PAX Online Day 8 – Stream 3 – Goose Theatre

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PAX Online Day 8 – Stream 3 – Goose Theatre

we wanted something that incentivizes and rewarded

consistent character role playing without restricting

players and the moral compass is the result together with full

origin stories of how to building system and a wide range

of skills and talents and also broken roads presents a unique

blend of traditional old-school role playing with some truly

original mechanics the game is in development for PC PS4 switch

and Xbox and he’s due for lunch in late 2021 community in media

reaction so far has been overwhelmingly positive and we

can’t wait for you to experience the content Ridge densely

crowded worldwide creating from all of us at drop baby. Thanks

for taking the time to check out broken roads I’m William Baker Pax West 2018 thanks to Child’s Play Play I’ve always liked video games and Liam would first just watched myself play video games you to always be by my side as you got older Liam start over taking my skills at first man wouldn’t like let me try dad let me try and then I just let Liam do I cook lamb became his passion at 6 months old I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and since then I’ve been going to the hospital five times a year for 14 days Days every year and the beginning of the hospital stay there like nothing to do and it was really like boys and stuff and then as I got older Child’s Play came into the picture I definitely don’t know where I’d be now without having video games to play for someone who is stuck in this like environment of does all these people just walking by outside me and April participate everyday normal life it helps provide me a sense like I’m still connected to the outside world I just got an older it just seems like he’s been spending more time in the hospital and

it also affects his overall mental health as well how many games available to lamp while he’s in the hospital it’s so beneficial to Liam’s overall how do I started in 2003 there was a newspaper article that really kind of got Mike and Jerry of pain are Cade fired up that said video games are murder simulator unconcerned and people how to be horrible and so they decided that they would show the world that games can be good people they knew that they were good people they knew hundreds of thousands of Gamers across a good people and so they issued a challenge end of November like November 24th that said we’ve got this wish list of toys put together for Seattle Children’s buy a toy send it to us will deliver it in 2 weeks Bay Rays about a quarter-million million dollars for the toys and from that point went oh this was kind of a stunt we were doing and this was a huge impact we need to continue this then quickly in the next year or registered charity made it official charity reached out to a whole bunch of other hospitals got more of the hospitals on board and Child’s Play was a was a thing Walmart this is parkasaurus and it is one of the India showcase winners for packs which we are very happy to be part of washbear is made by a two-person team called wash for studio and one of those people is me I’m Chris High the game itself is a dinosaur Tycoon simulation where you obviously take care of your dinos next Badger Park so let me give you a quick welcome to the game we could do a customized game but let’s go to the world map instead and I’m going to do one of the missions which is Toronto and let’s start that up I have a quick look and the first Quest pops up I don’t feel and those are Park Citgo on restarting with tell us where we’re going to have to do Christ so the first thing we need to get fired from the diner Tokyo I’ll have for dinosaurs and unlock to science okay so various ways we can do all this the first thing I’m going to do is see what book Quest gave me so I have a hat and hats can go in your dinos Ori employees on an Ankylosaurus so I’m going to hire some people to help me first the office go to resumes when I get it back I hired Shanna ter it’s pretty good a scientist because I will want some science I’m going to show you know what I’m going to move this over here because I want to build my exhibit brightest all all is what’s me save it I need some concrete walls first so these are cheaper there pretty strong the only catch is guests can’t see through them to see the Dinos which is okay because we’ll add some other events and I’m going to make it just this big for now add

some wood fence and these are allowed to guests gas to CNN so I’ll just add some Pat here and you know what the strawberry while we’re at it at it if I fill this up with grass most of this is already grass I want to fill the rest of crass are there so this exhibit now I can click anywhere on the wall or on the ground and I’ll pull up the exhibit pain Nevada interesting information here and we’re trying to get the Taiga Biome so you can see we have to add some recognition some wetness so let’s go ahead and add water and you can see it’s transforming and there we go we just got over to the rainforest but we need to get up to Tyga so we want to I want to add some Samurai goodness I’m going to do that with the train to all at a mountain here Merry Go now let’s Hatcher Dino now it’s make a perfect setup so now you can see here we need some bushes and trees and rocks so I’m going to go ahead and get those those cat can see the meteors filling up I want some bushes that are meant for grass tiles can see if our diversity is filling up and I want to finish it off with some rocks or granite perfect by on looks pretty good Your Dino are you go this is Olive I first I know keep all are going to start watching all of pretty cool and Scott to get some donation boxes for them to get money is a lot more to do we have to get food and door on the exhibit so bad that scans back a Dino and yeah that’s lots lots lots to do so but I just want to give you a sneak peek into how this game works and there you go so I hope you enjoy this and if you have a chance check out parks are as you can get it on Steam currently yeah thanks

broken rides at Pat’s Australian 2019 2019 and we’re excited now

that I see you later when able to bring you an update on what we’ve been doing online at PacSun line Bergen Road is an I received ribbon Ave J bringing exploration strategic turn-based combat and meaningful philosophical choices to an all-new Australian post-apocalyptic setting we spend a lot of time recreating areas of Western Australia as accurately as possible buildings towns landmarks and many of the games various locations are all authentic am I really happy to bring a purse to park back to Australia in the beautiful hand-painted style that the Arts and pepper juice what area is the game we focus on extensively is the moral compass now unique take on a in Morality we wanted to make a move away from the Light Side Dark Side binary that good and evil split you see some video games and come up with the system that saw that attaches the nuance and complexity of the moral quandaries one could face and it deflated world we wanted something that incentivizes and rewarded consistent character role playing without restricting players and the moral compass is the result together with full origin stories of how to building system and a wide range of skills and talents and Elsa Broken Road presents a unique blend of traditional old-school role playing with some truly original mechanics mechanics the game is in development for PC PS4 switch and Xbox and he’s due for launch in late 2021 community in media reaction so far has been overwhelmingly positive and we can’t wait for you to experience the content-rich densely crowded Wells when creating from all of us at drop baby. Thanks for taking the time to check out broken roads I’m William Baker Pax West 2018 thanks to Child’s Play Play I’ve always liked video games and Liam would first just watch myself play video games you’d always be by my side as you got older lamb start over taking my skills at first when I would play let me try dad let me try and then I just let Leon do I cook lamb became his passion passion at 6 months old I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and since then I’ve been going to the hospital five times a year for 14 days Days every year and the beginning of the hospital stay there like nothing to do and it was really like boys and stuff and then as I got older Child’s Play came into the picture I definitely don’t know where I’d be now without having video games to play for somebody who is stuck in this like in the bayou magic does all these people just walking by outside mean April do you like but everyday normal life it helps provide me a sense like I’m still connected to the outside world outside world I just got an older it just seems like he’s

been spending more time in the hospital and it also affects his overall mental health as well how many games available to lamp while he’s in the hospital it’s so beneficial to Liam’s overall how do I start in 2003 there was a everybody and welcome to the ABCs of community building in this panel we are breaking down the basics of building a community with intention because whether you know it or not if you are creating content or entertainment you’re probably forming a community already are the combined five of us that you see on the screen of a broad range of experience for different types of communities I’m Lisa Panos I am your moderator and I am currently the branch manager for a publishing platform call dungeon Master’s Guild and I’ve been building communities for everything from Bosch feminist magazines to salad restaurant companies after the last 10 years I let’s go ahead and meet our Palace Palace hey I’m trying to pass you see me on the Water Deep and I managed and creative Community I need the first games and you know our community is inclusive in welcoming and we try to do that and do our best and find me ever on the internet as a spy Frontier no know I was here. He’s also on Rivals of waterdeep but for the last 7 months I have been the one of the one of the community managers of the D&D adventurers League which is the organized play program that kind of walks alongside the hardcover books and fostering my own community on Twitter at Latina Jacquees awesome hi I’m Rachel Rachel Billings I also go by rayon most places on the internet r a y the last two years I’ve been the community manager for the small independent board game Publishing Company resident you might know it’s from like monarch or mechanical or more recently we’ve published or you kicked out of the game called surrealist Noonan I was previously the brand manager for Starling games which is a tip top canning company I now have my own studio just called quill silver Studio that provides a range of services for companies and designers including brand management a lot of my communities are on Kickstarter I’ve run over 40 Kickstarter campaign sofa a lot of factors on there there double digits combined experience here so I’m really excited is everyone ready to discuss some ABCs sure think I was going to make this a cute sea acronym you are mistaken we have some little ABC’s that we are going through a VA stands for authenticity so when you imagine the stereotypical Community manager a lot of people think you’ve got to be like super effervescent super bubbly very extroverted but being a good Community Builder is really about being true to yourself identifying your values and Tennis figuring out and recognizing what those bring to how you specifically those community so panelist tell me why is authenticity importance and what are some scenarios where one’s Instinct might not be to be authentic when you really should lean into it I’m just anyone want to start us off otherwise I can somebody it’s very important for people to see who you really are so that they know that it’s okay for them to also be themselves I am a very introverted person normally and a lot of introverted people think that maybe they can’t be a part of the community or to be a part of the community they have to be that like you said effervescent or bubbly extroverted personality but there’s just as much a place for The Quiet Ones and every Community as there is for the loud ones so it’s really important for people to kind of see everybody as they are too kind of give that good example of just how diverse and widespread communities can be yeah yeah by Rachel I find that being a community manager is like the most rewarding when you build a community that you would want to be a part of and I find it that easy when you leave by example like a communities where if you were on the other side you would feel comfortable there and I completely agree with you and that I am very introverted I don’t feel like I fit that stereotypical Lakes bubbly Community manager looks like in real life and maybe comes in being true to yourself and understanding or like limits and like what type

of community manager you are when you might see examples that might be hard for you to follow so yeah we Dem Boyz does anyone have any examples that you can think to of a time like maybe a brand didn’t really ring authentic and you saw it affect their community oh so many tiny you want to start us off sure really is like individuals but Ikea misused African American vernacular English a v e and I got that my email and I was just like this doesn’t fit you because yeah Ikea their life we should have a Kiki and I was like what Swedish company that makes furniture this does not fit you at all why are you doing today and know also just went when people aren’t they presented one way like if they’re very on lot of the and then when you get to know them as a person you see that’s not them so like I mean I know most of you and I’m pretty sure the person you talk to you on Twitch on a panel in person I’m the same grumpy person I didn’t know if we could cuss you know that you’re getting you know whether I like I’m not effervescent bubbly is never going to be in to ask him someone uses to describe me and you know there’s a lot of times Square I met people either work 4 bands yes I know there’s a difference between doing your job and the person that you are but it’s like ramped up so much that when you meet them know like oh oh this is so not who you actually are and now it’s a little weird because I feel like I’m getting a pay for public consumption version and makes you wonder if that’s what you do is receive your brand is you independent Creator so we are Our Brands as much as I hate saying that word about myself yeah yeah I know it’s totally true and I just like for me I honestly think you would be so exhausting to feel like I have to be on all the time to like fit that bubbly stereotypical mold I can definitely push it like a little bit like if I’m in an interview or something yeah I’m a ratchet up up a little something like I’ve never really that’s like such a comment rope you know it’s like the newscaster something in as soon as the cameras start rolling they have like a whole different demeanor like I’ve never really been attracted to that kind of like disconnect between yourself and like the community that you’re speaking to so it’s kind of like partly being true to myself but also also no this is not laziness like not wanting to put that much effort into like having a persona the question for all of you a little exercise that we can do I’m wondering what would you say are your top three personal values and then how do you think those inform your style of community building Monopoly go first for me it’s inclusion being welcoming and true to true to who I am and therefore bringing that to the community you know I can’t I can’t be a hypocrite and be one way in regards of how I act and how I met and also I can’t be a dictator about it you know anything that I’ve done is been with like mod and admin feedback I can’t just make a decision with one exception I know I was actually grumpy that day and just don’t do things with no checking in with anything else so you know like collaboration authenticity and inclusion so actually when I was first thinking about the ABCs I actually used your brand your personal brand Tanya is one of my example. of values and the ring was really true to the three that I chose there a little bit different but I said inclusivity bold and forth like a paladin mindset I feel like you’re the protector for others as well try to be with your finger yes I wanted to kind of piggyback off of collaboration because it is one of my values as one of three

Community managers for adventurers League we talked about everything and we try to look at things from going to like outside like outside or opposite Viewpoint somewhere trying to make a decision about something I’m so I definitely consider collaboration one of my values also empathy for me because you never know what person on the other side of the screen or the phone is going through so when you’re trying to resolve issues you always want to keep in mind that you’re only you may only be getting you know 25% of the actual story that someone is complaining about or you know going through you know they’re complaining to you about something but what’s really going on that kind of made this spill over into the community and as always increase every such a stickler for it especially especially these days where it is it is always being challenged so you kind of keep my foot down on that and make sure that the communities that I Foster are inclusive and welcoming and I have no nonsense for that kind of stuff do you want to have lots of overlap Brenna Brenna 3 divided written down where a safety transparency and passion so kind of similar to a tiny unless he has said when it comes to like support and inclusion like to meet us face is not worth like having or fostering if it’s not like I say space for people if they can’t be supported to be themselves into like talk about things in a way where they’re not going to be like her ass or bullied or any of that so like for me that’s always the foundation like is this a safe space and are we like doing the ongoing work to keep a space safe transparency that I’m sure we’ll get more into transparency but I tend to be like probably more on the transparent side just as like my strategy I like being really hoping that way and then passion like I really like working with communities of really fat people who love whatever the topic is whenever it’s centered around like I love that kind of coming together people that just have like a shirt love of something Rachel that I had written Denver authenticity welcoming and just being supportive as I mean everyone’s kind of talk about inclusivity and being welcoming on and I’ll just go that having been a board game Sandlot longer than I’ve been in like the inside I definitely know what it feels like to be in a community like this isn’t white for me and I’ve been playing where has my whole life before I was like I’m going to join online community terminology nose like was like I was like I don’t understand what’s happening I don’t get this that’s one of the reasons why I’m very adamant about it community B board game p.m can be really alienating a really hard to enter I think we all know that kind of like space and it’s been I’m very passionate about like staying as far away from that is humanly possible and I want people like if people come into our Discord our community and find barn finds board games through us and find a love of that Hobbies through us that’s really important It’s not just a community for people who already loves the hobby it’s more about Lake finding the right type of people that we mesh with and then if you can get them into board games that’s awesome and if you can’t then we just have more people to talk to you in general and then just authenticity and being supportive of each other our space tourism space is no space or we just Taco Redmond stuff you like barely talk about resume is going on in your life specially I think that’s partly a nature being so small and I’m really interested to hear how other panel to run everyone individually in like a sore thumb on a personal level is really cool a bit like any and every Community Builder 100% to have probably. Commitment to safety and inclusion I would think or else like I think if you don’t have that as a core value like you’re probably not cut out to manage that personally personally y’all so Echo on Brenna’s one of Brenda’s on 3 which was passion I think your community smart and we’ll know if you’re promoting a thing that you don’t really love and I think at least me I know sometimes we have to promote things we don’t Luv but ideally I think it’s like if you’re really passionate about what you’re doing and you again on the flip side you would want to be a part of a community you’re creating and

