James 'Whitey' Bulger Special: A Look Back at His Associates and Victims

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James 'Whitey' Bulger Special: A Look Back at His Associates and Victims

good evening it’s been a long time coming after 16 years on the lam and two years in custody the criminal trial of James Whitey Bulger began today at the John J Moakley courthouse in South Boston just blocks away from Whitey’s former home turf we’ll talk about the opening statements and what the first witness had to say but first we take you back to Whitey’s heyday what he’s accused of doing and how he came to partner with the FBI over the years we’ve talked with many of his allies aides and enemies including former FBI agent John Connolly but we start at the beginning Boston in the 1960s it was all-out gang warfare the battle was over turf control and protection of local businesses loan sharking gambling the growing drug market but mostly it was retaliation an eye for an eye as gangsters flipped allegiances turned informant or simply ratted each other out by the mid 1970s law enforcement had had enough their target buck Jose Nostra led in Boston by gennaro and Julho and his four brothers it took almost 10 years to bring them down yesterday a federal grand jury sitting at Boston returned a 20 count indictment charging seven individuals including Gennaro Angiulo victori Nicolo Angelo insisting of multiple acts of murder illegal gambling businesses illegal loan sharking businesses the defendants were arrested last that was September 1983 bill weld was US attorney and his organized crime task force had struck gold but it was a long time coming and as we now know nailing the angiulos meant giving the Winter Hill Gang namely James Whitey Bulger and Steven the rifleman Flemmi a free ride the two gangsters had become informants for the FBI working with agent John Connolly and his boss John Morris to wipe out Boston’s Italian mafia tell me what kinds of information whitey bulger and stevie the rifleman Flemmi were able to provide to you that was so valuable to the FBI that the FBI was willing to turn their heads and some of the crimes that they were doing well the FBI really didn’t turn their heads Flemmi filed an affidavit in which he said that he was allowed to do anything but murder gambling anything means specific yes gambling drugs bank robberies that was far too broad that was not the agreement are you saying that’s untrue I don’t agree with flem ease assertion that he had the right to do anything but murder they had the right to conduct a gambling and a loan sharking business and collect rent from bookmakers with no violence and that decision was made by Jeremiah T O’Sullivan the head of the strike force it was Larry SIA testified to that in court that’s the exact message that he was given what kinds of information were they able to bring to the FBI that was so valuable as I said before that they were willing to allow them to continue a loan sharking operation like what did they bring in well these were two highly placed assets of the bureau and you have to remember why they became assets of the bureau which was that they you you wanted to bring down well yes we Italian we wanted to bring down the the Italian mafia I mean yeah the Mafia was a number one of us to get a priority of the FBI and and as such Bulger and Flemmi were not on our investigative radar screens they were however at a sufficiently high level in their own organization to be able to laterally okay were they so well plugged in to the Angelo family the Patriarca family that they were able to get information on those people and bring it to the FBI that eventually led to their indictments well absolutely they were long Trump sources of the FBI and they were that it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s important to recognize why they became okay

choices of the FBI they were targeted for elimination by the Mafia by the Italian law by the Italian mafia and in the late 70s mid 70s and they come to you know I actually it appear that there was going to be a gang war and that they were going to initiate it and I felt strongly that I could stave off a game war should I reach out for these people and convince them not to go to war with the Mafia because the Mafia at that time had no intention of taking it as they say to the street with these people and I was able to convince them that they ought to do the same thing to the Mafia that the Mafia were doing to them and that is used their friends in law enforcement to whittle them down and who was ever left they would murder mmm they did it with the job bob boze again mm-hmm and the Mafia tipped the hands of these people they had some intelligence from inside the Mafia themselves they were tipped off with Gerry and Jules and Larry’s and he knows intentions were for them based on that they then decided to play the same game it was a high-stakes poker game is what it was did anyone in the Italian mafia suspect that Bulger and Flemmi were informants for the FBI I don’t believe so in in 1988 which is only 10 years ago it seems like ancient history the Boston Globe first reported that Bulger and Flemmi were FBI informants and that has since been confirmed it’s now been reported that the head of the organized crime task force inside the FBI John Morris was one of tipped that’s been reported I know I don’t know for myself that that’s true I have to say that that he was the one who leaked that Boston quote he did he admitted it in court why would he do that why would he let that information out well it was it was a an unconscionable act of treachery