Backstage Pass Episode 25

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Backstage Pass Episode 25

welcome to backstage pass the rock star pro wrestling’s official podcast it’s the ultimate opportunity to look behind the scenes that rock star pro and hear from the wrestlers themselves now here are your hosts gris Poland and Mark Turner hello and welcome episode 25 of backstage pass you know I usually say rock star pro wrestling’s official podcast here mark yeah that’s right but we have more official podcasts I look at this we started a revolution here in rock star bet that’s right we have our own podcast network now yeah absolutely the rock star pro podcast network we’re not the only podcast anymore we also have two other podcasts we have punks and pinfalls that’s right along with real alien talk and i’ll talk about both these broadcasts very entertaining check them out immediately yeah punks and pinfalls is Gigi and CW trying not to strangle each other I understand it yeah that’s entertaining in its own right yes talk about indy wrestling and indie music so that’s cool and then relay Liam talk is scary Gary and Michael talking about conspiracy theories aliens Alf cocaine the like I think Michael could go on all night about that scary Gary he can go on even longer than that I think so too but but let’s not talk about them too long right yeah what’s more important is what’s happening right now right more shocking than an all-female Ghostbusters cast hopefully less disappointing that a Roman reigns Royal Rumble victory oh you went there it’s episode 25 of backstage pass how about that 25 I mean 25 goddamn episode doesn’t seem like it’s been that long I mean I remember when this podcast first started when it was born and we had rough time through the teenage years there that’s all grown up it is it can rent a car now can all the milestones now got a rep that’s right all downhill from here but what a great time I mean the 25th podcast episode mm-hmm we have the three year anniversary coming up I mean all these milestones are hitting rock star pro right now all once it’s true three I think is going to be a hell of a pay-per-view yeah we have plenty of time to talk about that again Friday februari 6 730 p.m. for the Bell 15 bucks for front-row seats 10 bucks for regular admission can’t beat it come on down 1106 east 3rd street in dayton ohio one was kickass do was kick ur ass her and three is gonna be kickass assist Wow well said well now not really what’s for gonna be then I don’t know the end of the world so you may have noticed a voice at the beginning of the episode but not the voice of Daniel Blevins it’s taken us a while it has but we’ve kind of caught up and are now current with rock stars ring announcer yeah we are one year light but butter like to never liked you sucks right JP the man himself is here Willie push the button we don’t know ah let’s bring him in right now so I was told that I should get a t-shirt with push the button JP I kind of think you should or you could just sell buttons that that’s pretty that’s pretty smart when it comes to marketing yeah this coming from the guy who said kick kick her wrist a sarist it’s Latin let the guy who had the wax wings and flew too close to this yeah yeah I was close though not the chikage either right well yeah JP thank you for the new intro and outro it’s nice to be you know contemporary now well you know I do my best i was listening to pompano Joe episode which was hilarious and everybody’s favorite tell me oh yeah well the pirate talk really got me yeah I used to be a pirate for the renaissance festival so really Oh tell us about this I need to hear more I learned the renaissance festival yeah what that one waynesville um we went like my parents took me to it when I was five yeah and we went every year all the way up through me being in high school and I thought it was you know the coolest thing in the world memon so I auditioned for one year and I got on the pirate crew I I mean people who see me here I’m 34 a little bit overweight uh you know some people think it’s a receding hairline I tell people I die my bangs shiny pink um but you know uh back

then around a 102 I actually had about hair down my ass a gigantic thick beard so I fit the pirate crew very well it was actually there that I met my wife so you know I don’t worked out well for me awesome and mother of your child right indeed so that’s pretty Willam be no now tell me what is he excellent I would love to see in the future maybe you managing pompano Jones some sort of pirate roll about that the native now I’ve done a lot of things here at rock star um I i have i’ve actually looked into managing yeah or at least maybe representing some people but i don’t think it’s I don’t think it’s in the cards at this point in fact I mean when I started here one of the big things was I had this this real green rookie play-by-play commentator yeah wasn’t it I was insanely green I mean like he he screamed for three hours in the microphone until we taught him how to bring it down a little bit yeah I know I I trust mark turner to be in charge of the commendation station which is you know why after Daniel left and we had a couple of other ring announcers they said they need somebody to fill the role and I said count me in you know Turner’s got a commentary cover yeah now I only yell for about an hour show has posted 3 on so that’s not a good ratio I think okay like you guys are skipping the lead here I mean I thank you for letting me jump in and play I mean yeah after all it is my microphones that you’re using the baddest man alive walked into the podcast area here that’s right we have an open-door policy for episode 25 and what a guest of honor to walk in at the beginning followed our following JP here who has a wonderful tie on I might add oh yeah it’s a beautiful time yeah a gift from my wife I like ties and you probably don’t know about that about me I like stress on just never gets to happen so see that’s the kind of information you get on this podcast that you don’t get anywhere I remember one time you came out and you you had a tie and a button-up shirt and jeans on I’m like you’re still my gimmick but I looked very dapper you did it’s like they’re there to him Aaron Williams he is the dapper apper so on planet Williams do they wear ties all the time there oh no it’s not an all the time I thing you know it’s just like you know it’s kind of like it is you know here i’m playing at her okay it’s black tie affair but yeah i’m curious about how long is the travel distance between planet williams and spaced on guns well um well it’s actually not too bad because i’m playing at williams we have a little our technologies a little better this advanced yeah so we can teleport oh there you go yeah instantaneous travel yeah so you know i can get like right right outside the Earth’s atmosphere yeah you know just take a little shuttle fantastic so here’s the thing are you the same person when you are you know re composed in your destination are you a clone of that in original ended i saw that they go through the transporter and like they’re 11 guys looking downs like I can see my own but yeah I’m not the same person it’s just you know it does take a little while to get used to it yeah your tummy like gets a little sure sure felt shaky at times you know I think I threw up for like the first 30 times oh Jesus let me know it was awesome no you guys it’s been all jokey and funny and whatnot and with the funny in the haha but let me be serious for a second this man has gone through quite an evolution absolutely we knew him as the jelek assassin and in the very beginning then he became the Cincinnati Shogun that’s right and then he evolved to the baddest man alive well I mean if you get really really technical there was even more evolution than that originally I was but I was a guy by the name of Charles call me Chaz that was the gimmick oh it’s worth at a third that’s right Charles call me Chaz fonzworth a third and of all things I was a collegiate wrestler from Syracuse University no no so like when you pin somebody and the ref hit the mat for the one count did you automatically jump up and go I want well actually like it was really really hard for me to to do that like to this day I can’t figure out why they thought here let’s take this kid who has an extensive martial arts background and make him a collegiate wrestler because like most people know anything about collegiate wrestling and the idea is to get the guy on the ground even for the count yeah in martial arts you don’t need to worry about getting a guy on the count you just want to make him hurt you want to make him tap you want to knock him out those things don’t really have a whole lot in common so it’s pretty different absolutely looking a long time to actually I’ll just go ahead and say it I never really did get