you’re conversely are there any values are personality traits that you feel like community someone who wants to build a community shouldn’t have or should I void we only have an hour for the piano that you don’t need and shouldn’t have is an ability not to take feedback or inability your community and helping your community is one where you’re not all in group sang together and lockstep because then you just create an echo chamber where no one can have a real discussion but if something happens if someone comes in and end not talking about the I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate an ideological different that isn’t white one where somebody’s got to leave the community this I don’t agree with this is why we can actually of those conversations some people just can’t hear any kind of feedback without viewing it as a personal attack and you know you’re not the soul Arbiter a community is collaborative it’s not just you collaborative it’s not just you all right so let’s move on to be be is for boundaries and expectations so this answers the question of what kind of community Do you want to build and what are its values which do not have to be the same as yours they can be but they they absolutely don’t have to be so I’m going to give you some more homework what is Ally’s of the of a community that you manage and then add to that how does that inform the tone you set and the decisions that you make can something so because I work with Kickstarter is a lot I know that one of the big values that like my community of crackers have is actually value like they’re extremely concerned with the actual cost of things like what they’re paying what they’re getting in return it’s like a very transactional relationship for me personally like I don’t but probably not one of those like my actual values like I see funny on Kickstarter and look at it for a second I’m just like Yeah I wanted and then I never think about it again but for a lot of people that’s not the case so I have to ask my thinking and put myself in the mindset of like what they want or we showing the volume to them like why it cost this much and like why that’s a good deal for them like obviously That’s Amore like concrete example that’s something that like I’ve had to kind of work my thinking to get my head around to put myself in their head space and make sure them approaching it from Owens bail fines for both of them both of them what are you with you the value of adventurers league is to create a an even playing field for people who play Dungeons & Dragons we set restrictions on you know how players Builder characters what sort of you know magical items they can have and everything and I think the the devalue their I guess it is to make sure that everybody has fun at the table to make sure that everyone is eat-up evenly evenly levelled or at least evenly matched in terms of like player power this but the the valley that I have that we have there is two make sure that nobody is like overlooked or kind of overruled the table like if everybody is at that Eva is everybody everybody is on an even pace there’s no room for power creep or you know what’s the word I’m looking for power gaming that’s the one power gaming everybody kind of has an opportunity to shine at the table if again not quite one of my values because you know if I see a really cool magic item in the book I’m like well why can’t I have that well it’s too overpowered for adventurers League and I’m like okay league and I’m like okay open audio can you think of a that you and the other community managers I like a situation where you had to make a decision among the three of you with your cousin of community managers this value of sort of equality even playing field came into play and help you make a decision yes constantly there

are a lot of magic items like for example in Tales of the yawning portal when you play White plume Mountain you’ve got those three sentient magic items that are kind the subject of of ruling amongst the other players I think we’re still kind of figuring out exactly what will be the results like if you acquire one of those magic items but we’re constantly re-evaluating and I think that is a thing that people should always be doing like your things changed you may have to kind of take a step back and look at something that you gave a ruling previously and thing will maybe does it need to be changed does it need to be re rules that situation I think when it comes to some of them or what we would call in Adventures of story items that items that are only meant for one person to have or you know a little bit overpowered for the table let’s see Rachel sure I feel very lucky that my my values align very well with resident and that’s partly why I’m I’m there until I saw them like that is that is for me and I think the the core 3 4 probably social consciousness and accessibility and then again inclusion in general are a lot of the earlier games Killer where Ashley research lab in psychology and our goal with a lot of our games is to help in subtle ways like spark social change and Spark new ideas and thinking about ideas and new ways and particularly the type of people who can play games we use for double used all she her pronouns in herbal books because most of them are he him and that’s just been a really weird standard for a really long time it’s about Agents Alliance volleyball with my my values in general and we’re very transparent with that and I think partly because we wear that on our sleeves we attract people to like that I’m not the people can slipping through the cracks the people were drawn to other people who value those things it’s also I’m very lucky that I feel like it aligns very well what Brenda said about Kickstarter though is a whole thing between the books writing that like me very hard cuz I have to manage those those groups of people in there is overlap but there are people who like just want to buy our products and different experience on a nosey body agree with a lot of what and all of that like nitty-gritty stuff is much more and one of the challenges that I’ve had with that is like learning learning I guess like that’s the one time I feel like I’ve had to change my dog like I’ve had to address the situation differently than I would in real life or you have to pretend like everyone has a great idea on Kickstarter wow I’ve never thought about that new way of 3D modeling these components even though we’ve been three components for like 10 years like I am I can be kind of like a turkey per person of where I encounter the most having to put on a face for the people interacting with because that work more than there any ways that you make those that look you gave a lot of examples of about how resin em like exudes its values on it so maybe the way you communicate them is by just wearing the like lightning heart on your sleeve but are there any ways that you like explicitly kind of set expectations for what residents values are like it’s hard because I mean I feel like we do explicitly said it through my car games in our products and I knew we get nasty comments like everyday you can wait like that you can buy you can just go away that’s fine and I feel like I feel like people get it I haven’t had to set it explicitly as much and I feel like we were just at the time like you know what are twitch Channel like we are the color there’s five of us were very small and so just by going out and being ourselves I think that does I think people get our by when you meet us and when you get a rash with us so nothing like explicitly I don’t really know what that would look like I’m just I’m just used to doing it through leading by example and bleeding through like the product service not a great dancer but I don’t know my experience there’s no wrong answers at Tanya what about you talkin I don’t think my community doesn’t like my community can’t have the same body as I do there can’t build a community that does not have the same value as I do people like

we may disagree on things we have some like we may just Rhian pineapple on pizza but if our values or that guy suppose I don’t think they would fit the community that because it’s it’s been built around like inclusion diversity of games and Twitch streaming and person you see on Twitter do the puppy oh my God I’m so glad to be here like that ever happens you got the Frog version of me that I’ve got a belly button cuz that will never be me and so it’s interesting because people can have different values in different opinions I don’t think that the community that’s been built out of what I do for last 5-6 years it can be a post my actual values the only way that would work is if someone doesn’t show themselves to be a terrible person and if they do that got to go we’re very much adopted the we don’t do that here mentality and I’m going to take this going to take this Ambassador so that is a I found a very sorry notification about mental health in gaming and so that is very important to us is very important that people can express themselves if they’re having issues at least in my Discord and channel so for me it’s all about having a safe inclusive space and that that is the core of my value so someone doesn’t believe in that they can’t be there there and for me boundaries are like you know I’m certain things like in my twitch Channel if you’re new to the channel let’s see if I ride was here or let’s hear rates me and I feel it’s your luck virtually and you like we’ve gotten Hangout hang out with you know each other so if it comes in a random street know you did you argue and not enough who are you you can call me Cipher Cipher that’s it so my values are built into the commuter fan belt and so so boundaries have have saved me and I think in some ways very literally because while I’m not a different person alive that I am in real life or in person they’re still abound I don’t know you that well it’s know each other first before you get a little do you know by this response that really mad yeah just wanted to say that like I particularly appreciate the work that you’ve done enough space, cuz I feel like you were one of the first content creators twice all kind of like publicly set boundaries with like parasocial relationships and seeing you being like hey like I don’t know you it’s not okay to joke with me like that or something or like that’s overly familiar because I I used to have like a big issues with setting those boundaries of people it was like fairy like inspiring it very like burn with them like how people interact with them and kind of like gave me template for how to do it sweetheart and I was like no no we don’t know each other that way you can call me Cypher maybe you can call me Tania but no like the person that gets to call me that is not the stream right now we all had a very visceral reaction to the no thank you hide my face and the worst at neutral expression and I just I literally was like where you live on actually Brenna use the term that some folks watching this panel right now might not know parasocial relationships can you explain a little bit what that is like our relationship that exists in like using a digital space where you may have some kind of like very superficial relationship with somebody like you’re a Twitter follower of theirs that’s the relationship but the person has liked extrapolated that in their minds like over friends like I know them you know I like I’m involved in whatever they’re doing that’s that’s my interpretation of and it’s it’s usually from the perspective of like you know what the fan or follower of like a bigger presents our creator which brings us to boundaries and setting those so how important are boundaries why are they important how do you set a boundary I will start by saying. Andres during these are incredibly important

some boundaries can be difficult to set but they should always exist whether it be you know I wouldn’t be the boundary of the going to answer questions from 10 a.m. in the morning to 2 p.m in the afternoon and then I’m going to take a break or the boundary of in adventurers League boundaries are interesting I think the way that we set boundaries are by insisting that people have codes of conduct for their events because that is a wonderful boundary it’s it’s set the expectations of your event it lets people know what you’re about it lets people no consequences for breaking those boundaries and is when when I became a community manager and realized that was a thing I knew I knew it was a thing but like realizing that we put these boundaries here fruit for you to make sure that we know what you’re doing and that you know that we expect this of you the boundaries are incredibly important and like I said differently sometimes difficult to set like adventurously can’t set a boundary for every event that happened so we have to trust that those events are going to set those batteries themselves and I think Rachel had something yeah are you kind of you kind of had a lot of what I was going to say I kind of interpret the boundaries the be for boundaries to be a batteries for yourself I find that mental help with Community managers can kind of be ignored a lot like our job is Never Off Hazard Community exists when were sleeping it exists 24/7 and so one of the things for me of like negative experiences I’ve had to really like little with on some Foundation myself because I am someone who a just wants to like once a mediately I want to get to know everyone I also like you can’t stop working and I magically found a job that never stops for me if he can be dangerous and I learned just wanting to be m going to weekends like after I went home from work I told you I would still be engaging with people which is like fine sometimes but you really do have to know yourself and know like when is this too much and communicating that with your community like I don’t answer during weekends like that’s my that’s sleep what I like rest so that on Monday I can be like the person I need to be to do in Iraq of these issues interact with these people and so yeah just getting done with yourself knowing when is too much and knowing like being in tune with yourself and just being aware that this job can you really taxing I think I feel like a lot of people think it’s really easy like you just talk to people in like a really social job it is hard it’s really hard and really texting and it’s a it’s a lot of emotional labor on a being aware of that and knowing how much emotional labor you can do before it becomes too much for me that’s the big boundary I’ve had to work on time at least with my light I actually there might be some folks watching who don’t understand what the concept or haven’t heard of the concept of emotional labor sneaky and it’ll get you it is like when two people are having an issue in your community or just like people are wanting to talk to you a lot you have to engage with that and if you’re someone who especially for like 9 or introverted you don’t like necessarily like Thrive off of talking to people all the time it takes effort you like candy and if there’s issues like evaluating both sides but that is it’s it’s not physical labor really like ventilator you’re not crunching numbers that you are putting in empathy into a situation and putting a number to empty all the time on to a bunch of different people so you have different levels of familiarity with his heart and it’s really thanks that’s how I would describe the motion lyrics Niykee like you won’t know you’re doing it when you’re doing it all the time which is why I think it can be dangerous and hard and why people who don’t do that ass like the core of their job don’t understand it to the type of exhaustion that maybe they have any experience before like if you’re tired talking to your coworkers imagine your entire job a lot of the same things usually like in the first update that I do on a Kickstarter campaigns all the backers I lay out like what my schedule is and I’ll stay in like this page will be monitored on these days of the week between these hours in like I didn’t used to do that and it was like nightmarish because you know like Rachel aside I was like on my phone all the time like all hours of the day and night like waking up in a cold sweat literally like having nightmares are not responding

another one I said is because I mention transparency and like I kind of positioned like myself as being like part of my brand and did that intentionally like and I’m and I’m very public and open about that like all of my social media accounts are like my full name like people can just find me a message with me they’re all public and they’re not like curated for work content it’s like just total stream of consciousness this is me if you want the professional stuff go to the business account but I have have had to Institute like I’m not going to talk like business stuff like in DMs like you can’t DM me on my personal account yet you need to be in the business account to do that like I’m not going to talk to you like your Instagram DMS or something like that the boundary that I sent definitely I’ll feel like when it comes to emotional Labour one thing that I think that we have to do is community managers is like some Austin abstraction of the cell cell because when you’re dealing with somebody who is unhappy with the decision that you were the company or the brand has made like you get to take that unlike you become the Avatar of like everything that they’re upset about So it’s really hard to kind of like remove yourself from that and understand like okay like they’re not upset with me like as a person they’re upset with this decision and I need to like connect with them to explain like why this is happening in Lake why I think it’s a good thing and sometimes it doesn’t always work but yeah remove yourself from feeling so like personally involved in it is a challenge I think I’m just going to representing another company and you don’t necessarily have control over the decisions that are made I used to take any criticism of resonant as a like sing super personally and I am not reading about one-fifth resident and I might not even been involved in that decision and that’s a huge especially for a small company those my music but not every cruises in his personal time and not every criticism is even about you or something you can control I’m not taking it personally and cut back on the emotional and put that you put into your work so yeah I’m just going to I I am I try to sell it referring batteries like I loved you but try to add me on Facebook to do business and I’ve got like 80 unanswered request because I don’t even see Facebook my profile is person I talked about like my life there and not and I know I’m super secret does things like no I need to have some space that is strictly personal I have a contact form and other like if I do anything people circumvent like I know you got a contact form but I’ve got your email so I can email you know like while you feel the first test the following directions that means you you’re going to do this on a project or something else I can people get me like I had someone DM me and Discord of all places and I’m like I just read this like decent length no time like there’s literally a business email in my pantry this is how you contact me and you know why are you like this one I know we haven’t talked about it but I’ve been stalked and harassed and I as a matter of personal safety but also I need one space for messages go otherwise I will never end don’t get lost in The Ether and you know what else or just in terms of like what is and isn’t ok din like put shatter in the Discord you know when we arrivals in and things like that where it’s like there’s a line and if you cross that you got to go and I try to be very clear about that that’s why our code of conduct a living document of conduct and thank you know what can be changed we’re not like this is that this will never changes written in stone but that boundary is you elected to come here whether you were you are Patron to put striber whatever you do you will like to come to this house and as such are certain etiquette Rules and Things you should do when you are visiting someone’s house and that’s why I’m letting you visit would be awesome awesome awesome awesome game and what we’ve also known each other so you know having had good home training as we’d like to say you wouldn’t come into contact way that we see people act online and Antarctic mini managers and talk before work on games so I think they’re just like an expectation of etiquette as a valkyrie which may sound weird, but you know for those ones that that have home training is my grandmother likes a you accidentally when you visit people in your visiting when you were in a community

summarize a bit of what everyone has talked about which is really two ways of setting boundaries and expectations one is sort of this is more for setting boundaries for yourself through training people how they are able to treat you and what access they have to you if someone is DM in your personal account but you have a separate brand account or company account for a company of representing it is okay to tell them hey I don’t answer James about work please email me just me to email address or DM this account on the other one and it was Tonya and Latina mentioned was setting a code of conduct a good code of conduct is going to code of conduct is going to set the expectations for what behavior is okay or not okay let you know what the consequences are if you break this code of conduct you make it from of Discord Community or you might lose access in adventurers League 2 having special adventurers League events or something like that and also maybe contact information for someone sees what a code of conduct is being broken how they can report that behavior all of those things super important in a really good way to set expectations and boundaries explicitly and Empower you to enforce those boundaries and expectations last letter of the ABCs is see which stands for communication and engagement and these two are really really important because they’re not just about your building the community but they’re sort of the next step of how you’re activating the community and harnessing it so that the people in your community wants to be your biggest brand ambassadors so I’m wondering what communication means for the different panelist so fill in the blank of like communication should be blank Wichita Falls to to my gut reaction is just authentic like I have the number of times I’ve been in meetings where you know the people on our team or trying to figure out like we got the steam or we got this question and like how how are we supposed to answer me just tell them what happened tell him how we feel what happened like at least in my experience like just being honest not trying to treat like the way you’re supposed to like handle Creek Lake tell him what happened tell them like especially cuz I do feel like our our group is a very just like authentic group like just do that like don’t want to put on like a business face just be real with the people you’re talking to cuz that’s just I always plan up just be the most natural and the best way to solve most of these issues that I’ve encountered it’s like just tell them what happened and especially even if it’s not a negative situation if it’s a positive like just be yourself sound so stupid but like communication should be there should be a filter at least in my experience I just like to talk to you for everyone yeah I’d agreed that that Bruno it up in one word maybe it’s like you know what I’m looking for is like sensitive I’m trying to convey his like like actually answering like what’s being asked of you and sometimes like in Community Management we do have to kind of be like like around the block speak you know for another company or brand where it’s like other information we don’t have its new not public information there’s like a million reasons why we have to do that but like when when possible I think like really trying to get to the root of life what somebody saying and what they’re trying to convey in finding a way to address that is really important because sometimes sometimes they do come out and say and they’re very blunt and then other times like I made manifest in different ways and socks like I’m being sensitive to what people are saying and drinks like read the truth and what they’re saying for me to be on going because you can’t you can’t just say a thing and then consider it done you need to you know you need to communicate they assume it’s a bad thing like the infamous do you have time to talk we need to talk and that sends everyone’s anxiety through the roof because people do that and then there’s no follow-up and you’re like out and whether it’s I’m checking in whether it’s a good or bad thing you talk about cuz we’re not mind-readers I was a mind-reader I’d be a lot richer Qian like like you know I try to talk to people off as I can on just as transparent as I can be you know an s up working with or deny that that but the key thing is ongoing you can’t just like him

