#1 Proven Way How to Stay Raw and Eat More Raw Vegan Foods

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#1 Proven Way How to Stay Raw and Eat More Raw Vegan Foods

this is John Kohler with okraw.com I have another exciting episode for you and this one is going to answer a very important question that actually I get a lot hey John how do you stay raw and eat more raw foods in a healthy manner you know that’s one of the biggest challenges actually you guys out there in YouTube land may be having you might eat you know some cooked foods maybe even some animal products but you want to incorporate more raw foods and fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and you don’t know how to do it well this video is going to answer that question in detail and probably more ways than you want to know so the first thing I want to say is the simplest way to include more raw foods in your diet is that have them available so I’m actually standing in my garden right now and right behind me or some perennial tree collards I have some lemon grass growing here here is some stevia going to flower and seed I have things like eggplants and basil and some tomatoes and peppers left even on the vine so by far that’s the best way to eat more raw foods is to have it available and grow your own garden that’s the number one way because growing the garden you know you’re going to be able to harvest your own produce fresh and when it’s grown outside like my tree collards here and check it out if you don’t eat them they go bad and so these end up in the compost so I I’m literally losing money so it’s always best to grow your own and eat the most out of your garden as you possibly can now many of you guys may have an apartment may live in a place where it’s not too easy to grow food that being said I want to let you guys know that I teach people how to grow food I have over 700 videos at present time on growingyourgreens.com even in harsh climates like Las Vegas you can still grow year round so you want to check my other you know channel to see and learn how to grow food wherever you live you can even grow sprouts and things inside all year and you can even go outside if it’s snowing outside and I have videos on that too in any case if you don’t want to grow your food which I highly encourage you guys you can still eat more raw foods and let’s go inside and I’ll show you how to do it so if you don’t have a garden and have easy access to fruits and vegetables outside what you want to do on the inside of your house is really this you can see this is literally produce for about a week or two and I mean you want to have produce available for you to eat because if you don’t have good stuff to eat guess what you’re going to go to the junk food you’re going to go to the processed foods you’re going to go to the foods that are not so healthy for you so I like to have a mass abundance of fruit and vegetables available for me to eat so that I could be as healthy as possible what I’m going to do next is actually where to go over some of the different fruits and vegetables that I have here and maybe explain like a portion size to eat I mean a lot of you guys will be thinking man that looks like a lot of food will trust me you know I really take out a half box of oranges and like one sitting and it’s gone and then I need to buy more food so I have a lot of food you know that’s ready to eat now and simple actually store longer than others so we’ll also discuss that as well so we’ll discuss some strategies on choosing food and taking some of the best food eat on a raw foods diet on a raw foods diet man cannot just live on dates alone these are some fresh harvest dates that are harvested myself you know dates are dried food and when you’re going to notice that the majority of what I have for raw foods is not packaged and bottled stuff you can buy online but fresh produce that you get to buy a local grocery store health food store or better yet farmers market and these are the water-rich foods that feed us not only the best nutrition and highest levels of nutrients but also the water we are 70 to 75 percent water for not eating things at least that water weight it’s dehydrating us so yes dates will rehydrate you so in any case what we’re going to do next is actually go over some of the foods that I have today and share with you some of my insight on them now we’re going to go over all the different varieties of foods that actually I have out display for you guys right now there’s over 50 varieties and that’s something else I really want to you know focus on and encourage you guys is to eat a wide variety of different types of produce so you know you don’t want to just eat bananas in the daytime and a couple of heads of romaine at night there’s not I mean there’s nutrition in there but it’s not as good as eating a full spectrum and a whole bunch of different varieties plus which each variety of each different food you get a new taste sensation so you’re not getting bored of what you’re eating so I constantly strive to seek out new life and new civilizations I mean new fruits and exotic fruits and vegetables to eat so that I could get new taste sensations and more importantly more nutrients into my body in any case what we’re going to talk about next is probably my opinion the foundation of a healthy raw foods diet it’s the green silly and we have seven pounds of baby spinach here displayed on the table as well as some frisee and we got arugula baby romaine and fancy romaine salad this is all pre-bag pre-wash so it’s really

