Health Sciences Convocation, May 2018

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Health Sciences Convocation, May 2018

[ Music ] [ Cheering & Music ] >> It is with great pleasure that we present to you the Class of 2018 [ Crowd Cheering & Processional March Music ]

[ Music: Pomp And Circumstances March No 1 ] [ Crowd Cheering ] >> May I ask that you please remain standing for The Star-Spangled Banner performed by Janelle Clovis and Toshawna Michelle, [crowd cheering] Health Sciences Class of 2018 [ Sporadic Cheers ] [ Crowd Cheering ] >> [Singing in unison] Oh say, can you see by the dawn’s early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming, whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, over the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there [Crowd cheering] Oh say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave? [ Crowd Cheering & Applause ]

Thank you, Janelle and Toshawna Please be seated During the ceremony we ask that you turn off all electronic devices It is now my pleasure to welcome the Health Sciences Class of 2018 and their guests Eric Lambert, Associate Dean, School of Health Technology and Management Karen Mendelson These are the folks that work with me and they’re not here and they’re working now So [laughing] they’re probably in their offices Karen Mendelson, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs Ahmed Belazi, Vice President, Stony Brook Alumni Association Board of Directors John Ruth, Director of Revenue Integrity, Stony Brook University Hospital Robert Pratasudi, Senior Associate Dean of Admissions Cory Fortcher, Assistant College Registrar In the special seating arrangement we have here I’d like to acknowledge Robby Kincaid, the Ready Project Director; Samantha Subis, Department of Radiation Oncology at Mount Sinai Hospital Health Systems I would also like to welcome many of our colleagues and faculty who have participated in the education of our Health Sciences students who are here with us today for today’s sermon As Dean of the School of Social Welfare and Management I would like to extend my most heartfelt congratulations to all of our graduates here today This is my first graduation serving as Dean of the School and I could not have anticipated much more pride than I do today I’m proud not only of your completion of the Health Sciences program — one of the most popular undergraduate programs on the entire Stony Brook University campus Nor am I only proud of the hours of work that went into your mastery of the knowledge in your field Of course I’m proud of both of these things but I am most proud of the people that you have become and the work that you are now ready to take on [ Crowd Cheering ] Many of you will be entering the health profession at a time when your skills, your talents, and care are needed the most Here in front of me I see people who will be standing at bedside of patients as they make sense of their lives Here in front of me I see people who will be helping to interpret test results that might give a patient a renewed sense of hope Here in front of me I see people who will be changing the way health care is delivered so that efficiency and technological advancement are always driven by quality and compassion Here in front of me I see people who will dig deeper, work harder to find the answers to some of the most perplexing health care questions and to ensure that people irrespective of their background, location, ethnic, or racial identity, disability, or gender can be fairly, justly, for the conditions that they may face In other words here in front of me I see people who will not be changing lives but will be changing the world I hope you never lose sight of that and as you walk out these doors today and as you leave Stony Brook campus, I hope this knowledge and this sense of responsibility are always a part of who you are Just as you have given us an eternal gift with your involvement here in the program, you leave here with a gift, a gift that is your responsibility to help give to those whose paths you will cross in the years to come Wherever you go and whatever you do, you will bring the gift of knowledge, excellence, morality, insight, articulation, patience, concern — all of the things that people need most desperately when their lives change for health-related reasons These are the skills that we focus on These are the skills that we don’t take for granted but are at the heart of our program and at the heart of the health care excellence I offer my deepest gratitude to Dr. Deborah Zellitzer who sits at the helm of a talented, dedicated, tireless, and brilliant faculty that has made it not just a profession but a passion to train a new generation of caregivers and health providers As Dean of this school and as someone who has seen the Health Sciences program grow to become one of the most illustrious crown jewels, I can think of no better partnership than this faculty and the students So I open this ceremony today both congratulations and with gratitude Thank you for reminding me of the ways that knowledge impacts our lives for the better and thank you for reminding me that a better world can and must be built with everyone