a one-and-done thing and expect it to be okay it’s actually Brenna who kind of got what I was going to say open wasn’t the word open is not the right word that I should use that I wanted to use but I’m the kind of got it with on going like it should be should say what you can say you know if it’s not always I can’t get snot out of the answer is not always I can’t talk about this it’s like you know I don’t have that information but I have that information I’ll let you know so I’m going like Tanya said and honest like Rachel said it’s pretty much everything I say mean you have to be cruel and I’m like there’s a difference I’m going to Cabo the next two questions at tell me what are the different ways in which you engage with your community is what platforms do you use and I guess what are those platforms good for if they’re good for a particular type of communication how you cut is your communication very by platform I kind of like five questions there adventurers League uses both Facebook and Twitter Although our Twitter is mostly 4 announcements of things happening a real soccer blog but again the Twitter in the blog had to go hand-in-hand if something goes on the Block we make an announcement about it on Twitter and it’ll make an announcement about it on Facebook the Facebook groups we have to we have one for General Adventures the questions we have one for for a dungeon master questions so we engage with both of those it’s those it’s the community managers are really just mediators for for some of the questions it’s mainly meant to be discussion amongst the community and then we step in as needed but I think what was the question again there were five of them so it’s hard to Sanibel does communication barrier by platform Okay so yeah so Facebook is mostly letting the community communicate amongst themselves and having the admin step in as necessary whether it be to issue a final ruling or to tell someone that they’re not being a good Community member and a knock it off or two sometimes unfortunately we have to escort people out of the community Twitter and R Block I mostly just for announcements occasionally will get a DM about events going on on Twitter but Twitter is mainly just announcements and kind of keeping up with the community because a lot of the community is on for these days I’ll go in terms of platforms that were using I’m not on Tik Tok I’m holding it now I’m on my knees on Facebook Twitter Instagram Discord Slack twitch Kickstarter and then BoardGameGeek witches is like a very it’s up for gaming specific hub definitely changes from popcorn platform Twitter is a platform that I tend to be most comfortable on so I feel like Twitter’s like I most like natural and free-flowing kind of conversation Facebook sense to be like more corporate maybe a little bit more formal and I’m bored Game Geek is more like like if I’m on there it’s pretty much to deal with like rules and gameplay stuff so that’s more like procedural sort of their Twitter is probably like it was communicating more visually enjoy that enjoy that Rachel yes or no Facebook and Twitter I think that’s pretty much it communities already kind of exhausted but they weren’t hands when we weren’t really doing anything with them so the first thing I did when I came out like we need to make a twitch Channel cuz I love forever forever and I found at the times and Resident really shines is dimensions like when people can come up and meet us we can talk we can just be like me love what we’re doing we get you to love it too and I’ll take the only way that I can wait transferred that through the internet is like to sit in front of a camera and say hi I don’t know what I’m doing

you should love this to and the only way I knew how to do that was on Twitch I was like that’s that’s what I favorite part of my job is running boots at conventions that’s kind of just what I have done on Twitch and it’s what I really love that switches that I guess just go in there and I can see myself inside are very weird and there’s no one like for need of a corporate filter or like Instagram everything’s going to eat it and like to eat it and you know if you go to work better what are the first five tweets you see why do they say something important about our company which is kind of more just like on San Francisco. Also created a Discord server where people just hang out on my moderators just spent like half like roasting me what you just really fun and I just find that kind of sounds like that I love necklace or we handle more like in her purse understand it on and we also have the board game geek and Kickstarter communities which are very different and I think the communities where I am is great because that’s those are the people who are really engaged want to help us build our product on we’ve had made tons of like major decisions made like mid production of the game based on what people tell us when she started which is like the only real place for that happens I really value organic is an interesting place and hate relationship with burgundy keep it definitely hits in a lot of ways to sign of the board game community that I don’t always love getting that can be challenging and that is much more gameplay issues mods you find those on as a board game company we kind of made of a snake cuz none of us really use or like working because it’s just kind of weird I don’t know it’s weird space we make mistake I think initially by kind of ignoring burgundy can you really do have to engage with it as a board such a thing in Oregon Community Learning how to handle it and handle it correctly sorry that was long-winded but those are all the Platforms in the differences which is my favorite I’ve got twitch Twitter Discord Instagram and the worst Instagram though since I haven’t been traveling no one has and like what am I going to take photos of there’s only so many times I can take a photo of the same chat the same spot but you know I have the biggest I hate the word following but the biggest presents on Twitter but my Twitter is like you’re going to get my random 4 a.m thoughts as well as well thought-out thread on whatever is on my brain or give me a call that annoyed me I’ve been streaming on Twitch almost almost 6 years now and it’s it’s way too keep the community going especially the time that we’re doing this because there’s nowhere to go and for people that is their only interaction with other folks and all that I need to rest game side we have all the same things you got a Facebook page right now we’re not really active again where to go but are Twitter and our Discord are the most interactive right now and in both cases just force myself to to learn more about each other in a way that you can’t on Twitter and then twitch chat because even in brand even in Discord tone does not give me over text and so someone says a weird thing or you read it in a certain way you can then go how did you mean that you can’t really do that on Twitter and I am the best block in the West on Twitter because I just don’t have time for it and that is me that is all that I need to decide because there’s been too many bad factors to to assume good intent some days other day is a little more forgiving but six out of seven probably not and that could be a bad Community Building thing but when people have shown you who they are you have to accept what they show you and anyone with that versus giving people too many chances which is kind of a downer note but unfortunately interact with people so you know what Twitter is very off the cuff this is what it is and I need a little more business he butt you know you follow me on Twitter you never know what you’re going to get and Discord is more conversational more more long form talk I have begun to summarize why all four of you if touched on their are many different platforms where you can be

Community Building and there’s different communication styles work better for the different platforms and also the different platforms can attract different types of members of your community and what they might want from you or the brand you’re representing I’m wondering because we mentioned so many different platforms does anybody have tips for managing communication on the different platforms keeping that organized is there any like software actually that you use to Zoar I we touch the little on mental health tips already now it’s just in terms of software this has become like more vital to me since I’ve been in Australia I use like scheduling software to schedule like posted notes everybody to go to the game because I’m like not usually weigh like adopting I think like you just have to like really like a live in the social space to learn like the vernacular of it and that only comes with experience so like unfortunate does mean like that like I sound like aggressively online like cuz I just feel like I’m always hot and I think it’s hard for people who may be inclined to do that too learn like the very intricate differences between like the vernacular of each platform that’s just when it comes up like time experience and kind of embarrassing yourself in it there’s I think there’s like Barry Stark tonal differences between each platform that are probably like subtle to people who don’t live in it every day day I was here I don’t use any like outside software other than my calendar because necessary but I would say for anyone who is looking to engage on a specific platform find out what all that platform is capable of more recently aggressively online as well and Twitter being my primary platform accessibility tools are on Twitter with I started I don’t always say I don’t always get it right every time but begun doing all text for my pictures because you know that there are a lot of visually visually I don’t know what you know what the I don’t know what the proper term is it like Blind and Visually Impaired community members and giving them that all text with the bacon understand what is in the picture that they may not be able to see so well is very helpful so I would say no matter what platform you use like take some time to just kind of poke at it and see what is available for you to use because you may find a future that you didn’t know that you had or you know the future that may be very beneficial to your community at Large I use if if this then that I think that’s what I have teeth teeth tease dance floor I can never get there all the teams right now like I do like a blog post or something it can go everywhere and I don’t have to worry about like different tweets and and Instagram and all looks different like your here’s one push the limit My Time online like first thing in the morning, as I’m having coffee whatever on a break and then an evening so I don’t have something to do because being online all the time these for me is not been brightness all was but she was the state of the world so lonely I was saying is know yourself get drawn into the rabbit hole of Twitter and Instagram and if it helps schedule yourself time to do these things and in life Brenna does schedule posts that way. up her. Like I forgot the announcement just schedule it things that work for you and go over there Rachel any last things to add I think everyone really hit it I really loved what was said about spending time on the platforms that you’re going to be using wait don’t go on Twitch if you have never watched twitch street lights and Discord or two of the ones that I think are the most dissimilar from normal social media socially like like I said like people will be over familiar in Switched at Birth is something that you have to bother you as much you can delete the comment you can like whatever I like your face is there in someone’s being weird you have to be prepared to handle that and be like no what affected means to handle that are LaCroix why do people see how other people do at know the language and also as witches are like what it’s capable of important

time over-familiarity happens in Discord to in and joined us prison understand how people handle that and what that looks like so you’re you’re prepared for a child hit the mental health things but when those things come up you know how to handle cases that you want to hear rate is really important thank you thank you thank you all for sharing your wisdoms on the ABCs of community building authenticity boundaries and communication a master of those three stops you’re off to a really really good start as a community Builder I’ll let’s go through the panel and do some outro starting with Brenna hey thanks for having me again I’m Brendan Noonan you can find me on Twitter at Brennan Newnan pretty much everywhere as Brendan Noonan on the co-founder of cool silver Studio we create table talking products you can find us some more Studio on Facebook and Instagram or on Twitter at V E Y close over what’s up yeah I’m Rachel again Billings or gray you can find me at Twitter at_ray-bird_gray bird with taken or just like my usual handle on all social you can find me on Twitter chat Twitch. TV / resident and pretty much all of our socials are just at residence moment for me so thank you so much everybody I have been with you Jacquees you can find me across most social media as latia Jacquees latia a t i a j a c q u i s e I’m also behind D&D adventurers League twitch witches at DND League league I’m also on Twitch as well but not so much these days but you can find me kind of anywhere again aggressively online it’s a problem and thank you for having me up at 12 path I need to pass you can find me everywhere site for a p r c y p h e r o f t y r that is on Twitch Twitter Instagram Tumblr even though it’s literally you can also I find me and Latina on water Which is Rivals water D on Twitter because the of was a bridge too far for character limit and yeah I do a little bit of everything online says say hi if you nice and in the weird case that you find yourself blocked is cuz I ran Blacklist is nothing personal to say hi and we’ll fix it this is awesome I missed you kennels and talking people so maybe this time next year we can all be in person again know way I want to know I think so Lisa Pine Rose I was your moderator today you can find me on all the social media is mostly I mean all of them but also mostly Twitter Instagram and twitch Lisa Penrose Lisa spelled with a y I am also the brand manager of for a publishing platform cold dungeon Master’s Guild DMS Guild. Com on Twitter Instagram and we have some Facebook groups are handle is DMZ DNS_ check that out if you want to publish them D&D things happen if we can talk more about that but thank you thank you again everybody after joining this panel and to everybody watching thanks for joining as well and enjoy the rest of your packs online everybody like to introduce to you a Cooperative Frenzy MySpace I’m fun-filled game by the name of out the first time

from Melbourne Australia is a couch co-op games for friends and family with 4 players were together together as a team to complete campsites and I’m looking for the areas in the game driving mix some hazards from natural environments such as things are short it gets out of hand quickly I’m not that is on its way Surly 12 Virgil Hobbit the rocks fishing rod for fish is a race against is a race against Real players are required to build tents constructed campfire cooking enough food and get into bed before Darkness Falls Converse resources Mall avoiding hazards navigating to landscape efficiently and work cooperatively to complete the objective as quickly as possible 110 complete now Chainz complete Regents finished exhaust temperature is is well done Australia quick get to bed before nightfall choices gameplay demonstration now on Steam download a T-bone wiggle Walmart how to ship those Child’s Play in the medical community has recognized and unfilled Niche where we needed some additional expertise in the hospital to help us deploy everything that they provided a story to help us develop a brand new role within medicine that over the gaming technology specialist these are people who have expertise in gaming in technology in general knowing how to keep them updated

child life specialist we can’t afford to support your 250 these positions across the u.s. but we can support five or six or seven a year get them started and then have them prove useful so that ultimately every hospital will want to have this person will always support a partner hospitals with Amazon wish list will always send them in and you will get to support their child life Department of being able to spread this position across the globe is the next push that we want to be able to do I think that this is a revolutionary I think it’s the the next greatest thing for our our profession to see you in an organization like play really be able to admit it better what’s our next step what’s our purpose what how can we change the world how can we make a significant difference this last name and it’s been really an amazing part of my professional growth to watch them get to the point they are today of introducing something that 5 years ago we wouldn’t have even thought about what

guys welcome to Cox Pax online this panels can be over at Collegiate Esports drink obit I’m doing Loom C U of U connect Esports sponsorship market place that allows Brands to activating college campuses and Collegiate Esports communities and I’m just going to let everyone go down the list and talk a little bit about what they do with their position isn’t just make it there I’m with you working on Blackwell Financial services but from line and gen Z loss of work in the past in the act on and play again death Marsh on currently lady operations executive score in a game that work only been up there around we’re kind of new group focusing on the Collegiate Esports across North America and before that I was the events coordinator for the University of medical game club for about about 2 or 3 years and also did a bunch of a competitive OverWatch why I’m not with them like I am I guy you are and I am the director of Esports for the University of Oklahoma having been developing 2016 at OU and have been approaching Esports in the context of the macro beauty industry bring synergies for streaming entertainment production on top of the Intercollegiate competition as well as deep integration for Community engagement programming not only for his population but how do you feel after peeing Kevin Kevin I do product and Scholastic Partnerships here at which are working on the Twisted tuna program what we do is we help universities institutionalized gaming Esports on their campus and thanks for having me awesome so as we all know your quarantine has affected you a lot of people especially the sports industry of her Collegiate Esports it’s been a mix-up match has been a lot of good things I’ve been happening a lot of you not so great things have been happening a lot things things I guess they kind of adopted right the one the first question I want to ask you is kind of under the topic of the effect of Kobe on HP guys so you know like you guys all come from different parts of the Collegiate Esports ecosystem of where the biggest ways that you seen quarantine affect your part of the collegiate Esports a scene I guess and I’m just to give you some background on your Ryan comes from Brian I’d like to hear a little bit about the student background from you like I love to hear about like how it’s affected in this Dyno bike we’ve had a lot of conversations off camera about that Bobby work is done with Brands I think of the past boss to work the Red Bull right you know obviously loud this activation of change and I’m Kevin you have a really good overview of like overall ecosystem as well as you know how how to which has been really popping because of everybody being inside looking for the things to do I’m so blessed to hear a little bit about affected are you guys supposed let’s start with them Ryan since I you know students are at the core of everything we do so I’d love to hear how it’s affected yes guys just clean ride eyes are like I said earlier so I’m not like well versed in how people are preparing now pick up this mess mess of a college group when the entire on campus Spencer cancelled and like many other colleges we had a big lamp event plan and have to cancel that we also had a collaboration event with the spring concert was canceled so we had to cancel that and just mother other things and development that we didn’t really get to do because at the start of spring break they said don’t go back to campus it pretty much end up being a lot of like just canceling plans and figure out how we can move her mostly not granted in the space a lot of stuff is online already a lot of the colleges are using Discord and twitch to do events simple like smaller than switch party games things and also streaming now instead of having event be local and streamed online kind of all online and there’s also one of the biggest things that I’ve seen is the group Skyy like mine that have sprung up from this Intercollegiate game that