there could be no other reason for leaking that to a news media to Jerry O’Neill of the of the globe with whom he a long relationship by the way I mean he collaborated with on a book with Jerry O’Neill Jerry O’Neill and his partner Lea made money on John Morris which are there from that quote yes mm-hmm and in 88 it was it was to O’Neill that that he gave bulges named as having a business relationship with the earth and what was in it for John Morris at that point two out I believe I believe the judge has the right question the judge asked him did did you believe that this would this could get him murdered hanging Jim Bulger murdered and he said yes I thought it could and he says and did you do it because of the money because it also came out in court that John Morris had accepted so-called loans day long yeah a seven thousand dollar loan which I guess was never repaid it was a $5,000 and and I thought it was seven well there was another two that way he says that well alright and I said I can’t nitpick the the details here to me okay he got a loan that he he didn’t have to repay so here’s the FBI getting a loan from from the Mafia I mean it was it was an act of corruption he was a corrupt I believe the guy was the most corrupt agent in the history of the office I know why why does he have immunity in all of this that’s a very good question and what is the answer the answer is here’s somebody that put bombs under people’s cars took money from gangsters lied under oath flunked polygraph exams tipped them off to to investigations and the prosecutors gave him immunity and not saying that you are a Rhodes if not is that well there was a quote out of the paper well yeah from from it an unnamed source was reading to you it’s a nun it’s the fact that a matter is I know why the product why I don’t understand why all these people have immunity and I know plenty has immunity John Morris has immunity had an unblemished record in the FBI I was commended by every director in the FBI’s history from Jaguar till the time I retired I had an unblemished record there’s one reason why they don’t want to give me immunity they are afraid of the truth the government is afraid of the truth when mr. Pope you profit to them what I was prepared to say and what was that that was that for the most part I agreed with the case I had no trouble with in the induction ceremony portion of that case those are all my sources the in jewel case had nine sources five of them are mine the second in the trilogy of cases that brought the mark down was a Vanessa’s case there were three sources all three were mine I could we’re confused about this I mean I understand

the induction ceremony there was an informant there and the government in the case now says there was an informant at that induction ceremony then they shouldn’t have had the wiretap in there I understand that but what are you saying that they would be afraid of the truth and I don’t follow well they indicted these people for gambling and long jacking and they were allowed to do it it was a policy devised by Jerry O’Sullivan strike force it was communicated to them on several occasions by John Morris and I communicated it to them by the way the important thing here is that I don’t want immunity for any corrupt acts I don’t need it I wouldn’t take it I understand Aero issue of an author saying that the government doesn’t want to accept the fact that illegal activity was indeed condoned that was the deal there and they’re they’re denying that does anyone really believe that the mr Baldwin mr. Flemmi would survive the FBI but 20 years unless right and right now I think he’s still a must be attended to for them to survive that’s what most people believe right now and it would be hard for you or anyone convince us of otherwise well I know I I don’t know right now I do not believe that I think exacting him the other thing is that one of the great curiosities in all of this and I know you’re from South Boston we want to know what the relationship was if any with Billy Bulger how closely connected he was with his brother whether he knew that his brother was an FBI informant did he know that the simple answer is he knew nothing about it and his brother wanted it that way that was a his decision when we first had the relationship the business relationship no one think he ever told them I don’t think he ever told were you close to the former Senate President at the time I’m still I’ve always been a friend of his remains so to this day do you ever month ever aware of a case where there was a murder committed by Whitey Bulger or Steve Fleming wasn’t it your obligation my obligation were you ever aware of any no I never I mean these guys were sources of mine they’re not gonna sit down and tell me that from the very beginning you it’s understood you ever ask him they killed anybody well why would I do that he was a source and then the top echelon criminal informant program the reason that a lot of these they’re having difficult with with this right now is it’s in conflict with the attorney general guidelines it doesn’t make any sense and that’s one thing that has emerged from these hearings the topic exelon criminal informant program was geared towards developing top echelon mobsters primarily mafia members who by definition have all killed at least once the bottom line is I’m mission was to take out a Mafia family and we accomplished it we took out 42 members associate members all of whom I would I would guess have killed at least five people directly or indirectly so you’re talking about people have killed maybe 200 people and we took them out using a