Teresa and Joe Giudice Split!

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Teresa and Joe Giudice Split!

Live from New York City It’s the Wendy Williams show ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doin’? Now here’s Wendy! (upbeat music) (audience cheers) Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! ♪ How you doin’ ♪ (audience cheers) (laughs) Thank you for watching Say hello to my cohost, my studio audience (audience cheers) How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m not sure Let’s get started It’s time for what? Hot Topics! Come on! (upbeat rhythmic music) (audience cheers) I love you, Wendy! You have no idea what goes on behind those double doors and around here Thank you for watching today Listen, so last night was a really busy night I was out late, I was having dinner with some really important people in my life So I saw nothing, which I’m kind of pissed, but the food was good And I just (audience laughs) Did you see the live version of “Good Times” and “All in the Family”? Clap if you did (audience applauds) Okay, okay We were supposed to watch this as a Wendy family I’m sorry I was the one out, I’m the faulty one But we went to Lidia Bastianich, do you know? (audience exclaims) Ooh Oh, hunty Downtown in Soho The food was sumptuous, little tiny appetizer plates We had like six different courses and stuff And Lidia is a friend of the show, like, she’s been here to cook and stuff, but Lidia, the food was sumptuous And, by the way, very well-decorated Black walls, black ceiling It was good (audience cheers) So, anywho Patti LaBelle and Anthony Anderson sang the heck out of the “Good Times” theme There they are with the choir (audience cheers) You know, I hope they repeat this They probably won’t, because when they do it live then they don’t want to repeat stuff I think I missed the moment in history, but I could probably catch it on the Google or shmoogle or something The crowd went crazy when John Amos, friend to the show, 79 (audience cheers) He came on Like, John looks young enough and good enough to still play his character And at the end, okay, now here’s the shade that has gone viral The original cast came out and Bernadette Stanis, friend to the show again, who played Thelma, she slammed the door in Jimmie Walker’s face (audience laughs and exclaims) No, let’s do it again, let’s do it again Watch the slam-ation of the situation Okay? All right The whole entire, the original cast comes out Okay, what, no, we have to sit through the song? ♪ Kids we love and got to (humming) ♪ All right, all right, now show it Oh, our media wall is broken? Okay (audience exclaims) Okay, you saw that (audience exclaims) But you know what? But it’s a legendary story that they never really liked each other to begin with or something had happened But look, she slammed that down But they all looked good Look at Willona Look at Jimmie (audience applauds) Look at Bernadette They all look great And there’s Jimmy Kimmel, who produced the whole thing So anyway, and then I was pissed, ’cause you know I love “The Masked Singer”, but the food at Lidia’s place was so good, I just, I couldn’t resist Right? So “The Masked Singer” finale was announced and Wayne Brady won Now, see (audience applauds) Okay? He was the Fox And he also came on Wendy and lied to us real good and quick He was on our show on Halloween, we’re both dressed up, him in a turban and I was a ring master Come one come all, to this ridiculous ball Circus (audience cheers) And I asked him, ’cause I watch the show

I’m invested in the show, right? I never thought I’d be, but I am I asked him if he was on the show And just take a look It’s being said that you’re one of those two characters that we’re showing right now (audience exclaims) It’s been said You know what’s funny to me is so I’m either the whatever that green thing is or I’m the Fox If you want to know if that’s me, go to iTunes, and buy my last record (audience laughs) Well Turns out he was lying He was good with that, though The other runners-up were Chris Daughtry and, my son’s 16th birthday, his black mitzvah date, Adrienne Bailon Uh-huh (audience applauds) But you know what, Wayne? Congratulations to you All right, here’s another thing I predicted, but you all are gonna stop telling me I’m stupid I get that enough from my parents (audience laughs) All of my life in loving way Good morning, Mom, hi, Daddy Teresa and Joe are separated Of course! Like, why would you stay together? He’s in Italy deported, you’re in Jersey, you got the girls Girls don’t want, the big one doesn’t wanna move from Rutgers, the other ones have their friends here in Jersey This is ridiculous I don’t even like long-distance borough relationships If you live in Queens and he lives in Brooklyn, this is not gonna work (audience applauds) That’s alls I’m saying Right Norman Yes You agree with that, right? Absolutely, it’s too far All those trains you have to take (audience laughs) But also, Italy to Jersey is ridiculous Not even thinkable Right You ready for the holiday party? I can’t wait Okay (audience cheers) Look, this is the last day working for Wendy It’s no secret On Thursdays we do the show live It’s a little after 10 o’clock and then we do Friday’s show later on this afternoon And then after that, we are gonna destroy Suzanne? Yeah, I’m ready I see you put the curls in your hair I’ve got my party hair on! Okay Uh-huh, I’m ready We are gonna destroy a holiday Christmas party Yes, we are We’ve worked hard this year Boof, you got my song ready, right? Yes You better let me practice that By the way, thank you for sneakers, but this is not a bribe-ation of the situation (audience laughs) Okay? Boof gave me a little gift Aw, aw! Right, always trying to do something Mm-hmm, those are good Look, if you mess up that song tonight, though And you know I only wanna karaoke one song I wanna sprawl across the bar, okay? Got you Norman, watch how I do it Okay, I cannot wait for this Yeah! (audience applauds) It’s gonna be catered with the good food and all that stuff In by five, out by 10 So perfect, right? We’re all so old, we’ve grown with each other 10’s even a little late 10’s late, right? What time are you performing at, ’cause I wanna make sure I see it Oh, I’m gonna be there at 5:01 Okay, perfect Okay, 5:01 I’m there Okay My performance starts at six Attention Wendy staff Okay I’m gonna perform at six, I’ll be out by 6:01 Yeah! (audience cheers) That’s it, that’s it Stuff my face with the good food You know, give hand pounds We got one of those picture booths You know, just go in the booth Nobody bring out their cellphones Don’t be corny at the party There’s no plus one’s, it’s just us (Norman laughs) Uh-huh (audience applauds) Ellie You in? Yes Ellie, the thing about you is that the crew always has to watch you, because one glass of wine weighs more that you do, Ellie I have no idea how you operate the camera all these years I’m strong Yeah, you are strong, Ellie, and we’ve been through a lot together Thank you, Ellie (audience applauds) Two whole weeks I don’t know what we’re gonna do without each other or you, but look, we picked some good ol’ reruns A lot of you all are watching the impeachment and so, we’ve been cut off You can only watch us online and stuff But I’m thinking, Suzanne, that the reruns are gonna be when the impeachment was playing So the people can see shows that they’ve missed Yup, that’s the plan Like, in New York, they don’t interrupt us Thank you, New York (audience applauds) I stand for you But in a lot of markets, you know what I’m saying, so we won’t have each other for two weeks

