Complete (8 chapter) tutorial for The Elder Scrolls: Legends

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Complete (8 chapter) tutorial for The Elder Scrolls: Legends

obviously there’s one very successful gaming this is genre has been very big pc and and mobile usually the pc was the kind of component and now i think it over a kind of off about a year of play with mobile nice thinking shows years so it’s war chief is dying our enemies i remember another so we can choose our avatar okay let’s choose does it choose do often wonder if people really care about these complicated classes they did people’s want to get in the game or who’s a partner that one ok so I’m going to start learning about the home plate card baton games obviously there’s a kind of way in which people invest magical galavan we’re going to take this kind but eakly la carte collection game is to a very wide audience that’s the problem with it he’s got a card game Topher like you know CEO going well right so good I’ve got a Scuttler know what I’m gonna do without them got to play it how to do that Lee your creature in the lane I guess that’s the lane in the lane and my turn sir cuz he’s prime not right but I me okay so what kind of my gonna get attack one of their creatures with my son okay so normally in the situation where you see there an attack point system and a kind of her health nor defense shields this one here because that one’s the more powerful card and creatures battle each damages the other all rights damages the other okay so that was a suicide mission fair enough so this one I have to just drop therefore become a straightaway often when you play cards when you draw cards you can’t play them immediately so I’m probably ending my turn when creatures fight you just file I can see why justice how sussed out yeah but why is that attacking me why can’t I attack okay so this one so I can attack the crab and I won’t be destroyed drop this one yeah we skype ass is that right not only getting a whole lot of advice from the tutorial for this stage you draw an item play heavy battle axe okay so this is now I have an item i can drop it onto a character and improve it okay so easily basically what the power and the health of that card has been added to the card I had so who all in do now attack with seven and I’ll destroy that one now na week to be enough to do at this stage I always take the mcat remain guy now I can just reduce your opponent’s hand k well it’s kind of weird she told until we do that I’ve got this one as well oh well that’s been easy you’re pretty good with that axe we work together we might have a chance no I finished no I won yes i won okay so even for me who is not really next one card games that was Fay straightforward obviously the interesting thing will be the type of characters you get and different items and I guess the synergies between them and you want to play the best items on the best characters so what kind of rewards to be get tap on them I guess ok on the tracker may be able to upgrade the stealthy whose car based systems and in Cabo systems are now in lots of non card

based gameplay games where you have characters as cards and you combine cars few scars whatever you call it to level them up that’s pretty important part crushing blow that’s an action not item and I’ve gone or ok done okay gonna go through the next one so much luck with Mike yeah but what we’ve been taught with play through this I scheduled a session 1 i’d only always get to rust a dozen of the rest the game along with okay fine you skip this okay now we see there’s quite a lot the place where isn’t that goodness okay I go first so what color we got got a Scuttler okay most games have to okay mouse games have two lanes creatures can any tech manager the same ain’t exactly makes sense have to put it in one line or the other this is usually my daughter’s Coppola scene to my ghost understand why doesn’t do automatically but must be okay looks pretty cool for attack him okay so automatically okay so I want to do that on a cell phone charm ice cutter than already here so i’ll put him on here oh hmm Troy it’s not so good because if I take that other one I’ll tap with one he’s got to healthy other type of 10 bottles and so can I cuz it published I said okay okay so the awk does the pair up and he doesn’t he’s not consumed by doing that so I can attack this one and now survive okay their deaths will please the Queen of shadows yeah another scotlock a night edit the other scutler I wonder not giving not telling me that I can or can’t obviously I need to start taking the kind of hero character at some point as well I do want to overdo till 2000 ok so let’s try let’s put this Cutlass color here I can i remove him or to hear that but i can so ok so that was they will bow to the trees at one stock now ok ah so this is like dealing with Huntsman someone hopefully she’ll turn up screeching washer ok my God curse you can’t tell me what to do but I can’t take it out straightaway can I because it’s just lent there okay so that one can make a move not quite sure why that was the case maybe it’s just an attribute of that card so with these two I can just I’ll grind their bones oh so as we see there so some cars can actions provide one to do an action or do some sort of something with while they’re being played so what’s this crushing blow the crushing blow deals I said I just deals three damage so I could just go straight on neck and me yep so got two more moves take a one that’s going to give too so they’re going to just consume themselves those teasers all about gray i should note i mentioned i should attack the young mine boss i was very silly thing to do oh well you’re so that’s why it’s gonna be long asleep my turn sign crushing blow so it’s just florida austrian their free will destroy the game the big I’ll do this point we’re not getting involved in any deck selection or anything like that we’re just literally doing me gameplay so often with free-to-play games we play mobile games just kind of split the game into gameplay which what we’re doing now