gang of two with FBI agent John Connolly’s protection Whitey Bulger and his associates enjoyed free reign over South Boston in 1980 Bulger was looking for a new front for his criminal enterprise that’s when he forcibly took over a liquor store run by Julie and Steven Rick’s and when they complained to the FBI John Connolly told whitey 12 years ago Julie told us the story their store stip o–‘s had only been open for a week Julie pregnant with their third child was alone at the store Steven was home with their two other young children when woody Bulger Stephen Flemmi and associate Kevin weeks came knocking – these three guys knocked on your home door they came in and what did they say – Steven rings they came into the kitchen and sat at the kitchen table and proposed a deal the first deal was that he was going to be partners with us in the liquor store because apparently some people had come to whitey to put together a contract to kill my husband because supposedly the liquor store was a bad thing and so whitey came with a proposal to say that he’ll be

partners instead of killing him so when my husband called me and said we’re gonna have a partner and I of course I’m safe and sound at the store and not knowing what was going on was diligent and we have no partners saying no we’re not partners with anyone especially not him why would we be partners with him and he says I’ll call you back when Steven Raikes called Julie back that night there was a new deal Bulger Flemmi and weeks were now the proprietors of stip OHS wait II handed Steven Raikes sixty seven thousand dollars in cash there was no negotiating and did Bulger and Flemmi let me leave any doubt in your mind and Stevens find that if you didn’t go along with the deal what would it mean for you when whitey and Flemmi and weeks he sat at my kitchen table my youngest daughter was only 13 months at the time teething waddled crawled over and whitey bulger put her up on his lap and allowed my daughter to teeth on the barrel of a gun and of course the conversation whatever was going on stopped and everyone observed that and why’d he just went huh it’d be too bad you won’t see her grow up so the picture was really clear that we would die my children would die there was gonna be no mercy and no mercy there was Bossier Flemmi and weeks immediately moved into the store changing its name to this South Boston Liquor Mart running their illegal businesses from the backroom so once this it happened I mean you’re terrified or outraged at the same time what did you do who did you tell we went we went to my uncle who was a police detective to see if there was anything that could be done and my uncle ironically said oh I just happen to know an FBI agent who just moved back into South Boston and I’ll go and talk to him and as it was he went to John Connelly the FBI agent and told him our story and my uncle came back with a message from John Connelly that said unless we were willing to wear a wire there’s nothing he could do for us wearing a wire was out of the question three days later woody Bolger summoned Stephen Raikes to the liquor store waving a pistol in his face Bulger said back off we know you’ve gone to the FBI 20 years ago my life was changed now I want people to know what happened and I want justice I want to be repaid for what was taken away from me not only was our lives threatened but livelihood was taken our whole being was threatened we were lucky to survive it and I think I think we should get back what was ours I came into a circle when I was 18 years or as a bouncer and it wasn’t like this happened overnight it was a progression over the years that I became deeper and deeper involved in crime and then when I was involved with the murder double homicide with Brian Howe and Michael Don you I knew that my life was over my life had changed for good but but you continued at that point you really had no choice I mean I had been involved in a serious crime with them I have been involved with murder with them and the basically there was no walking away at that point you told Edie Bradley on 60 minutes and you seen your book that you were you know an accomplice to murder but did you ever murder we right there did you pull trigger she just stabbed two junior fountain no no no I’ve been involved in fights with people that hurt and you know fellow tried to stab me one time I did shoot him but as far as the murders concerned know why should anybody believe that then you didn’t actually commit the murders well it’s been proven I mean Steve Flemmi pled out to the timber isn’t he he cooperated who actually did the killing and stuff but you knew exactly where the bodies were buried correct why did you know that I helped to bury them so you were there for the actual burials did you do to witness the murders yes how did you come to cooperate with the FBI or the federal