work was originally started as a response to all the colleges being like well we had to cancel our big plans then and now we don’t have any kind of big event to promote for this semester so Rachel kronson from CMU started it and messy bun people being like hey you want to do a big Discord event and we ended up getting I think it was like over 2,000 people joining the Discord in a few weeks and then getting a bunch of panel people to come bunch of people to stream vents do a little bit of charity work and bunch of Rascals traffic is really kind of love let me get that bread want to come together when they Clinic have anything on campus and so so you guys can use it kind of being that that as well guys been doing it has been a lot of online communities popping up will probably talk about the next segment but you know I’d love to hear like moving from students to Administration like I’d love to hear about how I’m demonstrations been affected arm you obviously changed views on Esports would love to hear prospective put out a lot of a really good stuff as things that I could almost home every campuses ways to evolve in this landscape and so I’m the administrative side naturally code covid is amplifying the magnitude of the potential inside of gaming and Esports communities and what are the Sassoon organization or industry directive it is elevating more awareness as we see traditional Sports programs now getting reduced a little bit as well as Student Life programming on everybody’s campus I’m in general just activations that are happening outside of each individual colleges so College of Engineering camp program as much around Student Life needs for their big pool of students this is naturally putting a lot tension on these other topics to find Innovation for a waste of sustained some kind of business model I hate to use the word Revenue but it matters when we talk about the business of keeping things running in tandem with trying to say sent it to the cultural needs in the climate on the campus and this is where this is created at a really strong opportunity for both really successful program elevation and also the exact opposite with very dismal support for for it because now he’s Sports is a knee-jerk reaction topic versus a strategic development that had you know planning wrapping up to it now it’s like what can we do covid we don’t want a furlough we don’t want to we don’t want to fire people so let’s just do Esports and instead of defining what that is they just a few something and yeah it can become smart the fire to build something of substance but we also see equally spark that and then be completely d conceive differently or they talk about focusing purely on the revenue stream stream set of the heartbeat of the culture of Gamers and and the diversity of the of the people inside of it cuz they think that’s a lot of a lot of X Gamers to be defined as a singular term well you know FPS vs mobitz two completely different demographics Madden vs. Animal Crossing Oak also two different complete demographics and it’s just like saying human you know it’s it’s different now it there so much diversity opportunity which is also a pretty big narrative on almost every single campus right now especially with the social issues that have been across the globe in the last quarter in regards to how do we create opportunities for Equity Building and inclusion and so for us know you this has helped us Elevate the topic in regards to looking at other ways of creating curriculum branches and also further development in support of student programming intramural sign-up send a line the same narratives better focus on growing community looking at it from the mental health aspect of things to keep students engaged and still feel like they’re part of a community despite the physical distance write awesome I want to go to Bobby a little big is Bobby so you obviously like I’m brands are usually those for those forms of Revenue sponsorship make something of the majority of the revenue streams for Esports sbabi like how have you seen. I’m not just in Collegiate Esports but just overall Brands be acting and I’m changing activation because it’s open yeah so like one thing to remember is like there’s two aspects of covid-19 come up with like different ways to integrate a certain brand one thing I remember is like there’s certain brands brands who is also an international foreign relations lot of these brands that have factories in China were not able to deliver their product

that’s amazing Brands like interesting ways just because they just didn’t have the bandwidth of the resources companies that are now more focused on how do we create really in-depth activations by leveraging the fact that were digital and we can do interesting things such as door latch like I’m working with doordash right now and we’re working on a January 4th of January December like conference Summit we’re literally in the chat we’re just dropping off dropping like free food Arena and partner with Brands the light will partner with Pizza Hut and Burger King and all these Brands and just drop random foods like while the events happening in other things like how do you engage people and how do we not match the experience of a traditional conference or an event but how do we even make it better because we have this aspect of digital that we can take leverage so doing like live action events where you can actually change screens and see different viewpoints a lot quicker and do no such luck that we’ve been looking at second half of covid so we’re looking at like April now things are the end of April not end of April but I’d say probably in June stock price the backup everyone has money to spend and we’re looking at countless people trying to do activations and Felicia is going to leave siding to see what created ways people can like activate there have been a few grams taking risks with in-person activations I have not touched any of those activations by any means but I didn’t get I think it’s really exciting to see what not only brands are thinking of is a creative way to get engaged what colleges are pitching to us as brands of ways that we can do it like Cloud 9 watch party that was a great example other Willie gray activation that was like you guys had 10 x reach because why because everyone’s at home respecting me for an actually making really good experience and even postcode have people come back just because they enjoyed it the first time and it wasn’t something that we had the opportunity to showcase on fire yeah it seems like that’s kind of like where brands are like brands are just trying to also figure things out like we equally don’t plow how I think also non-traditional think about like Uber Eats or doordash to be in person for colleges that I can actually reach out to those Brands as well Kevin obviously you have you you’re coming gation every facet of the Collegiate Esports ecosystem but also streaming has kind of Taken Center in front stage during covid-19 your perspective on covet from which point of view as well as fish yeah I mean there’s no doubt to Bobby’s point that streaming has become romantically increase in terms of traffic and people be more at home and that’s you know it’s like for us that we haven’t we been positively impacted in terms of like I guess overall business growth but in my line of work with twitch doing it’s been very obviously very crazy as a lot of universities are trying to figure out how to navigate coronavirus I don’t think that is any others there’s no one like every single school is having a fire is left and right so I’ll always be your sizing with that and trying to help universities build a digital experience for these students who are going back into the school year with no on campus experience so trying to find a way for students to get a lot of value out of their game against was around when their lawn mower majority that is kind I want to try to bring up you know I think Bobby we had a conversation before about how we’re seem like the lowest levels of enrollment or a lot of students are looking to take a gap year is that still and if I guess like I was like a couple of months ago like it in the summer but is that still do you know it’s like that still going on like we chatted about that few months and now started last week at a lot of things is not there anymore that’s something to be worried about but for example most State

schools are pretty pretty much equal if not like probably under 5% and only issues are going to be your mega schools like cure a UTI Austin’s and stuff like that that will see a significant drop because they don’t want to admit students that are denied previously and so I don’t think it’s as much of an issue because those students are still in the same communities online digital name Axel show from a brand and the he Sports perspective I see no change whatsoever moving forward I think I have one interesting I don’t know I’m right I know you just graduated I don’t know if you have any friends that are you know still so like going through that or like if if you’ve had any friends who want to take a gap year year but I would be I’m super interested in seeing like the fact of you obviously those people are are probably going to end up coming back to school so I definitely like after covid-19 like a bit of a dihybrid sound like a sudden explosion and I’d really be interested in like Brands taking advantage. But have you seen on the effects of that I’m yourself like about your student population or you know yeah I guess what what’s your what’s your thoughts about the Gap your thing I know a few friends that have taken a Gap near like long before any of this going to happen so it’s kind of a case-by-case basis of if you find out if you helpful for you personally I I never really considered it could have just cuz of a kind of how I had my whole plan on going out of course covid-19 way of that but is too late to do a gap year so I have seen some Mansions of a kind of suggestions to take a gap year this year or to do some other alternative like if you do cuz a lot of the lot of the college experience comes from being there physically being there right on the campus and a lot of the cost comes into that to do so when you’re in these situations where a lot of people are going exclusively online some of the suggestions have been to try to go to a community college or some kind of Cheaper college for a year and the guy said of the east side of things for the college’s but I definitely see inside where there’s kind of suggestion of the Gap year or just going to a different cheaper college and I think it will also probably like effect of a lot of people who like one a hat like me to walk for graduation I don’t know if that affected you but like I know it’s something that they like almost like a graduation on Roblox or something and they just letting I didn’t pay less for today or something over for you I don’t know what what part would be good for that but I can’t talk about our Minecraft graduation if there’s a good point for that it’s I can tell you it went very well you guys are doing their that’s kind of the point right like doesn’t matter if you dropped out you can still be involved in communities like that right everything’s digital and it’s not tied to that school University email since no school us seriously yet some schools do but like those things are still accessible by Even Stevens that dropped your community college like I have me friends that took a gap year this year and probably another 20 that went to Community College just don’t think it’s the same experience and like the shuffling about resources still the challenge of schools are facing right now because the vast majority party schools do schools make their money is that online episode that in person experience that is now no longer thing so then you have to have the internet now in the last like 15 years that the change the way Society operates and how these kind of relationships are being formed and so how have disc or Internet you can hop in and then really save it yourself a ton of money while learning a lot of other things online through YouTube you to me and the Coursera any other like types of online learning platforms. that honestly a lot of these schools aren’t equipped to have the same ecosystem as ayudame Coursera and such and so the value of paying what’s a $40,000 a year to go to an out-of-state School is not really viable anymore during during this era so that’s kind of why we see the shift in people taking Gap Years cuz they’re like what I’m just doing online classes and I’m just going to go do on my class yeah yeah yeah yeah we like companies as well we’re like people like you want to listen to like do remote even after covid-19

like the way we traditionally to the you like a traditional like the pain that I go to work kind of thing that’s kind of being like really shaken up so it’s like we’re talking about like you know how things are overall changing I was little bit about the Innovations during so I’m one of the most interesting and pack away so you see in the Collegiate Esports ecosystem innovate during on covid and we can start that stuff like talking a little bit more about I’m icy Jen I see Jim you guys can just like come in whenever based on what you’ve seen and I don’t want them talk too long so it just on him if it’s got too crazy but yeah so enter the game night worker I see Jen started like I mentioned in Legos early March that Rachel kind of started messing up and the main idea if it was hey you all had to cancel a biglane events so why do we knew we are why don’t we do a big online event together and therefore the Intercollegiate game night was born born and then it went very well had a ton of people a full I wasn’t 25 or twitch stream but it was it was pretty long twitch stream with a bunch of people that were featured big panels all the whole nine yards and then after we were like well we have this big server and we have a bunch of people that are still interested in helping out so what do we do now and a few of us that were in leadership by the time said like why don’t we keep going keep doing what we’re doing Foster and area for an area for resources and the Collegiate Esports space on can you doing panels game nights giving people positions where they can learn and grow in their field because I don’t know if I don’t forget to that part but this but a lot of their Cleats sports face is a huge area to just learn on his return craft ursine social media you don’t have to just be a player of course you can. You know if you’re great at them props to you you’re probably better than me at OverWatch butt yeah so we’ve been going for a few months now and I know like a lot of people like people were like for 9 people was I was surprised when their people turning like a we have Discord partner a i c e Jen was like the Vanguard for like all these like you see like I’m people like stab who were creating these like emojis Discord I can tell you that I seen was Stephanie like this is almost like you guys are sacrificing yourselves for us like we’re like it we don’t we don’t have like I guess we’re not brave enough to try the sorrow own De La Vela Generations come from students feel like you know like we’re going to let them try and end up being accused assassin just like crazy this wave of I’m online activation some people really investing this gorgeous I think a lot of you wants covid-19 obviously tell us a little bit more about that but I’m do you think Make-A-Wish Foundation like me to Eastport because of colgador do you wear this conversation in prefer already there so first and foremost like when we first founded the organization I first met at that first round of leadership cultural and still the heart of philanthropy a sack or fundamental of how we will do all things any default idea that we can’t feel we fill it with philanthropy as a means to give back and advocate was it helps those kind of defeat and in combat against some of the stereotypes of Gamers not big contributors right off the bat and it’s a real good food good moment that you can’t really describe until you had it and so the Make-A-Wish League of Legends tournament that we did I was truly for Oklahoma directly and so the way that their organization structures have a global initiative National initiative and then Regional initiatives and so there’s no, Texas California in August summer intersession this was a July event we just wanted a way to one give back and also just do something like we all had doing burnout we all have a meeting burnout we also have burnouts about meetings about meetings do you know it’s it’s just got old and Silas we came together for in the first place just opened play I just takes a little bit of effort to get it off the ground because historically we’ve had that production house in house we’ve had Tio’s in League of Legends for 3 years and partnered with one of the biggest local

tournament organized organized tournament organizers for advocacy in marketing and then we tapped your shoulder for hyperx inclusions incentivize it and then we spawn $2,000 out of thin air for kids in our backyard and that was beautiful everyone felt great and the competition was light-hearted in Friendly in the broadcast was great and streamlined and professional and so speaking to the Make-A-Wish energy is they had a global initiative called stream for the wishes and so that was a global initiatives so every single division of Make-a-Wish across the state level or Regional level or so forth was given basically branding Burbage legal Creek now everything and how to activate inside of that leveraging influencer stop streaming very similar to what we see with extra life culturally as a global initiative now make a wish and and things like extra life in these charitable events are all suffering to as we primarily focus on social justice topics of quarter to and moving into people legitimately being furloughed laid off and having financial burden issues issues so naturally up by part 2 that is also going to be hospitals and those that are taking care of kids that are terminally ill or have been dealt in series of unfortunate series of cards and just need a little bit of support further so there’s plenty of things that we can all contribute to but for us the focus has always been keepitlocal take care of our own backyard and if everybody did that then collectively we would all be much better for it looking at National campaigns for we can see where the money is going to impact and we know very well these kids are probably somebody within my students families or within the community of my neighbors and end these things and that’s that’s kind of the focus with that so Make-a-Wish Oklahoma had not utilize that activation from the global campaign that kicked off of 3 3 of 2019 this as a means to finally explore it because they just didn’t know where to start and they weren’t reaching out and so because of that culture we still we had a student reach out just to see if maybe we should be interested only to find that campaign and greet this opportunity and then the student loan the entire execution the only thing that I did was help kind of design the overlays and make sure that the logos were included in a cream the after-action Article 2 satisfy the needs that sponsorship which was also very moment of Pride because the students are executing in the things they’re passionate about and they understand that philanthropik heart and why it is so essential especially right now when we have plenty of people in our own neighborhoods that need help ya and I’ve seen a lot of stuff that you obviously like I’ve known about your loss program for one you guys always like I’m distressingly quality stop really impressed like you guys give like student opportunity to really like like overbearing or anyting like I think your relationship with the students exactly how every however University should be handling the relationship students but more about social change in a cabin like during the code. I obviously I don’t know how long this thing has been Kevin I can you tell us a little bit about on community and what you guys are doing with hbcus I don’t know if that’s because I know a lot of people really excited about something more about that with an ex is a nonprofit that we decided to partner with backing and I think it was April while Timeflies X stands for the keyboard on Console all share the same letter X and that’s the accessibility accessibility that’s the little hint of excess ability that’s needed a Nexus also a definition for Line-X unlike other types of people of color and people a minority so that has that’s why the X’s they’re just so pick up some contacts doesn’t make them in April them in April because we really got along with their team other founding team is incredible we start raising money for divide 224 students at hbcus to continue their education from home through internet access and devices with you did like $200,000 a month and then from there we were able to kind of come together and it kind of formula a long-term strategy Which Wich student and so we announce the HBCU Esports League where we’re partnering with them to running the first-ever HBCU Esports League with now building pipe pipe lines to one give hbcus students and also work on ways to help hbcus build official game any sports programs there’s more to that that’s in the works and then at the same time we’re also working with HBCU student leaders to help them build awesome clubs just like how we be able to experience that here in what makes police East which grade is like through the student clubs on Clash Grassroots movement so it’s a

top-down bottom-up approach there will be announced too much since it’s still being a development but I think overall like the three pillars that we’ve always worked on out what we’ve always we’ve always known was Community career in competition through inclusive inclusive diversity in collaboration and now equity I think this is the way to do it and the reason why we got involved is because the black community has GTA the black eyed GTA research about play video games in the only 18% of them make up the professional Workforce in the game Mini Sports industry and so we’re outside the white Community has an index of semi 1% but make up a higher majority outside so the goal is to then build some sort of system to help a close that Gap in some way shape or form so what does a lot of different ways to go about it we’re actually have the first streaming 101 class at Johnson C Smith University and Howard University starting next month and still owes her ways to them outside of the competitive space we’re working on education in curriculum and actual accreditation that is super exciting to us guess Bobby be like you’re obviously like brants I think we’ve already talked a little bit about brands are innovating I might just like for Bobby and then just like it’s kind of open to everybody else like what are some other like really exciting ways you seen you exclude Esports you some kind of change during covid-19 like with all the Aldi’s online activations I mean something’s I come to mine personally I think sfsu ended up holding like the West salary tournament which got hosted by the team liquid official stream I’m so I see a lot of these like there’s a huge explosion about online leagues have been like totally student-run like at SEI Southern Resorts Invitational I know there’s like a couple other ones in the South were there just because these teams that don’t have a lot of light ornament to go to or don’t have a lot of people play with their just like creating these big Regional leagues I’ve never seen before I think it does have to do with like the changing dynamics of like the old and she’s a usually how these tournaments and I think it’s like probably like a little bit more and I don’t want to see Power but he’s like it was some kind of worried that people are rushing to fill but I guess I’m bobbing anyone who anyone else wants to join in on that you know where your thoughts yeah I think the biggest thing like speaking from Brand site is like just willingness to try new things right so like giving the time we don’t know what the heck Right and so when a school come to us with a plan we’re willing to do it more than ever before and like the willingness to cooperate between multiple Brands is also knew you like imagine like switch in doordash in like 3 other brands working together on a campaign accessibility in order to get into the store has never been lower right given because everyone’s going to try new things do new things in this relationship digital activations between Esports teams food brands like what streaming platforms whatever else and that’s exciting thing to see a thing like if you are someone that is a student that wants to do this in the future like now is the time to start your week start your sorry or excite your Discord Channel start building start developing things in the space bar more than happy to open the door right now because they’re kind of open anything since we will buy if it works for us right we’re going to do it the biggest opportunity to try something new and do something different I wanted something you I think you told me once was there’s also like the value of online advertising like Facebook ads and stuff like that that’s why I think at the time you said I like the value of this is just like crazy right now so it’s like we’re some doors are open like some doors are also shut you just kissed you know like almost nothing can beat the conversion rate of you know so I don’t know if that’s still applies or away I didn’t like that is true to some extent like yes your data is going to look great I think the more important thing there as though because of the times more people than ever and like kind of of ignoring that type of stuff given the X and so you need as a brand we need to activate on a community-driven level. Like we need to be fully immersed into the conversation like for example like a Red Bull we did this crate drop experiment years ago when I was working there and it was pretty much like a fake parachute with a large crate of