contributing to that goal Thank you for teaching me that the work we do truly matters and thank you for making all of our lives here at Stony Brook an indelible part of yours Congratulations, graduates Congratulations to all of your family, friends, and loved ones who made their attendance here today a reality Thank you, faculty and staff and colleagues for making today as beautiful as it is I wish you all a vibrant future ahead, one of purpose matched with potential I’m so proud of each and every one of you that I hope you will always keep this place and this day in your hearts I hope you enjoy the special ceremony that we have planned for you today I would now like to invite Ahmed Belazi to the podium He will be presenting the Alumni Association Dean’s Choice Award [ Applause ] >> Thank you for the kind introduction, Dean Vidal It gives me great pleasure to congratulate all of you on achieving your goal of earning your degree from the School of Health Technology and Management As Vice President of the Alumni Association I’m delighted to welcome you to your lifelong membership to the association As an alum you will be invited back to Stony Brook for interesting lectures and exciting events And you’ll also have access to some exclusive perks which you can find more about on our website And maybe when you’re ready you may wish to give back to your alma mater by supporting the students that are following in your footsteps So shameless plugging complete and without further ado, on behalf of the Alumni Association Board I am honored to present the School of Health Technology and Management Dean’s Choice Award This prestigious award, excuse me — This prestigious award is sponsored by the Alumni Association and offers each academic dean the opportunity to recognize an excellent student It is especially my honor this year to present the award to such an impressive, inspiring, and deserving individual The recipient is the epitome of an outstanding health science student He’s a student who exemplifies relentless dedication, unwavering determination, and inspiring motivation He’s a student who has overcome adversity and persevered to accomplish incredible feats He is a student who works tirelessly for his family and for their future He’s a student who seeks to serve his neighbors, his community, and the world In other words, he’s a student who reflects and embodies the diverse identity and lived experiences, incredible determination, excellence, achievement, and noble service that typifies what it means to be a health science student While this award is in recognition of an individual it is also a recognition of the incredible caliber of health science students by and large — you all So back to this recipient The recipient that we’re recognizing today took a path not traveled by many In fact it was a path that led him to serving this great nation as a member of the United States Army’s 82nd Airborne Division 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment It was also — [ Crowd Cheering & Applause ] The surprise has probably passed The path was also one that led him to meet the woman of his dreams and start a family of two beautiful children on Long Island It was a path that challenged him with remarkable adversity and as he and his partner worked multiple jobs to make ends meet, one day his path was challenged further His wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, and an extraordinary period of unimaginable perseverance followed Thank goodness five years later his wife was in recovery but he took that opportunity to examine his context and came to the realization that he wanted to do more for himself and for his family Our recipient made a decision, the same one you all made: to attend Stony Brook University with the goal of earning a degree at the School of Health Technology and Management For a brief moment let’s try to put ourselves in his shoes The last time our recipient was in school was 30 years prior He arrives on campus in 2014 and there’s a lot that’s different Instead of notebooks it’s laptops and tablets So much has changed but he accepts the challenges and rises above Over his academic career he continued to be a wonderful husband and father He also found himself similarly serving as a mentor and role model to his student peers who sought him out for his sincerity and his guidance I could go on and on which I’m sure you all would love but suffice it to say that our recipient’s future seems bright and the field of health care management should be grateful that such an impressive individual is joining its ranks I’m honored to present the 2018 School of Health Technology and Management Dean’s Choice

