The Sword (剣, Ken) 1964 Japanese film directed by Kenji Misumi

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The Sword (剣, Ken) 1964 Japanese film directed by Kenji Misumi

Downloaded from YTS.MX DAIEI presents Official YIFY movies site: YTS.MX KEN From a novel by MISHIMA Yukio Script: FUNABASHI Kazuro Photography: MAKIURA Chikashi Music: IKENO Sei Film set: NAITO Akira Starring ICHIKAWA Raizo FUJI Yukiko KAWAZU Yusuke, HASEGAWA Akio Directed by MISUMI Kenji At this moment, I saw the essence of the sun. It is absolute Justice Its brightness is unbearable. I wanted to absorb this light… to gain the strength. Strength and honor! I was convinced that with kendo, I’d be able to seize… this spark of pure life I had discovered. Helmet hit! Point to Kokubu! Kagawa, your turn KOKUBU VERSUS KAGAWA Start! – Be brave, Kagawa! – Kagawa! – Go, Kokubu! – Kokubu! Side hit! Point to Kokubu! TOWA’S UNIVERSITY KENDO CLUB Salute Thank you! Turn Salute! We’re hesitating between Kokubu and Kagawa for the captain position They have the same skill level According to our evaluation criteria Kokubu is better than Kagawa But the kendo national federation doesn’t have the same judgement They only take matches results into consideration In our case, we also consider personality and behavior Kagawa’s sword shows sentimentality and psychology He has a very high skill level, but sometimes he draws his strength from arrogance That’s true He doesn’t have Kokubu’s level He’s far from having Kokubu’s purity and subtlety So, let’s choose Kokubu We won’t regret it Let’s appoint Kagawa to assistant captain But it may make Kokubu feel unconfortable NEW LEADERS OF THE KENDO CLUB CAPTAIN: KOKUBU ASSISTANT: MURATA The former pupils and our master appointed me to new captain of the club Our goal is to win the kendo national championship

It is not a personal victory but a team effort It requires training No victory without it I’ll do my job as a captain I’ll put all my energy into it With me there will be no mistake Those who believe in me can follow me May the others leave Mibu! We’re treated like beginners – I don’t agree – Don’t worry It’s true, we reached a decent level since high school But Kokubu is right We must get rid of our bad habits It’s for our own good Do you think so? Kendo at university isn’t a piece of cake TOWA’S UNIVERSITY Fall in! Sit down! Concentrate! OVer! M. Kagawa! Here Foreign cigarettes I stole from my dad – Is it for me? – It’s a gift Thank you M. Kagawa I’m bored with the newbies I want to wear the helmet So that’s it – Do you want to buy me? – Not at all I like your style It’s brilliant and fluid Train me, please I’ll talk to Kokubu Let’s encourage the beginners by letting them use the helmets I was thinking about it too They will put them on today Tada and Mibu! Go get your helmets Prepare yourselves! Mibu Put your helmet on Captain, what about me? You’re not ready Work your stances first Keep practicing your basis Helmets! You’re lucky

We can’t use helmets for another three months Kokubu is the regional champion Great! We can trust him His blows still resonate within me With a real sword I’d be dead a hundred times Each time he beats me, I understand kendo better Do you never win? That’s impossible When I face him, he totally dazzles me A real sun! You’re kidding Not at all He’s a real block of energy It’s unstoppable – What is it? – Medlars He killed himself while eating? He was scared to fail the exam He killed himself for that? Why did he have a raging hunger with medlars before dying? Death scared him He didn’t have to commit suicide He got scared when he felt the effects of the drug He wanted to cheat his fear Was he in your class? He had weak body and mind Do men commit suicide so easily? No, only the very weak or the very strong Even the strong? Of course. It happens I don’t understand Is it possible to have a raging hunger while dying? That’s pitiful Mibu, we must move away from those empty desires And your training, how does it go? Yesterday, I won one match out of three against Kagawa He’s strong, but sometimes his mind goes blank Machinist! Take a sit Thank you You’re very nice We need more nice students like you I lost About time I could have fleeced you You’re rich enough as it is, aren’t you? It looks like our dear gentleman isn’t too happy Jiro! Did you have a nice day? Order whatever you want for your dinner Ask the maid Does he ever play mah-jong? Of course not My son is well-mannered Don’t lead him into it Is mom trusting you? Trust me, mom I’m a good boy, mom My turn to play I lost again Is Kokubu really like that? Yes, an odd bod not interested in anything No bowling, no base-ball He never reads either A loner But what is he doing? He’s training All day long? Ask him about music, you’ll see He never watched television Unbelievable! Do people like that exist? They’re rare enough I’m interested in him – But he won’t be interested in you – Thanks for the compliment! I saw him talk to some girls But he doesn’t understand them It’s a trick to chat up girls