that concept so I I as you guys know who have watched me I like to kick people I like to hit people yeah my stuff from a big martial arts nerd and sorry for taking over here Chris but I have to ask the question okay um you and I geek out all the time about martial arts done here and I still can’t stop calling him champ because he is the longest reigning rock star pro champion ever I don’t forget it Jam uh so go down the list what styles have you been trained in I have been trained in Taekwondo and hippo our Kim hopes hippo kymco jiu-jitsu hong dou I’ve done training in weapons with bo staff our nice nun Chuck and I think that’s about it i did a little brazilian jiu-jitsu as well thrown into the tuna too but i think that’s it i’m gonna expose my ignorance real quick there was a weapon in there our nice I’ve Marty sizes are that they’re about oh there there sticks their duel no look at two of them and they’re about yay long roughly there’s the weapon that Nightwing you it is oh okay 30 by language you know by different names like parties there Jabari sticks in dramas and some okay so so yeah see like i said i’ll just call them short sticks short sticks the screw mistakes there’s a whole bunch of different names basically you put the two together and you’ve probably got about a 5-foot staff okay um but you put them around separately and and somebody who knows how to swing those things can get really mess somebody on the jackal person’s well imagine yo imagine says no yeah those are actually really really fun and I I won a gold medal and weapons forms with dueling nunchucks no was cool and is that kinda like dueling banjos not exactly I mean technically i got my cuz there was another guy doing the same weapon i was so i guess theoretically arreglen yeah it was dueling but um I one which you know isn’t that crazy to think about no no I do that pretty good amount of times it’s the more you sustain so being such an expert with weapons ah I think how to put you in a good standing on teen crist when it comes to our five on 5 match yeah 3 uh actually it’s kind of unique because I am pretty proficient with with a lot of weapons just but usually it comes to wrestling I don’t use weapons whereas theoretically in my mind my whole body is a weapon so I really don’t need the added assistance however if I could get my hands on something to to the effect of a short staff or ammo staffer I don’t know a samurai sword I could probably do some pretty uh I 30 devastating damage I imagine so I had a thought for you in that match specifically oh really ah tape up tape off a whole bunch up and down the floor arm cuz i was actually planning on doing and that ridge hand strength oh yeah blasting people in the face way yeah um you can get a little bit of barbed wire there you go wrapped around that Ridge hand that to me would take somebody off of team DJ Hyde fast i would i would totally agree with this do you think any of those guys are gonna be listening to this cuz if they are i just won’t let you guys know that that’s gonna suck room well guys if you see me wrapping up for you know some barbed wire around my hand you might just want to call a night yes like most people like i don’t know if they know the power of that Ridge hand strike all I things devastating man it really is it’s why I like it so much so guys you gotta look at it’s basically healed his hand palm facing down tucks to the thumb under and he hits with that inside part with a pointer and the thumb is watch for him to do that during the match and he throws it as hard as most people throw a right hook yeah i like it i used to do breaking with uh with that strike actually so it was a good things boards concrete board spin ya didn’t do any concrete with that one cuz i was afraid i would break my wrist and Greivis i was uh cuz i was younger at the time when i was doing that stuff and my instructors didn’t want me to shatter my hand basically just in case it didn’t didn’t get the break it was very thoughtful of that it was it was it they gave me a lot of good advice yeah so you know so Aaron you’re no stranger to the backstage pass podcast you’ve been on here before you are all back back in the Griffin gun days yeah I was yeah we all do I you know never thought I’d say it but we all do so three years here rockstar two years of the podcast here you know you want to look back a little bit um actually why don’t you look back for real yeah what what do you what some of my my moments that you uh that you

enjoyed made you guys fans or if you are fans me or maybe whatever uh you know maybe you’ll buy a t-shirt just got new teachers you know I gotta say they’re gorgeous I do love the new t-shirt oh yeah the blood sport oh yeah yeah that’s right Aaron Williams got a blood sport design sure he can pick one up wherever he is there you go I think we actually have on the freshly redesigned rock star pro wrestling calm the capabilities for people to order shirts that’s right on the website as well and that whole dang website is fantastic by the way everybody needs to check that out that’s listening that’s right you know I just saw him walk by but I don’t know if we can get him in here and not I remember certain long-running feud you had with a man named dark star Matt Taylor in which there was a match where there were several matches but I’m talking about one in particular where a dark star actually had the audacity to threaten your beloved wife yeah with the eating Utahns yeah yeah with a fork that’s right it was uh it was it was a crazy thing like I’m a I mean you guys know me I mean outside of the ring like usually when i get in the ring you know I go to a certain place I’m gonna get into the baddest man alive mode other than that I’m a pretty laid-back dude yeah yeah I’m calm I’m cool I’m collected but one thing you should never ever do is mess with my wife no no that’s what my wife and I will mess your world up well it’s funny you say that i think so i think some people could attest to that look who’s just walked in the door yeah I think you apologized for it a while back well you know some people that day you know tempers they flare I mean you do things to prove a point sometimes it gets a little out of control yeah I mean sometimes you know you have a nice civil conversation at the time she duct tape a man is that right in the face I’m just curious i think i think was your what was your goal behind that wasn’t it to bring something out yeah uh it was to uh take somebody for being since this is not a Shogun to being the baddest man alive so I think the end justify the means I mean you might not oh yeah you with my chest it’s curious howdy how do you feel that worked out for you oh I’ll be not sure it weren’t no worked out pretty good for me I mean for what I was intending to do it worked out perfect what at my face after you know a few dozen kids I didn’t appreciate right I mean comedian did in fact justify the means because I got to see my friend go from this to something yeah even better which was you know so and we leave it in we’ve had some wars over the years about you tired yeah speaking of which I heard a rumor once that they’ve been talking about creating some tag dots around here that would be that’d be exciting it’s definitely time yes I ever see the dart guns unite for that oh that’s a unique question yes I will see where the stars align I mean you both worn gold here in rock star before why not add to that anytime that there’s a chance to make history of being the first ever is something you know that’s always something that’s appealing yeah week you want to you let’s kind of guy ripped off on who will leave that alone at three the aerial assault American loot record championship match mm-hmm Gigi said that all former American lucha court champions are able to be in that matchup now dark star Matt Taylor you unseated the longest reigning champion of all time Remy Wilkins to win your first American lucha court championship but what a lot of people don’t know is that one of the forefathers of the entire division back in another company was the baddest man alive that’s right he pretty much put the belt on the map after it exited its original promotion so you have the island of death match Aaron Williams and Matt Taylor you seem like you’re heading for a collision with Ben chimera ah but does the possibility remain that the two of you might try and seek some American logic or gold like are you meaning just in general are you made on at three at three yes three also all former champions are supposed to be allowed in the match it’s an open it really is and I mean oh gosh I can’t even think about doing an area salt match and then doing it island of death match I’m sure with you first which I’m do like there is yeah however I’m not sure if I would