actually doing something in the game and the kind of core lupus designs would say and then metagame the metagame is kind of a leveling up of the wider aspects use of resources that kind of thing so this is the gameplay their deck management and getting more cars and leveling the mark that’s the metagame in the long term meta game is what drives the success of free-to-play mobile games there’s an argument of the moan about how much gameplay actually needs some games have no gay you will use magica to play your cards okay so we’ll try again okay play one card there cuz I’ve only got one magic unit so that’s that one else we got your magically increases my nyt so still only play one card you know can I do that then I could play that let’s play outside straight to business and do that and then it can only play dumb so I mean it’s gonna happen he says hopefully but obviously the balance here is destroying the enemy’s cards and destroying is a hero so here we’ve got a 3-bit feed I’ve got three to play so if I I could destroy that enemy but that enemy is going to destroy me back again so let’s do this little bit more aggressive about checking that and I’ve got three as I want this one by no play it’s quite strong cars on its place awaiting your command now if it brought me he got off Carly just calling that second my turn oh good i could play to her that’s kinda the same but i’m right so powerful just play that for say there’s a good move on my part then what else you’re taking the hit and I’ve lost that for but now obviously I can read anything on this side is attack where so that skills leave himself open by doing that tech so got five now and play five so i can we play two of those cards a crushing blow other that’s three damage so let’s be a bit conservative and just get rid of that one and then we met 0 which sort of play on that’s okay that one anyway ok now if I but I can’t no I oh he him up ok but now done thank you so one if I keep Jimmy I’ll keep that magic unit so i’ll pick both of those so just keep being asking that one let’s be more drop-off interest donor what are you gonna do no one yeah that’s good and then dropping them off did the name of the yard things need to pace of the game again is slower than they like speed it up maybe in tutorial nice video okay so you just put a powerful card down heavy battle axe oh that looks good oh I can add this to any one color there’s something of course the left attack so should be able

to win that should not for honor and glory ok so maybe maybe the game has made itself easier oh the first time but that’s a lot more a lot more straightforward as in that I’m not I got 18 and he’s got my okay let’s get on with it so leveling up as well to get more carton that we must not said not now ready to get water not one into debt management tool yet oh good and these ones 9 boggler genex like he could do some damage they journeyed north to meet one earth sorceress friend of tears okay let’s see how I get on is this one I get second this time okay every health I’ve ever lose / lose a room walk on draw a card okay oh I see they’ve added these runes in as well it’s like a shield baby okay so he’s gone he’s placed something I’ve only got one so i can they play and that one playing that one I’m so what’s he gonna do he’s gonna play it one so that’ll just please don’t include me I’ll just be the end of both cards that’s what he does very last bit silly cuz i think i’ll attack him really numbered lets us oh yeah before they set up the advice I’ve got two so I pick two of those Oh skin cred patroller those guys are already messing they got quite a lot of power oh of course I could just wait for a bit and then trying him so maybe that’s we’re going to get attacked by five this is probably thinking too much already about this injuries that’s how these protects him should I play another one because I want to play the full card next time okay fine he studies river cluster that color doesn’t draw call nice one bro no yeah we go going on here Josh was hurt that was gonna attack somebody got three what’s his attack he’s only got two okay sir she’s doing do that um he goes out my taking that one I’m ready for anything this move is tell me where it hurts you won’t even so definitely going for my hero well I’ve got love cards so this one easily explored in there could have four so that’s just the 460 I don’t know

