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English Grammar | Aldarayn Academy | lecture 33

Lana Oh oh I see Leslie send our money go up to lago de quito el salto de llamar la senda holiday hustle solar listen my seven Koopa ya es una dama de la Haine so to sit on signal on my gosh sounds like nine and all that and I will and according and Isaiah and I gotta sit there and let us keep the hinterland here take it in the hustle can be serves of ko-ro-ba said handle any bubbles to love the dr mahathir not balanced profit is it a lady here hey Ozzie Lipton Mahalo inshallah some marshmallow him mo daw Nando the grammar mo daw muna hella flops in what okay Oh mode or a countable and uncountable nouns LS my a little while well as morality let what ok amor doce y anymore dhanush where keep a set a unaccountable own journey uncountable noun 1 icon ceramic hollow block it nanoscience essentially a countable noun noun that you can count yes Matilda tidal altitude a pilgrim I’m Emily uncountable noun in its melody Lahad noun as you can t count it ok not assoc ani as well which has no plural nice Allahu governor NS malayalam am accountable own is milkman ok in stylish mogu gandhi kollegah ma Willy well there’s some huddled Elvis and one in Moldova countable and uncountable known ok and slide it in hey the difference between countable and uncountable nouns and fat F in a less maybe that will swing the deal a while okay hey over the telephone haha countable nouns let’s make a let it ride can be corrupted local talks about wiped out of ma ze mesulam z book click app walking on a book a one-book get my head monk an old toolbox three bucks five bucks ok spb tad movie by gamma as a a lot of boxes k theorem in elko to today s movie that the Alamo Frodo gamma Molly console.log naked give a countable nouns this will be that overlies leb Kalugin on Omaha who can all my added minimum where is countable nouns amoeba alas man and he let world cannot count it cannot be counted neo konami to add the auto-ship their economic news of bore the name evening Lizzy al-assad ok see a smurf Alouette and what my inner tried googling greasy LA pod and if you look at any layer drives a yahoo are you all are aware before Mahalo ok I’m a colonial easier time professionally and use or one news Oh mesulam to news yeah this may want to freedom’s know in fashion with freedom

to add key only and a blow all of you for new yamaha me yet Norling it is here later on and then forgetting the only hand singular forms okay evil as molecular time the Amon ll up shut him up front ya know for the amon and are followed by singular verbs where da hah a fine no problem can’t drive a mamita no food ok no for Damon bear in mind listen run a hotel know that there are announced naked ass man which are countable and other language bit kune do I’d be fluent but i cant even english latina that waddling Lizzy PS my type de florette Aloha zelo al arabiya but encounter English lake in l.a tried before a link busy and vice versa of an axe but if you can help loading Lizzie at One Flew vatta nila yaad when in doubt number handy shake Phyllis leader and motionless with our double I want you should always consult a dictionary that’s the ship a Omega live com oops dictionary now this may be God oh it’s me later on so I countable uncountable many from installation come on let’s move it had to be there wilkinson even look two feet hard to see you want to demo k the moon cuisine have to see ya countable test me want okay unless manatee there are different combos be versatile me so I’ll check low Miroku same you see uncountable miss Miller you want love haryana incomes leave a comment of an English age same as an ox for the long green I would stir okay give a lot of lace with every time you are doubly hard Linda Thomas is a every nice we of Sheila legal and institutional como Swedish mascara young vamoose however certain kinds of loans widely no one on one mo en unless men are usually countable or uncountable and a Smith impractical miss my dad Johanna be wonderful to a little odd and m-fer gether with alpha keita you are what everyone diff let’s see what this is all on a subsea up in boone de ella back to Buffy or hazard a non-action goon okay Omar Devon d s me what a smear their pod hmmm bahaha Louis cottages mega the commons if we want wat a nameless man the team she que de Aquila device new head west minivan Alice epsiode pagan ok well fair again unless me a little tired the difference between countable and uncountable nouns and shoot the above em cena s might let it rot well as morality lat want and the countable nouns uncountable nouns all fish when I speak about specific kind of fishes so ok when we killing are normally I’m in the Semak ok Andy countable uncountable nouns as my blood well at what should have countable nouns smear yeah let it work announce that you can count it ok can we count it you can tell italia z nestled on a teacher a teacher a child a welding gulyas madrid kaylee a person’s teacher doctors child windows to the window vendors ok hey anyone’s smell high on it I would huh sure all the cockroach cook what channel is so sore co-coach an elephant wha cockroach an elephant okay glance limited a posh a lily three good and wine levitate what is a vile physical objects le chien whaddya see a bag up in