survive one to get to the other you know like I said with with you last week there’s that one thing about this campaign is you just never know yeah this should happen and like you said I’m on a collision course with Ben chimera which service necessary necessarily a collision course as much as in my eyes and annihilation of a man who was wrong to me but um I think then I’ll have plenty left to go after some gold maybe we’ll have to see that means everybody listen to this right now you gotta you gotta come to three right damn straight oh yeah dang Skippy Oh Dan darn it I gotta remember I gotta remember to watch myself in front of it just just because you know I i choose to do things a certain way doesn’t mean I expect everybody else I appreciate that but I should be polite or not but I’m plaintiff claims cursing is actually punishable by my by my bus all kicks oh Jesus yeah but you’re right right right let’s see you’re safe okay I’ll watch my mouth if I ever come out do you mind if I tell the story about your you exclaiming the real name of your favorite superhero and how it shocked me uh sure go ahead we were backstage and he was talking about you know his favorite superhero which is Nightwing hmm and it Nightwing’s real name is Dick Grayson yeah he’s like oh yeah dick yeah he’s great Nick’s awesome and I was like Aaron Williams said that what it’s true it’s do I need to go to calling him Richard I just needed yeah I presentation my mind doesn’t work that way he wouldn’t say something like that emphatically yeah he wouldn’t mean it the way that everybody else would you get about it it’s more much more innocents I’ve actually the Todd with Facebook doing that exact same thing like you know just to have a conversation with somebody about Nightwing and you know what I’ll just say oh yeah Dick’s awesome praising they just you know it’s like a it’s like they don’t you can’t on facebook it’s different but you just feel that there’s like a long oh yeah where they reply that’s just like I’m just gonna leave out alone okay said when you let him know what he’s accidentally said oh the red color oh it’s beautiful see I expect to hear like Dave Chris screaming about dicks all over the building well he does but he really come for you I would normally use the word show instead of screamed as he tends to ya either or but you know if if there’s a little bit of tremolo in my voice it’s because I’m still getting over the last time I saw you Matt yeah when you and your cronies at the time uh took over this podcast and uh yeah what was that about I know you know took over pop put the boots to me and Mark for a yeah they kidnapped us very dusty uh I think if that was a that was a different time in your life I mean I’ve had kind of a history in this company of always being kind of a upfront about what I’m going to do if i tell you i’m going to do something i’m going to do it right so know if I’m gonna do something it’s for a purpose yeah in that particular day yeah what I did was to uh serve a purpose and I think my message got a cost you may not have liked it yeah and for that you know I don’t want to say I apologize because I understood me with this yeah but takes a lot to get so well usually what you should say to him is you’re welcome for me taking the time to explain it to you it got a ship’s yeah and we got the message loud and clear I’ll say that you’re welcome no no fair enough so we know you and a chimera aren’t getting along of late you say on your way to an annihilation yes um what do you have planned for been in this match you know we know that he’s a tough guy we know he’s resilient but we know you can lay out the punishment look at that look Erin’s given me you see uh like I said I’m type of person that’s going to tell you what I’m gonna do and then I do it I said that I was going to push air into it to another level when I did I did I was going to become rock star for for wrestling champion for about 30 seconds I was yeah and I also said that I was going to make Dave Chris life a living hell and I think I accomplished that um chimera on the other hand is that type of person that’s going to tell you something to your face to benefit him and do something else yeah and I don’t take too kind of that and like i said i’m going to put an end to chimera and i’m going to make sure that this fire that he has started enjoyed a lot kiss oh wait a minute please Dustin raise

walking in the room I guess I’m tagging in all right well I’m out all right there goes that Williams thank you well that might be what we see at the 5 on 5 room island of death match a tag out from Aaron Williams of dust and razor alright thanks bad he’s hitting the road who knows if what Matt Taylor predicting comes true three maybe the last time you see Ben chimera in this building it’s colder here it is cold in here so we appreciate you you know making the sacrifice right I’m gonna take my jacket off so here is the newest member no oh I 4k how does it feel to say that attached to your name uh it’s you know I felt that way for a long time it’s just nice to have the title and then I guess so i made for it I mean for everybody who doesn’t know we all broke into the business together we all trained in the ND barn the infamous barn where there’s a big hole in the roof and it would snow and we would train anyways and there’d be snow drifts in the ring and ice and when you got slammed on the mat it felt like getting slapped with a paddle I mean it sucked but there’s a lot of history there that probably the average fan doesn’t know about mm-hmm so I mean it’s just having I think it’s like 12 years coming so so when when wrestlers talk about paying their dues uh is that a little bit of what they’re talking about their that sort of training in those sorts of conditions yeah sure not only the training aspect that aren’t in the respect of the guys once you break in I mean a lot of setting up the ring a lot of doing doing things you might not necessarily want to do like grunt work mm-hmm you know sweeping up and just the whole nine yards it’s a lot of that I think I think nowadays it’s a little too easy for people you know to to get into the business but 100 yeah right you have to have your cousin come out and put you over just so people might like you but that’s another here nor there but yeah it’s harder for people used to be harder for people to break into the business and what it is now zaus no would say the business used to be harder than the Mafia to get into because nobody wanted to give up their spot all right and once you’re in you’re in you know and all these guys who are on the Indies or in the territories back then we’re making a living off of it they weren’t on TV nowadays it’s hard to do that obviously I wish it was like that back then or like it is like it you know I mean yeah yeah but uh yeah wrestling’s hard yeah especially if you are serious about it and it’s more than just a hobby right right so you know uh as Dustin’s telling us this story one of the most exciting wrestlers here at rock star who should walk in but the man who wants to be the boringest wrestler here hasta JP knows I’m just making up words adding adding suffixes all I wish or this is exactly the way to this ride is that is that right I don’t know when I saw you do a second rope headlock I I got excited come on not about the dangerous maneuvers anymore man like why why why would you get his name yet I haven’t I’m sorry most boringest wrestler Jake Helman oh that’s okay you don’t you don’t need to send say the name oh I should need to tell your name it doesn’t matter like i mean the crowds not paying attention man okay yeah there in 20 I 4k and they’re out there killing themselves getting the props they deserve right yeah just like yeah man sitting across I never I don’t kill myself we got lit on fire thump well never mind you know let’s just become tax in the mouth never mind I don’t do any high fly and that’s for sure I learned my lesson I broke my leg so hey I can’t blame me for that second row padlock that seems high risk enough by my standards yeah I mean I’m luckily or four kids getting their dues and the crowd goes crazy for them it’s awesome they do all the awesome [ __ ] the essence those are the dudes a cheer for man I’m gonna be the most boring wrestler there is cuz yeah like myself and you gotta ace and you got a couple other guys out there you’re craving stuff like you need a high-risk stuff they sit on their hands so I’m gonna gladly give him a second rope sleeper all day okay so what brought this upon wanting to become the most boring wrestler real live frustration yeah you know it’s i soared up a few times torn up with Nate wings one week get a nice the next and we did some cool stuff and I got dropped in my head a lot yeah got crickets so I decided you know what I’m just gonna go ahead and try and be as bored as I want ok yeah so we’ve seen you you know drop the high-flying moves you know you came out I think last week’s had no chops uh uh you know you you even um denied the fans of your entrance theme exactly coming out listening to it on your headphones on your iPad only have an idea version of us killing ourselves in the room and I’m not going to let them be entertained by anything music not even gear to not even wearing here you’re nowhere near I’ll come on now