all right that was a good card said I’m gonna lose again that overwhelming are thinking deal want okay so I’ll take out so this is a setup that he’s / those them for bandits and I’m just going to take a look that was helpful everybody got one now so I can play okay I’m looking so bad anymore take the coin and run also it’s a nice balance of this type of game that did you go when you get more and more matter point so you get my kind of the end game it’s free lots of cars on the on the deck I’ve got 60 could play I’ve work is a three both those two has a Burns effect the three damage so search for just one just to do there so now I’ve got three left I could drop 13 the idea so let’s go I’m gonna win now can i mix it right good so it wasn’t too Bella Mia next day card with a six attack yes it’s from get your head round obviously mrs. this is card card card games you get your head around what the move is well the next move the card can do whether you want to attack the other enemy or whether you’ve kind of will have to defend yourself more against them use the techniques you’ll be building I guess that’s when not seem shoulder more than really have control of your cards and some of the cards are it’s a little bit more motion demand it just obvious for us of their own just grin your game cartridge yeah I valleys didn’t lose I can what destroy a creature with two power or less well they actually one would be useful in the early stage of the game by think it’s still scimitar gives you productive more flexibility level mercy can be a profitable not in rows of the choices where I could have killed him extra Ward’s leading shield okay it’s good okay so we’re on to chapter five let’s go through this let’s play so let’s see what the new gameplay elements being brought into play in chapter 5 okay like a second okay okay the million troops have two guys were doing positions i basically a kind of a preset current position here you see here those girls don’t have any just defensives they can’t attack there unless they’ve boosted by something else there the attack is zero but their defense is four ok squeeze the first my first guy I’ve only got one mana points i can only do one thing not all of option here so i can just play that one ok done so that’s a high elf ok so two three I’ve got to I’ve got still submitted and I’ve got a Oh what’s this so what sort of another gods must be destroyed before we can attack other enemies in their Lane ok so I’ve got to take that one that I can’t we do anything else now icy stare as those of this to God’s women yet ok so we’ll do with that one is attack to at least I’m not going to get hit back I spacer and has to go back that he got two left’s I’ve got two to play I can play an alt clansmen witching gives a creature ok or I can play the patroller um that’s maybe the best okay I guess it’s a kind of interesting thing whether tutorial of these these eight levels I’ve got to play should be this complicated most it’s giving you a very good grounding in the game which will

help long-term retention be equally that will do in a short term retention scriptures of players I mean this is kind of stuff you’d perhaps imagine to get after you’ve played the tutorial and then when you start playing the game you know in reality rather than the tutorial anyway um so I got still to me to play the orc guys well could play the hand so I still got to play this one too ultimate of that this one similarly I’ve got to get rid of that so he stood bought one so still submitter I could do this on to the booster still got to alt Klansmen put him here and then he’s gonna give one to know I know he’s not attacking easy you know he’s done that ok so I’m done now yeah Lucy that card out boosted 2624 just so have I so they’re attacking my kind of hero oh he looks nice what’s he do he’s a guard ok so i can getting a better in game oh goodness meet and have gotten robbed a lot that’s a high work addy sweetness three for God goodness so a million am doing quite complex i’m not going to ever do leading sword what does this is a guard i paid any also tapped out I could play some guards in and what got attacked that got to a two or three so that will increase so just increase the guard does it so are we doing so this one maybe this just like you like that with the who is this one so the guard let’s place him there and then let’s lose that I don’t if that’s necessarily very strong least so they’re wasting doesn’t cause a DLC if they have to play they’re going to play how to play against the guard that’s the point of having a guard so that’s quite useful they’ve got a and they’re not being another guard goodness just talk to gods in them so Oh summoner give a creature so to increase that so so maybe this part about five so to put that drop up there and the case I think we see him because he’s the guard and that he can attack this one get rid of that and now she can attack him get rid of still before to play so what we got here and I gotta for a good tailor now I’ve got a three and I can do one damage doesn’t going to help very much and pillaging forward things I’ve place up wanting this in the left hand lane have got to got take like guard which is a painter’s anything he can do but I there nice thought I broke it kind of placing I run out in are gonna play three at time they are case that limits me I’m c24 he’s a three-games drop him in there okay and my turns done so another to damage so I’m getting quite low on that damage oh my god they’re in water and I’m being very low goodness um lose again and mice is painful um he’s pretty powerful yeah I got it deals one damage to all and I say it has they’re going to help me at all it’s gonna get rid of those two gods I suppose and put that one down okay so let’s play that one’s taken ok so that makes it easy so now I’ve got good attack going on that side let’s do that first then so it’s a six and A three when you’re getting see how the end of the level speeds up I should call these cards so now that looks a bit more even so I can take out the guard with that one and then I can tell her that and I still got two to play which I can’t do anything with ok you can do one so hope you can’t do anything else and maybe the AI is purposely not doing anything on that right hand side lane for me so I can just finish this off there ok ok so that looked like he was going too well for me and has one so it’s good so there’s no you feel good make me feel like I’m kind of understanding the game and having to burn the work hard I’ll it that’s not necessarily a bad thing I think prob with a lot of these card games is you get thrown into a little bit and you don’t really understand because the tutorial isn’t as in-depth

