Blender Tutorial: Making A Character Skin Texture

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Blender Tutorial: Making A Character Skin Texture

hello everyone this is Miss magic animations presenting a tutorial on texturing a character’s skin in which we will actually have the character know have her or him his skin fully textured right now my character is not textured at all my own creation that I had created from the ground up now it’s important that when you create your character that you don’t make any eye lashes or any eyebrows yet and if you have then try to separate that so because it’s actually important you want to do the creation process of the eyelashes and eyebrows after creating the texture in fact we’ll right now look at how the character looks without her texture oh right now she’s actually invisible I do apologize yeah all right now we’ll see there she doesn’t have any textures nothing so what will actually do is will actually create seams on the character almost like clothes and almost like dissecting origami figures and actually paint the texture using one sheet but also painting the character’s texture using another program called Krita which is a free 2d drawing software program which will we will also use today so let’s get started first select the character let me start the display keys on object mode right-click the character select then go press tab to go into edit mode alright I’m going to go into solid viewpoint mode now I’m going to do edge select now again it’s very important that you consider your character like an origami and it’s a you can actually look at your clothes almost as a reference you know how around the sleeves there’s always there always these seams around you want to look at that but also try making seams in areas that are a bit inconspicuous so what I’m going to do is press alt and then right click there and then press ctrl e Marcin see it’s actually created a red line which indicates the seam all right now we’re going to do a little bit more I’ll look from the top pressing shift right and as I’m clicking this I’m actually pressing shift right clicking I’m doing this right in the very middle of her forehead or cross her head to apologize all right control e mark seam on let me change music all right there you see now we’re also going to select the loop the edge loop around her neck so what we’re going to do is press alt and then right click there we go control e mark seam there we go now we’re also going to mark a seam right around the legs at the top area it’s important that you press alt and then right-click then alt shift right click there we go alt shift right click alt shift right click there we go around the top of the

legs then ctrl e mark seam it’s a really good thing that they do mark it according to the red lines now we’re also going to do it across the back here right I’m just going to press this to see we’ve done it correctly okay yeah this button actually allows you to see through you can press Z to do x-ray but sometimes you want to still see the texture or the relative texturing of the character yeah it helps alright and then we’re going to go right around here because again you when we make the seams and then we unwrap the character we’re kind of skinning the character very macabre I do recognize that but you could also look at it as unraveling a an origami character right control e mark seam all right now we’ll do the legs the back of the legs and then around the edges of the feet as I’m selecting all this I’m actually pressing alt shift right click in order to select multiple edges and then ctrl e mark seam there we go all right alright now we want to wrap up yeah make seams around the top of the arms alt right click then alt shift right click control e mark seemed all right we’re getting there and now we’re also going to do it across the arms yeah we actually do want it to go around the hand that’s which it’s already done nicely but we don’t want it to go in front of the figure right here at least the arms themselves so I’m going to go to the front view I’ll just decrease that window then press C for the circle select and then press alt and then left click to deselect all right now we’re going to get rid of those control e mark seam and now we’re going to do it around the hands again think of your character as fabric alt right click alt shift right click ctrl e mark seam there we go and now we have to do it the character inside you know say that your character has teeth and gums and a tongue you also want to do that from the inside so what we’re actually going to do is actually first hide the head and the rest that’s what we’re going to do is select one edge and then alt now control L and then we’re going to press H to hide press Z there we go we have a set of eyeballs and set inflowing floating teeth now select the gums alt right-click side

view see alt to deselect because we only want the edges of the gums right there for both the top and the bottom ctrl e mark seen troll E no no sorry alt right click there see alt to deselect yeah we only want the edges of the gum is selected but then we’ll also select the teeth control e mark seen as for both sides now we’re going to do the teeth alt right click old right-click and now we’ll do that the other side or wait actually will mark the seam but first see see alt to deselect yeah we only want the edge right there ctrl e mark seen now we’ll do the bottom tooth alt right click see see alt control e mark seemed now this tooth see alt control e mark seem alt right-click numpad 3z see alt left click ctrl e mark scene all right now we’ve done the teeth and the gums now we’re going to unhide the head so what we’re going to press is alt H to unhide what was hidden now we’re going to go into x-ray view because we actually do need to unwrap around the mouth area and around the tongue area now you have to find an area within the mouth yeah it has to wrap around the mouth from the inside not the outside maybe if I do all right that’s good now control e mark seam now we’re going to do it around the

