Doctors tag team to create movie-star lips and jawline with dermal fillers

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Doctors tag team to create movie-star lips and jawline with dermal fillers

– I wish you’d say which is your best side, Tash? – I’ll be on this side (laughs) – Every side’s bad for me, so it’s alright (laughs) – Get out – Doesn’t matter So today we’ve got a interesting video where we’re gonna team up with Dr. Natasha – Hi – Moscato and myself, and we’re gonna look after our beautiful patient here, Rachelle We’re gonna see what we can do as a team to get her looking even better (upbeat music) – So Rachelle, my lovely Rachelle, one of my favorite girls has come back to have a chat We did some filler on you before you got married – We did – Yeah And obviously you’re back ’cause you like it and you want to– – 100% I was very happy with it It turned out really well and can’t wait– – Did you feel special on the day? – I did, and I felt absolutely beautiful and the photographs turned out brilliantly and that’s what I was after – As you can see, Rachelle’s always already stunning It’s just sometimes those small changes that you can make to make someone else, just make each person feel a bit better about themselves or just enhance their beauty – We don’t always do tag team though This is unusual I know, I love working with Gavin, ’cause we both sometimes have different ideas on things – Although, I have thought of that idea, maybe you should get all patients two doctors – That would be great – We could do one side each but the symmetry might be an issue – But I know, I love working with him because sometimes we have, like we kinda discuss things, sometimes he’ll have an idea I might not be keen on or I might have one he’s not and the thing is we work together really well and bounce ideas off each other Everyone has their own opinion on what they want Some people want to not have people notice they’ve had work done, and I think our clinic is more about, obviously coming out looking natural – Creating beauty is difficult I think we all recognize beauty, so when we see it, we know what beauty is and we can feel it and when we see someone who looks nice you can really feel it but to actually break down the code and work out how to make someone more attractive or how to make someone more beautiful is, that’s the tricky bit Maybe we can show you guys a bit about how we do that today – And it’s yeah, I agree with that, and I also feel like it’s also having that person feel more beautiful about themself or feel more attractive and more confident about themself – But don’t you reckon that that’s the best thing about what we do, the way people feel after – That’s why I love what I do – That’s the most rewarding thing for me – But what I love about Rachelle, when I first met you, I’m like, how am I gonna make you more beautiful, like you’re already to me, you’ve got a movie star looks I just thought wow– – Thank you – She’s already, but then, I kind of love looking at the face and thinking, okay, how are we gonna get even, that more, even more attractive, although, it is a challenge like you said, sometimes it is a challenge because you’re like, where are you gonna put this, but that’s part of the fun I think we felt that just balancing the face sometimes and just making sure that the proportions or, you already have the, you’ve got the most beautiful big eyes, but just focusing on building up that jaw is what you felt you wanted especially for the photos – Can I ask you, Rachelle, when you had this done, did anyone actually notice that you had something done? – No, they didn’t at all Yeah, they were very surprised, I guess you can say, when I did tell them– – Oh you told them – Yeah yeah, I did, I’m quite forward, especially– – I guess, you’re on the video now – With my husband and close family and friends, I did say, yes, I did have a little bit done and they were very surprised – Thank you, thank you for being on this video as well, and sharing your experience with everyone It’s usually, I reckon, what percentage of people don’t tell their partner? What percentage would you say, I mean, both for men and women, it works both ways, I reckon so what percentage would you say of people who don’t tell their spouse or partner? – Oh, most probably wouldn’t I have had couples come in together sometimes I’ve also had a couple that came in on the same day but didn’t tell each other they were coming – Yes, okay, alright – That was like– – Whoever that was out there That’s the funny bit– – The point is they look natural right – That they don’t tell their partners and their partners don’t know they’ve had stuff done – Exactly – That’s the funny thing – I’m sure if they let it wear off, then they’d start to notice, they were looking a bit tired, but no– – It’s really also as well I think if you do good work, like I’m sure that what you did for Rachelle made a really positive change for her and it looked really natural – Happy wife, happy life babe, you know – Yes – And happy wife, happy life – Look, most men I’m sure if they knew that it made their wives or partners or whatever happy then they’re gonna be happier, aren’t they? If they’re around that positive energy – You did such good work on her last time then the people didn’t pick up that you had something done, which I think is a hallmark of a good job – That’s what I want I don’t want people to say, “Have you had work done?” I don’t want that, that’s not Look, I know sometimes people come in and say, “I want to be noticed, I want this, I want this dramatic.” I always try to tone it down a little bit, try to shift the focus a little bit But that’s what I want I want people to say, “Oh wow, you look great,” and kind of keep them guessing a little bit