basketball shorts and tennis shoes from here on up whoa it makes sense you need the yang to the game ok so which is which I leave that to the fans ok what I’m not philosophers it better question for for both of you guys dustin and NJ comen here do the fans have a role to play and if they ignore playing that role does that hurt the show I don’t know how to [ __ ] once again I’m no philosopher I should they be able to say whatever they want to or do you think that you know if they kind of realize that they’re a part of the show it helps things I think the danger is that so many the fans think they’re in the know on the same exact was the guys mmm like there’s a difference between me and a fan and walking through the curtain actually get in the ring and doing it ah yeah well I mean that comes I think that comes around to that word smart mark which how can you be a mark and be smart la termina and that’s not a cut on anybody it’s just it’s a mark okay look up the definition of what mark means and kearny terms like Griffin right if you’re if you’re mark you’re the target right what I mean you’re the one being worked and so if you’re being work how can you be smart mmm then you have to be a [ __ ] because you know you’re being worked and you’re letting it happen I mean it’s the quant quote smartest smart marks are like the dumbest fan yeah they’re also the ones that you have to cater to the least because they’ll be here every show well I mean but but then again learning so much it’s it’s just it’s you know it’s a lot of it’s a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff it’s a mounted disrespect to the fans but it is a funny thing to refer her to somebody when they refer to themselves as smart marks yeah there’s just no such thing well it seems like a model mark I know yeah good the reason why I bring it up is I’ve been to so many shows where when the fans kind of they go you know what I’m gonna I’m gonna cheer the good guys I’m going to boo the bad guys that I’m gonna I’m going to get into it and hoot and holler and just have as much fun it’s see I don’t know it just I’ve seen so many people walk away going man that was one of the most fun shows I’ve ever been to because they they jumped into the world as opposed to trying to view it as an outsider III just that’s one of the things i’d like to see is just jump into the world and let go well I mean heart wrestling as a whole is you know an art form in it it’s true escapism mhm so my thing is this like if you can you know the fans can most definitely add to that experience of everybody else because you got a couple [ __ ] you know yelling and like be jerks yeah what else is trying to join ya that’s going to affect the experience yeah yeah but I mean what down to is you paid your money you know to come here enjoy it have you want yeah but just remember the way you enjoy it may in fact affect somebody else you know be respectful it’s like your rights in where my begin and so on and so forth mm-hmm but I mean that’s wrestling you know come cheer [ __ ] I don’t care what you do you paid your money just if I entertain you let me know if I bore you let me know where’s my fish right yeah but by mert you know by Mercy support support the guys you like I you know I have no bones about you hating me yeah we’re Lee I’ve had play people hate me and you know and still to this day in and out of the business people consider me an [ __ ] and I probably deserve that but i can say mostly because it’s i’m passionate about what I do I feel like what you’re doing is a complete disrespect to what I love I’m going to say it yeah if I think you’re a guy who’s not one to play ball and you’re in for it you know you’re going into business for yourself I’m gonna say it and I think everybody who feels that way you know should do the same thing I say it because that’s one of the things that is wrong with wrestling is there’s so many ohms is gonna do my thing a little kisses and hopefully someone notices me and you’re not going to get anywhere if you just be that Wallflower I mean I’m not saying you know be political or anything like that but you know it’s a love this business I’ve broken more bones that care to mention and I’ve sacrificed a lot and I still don’t have as much to show for it as I’d like you know so when I see something I consider wrong I’m going to say it mm-hmm we’re going to whether or not that black balls many other places or not if people call me an [ __ ] clearly I don’t give damn right if you like me or not but I do appreciate the people who like me even when I amateur try i do because if not if not for the fans once again if not

for the fans coming here pain to sit there and watch us do what we loved you we’re just a bunch of guys fighting each other in our underwear and it’s sad to say I maybe I’m not trying Jake oh man he’s gonna be worried about accepting yes underwears to entertain underwear it’s to entertaining I made the funny comment to my wife because as we know it down to one car that’s dropping my car off at a her work and I was again I left my bag sitting outside the car cuz I locked it brought in the keys and I said well I better get back out there don’t want anybody stealing my tights house like wrestler problems yeah and it’s kind of silly when you say like that but I mean really and it’s the truth we’re brutalizing each other yeah uh in tights in tights but like you know we do that for the entertainment of the man so yeah I don’t know maybe i’m just blah blah no you don’t you set up a word you said that really sticks out to me is respect and i think wrestling is an art form and wrestling should be fun and when the fans come I think you know like you said boo cheer be vocal but have respect right and I think having respect for wrestlers is is I think it goes both ways you know the wrestlers respecting the fans and the fans respecting the wrestling agrees my whole platform for the last few weeks of stuff I’ve been saying on the mic is i’m talking with disrespectful fans yeah you know the ones that were killing ourselves are saying week right or this or that I want ten times more the head drops like oh I’m going to disrespect us like that I’m just going to say exactly how I feel disrespect your head back yeah I mean especially when we’re entertaining or so you know trying to entertain you right in our life on the line yeah so your message to be the most boring wrestlers really just for those fans out there that one that out of you it’s up to every single rock star has some of the most interactive fans and they do and let’s say half of them are great and the other half of the dish Michael maybe even seventy percent of gray and 34 service travel sometimes that 30 per second rounding out the rest of them yeah that’s true so when I’m screaming to all of them none of the people who know it’s add them are probably going to be the ones that take it that way you used you know you call that big kev i rememberer one show hey i just want to point out real quick your fly’s in zip oh is it oh it is good thing this is an honor no brain shown we’re good that’s you know so anyways continue if you go love it see he says what okay he doesn’t lie big cat man I don’t strike and you yeah I don’t know some people almost were a little afraid of your language there but I heard a rumor that you might like you might be one of those people are allowed to say that well yeah I mean let’s yeah a lot of people don’t believe me like yeah I can say big kev as mine works i’m also black people just don’t believe that his knee up dad’s like drake black so obviously i don’t have the skin pigment issue but yeah I’m gonna talk to kev like he’s one of my own and he had an issue that’s not I got a blessing I’m pale as hell yeah me too i’m burnt as soon as I ok get a good tires terrible boom but you some ideas guys and regardless of whether or not you agree with him if you agree with Jake or not I mean it falls in the same line of what i said if you’re passionate about what you do this you know speak up about it say something about if you’re pissed off you don’t like it mm-hmm don’t sit there and [ __ ] about it or say something under your breath step up and say it luckily rock stars a forum where you can be heard yeah I mean we are definitely not a PG or even a PC could to use another one a type of organization curves good and it’s awesome because I mean I can say this to rock star fans who may listen to this or any wrestling fans in general like it was rock star that made me love wrestling again that’s because after a really dismal experience in the entertainment industry which I won’t even go into it made me hate everything to do with entertainment it made me hate everything do with wrestling business getting back and I wasn’t happy you know oh there’s a meeting oh my yeah well we’ll wrap this up pretty quickly but we’ll wrap it but having the opportunity to come to rock star and to finally confront Aaron Williams or anybody who’s familiar with that to finally be able to confront him and air my grievances and squash this hate I had in my heart really real it a fire for Dustin ray you know referred myself and third because all cool people are for themselves different person and I if not for the fans and not for the reception I got when I first walked through that curtain well I should say appear to have no way right that’s true because I’m part magician just like Jake Owens part black I would not be sitting here today talking wrestling and that’s just a graze yeah and that’s the way the cookie