I wouldn’t be able to bear it Of course With your sexual appetite Thanks for the compliment! She’s right He thinks he’s a hero He plays the stoical hero “He plays”, you’re saying? Don’t you believe in Kokubu? No, not a long as he won’t be more human You don’t understand him He’s nuts Say it again! Stop it! Mibu, stop it! What are you doing? That’s enough! I’m listening Mibu! Speak Tada, speak! He jumped me with no reason Mibu! You probably had a reason Explain yourself And you? Say something – Are you all mute? – Have a little more guts! If you have nothing to say Mibu! Tada! Get up! You’re both responsible Face the wall! Face the wall! Sit and face the wall! 40 minutes, without moving! The cadets never witnessed a reprimand in kendo Watch carefully! It was harder during the first year My elders gathered in a circle around me to beat me I had bruises everywhere Sitting for 40 minutes is a piece of cake So? You’re weakening? This is bullshit!

What? I enrolled to practice some sport Not to be subjected to feudal age punishment I quit Enough kendo Let’s explain man to man! Are you out of your mind? Stop it I’ll tell you why me and Mibu fought – Shut up! – Let him talk You think everybody respects you But only Mibu does Even Kagawa is talking shit about you He can’t stand it anymore to see you play the heroic upholder of the law Everybody’s fed up! Kagawa! I don’t talk shit about you I’m criticizing Liar! The other day when we were playing mah-jong You’re wrong We have a right to criticize Do you have anything else to say? I quit Wait Let’s thrash him No, no violence! Give me back my game A Towa’s pigeon Are you the one who shot it? Yep. That’s why it’s mine Hand it over! No, it belongs to the university Repeat if you dare! Give it to me Who do you think you are? Shoot him, he’s an asshole! You’ll have brought it on yourself Moron! It wasn’t loaded! I’m Itami Eri, from the Faculty of Arts I’ll take it back to the dovecote I saw everything You did great. Well done! Young people nowdays really scare me I hid when I heard the shot You have blood on your cheek Wait It was in the principal’s office I’ll clean you with it

Here you are Thank you Leave me alone Why are you laughing? You have no facial hair Why do you shave everyday? In the hope to grow a beard But you still have a baby’s skin – You’re shaving for nothing – Go away! Leave me alone! Hair, does it change a man? KOKUBU CLINIC But it’s only been three days I haven’t seen you! Fine, I’ll come to your house tonight What? That’s ridiculous You’re the one having fun See you tonight Tell the maid to leave earlier What a surprise! What are you here for? – I need money – Really? Father, make a donation to the club Your club again! It’s for our training course If you wanted money for a woman for example, I’d gladly give you some Of course, I’ve got no grudge against kendo But your passion is way too exclusive There are other pleasures in life I say it for your own good I’m afraid of what’s gonna happen to me after the university I understand I was the same at your age – You were? – Of course You always say that adults world is tainted with ugliness and corruption Someday you’ll have to get used to this reality Such is life You will find that this world also has its good moments It’s a relentless pursuit Someday you’ll understand By the way How much do you need? 50 000… 30 000 will be enough We must find an area of agreement Is it a deal? Sort of What are your conditions? Seek plain happiness Take some interest in real world I got it Keep your money I’m living a pure youth and I don’t view my future differently Every time it’s the same You always have the same look in your eyes I know who you’re thinking about Kokubu Jiro, your rival – He has no experience – Is he still a virgin?