Oh, dear Camila Cabello, you know what? You can have several seats And I’m gonna break this down right now Okay, now she’s apologizing for, you know what I’m talking about, in the gold shirt? You were about to clap Okay, I’ll explain it to you, okay So, she was about to apologize for her past racist language that she posted on her social media She used the “N” word, she used black people with fried chicken (audience exclaims) Oh, oh, yes, fried chicken I can’t even show this because we’re about to go on vacation and nobody cares about doing anything extra Just, they push me out here in a wig and a dress and say, go on, one more day, just go And I’m like, okay, got you We blurred all this out, but look, there are so many racist things, and now she’s deleted her Tumblr account that was credited to her It showed all these posts, Asian slurs Asian people, let me tell you something, she’s not just on the blacks, she’s on the Asians Jews, this time around, you are not a part of this, but you’ve been going through a whole lot Over at the Plaza Hotel, they got the biggest menorah in the world, and it’s lit But look, we’ve all been going through something So, this Camila, right, she says, “the post were seven years old, “when I was 15” Well, now she’s 22 When you were 15, didn’t you know the difference between a race and a not? (audience applauds) Right Stupid, stupid girl So here’s her statement that she released And by the way, she’s tried to make good with all of us by like getting down with Black Lives Matter And she also says, “When I was younger, “I used language that I’m deeply ashamed of, “and will regret forever “I was uneducated and ignorant.” Well at 15, we were all uneducated and ignorant, but not to race There’s certain things, if you were raised up, not dragged up, there were certain things that (laughs) There were certain things that we all knew “And once I became aware of the history, “and the weight of the true meaning “behind this horrible and hurtful language, “I was deeply embarrassed “I ever used it.” You know what, sit down (audience applauds) But, I do feel a little guilty, ’cause I happen to find the “Havana” song hella sexy You know what I mean, goldie? You almost clapped, but then you were, right? I do “Havana” (hums) (audience laughs) But, will this affect her career? I don’t know, but we can start the march right here (audience applauds) Okay So, Merrell, my makeup artist, announced to me this morning, while he was beating me for the Gods, as he says, that he just ordered Zeus, specifically (Norman laughs) to see Joseline’s new show (audience cheers) Our Puerto Rican princess has a new show, it’s called, “Joseline’s Cabaret” I have no idea how to get the Zeus on my TV, but maybe I’ll just go to Merrell’s and watch it and then leave, I don’t know It’s gonna premiere next month It’s about her strip club Okay, now, see, I thought it was about her and Bonnie Bella, and her being a good mom But no, cutie pie in the beret (audience laughs) You been here before, why do I know you? I’ve worked with your makeup artist before Oh, you’ve worked here before? I haven’t worked here yet, but I’ve worked with your makeup artist, Merrell Oh, so you know Merrell? Yeah Okay Yeah. (laughs) That was not a set-up (audience laughs) Such random stuff Anyway, here’s a sneak-peek of Joseline’s show Take a look. (laughs) We’ve gotta finish this song, ’cause we’re gonna be shooting a video tomorrow They are not invited to shoot the video Why we not in the video? That’s mad disrespectful I don’t feel like– (overlapping chatter drowns out speaker) It was nothing about me It was everything about you, girl All right, well how am I supposed to know that? Who the (beep) you think you talking to, my (beep)? This is my (beep) Bitch, I produced this (beep) and I wrote this (beep), bitch Don’t forget I can drag you out That (beep) is crazy We just cabaret street Did they see you got evicted from your house? You’d know It’s time you got (dramatic music) (overlapping yelling) Why the (beep) you playing with me, bitch? And you too, bitch! (audience exclaims and applauds)

