美國洛杉磯星光大道 + Hollywood Sign + 第一次搭Uber + 行Sephora + 食墨西哥菜 | 黑咪

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美國洛杉磯星光大道 + Hollywood Sign + 第一次搭Uber + 行Sephora + 食墨西哥菜 | 黑咪

[Laughter] Gamzee licentious you yell gamma amo for getting a hotel to come on I can phone that’s a healthy establish a highly ago I see I’m not sure the harder yes I her concierge my book sohcahtoa like your mother Johanna I hope I had it all tubby now panel so it’s Jalen I don’t you don’t need outside site Andy Yannick hi gang our this is your friend Andy’s new friends and the hierarchal warehouse warehouse John comes up in dollar Coretta King but what completely not that’s my show out so Andy you give shotgun i mr. honey things that so funny oh my god mom yum I love our gang outside allow your love oh you’re peeling off now come on hyah try skin good yo my host you are all the high open-top bus sketch jams are coinciding outside alone talk about item so it has been a hockey shop Madame Olga daniel Ebola a higher goal and kamana Yamaha Liam Salah see how each other so Holly yeah Power Man ha ha ha Jana got jelly bean someone how are they I like dumb and the peanuts are high reception after my concierge that’s how you die this is a proper hotel guys yeah powerhouse pariah organs your life agile now little lavender Taylor Sundays and can you control disorder love Taylor but anyway motion or the gang AHA the mohkumat new outfit of the day of all you young sir am I gonna see money made Theogony parties in hi again oh my god damn guns mango top Sarah laser Sarah outside for Chloe how high it’ll be calm down Gucci ha ha ha oh my god outfit I can say my you know like Salma Yummie attend ghana don’t you know my whole arm eyes come on get up on that icon on my wire Sheraton San Francisco Gordo like you obey yeah I may come for Wi-Fi yeah yeah yeah I’m the whole time or mojo your mother found some nah later little less Wi-Fi complimentary happens I’m 18 I’m sorry you’re not a man you things are you thought your job is so you’re pretty happy it don’t say additional charge they mention the fact the waters actually all not was doing it pretty much the same price comes out in San Francisco la la Li la la las vegas i see how they work that iconic case a high Tom for God’s sake we can have more why cause she returned I’m sorry behind holla holla holla they didn’t go out the hotel certainly don’t know young okay no I have complimentary guys out no Hungama cameras are gonna tear holes home a go-go yet critics a i’ma make them yeah yes [Laughter]

[Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] so many Allah Allah Allah Allah you are all don’t you however are you happy that is not open hey oh that’s real nice on top sorry about that yeah they go curry and they both happy over ammeter is every prostitute in rich stuff and rich man can so that so no like Griffin Park yep in general cause I work with in particular case aha la ho ho like a sore thumb you know got my ho that you are gonna hold that you mean don’t mean holiday call gamma girl Ramona you are at Griffin Park like a pina legal Observatory la cama get so high a New York Central Park five times five times bigger than New York Central Park Komatsu kebaya Dona koala I kept in yoga carousel aha whole famous new ago carousel cursor Hama carousel the Nancy did she say carousel with in the Griffin Park yeah yeah that’s yeah that’s la Isla but what about Walt Disney he watched his daughter on a carousel and sat on a city guide here yes okay thank you as I make sure I go got see your cursor that welcome and mr. Walt Disney that’s our hologram ah I don’t hello neo terraces Yamaha Liana hatha yoga like them to hi-ho Disneyland come on her choice out her jaw like I’m saying leave out the – Sunita bad guy Yana oh you got pea peg a Hollywood sign I got Halsted hell I got observatories at lala land or dollar come hide up in hot get hot and humid hey hurry up impact come come here some more holes are you gotta holler generally Pina Hosanna dangle Sumathi seeing I’m not a legal Hollywood sign ah hey you got a movie on China Hokulea my lamb karate see nothing

else on her see whole idea yada special Ivana a commodity Jolla a whole Sawako pop legacy hala yaya’s a condo yoga alpena high holy wood gorillas like noise ow yelling or even a kamikaze car cam ganja Carmela hello I’m Jonathan John jaha casa móvil sana khan sahib enjoy like yeah hi AB Holika Holika Union DiMaggio as a young Hardy sciency my guys have been higher okay that’s my gosh go together a little dirty now I go now – hiya binocularly they come over to my house he knows oh yeah yes I got my damn you got a fan totally a large human even porn and makes a galaxy okay damn you know that you just home single each other I guess I gotta have Endora yeah I said God or in a burger skate I go Camp Ashraf illegal what’s this one packs or something anyway so yeah see how they we got hay fever hey boy I say that first I’m Cooper come over show for triphala coca-cola Kenya gay life with bola de mer it would be hello Pocoyo okay becomes your that’s how I see how I can call it a baffling Santa de mogi no yow tomatoes dos dreaming they also yeah demanding mo guys young atomic Macy’s camera because although you know how you like haha yeah supplier gamma-gamma come to avenge Allah oh that’s a lady Oh like I’m the first time uber experience it’s good did you like it yeah fine for me it’s easy hello Pamela how you got don’t get Ted okay your premium get a mother Morgan primera oh they got normal that your own show yeah Master of Ceremonies yeah haha guys you know a you know lymphocyte caitanya como para holly fisa Hyacinthe ammonia you look nice yeah how do you like your new look it’s like tell max for the camera convened a modular Levi’s 501 for SEC stretchy stretc now I have to go to the ladies really yeah surprise mr. honey my Agatha Macy’s like a camel on Joe don’t you can go yoga happy holidays honey that’s his on a deep sorry that’s a hi-low saw not come yeah that’s all like aa seen you know y’all that hi nobody on Lido young on her whole sadness little don’t make it higher all tangled in a horse and a little do some renovating done well c’mon Ginga her son choir Cucina izakaya pegasi yo Sephora yeah hi and cushy Laredo safar a la king cobra hi comfort you know I should I should I should I