Award to Lee Charles Snyder Please join me in congratulating him [ Crowd Cheering ] Congratulations [ Crowd Cheering ] >> Thank you Thank you [ Crowd Cheering ] >> [Yell from crowd] I love you! [ Laughter ] >> Thank you, Mr. Belazi I would like to invite Leo DeBobes, the Environmental Health Occupational Safety concentration advisor to the podium He will be presenting the Edward J. O’Connell Excellence in Health Award [ Applause ] >> Ed O’Connell was a friend and colleague of ours He was in the faculty in the Environmental Health and Safety concentration He was also a full-time health physicist and staff member in the Environmental Health and Safety Department at Stony Brook University Ed lost his battle with cancer a few years ago and in his honor his colleagues and friends had created this scholarship to help another environmental health and safety professional to advance in their careers This year’s recipient of the 2018 Edward J O’Connell Excellence in Health Science Scholarship, I’m proud to say she did her internship this semester at my alum, NYU, at NYU Langone So Katherine Sweet, will you join me? [ Applause ] >> Thank you! >> Congratulations [ Applause ] Congratulations, Katherine Let’s be careful out there [ Applause ] >> Thank you, Leo I would like to invite to the podium Sajenna Rhaman to deliver the convocation speech [ Crowd Cheering ] [ Laughter ] >> Just a few minutes [ Laughter ] >> Good evening to all the graduating seniors and everyone present here tonight I want to congratulate everyone who is in this room for being able to come and be present at this moment This includes the family members, friends, significant others, professors, mentors, and of course us, each other, our classmates This past year has been anything but dull We have went through the crazy rollercoaster that is health science We all came from various diverse backgrounds who have different commitments and social lives outside of the agency building It all started during the summer with the nervousness of not knowing how our senior year schedule would look like, dozens of emails to Tracy to make sure that we were on track, and that the enrollment email was not lost somewhere Then came the struggle to sign up for classes with the track schedule that worked best for us I remember I was doing my summer internship at Memorial Sloane Kettering and enrollment was at 4:00 P.M I asked my mentor if I could take my lunch at 4:00 P.M. so I had uninterrupted time at the computer And just when we thought enrollment was the craziest thing, we were hit by what we realized was going to be our struggle for the entire semester: group projects [ Laughter ] I remember asking around, who was it that said health science was a breeze senior year? [“No” from audience] I’m sure everyone [laughing] here can fully understand the pain that has been group projects Trying to find the time to meet, figuring out how to distribute the work, making 20 different group meetings only for your groupmates to leave you on red [ Laughter ] When you want to do everything on your own but so does everyone else or when you are the person who starts their work at 11:30 P.M. when the project is due at midnight Regardless of all these struggles I guess it is true when they say that group projects teach you how to work with all different kinds of people Being in random groups with different personalities and going through forming, storming, norming,

and performing — [ Laughter ] Yes, communications class, that is a reference to you Sometimes you weren’t a huge fan of your group but sometimes your group became like a family: being there, making jokes, understanding the student life struggle, and helping you through the hell week of projects, exams, and assignments all due at once I guess it wasn’t all that bad now that we look back at it but something that became a true struggle was health care issues [ Laughter ] I cannot fathom at the person I became after taking this class Everywhere I looked, everyone I talked to, every time I was lost in my thoughts, all I could think about was health insurance [ Laughter ] Suddenly the cute guy who’s six feet tall didn’t matter What mattered, it was insurance plan covered dental and vision [ Laughter ] The first thing I would tell my friends were you to make sure that the job that they were expecting gave them a good plan and that their deductible wasn’t too high [Laughter] My friends started laughing at me but I will be the one laughing at the end because I know that when I turn 65 I will know exactly how Medicare works and take full advantage of it [ Laughter ] [ Crowd Cheering ] Being a health science student truly gave meaning to what camaraderie is The amount of help we gave each other is something I know we are all grateful for Be it the group meetings that kept us updated with all of the things that was due, the impromptu weekend plans, the Google Drive with all the 10 different versions of study guides, the quizlets created, the notes shared, or the fight that we’d all put together after an exam to the professor to get some points back [Laughter] We have stuck through it all I was a little scared coming into health science thinking everyone would be competitive but that could be far from the truth because everyone literally always tried their best to help each other out and help spend time explaining anything that we had And sometimes we just had an understanding that sometimes we’ll all just take an L after an exam [Laughter] Successes and failures both brought us closer It is a bittersweet moment now as we have met so many different people and spent every day with them and it’s now time to say goodbye I will always be looking out for my track hoodie anywhere outside this campus We have all taken different concentrations ranging from clinical to management to informatics to environmental to the general public health — all very different but all with a similar goal We all want to make a difference in this society No matter where we end up going — be it med school, dental school, nursing school, PA school, PT school, OT school, or any other grad school, teaching, even a gap year, out on the job market, or a fellowship — I know we’re ready We’re ready to use all the information and knowledge and skills we have acquired in these past four years We are ready to make a difference, a difference in people’s lives, a difference in society, in this world, or even if it’s just within ourselves I know there is only brightness ahead because if we can survive and thrive in a school like Stony Brook I believe us to thrive anywhere else As the great Malala Yousafzai once said, “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” I wish everyone the best and I hope we can all come together when we have achieved the goals and the dreams we have set for us, be it in five years, 10 years, or 20 years Don’t let time define your dreams Work hard and keep grinding to get to where you want to be Success is a personal achievement and as long as you’re working towards it, don’t let anything or anyone tell you otherwise Failures might happen but it is there to teach us and to guide us, not to give up I have met some of the most wonderful people and have grown close to some of the most amazing human beings who I call my lifelong friends — the professors, the monitors, the helpers, everyone in the health science program who have worked tirelessly to prepare us for the life outside of Stony Brook A special shootout to Tracy who has literally been the savior for all of us, always trying to find ways to help us out even when we mess up after her multiple reminders I have seen students younger and older than me and it has just taught me that learning never stops We should always be educating ourselves So tonight let’s all use this degree that we have spilled blood, sweat, and tears for and use it for the betterment of the world The future belongs to us There might be some hurdles but do not give up As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Thank you to everyone and I wish everyone a happy graduation Class of 2018, this is not a goodbye but just a see you later We made it [ Applause & Cheering ] >> Thank you, Sejanna