tongue old right-click alt shift right-click yeah I’ve just wrapped around the tongue area just if you can see control e mark seen now we’re going to do a mark seam underneath the tongue Oh see alt left click all right yeah if you can tell the bottom of the tongue across is selected so now control e mark seam there all right there our character is completely seemed so now we’re going to make another window with the little plus sign oops and then we’re going to click this go to UV image editor unlink yeah and then we’ll make a new image with these dimensions there and now we’ll select oh yes this was a texture that I had already made but I’m just going to unlink yeah now what you need to do is under edit mode with your character you know once you’ve created all your seams you press you to unwrap there we go see and now it automatically unwrapped image and we wanted to select the new image that we had created but what if you want your character’s head to be just upright and yeah because you can tell there’s slight deformations what you can do is alt right click across the middle all right and then under you v’s select pin there we go now has created that now alt right-clicking it again and then press sx0 then enter and then go to UV select average island scale pack islands well oh yes I needed to select everything yeah press a for all average island

scale pack islands oh my oh whoa that wasn’t supposed to happen to my figure uh I do apologize all right average island scale-back islands yeah i don’t know why it’s doing that with my character right pack Islands oh wait average island scale and then back Islands sx0 hmm hold on rotate it maybe sx0 every giant scale Peck Islands huh come on I guess it’s because it’s already in the middle but now I’m going to set the face just up right so I’m going to select one vert press l our negative 90 there we go and I’m going to move it G X right there we go I’m going to pin chest area pin sx0 average on scale heck Islands huh and it’s very odd oh well I guess it’s because it’s already centered but usually when you have something key formed you’ll actually scale it and then you press average island scale and then pack islands so I’m going to just rotate that because I want it to be centered our negative 45 whoops I guess I’ll just rotate it manually and then I’m going to yeah I’m going to try to position everything the teeth I believe that those are the teeth oh wait huh where’s that eyelid doing

there huh oh well well sorry I accidentally hit it your site the leave the tongue you want to give all your sections a little bit of space guess I’ll move the hands right here again it’s important that you have our thing given its space ah okay I think I just found one piece right there okay I think we have everything good yeah so now I’m going to go into texture paint mode the character yeah completely dark oh yeah I just realized something very important when you texture your character first you have to give the character a material there we go now going to rename this material skin tear real yeah it doesn’t have anything yet that’s because we’ll give it a texture oh also I yeah we’re going to turn on the specular now go into texture

taste your fate add color yeah the great thing is that you can actually automatically give your to character color here but say that you want to get underneath all the nooks and crannies like around the nose area so Yeah right now I’ve just given the image that it’s now rendering from from the one that’s right here called untitled I think I’m going to rename that character skin texture yeah there we go see it reads that so yeah there are all these nooks and crannies you know you can actually paint the character if you wanted to see interesting right but you know sometimes you can’t really quite get around the nose area or like around the eye area so we’re actually going to use a technique where we’ll actually I’ll show you guys it’s a very neat trick so we’re actually going to go back into edit mode yeah or do this we have to do edit mode yeah then go here then underbake the render panel select ambient occlusion also under the world tab we’re just going to check ambient occlusion go back to the render settings uncheck bake from multi res then bake now see it’s starting to actually make the texture all right there we go see ha ha clever isn’t it yeah but you know of course we don’t want our character to look all zombified now oh whoa yeah hold on I’m going to change the texture back into color on your color see this is how the character looks interesting right so yeah what we’re actually going to do is for now we’re actually just going to make a temporary shape key for the mouth reason why is because we need to actually paint the gums or we could actually tied the character actually now that I think about it you know the technique that we did tab select an edge l-h there we go and now in this window we’re going to go here and instead of you select paint I do believe that these are the teeth we’re just going to make this window a little bit bigger press t oh wait n there we go wait a white

now we want white teeth right now using a tablet so hmm hold on it’s not strong oh yes I’ll set the strength up under this window I’ll just hide that there we go so that way we can see our progress on the teeth now there we go see yeah we’re starting to get some nice teeth just going to lower the radius so that way we don’t accidentally color the eyelids there we go some nice teeth a little bit closer turn down the radius yeah again I don’t want to accidentally change the eyelid yeah there we go see Oh hold on sorry yeah I’m using a tablet so yeah there we go we’ve painted the teeth that’s good we can actually see even yeah so now we’ll paint the gums go into like a pinkish look nice gums there we go and we can actually see our progress as it comes now if I’m not mistaken I do believe that that is the tongue and that is the inside of the mouth where you have the uvula right there so what we’re actually going to do is give it like a darkish kind of red dark kind of pinkish color you have the great thing about using a tablet to do this is that it’ll actually sense the pressure and you can tell that it senses the pressure because there are certain areas where it’s a little bit darker or lighter I always like that come on let me just do paint select it’s the way I just make sure that I’m getting around the right areas around the teeth right now we’ll do the tongue hmm be just a little bit darker a little bit more red yeah that’s a little bit better there we go okay

