Rebuilding Farmall Touch control Part II

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Rebuilding Farmall Touch control Part II

all right we’ve got everything cleaned up and laid out here on our table and order that it goes back in reassembly I’ve got our own rings out one things I like to do take one of these toolbox co-organizers lay everything out any leaks no he rings out where you can spread about see what you’re working with and you’re not even likely to lose something you dropped one on the floor or something gets up under a workbench you may never find it oh one of the things you want to do when you’re putting the earrings on it’s just on you just brought side though rain and this stretch it over we’re trying to stretch it anymore necessary then pull it down into the right spot and when I put these things together and one of the things I like to use the song this transmission assembly one like for automatic transmissions and this I got here’s dr. trainees assembly GU and this slot come on grease under she’s a little brush to put it on and it dissolves under heat I think it like let’s say 150 degrees or something that dissolves and dissolves in sat all and I’ll use that just lube up the Rings as you’re putting it together seems to make everything go better oh one thing you want to do is these Pistons you want to take this nut off and slide this end housing off because there is an o-ring down in here it keeps it from leaking to the outside oh if you’re not careful you overlook that oxygen wonders take this nut off put this into the right here on a boss don’t try to grip it around this bar here because this is a seal surface and don’t try to grip it around this part right here you just want to grip it right here in a vise and take the impact is it this end off and I always like to put a little dab a lot time on this nut just to make sure it don’t come loose over time and as soon as I get the o-rings on everything and get it ready to go back together then we’ll start with the reassembly process hearing or lowering I was talking about right here Parrish – piston assembly sweat off of it and one of the things you want to do when you’re replacing these o-rings get you a good eye ring pic and just get right up under and raise it up calling it right off get down inside hose we’re doing that kind of stuff like we’ve got our new o-ring on here and this little turnbuckle in slips and and I’ll close that in place playing never flying up Merrill spirits we’ll check all this and by short emotions and things are tight hands hop openness and doesn’t have any play at all I’ve got her over and I’m going to slip this slide it down until it stops now I put a little off top on these nuts just make sure that it don’t come out a long drop read long time and that back home in the top stared out for bustle take your order Angus or our old it over this one ready to go back in the hole all right we’ve got everything cleaned up we got it dried off all these little passages here you want to make sure that you won’t take compressed air and blow it up good and getting trash or anything that might be in there I’ll say I like to go spray everything down the carburetor phoner good after you get it clean then blow everything out first there Oh got all of these just every one

of these little plastic things you want to make sure you can boil them out here get it clean as you can we’re gonna start out by getting these o-rings out down in here these are the old o-rings for the seals two pistons no stretch down in there with our ring hook get them all up yeah walking up look at her Oh Tornillo rings gonna put that are down in the holes gonna walk them down in there don’t start it in the grooves I have to take you out of ring pick just push him down be sure not to put the sharp side into the ring because you can damage over in this is it don’t like push them down let me end on this side I don’t know much you want to make short of these o-rings not twisted or rolled or anything one sure they seated down good into the bowl like we’ve got those o-rings in text a little bit of our assembly Lube and brushing inside this bore with it coat the other rings yeah better just make it easier to put together I’m gonna stand it up go ahead and put her through customs man you wanna brush a little brush a little bit assembly Lube onto the piston little bit already dropped it down into the hole brush this brush just a little bit on this leading edge camera push it down in there Tapan all of it Rober him tap it a little bit with a rubber hammer and just one make sure not to damage those rings I’m saying playing for the other side Russia Iran good assembly Lube brush this leading edge a little bit of assembly Lube drop it into the hole

much so everything works short I move backward or forward pushing with your hands everything seemed to be going good all right I’m gonna put our two bulbs in here in the center and little pocket skaters on the bottom my burgers I just put assembly lube to hold them in place a little assembly lube on the end of the spring stick it up in there and now to keep it from falling out in the air brush a little bit similarly about my tea Oh drinks just push them in let the bottom up double-checking our client might sure and is going back in place like this faster and we’ll put the two outside someplace whole your birthing that push him down sticks a little puppets in all right then we want to drop a little poppet picking lottery hook line it up well hold on in here there’s a little pop it in then drop the pressure control about me now we got to put spraying and pressure control see the magnet hold all this together this laurel assembling a little bit about it keep it in one place

on a stick yeah trying to support look at spring and the little puppet down in there because get a lot of rain going outside to put a little loop on it started going on cotton and no mic at all I imagine you do this we ain’t got one I just take two flat blade screwdriver get them in the slide on each side Mystikal nuttin here in the middle and gravel just rotated a little bit I ain’t got a big Supercop we’re going to drop the sill a little puppet bow all over our ring there we go they seem to be working properly now we’ve got our tofu house and everything cleaned up a little blue bar oh right I’ll put them in well I’ll stick the stove aisles in from bottom just to keep from having to feed o-ring all the way down so we’re going it’s one of those old places make it slide in better stick it up

and my logic is if you feed these down from the top yo rings it’s gonna have to slide past all the passages may run the risk cut no ring but if you just speed it up from the bottom and no ring this runs in the speed board and you don’t run the risk of cutting the ring all right we got the gasket light up here ready to put the head on the end of the unit and you want to make sure that all your Springs and little pockets are in place and we’ve got this head cleaned up and ready when you must want to drop it right straight down on sparks boats we’re going toward these boats to 45 foot pounds for reference the over the fire manual and it calls from 45 foot pounds on the boats start all the boats how I’m starting the sooner and work out from the Sun I’m gonna take my speed wrench something probably don’t see much anymore speed wrenching this run down slowing it up get that Center boat and you can do this with impact right just flip them down to your snug them up I’m gonna keep walking around talking all of them up we’ve got our tour and set for 45 foot pounds start with this sign boat walk out and you got them all talking on their back double check it going on just to make sure you got them all talk all right we’ve got all those torque 45 foot pounds and we’re gonna turn it down and we’re gonna have to put all our little plugs back in the bottle start them all in here in their tapered pipe trades you don’t have to get them so for suppertime just tight enough they sell off not a man with a t-handle dialing rings

but we got all those in now we got these two little brass screens and these little plugs that go back down in these holes right in here once you’ve said these two little holes right here we got to get these little brass screens back down in there and then these little cone-shaped boats go down there to hold on make sure all that seated in there correctly and we took these screens out in order to make sure everything was cleaning down in there he’s getting started a tall cone-shaped boat that one’s distorted a little bit want to go to sleep at the bottom little hole find something to reach down in there and pull it back out I was a little bit different not Satan than the whole crew see if I could take my love them toe reach down there and grab it okay but we got both my streams situated back down in though right we double check which screwed little screws back out and double check to make sure that the screens are seated correctly there’s a little bit of a tedious process but we got it just run these down snug we’ve got everything inside the box but together we’re ready to put the bottom

plate on it we got our gasket and it’s best to well install these gaskets dry is that way you don’t run the risk of silicone or any other kind of sealing getting into the valves and stopping dirties up I’m just gonna start all our boats I sure have two guests