It is my pleasure now to introduce Dr. Deborah Zelizer [ Applause & Cheering ] >> Good evening It is my honor to welcome you to the 2018 Health Science Convocation This event is a celebration of your achievement Graduations, I think, bring thoughts swirling in your mind of the past, of the present, of the future, and it does for me as well When I reflect back for the 17 years this major has been on campus, I can’t believe that when it first started, 17 years later it would be the most popular major on campus, the major on campus with some of the highest degree completion rates As a matter of fact, our graduate in four rate is over 90% That means half of you sitting in this room graduated in four years Wow [ Applause ] I couldn’t imagine that we’d be a feeder for very prestigious graduate medical education programs or that industry leaders would seek us out when they want to hire employees Health science majors are sometimes fast-tracked to employment in certain hospitals And I’m also proud that we embrace innovation For example, this past year Mount Sinai Medical Center and the Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medical School approached us and said let’s collaborate, let’s partner And we have created a new, I believe, national model of radiation therapy education I’m very proud of that So how do we accomplish all of this great stuff? The answer is very simple We made a commitment to each other When you declared this major, we — your faculty and staff — committed to providing you with the most rigorous, cutting-edge curriculum delivered in learning communities, communities that embrace and celebrate diversity in all of its forms Our commitment to you was to embed the best practices in higher education into your major And yes, unfortunately that’s group projects [Laughter] But group projects and problem-solving fosters critical thinking and evidence-based thinking We had real and at times uncomfortable discussions about some of the inequities that exist in today’s health care system We had peer collaboration that developed communication skills, conflict resolution, and the ability to work together And of course we provided you — well, when I say “we” I mean Jennifer Jimenez and Tracy Thompson, the best academic advising on this campus The commitment that we required from you in return is simply that you take responsibility for your learning and you engage fully in the senior year curriculum And I can say very proudly that the faculty and staff of the Health Science major believes the class of 2018 far exceeded our expectations Your faculty would run into my office with amazing stories of how dedicated you were, how engaged you were in the learning process They bragged that their capstone project, internships, papers, presentations, projects was the best, that their students in their concentration were stellar, forward-thinking Their work synthesized all the core learning and the concentration learning and they went on and on about you They also shared stories on how you supported each other through the ups and downs that is known as the health science here But you also found time to have some fun You had ugly sweater contests I still have those pictures You hung out in the library talking when you probably should have been studying but you needed the break And of course the Senior Ball Class of 2018, as I reflect back, we had an amazing year