– So let’s analyze her face together Should we start with her forehead maybe? – Yeah, start with the, I like to break it up into thirds, top, middle, third – I like that Systematic review, good stuff – Let’s do it, Gav So it’s in top third I notice there’s a little bit of volume loss above the brow – Actually, that’s you’re specialty fixing that area So would you be inclined to fill that? – Depends on how many mils of filler I’ve got to play with – Okay, so prioritize – Prioritizing, yes But it would be an area that we could put filler in – Do you ever find that your patients ever bring that up as an issue? – No, never, never But when you do it, they’re like, oh wow And I do find over time you tend to, it does become a little bit more prominent when you lose volume – Alright, moving down – [Natasha] See the brows are perked – How nice are her brows? – Beautiful – Are they, you haven’t tattooed them? – No they are all natural Just a little bit of color – Good lashes I don’t think we’re gonna be spending too much time on the upper – I’d say out of the three areas, that’s probably going to be one of the better areas – We have a bit of filler in the cheeks and that was after we did the jaw and that was just to give you a bit of a wow, glamorizing, love it – That’s right – And you notice the light reflecting off the cheek – It’s much easier to put makeup on The first thing that I’ve realized, makeup sets a lot better now – Move on to the lips, maybe – [Natasha] Beautiful philtrum column – Yeah, amazing definition of the lips – Amazing – I reckon probably the lower lip needs a little bit more filler now because we never widened the bottom lip ’cause we always keep it very central We don’t want the bottom lip to look like that – And I always, for example, it’s not necessarily an area where I’d grab a mil and go let’s do your lips But it would be an area that I’ve done this bit, okay, let’s put that little bit left in the lip I kind of work like that – In this case today, we’re looking after Rachelle and we’ve got no real limit to what we can do today so the sky’s the limit today but most of the time people come with a budget – And a priority – And a priority – But the thing is that’s the beauty of having visits but, you know, every so often just so that we can touch base and we may have worked on another area next time They’re like, okay, this is great, let’s do this So it’s a work in progress – What would you say is average amount of fillers that a person has? How many mils would you say is average for one session for you? – For one session? – Yeah, one session – It just depends on the area Obviously one in the lip, you might do but if you’re doing cheeks you’d need a couple – But like you’re average– (click) – Ooh – Your reaction was hilarious – (slow motion) Ooh – So what we were talking about before about how many mils of filler that most patients– – This takes a lot doesn’t it? – Or clients It’s a hard one, like if I’ve got a few extra mils to play with, I love that because I can let my artistic side come out and go, well I can go there, there, there It’s a matter of prioritizing but a few mils of filler is not a lot of filler to have in one session – So let’s assess Rachelle’s lower face So maybe we’ll just have another quick turn So in terms of balancing her face, we’re looking at her profile, we can certainly put more in her chin I think Is that something– – We did a little with her chin and I agree, she loves the result and I think we can uphold that a little bit more I think we can still strengthen and further strengthen that and that’s what you were mentioning that you would like Do you reckon about bringing out that masseter on the left side a little bit or you don’t think– – Well generally the angle of her mandible on this side is not particularly strong So we just wanna turn that way If you’ve got naturally fullness of her chin here I wouldn’t call that a jowl in her case That’s not a jowl but there is certainly a fullness there and probably a lack of angularity with the angle of the mandible there So do you think of putting on a bit of an angle there would be nice? – Yeah – Yeah, I think so – Let’s have a look at that And this side is probably– – It’s a bit weaker, you know what I mean? – It’s weak there as well Let’s put in a bit there and really enhance that whole jawline so I think looking at things, we’ve gotta go from the tip of the jawline The chin all the way down to the back of the jawline to give the best result rather than just put a blob of filler there – Yep – So really, I reckon, chin, pre-jowl, which is a bit adjacent to her chin, leaving this fullness there ’cause that’s good and then filling in the last parts of her jawline near the back here So we’re gonna focus our video today on performing lower face enhancement including the lips, the angle of the mandible, the jawline and the chin and the parts adjacent the chin so we’ll take you through that today Bet you’ve never had this done before – Look at you, pampered – I know – Two people wiping your face here – Wiping my own makeup off – I know, how good is that? I always had a patients, ’cause those that are a bit anxious or apprehensive about getting filler done, they’re always like, I guess what makes them a little bit more comfortable is knowing that nothing we use is permanent and everything is dissolvable so it’s rare that you could be left with something you’re not happy with it – So if we make you look like Jay Leno today, you know you’ll be right

