You must be tired after working all day Go to sleep without thinking of anything Divya, what’s the matter? What is this? The scorpion stung you and you didn’t move You were sleeping I didn’t want to disturb you It’s stinging. .I love you Satya A black cobra will bite you You will moan with pain and die I won’t get bitten nor will I die – Why sir? Why is she not acting? The director will say that Why are you interrupting? Are you mad? My lover is sleeping If I move, she will be disturbed I won’t do it Sir, how can you not die when the snake bites you? The audience will beat me up Do you know there is a girl who didn’t move when a scorpion stung. so her lover sleep is not disturbed? There are people who act like this Where are they? She’s right here Really? – There she goes running. Sir, I’ll picturise a song on this logic Very good. picturise it – Location shift Hello Satya Bhai – Hello

I sent an air conditioned car for you and you’re coming in this My old boss is coming I sent that car for him Your boss? – Yes Everyone has a boss like God is everyone’s boss So I too have a boss Take good care of him Dirty smell. This is our India I don’t like it My bad luck! Where has this beggar come from? The car has been ruined ! Who is here? Throw him out! Who are you? Fisherman? Rat catcher? Satya allows anyone to get close What do you think of me? I’m a big producer who makes films Hey bald man, you’ve only seen money But I have seen paris, London. . I am Londonraj, son of Indianraj Hear what I’m saying carefully I’m speaking as a producer pay attention man It will be better if the cinema first half is good My first half was good Let’s see how the second half is But looking at you, I feel your second half will be bad Where is my friend, Satya? Good day Is he your boss? – Yes, the resort owner I’ve lived off him Your nature is good Your future too will be good May you do well – Boss, have a seat Take care of him Give him snacks, etc. He shouldn’t lack anything Got it? See you Move aside. Get me cold water Sir, what shall I get you? Dosa, idli, boiled rice. . ? This producer’s face told me this is a mixed up production Write what I say All the chefs cook for me

Bring a little of all Shall I give him the bill? What did you say? – You won’t understand it It’s foreign whisky – How much will that cost? Another 25000 A third rate cheap drunk will behave like you Gouge out the villain’s eyes when he teases the heroine Cut off his tongue Chop his ears in bits and feed them to the vultures! I am Fight master Gajraj, I’ve got a silver jubilee film Don’t tell me all this. This is your first film. Go behind the camera What the. . all new fighters? Who is this new boy? – He’s the hero of the film This is your first film. I taught fights to Shahrukh and Salman Khan. And Sanjay Dutt Even Amitabh Bachchan Get out of here Now my fight will be filmed Go. – Hero, I have composed the fight They are all new boys They are all karate champions Let me demonstrate. Okay This is the first action Give me the reaction Boys, give me the reaction ! Come on. .come on ! You only eat a lot Sir, beat me Hit me Sir! You have to do this for 5 minutes Stupid oaf! Come here Sir, you do it What did I say and what are you doing? Great master. . ! I taught fighting to so many. and they are beating me up! Stop – Sir, see how wicked they are They really beat me up! Master, you taught big heroes to fight on screen But for them, you need a real master Move back Targeting me in my own area ! Now you can’t get away Let’s get the clown ! Shoot as sir beats them up Very well, come on, Beat them up nice and proper! Cut him up Messing with me! Hey kid, you need strength to take a weapon in hand I like it, very different concept Get me a Black Dog You spineless creature! Where are you going?

Let’s get the hell out or he’ll beat us black and blue! Come on up here Did you enjoy that? Wonderful. Thanks Your film will be a silver jubilee Get me another Black Dog ”I fear nothing in life” ”I never bow my head” Mangal, there are two kinds of people in this world One kind gives loans, the other takes loans Some have love on loan, others have revenge on loan. some have loaned money, while some have lent property There are many kinds of loans But I never keep any debt I pay it off with interest I will pay off the loan of love I will even pay off the anguish I received even the pain I got. I will return the wounded heart I will even return the hurt and blood shed He missed by a fraction Blood should flow from his face too just like this It will surely flow papa, you can’t hurt him He is no longer the old Satya You saw, didn’t you? He’s now very powerful Just be grateful he didn’t do to you what he did to them This is the fruit of your good deeds Father, forget the matter The project will end in a few days Stay calm for some days I know how to bring him to the right path Satya, it’s late Father must be waiting I must leave What kind of scene is this? Madam, this is love and money Love versus money In this film, love happens for money I will not do this scene Money, wealth ! Money has become father and brother This whole world runs round money The story of our film is real All the actors acting in it are real Every incident that happens here is real The producer paid you Rs. 25 lakhs for it He paid that sum for your star value For your image and name, not your starry airs Your value is . . . .just a buck. You said this to me three years ago Love has no value in life only wealth has meaning Today I say the same to you Money can buy everything