as this one maybe you could have a tutorial that’s not quite in depth as this um you note maybe it’s a digital thing you either have a week tutorial and have bad retention or you’re very strong tutorial and have strong the long-term retention I guess it’s good osea so i can choose Helen Rosa so have a guard it’s got six on or a break through the search is reversing the thing so it’s better you want to be defense let’s be aggressive okay so it’s nice and these are the chips and ice we can see there’s more guards coming in they’re so good thing i didn’t use out of the guards have got back Tiger garden okay so they’ve got it to my deck deck and management yet ok so here we are on chapter 6 let’s go and play so this time we’re playing against the walls so we’ll see what new stuff we get to experience okay the covering that conceals the wall you can’t attack them to let share themselves okay so usual start going to go one manner so can we play the furry imp creatures played to a shadow lane gain cover for turn creatures with color combo attack so you can see here this is a shadow lane need to shower lanes at the moment because of the cover that kind of cloud when the Imps got cover onto can’t be attacked okay so it’s another tactic there’s a young wolf he’s covered so I can’t attacking cool tusk bristle back that’s good so I kind of take that one I can only attack main character oh ok so he needed the attack of three letters got this special boost so then II think I can play here as the skin grade Patrol she’s now in cover the Imps come out cover ok so it’s just another keg ok just have gone a lot of young wolves at turn turning up so ok bye three can play the watch man he’s got two she got a tag those she can only attack came straight forward ok ok so far so straightforward oh ok this guy’s gonna summon young wolf so we’ve seen as quite love young wolves and turning up hey what’s this one headboard carbon-13 measures a support guy back home again that sounds good so for looks like I’m playing that one then doesn’t it so this is the tutorial actually kind of keep me with inbound so all I can do is play play that I suppose and he can only attack law okay so far so good now what’s good happen here oh ha the Apple wolves a good booster load up to quite powerful characters hmm alright I see so just boobs are going to try and overload us I think so i got here i can play not very helpful if a high warrior who’s got six so that once we first do is good for you have one so the hive warrior is a 6mm and see if we can speed this up a little bit see undercover he’s uncomfortable still some it’s always good to have I things are speeding up oh goodness me going to summer more wolves and it’d be another half a whining just see how this is just going to board up goodness when you some other creature you gain one health okay so I got six to play at least so at least we can do that one okay so I’ve got six and still somewhat accustomed to I think we’ve lost problem is now you look at the enemy they’ve got quite strongly they look at their