We have to initiate him to sexual pleasures What a funny idea! Love is a wonderful thing A brutish pleasure Once his virginity taken of Are you interested in him? That’s me or him – You’re kidding – No His way of life infuriates me Still, sometimes I find it wonderfully refreshing I freak out when it happens In a word, you want to surpass him My existence depends on it Why? I don’t know why But when I see him, I’m overcome by hatred The poor young people! They’re trivial and calculating They believe they’re asserting themselves with a timid disobedience No shit! But once settled down, their only dream is to mow the lawn on sundays They only worry about their pension and their kids What’s wrong with it? I refuse to live like that – Is it your captain who said that? – Yes It is? That’s what I thought Kokubu is a great spirit above contingencies Mom, buy me an electric razor What will you do with it? I know Your captain has a beard So, do you want to be like him? Does he have an electric razor? Shut up, females! Please, mom But you don’t have hair Look at you Prices increased since last year The summer training course is expensive – Do you want a job? – Please, master I’ll take care of it I’ll talk to the supermarket director Another beer! I’ve had enough – Madam, I’d like to eat something – I’ll be right with you What about Tada, did he stop practicing? And Kagawa? I heard he criticized you That’s nothing Hostility among young people is a form of friendship In society it’s different If we could settle problems with sports duels everything would be easier You see, sword is a matter of hands One hand to hold it tight and another to support it The left hand is grabbing an umbrella The other is grabbing an egg It’s your hands that give life to this piece of bamboo Yet another hands business! Pork coated with breadcrumbs! Only for him That’s his favorite meal Thank you – Help yourself quickly – Thank you Life is strange! Everything I learned during my 35 years of practice can come down this hands business Men only need to learn one thing in life Even a small thing is enough Longing for simplicity is wonderful I did the right choice with kendo Mibu! Go ahead! One more strike

You’re progressing, Mibu Take off your armors! Fall in! That’s good, thank you How to know what the face under the skin is hiding? I don’t know Every fencer should know it It’s explained in Hagakure 10th volume First, you have to cut the face in a cross pattern and piss on it, then rub it with your sandals, the skin will come off easily It looks fun. I’ll try someday Don’t pick a too thick area It could fail Hello – What would you like? – Four coffees Keimei uninveristy has a good kendo club My sister’s boyfriend is studying there He took me there once What did you see? They hired two high level masters It’s an important club Quite natural, they’re very rich They can afford two masters The former pupils are financing Our intensive training will make the difference This band of thugs again! What are they doing? They’re sitting in front of the bog to bug the girls who go in Watch How does it feel? – It took you a long time – Did you do a big pooh? Your skirt is stained! It’s shameful! I can’t believe it! We have to do something Let’s move A real farts cannon! Do you feel better? I’m Kokubu of the kendo club You’re a disgrace to our university Make room There’s some over there Exactly, you go there Hurry, get up Move! This way

Here Come – The fucking asshole! – Shit! What do we do? Nothing we can do – Do we go outside together? – It’s embarrassing Fucking shit Why don’t you go ahead? I don’t want to Sorry! Kokubu! You’re great! But you’re scaring me The other day you were about to kill the pigeon Imbecile! I know why you wanted to kill this injured pigeon You couldn’t stand its futile relentlessness to live When it came back looking for your help it looked pitiful to your eyes I’m ashamed that I wanted to kill it It doesn’t matter anymore I took it back to the dovecote But it died anyway Is it dead? I find you attractive This straining within you There’s a party tonight Are you coming? I’ll be waiting for you Doesn’t your captain like to dance? Do you know Kokubu? I invited him But will he come? Probably not He only likes kendo He doesn’t care about women He stood you up It probably doesn’t happen to you very often Did he stand me up? Charming Kokubu I’d like to see that Wanna bet? If you want. But you’ll loose When you’re facing a superior opponent with an impenetrable guard, do you happen to feel like standing at the edge of the abyss? Yes With our master for example But I see him more like a transparent pyramid A pyramid? Whatever my angle of attack I can only see one side I can’t find any weakness I feel lost He’s gracefully stretching like a cat when I face him I didn’t know that Captain Kokubu Do you want to have children? Children? I never thought about it But you will some day We come to life, we die It’s a perpetual renewal How boring! Did you come up with it? Or did you read it in a book? No, it came up just like that Don’t think about the future You’re still young – But I have hope – Me too But I dislike triviality Triviality? Is thinking about the future trivial? Yes So what’s your goal in life?