But let’s bring our attention to the present, to this moment Take a look at the arena I am told that this room seats about 4,000 people Just take a look This room is filled with love and support for you It is filled with people that supported and guided you through this journey And while today is about you, you could not have gotten here without the people that nurtured you So please [“yeah” from audience] show your family and friends how much you appreciate them [ Applause ] So this will be the final time that we’re assembled all together And your faculty and I know that despite spending the last semester of your academic tenure in concentrations of study, you still maintain a deep and abiding commitment to your fall learning communities which you call tracks So many of you have shared with me that it was the first time in your college career that you actually felt a sense of belonging So as I call your track numbers, please stand and acknowledge the love, support, and guidance that you gave and that you received So let’s hear from track one [ Crowd Cheering ] Thank you Track two! [ Crowd Cheering ] Track three! [ Crowd Cheering ] Track four! [ Crowd Cheering ] Track five! [ Crowd Cheering ] And track six [ Crowd Cheering ] I believe it is essential to honor those that assisted you But remember, today it was your drive, your talent that got you here I know many of you overcame obstacles this year — the loss of a loved one, struggling with your own health crisis, juggling the financial strain of having to work while being a full-time student, and the responsibilities of raising a family But through it all you maintained the highest academic standards And please, as your name is called in a few minutes and you walk across the stage, be present Honor the moment Honor what you have done So if I started by saying thoughts of the past and the present and the future are swirling around, let’s get to the future What’s next? What will the future hold? The simple answer is I don’t know [laughing] I think the only thing we can be certain about is that the future is uncertain But we’ve prepared you for that uncertainty As you look forward, I’d like you to focus on a saying that our dean, Dr. Vidal, I have heard him say for the past 30 years that I’ve known him over and over again: Relationships are primary Everything else is derivative Relationships are the secret to success Yes, use the knowledge, skills, and competencies that you gained in this major to actualize your dreams But be open to the amazing and unpredictable surprises that relationships will bring into your professional life Relationships are where the unexpected opportunity and the exciting collaborations are born

As you cross the stage, I challenge you You are no longer tracks You are no longe concentrations You are health science graduates You are colleagues, not only with each other but with the 16 graduating classes that came before you Foster and seek out these relationships Former health science graduates can serve as mentors and they can open doors for you All that I ask is that as you progress in your career and you become the managers, the chief techs, the CEOs, that you mentor and you open doors for the health science students that will come after you [voice breaking] Sorry [laughs] I’m just getting emotional [ Crowd Cheering ] I’m sorry [laughs] OK I’m back [ Laughter ] While I can’t tell you what the future will hold, and nobody can, what I can tell you is that having known you and worked with you [sniffs] that your future — [laughing] Oh my goodness, I’m just looking at all of you I can’t believe it That your future, your work, your dedication, your brilliance will change health care forever Congratulations [ Applause ] >> Thank you, Dr. Zelizer Although the university degrees are officially conferred at the campus commencement ceremonies held at the main ceremony earlier today, the School of Health Technology and Management takes great pride in recognizing each graduate of the health sciences program, the Class of 2018, at this convocation We will ask each graduate to come to the platform, receive his or her certificate of achievement At this time I would like to invite Margaret Sherrow to read the names of the graduates [ Applause ] >> I would like to invite Dr. Deborah Zelizer to the podium to present the class >> Before I invite you to stand, I would like to acknowledge your faculty that are present with us today So, I would ask each person to stand as I call their name as they are able And they will then exit the stage and form a receiving line to congratulate each and every one of you So Professor Magoldrick [ Applause ] Professor Cuffs [ Applause ] Professor Patterson [ Applause ] Professor Krapanzano [ Applause ] Professor DeBobes [ Applause ] Professor Dimopolis [ Applause ] Professor Whitten [ Applause ] Professor Smith-Romaine [ Applause ] Professor Ruth [ Applause ] Professor Mancuzzo [ Applause ] Dr. Sameenow [ Applause ] And Dr. Vikken [ Applause ] Thank you And if any of the other platform party would like to join the receiving line, please do so I have another faculty that is sitting in special seating and I’d like to acknowledge Professor Eduardo [ Applause ] And Professor Keen [ Applause ] So Health Science graduates, the marshals will direct you to the stage Would the first row please stand? >> Dre Abbad [ Crowd Cheering ]