crumbles and I think when you came back in and fought Aaron um numerous times what a match that was at November cuz that might be I was favorite machen every year history Brooks I mean where I was little yeah that one yeah just insanity but I think I’ll burn marks down there by the way uh no it felt like I had a horrible tan though it were a horrible sunburn yeah you’re part black for a little bit yeah yeah I thought I thought my head tights had melted to my body which is Jesus it was even more important than having tax kicked out of my shows oh wow bad that I will never forget that moment but uh perfect poor poor air and that his tooth chipped right like in the first minute of the match I was lit on fire thumbtacks everywhere well my question is being in a match like that does that help prepare you for this five-on-five ultraviolent island of death match you have coming up well by all means yes it does but not only that I mean I’ve proven it the past and this become my stick as of the past couple years like I can take a tremendous amount of pain yeah why I don’t know I’m not bragging it’s the truth it’s not a work it’s for real it’s real life my leg broke in half and I held at my hands and I was able to pull myself together and talk calmly to everybody around me and not freak out I was more pissed off than anything yeah and I realized then and there that I was like wow I was like this is ridiculous when I watched a drill go straight through my leg with no anesthetic or no no painkillers whatsoever and then drill strengthen my bone which by the way if you ever wondered what a tree feels like have somebody to do that it’s an awful feeling and then the next day to have surgery and the day after that to be forced to walk just you know to go through physical therapy a day later yeah it made me realize a lot about myself in those there’s days that I spent in that hospital away so far away from home made me realize who dust and raises once again third person and it’s because of those experiences i’ve had that I am Who I am today so going into this match I am fully prepared to not only put my body on the line but inflict a tremendous amount of pain on anybody who gets in my way excellent well I we’re all looking forward to that match you know we started off air and was in here and you’re on that same team with him team Chris fighter for Jake and I think fighting for the rock star nation in general as well because we have no real love for DJ Hyde here in Dayton Ohio yeah we don’t want to go back to the dark days of him holding now rock star for a chance genki fingers but anyways but that’s just a raise and I’m tagging out and I was authorized later Dustin thank you so much for being on the show hello and unfortunately I have to sit here and do this but it’s better than being outside like less you losers because it’s nice and warm inside here and cold outside when you people belong in the basement anyway this is the man simply nope nope nope wait wait I’ve changed my outlook on life this isn’t the man simply known as Michael I’ve been through a lot this past year la table’s a lot of metal Oh Bob wire I’ve been stabbed a few times but that shows that goes to show i’m a man he was willing to put his bio on length on the line for this company their fourth now on I am the Kamikaze simply known as Michael so write that down you little people out there sinking into your little tablets and all that but I the first let’s move to different subject other sometime like to speak about is I’ll just call them beasts because I want I don’t think his American too he’s not great so I’ll just call them beast beast I try to show you some tough love I guess you don’t like it I guess you don’t like when people show you love therefore I’m going to show you some pain so on the Wednesday amp before the next pay-per-view on februari forth I’m going to show you some things I’m going to show you some tabletops I’m going to show you some cement floors i’m going to show you the back of my hand i’m going

to show you that bar on my foot when it goes up you know where so beast februari forth you and I have a Falls Count Anywhere hardcore match so you get ready you get your hair done you go make a little wheel where we need no we need to let the people know that your name is carry on because after the fourth you will not exist anymore that carries you onto a februari 6 island deathmatch a lot of people that sounds unpleasant to them to me that sounds comforting and warm like a nice golden corral buffet more pain more blood than a normal person could want ah sounds beautiful sounds like Christmas ha I can’t wait so you simple folk out there get you a little you change together you roll it up bring it down to the rock star buy your ticket if you got enough money give front row ticket which I do I look out I question that sometimes but come out februari six to see the kamikaze simply knows Michael win and make the Godfather DJ a proud proud rock star pro champion in February fourth beast once again you will not be a great person at all and I feel like I’ve I spent enough time talking to you people because you simply just don’t deserve much my time or patience or air you breathe I don’t know how most of you still are living or [ __ ] machine so therefore this is ben simply the kamikaze known as michael and i don’t know go hang out in a place that has coming oxide or boat as a hole in it or something try to have a horrible day man want to show it had so far yeah it’s been great and and we want to remind you that the the reason for doing this is to bring you here right because there’s no wrestling experience like the live wrestling Oh without a doubt I mean as much as you might like watching Monday Night Raw each and every week I mean there’s nothing like going to a live wrestling event and especially a rock star pravah yeah those are above and beyond they’ll give you your money’s worth every single night yeah so you know be here on the 4th for amped you’ll get to see the great American beast tag on Michael and this qualification no DQ falls count anywhere anywhere at all and then two days later Friday februari 6 be here for three rockstars third anniversary show hey this shows gonna be off the charts we talked about it many times 5on5 teen Crist vs team hi in an island of death match what they’re gonna surround the ring with barbed wire the entire ring surrounded by barbed wire you know I have to admit I’m a little terrified about this yeah and I mean this match will be very unique five on five and if DJ hides team wins then DJ Hyde wins the belt I mean this ray played a disadvantage for Jake wrist I mean let’s get rely on four other men yes keep that championship that’s a first for him yeah and because if any of his team gets the pin Jake retains the championship yeah so we know team crest at this point yeah right we know the brothers Jake and Dave will be there Ron Mathis Dustin raised all of oh I 4k and the baddest man alive Aaron Williams formidable team right there it’s an amazing team so far all we know of DJ’s team is obviously DJ hides the captain yes and I believe he wants to be known as the Kamikaze simply known as Michael is how he’s doing that I think so the kamikaze this is simply known as Michael okay well thinks he’s a you know Japanese World War two ERA fighter plane rather than a human being now as much as rock star nation and others like to give the kamikaze simply known as Michael a lot of crap yeah i mean michael is a tough tough individual you’ve seen at time and time again he’s been in hardcore matches and he can take a ton of punishment so that he can DJ hyde he might not made a bad choice there by having yeah Michael in his corner so still three more members of Team DJ Hyde to be determined who else is it gonna be we have no idea i mean who knows what DJ Hyde has in mind I mean he owns combat zone wrestling they are known for these type of matches yep he could pull anybody from that roster but at the same time present past the WordPress you’re absolutely right about that suit you never know at the same time most of CCW hates him too right I mean he’s a jerk everywhere he goes but you know he’s got something in mind you think we’ll see zandig who know Jesus probably not probably not in addition that’s going to be our main event and that alone is worth the price of admission but addition to that there’s going to be