Today I am buying your love with the same money I can throw 10000 and buy your love for 10 minutes I will throw 20000 and buy your love for 20 minutes If I throw a lakh you have to love me for a whole day Forget about love, I can buy you with the money Yesterday there was only love Today there’s love and money How did you earn this money? Through hard work? No Did you sweat for it? Not even that You earned it by chopping off people’s heads and being a hood You want to buy love with sinful money? You are a fool I will talk in your style. Listen. There are two kinds of names in this world One has a good name, the other is maligned Mahatma Gandhi had a good name Godse got a bad name Buddha earned fame and Hitler got maligned Similarly I earned a good name And you got a bad name people give me honour but fear you This is the difference between the two of us I worked hard, shed my sweat to earn my livelihood But you want to earn love with money earned by wrong means If you have the power, work hard and earn that money Not by cutting somebody’s head Show me that you can be good by not walking on the wrong path After that, talk to me of love Till then, goodbye What do you know of me? I am the police officer who protects people without wearing a khaki uniform I am the lawyer who gives people justice without the black coat The politician who serves the public without wearing hand loom! As you said, many people earn money through hard work But you won’t find anyone like me who sheds blood to help others I hate talking to you ! what is this? We looked for you everywhere We scoured the entire city and you are here at home Why did you do this? Where is Divya? Did you. . ? – Don’t worry. I did nothing to her I had thought she’d change sooner or later But I know she will not change I did not want her to stay in front of me So I sent her away from my heart and my mind. . my thoughts, my city I sent her to her city, Mumbai The shooting. . – Naidu, look. I did not get the shooting done to become a hero My motive was something else After today there will be no more shooting That means. – Don’t worry I will pay the loss you suffered I’m trying to say. . – please listen to me please leave me alone Hey pigeon, Khan here Have you forgotten my voice? Khan, how are you? I am well I have spoken to a producer called Ramesh Malhotra. and taken the advance He wants your daughter’s dates Give it to him Brother Khan. . You must be aware that your contract expired just yesterday Henceforth I have decided to look after my daughter’s dates There is one good news

I have given dates to some producers There will be a problem of dates for two years This is all because of you Are you kidding? Do you think I’m a fool? How did you give dates without my permission? We were under you for five years You made a lot of money Now let us make some You bloody pimp! ! Don’t joke with Yasim Khan ! This is Mumbai not your village! If you act smart, I’ll shoot you and your daughter! Can you hear me? Why did you stop the car? Get out of the car – Who are you? You disconnected my call? Will you cut the phone? You’ll sign a new film without my permission? And take advance too? Do you want to live in Mumbai or not? Want to live, don’t you? Do you know how hard I worked to make your daughter a star? And you will steal Khan’s income? Not only your daughter, the entire film industry is in my hands You have to sign a five year contract for your daughter And pay Rs. 5 million Can you hear me? Don’t say, ‘hello’ Cut the phone! Cut it! What is it director? – If you don’t mind. Don’t say anything to me about Divya I know her better than you This kidnapping is a drama She’s stopped working so why waste time talking? Forget that but what I’m saying now is very special What is it? Divya wrote this letter to you She said to give it to you after the sixteenth But I’m giving it now because of this problem It must be something important so please read it Don’t tear it I will take leave My loving Satya, forgive me I have hurt you a lot in all these years Nobody in this world would have loved anyone the way I love you The other day I said, love is just a drama Money is more important to me than love Saying that, I threw money at you But do you know why I said that? I was helpless When I was coming to meet you. Who are you? Why are you beating my Daddy? Cash. .we paid cash I’ve paid him millions Now when I ask him, he refuses He says, he will give it once his daughter is a heroine And you are moving around with a man dreaming of love and marriage When will you become a heroine? When will pay back the money? Falling in love, getting married is my personal matter Who are you to question me? Leave my father Very well, I will spare him Father. . . no!

please don’t do this! Leave him! This is the trailer Take a look there So. . . ? Don’t you recognise her? The sister of your lover pay attention. You will do as I say Else I will throw acid on her I will destroy her face Do as he says They are terrible people, dear Bombay and the international underworld is with them Greed made me take money from them Divya, my dear. . Listen, you can’t get away so easily You will have to act And sign the contract. Sign it! I couldn’t think in that situation You love your sister more than life itself I knew you wouldn’t be able to bear anything happen to her I did not want to be the cause of your sister’s life being ruined So I signed Khan’s agreement When you get this letter, my contract would have finished I have always been yours I will wait for you and your love This is Satya. Is Sameer there? Where will I find Khan? – I don’t know Don’t know? – No Don’t know. . ? – No Now tell me where he is! Hurry up! Where is he? ”Love is a disease which has no cure” ”The one in love keeps flowing with the tide” Raju, what’s the matter?

Who did this? Namdeo, what’s wrong? Where are they hiding. ? – God knows who is hurting us. ‘Thy name is God and Allah’ This is a spot of God and Allah This place should not be defiled Blood should not be shed here Let’s go What happened? Shift the girl Hey, stop him! He had killed your brother too! I won’t spare him! I’ll decimate him! Don’t think this Khan is a fool All of Mumbai is in his clutches You came to his fiefdom and in front of his eyes. . you got me out of there He won’t spare you It’s dangerous to stay here Give up all this I don’t want this money or fame Let us go far from everyone’s eyes, into our own world ! Divya. . .this.