mountain mountain a smelly belly a Gamorrean Aphrodite and evil eunuchs in her head well that was me who and where will exit they allege electro letterman a kind of normal kind of Noah had moon all three kinds four kinds of three letters four letters a part of whose even new clothes three parts of so let’s examine family paella or families eyelid a village of villages a word words okay ebuddy ask me Todd honey nikolina laurel four check again how to match Moon Moon canal Maya oh the day observing Weidman took mine LOL uncountable nouns let’s me a little network they abstract ideas hey let’s lay moga roll out of Cornwall the last man latina Sarah hey she made the male moose okay say hello it’s me mano e turn place a lovely a she substance meadow I can object this memory over I’m thickness this L mode this manner we fear and how Beauty calidius may lakad lenee lets me remove the water run away hey gases resent cool as I said wad Jamison smoke here prostitution steam precision 2015 steam and haul ass smile let one likes a Legum mother shall light a little about ham solicit my gosh II it away with more liquid yummy ass away let hot liquids so I’d become URL at one say water milk whiskey blood okay give me a mosh revolt led tea coffee NASA lemon juice calidius my network maquina de Bercy be equal na e say e colima because there’s a mess L&T I will a cup of tea love except she Attila masa nodded in a queer alpha naheen Indian che la douceur de la jolla Kelly’s in wahiawa Damaja por salir hasta bill kill me Andy Barr ASAP and the materials in order him mother him get what they would I am or textile cream it’s mah glai let one tick style nor less than a cig okay hey cotton quilt es mellotron floor okay Oh st could be a smelly pod can we get a lash Elias I’m gonna get them they messin I’m sugar sugar price sand gunpowder kick-ass macula hey let up know Smith yeah pigma ok this is crawl hammer and as a good then little yatta he evolved in model mayhem a suit great mm okay I would pressured or helmet or maneje let the hem of hammer Oh madinah fees hello same Oh Madame Schirmer model in the

fees okay hello him a wheel al-madinah feast with another new fees okay textile muslimah sig clean dreama ghoulia and what Hamlet one a female substance Elliot a koala accessory on many small particles exert with a yet Zahira they sugar Soaker nephesh to be Muslim bajar de taille undressing you are tricking me all three kilos of sugar rice same only man gunpowder young brother Varun okay it has melody that one evil shall we then have any last minute what do you homo from the emphatic I am in faster the lava come on i added me ok mls melody let one here most of the even when I am King your mother you can yet they count it or to eat a plural form you can begin again and also let what so time anomaly in most of the Amon G del forgiven homebody and sailor she is subsonic home nigga valley nouns with countable and uncountable meanings can we take a style like I was gonna sink fixed I’ll style has gonna see anything I was gonna sleep ok and it is man be cool monaghan forgot my plant we could another one good pay me a boon at any 11th ok hey certaine now’s a slam oreana have both countable and uncountable needs and es la mañana we could man you had the manner they want tourmaline onion or rather we should say that these nouns are dominance homonyms yani me enough sashay clip a safe delivery man the dominance know if generally cornell a message thus it man knee-length okay same for with the front meanings nap Cishek octavia Finland we are one meaning expresses accountable lana ly lebron is new on the other end and comfortable concept hola ha ha and nana layin on whom she they want ze massillon hello nigga woman countable meeting well I’ve countable meaning on chloramine here countable uncountable meaning the morning Sam I need an iron to press my trousers and I can it lion-o iron banner hammock where and I taking em qua ah mckay a qui vont alone I’m gonna steal des middle o made from iron or iron NM i’m a hot eat and a collection on a given a little cumin I’m acquire okay we owe our diet I’m gonna iron the notion of sums of tequila and let the hands on my god ok let’s eat turkey or laughs it off well I can run a motel if Tiffany ba ni RPM and I want let me know my grandma raised chickens Annie khodeti Toby today then I’m also got that is high 11 i def will be hiding libyan well be delicate although forehead and shrink acha jee in a chocolate cookie hi animal be we went to add ID lake in hanoi over here chicken or turkey alto fumble chicken flesh chanel flap a mafia muhammara or Dracula teeth taken i would likely have said hey Tom they let what be a colossal burger we are higher to our daddy helluva chicken elect lambs opt out tom let what