another title match in the aerial match for the American Luke or championship I’m telling you right now I can’t wait for this one that real assault matches are always off the charts I mean for those that don’t know it’s basically it’s a ladder match with a ton of people mm-hmm I think what more can you get in any former American Looch core champion is eligible for this matchup I mean we’ve just seen the title change hands how many times the past few weeks Oh quite a few so should I go through the list I don’t know for people that don’t know it off the top my head Jeremiah Nate wings Zach spades Alex Cologne nevaeh nevaeh Matt Taylor at Taylor Remy welcomes who has already been announced as one of the participants longest reigning champion of all time and then going back further than that there’s Trevor Court Nick cutter Jerome Phillips both Dave Chris and Ron Mathis yeah former American lucha core champions Sid fabulous who spent some time here at Rockstar he’s just here last week he was Jesse Everson as we’ve mentioned before Aaron Williams sami callihan if he’s not too busy if he’s not too busy you know what else could he possibly be doing that no idea and Billy Rock have all been champions in that American lucha Corps division in the past and like others have said on this podcast never say never yeah you never know who could be involved I mean other people in that list you just said they have matches that night it’s true you never know when you would get a chance to win gold and rock star pro there’s only two champions yeah you’re an elite mm-hmm they might take advantage they very well might in addition to those two great championship matches we’ve already mentioned that dark star Matt Taylor will be taking on Benjamin chimera darkstar promising annihilation in that match let’s see if he gets it indeed also we know that true grit true which has the rock star nation like the color they love to call Matt and I never got that I always figured the true [ __ ] was the more obvious champ there I actually assumed they were chanting that for a while man and one day they are saying true [ __ ] I’m kind of surprised me yeah yeah it’s a little peek more pg-13 I guess Bruce gray taking a big jim Hutchison we saw last Wednesday on amped after Big Jim had his matchup Bruce gray attacked him gave him a DDT on the wooden entrance ramp oof and you know there’s no love lost there he’s still got to be feeling that way yeah absolutely um you know there’s there’s plenty more we might see some of HBO’s team maybe some a jtd incorporated steam maybe we’ll see the high five and fat guys I love the high fiving fat guys don’t don’t you love them I do find them highly entertaining oh I love him I want to give a high five every time I’m fighting with their so far away seeing um Bradley just flattened Samantha Heights left yeah that was incredible it warmed my heart and I’ll tell you what I mean Bradley I what about the strides he’s made I mean it hasn’t been training very long and looking at me so entertaining he’s living large he’s livin large indeed you know I like to call this to the diabetes duo I don’t know I like it that’s a better before they’re called the high fighting fat guy’s eyes pitch them for that man didn’t take didn’t take food yeah but you’re the man on the mic you can call them whatever you want whatever one you’re on to me aren’t you so additionally I think this is really cool too at three we’re gonna have the best of 2014 awards we’ve had the best of 2013 words this is gonna be even tougher I mean yeah when you talk about match of the year corral oh wait a minute yeah can I just say match of the year I think you did this time back to the here comes the rock star pro champion himself that’s right Chris welcome to the podcast jake has to go on boys and I know exactly where you were going for that match of the year because you’ve been singing its praises since you’ve had it I believe I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know every week you have 10 but well I love the match of chris hero but that’s technically this year no isn’t it all that look at this game matchups dishy that doesn’t Elif I know it doesn’t two days too late yeah like I’m a big fan of mine and Aaron 60 minutes yeah that was off the charts too and I’m a huge fan of me verse mathis where we put like a ridiculous amount of time into things like 40-45 I don’t know yes I think the other experts a rock star pro yes switch blades here to lead a couple chances actually one of the first matches I are called in professional wrestling yeah let me tell you you know I’ve done football I done mixed martial arts and a lot of broadcasting but calm at 60-minute Iron Man match was just something really to behold and i truly suggest anybody that hasn’t seen it really put the time and watch the whole matches from from beginning to end it is an absolutely entertaining bout and it’s still on YouTube right now as we speak just go to rockstar pros okay yeah but like not just to put myself you know in a position to where it sounds like I’m

the best wrestler rockstar you do have the green gold you’re absolutely right but what about Dustin rays vs. handling or just talking to me where we were where they literally was caught on fire yeah insane I was so scared for sure my friend both of those dudes are my friends that’s why you know big five on five that’s right yeah DJ gonna have Michael at this point my only wants Michael to get is a nice kid we’re talking Awards of 2014 i would say Michael is the most improved wrestler rock star oh I mean that man is his absolutely went through hell abacus that’s just death matches and you know i’m not i like my boss not like my job but I’m not gonna say they bad about him sure he’s definitely in or two thousand four years old I wouldn’t say you know I would put into the main event of our premier event yeah here but now he’s there no but if we’re talking about most improved like okay I agree with you he he’s he’s gotten a lot better but what about bruise grey-bruce Gray’s another dated I know he’s hated amongst the rock star fans alike so let’s call space bang him distance himself from john murray was a great decision he has been on a tear since then get on a chair him in Big Jim I mean like that DDT is something to watch out for yeah no time to really focus on his game not his team or his stables yeah game plans and what they’re going to do in the ring when he was really able to focus on himself and what can Bruce gray do to maybe eventually get to that green and gold no disrespect man but he really focused on what can I do to take myself to the next level and we saw it all throughout 2014 he really is another one that really talked about for most improved of 2004 here yeah absolutely one thing we’ve seen out of him is that he’s just really smart in that ring he’s always playing to his advantage inside that squared circle even out of it absolutely i mean the mind games he starts why you know he is a master manipulator right yeah it’s still great stuff but like the brings back to my point was a match of the year and like there’s a lot of matches a lot of choices our choices a lot a lot of matches that I’ve been in mathematica match I’m a buddy’s been in yeah I mean there’s there’s a lot of stuff I mean and I feel the rock star is just scratching the surface oh absolutely i mean 2014 at all those great years we’ve only had a month here in 2015 we’ve already nearly matched I mean it’s all fine arts hero and I if hero night is that voted matching 2005 I’m right with you like I mean then that means we still have 11 book oui chef 11 months but like the bar is centered poor I bet it is and the fact is is I actually think someone could top it a lot of talent in that locker room you know really going to be tough cuz we killed it we beat the [ __ ] out of each other like it was awesome i think i think chris hero left that night respecting jaychris i think so too i think a lot of the rock star nation who may not have been familiar with chris to learned a lot about him in how long he blasted with you and and the fact that he you know frankly took you to the limit I mean it was a hell of a night I was at oh I was fighting from behind the whole time you know I showed a lot of fighting spirit absolutely did I showed a lot of spirit so that was that’s that’s what being rock star pro champions all about it’s not about keeping the belt in delaware and coming once and yes once in a blue moon yeah five on five mile of death I was yes speaking of that please we don’t want DJ Hyde to hold the green gold again we don’t want that to happen and all like that’s why I’ve surrounded myself with the people that I’ve surround yourself with ya when aaron williams announced that he wanted me the first one I’m sorry it’s a picnic but when he I’m getting beautiful but anyways where he now say he wanted to be the first member of my team like it was just the icing was on the cave right there Jake as a journalist I gotta ask you you’ve seen you know a little bit of heat if you will between Ron Mathis and dust and raise does that concern you would all go down this is a big match I mean this is you know what we have such humble beginnings here at Rockstar wrestling going from 10 maybe 15 people in a crowd now we we have people standing I’m going to get worse for