government I should say regarding John Connolly did they approach you did you say I know more I can say what his involvement was with this how did that happen when I reached an agreement with the DEA in the state police on the investigation the Justice Department came into it and one felt that had already been indicted had already talked about John Connolly and they came to me in part of my great play agreement was to be truthful and honest about everything that I had done and so John Connolly his name came up and I told him what I know of what’s gone Connolly is John Connolly guilty of everything that he’s been charged with welleven rings be seen he’s charged with murder right is he guilty of murder in your opinion I don’t think you know that that means be seen by the courts you know what do you think did John Connelly tip-off about this gentleman yes according to Jim balls not around know about Callahan no that was murdered down in law Florida was he guilty of the charges of tipping off the indictment seven years do you think he was definitely guilty of tipping off Whitey Bulger before they don’t know he’s gonna come down there definitely he told me yeah and I told Jim Bulger I’ll see you were the one who actually relayed the message correct you right in your book Cal you’ve had such a normal upbringing you know it was always food on the table your father and your mother had our threader’s but you’re fun you know your father was a hard worker you have five successful younger brothers and sister and brothers and sisters and that younger some of them went to Harvard how did you get into this track when the others went on another well my mother had a place about twice my father had a heart attack and I started working instead of going to school my brother got me you know into Commonwealth prep don’t fall in here and based on that I would go to have it you know they’re like I guess seasons and but it wasn’t for me I was just out of school too long it really wasn’t interest in and so I started working bouncing and that’s how I came in the circle these people yeah you know I got involved Whitey Bulger had long term romances with to South Boston women Teresa Stanley and Catherine Greig who went on the lam with him in 1995 but there were other women in Whitey’s life including Lindsay seer Lindsay met whitey in the mid-1960s while she was working as a waitress and he was working at a nearby construction job they began dating and soon after Lindsay Cyr gave birth to Whitey’s only known child how many years had you been dating by the time you had the child about a year year and a half and we until our relationship became serious and he then he said to me we really have to talk and I said okay fine he said your choice is Piaf or or Jimmy’s Harborside so I took Jimmy’s Harborside and we went to dinner and he sat down and began to tell me the story of his life and I was shocked but what did he tell you he told me that he had robbed banks years before that he had spent an FBI a year on the FBI’s ten most wanted list and that he’d done nine and a half years of a 20-year life bit and that he did an Alcatraz and that he never intended to go back to jail again I do tell you he was clean at the time then I used I don’t think that was part of the discussion but he was still running he was still working because instructions so I assumed he was and I assumed when he said he’d never go back to jail that he wasn’t doing anything that would put him there now all right so what did he how did he react when you told him you were pregnant I always said Jimmy can do silent better than anyone in the world except my stepfather he was totally silent and he looked at me and he said it’s too dangerous and I at the time was all of 21 he was 16 years older than I and I said to him I’m sure I’ll be fine and he said no you don’t understand he said I’ve got to think about this and I mean to me at the point where someone says you’re pregnant you’re done yeah there’s not much to think about but he he said I’ll get back to you and I see so he took me home and he called me the next day and he said we have to seriously talk he said this is dangerous it’s dangerous for you it’s dangerous for the baby and it’s very dangerous for me and

I so he sat down and he explained to me that he was not working construction anymore and because I was working everyday I had no idea what he did he lived with his mother yeah and I said okay and he said if this is too dangerous because he feared that the child would be targeted in someone exactly they see a child be vulnerable there are four people I will turn up on a street corner for you that child my mother and Billy yeah and that was too much danger did he want you to have an abortion no that was never never anything he suggested I told him I didn’t believe it I didn’t believe in abortion I believed it should be available but I started but so when he was telling it was too dangerous what did he want you to do get out of Dodge no I think he just I think it was such a shock to him that I think he was kind of dumbstruck if you will and he was trying to figure out and he it just I think it was the worst possible scenario for him now how was he around the baby he was wonderful really yeah he really was he was I had a really hard time and ended up in intensive care and I can’t woke up in the middle of the night and he was sitting next to me and he said you will never do this again I looked at him and he said you would damn near died do you know how close you came and I said well I’m still breathing now right because I was a little yeah you know hazy and he said you’re fine but you will never do this again I said how’s the baby he said he’s gorgeous and he’s definitely a Bulger and I said really and how much time did he spend with him over the baby was only five enough 6:20 tyent six and a half six and a half he became ill on Monday a Friday and he was dead on Monday night Jimmy was always in and out of the house around the house he was there at least three or four nights a week we did things together we went away on trips the three of us I worked he turned up at the office or I parked at his house in Southie because he lived with his mother and took the subway to work and we always went out on weekends he was very much a part of our life and what happened to the baby he had Reye’s syndrome still a phenomenon today but did