easy and convenient you can just ripped open the bag pour it in a bowl and eat in a salad once you make a salad dressing or put it in the blender to make green smoothies or blended salads be sure to check my other videos I have many videos on making salad dressings and green smoothies as well as blended soups also but in any case you’re going to notice I have a wide variety of leafy greens I just don’t have Romaine I have Romaine plus you know arugula and spinach and earlier this week I had baby kales and I had power greens mixed with it had Swiss chard in it so yeah you want to definitely focus on getting a wide variety of greens and always mixing them up I actually recommend you strive eat two pounds of leafy greens a day so you might be thinking John that’s a lot of leafy green well you can get something like this a little baby organic spinach and this is sold at most Costco or Sam’s club they sell the organic ones it’s a lowest price to get those there for most people and you know this is one pound so I mean this one pound you could eat a one-pound you know in your salad for dinner time you can also take one pound and put it into a green smoothie actually that’s what we did yesterday we blended up some orange juice and one pound of spinach for green smoothie you can also take one pound of greens and pound it through your juicer and drink some delicious vegetable juice so that actually will move us into the next thing we’re going to talk about the next thing we’re going to talk about are these guys these guys are actually called lemon cucumbers so much like regular cucumbers you know they taste fairly similar but these don’t have the bitter skin and actually I grew these myself and what I’m using these guys or are primarily for juicing I eat some too and cut up and sounds and whatnot but these guys had a lot of water content to your juice and dilute some of the greens so you can see here I got two big flats you got to be thinking man John that’s a lot of produce well actually I had to harvest all the lemon cucumbers before the frost hit outside because it’s always best to leave your food on the plants or vines until you’re going to use it unless something like frost is coming if these guys were left outside when it when the frost hits then these guys are literally turning to mush and be no good anymore now we’re going to talk about some other things are harvested from my garden and that’s right over here I harvested a whole bunch of peppers so besides hot peppers which I don’t eat so often I have a lot of sweet peppers and a lot of different varieties besides just the standard bell peppers there’s all different kinds of Italian heirloom peppers you can get but unless you grow yourself you’re not going to be able to you know taste these guys or get the nutrients from them every pepper taste just a little bit different so it’s really cool when I could grow a lot of these heirloom varieties so I encourage you guys actually grow your own peppers you could have new taste sensations because everyone taste a little different plus when you grow your own you could focus on building the soil because the food that you’re eating comes from the soil and conventional agriculture puts only three minerals in the soil its not going to contain a full spectrum of nutrients that it should I mean I put 90 plus minerals into the soil that these peppers are grown on so when I do that these peppers not only tastes better but they’re also actually more nutritious for me so I like that a lot in addition besides the peppers like also have a lot of tomatoes some of which I grew myself which this is the last of them and I also grew up you know buy tomatoes in mass here I have two kinds here today I have the organic Roma tomatoes and I like buying organic whenever possible that something you should strive to do because in general organic agriculture the products derived from them have more nutrition but more importantly don’t contain the things like toxic chemical pesticides herbicides and fungicides so you have some organic Roma tomatoes but if that’s too expensive you can’t find them when I also like to recommend to people are these guys these are euro fresh farms compare fresh tomatoes on the vine and these are actually greenhouse grown in there it says certified pesticide free so I like to get these guys are when I can’t get the organic ones or when these are actually a much better price and you might be thinking John you know that’s a lot of tomatoes I mean there’s like you know each one of these is like a pound of tomatoes in here but once again you know I could literally take one full carton of these guys and you know blend it up into a salad dressing at night so I’m eating a lot of produce on this diet and that’s the other thing you have to remember on a raw foods diet you know a lot of the foods you’re eating its all water content you know so you can’t have you know there’s not dehydrated things that are you to take a little space you have to eat a larger quantity of food you know to actually feel satisfied and feel full but at the same time you feed the body all the nutrients it needs to be optimally healthy up to now I should you low caloric density foods such as the you know the leafy greens they barely contain any calories and some of the non-sweet fruits while they yes they are fruits because it contains seeds they don’t have a lot of calories in them so my preference is to get the majority of my calories from the sweet fruits that have much more caloric density you know so what we’re going to go over next is actually the fruits and I have a wide variety