– What is this (mumbles) It’s nice to know that nothing is going to be permanent That’s why it’s an ongoing relationship – It’s a double-edged sword really though – Not really ’cause your face changes with time so you don’t want something to be permanent – That’s a good point – I’ve had some people with permanent cheek filler and stuff and they don’t like it Over time it doesn’t look right – You don’t want your filler to be sitting down here in 20 years – They want it to last but nothing ever lasts Your hair always needs to be done, your brows, your lashes, your nails, really what is permanent? – The gloves are on – Ready to go – Ready to go (laughter) – So we’re gonna check for vessels so that we can minimize bruising – Definitely First step, let’s mark cheek fill – We’re ready – Here we go, Accuveins are ready, rolling – I was just saying to Rachelle that she’s a bit veiny (electronic music) – I used to bruise people all the time right down this spot here – I know – Every time – It’s so good having this You don’t necessarily wanna have a big bruise to stop you going out for a few days or having to make excuses – How’s your side? – I know (mumbles) – Oh, it’s slightly different Here we go, so I’ll just start marking this side here Gonna be equal It went down your top, sorry, I didn’t mean to get my line of pencil down your top there I’m gonna copy you now ’cause I like what you’ve done ‘Cause I can see you filled in a little bit lower than I have – [Natasha] Yeah, it’s gotta go down there – [Gavin] So if there’s fullness lower down there, we can, I think what you’ve done there is good ’cause you’ve filled slightly lower so we can fill slightly lower here so it all lines up and looks straight ’cause this part here’s a little bit lower and fuller than there so I like your style – [Natasha] Thanks Gav What do you think of the actual length of it? – Yeah, it’s good – I think it’s good too I think just a little bit of projection – Should we get out the calipers? Let’s measure with the calipers This caliper has automatically put sets the ratio as 1:1.618 which is the golden ratio Now this will tell us whether your chin is too long or short It’s the distance between the eyes and there we can measure from where the lips touch to, see look at that, she’s perfect See that everyone? The distance between her eyes, we measure that as one Where her lips touch to where her chin ends, is 1.618 times – So we thought that it would be perfect– – So you have the perfect– – I agree, the length is good – We don’t need downwards projection on you so we will need mainly forwards projection in your case In terms of width, how wide do we want in terms of chin? We don’t want to make her chin fat, like that We want to make it still fairly nice and narrow The way I judge this is, the width of the eyes should be the width of the nose, should be the width of the chin so let’s have a look This width of the eyes here, there The width of the nose is fairly close and then that should be the width of the chin So when we draw her markings for a chin, we should keep it within that range Okay, let’s do it – Now do I need to take my shoes off for you Gav? Am I too tall? – You can if you wish – ‘Cause you’re a little bit, like it’s a little bit low for me, is it a bit low for you? – Tash likes to take her shoes off during the procedure It’s her trademark Is Tash gonna take her shoes off? Oh, that’s better – Oh, now I look short – We better explain what we’re doing We’re going to use blunt microcannulas and the way this works, oh there’s that bit of eyeliner pencil There you go, found it Which cannot penetrate the skin This is a blunt microcannula And you see it doesn’t go through the skin It doesn’t hurt, does it? – No, it didn’t hurt – So it’s not sharp, it’s blunt So no pain So what we’re doing here is basically putting in bits of local antasthenic which we’ll then use a needle to make a hole through the skin so then we can put the blunt microcannula through that hole The advantage of doing that is that the microcannula will weave through blood vessels Say, you can see there’s a blood vessel there So say we go in through here, I could actually go around that blood vessel or the cannula will actually push that blood vessel out of the way And it’s not just veins These are all veins that we’ve marked here but it’s not just the veins that are an issue It could be an artery as well so injecting into an artery could be potentially disastrous Injecting into a vein can cause a bruise but if you inject into an artery it can send that filler up into another spot and block off the arterial supply to the skin or some other structure in the face, even the eyes or something that’s of vital importance – There tends to be a lot of vessels around that jawline area and so cannula’s awesome for there This way my darls So I enter from a bit further away and then I go down I just like the length because then I can reach more places It’s more of an awkward feeling rather