he get sick first and then you gave me aspirin yes we did though he had he was the start of the second grade and they thought they think that he had chickenpox internally he’d been home sick all week and it just so happened I wasn’t working I was on unemployment at the time and you know I took him to the doctors and what-have-you and on Wednesday he seemed better Thursday he I thought he was really good and I was going to we were talking about whether or not he could go to school because Douglas had had had perfect attendance all the way through the first grade and he was very upset he’d lost perfect attendance and I I said to Jimmy Thursday night I think he’s going to go to school tomorrow and Jimmy said something about it it’s Friday why bother send in Monday and Friday he was sicker so I took him to the doctors in the afternoon and he was vomiting again and he was just miserable and the doctors gave me medication for the vomiting which I gave him about five o’clock when we got home and it didn’t seem to make him better so I gave him a bath to make him more comfortable and Jim called as he always did and I he said how’s it going and I said he’s sicker I and my pediatrician was actually out of town so I had gone to the covering pediatrician bad things always happen when you do dealing with a stranger and he told me to take him to the accident room if I was that concerned and in the 60s that was our 70s that was something they said to you to make you stay home and so I was talking to him on the phone and I said he really he just isn’t right I don’t know why and he said to me well you’re the best mother I’ve ever seen in my life so if you think there’s something wrong take him to the accident room and I did it well I got up to get his bathrobe to go with because to put a bathrobe on him and I grabbed a blanket thankfully off the bed in his room as I walked back into my room he looked up at me and he said I love you mommy who and he became violent and I could no control him so I threw the blanket over him and dived on to him wrapped him grabbed him grabbed the car keys and the medication that the doctor had given me in case it was wrong and headed for the hospital and truthfully I forgot to call Jimmy so they finally about mid I guess was about 1 o’clock in the morning they

told me that I had to go home and so and I had not filled the car with gas as I usually did on Friday and I ran it out of gas and I walked home and they called about four o’clock in the morning and they I had not given them permission to transport so I said well I don’t know how quickly I can get there he said Mass General had agreed to take him I said but put put a witness on the phone I’ll give you verbal permission to transport and I did I did that and then I called my father to come and get me and take me and we made it up to social Hospital before they moved him and he had had three cardiac arrests by then and it was the nightmare was on and I can’t even imagine in June of 2011 the FBI came up with a new tactic aimed at finding Bulger and his longtime girlfriend Catherine Greig the FBI released this public service announcement focusing on Greg and her habits this is an announcement by the FBI have you seen this woman the FBI is offering $100,000 for tips leading to Catherine Grieg’s whereabouts these photos are from the early 1990s Grieg has had plastic surgeries she is wanted for harboring James Whitey Bulger a fugitive on the FBI’s ten most wanted list 60 year old Greg is the girlfriend of 81 year old Bulger he has a violent temper and is charged with 19 murders call the tip line at 1-800 call FBI the Boston FBI’s Special Agent in Charge Richard DeLaurier explained what led to the decision to focus on Catherine Greig and hear from the FBI’s Boston field office our Special Agent in Charge Richard a lawyer and Supervisory Special Agent Richard in welcome to both of you so I’m going to assume Rick that you now believe that they are still together that there’s no reason to think they’ve split up after all this time well thank you Emily yes there’s no reason it’s believed that they have split up there’s no reason to believe that mr. Bulger is deceased right now so we’re operating under the presumption that they are still together and that is leading our the presumption that is leading our PSA campaign one of the speculations has always been rich that that there in Europe so why target these piays primarily to America and specifically American television shows well Emily I think it’s important that we start with the with domestic we it’s our duty and our obligation to cover both the domestic and the international spectrum we have covered Bulger in Europe and internationally before but it’s it’s time to profile Katherine domestically look for leads look to those people that may be their neighbor or co-worker a person that can really provide us a really good I mean I’ve done a lot of reading research and pieces over the years about whitey bulger and catherine greek but i don’t know that much about her I mean was she ever married did she have children does she have brothers and sisters where was she born what you know what I mean who was her circle of friends she was born in the Boston area she she was married but you know we she was the girlfriend of James Bulger and that’s what we focus on she does have some family in the area but but a very small circle and they haven’t heard from her at all yes ma’am do you believe that trained investigators will take almost anything with a grain of salt but we’re pursuing every possible lead but going back all these years when you know Whitey Bulger did