see that you like come on so I come Hasina the beauty on tantric has a piloto Shania campanella also landed summer Oh Donna and how so John did I bet even you can’t really what did you say between this one and this one smooth mister haniwa recall my sanity Coco side panel don’t you our entire Sigma mass like this one is much max one Shima this one shimma shimma shimma shimma shimma shimma all sugar I think this one is much similar similar Kenshiro case a hydro excited about Santa beauty long charm on Yahoo see home gone sipping go to yoga Sun hi Katya Morgan silent a little tied up outta high admiral scheer later mama mama and canteens you seem a bunch of review back i got how your mom turn your key no they don’t come back away like a mouse on mr. honey come on you got it boom-boom commander talak is not a phone business don’t need to even apply anything just boom boom and then your face back j-jim my dad but I don’t have fancy pays him a little Joshua my so much I think I like I don’t you yeah I got sandy beach I got sent acetylation I have a car so me Althea Howie hello New York show my MOT no he’ll have a comma holy jihad Agadir immediate I didn’t boss if and I go cause I’m about an ally of my son Rebecca Jones outside that’s why Latino come the renovation nah don’t you take a take a monogamous come on Janna how gowns are you homeboy yeah yeah on a pendulum by the idea in car my senator Cohen herself God hath gotten volume 10 Julia herself I don’t you let her watch and said they got Mexican food war you’re right I’m a brother Chuck mango outcome my cycle don’t let our son see honey I’m a saber foot no they say max I Oh foot condom max I told Choi and is a little Tommy but for hott Dogg don’t make up that the second my you can give concierge yummy a lettuce Ottoman holla concierge Tonya Camacho Johanna or tech monitor your chocolate yum joy it’s in hot chocolate or has some other letter I wanna hire my counsel another shipment so are we going to do tomorrow well we go into system model can’t afford you again earlier this morning was what time 8:00 tomorrow 74 so hell yeah yeah but tell you where we’re going to para so it’s been okay for me the most convenient is you can be false yeah you can select different classic vehicle sizes I guess and are you know in advance what you’re gonna think so we’re at actually we’ve got no idea why your husband owes and your games are playable cards in Manitoba Hagen let me know but a yeah yeah as a tourist I found in our UI yesterday not the team : I will soon about the menu 1x singles oh ma goodnight now the Mahamaya retire they got settled on I’m sorry vijnana yeah yeah for me I come NATO y’all go get you know I’m so far yeah okay come on a mother I’m a goes over your body we’re gonna get you like super a bit more yeah probably tonight we get a house cap to the restaurant and probably use it uber with more later yeah well I do think it says a lot of hassle because you know a net balance how much to be there’s no arguing with a taxi driver I will pay or what other type of payment system there is so way you don’t have to have any Tasha hello Sian’s focal lens al cash my like okay you can link to like a credit card on young mother and propel a completely money i okay guys yeah how like I’m

sadly like you can’t be in charge on it I try to cover that okay young Latinos I’m sorry I forgot is hinder they are white already coins them enough for my legacy hold on more button and my hosts or the points I don’t see like it I got it for my baby Johnny and y’all gotta phone because League and hand hangers you’re happier Xavier Xavier Xavier Xavier succeed like a better coach a furnace as H star tips our nation yes now hi Westfield or don’t come who’s your son Liam I won hello decoder Davina hanging a map come on five – okay [Laughter] Happy House went yeah so you paste it already yeah la olive oil eggs are high jalapeno or as for Susan I am I am a senior okay can you remember what that’s where is the name that’s all I am I recommend how elastic I see other Longbottom John is a fat sow dani.bora got a co-host on the larger columns with an example sighs I got email and I can be all accounts commits Ohio fresh about yin KO cha-cha-cha can’t you like Athene oh ho yeah yeah sure palatable other sex is our open Sonya Bella haha how much like I’m obviously I’m gonna your Galvan below your body I forgot Han can’t you turn your attack Thank You Malik ah is this time yeah don’t you yeah hi hello Sekulow recommend you guys go check for the coca-cola alright Campania like you’re making yes yeah so face on the whole deal got six go hasten back up

lefty huh oh yeah more Hamdi so I got so we’re going back to the hotel now I’ll see you tomorrow bye