of fruits and let’s see right here we got persimmons so we have the standard persimmons actually here we have some special chocolate persimmons let me see if I can find the right want to show you guys so here’s a ripe one here we’ll show you the inside mmm literally on the inside that’s like almost like a dark brown color they’re called chocolate persimmons that are quite sweet and actually very delicious now I love to eat foods in season and that’s why I have the persimmons right now persimmons right now are in season and you know whatever are in season are usually the lower prices in the store plus you’re only going to get them one time of year persimmons are like the fall / winter time and pretty soon they’re going to be gone so I like to focus on local foods and in season foods as much as possible because some of the other foods that you will see here are available pretty much year-round in addition I got another fruit here and you might be thinking John you know are those lemons nope these are actually called sweet lime so I like the sweet limes a lot because you know I like a citrus fruit that has a lot of acid if you get these guys right they are actually relatively low acid so to me these are just like drinking like a nature is purified water or juice these guys that makes a pretty much water that has a slightly you know lime taste but once again these guys are ripe so there’s no acidity the other thing to remember is that when you’re buying green lime those guys actually aren’t right because they should turn yellow and they’re picking up too early to get that flavor that you’re used to you that what you think a lime should taste like in addition we’ve got some Meyer lemon so my the Meyer lemons are actually a lemon that’s a no sweeter than the standard lemon and once again when encourage you guys to pick all your fruit as ripe as possible because these were actually picked at a local farmers market and they’re nice dark rich color so when picking fruits in general the darker the color the riper it is and also you want to a little bit soft but not too soft because it could be going bad in addition I won a Valencia orange off of a friends tree and this guy is actually super ripe it actually is called a tree drop and you know a lot of the produce sold in the stores and your health food store or grocery store are picked in my opinion far too early and you know before their peak of ripeness and if they’re not at the peak ripeness they’re not at the peak of sweetness and actually not actually at the peak of the nutritional value they’re picked too early what will happen is that they’re going to be able to store and transport longer without going bad and that’s the goal of the people selling you the produce because they don’t want to lose their investment to make their profit so you want to grow your own or support local farmers or find a friend with the tree another seasonal fruit that I have right now that actually I grew myself these guys are actually called feijoas or also known as pineapple guavas these guys are absolutely delicious now go ahead and show you guys one of these you can’t eat the skin on these guys but it is a little bitter I’ll usually just cut them open and then just eat the inside out mmm nice guava like taste so good but feijoas you rarely see in trade or for sale because they have a very short and limited shelf life yet another reason to grow your own another fruit we have today are papayas so this is the Mexican papaya i would caution you guys actually a lot of papayas these days may be GMO or genetically modified to my knowledge the Mexican or more dole papayas are these long ones that are big not too small ones in general are not GMO based on my research and the papayas are available year round we are coming into the winter time here so a lot of the fresh fruits are going out of season but there’s pretty much always a good source of papaya so I do like eat some papayas in the wintertime when I can’t get some other fruits in addition back here we’ve got things like honeydew melons and cantaloupe melons these are actually organically grown and I’ll stop right there and I want to talk more about organic I think most of what you’re seeing here today is actually organically grown I want to encourage you guys to eat as much organically grown food as possible you want to minimize the amount of pesticide residues and more importantly increase your nutrition there have been studies and based on my research you know food that’s organically produced has sometimes up to twice or maybe three times as much more nutrition than the conventional so even if you’re paying twice the price you may actually be getting twice nutrition and I definitely think that’s a good deal aside from the melons we got which are actually the honeydew’s actually store quite well the cantaloupe will have to be used before them they also have some pineapples I like to actually use the pineapples to juice and lately we’ve been actually juicing pineapples with some of the pomegranates to make a nice delicious juice a lot of times if you buy pineapples they have a proteolytic enzyme which means it breaks down proteins called bromelain that cause your tongue to start actually bleeding in some cases because it breaks down the proteins