than a painful feeling, isn’t it? It’s a little bit more of an awkward How do you feel Rachelle? – It’s not painful at all It’s just you can almost– – [Natasha] Weird – Yeah, just feel it moving, moving through – I’ll just put a little drop of anesthetic in here – Go for it Now have a look now Oh yeah, that’s better – I always tease Tash and say she was the best at school at coloring in – I was Gav I knew it would come in handy one day I mean, if I wanna be a perfectionist and I am, I could always come back and tweak little bits – It takes sometimes a lot of years of experience just to get the eye to see what needs to be done and we can sort of detect contours and shadows and things like that You probably can’t even see that on the camera Natasha’s managed to detect a very small contour irregularity there that she’s spotted and by doing so she can actually go and fill that area – Even if the patient’s happy, I’ll see something and I’ll go back and do it ’cause I can see it I’m happy now – I’m gonna go for the short cannula I think when filling this area too it’s important not to fill into the fullness or in an older patient what you call a jowl But if you fill in there, people will just absolutely hate it so it’s always got to be ahead of this fullness here – Okay, I feel like I need to build up the jaw back here a little bit You’re good See this is where if you’ve got one mil to play with, you’re not going to do this ’cause it does soak it up – Alright, maybe I’ll– – But it doesn’t feel like that much – We’ve just done a point four and we’ll see how – I don’t feel like it’s that much – No, this area really soaks up the filler – It soaks it up, it really does – Often you put a mil in of filler each side Just at the angle and that could be a fairly expensive sort of treatment – Yeah – We’re doing a needle deep down right on the angle of the mandible there which we’re sort of building like a tent post of filler straight out to make that angle stronger Now what I’m gonna do here is put a needle in going that way and we’re gonna go along and draw in now the rest of the angle So I’ll put an L shape in there – Yeah – So you’ve used a whole mil on that side or just about – Pretty much, yeah You’re welcome to do the same – I’m opening up another one – See, we don’t want her to look lopsided – We’ve done this seam A lot of people come to slim the jawline but in this case we’re building it up a bit – Yeah, often we do jawline slimming with botox by injecting the masseter muscle but I think in this case, you’d actually be working against her if we did that – Yeah, that’s right – So the fact that we’re doing– – You got a bit of jawline darls – Actually that’s very nice I think where we’re gonna see the real excitement is when we do the chin – Yeah I agree That’s why we said that the front part of the face is the most dramatic – We’ll leave that to last I must say I like your side better Tash But then again I– – Because I know there was more dramatic difference to be made on this side Gav so that’s okay, I’ll give you that No that’s good, I’m happy with that – Yep – I reckon we do chin now – Alright, let’s do chin So we’ve gotta really try to make more of a dramatic difference in the chin now – Well do you want to do one, two bolus like boom boom – Oh you do the two, okay, I usually do a single injection but you do the two injections, okay– – I do the two – What’s your basis between that? – I just feel like I don’t want one little big blob I like to have it– – So you’re making a cleft – We’ll we can see there’s a little bit of weakness so I just feel that one blob doesn’t give me that result – Okay, let’s see you do that I wanna see your double blob, Natasha’s double blob chin technique here (laughs) – But then how we gonna see your one blob, we can’t – We can’t, unfortunately we can’t compare I did some local in there – Oh you did, it is local – You want it in the middle? You don’t really want it both sides – Can I just see, I’m just gonna do it my way – Poor Rachelle has to get another two pricks – No, she won’t feel it (laughs) – You’re getting a lot of pricks from Natasha there – The ice does wonders – The ice does wonders – The ice does wonders – How would you rate this out of 10, pain-wise? – It’s probably, nine, nine and a half – Nine and a half, oh my God! – Hang on, what are you talking about? – Oh sorry, I thought you meant how like, how much, yeah okay – I should just apply my scale for zero being no pain, 10 being– – No I thought you meant like 10 would be like great – Your arm rips off sort of pain – No, no – You just gave Natasha a nine score out of 10, I see – Yeah I did but the pain’s been minimal There’s a little bit just on this side of the jaw but otherwise that was– – Notice how she said this side of the jaw – A little bit of pain Well she needs more work on that side – Okay – (mumbles) Alright, ready So I’m just gonna do half on each side And then we can always add more if we need to – Notice we actually haven’t caused any major bleeding which is probably a good sign that we haven’t caused any bruising – So that’s the other little bit there