Satya, how. . . ? I don’t believe my eyes How can I thank you? I don’t understand. You look tired. Go and rest Satya, what are you doing? Where are you taking her? Our settlement still remains What settlement? – About her Son, what are you talking about? She’s my daughter – Daughter. . ? Stop joking You know she’s a very good machine that prints notes for you Then you must also know her price I know you had a compromise with the underworld to get her back Give me the money and. . I can’t pay money What will you do? I will do nothing I will claim the money from whoever needs her These producers have invested millions But are worried because the picture hasn’t been completed I will auction her off in front of your eyes. whoever has the guts will throw money and complete his picture I will leave only after taking my money My first bidding for her is 10 lakhs 25 lakhs! 50 lakhs! 50 lakhs one. . 50 lakhs two. 50 lakhs. – Stop This contains 5 1 lakhs Take it and leave my daughter Money has become the father Money became the brother It’s just a world of money Brother, why did you do this? She loves you more than herself Instead of keeping her with yourself, you left her with her Dad What wrong has she done? The fault is with me not her I did this so that I don’t make another mistake I couldn’t understand the feeling behind her love I couldn’t understand her sacrifice I thought she played a drama of being in love with me But I couldn’t understand the sacrifice she made for us She wanted me to be a big man But what did I become? I only turned into a hoodlum But she. . She has a name in society What will she get by marrying a nobody? Thinking this, I left her where she should be Then why did you have to save her life? So that she can live happily She would have been happy with you not with her papa You think she’ll be very happy if she lives there Then will she be happy with a hoodlum like me? What will happen to her if something happens to me? This pain is better than that pain So it’s best that she stays there Then why do you want this bloodshed and hooliganism? Leave it Do you know what this hooliganism is? Fighting the God of Death everyday is hooliganism He waits for some hoodlum to die and fall in his trap You won’t understand this please don’t stop me. I have to go to Bangalore on urgent work Don’t take any step in haste that you will regret tomorrow Let’s go home. Maybe you’ll change your mind after two days No sister, I’m going so I don’t change my mind Nobody should find out that Satya’s sister works in Mumbai That’s best for all please don’t stop me

I will explain everything to you when I call from there Take care. I must leave Your performance should be the highlight in this song The hero has left saying he doesn’t want your love You can’t take that pain Soon, you open the bottle and consume poison Let go! Khan Bhai, I know nothing Let me go Let me go! Let go. . – I will let you go Khan never ever lost in his life That Satya. .the rascal should not leave Mumbai ! He must not leave! Go! What a shot you’ve given ! Very good ! You’ve put life in the film I doff my hat to you ! You sacrificed so much for him You bore pain so he could be happy He did not want you to suffer any more Do you know what he said. . ? Who knows whether I will survive the day? I myself do not know My job is such What will she get by marrying a hood? If I leave, she will cry for two days Then everything will be fine He said your life has more meaning than his life Her life shouldn’t be ruined Let her marry and live happily That’s what my brother wanted He loved you more than you loved him I found this out from his words

Divya, what happened? I made a mistake I made a mistake in understanding your brother’s heart When Satya isn’t mine, why should I live for others? I consumed poison ! What have you done?? I want to meet Satya just once Scoundrel ! Where will you escape from here? Where will you go? This is Mumbai ! What do you know about me? I was born in pakistan, grew up in Mangalore And I reign over Mumbai ! Can you rule here? Can you? And you come here, beat up my men. And whisk that girl away? Are you such a macho man? Such a big man? Do you remember Gazni? Do you remember Mohammed Gazni? Seventeen times. . how many? 1 7 he attacked your country 1 7 times and built his palace here! This is our history This will continue and you cannot do anything What will you do? What will you do? You don’t have the strength to look at this ‘Om’ and you talk about the country where youth cut open their chests. And raise the sound of Om This world has two types of nations. The country built by shedding the blood of others And the other is built by its’ own blood A nation thirsty for others’ blood and another shedding blood for others Your country lives off the blood of others Our country is full of patriots! What would you know of our country, its’ soil, our mother? The mother of this country hugs a killer like you too as her son ! You drank the milk of this mother and stabbed her in the chest Even traitors like you are given refuge by our mother Many gods and goddesses came here to slay evil when atrocities increased

This country is a temple of such gods and goddesses Today when the sins of evil men like you cross limits. . A patriot like me writes ‘Om’ on his chest and sheds his blood. . and slays demons like you with the blood gushing out! Not just that, to crush evil under his feet. . ever woman of this nation takes on the form of Mahakali ! and threads the skulls of evil men like you in her garland ! And today I will begin this killing ! I will be incarnated today! Brother! ! Divya. .consumed poison She says, without you, her life is useless She won’t go to the hospital She won’t survive unless you go. Where is Divya? – She’s in the car, hurry! Why did you do this? Sit in ! As long as I live, I won’t let you and her be united ! If you have the strength, rip open my belly and take the key Then you can take her. Come! Doctor, my Divya. – I tried a lot to save her

Now only your love and God can save her I love you !