on your tongue so what you want to try to get your pineapples as right as possible and in general I’ve learned that the riper the pineapple the more yellow or more color it has and you know if you’re buying pineapples that are green they’re not is right and they’re going to probably burn your tongue more so when I do some actually that doesn’t happen it seems to break down those political enzymes that actually doesn’t burn my tongue what we’re going to talk about next is more fruits i love my fresh fruits and once again I get the majority of my calories from fresh fruits in my diet and you know I think that’s definitely good strategy to have what you see here are a lot of bananas now while I don’t eat 30 bananas and I don’t necessarily recommend you do either because if you’re getting 30 bananas a day you’re actually you know filling up on banana calories when you could be enjoying calories from other fruits and vegetables that are going to give you a wide variety and wide spectrum of nutrients that being said during the wintertime once again when you know there’s not a lot of fruits in season or I want to save money I’ll go for the bananas because per calorie and per dollar they’re definitely the cheapest calorie in organic raw food dollars for fruits anyways so we buy a wide variety of bananas we have them in different stages of writing so when you go to the store don’t just buy all super right bones are super green ones try to get them in different stages I mean you can see we have some here that are still green these are partly green with more yellow these are mostly yellow and these are actually a almost ripe and these are right about the time we want to start using these guys since they’re spotted up and looking pretty nice so I mostly use these bananas in smoothies green smoothies and fruits smoothies because I don’t necessarily enjoy eating imported bananas that are picked far too early and also actually gassed to ripen I’d rather be you know somewhere the tropics in Florida or where eating bananas right off the tree that have not been you know harvested too early because they’re going to have their full flavor plus the sad thing is the bananas your body the store it’s only one variety there’s like hundreds or thousands of varieties bananas each with different flavors much like you know we have many varieties of apples available at your local grocer besides bananas of course we got some mangoes mangoes are coming into season now I love mangos one of my favorite fruits lately we’ve been actually using the mangoes with some actually the peppers to blend up in the blender to make a nice delicious salad dressing also use those in the fruit smoothies and just make a mono meal out of them so what is a mono meal a mono meal is when you eat one food at one time until your totally satisfied and full and you’re you know you’re not making a fruit salad with all different kinds of fruits in general I like to eat my fruits in a mono fashion so I’ll eat you know a meal of bananas or I’ll eat a meal of oranges or eat a meal of persimmons and that I feel is the best way to get the best digestion and enjoy your food the most so aside from the mangoes here we got some oranges and these oranges are actually called navel oranges because you can see the little naval right there now these oranges are not necessarily the best for juicing the Valencia oranges are better producing these guys are good for eating out of hand or what we’ve been doing with these actually just cutting off the orange coloring and actually then juicing them so they’re actually a nice rich delicious complete orange juice you know a lot of orange juice is you by the store they literally just press the liquid out of the orange but they’re not juicing the white fibers pith and that’s where most nutrition is contained so that’s what we’ve been doing with these oranges here besides orange another a fall / winter food are these guys pomegranates pomegranates are very rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals so sometimes we’ll actually juice the pomegranates with the orange and maybe even add the pineapple for a nice delicious sweet nutrient-dense pomegranate rich drink in addition one of the foods that like a lot we only have a few left here I got these guys he’s actually called the jujubes or actually call the Chinese dates and these are actually technically a dried fruit you can actually get these when they’re fresh and they taste more like an apple when they’re dry they kind of taste kind of like bread because they have a nice doughy consistency to me these guys are actually getting a little more dried that optimal mmm but this guy is actually nice and spongy hmm man these guys are so delicious and these are actually a Chinese food and these are known as a longevity food and you know Chinese herbalism they use these for many different ailments now we’re nearing the end of the fruits and I’m getting a bit sad and I love my fruits but what we have here some organic pears I like to eat organic pears sometimes as mono meals or sometimes I’ll blend them or even juice them up and then also of course we have your standard apples we’ve got some granny smith and some Fuji apples here you know I want to talk about Apple’s for a second you know apples are available year-round and you know to me I like to eat apples when they’re in season so in the fall and winter are when they have just been harvested in there at their peak

