Modeling and Texturing a Compass in Blender

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Modeling and Texturing a Compass in Blender

hello my name is John the best and welcome to another tutorial um today I’m going to be showing you how to create and texture or model and texture a compass such as the one you are seeing right now there’s not really much to to this scene except texturing the the compass is pretty much just a cylinder that’s been shaped stuff also there’s the compass and then the needle thing right there and then of course texturing that are the scratches on the glass cover thing obviously at compass image right there and then that’s optional step of getting it to Natal texture and then a little more stuff such as the depth of field and so on and so let’s get started so this is this is a sort of scene you could render in a external vendor it’d be a good event seen you do that but I didn’t because another time and let’s get back to 3d view so basically here is and I’ll hide that so here is a scene within blender just to compass like that and even like cannot see the glass cover is because I have transparency enabled purpose right there so there’s just a needle point the needle thing and also I rigged the accompany later today as well so when every rotate the compass I roped at the empty the compass also rotates and you can’t really see it very well but it does however that is not spin because of because the needle lift magnetic alright so there’s just a scene here and of course you also have a lighting a lamp and spotlights in the lamp is also the shadows and then the finish result is this one so let’s get started with you tutorial and I’ll try make it as fast as possible so that you don’t sit here for rest of your life let me just say that so to start with we open up a new file in blender alright and if you’re using 2.56 like I am or 2.5 anything if you see this so we’re just going to add a little bit start with I’m going to delete the default cube and trough the arrows I don’t like them delete the default cube and press shift s and cursor to Center it’s like that so now the cursor is in the center then I’m going to add a cylinder and I’m just going to start making the base base or the just a trying to create there’s a starting compass shape like this one this compass I’m doing is very thin like that and then mm-hmm sure X is not even cap the ends button right I didn’t let’s take that center vertex of both and delete them so now you have this ring is that what is that what we want now what I want to do is I want to add a so first of all I want to shade that smooth and then I want to add a solidifying modifier what this does is actually makes it thicker automatically but he can only see right now if you go into wireframe mode however you can see how thick it’s getting so I think I’ll do like 0.23 or something like that oops point 0 3 I’m also gonna add the tower a subdivision surface and then I’ll lastly I’ll add an edge split sorry the edge split must be above the subsurface so the order of this is solidify then edge splitted subsurf and just leave everything as edge to put in this observe as default now I want to do is you want to start making the rest of the the compass so what the if you look at the finished picture I guess I’ll just go to it so if you just go to the finished picture you can see that the compass you can’t really see it I hope you can’t see it it kind of in the middle it will go inwards a little bit then we’ll go all the way down to the base and then make the bottom so what I’ll do with all head back in the blender and I will go into the front view and just add an edge loop right in the center or just about like

that then I’m going to extrude inward try pressing E and s and this will just make you go back just make that this right here this find a suitable place and then we’re going to go back in the front view and extrude downward so I press an e and z just to get almost to the bottom I’ll take care of the mistakes there in a moment and then I’m just gonna extrude inwards have us an E and s and then press the wrong button press W merge and appcenter so now you have this now it’s bad we’re going to taste like everything and press ctrl n to recopy the normals in this gym you know and I think this happened before just take a look at this things I have to calculate and all most of that so just take the ones that are bad and we calculate those normals so I just took each of those bad places and just press ctrl N and then if it is everything okay so if you have that problem which I think you will select the bad places the faces and this control end to recount the normals and not everything looks good I’m going to do now is I’m going to take each area of the compass which is namely this outside area and the inside and then the face itself so I’m just going to select that vertex and that edge right there press P and now it’s a separate object like that and then I’ll take going to this one select that edge right there and that edge right oh you have to go because it’s in confuse there select it all did I wanted so this will let that those faces right there probably to select them using the present be and just selecting them all select that and press P and separate so now we have three different things like you want alright so now we can you know get more into texturing now I’ll just add and shift s and cursor to and just take this bottom edge right there and this press Chris I’ve just selected and then I’ll highlight a point for this to sit on and then also going to find an appropiate camera view I think I had mine around here try to the right thing yep see I sit up I’m going to just find an appropriate camera angle as good I guess build it upwards and this fiddle with this is a matter of opinion and I’ll scale it up so that’s just about right I think and now if we hit f12 so there’s what we’ve got right now and it doesn’t look that good and the reason why is because we stopped some a little for to do so I’m going a little bit slowly here let’s get on with this so to start with we’ve got the outside which will give a very good material a little reflective I’d say you know give it a reflect to attea point five so there’s good materials so there have to set the reflectivity to 0.5 and I’ll make this quite dark that may be all right I’m gonna call this shiny outside I have no idea that’s just fine next thing is this this area right here ooh darn it that’s mistake I made here you have to set bread those two that’s part of this so we’re just gonna take that and then that thing that is separated and press ctrl J so out that and also I’m wanting we’re going to move this solidify for that and for this so only the outside of the compass is a little hard at all and then of the reason why we’re separating those two separating the compass into pieces so let’s take this thing we just create right here or joined and I don’t want that I’m gonna press single-user I’m gonna press right single you that’s the