Red Bull in the middle of a college campus we until they change it up and activate it like a Musa pubg drop for example right and like a great job in that game where are fortnite whatever doesn’t integrated campaign that people are going to remember to write if I came on my class and saw that for you like I can run that once I can spend like yes $10,000 I’m not going to be able to track it but I’m going to get a hundred user-generated content post I’m going to get tons of people are probably by Red Bull when the other product will know how to paste and that’s going to be a a significant change in the issue is the only friends that can do that are the bigger breasts and so have the privilege of running experiments and maybe losing money on an idea and so that’s something that you have to think about as well as like when you’re picking these ideas that’s coming in the digital world like how does a doordash do that how does eye drops in the twitch stream cash up the weather now in for not what they do it like they do that in twitch channel is like I could top contributors catch up on like some big streamers that’s awesome and like I didn’t people are trying to figure out these Innovative way like Facebook ads don’t work for us brands or bigger Max anymore have anything you guys like salt was like super interesting like super interesting things that you see me come out of covid or open floor floor I want to chime in here and talk about a little bit of the things that I wish I wasn’t seeing as a byproduct of it so we have a lot of both internet brands and not in the milk brands in the space kind of activating and it’s all good thing cuz we obviously more visibility on the topic to elevate scene but we also had the University’s administrative level and not just you know OU or any other specific cause I’m referencing we do have a lot of players coming into the space that feel like they’re their expertise in another industry is purely what’s going to make them the strong ass assets for them to partner with or you notes spending University funds to get something going instead of taking the time to empower students in Empower faculty and staff that already on campuses and allowing them to build something that is uniquely important Houghton to the culture that nobody can fault to school like u c Irvine for instance everybody knows who they are everybody knows Mark Tepee and Kathy Chang and amazing Cornerstone Foundation of lunch multiple programs but it’s not a cookie-cutter reference it’s not something that you can employ or deploy somewhere else and just expect it to be successful without massaging it to cater it to the specific cultures on your campus I am in a giant cow pasture and so culturally I don’t have the same resources that I would have it if I was in Irvine California and there’s a lot of Administrators that how now August exploring this topic and in diving in this to again as a knee-jerk reaction vs. a strategic development opportunity to really kind of elevate the Champions they already have it no walls because they don’t bear it title of pasty or because they don’t fare title of being on a bankroll are being on the payroll already and that’s a huge oversight because yes I could theoretically be the SATs cost if you wanted to look at it from revenue instead of actually doing is is empowering and building the equity of your campus in and making students have the operation I’m making providing the Opera investing themselves and taking ownership of it with guidance and mentorship to build something that’s truly unique to that campus that will inspire other students and prospective transfers of wanting to be a part of it versus here’s this really Polish thing that is kind of intimidating to Gamers of introverted nature who see this giant kind of tight and come out of nowhere that has no tie ends and no representation of student population student leadership of Grassroots energies of the things that they have known prior to the stage as a recruitment tool so you have University that off Die Hard corn to Varsity development in the deep focus on Recruitment and that’s it we’re as what can Elevate and tell that story why not looking at production in journalistic and communication degree students y’all don’t have to talk we all have business degree typically something in advertising and marketing and these are all organic and logical ways of building a glass ignition to incentivize coming to this campus is subscribing to this alma mater and what they’re providing us there as their unique experience we’re guardless of a physicality state or a virtual so as part of the innovation Innovation product by Park opportunities this is where the the academic components on campus can now look at this

topic and say will you ready have students that have been executing an introduction and we teach you know create a media production and we teach broadcast and journalism in that way Photography videography sensibilities Fine Arts for creating themes for a stream you are always of organically kind in in our expertise on the playground that is a college campus in the topic of Esports when we look at the entire industry as the objective not just a silo topic of thinking that this is the viral component that’s going to make us stand beside many universities now happy Sports is never truly ever been about having Eastport it’s always been about what you’re doing with it and I think one thing I always tells today what we talked about how many new entities are joining our are coming into the Esports ecosystem I think where is he was at the business side as kind of opened up the the School site as almost closed down a little bit. Just because they’re getting hit with so many requests and so I got the kind of almost stopped trusting people to like the three things I’d like if any students are watching like a three things always look for our do I switch which team logo or liked is there some relationship between the leg is it approved or whatever is it run by students like former student leaders you know I’m more people who have been Steve organizers and there’s like the two I guess the two big things that I took the third biggest a I look for is you know are they do they have a relationship with the organizers were they going straight to administration because I’m a pimp if you wanted to mention anything by note with like Music Festival is kind of going down and stuff like that you know which has been pushing like music music concerts like you official music concert I don’t know if you want to talk about that or anything else that you see that song that you think it’s really cool that’s coming out because of quarantine things that are happening in this industry because of covid-19 I think a lot of I was able to connect with more people because of covid-19 have to go online and there for people who can’t afford to go to these types of events can now can I put people in the industry a lot easier as a lot of these teams is organizations are building online presence now and then create this team or like organization or whatever directly to the community which is like super dope you would have to like shut you don’t have to Shell out a couple hundred dollars to go to an event plus Hotel plus airfare and all those things anymore I need that level of access accessibility is critical movie I should not go away it’s super cost-efficient for everybody to is on the on the music side I was hoping to work with the music thing for a couple months after they deal with SoundCloud it was really cool to you I think one of the most one of the most awesome thing I’ve worked on was his name was DJ Martin Brothers last name but he’s kind of dentist on tired DJ set for like six hours in the middle and empty football stadium as if it was like a real crowd and it was raining too and he was just there for six hours by himself and he think he thousand viewers and you just like in the energy used to shut us a way to stay like a we filled out the entire Stadium it held only like their health like 35,000 people capacity so he’s not like all we’re Beyond capacity on streams that was pretty funny stuff like that is like really creative and I’ve what makes people stand out stand out lanterns like industry-wide movement stuff I’ve been through really keeping up outside of like outside of mostly putting out fires when it comes to how to you how universities are building online presence and online engagements right now cuz I got it like I said before there are a lot of these schools are lagging behind on infrastructure to be able to do this thing it’s the only way that’s that professors have an all-night ecosystem right now is like me if I’m wrong is through like canvas and like Blackboard and that’s not as good as you did me Coursera on YouTube and use other learning platforms I think that’s kind of been their biggest challenge some yeah we do some streaming scholarships and we’re able to like work with a couple students that actually are killing it on Twitch those super cool to see like a student that we worked with that you just cleared like $6,000 last month in twitch Revenue that suck a ton of money doing that hard time streaming Minecraft and it wasn’t even a sport that was just like I just like making constant I’m just at home and this little piece of

like we help them look like I’m boarding in like some guys on how to start on Twitch and then it just like ran with it so I think these types of Journeys are like really cool to see and I and then lastly were looking at cloud gaming Solutions as well too again not everyone can take a streaming course because of the $1,000 table depending on what your streaming and so we’re looking at night different cloud gaming solutions to be able to give licenses out to universities to give out to students were taking these classes find out later but yeah that’s kind of MLB right MLB has been like pushing pretty hard hard towards a Esports I think they’re putting a lot of their trying to put a lot of money into the holy sports team as well unless something like interesting though I thought I saw I’m obviously MLB is like the fastest aging major like mainstream sport so I can definitely see why I like they would be the first to like really push hard on Bobby’s like that a fella has done stuff with switches while which is really exciting but yeah but I guess moving on to another topic online events weren’t always a staple in the past even though I’m the majority of the committee was house there mainly just scored some of quarantine the majority of events events upperman expansion of the Collision on Morgan has a Properties or do you think it’s a temporary measure do you think like obviously we’ve been debated ingrown this whole Discord events online thing I’m a lot but do you think it’s a permanent position like she is it going to be live at the end of events or do you think the moment live event come back on everyone’s going to shift back and I guess I’ll give that question to Ryan first just cuz I’m you know your most recently a student obviously this affects icgn because a lot of your stuff is purely like obviously it’s difficult maybe you guys have a meet meet up a pack but so I would love to know when it’s safe to yeah I definitely think there’s definitely effect of a lot of people are definitely more aware of the many online schools that are available to enhance online events that I’m sure there’s plenty of people that did not know it was doing was before this or people like to know what the score was before everything happened maybe you didn’t know his twitch was until a bunch of stuff started getting moved to Twitch so there’s definitely I see in person vents when it becomes safe to do so they will definitely come back in full force but a lot of people have now are more aware of the accessibility that the online offers a lot of people just can’t go I forgot who had mentioned it earlier but I think of Kevin’s I said like oh you know if you’re going to a person odd something like a college campus for your mainly focused on the people at that College depending on I guess what group is working with it definitely try to do it in person but if you if you want something like between multiple colleges or that affects many colleges like conferences or I think that there’s definitely a undeniable case for having an online course of it that increases the accessibility for it and allows a lot more people to sorry to get involved with the event and the content that you’re trying to share so yeah I would like to see cuz right now I think I’m a big part of Collegiate like why there hasn’t been as much money as we’d like to see like in dusting in the community is just because like a lack of properties of us like I’m we do have Live Events I mean obviously see if Brian is growing and stuff like that but just like the more the more things that are sponsible the the more valuable than over all packages right amount of Kevin and Bobby and I think Mike likes blacked out but I don’t like you’re doing some great things in Oklahoma You’re coming year you have that overall like nine thousand foot whatever and Bobbi Boss so so I guess it’s like to my experience with other universities and I apologize to my camera cuts out I’m still here so I think I owe you because of the amount of infrastructure week built in regards to what we’ve done the last four years and empowering students and look at my camera acting up so what’s up with all that that’s done you know we can stand the test of time I think you know with covid-19 pup we already had plenty of energy bill online development and then post covid-19

covid really was kind of a test of that idea in that strategy and it’s just showing that I think the only thing we really truly lost is that we do 51 weeks of programming and now we obviously can’t do that but everything else could it be now there are energies doing smash online but we all know Nintendo’s net code isn’t ideal so to say the least but that’s only one program that was that was really kind of significantly impacted everything else was able to convert online is it ideal know what is it work absolutely and it’s still caters to a lot of what we’re seeing a statistically not uniformly statistically high levels of gen Z who do have an Gamers a table seat socially awkward or have more introverted nature and so online speaks to them and allows him to be a part of something in line with something that is going to make it last post copicut it’s absolutely essential every University struggles with trying to create programming that will entice no take to come out to actually utilize the services on campuses weather intramurals or engagement programming and whatnot not and then we also start talking about your international student which obviously is is a Hot Topic in general but even when we were up Rico wedding in the controversy of all that regulation changes International students attend a big thing that has research and in regards to a lot of international students never making friends outside of the context of their own cultural here’s that comes to the same campus Because it’s such a difference community in a different world and so this language of gaming and Esports transcend so many different barriers that the lessons that can be learned about development of the University online presence and things like this can almost all point to a gaming community and almost always point to the history of Gainey especially when we started going online late 90s early 2000 was really kind of that you can drive this way and it just it can live without this and so for a lot of the younger generation converting to zoom wasn’t foreign to you know it wasn’t bad at all they were having Discord watch parties already they were on Ventrilo in the mid-2000s they were on TeamSpeak forever and so it’s not like we were trying to the world we didn’t know ministration level who is not part of that same generation honestly as drug test struggle to wrap his head around and then developed Rules of Engagement which engagement is the part that’s missing most how do I actually engaged sure we can do is zoom in the end of the beginning of co-ed a lot of Ministries has been learned really quickly but there’s tons more that needs to be done vs just creating an online presence it had to be marketed to have to get the Bella to Heather Foster computation engagement you how to make it fun and you have to let go of some of the traditional Norms of what you would expect in representation you know maybe a professor faculty faculty needed to spice up their background and bring a little bit more of their own personal character out to help engage and then we start talking about K through 12 in that short extension attention span on top of it so I think that it is that there’s an element that wolves same pass the cobat impacts 2 online but there will be some that that you disappear her because a lot of people are just waiting for that time for that back scene in for us to return letting go of it and they’re sitting at a place where they might have the financial buffer to sustain the duration of this and are just doing what they can as a stopgap but they’re going to revert a lot of the energy back a minute to the time changes because that’s still would they know they can capitalize on things and they’re not going to do it to it got you I guess so we’re a little approaching the end of the panel but I’m DS emulator like quick quick statements about like how you see like just I guess I really quick statements about how you think Disney Animation to last through like it’s not I guess I will just close it out I do want to give everybody a chance to give a quick shout-out on to something cool that’s coming up for them that you want people to know about yeah I guess we’ll start with Bobby yeah all of my stuff is like under the radar right now I got you cool Collision projects coming out for you too hun of course as you know later to share and then I’m actually my last day at my job is today a recording this watch this we will will be launching my new company that is locked is locked up money in a few weeks just checking along an interview today Network so nothing much

now if you anyone interested in checking us out you can head to our Twitter page Twitter search Facebook it’s all just a uni Game Network work or you can go to Discord. IO not Gigi unless we’ve got partner by the time this goes up but I doubt it just four. IO Network that work on reach out if you’re interested in working with us or just come and chat we got some stuff in the pipeline but nothing too I sure yet awesome no just checking I guess the only thing is check out the HTC Esports League Mortal Kombat are hit me up at which student at if you have any questions about how to build give me sports program at University and Kevin also hosts the panel I think everyone’s day I have a dream every Wednesday from god dammit doing Wednesday from 6 to 8 I just kind of talk whatever I want to talk about anywhere from Esports deer like Finance to random stuff about Leah getting involved in whatever games that’s interesting like various topics stuff pretty good pretty good contact and then I might be anything you want to shout out or see if my Facebook come up for a second specifically but I’m also looking at initiatives with them kids are 12 in a very deep deep meaningful way as well as elevating as much of my couch appears in the space witch I’ve been since 2016 started on this journey to elevate that and I’ll just be a showcase through the culture that we have instilled in our students as they go out and represent exactly what we wanted to achieve by contributing to this industry Instagram awesome yes so I’m I guess I’ll give a quick shout-out to my company you Esports sponsorship market place that allows France activator cost all these I’m awesome creature communities and we work at which work of hyperx a lot of the Cloud 9 stuff that they’ve been doing close YouTube eyes for a platform so he was laughing cuz I’m a huge field but yeah thought I was your brand that wants to talk to make legit but besides that no thanks thanks so much for all y’all forgiving y’all’s time and I’m really looking forward so what you guys have in store opportunity

welcome to add developer introduction for God and Glory festival at 10 best tactical RPG with a Battlefield only weapon we set out to create a secret agent The focus is on Tactical Unit placement than clever use of the environment in Garland right you’ll photos cannot be hung vinyl what instead of your Heroes use their abilities to push pull and Maneuvers deadly hazards around the battlefield not everything you face will full so easily from Undead sorcerer is Tamaki dragons dragon bosses in the greatest of Heroes your foes will be powerful you will have plenty of tools to balance the odds as you play Your Heroes will a mess the blessings of ancient deities H providing new sets of skills and abilities mix and match these Boons of divinity to create your own unique play style as you challenge the legends of first born born from the timid Austin Studios thank you so much for your attention and may your adventures in the draft last be glorious once more do you think it’s like here being a kid in the hospital how do we feel are we all the same no we are each our own different some of us are here for an hour some of us months we all experience different things but we all share one thing we all just want to be kids and that’s where you come in because of you we have a new way to play a new way to make things better and you helped us get just the right people to make it all happen including one of the first gaming technology specialist in the country we’ve the gaming on console and also includes 3D printing and even includes immersive technology such as augmented and virtual reality not only do we use this technology for fun Chalet can heal faster and get home quicker only that because of Child’s Play We also have the world’s first child life medical director to promote the mission of child life throughout Children’s Hospital Colorado and the community better we’re conducting research on how we can use these new and