if you’re buying apples in the summertime then what you’re probably eating our apples from last season or imported apples so I always encourage you guys to eat you know food seasonally so apples are definitely better in the fall and winter and you know also actually other winter fruits actually a citrus citrus are in the season in the winter time as well so besides these guys which are in general used for juicing and a few recipes we got some of these guys in the back here and this is actually a butternut squash and you might be thinking John how could you eat butternut squash raw they’re actually quite hard but also very delicious so what we did the other night is we peel it and we actually put it through what’s called a spiralizer and the spiralizer actually makes long spaghetti-like strands to make like a spaghetti pasta but that’s wrong because you don’t need to cook it so we literally just a cut this up in a little spaghetti-like strands and made a sauce put it over it and ate it right up another thing you can do with these guys is actually make a soup out of it or even juice it so actually what we have planned for these guys actually going to make some delicious butternut squash juice now with these squashes which is known as a winter squash they store fairly well so you know that this school these will easily store for a month or maybe even two you know without going bad outside of the fridge that’s another reason why I like them you know someone get the food that we got that store really well are coming up next so well let’s talk about those so the next food we’re going to talk about also store really well they’re known as nuts and while the coconut is not a true nut it’s classified as a net and I like the coconut and you can see we have three different varieties here today we have the young Thai coconuts and based on my research the young Thai coconuts are actually dipped in sulfides and fungicide so it’s not optimal and that’s why I leave the plastic wrapping on them the question is does that dip that they’re dipped in up actually get through and penetrate into the water and the meat which is the part you eat and I’m not entirely sure that it that it does I’m highly confident that it doesn’t but in some cases it may so whenever possible I don’t get the Thai coconuts but I get this kind that I got next and uh what we’ve got here are the white coconuts and these are from Mexico so the Thai coconuts are the youngest then these are like you know and be like adolescent coconuts when picking a white coconut you want to shake it and you want to hear not anything shake around you want it to be full of water because in my opinion the most valuable aspect of the coconut is the water itself its nature is purified water so instead of taking bottle of water to a sporting event or out running just take a coconut and pop a straw in there and drink the water and you have an electrolyte rich drink that will replenish you from all your sporting activities now besides the white coconut which are rare you may not be able to find those so much we got these guys we got the standard brown coconut now I definitely don’t like the brown coconut too much because a lot of stores like a grocery store sell the brown coconut but they don’t turn them over a lot so what does that mean turn them over a lot that means they don’t sell them a lot so that they’re sitting there a lot and when they’re sitting there a lot they’re going bad and you know you can’t really tell from looking at on the outside if they’re bad or not one of the ways you can if you want to shake it you want to hear a lot of water sloshing around you also want it very heavy for its weight so if you have a stack of five coconuts in front of you pick them all up and you generally want to get the heaviest one you also want to look around the eyes and make sure there’s no you know like signs of mold or anything like that but in general from the comments I’ve received you know most people will buy these brown coconuts and they’re most often times and bad another way you can prevent this is going to a place that turns them over a lot such as a Mexican or Asian market which you know those people tend to buy the coconuts more than the standard of American so besides the regular standard size coconuts and these guys are actually growing on the coconut palm which is actually not a tree I have another kind of coconut actually they’re actually called Coquito nuts so these guys are called actually baby coconuts or mini coconuts that’s because they’re nice and small let’s go ahead and try to open up one of these guys up for you guys to show you guys actually how much it resembles the coconut its insane we’re going to take a standard nutcracker here and super good crack this open now these are actually very hard nuts all right there we go we’ve cracked it open and check it out inside here what you’re going to find is that the hard shell like the coconut shell and then you’re going to find a little coconut and if we break this guy in half here check it out that looks like a little coconut on the inside just like that little coconut meat mmm tastes so delicious now those guys are actually really rare harvested these guys myself so they’re quite good you can’t find these guys online but they’re like just a few ounces for a lot of money but definitely recommend you try if you never have they’re quite unique and I they’re nice and good we just went over all the different vegetables and all the different fruits that have available to eat at a time once again making foods available so that you’re not going hungry and you’re going to stick on a raw foods diet because when you