there we go all right so we’ve done what we can here but now it’s still gray but don’t worry we’re actually going to change that so what we’ll do is press f3 to save this I’m going to save it on the desktop as a PNG I just want to make sure one or you can do this if you want just gonna make sure right okay I just want to make sure that it doesn’t just draw the lines but yeah this is how the character looks now but of course we don’t want her to look creature okay I mean you can if you want you know something for like a horror game or a Tim Burton style character save as image desktop all right save as all right and now I’m going to actually open the image but in Krita there we go yeah this is critter I’m going to open Krita is free just like blender is and it works just as well as Photoshop but with the benefit that it is free ah there we go there’s our PNG ah there we go there’s her character she looks weird agreed I’m just going to make a copy just in case yeah Krita is a great great program and I really do recommend people using the program I’m going to make another layer or I could go to the pallets that’s cookie yeah Krita is really really useful don’t worry there is a purpose to the

madness here just turn down the opacity from here I’m actually going to do is select this that way I can just try to protect it or actually delete this because I already made a copy so I’ll just delete by erasing and there’s a selection of erasers that you can have just great all right there we go it’s just for the security right oops go back to that lair right we’re going to make a copy of that layer again she asked for security another layer how about another pen setting yeah you can do all these different pens and pencils very very useful I find there we go starting to have more of a peach like complexion you

you all right we’re getting there getting there just make another copy of that and tools filter well we Oh what happened okay it’s back to normal oh never mind whoa all right there we go yeah we’ve

actually got it right right paint select Oh oops I don’t want to select those I our eyelids per se actually yeah what I’m actually gonna do is probably just you race everything around razor crease the size yeah what I’m doing is actually getting rid of the skin area just so that I have the tongue and teeth and gum and mouth area on top of the skin so that way that’s unaltered and we have to be very delicate around

the eyelid areas reason why they’re black is because they were inside of the head very very delicate all right I’m just going to make a little bit more adjustments you just erase skin areas the copy just going to do a little bit more tinkering just brightness/contrast there we go get more of that bright contrast those dark areas all right see how it looks all right yeah much better actually beautiful oh and say that you want to add some lipstick we can actually do that once we re-enter this model back but maybe we want to add just a little bit of delicate lipstick do the marker increase nice shade be very very careful turn down the opacity I don’t know it seems a little bit off

the other there are the lips right there there we go there’s some nice lipstick me let’s apply just a little bit of a nice Rouge turn down the opacity have it maybe as like a marker yeah we should probably there we go just you raise it to give more here we go you’re more close to cheek area turn it down you can do a more delicate eraser maybe a little bit too much down she looks too much like a clown yeah that’s a little bit better as you can imagine it’s a good process just lightly touching not giving too

much there we go that’s a little bit better just lightly touching with my pen okay that’s a much better all right now we can save this as color one Fuji okay then open blender back now we’re actually going to replace the texture yeah skin texture and then replace it the new one so what you do is you click this and go to where you have the one that you are color one there we go see nice job awesome right or old age yep all right let’s see how it looks oh wow very very nice huh a little bit too much lighting it’s because of the ambient now let’s see very nice all right so there is your textured character and all her glory yep all right all righty right there we go so yeah make sure that whatever a texture you have selected it’s in the place that you’ve had you know like if it’s in the desktop then it’s in the desktop but what I really recommend is that you make like a separate folder like a folder dedicated only to textures that always helps but yeah you have the nice Roush at the very very edge of edges of the cheeks right there and there you have the nice shadows yeah very very nice good textures in fact let’s go back to camera and go a little bit closer see how she looks all right there we have it Oh one-of-a-kind genuine character so yeah thank you very much for watching and um actually you can edit the textures right here if you’d like just make sure that you save you know once you’ve done that you know like say that you’re going to

edit the picture here just make sure that you save you know you can edit the picture right here under paint mode you know do something crazy like I don’t know me test something out like yeah like something like that just make sure that you save the picture you can edit the picture internally as much as you’d like but remember just be sure that you save the picture so thank you um thanks for watching leave a like comment subscribe uh make any suggestions tell me what you think if I’ve done something wrong please let me know because along the way of me teaching other blender users and Krita users how to make textures for a 3d character I myself am learning this so thanks for watching have a nice nice evening have a nice nice evening hope you liked it thank you