emerging Technologies to establish best practices to benefit our patients and families to improve the experience and how we can Leverage is technology and really fun and innovative ways so we just want to say thank you thank you for helping us be kids thank you for helping us play thank you for helping us heal

call me to call Mom and welcome to us develop a traduction for Garland Glory first born at turn-based tactical RPG with a Battlefield to create in Garland Lori UFOs canopy hum final weapons instead of your Heroes use their abilities to push pull and maneuver first deadly hazards around the battlefield not everything you face will full so easily from Undead sorcerer to mahe dragons we’ve done of the drowned last with fearsome bosses to challenge a from the greatest of Heroes though your foes will be powerful you will have plenty of tools to balance the odds as you play Your Heroes will a mess the blessings of ancient deities H providing you sets of skills and abilities mix and match these Boons of divinity to create your own unique play style as you challenge the legends of the first born from the timid Elston Studios thank you so much for your attention and may your adventures in the draft last be glorious turn off

we’re Child’s Play and since 2003 we’ve been very very busy we Supply toys and games of all kinds of hundreds of child will facilities across the world taking a little of the outside world and bringing it inside sharing our expertise to help make children’s lives with a child life specialist provide therapeutic play in education to reduce fear anxiety and pain for Pediatric patients making their lives a little boy and a little happier Childsplay Works directly with child life staff to create a wishlist specific to their facility ensuring donations are used to their fullest we’ve raised more than 44 million dollars so far in our work weeks more than a million kids for you you Columbia part of our store and learned more at Child’s Play charity. Org charity. Org hi I’m Travis the executive director of Child’s Play charity I get to take the time at 2 fill you in on the history of Child’s Play and the give you an idea of how we started and how we got to where we are today so back in 2003 Child’s Play started With video games being kind of trade in the news they were talked about as having no redeeming qualities murder simulators and was just one of those times where the news and society as looked at video games and Gamers kind of put down a little bit bit and our founders Gabe and Tycho Mike and Jerry of Penny Arcade didn’t think that that was an accurate representation of themselves The Gamers they knew or the fan of Penny Arcade so out of spite out of a bit of a publicity stunt they works with Amazon to create a wish list of toys for Seattle Children’s Hospital and invited their fans to buy toys and have them sent to to their house that they would later deliver to Seattle Children’s Children’s fast forward about two weeks from there and a quarter million dollars worth of toys that stacked floor-to-ceiling wall to wall Tetris skills definitely came into play the toy drive the child so I told her I was a huge success and after it was done they realized that this stunt really gave the gaming gaming community an opportunity to step up and show that Gamers really do want to give back and so ever since then Childsplay has been a thing so we started 1 Hospital 2003 in in Seattle and now 17 years later here in 2028 we partner with over a hundred eighty Children’s Hospitals all across the globe as well as about 200 domestic violence shelters across the u.s begin hospitals didn’t have a lot of gaming equipment inside the facility may be a console inside a playroom not very many consoles on carts or things like that they just weren’t very prevalent inside the hospital so for many years was Child’s Play did was took your donations and bought iPads and consoles and games and controllers and all that technology that was needed inside the hospital and got it delivered every year annually with the support to the child life Department which is really who we focus on supporting the childlike what is the group of people in the hospital that makes a children’s hospital really different than an adult Hospital both hospitals have doctors and nurses that are taking care of you but the child life staff inside a children’s hospital is there to educate the kids on what it means with their diagnosis what procedures are coming up but also to help normalize life for them give them opportunities to play keep them on track with school keep them connected with friends and family and the impact of games of Technology allowing them to do that has been really huge in about 2013 Child’s Place started to support domestic violence shelters also so we started with a pilot program of a hundred shelters across the us where we sent a huge kind of IKEA style TV screen and Xbox console on a on a rolly cart sort of piece

designed to be able to move in and out of private rooms and and public spaces in the shelter so that kids could game off to end it when someone leaves the hospital or release their house sorry and has to do it very quickly to get to a shelter you don’t get to grab things like your Xbox or Playstation 2 I get to bring your games you can just grab quickly what you need and go and this was an opportunity to get games two kids and another place where they really needed them we in a 2016 changed our shelter program it to send an games cases so now kind of the briefcase Style console all in closed still with the same idea of getting games for the kids who have been quickly I should be out of home have the opportunity to sit down and play but we’ve also filled them with pre-loaded games that don’t have to keep track of desks and things like that and really select that are games to make sure that they are are intentional about the environment where they are being played so making sure that we have not violent games in pieces available to play but also games that are multiplayer so that a parent or counselor can sit down next to the kid and use the game as a bit of an icebreaker so we’ve been able to expand that program now we send out about for shelters not sitting out consoles and games cases to them in about 2005 started doing hospital visit so we started our Gamers get back to her and that to her got us into our hospitals where we noticed that gaming and become more prevalent they had systems in place they had Xbox is some places had an Xbox or Playstation in every single room lots of them had them on card so they could wield them in pick heads we heard things like our consuls are all broken or we just can’t keep up with updates and things like that so we figured out what the broken consoles were just disconnected controllers and the child by staff who became responsible for this equipment was not always aware how to adjust sync up an Xbox controller back to the Xbox that it was paired with original so we realized that sitting toys is is important getting the game’s getting the consoles and it’s really important but we needed to really step up the game into how we can pack them the first things that we did is we created a therapeutic video game got this guide we worked with guitar and it looks at different symptoms that kids are dealing with inside the hospital and breaks down how to be really intentional with games to address things like pain or anxiety or sadness if you missed it there was a panel on that that happened on Thursday and you definitely can’t go back into the pack speed and find that panel I really recommend that you look into that if you want to know more about our guide or if you just want to get a quick look at it by Journey Org scroll down a little bit and you can see the therapeutic game guide on their also where you could download and get a copy of it for yourself to see what kind of games are suggested and why certain games are suggested it’s something we like to share with the hospital with parents Game Dev sweet love it if people were really intentional as they were thinking about the games that they’re making and the games that they’re selecting when they’re choosing games for kids and right around that same time frame frame we started talking with with children’s Colorado and some other hospitals about a game Tech position inside CS Mott there was one child life specialist II who was a gamer who sort of fell into this position and he really kind of became the stand out that we started thinking about what is every hospital can have something like this position and so we started doing grants for gametech positions and Eric will tell you a little bit more about it in a minute here but you ski in Texas Missions are inside the hospital now working with Swiss the kids advancing all of the technology so we’ve been able to change our support and our focus a little bit into not just getting the games into the hospital but also into helping the staff learn how to use games and it really intentional fashion so that they have a stronger impact on the kids that are inside the hospital that they’re taking care of and the other piece that we really done is become a hub so we are in constant contact with our partner hospitals talking with them about how to use technology what kind of Technology they are they have seen and how they’ve been successful with it and being able to share that with others so we’d really gone from being just a passive cherry with the community support that send out technology now your support is

allowing us to really become this Hub of knowledge and information that is having a huge impact inside all of the children’s hospitals that we support with that I’m going to have this off to Eric who is going to talk a lot more about the gaming and Technology the Pediatric gaming and technology specialist so Eric here you go Lake Travis High Merrick Landon I’m the program director for child’s play about 5 years ago we decided to start visiting hospitals giving some gifts the kiddos and also sitting down over lunch with the child life staffed chat you want to make sure that they knew about how we can essentially help them but also in the first year that he was doing our visits we wanted to listen and find out about their challenges and what might be able to do that could assist them in their practice as the ones that look after they move health and well-being of patients was Sauced ones overseed the playrooms and game systems that Child’s Play Child by staff could be our allies in the hospitals very quickly realize that for the most part they have as many game consoles they can support for placing all the covenants important but even before the Cove in X Hospital Stafford jelly very busy and didn’t have the time to spend on maintaining game systems game systems almost no child life specialist that we met identify as Gamers and they usually have just not just one but 10 to 20 consoles for hot you have a console at home and you opened it up to random neighborhood kids to play with for the day for day one surprise fun they came they play with them all day and they left after you’re done you have to clean off a bunch of profiles they created delete the games and demos they tried to download change back some settings recharge controllers all of that just to get him ready now imagine you had not just one console but maybe a dozen and they’re not just being used one day but every day of the week it’s a lot of work to maintain that kind of equipment Costco councils do get used a lot but they generally only get looked at when they stop working right and then these untrained non-gamer staff has to try to fix it stumbling through menus setting aside anything that they it is broken they set aside and sometimes these things are y’all just full of profiles they run out of space or something just isn’t right or maybe even just the battery is dead in roller and so it’s broken and then kids can’t play with it anymore so those things are sitting on the side until either volunteer comes or some staff has the time to fix it all of this is taking away from there job responsibilities of patient care and what they’re trying to do our visits Porsche Ali we did run across a fused hospitals that actually had a gamer on staff and in some very rare cases that person actually had maintaining the equipment as part of their job responsibilities we learned as much as we could about this role and what it might look like in the future talking to talk to those who had it and also chatting with some of the hospital partners that seems like a good candidates to see what it would look like if we were to put this position in the hospital all of the place via grants in the last 4 years were able to approve 18 grants for these pediatric game technology specialist including one in Canada and wanting Kenya you received over six times as many Grant applications as we had the funds to approve this year which is exciting is it shows the demand for this position is so huge we continue to gather data and evidence about the importance of games and hospitals and especially this kind of position to be able to support them and are starting to see other organizations and the hostiles themselves funding these positions which will help speed up the adoption part of my role is to help make sure that these game technology specialist have the resources they need to do their job and still take their ability to coordinate with each other we have a slight Channel that I we set up an I manage where they can share ideas ask questions talk about the latest game news and how it might affect the work they’re doing things like which games have good accessibility options which companies are changing their login requirements what VR headsets to be wiped down vs which ones are filled with foam and just can’t be reused by most people in that infection sensitive area we have weekly calls are we discussed their procedures how they set up cards all that kind of stuff it’s really quite exciting we look forward to the things that are happening with James and therapy and excited about how much better the future will be with that I will pass this to Kirsten thanks Eric is this on just kidding you guys for those of you that I’ve already met me you know that I am new to gaming but

not new to my role at child’s play with just fundraising I’m Kirsten Carlisle and I’m the director of philanthropy and partner experience as a child’s play which is the fancy way of saying that I’m the fundraiser on the team so I want to share a little bit about me and then tell you about all the great ways that you can be a part of being a gamer that gives back and truly giving power in play to our children’s hospitals so that said on a normal panel we’d have a few notes in front of us our team would be together side by side we’re pre-recording Arcanos so I do have a few notes I might glance at from time to time only because I want to make sure that you hear about every opportunity and every way that you can participate and help support child’s play in the mission that we have so I come from children’s hospitals in my background fundraising and helping lead a child life team so for child’s play that part was not new to me learning every single day about how to be a gamer and what games I can play well what games are the team is helping you learn through doing some short streaming with Tabby and everyone else in it’s been super fun and I’m glad that everyone is so supportive and engaging and helping me learn different ways to to play especially as an adult right it’s such a great Hobby in a fun way so often the question I get is how do you find raise for child’s play or how do you raise all the money that you guys do and you know we raised we’ve had years of three to four million + years up to eight million dollar let’s talk about how creative this community is and the things that you come up with to support our mission so first individual donations so many of you already give philanthropic Lee me to organizations maybe even child’s play in this isn’t new to you but some of these ways might be new so a lot of donor send us checks and cash they give online they have a donor-advised fund where they’re actually giving us checks at certain times of the year as a small Grant to us and monthly giving monthly giving is an incredible way to support Child’s Play where we see every month anywhere from 5 to a month that directly comes to us that you set up at home yourself through either your bank or Credit Union or through PayPal giving great great easy ways for you to do that the next would be really to shopping support So Humble Bundle all of you know about bundle Humble Bundle and weather were the charity of the month or where you’re a charity that used to to for every time you purchase something on Humble Bundle all of that adds up to hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars and support for child’s play each and every year and we are forever grateful to you and Tom Humble Bundle final opportunity also Google Play you can go into that store and purchase games and Are the proceeds comes back to Child’s Play and then obviously during covid-19 often from Amazon and so with getting your Amazon package make sure that you are clicking and hitting on your shopping and not only do you get a gift in the mail that you purchased for yourself or maybe send to someone else but you’re giving that gift back to Childsplay if you choose us as your charity partner and we cannot thank everyone enough who has been showing us that support we have seen quite the uptick since the culprit quarantine and people are staying home and staying safe but getting some some packages at home and doing it where you can support charity to charity to next really want to talk a little bit about corporate giving so when you think about on our website if you go to wear homepage you’ll see corporate sponsors at varying levels and it’s really a way that sometimes Corporate Park simply write a check check part of their Corporate social responsibility other times are holding employee campaigns for employee giving in that can be anywhere from a one month campaign for a corporate partner to your loan monthly giving where someone might select Child’s Play so and then corporate giving they actually match it so what’s great about Microsoft and Apple and USAA and so many other groups is that they match their employees gift sometimes it’s a two-to-one match sometimes 121 I’m innocent awesome way to really help extend your gift into giving even more and then corporate Partners also really support a lot of our special events so I’m going to talk a little bit about some of the special events that we have and ways that you can get involved year-round for for fundraising with us one of those would probably be this week if it’s has already aired is the make a strip which has hot dog fairy with Mike and Jerry and so there’s an opportunity if the crowd uses mobile pause or this year through donor Drive give during the hot dog fairy and support our mission we also have our child Fleet dinner auction which is an awesome event held every December in Redmond Bellevue area and we have about 550 people that attend and get

to experience that only a fun night of celebrating all the great things that Child’s Play is doing but put on really unique auction items and have a chance just interact with each other this year as with most all events we are going to be going for sure with that dinner options so if you don’t live in our area there’s dance for you to also participate if you head over to our website you’ll learn more about our dinner auction and how you can get involved in that special night that will be having in December the talked about the crazy talented amazing community that we have in the gaming sphere and even out of the gaming sphere 2 of the events that I’d like to highlight a little bit and share with you our desert bus for Hope and magfest both have created a really unique event desert bus is a week-long event where there are chances to win and really good entertainment and opportunities to engage with the desert by screw with loading loading loading ready run and Child’s Play to raise money for us last year having a record-breaking year I’m raising close to a million dollars for us magfest is another great ones I’d like the future and magfest is a music and gaming Festival held every January and they have several events throughout the year magfest is kind of the largest one in January so not sure what’s happening with that yet this next year but really an opportunity for a z special charity to recognize Child’s Play and support us with their live auction and in various things they have throughout that week long weekends long event at the sport Child’s Play to Facebook has an opportunity in a great way for you to hold your own special event so whether that is a Facebook birthday some special way for you to ask people on an anniversary or your child’s birthday I’m to dedicate money to a charity it’s a really great easy way to share why you support that charity and ask your friends online to also do that and last but not least with having tax online this year we did come up with a Pax online silent auction so you have an opportunity to bid on some items from the gaming community that they have donated to ask someone of a kind have unique packages for you so if you head over to ww.w. Child’s Play charity. Org and click on news you’re going to see a blog post that talk about all the ways to engage with child’s play during Pax and the silent auction actually closes tomorrow so you still have time to get in on the action and support us with that said I do want to take a minute and share that we also have one last way that we feel like our community has supported us and that is through individuals and influencers who hold charity streams for child’s play and with that I’m going to go ahead and pass it to my coworker Tabby who’s going to show it is my turn now hi I am Tabitha Sheehan but you can call me tabby I am child plays comedian program coordinator coordinator Childsplay was started by gamers and has been supported by Gamers since the very beginning are you a gamer who wants to give back but you’re not really sure how you can host the charity stream and have fun while you play games and raise money at the same time what a great combo combo there are many tools out there that will help you do this successfully and you can reference our fundraising guide found on our website Child’s Play charity. Org for more information I’m not here to talk about the physical tools that are required to have a stream I’m here to talk about the other side of streaming and having a charity stream if it’s your first event you want to make sure to set reasonable goal because you don’t want to be disappointed and if you reach your goal quickly you’ll be even more excited about seeing how much more you can raise you wanna make sure to keep it positive because if you’re passionate about what you’re raising money for then your watch their your audience will to will too if you meow line more about our mission you’ll be able to answer questions your chat might have and if you can’t answer all of them you can always reference your audience to our website and or send us an email or have them send us an email with their questions they will be happy to answer them and while you’re learning about our mission it might prompt you to talk about personal experiences with games and how they’ve helped you feel better and your life and if you’re comfortable sharing those stories and that might prompt your chat open up if they’re comfortable and share their stories and it’ll get everyone connected to our charity and our mission because it’s important to be able to play games and feel better for everyone if you have milestones and incentives those are two things that can help you reach your goal and make her scream fun because you want to make sure to do things