Satisfaction of the present The sword and nothing else I only think about victory at the national championship Everything else is futile Do you understand? Yes, I’m trying I won’t think about the future anymore Captain I want to become strong like you You need to practice a lot for that That’s the only way Those supermarkets! We can find everything there But our work is dull That’s how we like it We would loose concentration with an intellectual job Eri gave me this letter for you It’s urgent Do you know her? Mr. Kokubu! The director wants to see you Look at this! “When the sun is shining on the sea “I’m think about you “When the moon is lighting the spring “I’m think about you” – A love letter? – No, Goethe “I’m think about you”? A student smoked at work They’re only allowed to smoke in the restroom It’s a serious breach of the rules Imagine if a fire started in the warehouse! Who smoked? Kagawa There are inflammable products here Be more careful Our master recommended us to the supermarket We dishonored him Without him, no more job next year And no job means no training course! Kagawa! Come here Why did you break the rules? I forgot You let him do it? Kagawa, I give you a reprimand 40 minutes facing the wall! Prepare yourselves Jump! Stretch! Over! On guard! Fifty strikes! Kagawa, it’s over

I won’t go to the training course and to the championship Kokubu puts too much pressure on us I can’t follow him anymore It looks like there’s a running battle going on I want him to admit his faults You’ll embarrass him if you withdraw Kokubu burns all his energy to win But his dream is blurring his mind It’s youth We have the same age! You’re more grown up But after punishing you in front of all the cadets, did Kokubu say something comforting? No For example, he could have said: “It was to maintain discipline No ill will.” Didn’t he do it? He didn’t say a word He just smiled A smile? Kokubu is like that So he didn’t tell you anything It was an arrogant smile I doubt it When he’s showing his lack of concern for banality, he has this beautiful smile It’s not contempt, far from it It’s a well calculated smile It’s arrogance The problem is complicated It’s not good for the club I’ll talk to Kokubu So wait a little bit We’ll loose the championship without you I have a liking for him He should reconsider his behavior! I’m afraid your mistrust might reinforce his belief that he’s surrounded by cowards Kokubu? It’s me, Kagawa Can we meet? I’m inviting you to my house I want to talk to you I’m coming KAGAWA Where is Kagawa? He just left Wait for him Did you read my letter? Shouldn’t have I done it? I was embarrassed I’m the one who asked Kagawa to tell you to come I wanted to talk to you Stay with me for a little while You’re a coward – A coward? – Yes

Are you afraid of me? Do you hate me? Listen to me at least That’s important You never know That’s enough! You’re staying here Kiss me if you want You’re cruel You’re harsh with me You’re harder than I am I think I lost Right now I only think about the championship Shall we dance? Tell me what happened Tell me He’s a normal man after all You’re all the same I won the bet I charmed him Really? I asked him for a dance He refused So I wiggled in front of him Then I lied down on the bed He came immediately and held me against him He was shaking a little at first His breathing quickened And he kissed me Kokubu? Yes. Ardently! He was kissing me and saying: “I love you, I love you…” Then what happened? I’m surprised Don’t you believe me? Listen to the rest After kissing me everywhere, he put his hand under my skirt Kokubu did that? He’s a novice He couldn’t control himself Was he nervous? Who knows Anyway, it was my first time So he’s an impostor He’s playing the hero with a pure heart But he finally went wild! It must stay between us of course – Because I’m regretting it – Why? He was disappointing It’s the proof you have an irresistible charm Now Kokubu knows he’s normal We’re even! I’ll defeat him I’ll defeat him! Sleep well. We’ve got some serious training tomorrow

Swimming is forbidden Because it’s an all-round sport that will exhaust your body Don’t swim during breaks Forget the sea in front of you! Endure the heat! The weak will reveal themselves by looking at the sea I picked this place on purpose The strain of the practice will inhibit your appetite for three days So you’d better eat a lot tonight Especially the cadets But don’t worry Your appetite will come back in four days We’re here to endure pain, not to have fun Don’t forget it Get up! Good morning! Hurry up! One half will have a wash The other half will clean the room Don’t waste time Mibu! Open the shutters! 3 km warm up Left, left! Come on, buck up! Stretch!