to make it similar user and press note I may call it like inside dual okay this is not gonna be very reflective at all that it’s not going to be so this turn off you turn off mirror and turn specular intensity to point one so with quite dull and I’ll make it almost black even more black than was before one was so that’s just that next we’re going to do the fun part and produced weekly as well I’m going to texture that and that is go physically to be compass texture it is this texture right here it’s called compass te I got off Google I put Elvis I’ll make it available well guess so this is just it what I’m gonna do is I don’t like it that this is white and everything else is black I’m gonna invert it inside blender so what I’m gonna I’m gonna add new material for this I’m gonna call this compass add a new texture and change the type to image or movie and just gonna select that texture and select it so the sector we have and I’m ghost I’m also going to change the mapping to movie and then I’ll also have to quickly project it quickly protect this thingy here the hunt this area just go into edit mode and whatever news everything selected press project from view and just align this like so just so that it fits inside nicely and I think that’s care of that so just join those two and you can check out the render so let’s do is all we have now and the reason why you cannot see very much in this picture is because the lighting is awful but we’re not going to worry about lighting right now however I will temporarily fix the lighting so I’ll just move that to the center that should be all right for now all right so we’ve basically got that done and in my final render actually made a dome a dome covering the entire thing tire seen psyche reflect off almost like a sky background but it’s not necessary so I won’t do that here another thing we have to you don’t have to but if you what I did was I made a glass cover on the compass I’m sure all companies have covers on them and may be done not to and if you also noticed that go back to the final render you can see it that it’s got scratches on it and this is achieved using an image and a bunch of texture stuff and actually an optional step but it actually you know as you can see it has some add something for the picture mystical ass-covering would not be as interesting I think I hope so I’ll we show you how to model or not model I’ll figure the text to that so let’s take this the outside of this yeah of the compass and just take that top edge right there like I’ve done and extrude inwards back just number and then select that edge you just chew it off words and in the middle for text and press P and separate so now they are separated it isn’t me hourglass covering and I also want to remove that everything except subsurf now I’m going to move that downwards I think I will also scale that down so this is what we have right now and it looks bad so I miss condense make a single-user and call this material glass and by the way naming all these textures is I mean these materials is optional obviously change the second of intensity to 0.1 and we’re gonna turn off mirror just for this and change the Alpha Hansy alpha 2.1 and every some reason we’re not making it zero is because we’re going to be adding an image texture which we will control its own alpha values so this actually this point one will not control it won’t control how transparent it is

in fact fully transparent except this visible to say how transparent the scratches will be alright so that took care of that and what else oh yeah change temper the type of transparency to a trace as transparency will not at all not even close give what we want oh yeah and one more thing I forgot so with a mirror Chindi classman 2.9 okay forget that or you can’t forget if you like so now we’ve got an awesome una charm rating or Trent Tron transparency in the object the object tab right here and then just display so now is transparent and we can see through it mostly so we’ve got the glass we’ve got the compass got everything paired it practically except that scratches on there on the compass and this poet the main point of it just hold it toriel you deduce make scratches on here you do not have to make your own scratches unless you feel a little bit adventurous here I’m somebody just gonna use the texture a scratches texture I found off a textured website CD textures lofts of nice textures off that website and is called the texture is in the it’s in the grunge area grunt Xers okay and it just comes in the scratches area as well and this is called scratches zero zero zero three 11 M let’s take that texture and it basically this almost of loss amount of scratches and will put scratches on the chalkboard we’re going to do couple things here first of all turn off color and you go to both now nothing’s there we’d have to do now is you have a chain the blend type to multiply alright and then now you want to convert it to black and white since you’re actually not gonna be seen a texture at all we’re just gonna be seeing scratches it’s basically saying where the scar that should be so tune it to RGB to intensity also change it to negative since oh wait don’t don’t check negative and you’ll see why in a second but check alpha in fact actually this is actually this is a whole texture basically saying we don’t want the scars to be and then the other alpha value will fiddle with the Alpha of the scratches what happened to is you have to first of all I’m just ending in this alpha value to one right here and yeah leave negative off then go to colors and change the contrast to something like three because right now the scratches is kind of overwhelming I also tuned their partner still have simple 9.8 so now you can see this but just scratches on there and I think I’ve got change the Alpha value to something lower but as you can see now we’ve got scratches so I think I got unit 2.1 or something like that something not very high and maybe that maybe probably got to generate and mmm you got experiment to the alpha value but if I this let’s render first of all it looks terrible I’m glad did one thing turn off traceable fitter than cast a shadow alright started to stop in the middle there why doesn’t it look closer you can see the scratches on the glass however I think I’ve made that elf a little too much I changes alpha to 1 described this will be really apparent I mean there’ll be no alpha vided for them at all and the scratches on here we don’t want that to happen because as you can see it is good this black stuff and it looks so we’re like we so just change the Alpha value to something like 0.5 good experiment with that value there and changing negative doing checking negative will give you a white different result as you can see now if you check negative first of all you can see that it’s basically now saying that whatever this texture not basically inverted everything we don’t want that at all just don’t remember don’t check negative actually pretty easy to do since