that you’re comfortable with say for example if you have a $25 miles sound so if you finally reach your $25 milestone you can stay wear a funny hat or I don’t know anything you’re comfortable with if you have a $50 incentive so that means when someone donates $50 all at once you’ll eat a weird flavored Jelly Bean or whatever you feel comfortable with and make sure to have fun don’t forget to engage with your audience while you’re playing the game I know when I play games I can get kind of hyped up in like just so focused on what I’m doing I have no idea what’s around me but you don’t forget about your audience because they might have questions or they might not even know what’s happening when they come into your channel they might be new and your timers if you said chat timer is to promote the charity they might not have went off yet so it’s good to make sure to mention what you’re doing with the fundraiser is for the link below or if they want more information to go to our website you also don’t want to forget to have fun because that’s very important like I mentioned before cuz if your hype your audience will be hyped to to the most important thing is to make sure to remember to take care of yourself make sure to take breaks when you need to make sure to you know set reasonable time limits on your stream yeah I would like if you feel comfortable doing a 24-hour charity stream that’s great but don’t feel obligated to do such a thing you can you have stream stream for 3 hours on every Monday for charity whatever you want to do cuz this is your fundraiser also don’t forget to stay hydrated cuz that’s very important than taking care of yourself too if you want to learn more about streaming for us to fundraise send me an email it to you she in that Child’s Play. Org now the community has not asked questions and now we’re going to answer them thanks someone asked can I donate my old Gaming equipment to Child’s Play charity and while we appreciate the thought it’s most the most cases it’s not that useful to hospitals have a tough time using used equipment they are both The Germ concerns they don’t know where it’s been as well as just being used its lifespan is less and since you couldn’t get so used in hospital so well-loved new stuff is much better it means they have to replace it less often and it lasts longer next question is can I tag Child’s Play when I share my fundraiser on social media course and if we can will boost your signal for you and you can also use our hashtags like games feel better or Gamers give back and you can find us on Twitter at CP charity or on Instagram and Facebook at Child’s Play charity we’re also asked how can a hospital contact us to become part of our program and how many hospitals do we take each year so Org and look at the about us page there is a button down at the bottom where Hospital applications are and we will take as many hospitals as we can get someone else asked how do I find out if my company matches my gift so great way to do this is to reach out to your human Resources team or someone in administration and they can usually walk you through how to submit your gifts Amari szi online and some require you to fill out some forms in HR but a really great way to make your gift have an extra impact another question to get a lot of panels like this is what are the job requirements of a pediatric game technology specialist look like and it’s not it’s so new because we have so few of them right now there isn’t a a recommended career path I can tell you that having a experience in a hospital is a huge plus so if you are interested that you don’t have that yet go volunteer once volunteering is allowed again go you’ll get a job in there somewhere if you can git teach you something and then having a vacation background or Camp background paid or volunteer with kids is a huge place that’ll be a huge part of your of your job and don’t forget a great way to support child’s place to visit our store and Rec Bar brands remember 100% of all the proceeds from your purchase support the work that we do in our hospitals and shelters thanks for taking the time to listen to our panel you’ve heard about the impact that your support has had on all of the hospitals that Child’s Play supports and we’ve got now a very special video from Colorado children’s that is this just a huge thank you really showcasing that impact wait wait we forgot something since I’m the editor I can do this

after the Colorado video there’s another video we miss everyone so much at Pax West that we wanted to share a video from Pax West 2018 or we will see the story of a kid that we helped during his hospital stays as he enjoys packs and tells you his story bike here being a kid in the hospital how do we feel are we all the same no we are each our own different some of us are here for an hour some of us months we all experience different things but we all share one thing we all just want to be kids and that’s where you come in because of you we have a new way to play a new way to make things better and you helped us get just the right people to make it all happen including one of the first gaming technology specialist in the country includes gaming on console and also includes 3D printing and even includes immersive technology such as augmented and virtual reality for fun treatments and procedures supports so they can heal faster and get home quicker because of Child’s Play we also have the world’s first child life medical director to promote the mission of child life throughout Children’s Hospital Colorado and the community we’re conducting research on how we can use these new and emerging Technologies to establish best practices to benefit our patients and Families to improve the experiences and how we can Leverage is technology and really fun and innovative ways so we just want to say thank you thank you for helping us be kids thank you for helping us play thank you for helping us heal free reward into work with this community because I can’t believe how generous they are people that recognize this when I see us at a convention our booth there like one Child’s Play and then they don’t they just donate pretty much everyone either has personally experienced being a hospital or can relate to your friends family whatever being in the hospital and and understands that it’s boring it’s painful and stressful The Gaming Community also understands that games can help with that people will seek us out just to tell us how thankful they are for what we do cuz they’ve experienced possible stays and they needed a way to be distracted and entertained and to keep from feeling isolated stuck in the hospital and we really help them William Baker Pax West 2018 thanks to Child’s Play Play I’ve always liked video games and Liam would first just watched myself play video games you’d always be by my side as he got older lamp start over taking my skill the first man would play let me try dad let me try and then I just let Liam do it cuz lamb became his passion at 6 months old I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and since then I’ve been going to the hospital five times a year for 14 days Days every year and the beginning of the hospital stay in there like nothing to do and it was really like boys and

stuff and then as I got older Child’s Play came into the picture I definitely don’t know where I’d be now without having video games to play for somebody who is stuck in this like environment does all these people just walking by outside me and April participate everyday normal life it helps provide me a sense like I’m still connected to the outside world I just got spell antenna it also affects his overall mental health as well in the games available to Liam while he’s in the hospital if so beneficial to Liam’s over a hill them get through the days through the days cancel a star died in 2003 there was a newspaper article that really kind of got Mike and Jerry of Penny Arcade Fire it up that said video games or murder simulator unconcerned and people had to be horrible and so they decided that they would show the world that games can be good people they knew that they were good people than you hundreds of Gamers thousands of gamers are also good people and so they issued a challenge end of November like November 24th that said we’ve got this wish list of toys put together for Seattle Children’s buy a toy send it to us will deliver it in two weeks they raised about a quarter million dollars worth of toys and from that point went oh this was kind of a stunt we were doing and this was a huge impact we need to continue this then quickly in the next year your registered charity made it official charity reached out to a whole bunch of other hospitals got more of the hospitals on board and Charles play was a little thing we’re here at Seattle Children’s we are visiting our Gamers get back to the shop with GameChanger charity our partner charity together we’re going to visit a little over a hundred kids today we’ve got gift bags behind us here for all of them them it’s a chance

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illegal logging operation I’d love to run out to spell slots I would that would mean I’m doing my best out there to protect the natural world I suppose I do have to mitigate only having two wild shapes per day now I know my normal people would think in this situation that long. Can’t you just save those why don’t transfer when you’re in the most dire circumstances no I say instead I would say what defines a day certainly there’s no law no rule that if they have to be anything other than the time between rest and that’s why I’ve developed a perfect system to Skirt the Rules as it were I need to do a big fight with a dragon in 30 minutes good thing I can turn into the mighty dragons most feared natural enemy a regular a spare butt all know I don’t have enough time to sit for 4 hours and resend my wild shapes guess I’ll die sorry the rest of my party as it’s ever happened to you Druids can perform not 5 not 6 not 7 but eight equidistant mini trances or naps as I like to call them across the day why wait for your while shapes of fully regenerate when you can get partial credit for a 30-minute nap blast sure I could turn into a whole bear but isn’t it just as good to have my regular body and say like one bear arm for about 15 minutes 150 rounds of combat if you can get the job done with one Baer arm and a hundred round of combat then why are we even talking broken thumb

that’s all you got is this all you fat trick multiplayer shooter 4-player Dodge bullets and take out opponents as a skate ramp

Rye park or complete strict and chills for the most points to win Kentucky Board you can score points by doing tricks how everybody Welcome to Pax online my name is Patrick and like everybody here I’m a big fan of War games in as a title suggests I’m also very much into 3D printing in fact the main reason I got into 3D printing is war games I bought my first 3D printer a little over two years ago but more since then they’ve been printing almost all the time ever since I have way more uptight than downtime time in almost everything I print is related War Games almost it’s one of the best investment I’ve made for my hobby and what I like to do today is let you know exactly what having a 3D printer at home and tells if you happen to also be into forgiving I think it’s a great thing to get into we’ve seen a lot of people that sell all kinds of implements Maker games look better or easier to play you’re off and costly but you’re worth it what I want to show you is how you can unlock that potential at your home for a relatively low so without further ado let me show you exactly we’re going to be doing today we’re going to be talking about this in three sections there is going to be what I like to call the appeal basically this is the kind of talk I had with people whenever I want to choose them to this mix of the two Hobbies together usually is what I intend to have as a conversation whenever I’m going to con convention and I’m showing up with these parts and everybody’s like curious about where I got all this stuff there a super weird that when I say I made it myself it wasn’t that hard blah blah second part is this all work because whenever I start talking about this it it always opens up a can of worms there’s going to be questions are always the same questions at first and it’s it’s hard not to avoid delving into the technicalities of it so we’re going to do that and once we have that done it’s going to permit us a deeper viewing to all the rest like how do we get to do this what do we do when we can’t find them all those that we want to do all kinds of tips and tricks to make printing for board games easier and more accessible more fun and so forth so basically told you three parts of the technical and like what I like to call the fun stuff so without further adieu let me start with a story about how I got into this and it’s actually a great way to say going to else he can do so while back wall before it was a Kik started it was announced for terraforming Mars singer find going to be making all these beautiful 3D versions of your tiles well one of my good friends three years ago was really into the game already and you love the game so much that he went online and bought a whole bunch of things to make his game look better absurd to give you an idea what we’re talking about here this is what the game looks like usually stock know nothing you’re going to see a bunch of colored cubes that represent which players put down which kind of tiles and he tiles represent for Steve’s represent cities they’re all all generic cities except for maybe this one which is really in that different you got ocean tiles it’s it’s a fairly simple diagram it’s not a bad game by the way is just simple looking for this is with his version look like and as soon as we play with his version immediately you know we were enthralled with it like we were we wanted everything to the guy at I mean they were in lease for the boards and the expansions and they were accustomed ships Sandra custom force and cities in since we’re geeks here I think it’s here only that we’ll be able to have a conversation even deeper than just showing you that image notice how there is less cubes cubes board that’s because you didn’t only improve some on on to some of the components he also got rid of some of the mechanics of the components that he didn’t like because having the ability to find your own version of components for any game means you can change the way it’s play without cheating without without changing the game itself but they can you play the way you would rather play it because there’s a lot of games that have components that work differently they have component mechanics that work differently from one game to another he just adapted the way other mechanic other games work to the terraforming Mars so as soon as we play with that version we were on our way back home and I immediately told myself I know I’m going to buy one in it and it’s not going to accumulate that’s because I got so many games on my left her for me tomorrow is it why I want to see what I could do with that

with my other games as well but obviously the first thing I wanted to do was to emulate what he had so I went back home by the 3D printer and I started looking for the same part that he had they not only did I find them but I also found that 3D printing in WarGames was actually a lot more popular than I thought point a lot of people had these different version of these different sets of components that you could put into the game and I found one that went ahead and do literally detailed every single different City and its uniqueness from the Cars themselves now normally you wouldn’t see this in the game normally whatever you have in the city you just plopping down and that’s it but the reality of the game is there a a lot of different cities that comes from special cards and you don’t really see that on the board you just know it by looking at your your your your Tablo on in front of you that these cities that you own or actually little bit more special and so forth while it was actually possible for us to print all of those single cities and have it a different-looking version of our sweetie terraforming Mars and it looks a lot like I like my version a lot more his version has a lot more colors and I’m kind of jealous of them still very envious of it then I wish I knew how to color printer out how I could actually be no print minis if I do not mean he’s but if I could actually pink mini is I will I’m sure I could do a really good job but long story short his version is much more colorful ours is much more monochromatic but they both have their advantages and disadvantages long story short it was a lot of stuff that you could do on their so hence started the big adventure of printing everything else I could think of for my more games so the first example that we can look into two things that you can do if you have a 3D printer is obviously components a lot of games have components that can be improved up and I keep going back to terraforming Mars only because it’s one of the best examples I have to show you I could have picked other games that would have other examples but this is what I have with the most printed parts to give you another idea of what kind of upgrades you can make for any game and the case of terraforming Mars these are there these are the basic ships that come with it with one of the expansions as you can see you’re not very ship like they’re more like arrows and you identify the ships by slotting them with Colour cubes again my friend simply printed ships of a specific color to get rid of those cues but on day one day one I found people that make a different-looking ships simply a little bit more I don’t want to see realistic but it looked a little bit more like an actual ship on the board game and I ended up printing those what I’m trying to say is that better components are very easy to find for pretty much any board game you going to find even upgraded currencies going to find ways to make your own special meatballs you can make three versions of any tile that you can pretty much think of if you want to find faction ships or Miniatures or buildings it’s very easy to find that as well if you want to upgrade the look of any game that you already have now that was the main thing I kept doing for the first couple of weeks if not a couple of months but if Ashley I started printing other things and what are the things I tend to print the most actually nowadays are inserts this is actually an insert I printed for I can call Arkham Horror this is a quick video I made when I present it would I finished it as you can see it’s completely modular is very easy to deploy and put down whenever I want to play the game and they’re basically answers for almost anything I can think of and the crazy part is this sorry if I would have brought bought it off of a third party company was a he’s least 20-30 $2 is almost a price of the game that cost me about $2 worth of material that was like super cheap can I print it it overnight you can make your own custom comes in a custom inserts you can make matcha tea containers to sort things like to all kinds of tokens and and and components in cubes and money I have a ton of them for any game that has money like sites for example this one this is what I printed for for wingspan you can make grids and all movies of all kinds again terraforming Mars there’s a lot of components in mechanical components in that game where you just put cubes on top of cardboard which is very easy to fly off but you would pay upwards of $30 online to buy bee’s in the way

of these inserts at least had the time I know there are a lot of ways for you to get actual better cardboard inserts from the company that made terraforming Mars itself but these cost me $0.25 to make each and I actually still print them and give them out whenever I can so you can meet dice Towers you can make dye Serena’s you can make all kinds of stuff and speech is speaking of of the dice and other games related to die obviously you’re probably also into games like RPGs and if that’s the case while 3D printing and also be a good friend here these are times that I printed to create my own dungeon that I haven’t a much bigger one that’s all I’ve been looking but I wanted to show something really quickly for this presentation just to show you exactly what you can do with their basically any kind of dungeon environment if increase empty have obviously you want to pay them if you want to make him look good like acquisition Inc Maps or critical role maps and stuff like that you can actually do that you just print the tile types that you need and want and you can find them for a literally any environment then you’ll be able to basically use them you can even Prince all kinds of accessories like tables and end Furniture in so forth and the crazy part is for format tiles like these is an actual open source map building system for 3D printer is where you can just go down you know look around for I don’t want to see shop because it’s actually free and you just look around look for it for a deposit you want and that’s it and he’s toss cost me about $0.25 as well to print the takes all the time but over time I just do my collection and you can make nice boxes you can make your own currencies and coins there’s a lot of ways that you can Implement your RPGs with all kinds of Storytelling props so for example you can create Idols of power you can create gameplay elements like scrying bones that if one of your players throws down diction dictate the kind of bonuses or debuffs that your team will have somewhat predicting the future of the next fight you can say all this is not going to go well you know know I actually actually even went ahead and printed these very quick inspiration to and I put them down in front of me whenever I DM and people know that if you bring your A game going to get some of these to spend and it’s a very simple I want to see psychological but it’s a very simple trick that makes gaming better make this session better and it’s such an easy Implement to are so many things that you can do here and again if we’re talking about RPGs and map and making dungeons while you’re probably wondering and probably guessing that you can also make to rain for all kinds of War gaming so she want to meet your own buildings remote your own bleezer bunker is your crashed ships your treasure Hoards you can do it and if you’re into crafting these things by hand you can actually also print tools for that such as rolling pins which are used to press down textures on floors and surfaces such as bricks and end In diet and all kinds of of of Temple floors and so forth is very easy to print very easy to use use and if we’re saying wargaming in RPGs and all these other Borghese probably asking yourself can I print communities in the answer to that is yes but there’s a lot to say about printing Minis we’re going to talk about it but we’re not going to I don’t want to get this to out of scope so here’s the thing I’m first I’m going to point you towards this article from a website called all3dp which is called 3D printer for Miniatures all you need to know I’ll also show you a whole bunch of other resources for that old little bit later but yes you can print your own Miniatures of all shapes and sizes and if you happen to be too many painting there is also chooses you can print so for example I use GW Citadel paint pots which I’m not a big fan of the actual Putnam says I love the paint I hate the pots so you’re actually pink potholder is it existed let’s you keep those those pots open so you can scoop out the paint that you need there’s also for example you know Patriots season literally print your own what dollar she wants so whatever I talked about this whenever I talk about all this