got all this food you know I’m constantly actually going through each different you know bin to see which ones are right which ones are going to go bad first and those are the ones that I’m going to actually eat next so that’s a whole another topic that I’m not going to discuss in this video but up until now you saw the fruits and the vegetables and in my opinion and for me personally I eat those an unlimited quantities as much as I’d like you know on the coconut and drink as much coconut water as I like I’m now on the coconut meat and these kids are nuts those are actually nice rich fatty food in my opinion many raw foods diet in this day and age focus far too much on getting too many calories from fat and that could be a big issue so what I’m going to talk about next is actually nuts in the raw foods diet and the nuts that I have actually there were a pretty much freshly harvested and then I could eat at any time but on the same token I limit myself to one handful or two handfuls at the absolute most of nuts and seeds or you know the coconut meat a day you know because we don’t want to eat too much fat in our diet but that being said in my opinion there are some good nutrients in some of these different fatty foods so you don’t want to exclude them from your diet but you don’t want to eat too much of them either I know a lot of people that when they’re getting into raw foods you know as a nice raw snack will grab up a handful of nuts out of the fridge actually my dad does that and you know he’s definitely put on some extra weight because of that instead of grabbing a handful of nuts hey grab a banana grab an orange grab an apple grab a pineapple guava grab a persimmon to eat instead also you can keep some fruits with you at work you know have a nice bowl at work on your you know desk to grab at any time and eat some fresh fruits instead of having the nuts and seeds and dried fruits in your purse or in your glove box of your car just keep some fresh fruits available at all times some of the fruits actually store quite well the oranges for example they’ll store quite well as long as they are hard and firm they’ll store through with our refrigeration the honeydew melons will store without refrigeration provide its not getting too hot in your car you know at least for several days so I just put one in there and you know when it’s right eat it and you know you want to eat more fruits and vegetables is what the goal on the raw foods diet is in my opinion so anyways let’s talk about nuts maybe we wont talk too much about nuts but I do like nuts besides my own nuts I like these nuts that I have here we have some walnuts that are harvested fresh so this is the standard walnuts that you know and may love they actually are not that higher in omega-3 fatty acids than other nuts back here have a special one might it might look like a standard quality but we’ll go ahead and crack this in half for you guys and once we do you’re going to check it out man these guys are actually a red walnuts that’s totally a new color you’ve probably never seen these guys before these are probably have some different antioxidants and phytochemicals than the standard you know brown or tan walnuts mmm and then they taste good too now aside from the walnuts I like to get other nuts that are in season and that these nuts right now we are in season these are actually called the pine nuts or pignoli nuts these are actually a Nevada grown a lot of the pine nuts you get are actually out of the shell imported from China and those guys in my opinion are most of the time rancid and you pay a lot of money for them you can also get imported pine nuts from Italy which are actually much higher quality and I would recommend those instead of the ones from China but overall I recommend you guys a local on these guys are from Nevada and these guys are actually quite delicious these are in the shell so in my opinion it’s the best way to purchase your nuts is in shell number one in most cases they’re going to be less expensive number two this shell is what protects them it’s like you know a wrapper on a candy bar is going to keep the nut inside fresh and from going rancid I mean after all the nut is literally a seed for the tree to grow a whole new tree so we can literally plant this in shell pine nut and grow a whole new pine tree so the shell keeps the nut viable longer also it slows you down from eating them which is a very important point I have another video on the number one food raw foodist overeat and how nature prevents that so if you haven’t seen that video I would encourage you guys to watch it but you know if you have to show your pine nuts to eat you know I mean it takes a long time I like to squeeze in between my fingers and it will pop it and then I’ll just roll it around here a little bit I separate the pine nut there from the shell another thing about in shell nuts because the nut is the protective casing this actually pine nut is not like the ones you’re going to buy your bolt being at your local health food store this is actually soft and you know because it is fresh it’s actually has a much higher water content mmm so it’s not as dehydrating plus they taste amazing Wow so besides the pine nuts here I also have other kinds of nuts so I have some almonds in the shell hear that are harvested from my brother’s tree and in addition I save my apricot pits because inside the apricot pit