I let’s see the whole okay hello I rolling rolling stone gathers no moss rolling soon they know a hugger Eddie Eddie and hunger can move over out the ailing gathers no moss yeah Agamar mostly a little holiday hey can I have that work I’ve also had no hug am I really odd okay like in the mall I need some stone walaikum Salam o to overheat the Moga Sarah I need some stool so this stone an elite body dorina lagasse fan go in a little village called ammonia go yellow onion then allah god I’m nothing odd or even elephant in about suit color oh no Marina hello a rolling stone holiday Eddie a manner I need some stool with bahadur shah system hey Gorga given a heart in the middle insulin 100 anniversary his old yeah kafka david had two on Hannah kinetic musically terminal and our method stone in the middle of the Moon left and OGG henna film toss off the hotel amana i’ll never let me be season 10 vinegary creek and have you like the name another would then i had ever in a 11 he don’t seem impossible level pasa fee and Abed left a note oh great amana the oil wound LuAnn hi hoon agar per million of shell smile awesome and I’ll hasn’t go and ask my no way then in highest Melvin was like he’d been surfing huh and so far on women and what’s out there even when hanging schmood a felon in an airhead okay and as a wood manner and lever gener- a man I’d ever took my honey in the middle middle Muhammad Asif she was tall joseph in the middle of filming us off if he wasn’t a man ever all the discs Cullen michetti in here no Bologna are made of wood must know i’m in a session an amana have met the hamlet what okay even if amanda has ever would Todd would in a blonde Akasha let the hem net1 a glass and he also juice good you know I’ll see you please no summer and last hanumana cocoon Oh to add all three glasses for glasses a buck with Amina the last doesn’t conduct electricity bill and when I as you big commit the hemming 11th is Greg in a glass glass dudek even a minor good plus to add countin uncountable bagless jugak 11 yes doesn’t conduct electricity well as work there a wheel muscle we can hobble a hidden conduct any washing lettuce is vaguely corolla hidden in the magic egg or possibly when it is over gamitin another duffy who need a coffee and non-technical immaculate I’d be like Indiana so you can a man ham we will then we’ll go I’m gonna lies why Jake I also did watch a a one-finger how cool is optical shallow lake and metcalf it i dinna know so that we can know each

animal EA a cup of coffee a cup of coffee fingernail I want a coffee may I want a cup of coffee and I hit hard muscled laughing again okay babe and I want some coffee want some coffee get bored and power Heisey one never knows when a loved one hey girly Leah same okay eliahu kookaburra finger and Vicki’s or kiss ever okay it’s been a day one k bar even an ass man in little far Kevin countable confirm uncountable best with difference or different a meaning tell if a film on okay miss filmer here Guffey some coffee science is anemia Oh a caffee um a coffee inner lemma 2 and then ever and then I shall ever and i bowl a coffee on your head ever the Animus any LOL sandy please eh i would like a coffee and i will do a mushroom a coffee one hand at home in a team on our way mojada in a multi-layer then also dynamesh by de la jolla a coffee on my head ever and also dinner fingernail how could Beit now look again I I want some coffee oh you darling kaho na seganus a light haggis drama and then mushroom L&I Smosh rubik allow them all a caffeine enema and also train game in Game it out look in the morn some coffee iced vovo show Valero hello matsutake mushroom okay they a tea some tea modernism atyani I want a tea and eyes like a chain and also then I could be chained like an I want some tea will it bother sherry unhappy a che mushroom shape all I know is a short leash a okay unlivable do if he asked me what well Anna taught three elective ities tellin shooter Omar familiar 11 on shuttle at wadi musa here I’m tacoma pivot rod can we sell him he shoots Maserati I had an interesting salt in a thought manager forum chic lower Helen she hella off TV and a handy Vikram I had an interesting thought nada here Vikram Oh yet alaya vikram jiiva m’s yesterday an offical at one another a stern result in fictional VAR b in atlanta fig i tolerated left ear es muy google won’t let me come from and I never cut Divya so I’m looking in eastern so the Western thought in and quickly Shelley offical Barbie Noah NY lets me and let hehe that what the smell no no anomalous Mariana we will obstruct meaning gamma gamma eastern thought and quickly show you how fickle volley is correct cries it by is characterized by the onion passive oh it does he’ll be dualism dualism Anna at least Joey please do a dualism okay even in advance vikram bhatt Vikram I in heaven will figure of a little turf kill net one under the other three mmmwah I’m awfully about that one taking a more masculine Joanie good a basketball journey hustle Hannah cool it’s Ella in Los unguarded