people this is threes main event is the pinnacle of what rockstar has ever put together yes the fact is is my team consists of my family hehe Aaron Williams and I our family we’ve known each other for at least 10 years can I ask you one more question on top of that just just talk like if before you cut me off sorry answer your question i surrounded myself a family there’s not a doubt in my mind that we’re not that I’m not going to state you know like it’s not doubt my mind that I’m gonna lose well two jigs a week though I mean this is a five-on-five match and this is the first time you’ve ever had to defend the title where you have to rely on for other people to retain that championship does that play to a disadvantage for you it does it does and I think that’s why DJ picked this stipulation finally cashed in if you will yeah his between watch this time he got the restful house no way he got the with his mama then and now he wants a piece of the rock star champion when I can’t blame him because everybody does yeah and like the the fact is is like the waiting game that he’s playing now with me it’s like that’s no sweat so what to me you actually answer the question I was going to ask you know you kind of showed your cards first DJ yeah I already knew who was gonna be honest what we obviously oh it was going to be the UI thank you I 4k Dave you know but when Matt like I was saying when Aaron was the first one to say hey I’m I’m team Jake that’s what it was like like snot play that’s that’s why I even told rockstar officials is like let’s not try to pull the rules over the fans eyes yeah stupid our fans are highly intelligent so we should treat them as such they know who’s going to be on my team yeah and if they don’t everything if there’s going to be on my team Dave Chris aaron williams rod Mathis Dustin race that’s a great team they’ve got you’ve literally got the upper echelon of our roster on your team in the back of your mind at all I know these guys are your family they’re not you don’t think they’re your family you don’t see them as family our family do you think in the back of any I mean you have had heated rivalries with your brother with with Mathis with Ray’s with with Williams going back years and years do you think any of those guys as much as the love is deep do you think in the back of their mind they may see this as an opportunity to possibly take you down a peg I don’t think so you don’t think you don’t think that they would want to spin this has been ignorant if you like I absolutely do like there’s not there’s note no doubt about it like oh I for case here to stay oh I for case not only in here at Rockstar pro rests on this day but in all of independent professional wrestling switchblade I feel like you’re trying to plant these seeds of diabetes is the hard questions that nobody us to ask you know I’m not accusing I just I’m just trying to see what Jake thinks I want to see our questions that people don’t want to there’s that like that there’s none i appreciate that and i love i love the fact that you are asking those questions but the facts is is like you said i don’t think i don’t fit like we are family I have my brothers on my team mm-hmm and if if my wife was healthy she’d be on my team but the fact is is she blew her knee out for the rock star offense mm-hmm daring a match where she had Alex cologne up for a DVD boom anything had happened anything had happened in an ultra-violent island of death island of death match anything can happen it can’t look you know and getting back to DJ Hyde we talked about how he took his time getting his rematch for the championship do you think he did that on purpose because you to your credit the most fighting champion we’ve ever had you defend that title nearly every week here in rock star pro could you the wear and tear of doing that each and every week is that to his advantage as well as that as to his advantage you’re absolutely right like you guys are asking the hard questions and that’s why i love rock star pro wrestling so much because you guys aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions and the fact is is you’re you’re right the way it’s here my neck both my shoulders my knees my back everything cracks and pops I’m like

bubble wrap especially like when when I roll over and I wake up in the morning and I wake nevaeh by cracking there’s something wrong but the fact is who knows how much longer I even have left in this business like I was just told in Teresa ours is asked in a recent interview how much longer you know 13 years in the business this is a long time yeah how much longer do you have left in this business for years as I see it right at four years wow I lessons and you’re going to go as hard as you can hard as i can for less for the next four years by the revelation like straight up like to drop the bomb not not to overshadow a beef hammer here because just dropped the damn bomb here yeah but yeah see four years at most one who knows like it could tonight could be the island deathmatch the ultraviolent island of death match could be my last match who knows the match for the young bucks on the toy first could be my last match no one knows I can’t wait for that match by the way Young Buck so I 4k that’s gonna be that’s gonna be an instant classic yeah you’ve got four years left in this business one of the four things you want to do a rock star before you leave if you could only do four things that make a permanent impact I’ll tell you the one thing that I want to do is I want to retire champion there you go he said it right there that’s like so I mean that affects more than four things I mean that affects history oh yeah that’s a lock that’s the one thing I want to do I’m going to retires champion yeah four years I mean that you’ve already got a target on your back i think that is making it bigger right yeah if there’s anybody that could do it I think it’s you Jay thank you guys absolutely favor you have fun yes thank you so much for joining us going from you know our champion Jake wrist to the new blood oh god do I really want to use that horrible WCW reference maybe not how about what how about the young boys I don’t think that’s any better back in the old day they would have called you a young boy at this calls me right like people like JBL and yet Patterson would have been molesting you in the locker room and stuff this is the first time ever that Duke beef hammers been on the podcast no no second what yes there is i was i sleeping you were I don’t think you were here okay marinating was be family yeah icles moment wasn’t here that’s right everyone would be fair why isn’t this a monthly thing well maybe it will be now okay let’s have marinating part 2 yeah do you take these ladies cakes on this earpiece right here all right let’s cue that music and marinating with beef Amer segment starting in 321 hello i am zubi camera you’re listening to marinating with do me favor I post on up say yes yeah podcasting we’re doing it live surely well your eyes again yeah you’re our guest so Duke beeping what’s it been like here in rock star pro I mean how long have you been here now it’s been a while oh I throw up I think when does Jim city run be back in May LMAO be Wow almost a full year full here and and how many you know this I don’t ask this as an info I really am I’ve lost track of this please how many wings do you have at this point are we talking official or how many ones have I had in this building if I’m let’s say official none because every time I went I had a win against Michael mm-hmm yes behind my back apparently low Fisto hit him in the face with a frying pan yes and I mean I told you I missed it but you know I I seen it on tape it happened the relative make it though right no the ref didn’t see it I didn’t see it see Michael didn’t see it until it’s too late and then not only that at the what I pay per view was that we won the six-man tag match uh that was uh it wasn’t hero’s homecoming back in December at a collar Christmas yes that’s no man cometh that’s no man cometh that’s right uh yeah I I gotta roll up victory on uh one of Michael’s guy beast no midnight midnight Matt Ryan yes God sorry midnight don’t be sorry all right I’m not a bit uh yeah I had a role at victory on him but they took it away from me so you’ve had multiple you’ve got multiple victories that was gangers one and only appearance on the podcast