Kurum Abass [ Applause ] Amy Abdal Raszak [ Applause ] Mariam Abdu-Ahee [ Crowd Cheering ] Olawadi Malein Abher Sharde [ Crowd Cheering ] Joseph Abreu Alicia Marie Adonezio [ Applause ] Crystal Aje Danzo [ Crowd Cheering ] Kareya Ahmad [ Applause ] Victor Akhenfenwa [ Crowd Cheering ] Akintunde Akintayo [ Applause ] Mosahmed Adura [ Applause ] Sonia Albanas [ Crowd Cheering ] Jennifer Alfonzi [ Applause ] Netanya Allen [ Applause ] Christian Allen Almeida [ Applause ] Alexandra M. Ambrosio [ Crowd Cheering ] Andrea Amentes [ Applause ] Maelynn Rose Amerey [ Applause ] Aisha Arshad [ Applause ] Tracy Artis [ Applause ] Kaneeka Bal [ Applause ] Danielle Bailey [ Applause ] Natalie Barajas [ Applause ] Frank Barnes [ Crowd Cheering ] Ebony A. Baddle [ Applause ] Tajmin Begom [ Applause ] Ethel Bell [ Crowd Cheering ] Zoe Burke [ Applause ] Carolina Julie Bezdekova [ Applause ] Francisca Biu [ Applause ] Eric Birmingham [ Crowd Cheering ] Stephanie Blaire [ Applause ] Sylvia Monique Defoni Blaire [ Applause ] Moslifa Babi [ Applause ] Cory Bonia [ Applause ] Nicolette Bono [ Crowd Cheering ] Paige Baruse [ Crowd Cheering ] Joshua Braverman [ Applause ] Yasmin Brown-Williams [ Crowd Cheering ] Jasmine Baud [ Applause ] Christian Xavier Burke [ Crowd Cheering ] Bianca Campbell [ Applause ] Kevin Choum [ Applause ] Alyssa Caracola [ Crowd Cheering ] Giancarlo Carpio

[ Crowd Cheering ] Heidi Carrion [ Crowd Cheering ] Adrian Sezeras [ Applause ] Julie San [ Applause ] Amalya Charasulo [ Crowd Cheering ] Justin Serdana [ Crowd Cheering ] Veronica Seselka [ Crowd Cheering ] Dayano Chamm [ Crowd Cheering ] Adam Chann [ Crowd Cheering ] Nicole Chan [ Applause ] Tiffany Chan [ Applause ] Han Bial Chang [ Crowd Cheering ] Jordan Chekya [ Crowd Cheering ] Ashley Lanlan Chan [ Applause ] Dana Catherine Chen [ Applause ] Jessica Chen [ Applause ] Chao-Ling Chan [ Applause ] Tani Ann Chong [ Applause ] Crystal Chung [ Crowd Cheering ] Amanda Troy [ Applause ] Jonathan Chu [ Crowd Cheering ] Janelle Clovis [ Crowd Cheering ] Christian Alexander Cole [ Crowd Cheering ] Stallion Warcry Collins [ Crowd Cheering ] Hugo Concha [ Crowd Cheering ] Arielle Contee [ Crowd Cheering ] Rachel Elizabeth Contee [ Crowd Cheering ] Gabriel Cooper [ Applause ] Annalee Croduck [ Applause ] Valerie Hope Craft [ Applause ] Brianna Crowe [ Applause ] Beya Marie Cruz [ Applause ] Anthony Dimassa [ Applause ] Christine Day [ Applause ] Frank Delmosto [ Crowd Cheering ] Alexandra Dimorfio [ Applause ] Harrison Desio [ Applause ] Danielle Dekoyo [ Applause ] Brian Delone [ Applause ] Ricardo Dixon [ Crowd Cheering ] Sara Doniez [ Applause ] Jacqueline Dolia [ Applause ] Matthew Edwards [ Applause ] Tabon Ismaelsada [ Crowd Cheering ] Daniel Espinoza [ Applause ] Kelly Estevez [ Crowd Cheering ] Natalia Ujran [ Crowd Cheering ] Alanna Ajazi [ Applause ] Victoria Ferasi [ Crowd Cheering ]