tactical 3 34 33 16 yeah hmm that’s that’s 20 so I’m pretty much dead next round no matter what I do oh so guys get a listen well I’ll take one for mother falls off not really Terry helpful I think God in this one you need to be a bit more aggressive attacking the the actual cards rather than they at the hero ok so those you talkin wit nice on me there that’s not too bad to clear the decks that space get back to the situation with loads of wolves they cleared the decks another now they’ve got four okay so i think we’ll play with anymore you okay gives us something to play with not much granted you can see how the guards work I suppose nobody love you that’s a good alright so we’re playing okay so love the bubbler in there have to do some big damage next time this one is when you sell another creature game one health oh I see I should have played that one early they’re probably the killer third west okay looking towards the endgame so now at least I should be able to finish it off that’s my bog voce so here we go they need to really play any cards I can Pablo should take that okay so like a lot these tutorials um look like he was all the mirror horribly wrong and then managed to gain victory perhaps not because of my brilliant and skills but perhaps cuz the tutorial distort the tutorial a I ranted stuff back okay so so I can adopt or abandon what’s the cast at the prophecy return it created an end up a basic kind of push you back in 10 3 plus 2 no you have the most creatures in this Lane takes interesting about snow awful adopted because it looks like it’s going to be an interesting card that can build up its strength so see what rewards are gonna get okay deal damage to enemy insane okay so it’s quite powerful one to be used you know situation earth prophecy that’s kind of what we were going to get a otherwise that’s actually destroys it because that’s pretty badly working just something destroy any creature good so that’s one more chapter done almost there right then on to

chapter 7 let’s hope that our hopes will not be dashed alright so everything we’ve learned so far we put to the test I imagine it’s been a long test so far right I go second okay we’ve got the got the cover on as well and he’s putting out some my splits to cut out okay you’re late today King get on with the dialogue so what these guys they’re attacking straight away it’s not nice is it drop in goodness so one earth I’m going to do here I better get some decent cards I can okay 101 I mean I can’t really do anything car just gonna get wiped out company tax records in cover those me okay so that’s me done condo anything else can’t attack and there were any of these some cars this is the problem with this opening part the game when you have so little magic I suppose now look it’s four cards and a guard and I’m being hammered okay hardwell he’s useful but again I’ve only got two to play so we’ll have to take a guard okay so maybe we’re going to see the power of the drop prophecy card you could draw a prophecy card when you lose a room okay so I lost one of the rooms you may play it for free okay so this is okay so she’s decent he’s going to hit everything with one that’s going to take all them out to another good example of the tutorial here so I wish like I track her on to this one and she’s gonna do that straight away I imagine there we go everything in that length and she’s quite decent card and have another one this one another prophecy God Oh snow officer he’s good yay he’s gonna boost all my guys up and although 1904 so he’s gonna boost up their attack not the defense so let’s stick with her so one what can’t play that we use at that one magic soon no no I did and didn’t do it Ella I what’s he doing goodness me that’s not fair so he’s playing at cross lanes I messed up my wolf oven that’s going really well right so I’ve got high warrior I could play one with decent house now 33 these are six so what’s she gonna do she’s got to play against the guard isn’t she so it’s giving me a better pot from he’s on 30 health and I won 16-14 a shield okay so it’s good I can play that as a guard and I thought some girls okay oh that he’s got that’s later rubbishing ok that’s a guard is a two so i can drop some drop some guards in water leading the shield that drugs that had everything okay no it helps that out he’s not got guard there anymore has he yes he has so we’re looking to see on the right-hand side we’re getting very defensive and we can start the attack here on the left-hand side okay but still 14 to 21 not looking good my wolves gone okay soft 20 12 12 so what we can get now so that’s a guard and I think I might just have to be defensive to drop him that’s used up all my magic that I don’t know that such a good move he’s drunk prophecy card oh goodness okay that’s good but I don’t really