cool to 70 Chevelle Korolev say the Unicode cellular Cora must wanna go again the most Molly for Christmas Serie A 18-minute in a basket moon a basketball no sukima shabbos quarter column a good seller acquainted oh la la in a way I’m also beer in cola love Sarah then take in Illinois basketball court is seller is played by teams of five colada for you to come on you can say no more superior evil at one level when you come on and on the other previously odd a bit cool la and today we haggle never happy here no signal contoured okay niji will Ilana a mister mister bit plans a business less of it runs a business setting recyclable divers and a business I man why am I man who had that mr. bit you did Amon must be inner I’m a haunted ego ceiling recyclable divers mushroom why you know in a comment homage or more hanky that 10 ceiling bbae recyclable divers divers maneje followed two Bibles former a half followed recyclable no you can edit osmium and a businessman p diddy sugar marina Oh mushroom or another business is living these days okay Hannah ll Melamed later part business is leaving this needs okay in a bizarre method Muhammad guests leaving la luz de hell thanksgiving it’s thriving who’s there as he in am who’s there omega papazilla well I melamed know where is just just a word no war is that just one hey now i’ma go what hub I’m our community hey no war play sonic a Monica Oh hard when i am wan-chi goro can definitely I’m mahina the mall i have just read a part war and peace on harmon madam Ishmael subarashii gorla and harbor McHale at one I’m harmless LM by Tolstoy I read war and peace michael Stone Karate Kid Abe all the way can harvest ln normal if a tombstone a my literature professors the kids k and co dot did I will have I usually get their names ah but it is more from Shakespeare’s works she’d Spears works how can it works not how male and avail works man I’m an Adobe oh I’m llm even Emily chick speed Oh works omelly the vehicle u alaikum Salam Halabi get ok when works to ba yan a melody another how was work today how was work today keifa hyland Hammond a young ok if you can handle hamid / channel on in available an animal or mckenna hamid as

the shoulders of armor Oh Michael Hamilton it’s me they want key works I’m a little bigger ok Tevye been aware kit mcanalovin I will have a low moment Oh showed up so far sub skill he base me later on kiama leave Elizabeth on oh whatever Todd do lent want abstract notions he loved core Oh Manny in gerado Rhiannon he barely Alana hardly a man they want ok the Mormon this point this this boy has a holiday a real hint is a real help around the house kina Masada Oh Wayne oh oh and hey okay holy man Susannah hell masala Todd keep calm and cheap clean and muscle be a woman a hugger mornin lookin vellum aioli I need some help he’d bought new Shahada to finish this is he as a metallic kiddo oh we are delayed pousada I need some help in oven we bought Masada to finish this is he okay and he has a lock on okay some help with my dad d Anna Masada Oh woman lat want l’amour de language and the bed a can become know Cain and Hosmer extinct extinct it moncada extinct volcano what if TV globo de la toma chemical very delicate Orville wait mosselbay a look at what I’m a bad language language and lava as a human instinct Yuri’s aphelion send Alou are making a lover here is a Phil insane ok air language you know so beyond directly lobby I English French Spanish okay the language you are met and el calor mph a more holistic una medalla below Clara s minus one okay and the moment those PA those apples with apples Adele Curtis ahead are real beauties given a sheer gamelon beauties banana share yamila tentative mushiya jameelah real boots she’ll get the shame in hey okay I’m available beauty in German beauty is in the in the eye of the beholder beauty Anna and also be a gay man or woman in gmail com woman kiss me no no I’ll give it behind another him beauty is in the eye of the beholder it’s always good to do small kindnesses LOL a shade employee and the boom pod ah la share a lot of ability can watch the holder Monahan nozzle Oh chef celine dion’s oh she mostly know a nose ring adesola remember Annie nozzle shuts yawns ooh I’ll the