Yuin Fan [ Applause ] Melissa Lorraine Fenton [ Applause ] Jovan Figaroa [ Crowd Cheering ] Lilly J. Finkelstein [ Applause ] Christine Violet Fiori [ Crowd Cheering ] Kelly Florio [ Applause ] Lizann Fox [ Applause ] Shawn Frasca [ Crowd Cheering ] Elizabeth Frehler [ Applause ] Hunter Frederick [ Crowd Cheering ] Nadya Gacku [ Applause ] Samantha Gambino [ Applause ] Alyssa Ganji [ Applause ] Alexandra Garcia [ Applause ] Helena Gavidia [ Applause ] Avery Gemma [ Applause ] Richard George [ Applause ] Christina Giorgia [ Applause ] Courtney Geddhi [ Applause ] Samantha Gleason [ Applause ] Nirvana Goberdan [ Crowd Cheering ] Ariana Gonzalez [ Applause ] Samantha Goodwin [ Applause ] Damon Graziano [ Applause ] Nia Green [ Crowd Cheering ] David Greenstein [ Applause ] Paola Andrea Grocales [ Applause ] George Gara [ Applause ] Kelly Annette Gara [ Applause ] Jalissa Gweeti [ Crowd Cheering ] Angela E. Halloran Felicia Hansel [ Applause ] Eugene W. Hehemekler [ Crowd Cheering ] Carolyn Arasma [ Crowd Cheering ] Estefania Hernandez Flores [ Crowd Cheering ] Abigail Cailey Hickey [ Applause ] Brianna Louise Hickson [ Applause ] Zakeya Halel [ Applause ] Brynuk Davidowitz Holtz [ Crowd Cheering ] Timothy Hang [ Applause ] Vicky Hwong [ Applause ] Gwinny Hwong [ Applause ] Yame Hwong [ Applause ] Taylor Lee Huglemeyer [ Applause ] Bianca Yunault [ Applause ] Niara Hashar [ Applause ] Joseph Iaboni [ Applause ] Alexander Yokobesku [ Crowd Cheering ] Mahek Ijaz [ Applause ] Horace Enn [ Applause ] Renee Endelecado [ Applause ] Sonia Ithra [ Crowd Cheering ]

Umbreem Jamel [ Applause ] Dominique Anthony Jenkins [ Crowd Cheering ] Jessica John [ Applause ] Ashley Johnson [ Applause ] Jane Emma Jonas [ Crowd Cheering ] Lanique Jones [ Crowd Cheering ] Leanna Jones [ Applause ] Christopher Joseph [ Applause ] Priya Ann Joseph [ Crowd Cheering ] Amao Joshi [ Applause ] Adoyin Julius [ Applause ] Terry Yorkshad [ Applause ] Kaitlin Calkey [ Applause ] Stratus John Cantunes [ Crowd Cheering ] Rubinda Chima Carr [ Crowd Cheering ] Matthew P. Kennedy [ Crowd Cheering ] Pema Caudro [ Crowd Cheering ] Razia Khan [ Crowd Cheering ] Rakid Khan [ Applause ] Daryl Niomi Teksonku [ Applause ] William Kim [ Applause ] Maria Cusbos [ Crowd Cheering ] James Coprien [ Crowd Cheering ] Paul Cerzina [ Applause ] Jennifer Lombombard [ Crowd Cheering ] Altaf Lockee [ Crowd Cheering ] Courtney A. Lall [ Applause ] Andy Lamm [ Crowd Cheering ] David Thomas Lavin [ Crowd Cheering ] Ivy Lee [ Crowd Cheering ] Shannon Lee [ Applause ] Allison Liang [ Crowd Cheering ] Riley Lestingy [ Crowd Cheering ] Elizabeth Rachel Liang [ Applause ] Jing Lee [ Applause ] Feng Beng Lianne [ Crowd Cheering ] Jamie Lieberman [ Crowd Cheering ] Jesse John Lefobee [ Crowd Cheering ] Janice Lynn [ Applause ] Zachariah Lassad [ Applause ] Michael C. Liderello [ Crowd Cheering ] Daniel Ligvin [ Crowd Cheering ] Dewanyi Helen Liu [ Crowd Cheering ] Michelle Liu [ Crowd Cheering ] Derek Lloyd [ Applause ] Victoria Logan [Applause] Matthew Liu [ Applause ] Angela Liu [Applause] William Lyons [ Crowd Cheering ] Laneer Macapobre [ Crowd Cheering ] Sarah Macon [ Crowd Cheering ] Alanjur Maldonado [ Crowd Cheering ] Brianna Manganero