we now know contact his brother at least once after he went on the lam would it be sort of the norm not to or would you think that eventually somebody would want to contact somebody from their past either a family member or a friend you know that was Bulger’s method of operation you know both pre fugitive and and after going on the run is he would utilize third parties it’s it’s our duty not only to conduct a fugitive hunt it’s our duty to look for those who harbor Bulger and or Grieg that’s part of our mission as well is doubling the reward money really an incentive to I think if people had known who she was or who he was he’s worth 2 million wouldn’t they have turned him in Ohio I go through well we think it’s a step forward and emphasizing the importance that we are placing on locating both catherine Grieg as well as James Whitey Bulger and doubling that reward is a sign of our ongoing commitment to to locate her as

well as mr. Bulger and the 2 million dollar reward that is being offered for mr. Bulger right now is the largest reward the FBI has offered for a domestic based fugitive you have only been in the Boston office for 11 months and you came in Washington before that I mean I had just studied the case did you know much about it I was generally familiar with it I’m in New England native and had previously served from the boss an FBI office here back in late 1990s in early 2000 so I was quite familiar with the case and and some of the challenges associated with it so I didn’t take me long to get up to speed on it hear you say today that you assume he’s living kind of under the radar screen but I presume you also mean in plain sight yes still you think they’re living as a couple and there was a credible sighting as I recall in Europe like six or seven years ago the last known witness sighting of him is me it was him in 2002 as as best as we can tell through through thorough investigation we believe photo evidence at the time it was a witness sighting of him at the time was he with her uh not at the time no he was he was sighted by himself but you know I think it’s it’s just important to highlight their relationship he depended on her that was clear and and and we really do believe based on his method of operation pre fugitive and after fleeing that they would be together and that they would be operating very quietly in a community low-key and and almost like a fatherly fatherly figure and a mother type you know couple two days later James Whitey Bulger and Catherine Greig were caught in Santa Monica California on a bier ins daughter living in Iceland saw the public service announcement on CNN and called the FBI saying her former neighbors going by the names of Charles and Carol Gasko looked a lot like the people she saw on TV at approximately 5:45 p.m. Pacific Standard time using a ruse agents and other task force members lured mr. Bulger out of his apartment agents determined that the individual was in fact mr. Bulger he was placed under arrest without incident agents then went back into the apartment and arrested miss green without incident the day after the arrest one of whitey Bulger’s former henchmen joined us John red Shea was just 16 when he came under the mobsters influence a rich hey you actually knew the guy you know well you work for them you actually have doing 12 years in jail to tell us your story had you known well I grew up in South Boston and I met him when I was a young age of 16 and he told me the story about growing up with a family member of mine who he used to rob trucks with from the projects and it was an hour you know of him that he held that you looked at him and it was you respected in some cases kids like me a young guy like me and enable and respect he didn’t wanted to be liked and eventually I was introduced through Associates of his at a young age and eventually I surpassed those associates and became a boss in the organization and I were in the drug entity of that we were involved in any of the murders I was not you can’t say it if you work and you well let’s put it this way I wasn’t okay you were actually out in Santa Monica I recently in there imagine what would have happened if you would run into him I I have a producer friend in Los Angeles he and he’s a producer the movie usual suspects and yeah exactly and I actually was writing the screenplay from my book rat bastards and I was in the neighborhood so I was out there quite frequently three blocks away where he got captured yeah it said what had gone down I could run into him well you know it probably wouldn’t have been good you know it probably wouldn’t have been good what do you feel he did you mean I know he ended up well I mean he knew everything that was going on with me through the his sources at the FBI John Connolly he knew that he knew exactly what was going on through that the DEA was they were the targets they were called in that they were called the FBI was called by the DEA telling them we target in these guys and and and for the narcotics distribution

and so he knew all that he was well tipped and he was you think you take the phone he was tipped off saying hey be careful you speak this is why that’s why this phones tapped and then he had to come up devise a plan to take some of that heat off of him and who better than the young guy on his way up who’s in in that business who’s trying to become somebody even you know more bigger in that climb up the ladder who better than the young guy the youngest guy of all and a young guy who was very you know wanted to prove himself there was no one better than that for him it was it was a perfect opportunity