Tutorial – Hand Painted Textures in Blender

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Tutorial – Hand Painted Textures in Blender

okay as you can see you can add more texture it’s which gives me this it’s still a hard

edge it’s a lot cleaner on the other brush that I want totally the opposite another thing to be aware of presets color picker is actually not a global setting it’s per preset each preset will have its own color and then you know a darker value maybe so I select it on the color picker smoother transition sometimes you can pick your way out of it and just to make sure based on your projection it’s change the blending mode keep the values the same since these are going to be the same I instead I just try to work the whole

thing at once and just kind of refine the detail all at the same time I find it a little bit more efficient it’s a pretty common workflow you can see that there’s a face pointing almost straight up the flight was coming down you you you the corners of you you know and the weakest points on things is usually the edges and so it chips away pieces and exposes new material you you you

you you you let’s let’s just do some color variation stuff style choice I use I tend to go for more analogous color schemes I guess means on a color wheel the colors are close to each other happens in nature a lot if you see like grass the grass will be green the shadows is from the reflection of the blue sky and there’s a look you

another thing you can do here is actually use texture brushes I’m just you know keeping it simple and sticking it around its focus more on the brushes than than the actual art aspect color is almost like an illusion different animals see different amounts of color you apologies for these gaps I just throw on a podcast or something and just paint away but it’s actually interesting it’s a thing in art the most daunting thing is a paper to oops the color you

you you so this is kind of like the reason I work on the whole thing you you you you you you you you

you you you you you you you just do easy it’s easy enough you really brings it all together where it doesn’t look like random scribbles like this stuff does kind of a polished you

I don’t want to crazy you you you you you you

I’m just going to use this masking you and I just