destroy an Aussie now they’re they’re attacking on the side Rivers was no God oh goodness um from creature do that the body stage I should have built up like a quite strong level of attack cause he’s got two three who’s got six to attack so i’m going down to full potential next time for any creatures for me as i could lose all these straight away someone deals one damage so we can get rid of that that one got four left know so that he’s useful for playing here and then he can no beaches it could take okay sorry i got that wrong with like it attacks right away cuz he’s a charge okay so looking like the definitely man game now and I’m sure I’m gonna win he’s definitely finishing up next co I can I got seven um about ten do anything I can do it gains a health for me creature so that will add a health that will deal one damage okay but can I do that to the boss let’s see okay there’s a ten crushing blow can I deal that to him yes I think by the skin of our teeth pulled it off so I am quite surprised i did that and I feel quite proud of myself even though maybe the game did probably help me that I would have lost Mexico I think so victory I victory level up that’s all nice get some rewards as well hopefully FC this is very nice looking game that bag is never bad jolly good but that that’s nice proper 3d stuff going on there graphics snapping drew got on of those already oh it had been upgraded okay what had been upgraded to them okay so i can upgrade items a2 plus a3 a3 or destroyed enemy support let’s go for that that’s a good choice come support cards for the moment seemed to be more useful ok and there we go this is quite interesting i finished the tutorial hopefully and now i’m going to go into you can take me into the store which is again it’s a nice thing you see the bottom here is telling me the pricing of this office lee this one is going to be free you can see a single pack is 100 gold so it’s good because i think the free-to-play mobile games need to get people used to the fact you going to the store and get stuff and it could be you could be spending your in-game currency you can be spending real money that kind of know that kind of it’s not confusion of mixing of the two you want reward doesn’t really matter what you how you get there it’s obviously a good retailing your message so see what we got okay not brilliant selection stuff but some interesting things there are a few things I’ve seen before I’m gonna go back to the store do I don’t think so now you’re not by any money so that’s not good and oh the colleges so I haven’t finished one more to go ok so here we go for the hopefully lost chapter swims at night this see what little okay so going into doing some deck stuff okay that makes sense we not look any deck stuff before obviously deck management it’s pretty important part of the CCG so oh I’m don’t date management okay you have to say I did have played this chapter I’m halfway through and then the connection drops it may be that because I’ve gone through that deck stuff before it’s not let me do it now anyway unless we can do it now here I don’t know is this the first time

I’ve seen this so we could change cards I think keep it easy and keep the hand and I get to go first so I can only play one card ex-couple okay oh so he’s not done anything which is a bit worrying yes so it makes it easy for my move I tech him I’m going to again play my card I can you play this too so they racked I’m see actually you know the other so if I played it in the other on the other late in the right hand lane on that where’s cards go undercover Condor anything us at this point he’s picked up a card and not done anything again this is a little bit worried and I’m quite know why I’m poison on some of the blades ok so i can just do to the text here okay i can play a three so what we got here that someone give other friendly creatures in this lane 1 and 1 if is the top card on your deck is one of those and then one knows is fancy to risk it and play on this one then for that lanes fall now so is that going to do anything on this one ok yep so they will bother they’ve been boosted that’s good got them that gets us a buff so it’s like permanent buff isn’t ok so he play card now you can see he’s undercover can’t attack him I’ve got medic ok that’s useful by can’t play them can we play that in the right hand lane of the moment but it’s left hand lane to fall so I can do here is do this attack sometimes looking over easy and drop my stables easy I can play for heavy battle axe oh so it’s an item I don’t want to play that so I can play your necks and increase the power increase about this one guard is like one ok so i don’t know and play ok do that one i can do to anyone thought was any other than you play that plus two for the one in the lane let’s boost this Cup again you ok good so that’s my go down can’t do any other goes now but i got one matching in a full plate I guess oh it’s the tree money going to do it’s a guard so i have to attack him and he’s going to give one to another magic okay so it’s all still looking fairly straightforward at this point and she’s good to one managed to every enemy creature’s in that Lane well doesn’t really worth playing at the moment so you can leave attack him because he’s a guard with him so another a text goes here kaffir no I want to don’t want to play attack that other card in the right-hand leg cuz I’ll lose my card so I drop the heavy battle axe and this one gives him a six so he can I take that one out oh and got taken out never silly what what happened thereafter not philosophically not the right thing to do so I’m still learning even though things for this tutorial okay also gonna blade got awful off cards in his hand it’s the wonder if the a is really ratcheted back okay let me see this the poison on that so both these have poison on links yet reveal maybe a cover recurring injury my turn okay so guard so six and six makes this one so this would be quite good why would it be deals one and damage to every enemy we won’t take any out cause it over to so i guess or less a bit with that one first you telling I’m pretty much gonna witness you can see the arrows really unless you could play super card yeah it’s really kind of lose my strengthened in my car I got a pile back down he’s played a Guardians played on the long sides of that so obviously the AI explained to lose at this point so what I’ve got a 60 doesn’t really matter what I can play not even do for haven’t lost a room to complex free say the tiger things of God and then there’s the guard which was the god of attack that one and got covers I can’t do anything okay so that that’s my go over so wee bit of damage on this side I imagine left at my god oh my god probably get taken out oh well track I’ve done that guardedness think so yes that’s that’s fine to me