I like that – Have a look – Well that was only half a mil in the chin – Let’s put more in – That was the rest – So we’re up to three mils in total Let’s give a quick progress update Let’s see the side profile, (mumbles) Now turn around So that’s only half a mil Now probably put in the next mil Probably look slightly overfilled but then as the swelling subsides– – Oh the profile looks awesome – It will probably get better That looks really nice – Yeah, I love that – Okay, it always makes the lips look better for some reason – It always does when you do the chin – Why’s that? – Because it just balances everything The lips always look better – The lips look better with doing chin, there you go – Sometimes half a mil is enough but I’ll do another half – So I guess what you’re doing there with the slightly off-centered double bolus of filler is sort of emulating what the natural shape of the chin is like – And then sometimes you’ve gotta go back and do the jawline – I’m watching it enhance in real time – On the profile – I’ll just wipe off the mouth, yeah – Do you need to blend a bit? That’s why I said, after you do the chin, you gotta go back and blend it – Yeah – Yeah ’cause it’s not like that’s part of her chin This is where you can see where you need to go now So I can see exactly where I need to go now It needs to go there Yeah, no definitely You can’t just do the chin, you’ve always gotta do the jawline next to the chin ‘Cause otherwise it just looks too pointy – That’s better – Yeah, and I feel like I’m gonna put a little bit more next to mine as well – Just remove these marks first – Yeah move it to there Turn this way darl Yeah that’s better It’s just all the blending isn’t it? I love that Gav, I’m happy Formula’s a filler in the jawline which is sort of at the upper end of what we predicted, isn’t it? – Yeah – Should we just get you to do a quick look to the side and then turn around slowly again – Yeah, that’s really good – Nice – Look at that, you’ve got a nice jawline now – It’s very nice Just do that turn again – I’m happy with my side – What about my side – Your side was good anyway – I think I’ll go home now (laughter) See you everyone – I’m just saying, my side needed a bit more building up It’s perfect, it’s beautiful – It’s hard to fault now – I’m up to the point where, you know what I love? I love the point where we get to this part and it’s like, okay, I’m finding it really hard to know where to go now – Yes – Which is a great sign because it means I’ve done everything I want to do to make myself happy, that it’s the best result I can get – Absolutely – So I’m happy now – That’s the main thing that Tess is happy – I’m happy if you’re happy – I need to be happy, okay, it’s my work – If Natasha’s happy– – It’s my work – We’re all happy – Real happy – Right let’s do the lips We’ll put a little bit in and they’re gonna look much bigger immediately than they will later on Let’s do it – But a lot of people like that initial swelling – I love that – Give me more – Okay – Here we go, gonna be local Do you want to do that side? (dance music) There we go (dance music) – Yeah (dance music) So nice – I’ll give you a little bit of a massage You can stop now Gav – Sorry, I got a bit carried away there with the vibrations – Gavin and his gadgets You love the gadgets – Nice socks Tash – Oh they’re so pretty At least they’re matching – Matching – At least they’re matching (vibration) – Oh my God, they are really nice lips I almost said not to do the lips – There is a bit of swelling there so it will go down – Wow – Okay, you come around – Oh my gosh You’re looking like that actress, what’s her name? The one with– – Who? – Who starred in that movie with Ben Affleck in that movie– – Who do you get told you look like? – Mila Kunis – No – No? – No, no – Oh a little bit – No, you’re way prettier than Mila Kunis – Oh – The girl he has, your the girl he has the affair with – Ooh – Ooh, have I seen that? – I think I’ve seen it – You have or haven’t? – No, I don’t think so – I’ll have to Google it – I wanna know now – Let’s see, Emily Ratajkowski – Oh, I know her – She is stunning Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes – We’ll have to insert a picture right here next to her – She is perfection – Alright– – Thank you for watching our wonderful artwork here with the gorgeous Rachelle – Well I must say I’m very impressed with the outcome Absolutely– – We haven’t shown her yet – Oh yeah – I haven’t seen it – Okay, here we go – Oh wow, yep that jaw – I always like to see their reaction – I know – And sometimes, you see people and they look and they go You see the whole face sink – At that first impression You can’t hide that – That first millisecond

– You show people that mirror, you can’t act – Expectations of what they’re gonna see as well You have in your brain, an expectation of what you’re gonna look like and then it’s a matter of is that the expectation that you feel They’re instantly done process but it’s always good to see that first reaction – Absolutely, I think it was a good first reaction – I know, I love it, I think I’m gonna go have a good look at it– – From what I saw – You’re gonna look in every mirror you get – Let it sink in – Well thank you – Thank you (dance music) – Well that was fun – Nice injecting – Thanks (dance music)