is a seed so let’s go ahead and grab that maybe Nutcracker here and show you guys what’s inside the apricot pit so inside the apricot pit is a seed and there’s what’s left over the seed when I demolished by a breaking it open and that looks like a little almond mmm Wow has a nice like almond flavor like you know the essential oil of almond or whatever or almond extract it’s actually kind of bitter so eat these in like small amount but this guy actually have B17 or Laetrile which some people say can you know actually fight cancer and things like that so I like to eat once again a wide variety of foods i’m not just eating one type of nut i have many different kinds and once again a handful or two a day another fat that I like to include in my diet besides nuts and coconut are avocados we love avocados avocados are one of my favorite fats because they’re a water-rich fat so they’re not quite as concentrated as the nuts and seeds but nonetheless I don’t want to be too many avocados and a maybe one or maybe two if I’m feeling rambunctious another thing that many people that are new into raw foods do what you like is eat six avocados in one sitting and we’ve all done that I’ve done it you provide that it what you want to try to you know limit your avocado intake and lower the fat calories you know a fat calories from avocados definitely fat better than fat calories or you know calories coming from McDonalds or some process and junk foods but it’s not as healthy as calories coming from some leafy green vegetables or some fresh sweet fruits in my opinion another good source of calories on a raw foods diet are starchy vegetables so I don’t eat a lot of you know starchy root vegetables or tubers I don’t eat potatoes pretty much for the most part it’s rare that you’ll ever see me eat a potato but this is my favorite a tuber that I do like to eat that is actually a calorically fairly calorically dense compared to some other things I’m eating and actually this is called a sunchoke or Jerusalem artichoke actually grew these guys myself and they are actually quite delicious these guys are a tuber that actually do not need to cook in order to eat them I like to actually slice these up in like little chips and dip them in some guacamole made with my avocados so I always encourage you guys that you no experience and try new and different foods the sunchokes kind of taste a little bit like a jicama but not there’s also other tubers that you can eat raw such as jacone a Chinese artichoke and even water chestnuts so yes I like eating some of my Jerusalem artichokes every once in a while and these guys pretty much if you’re going to grow one tuber this the one to grow it pretty much will grow as a weed and you know one plant could you easily 10 pounds of food for you guys to eat if you do it right and these actually store all winter another thing I’m growing in my garden our pumpkins so these are some this is a pumpkin actually this is called the kakai pumpkin and I’m not growing this necessarily for the pumpkin flesh because I don’t eat a lot of pumpkin flesh the pumpkin flesh and this is not necessarily too sweet on here but I do juice it actually tastes good and a juice but when I grew these guys for are inside the pumpkin seeds so you guys might know that most pumpkin seeds are actually white they have a hull on them and you’ve got to like take off the hull before you eat them or else it’s really fibers and not good but you can buy the Mexican a green Pepita seeds or pumpkin season without that health food store and those are green and those are hullless seeds and actually this that’s what this pumpkin produces so I have a smaller one here I’m going to show you guys this is just a little pumpkin here we just go ahead and cut that in half and inside here you’ll see you know there’s these little green seeds and these are fresh Pepita seeds how many of you guys have ever tasted fresh Pepita seeds you often get the dried ones but let me tell you when their water rich and fresh mmm it tastes like nothing else they are so amazing you can just use these in recipes put them over salad blend them up into a dressing they’re so delicious what I normally do is I take these out and if I don’t use them fresh I actually put them in the gate hydrator and those are the best tasting pumpkin seeds I’ve ever tasted grown in nutrient dense soil plus they’re not he that hot temperatures that’s another thing I want to talk about is you know if you’re not getting your nuts in shell if they’re just in the bulk bins already pre shelled you know they may and probably are not raw in most cases I know for sure they are now pasteurizing California almonds either by heat or steam or using actually chemicals and the raw cashews and the bulk bins they’re not raw because they have been heated to hotter to than what 118 degrees which is hotter than what raw foods would like they do have quote on quote really raw cashews but in my opinion the cashews are still not that good and instead I prefer to get actually dehydrated macadamia nuts from Hawaii and they actually are quite delicious so that brings me to the end of this video I hope you guys enjoyed this video learning how to eat more raw foods and stay on the

raw foods diet the easiest way once again you want to make the produce available to you mean literally my house looks like up the produce department and that’s what your house should look like too and if it doesn’t you may not be setting yourself up to succeed the best way possible on a healthy living and raw foods diet so once again my name is John Kohler with okraw.com and I want to encourage you always eat your fruits and vegetables they’re the best