making the odds gonna win next goal or something enormous happens okay don’t need to play any cards for three so oddly the final chapter he was the who sent you don’t look back it’s finished so this is the easiest one and there’s something something Crazy’s gonna happen now no victory okay so finally done as little it’s really cross my fingers now hope that that that was the that was the last my finish digital okay swims at night agreed to sail north in search of the sorceress get some rewards oh so tonight’s join me at that I’m not quite sure he was very powerful character you didn’t do very much I’m sure useful titles earned oh that’s a nice game rewards okay so happy act one complete so obviously act 1 is the entire tutorial you have to go through that time on the other stuff whether that’s good or bad I guess is the question 4 goob worked out in terms of the retention of the games have completely chapter 8 of wonder got some gold and I’ve got some cards only deck so this is deck stuff is something definite got to learn so something see now what with unlock so date captain is ready when the game starts a daily quests where I and gold log in every day to receive quest complete I can complete daily quests in play mode story mode or the arena so okay and those interestings have gone through the tutorial not going to go to chapter 9 now we could come back to the main thing so you can see now term okay so limited time I can enter the cow Serena play versus arena battles with special animals and slight conditions just as I’ve attempting to learn the basic game they’re going to get me to close another complex version of it some cars have change has been nothing there has been a big update that’s happened which is why they tell me this stuff now so that’s my quest so now we can see finally I having played having played those eight chapters the whole game is now unlocked I know I see this with rubbish know so the same arena still locked review your proper end versus Rena still on so if I select my profile it will keep me we review my progress so far the profile screen so this is still cutting the game tell me what’s going on so fostering tracks all this stuff see this is a pretty complex game as we’d expect from a from a narrow Scrolls game as we expect from a card battler or not some cod batters now getting more getting more simple I suppose but this is definitely not so important another thing to point out I should remember if you remember all the way back we had to create a Bethesda net account so that’s almost like the bit of the biggest kind of friction the system is most people yeah okay you can log in with facebook if it actually create an account for this for this game people won’t do that unless they really committed but people are committed to the Elder Scrolls so if you know you’re going to have that that big friction in the system you can make your first of user experience this complex is this one good it’s me now now look all this that I’ve got all this stuff that’s coming up here all these different things tell me what will these all the buttons do so i’m not going to go in and do anymore because it’s taken me who are we over an hour mount expect to play through all these um so anyway thank to watch if you watch old west through well done this was the first time user experience for an elder scrolls legend on iOS currently in soft launch just in canada so in the long view what we do is we play free-to-play games for long as possible this is certainly the longest street first time user experience the Cape we’ve done normally they lost at the most 15 minutes at home but this is this is a long one so it’s been worth kind of going through and I think in the sense it has told me on all my lot more about the game that happens in most car battling games where I go through and press buttons as if the game tells me and then don’t really know what’s happening when I go back to the game go what what do I do now and then obviously stop playing the card battler game straightaway so and I think you know the tutorial has been quite good at showing different aspects of the game just I’ve had a few connection problems which have a slowed things down anyway thanks for watching if you like learning about new food plate mobile games and do subscribe so do lot of these first-time user experience videos and then four games that we like we do a more in-depth videos as we go through the kind of day one day 3 day 7 day 30 your attention kind of a cycle do videos about what we like what we don’t like so yeah thanks watching hope you see you again soon