Okay Now, Joseline and Stevie J., I have no idea who has custody of Bonnie Bell At first I thought it was Stevie J. and Faith, ’cause, they’re married and they have a stable household, but it might be Joseline I am so confused and Stevie called me the other day (doorbell rings) (audience exclaims) Now, hold on now Who’s there? (rhythmic dance music) (audience cheers) Oh, God (audience cheers) Insert rat face Insert rat face No (music and audience drown out speaker) Happy holidays, everybody Please insert the rat face, exactly (audience cheers) Stevie, you’re gonna stop So, hold up No, you gonna stop You asked me to bring you this sandwich I didn’t know, we were talking on the phone, you were like, “What are you doing?” And I said, “I’m talking on the phone to you “and I don’t even like it” No, you said you wanted– Where’s Faith? Roast beef sandwich (audience laughs) I told you what I liked Sliced thin with red onions I love a roast beef sandwich sliced thin (audience laughs) with red onions (audience applauds) And I got you, I got you, I got you a mink jacket in the back I don’t like– And I got you one for your son too That, I like you And I got you some diamonds too (audience cheers) Ooh, (giggling), you know I like diamonds (audience cheers) You know why? No Hold on, hold on I got her one more thing she asked me for She asked me for the divorce, too Excuse me, we’re talking private right now You said, what do I want for Christmas I told you that privately This is Hot Topics! But we’ve talked about this before (audience laughs) I want something that no one can give me except a court and a pen I can help you out with that if you need me (audience exclaims) Rat face (audience laughs) Leave me alone, Steven How are you? I’m doing well How long are you in New York? You look amazing, give it up for Wendy (audience cheers) You getting a lot of money around here Look at that watch, damn I’ve worked over 30 years, as you know, my mouth has been a lot Oh, I don’t know where your mouth has been I don’t know nothing about that (audience exclaims) My mouth has talked about you throughout the 30 years Okay And I feel oil, like, he’s oily I’m not greasy Yes, you are (audience laughs) Where’s Faith? Wait, wait, wait, wait I’m married Faith! I know She not here, stop it All right, Bonnie Bella Bonnie Bella Okay What’s going on? Hi Faith, I love you Okay, I love you too, Faith Bonnie ♪ Soon as I get home ♪ It’s like, one of the only slow jams that I really love Look at Bonnie Bella Yeah, she’s a really gorgeous girl I love her So, do you have primary custody? ‘Cause we talk on the phone sometimes, and Faith is often in the background, or on the phone too Is this messy topics or Hot Topics? (audience laughs) Same difference around here I mean (audience applauds) (Stevie J laughs) Look, it’s like this Me and Joseline on a great page, we co-parenting so, I say joint custody (audience applauds) What about that strip club? The strip club? Oh my God I like the show, I think it’s kinda hot I like drama, but not in my life, only on TV Okay, so, you’re married to Faith My baby People are surprised I asked Mona Scott about it the other day, and she said you guys are meant for each other I don’t think you’re meant for anybody, honestly (audience laughs) No, we talk like this I beg to differ Well, I just– You know When you know somebody who loves you, who takes care of you, who nurtures you, who allows you to see things in a different vision You’ve grown up a lot Yes, I have And Faith did that for me, and I love her (audience applauds) Remember the episode on the show where you played the piano and sang? Yes Like, that is the Stevie that I don’t wanna fall for Why? Because– He’s a good guy No, he’s a good guy Not this one right here Why? With the sunglasses and the rat face I only had a couple of hours of sleep I came right here I heard Yeah, to see you, though I came here to see you with no– No, (chewing) you said you were in Atlanta Yeah, but then I came here this morning and then my barber came at four this morning Yeah, you look nice You’re very youthful Yeah And unlike a lot of guys, you don’t paint it in with the Bigen No, I don’t need no Bigen, I just need my– How old are you? I’m 46 Yeah, you look good, though Thank you, do I? No

(audience laughs) So “Love and Hip Hop”, is this your last season? I been there for 9 seasons I started this thing with two women, I was with two women I’m married now, I have two beautiful baby moms Two beautiful friends out of it Two beautiful children out of it I’m ready to do some other things (audience applauds) Thanks for being here Thanks for having me I’m gonna wrap this sandwich Wait a minute, wait a minute What? Wendy, looks amazing y’all (audience cheers) We’ve got more great show Oh, Morris Day is here, do you know him? Morris Day? Yes! The bird? Yes, that’s what I’m saying Yeah Look, he’s coming out to the “Jungle Love” song and everything That’s what’s up You know what? He’s upstairs probably I saw him Why you looking at me like that? I know I’m fly No, because– (audience exclaims) Trying to strike a pose Grab a snack and come on back (upbeat music) (audience cheers) Ooh-ooh! ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it, it, feel, woo ♪