negative value isn’t there so just you know depending how big scratches you want or something like that you can fiddle with the Alpha value of this right here oh I flee leave that alpha value alone but basically you can fiddle with the old value of the other one and get it results for more heavier scratches you know do different kind of scratches but there you go so that is how you really create scratches within blender like that on any object you know fork or metal or isn’t like that and in fact if you wanted to you could even create it to just use that use with this technique here and use it to create scratches on the compass itself all right but there is one thing here that is very apparent if you look at this image and concoct the completed rendering and look at the finished image wait is it something’s quite different and that is one thing we forgot to invert that temperature right there the compass texture so I’m gonna do lunch urn that delete this observe all right I’m going to go to the textures and go down here and hit negative to invert the color and you go to you go to the texture itself or under should see should see black where there was white there we go so you can see it’s in further the entire texture just the way they want it and now we’ve got the scratches if it quite different appearance more like this or if they took care of the scratches I hope you learn something from the from the hope you learned something from a something so far from this tutorial so now we’re just gonna make a very basic lighting scheme here all right so to leave that default lamp and then we’ll just to duplicate that add that as a spotlight getting the energy 2.5 and shadow and can scale it down a little bit if you like and then duplicate that one that’s ball light and bring that one over here so now I got small eyes right there and that’s it Lily that’s practically the lighting scheme Whitney so I guess that’s really it if you really wanted to add some character to your image you could add a tile texture like I’m doing right now because that way that the feel is more apparent see the blur blur more easily all right there we go textured so you can know that’s render now I’m gonna let’s render at full size and I’ll see when it done when it’s done all right so there is even if result had to go wow or under over six minutes so that’s the scratches are looking very nice indeed that is really product done in my finished picture I think I’ll just save that say this picture is called this is too and also one tip here we go to the textures say the texture that we use for bass and if you go down here use this little button right here which says pack an image as an embedded data into a blend file if we just press that it’s now embed into it and now it’s part of the blend file so you can’t lose it and that’s great if you wanted to if you wanted to you know focus on a website yeah blend file so I’ll just save that and press the wrong button so we’re just gonna save this very quickly so as I said there was this little finished one there’s a little ring right here and little thing sticking out it doesn’t make the compass look pretty interesting and also there’s that the field I’m not gonna shut in this one I’ll just jump into the finished blender file so basically what this thing is made up of this I took a cylinder and cut some holes in it there’s a tutorial blender cookie and

had holes in the object I didn’t do that quite but I need a solidify modifier and subsurf and so on and then I took a over here I took a single face basical each true in words and merges make this image basically make a circle with a face and then I use a screw modifier to make a ring in fact I’ll show you Heidi there right now Vic quickly so just hiding that I’ll add a circle and I will rotate this by 90 degrees and obviously scale that down a bit then I’m going to add a screw modifier and I think I did it on the y-axis this bad looks bad so I’m just going to move this way along the what is it may it’s the x-axis mmm yeah yeah it is sorry so just taking this an x-axis and moving it so that it basically the circle face how did you do that shoot in words to make the face oops so now is moving it slightly off the dart there and now I’ll create a sort of ring like the one you’re seeing here and if you just scale it down basically the students are taking the entire ring here the circle and taking it and just making a circle of it and the more steps you do it the better quality you’ll be helping order will mess it up I think you look weird Elias muscle you look better and yeah and then you can do more things with it but that is how I did it pretty simple I mean the ring all right so that is essential to finish thing and also I forgot I’m actually going to rig this entire thing is actually very simple so doing show me back into the other one will flip them do this quickly press shift S on the top and the glass de empresas screw the Selective fast occurs for the selection then add a empty and I should move that move that upwards a little bit so that I can see it and then I add a couple constraints here also you could parent it if you want to do but for the use of constraints I will use constraints go to constraints area right here and add a copy rotation and this changed to empty and if you rotate this then that rotates as well and just do that with everything else quickly except one thing the little the little if you go back go back yet but just make sure everything has constraint fact all this little stuff I know there you go one last thing all right so now if we just rotate this all good all rotate like that it’s actually one thing left to do I’ve got on it where I have to add the little thingy which the compass it you can see what direction it’s pointing so I’ll just add a plane and I have to do this very quickly slice it in half I didn’t add mirror modifier take the edge shoed scale and bring it almost all the way to the edge and I was a bit too far so right there and just scale down a little bit I looked at right there and just go that up so that is just pretty very quickly and quickly made thing there got a subsurf right here and then I’ll just a little fiddling here all right so I just very quickly made a compass needle adding it’s a little fine make it thicker and of course also modeling a little needle in the center so that Annika straight to their palate really

concludes this tutorial I hope you’ve enjoyed it I hope you learned something from it that’s what it’s for and if anyone enjoyed this tutorial leave a comment on what you thought of it and you for watching it thanks bye