heck of dueling MLP I nozzoli ok an evil time mrs. dinner do small kindness the Pooh Muhammad a sheer toy gyro p in a kindnesses for each other yani a shelter even Mario Fellini Amelie multi-story vanassa Gangnam optics to you to add I ID in at one I thanked here inertia car door for her kindness a la hora de nuit a large sheet memorial I want clicking in a mortgage so you will walk far too okay the play was a success and the plague was a success success get you i’m in the air jeanette nigga Mayan mesaje aquel it again hello Johnny nigga and add a pod make up my own family nigga I can accom it let me go success in and get home woman may get home movement is often only the result of hard work Oh deliver my hakuna ticket and I’m it again can you get home home in here nickie nina I’m a hugger like nigga oh man why a mega mega ohm and I got a ticket to nominate and that been linked in and I get well again we’re gonna dig it and how many kids okay the last minute now of course a mover la la la tee time you miss me p I have some Lana very wise blood all I want anyway invalid loyal vassal FC Victor Kim Phil hope hey people the play was a success the play was a succession in Moscow hiya canít mega ohm and Hagar chemically nigga i needa me yeah my alley yeah hanumana sheet nigga hi your next appointment hygienic huh Oh looking in and I got home omen banana and I’m you can hear me gasps Ohio Norman a nigga a success so how’d you get it nigga minutes bin nigga where hello makini almost ready to go Goomer yeah okay to add a man a nigga you so hung over on ahead on race me they want okay extinct one among current extinct oh maybe I will kill you I’ll ever can hear it extinct volcano or can hem it more quiet or famine extinct animal I almond colored extinct volcano no came here it has to be a man okay instinct wanna holla Riza instinct the reason she read easy feel insane hi Kailyn said it will it be okay I’ll shave it alone in st. Nativity in the reason okay hey I walk in wrist has a winner got a camel store come as a lyga me Kevin okay valleys nuku from Isaiah nigga you can early fuzzy so I’m like one block and organic amicus attorney Mahama canon canon held accountable Len countable nouns a ducati trial emotions

and emphatic then lets me a lift on button says outsole SS I’ll show ok hey Anna bit above going but where the deaf community Nia is lay odds n chupke missin in the material fish counter Nene and economic where is very enough enumerator colored Oh share little la que l’amour national and now well end some of my words but in a manner a sheer luck lippa she officially knee and then I get between linear and henna till I can’t oh now LeeAnn Attila young homo can’t even move on more sheer to rock t 0 a che ogni ironical column in M&A a share my aunt Shalini L 0 min holee a share with more near vienna about the project and much more in a client in a countable now obsolete accountable meaning in man I lezzie you want and i worry i’ll pull up on women worry i’ll call a cool moment is usually a destructive emotion access entirely had them destructive at them motion an Access outside ok and I man woman in a smelly odd uncountable meaning running in a hand comfortable making bear where is panorama health our share till it in a dogma where is in a weary of color Lucifer I’m is usually a destructive emotion okay and even I can meet love love maneje your hype domina hub okay with a Samana we click in the malayan hannah jeffrey was torn between two loves in a Joffrey math automobile to loves hot babe ocean st. head bomb when an Masucci in with her bomb to lots then we would have never been more in two loves okay whenever I love and hugs afam all you need is love cuyama dirty girl power at home love in a hobby farm the given he loves energy aimed at head bone i shall sing with her bone two loves okay hey Angela Gilliam it fear fear mana and south lake in hela I have a fear linnea che you free Shanahan haggar the show of Sheila peace I fear I have a fear that is all swim in sea lion and the holes that the party will be a sailor Annette hafla to go on she session nashua help 00 and Andy for flag okay if you cheat why I n okay like in Hannah lemonis on aristotle’s I still comes the lower artist others to China so far s2 and students definition of catharsis is based on experiencing a pity and fear another see our stop they taught here in AppScan the catharsis not here and nerves out 10 feet similarly it can piss out of here in laughs I’ve seen others to hidden fees hidden fees alpha 3 maps is based on Polamalu experiencing the tea I’ll or be the Arab BTW push and the fear for health and hope for a

moment in the fall in a manner and freesias of Musa farm ok I’m hannover affair hopefully chimoy and economical so far lay one ok and if i can get home oh nana hell m.l.k let me give a Lumina there are hopes and then a men on finding remedy and make it bare leg for your disease the monologue ml Hannah thought the more than and EMS I’m aware it then hire let the man and I hope stigma with a cool brother Gianni make it to me plural or singular this move otherwise gamma Todd click in hannover hope lmll woman hope dies last hope LML a cashier lady at a method hair lemon juice a farm Laird okay halibut pleasure remedy Lana her leg of the way really be okay remedy a pleasure pleasure maneje Sahara out soon the measure from guna it’s a pleasure it’s a pleasure and now the shea on saw you know a pleasure manner haggar sided saw a washes sorella to have met with you and Bobby let you get a hug a bus get a suit over gamma suits get over not sure no you come in and it’s a pleasure it’s a pleasure you wanna shake also I Ornelas sorry here in the leveled a pleasure normal a shame on soft rattling ominous its own ego labor that finds lead pleasure in nursing death take it outside cameo pin system latina saddle sue I’m nothin a suit hola hey amar violation is it get the Negev a lie honey if you need to be Oh Tandy and as Boing this wine in elevator shadow Zuma hot can it’ll cut Iggy natives ok and it is Tanith get a cut above data in this door well then I banish it and handle them okay hey Kara a little fellow marine and a smile emotions the vinegar if you could always be open on a hanger exelon yes I’d get them in an am on dementia did the name Omaha Thorfinn doing inside given another part of Khalid Abu Dhabi later if you go man it’s a pleasure play great pleasure not be negative should be on yellow okayama ob- is equal in the planning I’ll hands on Helga yield we gonna fit here because you fear where the Yemeni nest ania Tandang vanilla whenever it Wanda today i ll in the Citadel in wet navin palamon bhavana Russian livery a nobody

could only mean ever been able Deitrick ananya chiama anillo de Velde emotions limited a countable meaning one countable you did a what it’s arash arash already shall initial incision a second question initially very soul lenello commit a hood what minibus elevator who’s the nature and robbery verbs in an awesome dinner akela metal mojadita latina ass man one quality let one to Angelina lyrical okayama vinegar is a hell Oakland cannula chonga little water then i will call about little morsel shangela bismillahir genre mizanin fishy of law a tarantula and communism she is Tucson llamo es la steps or is alexey benera typically uh no omocha still avocados or people back together Mahalo namitha the set commode algun inshallah then you bring Ashley and Neffe mocha no Stella suddenly elephant goon a long walk alone Elohim oppa mo Gouda and Chavo give oh ha ha ha ha go to custody ok dr. Hodgins given a lot like ooh la la no I mean a lot angel giver yeah ugh when English grammar picture 1 lecture two people a hard one Susan now i’m rockin language grammar big good in lenguin the translation no good oh and what it does Sally had a big oven and I’m only there because I live aggression women module then the mookyn Mohammad Karmal all the way ok I feel a few hold on the government a mulled wine cell communication skills with a hand a female a hint of Greta say no ha no social and highly the lack of the Latino algo malo de Tocqueville a deal or not which involve the immaterial awesome hot soapy drama ok machine but a punk era algun sure you can imagine with an agenda to the renovatio before mala in google also during the summer for Mandela English Lee ok nominated if you doing an eco she is returning until you know we are not smell fishy volatile because English way the global delana anglish way I will shame on google the hotel deal in the materials tutorials and I have a good album filigree also Moodle gu9 materials book english way no tamago layer film files and if you hover not good a vinegary chaco canyon de colca Narian yes a cinco and flagler OEM no

new telugu kanchana here in Salem mobile electrical systems / has undergone yard salam ala home to lower get so on