You can do better Flex, stretch! Take your swords! Concentrate! Arms outstretched! Listen to the advice of an elder Put less pressure on the cadets Give them a few minutes to relax They’re not kids They will discover a unique feeling once they reach a state of utter exhaustion Higher, the bottom! Higher! Five minutes break! Come back! Masks! Enjoy your meal Cadets will resume training after dinner

Eat. Force yourselves I’m a bad cook Not at all Exhaustion inhibits their appetite It happens a lot during a training course – Kokubu said it – What? Our appetite is back I have faith It’s harder than I was expecting It’s only the 7th day You haven’t seen it all yet You’re talking like the captain Really? But his smile is more beautiful I’m disappointed No one is sick? Great. This course is promising Tomorrow we’ll start the second week We’ll start practical training and proficiency course Good luck I got a telegram from the master He’s coming tomorrow He can’t come here on his own I’ll go get him with Yokoyama and Murata He will probably bring a bag full of provisions We’re burning with The blood of youth We’re carrying The fire of glory It is endlessly stirred up By the forest of our ideal Hello guys! I come to cheer you on I brought parcels for you Thank you Help yourselves I love this rustic place I could stay for a swim Eri, I want you to leave Why? Am I bothering you? We’re training hard Do you understand? That’s you alright Don’t worry I had planned to leave soon I only wanted to see you Good luck Invite me to celebrate the victory You’re leaving already? – Stay a little longer – Come on! Thank you! But I have to visit a friend Fall in! Hurry up Come on! Are you in love with him? I’m sure nothing happened between them Think what you want Why do you say that? Because Kokubu hasn’t changed So, you’re still not equal

You’re still behind him Win the championship! Good luck! What heat! It’s unbearable! Only two days left Hey guys! What about a swim? Without Kokubu’s permission? The ship will be late No one will see us Water is in front of us! It can only do us some good I can assure you I know you want to swim Are you so scared of Kokubu? I’ll tell you something You think Kokubu is a god But he’s a man, just like us His asceticism, it’s full of shit He put his hand under Eri’s skirt That’s Kokubu’s real face That’s why he chased her away Are you sure? He has no right to lecture us! Hasn’t he? You’re right Let’s go – Let’s swim – To the water! I don’t have swimming trunks Swim with your briefs It’s the country here Hurry up! What’s going on, Mibu? I’m staying here As you wish I want to bring Kokubu back to reality He must learn to manage the unexpected Remember that you’re not Kokubu You’re yourself Let’s go! Hello! Here – It’s for you – Thank you – Is everyobdy fine? – Yes

– No sick person? – No Are you going to the temple? Get in. I’m going there – Shall we get in? There’s 1 km left – Ok Thank you sir Thank you No worry They’re only swimming No Something is broken It’s irreversible The master has arrived! Already? – What are you doing? – I swam with you Mibu! I couldn’t stop you We’re all responsible It would be weak of me to play the model pupil I’d rather die than showing myself like that in front of Kukubu What kind of training course is it? Swimming? Did you allow them to do it? I had forbidden them I’m responsible. Forgive me It’s me Why? I thought They would like it Is that so? Kagawa, go back to Tokyo immediately

That’s an order I’m taking care of everything with Kokubu. Don’t worry But you’re not exempted of championship Don’t forget it Until then, do some exercices to keep in shape Anyway, go back! Yes, I’m leaving All of you, get dressed Mibu? Tell me, Mibu Did you swim with the others? Yes Really? Yes You too I’m proud of you You’ve been transformed after only ten days of training Effort shows on your bodies I’m sure of our victory Are you, master? But more importantly, don’t slack after the training course How to keep your condition? Think about it individually Now let’s have a toast Well Cheers! Wake up! Kokubu disappeared! Kokubu! Where are you? He’s dead

Kokubu is dead! It’s the journal Kokubu was keeping during the training course There’s nothing in it looking like a testament But he recorded his feelings in writing before his suicide August 30th The day of my arrival The day when you went for a swim He doesn’t mention it in his journal He only wrote at the end: “I don’t know how to be in charge “One has to be strong and upright, or commit suicide “There is no other option.” I’d never have believed he would commit suicide He was so strong Why did he give up? And so easily? Kagawa, you’re the one who gave up When you talked about Kokubu and me Even so you knew You knew I was bluffing! To tell the truth, he never touched me I was nothing to him But I loved him! Kokubu didn’t give up By killing himself, he wanted to save his uprightness and his strength I’m the one who lost He went too far, I’ll never surpass him I’m ashamed I wanted to become as strong as Kokubu But finally Finally No one ever understood Kokubu Not even me Kokubu lived in simplicity It was his ideal Why did we lead him to his death? Why didn’t we understand him? Shame on us THE END