[ Crowd Cheering ] Corinne Kathleen Mangiolamini [ Crowd Cheering ] Annaze Mahksoud [ Applause ] Antonique Martin [ Crowd Cheering ] Cadia Martinez [Applause] Kimberly Martinez [Applause] Kathleen Amelia Martino [ Crowd Cheering ] Anna Martinivich [ Crowd Cheering ] Bruna Martins [ Applause ] Steffi Matthew [ Applause ] Paige Maddock [ Crowd Cheering ] Tahani Maxine [ Crowd Cheering ] Alexander Marsaillegos [ Crowd Cheering ] Daniel Stephen Macathrie [ Crowd Cheering ] Jacqueline Mackelroy [ Applause ] Shellyanne Mackenzie Caitlin Mead [ Applause ] Amanda Medina [ Applause ] Lara Meehan [ Applause ] Floria Mumedi [ Applause ] Pamela Manessis [ Applause ] Jamie Lee Merklin [ Applause ] Sabah Mian [ Applause ] Alexander J. Mikolos [ Applause ] Tashawna Michelle [ Crowd Cheering ] Christina Mickelson [ Applause ] Kayla Mickolidge [ Applause ] Peter S. Minn [ Crowd Cheering ] Mariam A. Mossin [ Applause ] Erin Moloney Armalisse Moral — [ Crowd Cheering ] Armalisse Morales [ Crowd Cheering ] Austin Morales [ Crowd Cheering ] Alexa H. Morgan [ Crowd Cheering ] Shamir Morrison [ Crowd Cheering ] Kristin Motissey [ Crowd Cheering ] Kaley Murphy [ Crowd Cheering ] Melissa Lynn Murphy [ Crowd Cheering ] Ryan Nanne [ Crowd Cheering ] Zara Noxby [ Crowd Cheering ] Brandon Ngang [ Applause ] Crystal Ngang [ Applause ] Jennifer Ngang [ Applause ] Cindy Nuen Yvonne Nieto [ Applause ] Christine Cassandra Nunez [ Crowd Cheering ] Asia Olanian [ Crowd Cheering ] James M. Oliver [ Applause ] Victoria Rose Olson [ Applause ] Yik Mong Ong [ Crowd Cheering ] Jenna Marie Orlando [ Crowd Cheering ] Ivonna Ortiz [ Crowd Cheering ] Melissa Owusu [ Crowd Cheering ]

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[ Crowd Cheering ] Kenya Zapida Tobar [ Crowd Cheering ] Chi Zahn [ Applause ] Andrea Zhang [ Applause ] Ling Shing Zhang [ Crowd Cheering ] Andrew Zhang [ Crowd Cheering ] Mark Zhang [ Applause ] Wenjung Zhang [ Applause ] Mandy Zao [ Applause ] Christina Michelle Zuckerman [ Applause ] And Trinity Grosso [ Crowd Cheering ] Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a round of applause for the School of Health Technology and Management Bachelor of Science in Health Science Class of 2018 [ Crowd Cheering ] I would like to invite Anna Kroduck and Joanne So to perform “America The Beautiful.” [ Crowd Cheering ] >> [Singing in unison] Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain’s majesty above the fruited plain America, America, God shed his grace on thee And crowned they good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea [ Crowd Cheering ] >> Thank you, Anna And thank you, Joanne I think it’s probably appropriate for the graduates to turn and look into the audience here and to thank your parents, friends, loved ones for being supportive of today [ Crowd Cheering ] Oh, I think you can do better than that

[ Crowd Cheering ] On behalf of the entire School of Health Technology and Management, we thank you for being here present with us today Will all the guests please remain seated until the platform faculty, graduates have left the area? [ Music: “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen ]