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Introduction to Biology

Hi all Dr. Clark here and for this video we’re really going to talk about an introduction to general biology as a course so if you’re watching this video because you’re just interested in general biology as a subject you’re not taking a course okay you can probably skip over this video unless you’re interested in you know learning ways to study for material learning how to take notes how to succeed in other courses I mean it might pertain to you but this really is geared for students who are taking general biology online through me or another instructor and you’re trying to kind of get a leg up on the course or competition or find ways at which you can succeed in that course all right so let’s kind of dive into it so this is an introduction and ways to succeed in the course first the required material for the course all right you need dr. Tatiana sex advice to all creation by Olivia Judson this is what I call a reader okay and that you’ll have quizzes over this weekly quizzes one chapter per week you’ll see in the task list on canvas you’ll see how that works when you’re in the course the other one piece is the lab manual that I wrote for the course okay you’ll need that and that coincides exactly with my youtube channel where it says you know biology general biology labs okay and I go through this entire lab manual a demo out the labs and you’ll need that information to succeed in the lab portion of the course the final one is you need a textbook of general biology now that doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy johnson’s living world ninth edition or any edition you know you have to buy a Johnson book you can just get a textbook a general biology textbook and it’s recommended that you have a general biology textbook I’m not requiring a general biology textbook but it’s recommended that you have one the reason for that is you need what I call a reference guide so if I say something in lecture and you’re confused you need another way to get that information you can re-watch my lecture video but it’s still going to be me saying the same information and if you’re still confused you need a way to look up that information the best way to do that is a biology textbook sure you can google it and you can find a lot of good information on the internet but you can also find a lot of information that’s not complete on the Internet or it might be slanted in one direction or another direction and it might it might be just even more confusing to google it or go to the internet and search it out then it would be for you to just open a textbook yeah you can get really cheap textbooks I mean heck you might even be able to get a free biology textbook there are free biology textbooks online you can just search free biology textbooks and you can get a PDF of an entire textbook now the problem with those often is a lot of times they have fewer examples they don’t have very good diagrams now I’m not speaking for all of them but they have not as good diagrams not as good of photographs and often they’re written written at a very low budget because those individuals who write that they’re just writing the information down and they’re giving it away for free the reason why these textbooks cost so much and so much money especially in the new ones is because the photographs are amazing the diagrams are high quality a lot of times there’s for examples a lot of times there’s practice quizzes or practice questions and things like that so you’re getting a little more from you know a published textbook versus a textbook that’s you know published online for free open-source kind of stuff okay but regardless get yourself a book okay and that goes for any course if you’re watching this and you know you’re not taking the JimBob course we were watching get yourself a textbook a reference material and use that when you’re

confused or when you have questions or maybe when you just want to learn more information about a subject use that material alright so with my courses and really with life in general there are two things that I think you should do when you’re trying to get information and take that information and convert it into knowledge there are two things that I really think are highly important the first one is take notes how you take notes is up to you students sometimes come to me and they’re like well you know I really don’t know how to take notes the only way you’re gonna learn how to take notes is by doing it I can’t tell you how I take notes and have that work for you it’s the same thing as soon as like hey I don’t know our study for any exam well I can tell you how I would study for the exam but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you because everybody’s a little bit different and note-taking it’s the same deal you know I don’t take very many notes I only take down things that are you know I find extremely important so I might watch an entire lecture and I’m literally might only write down ten things because that’s just the way my brain works those ten things would you know trigger me to remember the election are basically the word for word that’s that’s how my brain works for other people you need to write I have three scenes down included the commas hyphens and earlier that and then they need to memorize that material in order to get anything out of those notes if that’s you that’s why you can pause YouTube videos and that’s why you can put the closed captions on and you can look at the wording and everything like that you can just go through it yeah but there’s a couple things about taking notes I highly suggest that you take notes on everything that’s presented to you the lectures that are on YouTube take notes on the reading then you need to do for the course the required reading and the optional reading take notes on it the videos that are required for you to watch hey you know take notes on the labs so whether it’s a virtual lab or you’re sitting in my class and I’m writing on the board take notes on it that’s how you’re going to take information and go from just gaining a ton of information and applying it okay so you’re transferring it from information to knowledge and I’ll go through this in a second okay so that’s the first piece now some of you will take it the old-fashioned way pen and paper pencil paper some of you digital world okay type up your notes some of you maybe you’ll record them voice wise and then transcribe them I don’t care how you doing take notes the way it works for you if you can talk really fast typing if you have to write it out and then retype it in go for it okay again this is you know individually based second piece participate okay participation is key I mean it truly is key to doing anything well participate in the lectures if there’s material in the lecture you find extremely informative take that material and go further with it look up more information if I just skimmed over the top of something you’re like you know what that’s awesome that is so cool I need to find more find it that’s participation lad the same thing or maybe you don’t understand the material questioning ask questions send me an email give me a phone call give me a text find out the information to your questions as soon as possible okay don’t sit on it and then you know down the road when it’s test time say I had questions about that I didn’t understand that section what was too late now your your exams tomorrow it’s the day that you’re emailing me like I don’t understand no hole photosynthesis concept what do you why don’t you understand you gotta be specific if you don’t understand the term photosynthesis look it up if you don’t understand certain processes within photosynthesis okay let’s go through those processes you know that’s participation it’s just like you know when you’re a kid and maybe you were in different activities maybe you were in sports maybe you’re in band

maybe you’re in choir you know all these different activities ballet those kind things maybe we’re in these different activities and maybe you ting it’s our participate to the fullest maybe you sat on the bench maybe you didn’t get the leading role maybe you’re just a backup singer to you know the lead singer or anything like that if you’re not participating at a hundred percent I insure you you’re not getting 100% out of it and this really goes for anything in your life if you’re you know just gonna give it you know give it twenty five percent well that’s probably what you’re gonna get out of it is twenty five percent you give it up all you give it a hundred percent and you’re invested you’re probably gonna get a lot more out of it okay you’re gonna also enjoy it a lot more okay I look back on you know my childhood I say okay what sports did I sit the bench in what sports you know or what activities were you know did I not have a lead in it music played an instrument and I look back and I hate that instrument now and I hate band now the reason why is because I didn’t give it my all okay I only practice maybe two three times a week and even at that I didn’t practice very hard and I wasn’t trying out for the lead for that instrument and you know even when I did it was like Oh everybody else was better and I look at him oh you’re really good well they’re good because they practiced and I didn’t I didn’t participate I didn’t sink it in okay now I look back on I hated that I don’t want you to think of that when you think of biology I don’t want you to hate biology I want you to love biology I want you to look at it and say you know what biology is the study of life I’m alive everything is alive that I care about and I want to know things about those living things I want to know how they work I want to know how they evolve I want to know what’s going to happen to them as time progresses that you know will kind of give you that spark to take that to your next course or take that to your career or whatever it might be so it doesn’t really just have to do with you know being this kid I got the answer hey that’s great – I like that enthusiasm it can be at a different point you don’t even have to add ask a single question an entire class but if I say something interesting and in in a lecture and you say well you know what I’m gonna look up scientific information on that you know read about that because I’m interested in that’s still participation it’s not just about who can ask the most questions okay that’s not the role of participating participating is a lot more than just asking questions it’s being involved in the course alright so I always kind of give this little statement and most of you probably heard pieces of the statement before and I do this because there will be times in general biology that I will tell you things engine bio that you’ll be like what that’s not what grandma told me that’s not what my parents say that’s not what my next-door neighbor that’s not what my high school teacher said okay look I will give you the truth right I will give it to you based on facts based on scientific evidence I will give you the truth and the old saying is the truth will set you free and you know I gotta give a little caveat to that but first it may piss you off I’ll provide you the information based on scientific facts and it might go against what you’ve been taught before it might go against your political beliefs your religious beliefs in my go against what your previous instructor said no I can guarantee you this if you find a mistake if you think that I’m mistaken please show me the scientific evidence that says I’m wrong don’t show

me the political evidence that says I’m wrong now remember this is not a political course this is not a religious course this is not your mom and dad talking to you when you’re five years old at the zoo telling you that zebras only eat this this is not that kind of course this course is based on scientific evidence that pertains to this period of time that doesn’t mean it won’t change in the future it doesn’t mean that we know have but I’m gonna present to you what we know scientific evidence for certain subject material we go through lots of subject materials if you find scientific evidence that suggests something different please present it to me all evaluated and if it’s true I will make a video that you know changes my scientific view I don’t know all the science but I know a lot about biology I keep up on scientific evidence as much as possible so I can present things to you and other you know people across the world that is up to date it’s not I’m not presenting you material from the 1960s some of us from the 1960s because I wasn’t change but I’m presenting your material from today and you’ll see that a lot of those videos reflect that so the truth will set you free but first it might piss you off what’s the next thing let’s talk about procrastination and involvement in a course so the average American is 15 pounds overweight scientific evidence suggests average American 15 pounds overweight so hypothetically let’s say that you want to take a trip maybe it’s not December ok I just have December there it doesn’t matter when you want to take trip maybe you want for Spring Break in March maybe you want to take a trip to Hawaii and before you go because you want that beach bod you want to lose 15 pounds well there’s a lot of evidence that suggests well there are ways to do this ok there are ways that you can lose 15 pounds first of all you could starve yourself I don’t suggest that or you can workout and you can burn more energy than you take in that will make you lose weight there is no one no one in their right mind would suggest that if you burn more calories than you take in that you’re not going to lose weight that’s the purpose of wait wait is fat okay and if you burn more calories then you take in then you have to get that energy from somewhere and that would be fat now if you don’t have any fat that would be muscle and I don’t suggest that okay so again you want to lose 15 pounds so what can you do well for the three months prior to your vacation you could work out every day for you know 30 minutes a day whatever it takes okay and no this will be depend on where you’re starting right how many calories are you taking in a day hey you know how much overweight are you are you just like just 15 pounds or are you 50 pounds overweight okay where you start okay we’ll determine what you got to do okay but let’s say you work out everyday for three months yeah fifteen pounds you’ll lose 15 pounds let’s say you work out three times a week for three months well now you’re putting less effort in so you might be getting less out let’s say you procrastinate and say wow we got thirty days before we’re going on this vacation I better start working out well now maybe instead of getting to that 15 pound mark maybe you get that five pound mark studying is the exact same process it’s the exact same component you want to earn an A and your gen bio class study everyday put the work in study every day learn the material if you can’t study every day because you have other obligations chins and any or you don’t want to because Netflix or whatever is more

important than studying hey I’m not the one who’s taking this course it’s up to you and you only want to study three times a week okay well then odds are that you’re not going to get to that a mark okay now this is not equivalent okay I’m not saying if you study every day for three months you’re going to earn an A again this has to go back to where are you starting how are you starting off maybe this is your first science class that you’ve ever had to learn anything from your high school science classes maybe you just had to sit there and when they give you a worksheet all you had to do is open the book up write the answers in gave the worksheet back maybe your exams were open book all you had to do is look the material you actually didn’t learn anything okay that’s just regurgitating information anyone can do that anyone a monkey can do that and we know that okay a computer could pass that and they don’t have to learn anything all they have to do is record information you didn’t learn anything you’re just taking information and transferring it from one spot to another spot that’s not learning that’s not obtaining knowledge that’s why you take courses is to obtain knowledge not to obtain information information can be obtained by googling it okay there’s your information what you do what the information is is what’s important can you transfer that into knowledge and carry that with you to your next course to your career some of you might need to start at a lower level or you might be starting at a lower level and you might have to do that every day for three months to earn a B some of you might be starting at hey I took ap biology in class my instructor was awesome I didn’t study for the AP exam and I didn’t do that well on it but I learned a lot right so maybe the day before each quiz and exam gets you an A I’m not asking you where you start because I don’t know that but it’s the same thing as working out maybe you’re a super athlete and you just didn’t work out for you know six months and you let your body go and you’re 15 pounds overweight and you’re like oh I can get back into this boom and you get back in you workout a month before you go and you lose the 15 pounds in one month okay by eating right and working out every day really hard and you drop 15 pounds in one month okay I’m not saying that you can’t do that but overall this is what I’ve found students that study more often every day and they put the time in they often get a better grade than students that are only studying a couple times a week okay or students that are studying right before exams all right let’s move over to another piece of studying it’s not all about how much you study it’s also how your study listening to music studying with your friends you’ve got Facebook on your phone another 15 minutes of studying cellular respiration and then we can go to a movie that’s not studying okay that’s pretending to study now for some people it works okay I’m not saying that some people can’t cram a session in or study with music in the background TV whatever okay but for the majority of people that want to go from information to knowledge it doesn’t work it doesn’t work now at this level in general biology and my work and my work for you but as you progress and you really need to learn that information like the back of your hand and you need to be able to apply that information specifically apply that information from a knowledge base to many different situations so you’re going to be a nurse a doctor a wildlife biologist whatever it might be and you’re using that information in your career studying that information or learning that information watching TV or music or you know talking

to your friends Facebook whatever it’s not going to work so these cram sessions you know late at night right before the exam ok and you’re just cramming it all in as much as you can there’s really good scientific evidence that that is not how you develop the knowledge it works if all questions are based on information if you get to an exam and all you need to do is regurgitate information that’s provided to you and you don’t have to make that connection between information and make it into knowledge cram sessions work great if it’s just memorizing facts cram sessions work great but if it’s more than that which this course is you’ll see my exam questions are not regurgitate facts you’re gonna see it doesn’t work and you have to put the time in you have to connect the dots ok you have to evaluate different situations same concept different situations in order to do that so again the goal from a professor’s point of view from my point of view now this goal has changed it really changed with the invention of the internet before the internet was invented information was key to things like general biology courses especially the introduction we just want to give you as much information as we can during those you know during the 80s 70s 60s 50s on and on and on before the internet just give you as much information you can because that’s where you’re going to get the information sure there was books but book was a lot harder for you to just say I want to know about cellular respiration and this piece of it you had to read through a lot of that find it okay we you know turn it around find examples of it now the Internet’s super fast okay type in what do you want to know boom coughs up informations at your fingertips you can get all the information in this class you can find on your phone okay you can find it all on the internet if you search enough you can find it all on the Internet at least 99.9 percent of it on the Internet so the information is already there for you and I’m going to provide you information but that’s not as a professor of in today’s society that’s not what I want from you I want you to take that information because your information is that your fingertip and I want you to apply it to knowledge yeah you have the information you have the facts but what can you do with those in the situation change and you can still apply that information to a new situation a new new example a different type of question these kind of things that’s knowledge applying the information is knowledge that’s where we as instructors in today’s society are trying to get the students to that knowledge level then from the knowledge level the more often you practice that knowledge more often you apply that knowledge either through teaching or or work etc okay then it starts to become wisdom and what wisdom is it’s not just applying information its altering it connecting dots from outside of your realm you’re a wildlife biologist but you connect dots to chemistry or physics or math or theater English or whatever it is you’re connecting dots because now you’re you’re taking your knowledge and you’re applying it to a much greater spectrum okay and that’s kind of how wisdom goes so if you drew it out information is like one dot to the next dot to the next dot to the next guy and there’s very few connections knowledge is connecting the dots maybe you make a simple shape wisdom is you’re making a 3-dimensional apparatus and then you’re slamming other dimensions on and maybe other three-dimensional objects getting stuck on it and the more wisdom you have the bigger the picture the bigger the mosaic is with knowledge and answer some information because you’re not going to

be knowledgeable in all aspects of life say sure stuck to your wisdom might be some little dots that go off that are based on just information you have and as you take that information and you reform it you rework it you understand it more now you got lines connected to it then you take that knowledge now you got bins and you got angles and other things that are connecting all that together and now you’re wise to whatever the subject material might be that’s the ultimate goal the ultimate goal in life for everyone should be wisdom you should be wise in something and so more wise you are in more different fields the better you’ll be really I mean the better you’ll be in life is you know wisdom and and nothing really no one can really take that away from you as you build it no one can really take it away from you now diseases and and other things can an age can take that away from you but no one can really take that away from you and that’s one of the great greatest things about being human is this platform going from information to knowledge to wisdom I mean it’s amazing yes other creatures can do it but not to the degree that we can all right procrastination okay let’s go through some cross the nation types now again I’m going through these I I’m not calling people lazy I’m not calling people idiots I’m not calling people dumb okay I’m just saying the act of this type of procrastination it’s labeled that there’s lots of text books out there there’s lots of material has been written on that and these are the typical labels that that event or that type of procrastination gets labeled okay there are many types of procrastinators procrastinators that are excellent students procrastinators that are not excellent students okay so maybe you’re a perfectionist and you won’t start studying for the exam until you know exactly what’s on the exam well I’m never going to tell you what’s exactly on the exam life doesn’t tell you what exactly is going to happen to you during your job why would I tell you exactly what’s what to study for okay the great thing about taking information and making that knowledge is that you don’t know how you’re gonna have to apply that and that’s the best part about it that’s what shows me that you’re knowledgeable is you took the information and you took it and you tweaked it to make it knowledge and now it doesn’t matter what I throw at you what kind of wrenches or anything like that I throw at you you can tweak it and just okay got it I know that concept I know that concept no matter how you twist it okay you turn it upside down and twist the 360 90 to 70 it doesn’t matter I got it okay perfectionist get over it you’re not gonna know exactly what to study for the exam because if I tell you exactly what to study all you’re going to do is take information and try to regurgitate information on the exam you’re not gonna build knowledge you’re going to memorize material to regurgitate that’s not how it works the hopper guys see this a lot individuals that you know their friends write no cards so I’m gonna make note cards another friend rewrites all their notes okay so I’m gonna not write note cards and now I’m gonna rewrite all my notes oh I’m gonna ask the professor what’s gonna be on the exam oh I might well wait for my friends and what they got okay don’t don’t do that that’s procrastination do what works for you who cares what your friends are doing who cares what other people in the class are doing if it works for you do it and do it well okay procrastinators called idiots this is the idiot okay and I get this a lot and I’m not calling you an idiot the act is idiotic and that’s individuals that say hey I don’t know how to study you never told me how to study okay you just spent 18 years of your life roughly 18 years of your life in school you’re telling me that you didn’t study in 18 years you didn’t

study one time if that’s the case okay maybe you need to have a conversation with your high school teachers your middle school teachers etc and let them know look man you you did me wrong I didn’t have to study one time and I’m not saying it’s high school and middle school elementary school teachers that should be teaching you how to study you should be teaching yourself out of study of course you probably memorized some facts in your life and you moved them those facts to knowledge maybe you’re a sports junkie so you know who the quarterback was of you know the Steelers when they won the Super Bowl in the seventies maybe maybe they didn’t win in Sunday’s it’s just an example okay I don’t really know okay but maybe you know who that was and at first that was just facts that you memorized but now maybe you progressed it in you and you moved it to knowledge because now you know actually how does that individual compared to today’s quarterback how does that individual compare okay to someone else now so now you’re not just memorizing thoughts about an individual but you’re making connections okay and it doesn’t have to be football I’ll just use it as an example you’ve done it before do it you’re procrastinating because you don’t want to do it because studying can be hard lazy same thing as an idiot basically I never studied before you know other things are more important Netflix social media whatever it might be my job okay look if your jobs more important than school you’re not ready for school they should be equally important if you’re working 40 hours a week there’s a lot of hours still left in that week to concentrate on your other job which is this course and other courses that you’re taking it’s just the way it is right I don’t like that excuse hey I have a job to do yeah okay you chose to take the class I’m not gonna give you answers or give you you know an easy class because you got a job and this other individuals a sitting next to you in class decided to take out student loans instead of working or you have children okay but you made the decision to take the class so yes honor then everyone’s busy some people are more busy than others that if you’re more busy than others that gives you even more of a reason to not follow or fall into one of these prep procrastination events okay all right I’m not gonna go through the rest of them you can read them there you can pause the video check it out just put please don’t procrastinate I mean the thing about this course is you’re going to have to put the time in you’re going to have to study people will often ask me how much should I study for this well first of all how much do you need to study for this second I can ensure you that if I lecture for an hour each lecturing period and you’re supposed to watch for in a week or a half-hour each and you’re supposed to watch for in a week so that’s two hours of lecture material that I give you every week and you’re not studying that lecture material for at least two hours you’re probably not studying enough okay the rule of thumb that often professors told me when I was younger and taking classes was three hours outside of class per every inside the class material so if I do two hours a week of lecture you should be doing six hours outside of the class of studying for that material that doesn’t count the lab which is also another hour okay so maybe it’s nine hours and it doesn’t count that what if this really is your first time taking a science class that’s worth anything then maybe it’s not nine maybe it’s taking you 12 hours a week a study time but maybe you’re really great you love biology you already know a lot of this material okay so maybe you can cut that down and you’re just doing a 1/4 1/2 hours of lecture two hours of study okay that’s up to you but one of the key components is just study don’t

procrastinate don’t make excuses just study the more you study the better you’ll be and the next class you’ll even be better at it alright three ways to succeed that watch the lectures okay I cannot stress this enough I lecture for you I made videos for you to get the information watch the lectures utilize that information take notes on those lectures read the books you have to get the information somehow watch the lectures read the books somehow you got to get the information here I’m going to show you something this this will show you that I’m not tracking individuals but watch this okay this is my youtube channel this is a video that I put up hey this video right here it’s called population ecology okay and I put that up by September 21st 2019 last semester it was published okay now look at that I just pulled it to today I think yeah I just pulled it today it has had 14 views well last semester I had 42 students it’s got 14 views not even half the class watched required lecture material so how else did they get the material did they read the book if they did great okay awesome you read the book some probably did some don’t like the lecture videos because maybe they think I’m boring huh all right but watch time here’s the next one I can look at the watch time Hey this video is 44 minutes long and the total watch time is five point three hours 14 views it should be pretty close to 14 hours okay like twelve and a half hours it’s not even half of that so yes people are watching the videos a few right in this case they click on it they speed it up right the information in okay but they’re not getting the other information the slides are not all the information you should know watch the videos it’s just like sitting in a lecture with a professor who’s latching to you live not only would you probably not show up and then tune out the instructor for twenty or half them in the amount of time 25 minutes thirty minutes of the lecture or you wouldn’t start it and say oh I got other things to do and walk out okay that’s rude first of all now I don’t care how you do this the other component of this here’s the kicker okay forty some odd students fourteen views I don’t know this could have been three students that viewed it multiple times they could have watched it for the first forty four minutes the three students that’s three hours and then they could each went back or so and watched a couple minutes because they’re like oh I don’t remember what he was saying about this piece of the population ecology watch the videos that’s I mean that is key watch the videos second piece take notes I’ve already told you take note and then when you’ve taken notes take more notes so not just write down this in pieces okay but also write down the example if I go off on very long tangents sometimes that are pretty important and I can guarantee you if I’m giving you a very long example probably going to get a question on your exam cuz I don’t like to talk for fun review your notes study the notes now you’ve got your information am i watching the lectures and reading the books now you’ve taken notes right now you’re studying the notes so you’re starting to learn that information the final piece is you need to apply that information

and start to build knowledge okay so make practice exams study with classmates do the quizzes review the quizzes make more practice than exams do more practice exams review your answers teach someone the material ask questions so maybe you got family members at home teach your kids okay ask questions your when you’re doing this you’re applying that information you’re building connections you’re connecting the dots of the information to start to build that knowledge up once you’re to that point and you’ve built the knowledge then you’re ready you’re ready to take exams and you’ll do very well in this course if you can do that watch lectures read the books take notes learn the information from your notes then start applying it to different concepts okay when I say make practice exams is not what is the definition of photosynthesis – you’re never gonna see that question on an exam it’s not applied that’s regurgitation all right so with that that kind of ends the nuts and bolts kind of lecture of how to succeed in classes this is not just gen bio this should be your approach at any class actually this should be your approach at any information you want to learn how to weld first you got to get the information you got to read the information or watch the information somehow you got to get the information then before you even sparked the welderup you should probably review that information then practice the more times you practice the better you’ll be it makes no difference what we’re talking about learning how to drive learning how to weld learning how to you know bake learning how to do biology makes no difference you have to practice and you have to learn the information first so you can practice it so you can apply it alright watch the lectures okay ask questions that’s what I’m here for please okay ways to succeed in life you know these these really are important so take it with a grain of salt if you like or take it as look this is going to help me succeed in all my courses take this approach alright till next time