that might be the best dropping I’m gonna say that but I don’t know if they heard that early yeah that was for us so you’ve had those two great moments but still zero officially went isn’t taken away I mean we’ve seen in wrestling how many times does a ref not see you move and still that victory becomes official how come they’re singling you out because Michael Michael was an owner and he had the ability to strike stuff from the record book and now he’s the majority owner what do you think about that I mean at least I I mean not to drop a hard bomb here at least i’m not being Ben 10 as my mom so we’re getting real I’m still here and I’m still suplexing people like crazy and having fun doing it i was thinkin maybe if you gave Michael the old Tonya Harding treatment I don’t know if that reference is too too old for most of our listeners or not but we kind of did with the seed up in that match where I rolled anything wrong yeah you might look I’m just saying I didn’t deceive down maybe you could do it to my view if you buy it on DVD here at rock star pro arena Hague a third street he’s learning you can see after a C dub has his accident I immediately kick him yes you really did I didn’t like it and this is coming from a truce like true perspective here I just thought you slipped yeah you didn’t say that is like not a leg was all torn they’re only like went to the back of everybody’s like calling me a jerk like have you not worked for this gun all again kick him a few times I think the fans appreciated it yes the fans did but the boys maybe not as much so we’re entering into a new year here with 3 2015 did leave hammer what are your plans for 2015 maybe have my official win yeah maybe have got to see it when get that one and I want to see it too I feel sorry for the person that’s gonna be yes cuz I’m I mean every time I get out in the rain I think of one thing Linda Ella BRE and she makes me so upset I just want to beat someone up I know all right boys you have to see me and i have no idea on their toes explain for how like you’d like what she likes nick or something Nick guys would come on okay and kill your buzz like you just want to watch more kenan and kel all that but no they’re like this time drugs uh let’s talk about not messing stuff going on no I’m magic Johnson showed up talking about AIDS yeah I want to talk about Doug hey it’s a killer ship it meets I love the beach yeah need more allowance man if I if I get my wind here I might get more of my allowance here let me check yeah nice up our Patti mayonnaise you just might get that first victory so officially as far as the record books are concerned you still have more t-shirts than you do victories yes yeah Wow what you could buy here at Rockstar for a third stream with all the t-shirts you’ve sold i’m sure you’ve sold more than a lot of people at Victory’s here yeah probably I’m not stupid horn but beep beep yeah hey there’s a new tag team here rocks are pregnant that remind me kind of like you too high fiving fat guys don’t you kind of fit it what do you say in mark I’m saying that he likes to give high five high five okay cool and I’ve a piece of John Murray my God he’s good at eating pizza yeah he’s like we went to cici’s pizza and more bucks yeah like yeah how like he went Lee left a birdie I was gonna say do they have to go out of business after you guys had to go on a sabbatical take some time I recover those losses so maybe uh I don’t know high five in fat guys and Duke beef hammer we could see them come together they teamed up one show and I was just marking out all time’ commentator is incredible but it is my name because we see that all this a long term thing you know are you in good with those guys I i I’m I consider myself a friend of John Murray or consider myself to Bradley mm-hmm but right now I’m focusing more on myself mm-hmm and try to get my first win know that more than like I mean if it being tag-team I’ll take it yeah but i’d rather like get like get get my first win over on somebody on my own merits yeah and with help no offense to John Murray and no no I understand that well your own man I respect them yeah but i’d rather respect myself more sure and I’ll say this value I mean you’ve been here almost a year yes still haven’t picked up an official win but you might be your one of the most popular wrestlers here in rock something that’s a huge credit to you and your charisma right the nation loves you that’s awesome this is an audio podcast you can’t see that he’s blushing so if if you had the option to yeah you know you a blush if you if you could pick one wrestler back in the locker room that you could have that first victory over do you have a

preference uh I would like to go toe-to-toe if RINO loin geez but I don’t wish that fate upon you there’s a taller it is a tall order but that’s how I want I want a big I want a big victory yeah I don’t want like you know like we could all say like you know i’d like to get get my hands on my Nicole or get my hands on that Ryan but I’d like to prove it to myself that I can get one of those big victories on a guy like like a rhino or aj crest like somebody big what about a pal craving a cow Craven I’d like to get a bit run on him he’s a monster he is he’s denial ated me in seconds but I got back up man that you do you are a resilient one can give you that I would yeah just it like someone big and I yeah I like growing up I was a huge fan of rhinos yeah he’s in this locker room man agent Lee right all right he shows up now and then that’ll rock star pro champion is what else yeah we see right up into title contention yeah that’s a dream match right there that’s that’s one of my goals I like it I like it beef on beef Rhino versus beef hammer I like I’ll be like you Mason true and climb out of them yeah right through ya did not need that visual but thanks I just see like the scene from empire in it with the taunton Oh gross well you’ve totally pulled all the wind out of my sails dude I don’t say what thanks for joining us than we planned for having a blast yeah dude beat amber high five not to take away from ya know do we have to pay money every time my phone maybe I don’t know maybe I just got no morning jokes on them yeah thanks to be family so you know that’s that’s the kind of thing oh wow look how it’s getting crowded out there mark yeah I guess near that time that means we we probably need to wrap up huh yeah we do so uh from Aaron Williams to Duke beef hammer we got quite a few good guests on that of this absolutely I gotta say I am happy with the results you know we didn’t get a chance this will be something that will work into a later episode I want to test your knowledge of wrestling holds no I know that you can call them when you’re watching them yeah i’m going to describe holds and see if you can tell me what they are but that’s just something that the fans will have to tune in for four in a later episode thanks for giving me a month to prepare yeah yeah hey i want it to be a fair contest okay so just a reminder come on out friday februari 6-730 you’ve heard us say it before this will probably be the last time at least on this podcast you’ll hear say it it’s three at 1106 East third street dayton ohio you pumped for that mark oh I can’t wait you better be here you better be here Matt Taylor versus been chimera Big Jim vs. Bruce grey the aerial assault match for the lucha core championship we know that Jeremiah and Remy Wilkins and at this point champion Nate wings are going to be in it who knows that might change if zach spades gets one over on him tonight yep and finally the main event the five on five ultraviolent island of death barbed wire match team Jake vs team DJ Hyde I can’t wait for that one that’s right that’s gonna be totally insane I can’t think of a better way to describe that so I want to thank you Mark um you really stepped up Griffin gun was my co-host for a long time and and things just worked out where he had other places to be and couldn’t couldn’t join us and you stepped in and and I don’t know if this would happen if you wouldn’t have helped out here I really really enjoy doing it thank you for that and I hope I’m around from next 25 + 0 so do i I also want to thank rockstar for letting us do this you know it’s it’s not every wrestling company out there that’s gonna let a fan come in and talk to their wrestlers and and you know put out a podcast I can tell you that from my experience as well I mean I’ve as a fan as well now i’m announcing shows and i’m helping with this i mean rock star pro really cares about their fans yeah it’s it’s it’s pretty great I feel spoiled now we’re on the rock star pro podcast network how about that yeah that one of the podcast night yeah yeah so listen to GG and C dub listen to scary Gary and Michael and listen to mark and myself look final thanks i want to thank snyder and thank Dave and thank anybody else who’s helped engineer or do anything else I nola fist owes helping out on the website JPS letting us use his equipment so thanks to everyone I

love you guys come on out to three it’s going to be a blast see you then and there that’s all for this episode be sure to come back for another edition of backstage pass rock star pro wrestling’s official podcast you you