stuff it always brings up the same questions and it’s the same three almost always how much does it cost do I have to do a 3D modeling and what’s the catch so let’s look at these three questions before we dive into the technical stuff how much does it cost to get into 3D printing I’m going to tell you how much it cost me but we’re going to revisit that question later because after going to tell you about all the types of different acknowledges it exists out there that question is going to be there Jess was going to be a bit different so I’m going to tell you how much it cost me to do what you saw so an entry-level printer like the type I got is between 200 and $300 the first winter I bought was about $220 us and the material I use is about 20 to $25 to USD for about 1 kg or 2.2 lb of material a lot of people whenever I show those as they go like I can find a cheaper if you want but there is such a thing as being too cheap and if you go issue basically the material that you use to print it’s kind of like paint and it in the sense that there are things that are so cheap that you hate using them and you’ll you’ll swear never use them again it’s kinda same thing for me so in this earth cases I have brands that I kind of swear to endure at least around 2:25 25 USD range so that brings the cost to about for a couple examples a 28 mm miniature which is a typical Miniatures about a dime if you want to print it out now the other question which is do you need to do any sweetie modeling to do 3D printing and the answer to that is absolutely not now listen to listen to this business because I want to be very transparent my first year and SRI printing which I easily printed the most stuff all right I never even look into doing any kind of 3D modeling whatsoever because I did not need to the most of what I do still to this day even though I know about 3D printing 3D modeling now I stilled almost never touch that stuff Almost Never icing Almost Never As in 99% I just want to be very transparent what I will say is that knowing about simple editing goes a long way but you really don’t need to do it now let me put it this way way knowing how to download the recipe from the internet for a how to make cookies and making the cookies at home is what we’re talking about almost all the time whenever we’re doing sweetie printing at least in the context of board gaming in the context of what I’m going to be showing you today there’s a difference between the person who’s the chef who comes up with knowing which kind of ingredients wet and dry and so forth and knowing how long you’ll need to put that in the oven books that’s the job of the modeler who shares their their their models online you just download it and print it that is your 3D printing and Susie list is not up to you to come up with the marbles you don’t need to do any mail link so you know what to do modeling you’re probably going to enjoy it even more but none of that is going to stop you from enjoying everything we’re going to be talking about today okay so no you don’t need to do any 3D modeling to do 3D printing 3D printing is about getting a 3D model which can come from any Source whatsoever you take it and you printed another example and if I don’t wanna will give you you could be a writer that knows how to write books but maybe you just want to print a couple of the pages from that book you don’t need to get writer right so moving on to the last question what’s the catch there is a catch there’s definitely a catch the catch is this is not a hobby that is made or is ready for the mass-market it is really really let’s put it this way these machines Get Out Of Tune and all the time they need costly calibration do you need love and attention when they break down your lesson glass on your own because they’re a lot more shops that do 3D printing services nowadays so you’ll probably be able to help you fix him but in most cases you going to be on your own when you going to buy the to cuz this part here and there and snap and there we go know

I’m talking about the belts are off everything is to be done it could take you hours to to set it up for the first time in my case my first printer you almost took me a day and if you’re not technical it’s going to be a little bit longer but it doesn’t mean it’s out of your of the scope of you being able to do this I want to be again very transparent here I would being an it for more than 25 years look at this gray this is all I T gray all right I’ve been troubleshooting stuff every single day for most of my career life and I saw this would be a joke but because it was mechanically inclined which I never really did before I never really did mechanical light troubleshooting mechanical troubleshooting it kind of took me by surprise I eventually had to learn it but I had to learn a new skill by doing so because in in the case of 3D printing especially one of the two technologies if a screw is too tight or belt is too loose it shows up in your prince so you really need to be careful with your machines this is not to scare people off is to give a very clear warning that this is not a hobby that you can pick up like this you’re going to have to invest some of your time to get into it but once you do once you get over the learning bump it gets a lot smoother and thankfully it’s totally doable to get into this hobby because there’s it’s it’s not as nice as it used to be her a lot a lot of online resources to help you out you just need to know which wich questions to ask and kind of you will need to do a lot of reading up or watching videos is that sense your options are basically all the kinds of on light help in tutorials a foreigns all that stuff is going to be a huge help even better if however covid-19 really helping local maker spaces are a huge help as well because in many cases at least one person is going to be a 3D printer enthusiasts and you’ll be able to help you out with some questions you may have local libraries by the way also have more and more 3D printers but you can rent by the hour or by the print so if you don’t want to if you want to like do a soft diet you can always go over there and use the is there a stick and all the beasts always something you can do and if all of the above is just too much still not sure Bagwell while you can still keep listening because a lot of the things are going to be talking to about today you’re going to be relevant regardless you can still look around for models and parts that you will want to use and you can ask it designer or someone who does 3D printing to help you out and print those parts you’ll just have the files on hand and asked him to do it and in fact in many cases of designers of these these parts usually have a link where you can order the parts from them they’ll just print it out for you so hopefully I didn’t scare off too many people but again let’s be clear Leslie transfer and it’s not always super easy to get into 3D printing but I swear to you once you’re in it it’s it goes a lot smoother lot sweeter than the first few weeks which brings us to the technical part now I’ve the technical part he is going to be literally tailored to people who are born gamers I’m not his here to explain to you about every single thing that exists when it comes to 3D printing and a technical aspects I only want to talk about the person going to be mostly interesting for board gamers I want to talk about the aspects that will be of major interest let’s put it that way so it’s a very high level of all day I dream a lot of stuff we’re going to be not talking about that’s normal all right so without further ado let’s start off and look into what actually 3D printing is because the reality and I’m stealing that from a 3D touch from a TED talk about one of the designers wanted to take a knowledge he’s going to be talking about there is no such thing as sweetie printing it doesn’t exist you don’t 3D print something what you’re actually doing is your printing something into 2D over and over and over again one cross section at a time 3D printing basically involves printing slices of objects and stacking them up until you end up with something

man is technically Ace just acts of tires while we’re making stacks of 2D Prince made out of plastic which is just sick enough to have some build up material going on over and over again so what do you think about it there’s a lot of ways you can end up doing slice of an object especially nowadays when if I mean look I can microwave a hot dog in 30 seconds in my microwave right so probably not enough but still so you’re a lot of different technologies that you can use to actually come up with slices of objects there’s a right now. Probably one of the next big things are going to come out is sound 3D printing a lot of people are working on that the Prairies real promising but for you and me four the shoe my time to mow and you’re going to have your basically to two colleges that are readily available for Consumer 3D printing right the first one is called fdm printing is it means fuse deposit material is easily one of the most popular more common printers that you’ll find in the house is right now this is the one where you have a spool of plastic and when I mean to spoil you basically like a strand of plastic is being fed through a hot nozzle which is itself moving around drawing on a plate and when it’s done with the first section it moves up just a little bit on top and stars drawing again on top of their last layer if I were to give an example think of hot glue gun if you wanted to make a log cabin with a hot glue gun you know that would be it except obviously the 3D printing process is a lot more precise and the hot glue gun was a bit messy I’m the second message which is commonly known as resin is actually known under two-term stereolithography apparatus and I don’t like the name of that too often and I can’t believe I got it on first try so anyway so yes Theory ography apparatus twice better known as SLA or resin printing it basically looks like sorcery this one involves having a pool of liquid resin which is kind of is actually a special liquid that is sensitive to light and when its head with the ride right wavelengths of light it light waves or whatever I 92 physics but long story short when it’s hit with the right type of Lights that part will harden and so they basically shoot the surface of the resident the pool of resin and remove that it would light draw the shape that they want remove that later and do it again and again and again and it’s actually a little bit faster to print the then if DM makes fantastic results but it’s very messy it looks super weird it kind of looks like the T-1000 when it comes out because it when they when it comes out of from the conforming to something because it’s almost it’s almost that it’s I called Judy sorcery whatever I see normally I would have shown you videos of how that works but unfortunately there’s a little bit of forgot forgot to mention your body normally would have shown you videos of that but since we’re on Twitch and packs online and everything I don’t want to get into potential fights with YouTubers and just steal their videos out however I strongly suggest you go and check out time lapses of those nose types of printers I have a quick link to show you where you can go but before I go on when it comes to resin print there’s going to be a lot of Curacao they’re going to say you got DLP got a silly a silly it should be resin looked the thing is when it comes to risan printing near actually two types of resin printer is right now there is one called TSLA the other one is called DLT DLT but the difference between the two printers is that one shoots a laser drawing the image in the other projects an image of the Tiger lyrics one at a time it gives your a pluses and minuses to both Technologies but dear essentially the same right in the sense that is the same kind of material is sign process at the same technology is this time is it it’s the same material when you’re Printing With It so a lot of people kind of just use a shorthand resin not because of that but because it’s it’s also kind of more popularly known as resin printing so I’m going to use the term resin printing as of now so just know that it’s a little bit more

it is it is resin-based right right good see this is a quick idea of what these printers look like when you see a picture that looks like this is because it’s an fdm printer these are there printers that basically have these nozzles that are being fed plastic through this tube which normally you would be a school around here but you can’t really see it it’s not there right now and it’s kind of a big spool they would take maybe about this big in size maybe a quarter of of the image Easley and that whole frame with moving the x y and Z plants drawing and drawing with the classic ware instead when you have a resin printer it’s more love a of a container of resin which is protected would usually a special see through also normal wavelengths of light wind affect the resin and this play here would dip down and rise up with the object itself creating it out of liquid assets being pulled out out I strongly Sydney normally in my presentations whenever he gives them I’ve given them to Gen Con to Virtual con I’ve given to them too dice tower all these other places where I gave those those presentations I would have these time lapses should I can show him here for reasons but it’s very easy for you go on YouTube and just look up fdm time lapse or resin printer time lapse and you going to find dozens and dozens of examples of what the printing process looks like I actually have one example to show you that’s one of the old first videos I’ve made a long time ago when I was doing a print for some of the components I shown you in the in the pictures and as you can see it takes a lot of time whenever you’re printing something because it doesn’t move super fast and once you’re done with one layer is going to move on by my literally tense of millimeters and do that later again and again so most Prince take a lot of time but I don’t I think 4 is that print that was already two hours and just to make those for very small ships so yes there are prints at can you eat last days before they’re done I’m just going to move on to the next to the next slide here now here’s where things are going to get interesting for people who are into board games let’s look at it Vision in the differences between the two prints this is a miniature. I printed a while back it’s 47 m m actually almost twice as high as a normal typical miniature so it’s kind of big right and this was for a Cthulhu seem token that I needed and you’re looking at it literally with the Aquila equivalent of a magnifying glass this if I were to show you this normal size would barely be able to see all the little details of filament that you can actually see if you take a look here you can you can tell this was basically stacks of filament put on top of each other you can even see it sometimes kind of screwing up and not being properly laid down but from an arms-length distance she cannot tell any of these these issues these artifacts however same size same distance of looking at it this is what a resin printer looks like and as you can see it is by far superior in terms of results this images is provided to us by Harrow Hotel Studio sorry I will almost forgot who graciously provided the image for the slide this is one of his friends and as you can see it’s so good you can literally see the pores of sin the skin you can see details in the rivets there is literally no layer of visible now I can tell you that if I wanted to I could have pushed the quality and the resolution of my print on the left a lot more if I wanted to but it would still not be as good or even close to this ever especially if you’re looking at it with a magnifying glass resin will always be better in terms of of looks a lot of people will boast at Deer printers can make resin quality and I agree that a lot of printers can definitely surprised you in two terms of quality your friend if he can make this is actually not

can still push it more but it’s it’s going to be a lot of work and a lot of calibration and so forth and in the end if you had the choice between the two tools even if you knew your fdm printer can make a good job you orders a good chance would still rather use just your resin printer right self that being said you’re probably asking yourself why would I ever not use the resin printer why should I buy an fdm printer instead of resin and this is where the conversation starts about resin vs. fdm by starting with the costs I told you to visit we would revisit this slide Now’s the Time so how much does 3D printing cost fdm printers are between 200 and $300 for an entry range and find a way when I eat meat and tree Ranch let me be clear here if you need a hammer because you need to nail down a couple of nails from time to time and you go to the hardware store are you going to buy the $10 hammered and we’ll do the job just just good enough are you going to buy the Super Deluxe we Waltz that comes in Black and Yellow and has a laser guide next to the Hammerhead than has a you know microbial sponge handle and blah blah blah I don’t know bells and whistles are great for people that use that tool all the freaking time as a livelihood which is not our case these printers are good enough to don’t have all the bells and whistles they will do the job great if you’re at a point where you’re just frustrated because you wish you had XYZ you can probably upgrade them but you won’t still need the 210 3000 dollar printer $10,000 printer because yes he can go as high as that but there are a lot of different types of Technologies in printer is in industrial uses that you are not in De need to do so if Jim printers and free-range consumer base almost always good enough to order to $300 is pretty much the range when it comes to resin printers that usually starts more around $250 and upwards of three hundred but it’s definitely within the range of the same price as that we used to pay for Evie and printers now. they’re great fantastic news in fact is that he’s used to be in the thousands easily $2,000 for the old form factor when it came out which was a consumer level one which is not really a big price difference between a gaming PC when you think about it and he has its advantages but long story short it’s going to be slightly more expensive than a normal printer where things start to differ a bit it’s when we’re going to start looking at a price and a costume material so fdm filament is cheap it’s readily available you can find it almost anywhere I started seeing summon big retail chains that I would have normally went to to buy movies and music kind of surprised that it started going there but we’re at that point point but when it comes to resin it gets a bit more expensive because it’s a specialized material so it costs about $440 USD per liter which is about a hundred and sixty or so dollars a gallon I made the mass that came down to that this thing is that I don’t have empirical evidence to tell you that prints are actually going to be higher cost I know they’re going to be higher costs but by which Marge and I cannot tell you I can tell you that some people say that a 28 mm any that used to cost you a dime is going to be in the dollar if not a couple of dollars I don’t have the proof of that mathematically I’m not sure that’s true either but there’s a lot of ways that you can print media Sanders Farley ways you can print them cheaper as well so that’s something to consider but for sure your principal to be more expensive that is a given now that’s probably not a big enough issue to say that we should completely dumped over DM that we should just I mean sorry it’s really not a big enough to say that you’re going to stay away from resin because of the Indies cause differences there do seem to be okay right but there’s a little bit more to it and this is where things get really different than major differences in terms of of of workflow they’re basically three steps that are the same you’re going to start off with let me let me rephrase that

that when you use an fdm printer or an SLE or resin or DLP printer going to start looking around for the 3D files that you want to print once you have that you’re going to process them to give them ready for print that step is called splicing we’re going to revisit that at as the last flight of this presentation no worries but is definitely a big world that we need to look into so the second thing is that you do you look at your model you get it ready for Prince by slicing it and then you send it to the printer wooden fdm printer but if she was deposited material printer was the print is done picking off of the plate within minutes in fact fact if you have a blade scraper you can probably just scrape it off the bill played with in the second is done but I rather let it cool off for 2 or 3 minutes I’m a patient person and I can start using it no problem no gloves need to do nothing resin your only halfway done because once your print is done you need to do a chemical wash because now you’re your model is wet with the material that is itself Harden because of light so you want to get that stuff off as quickly as possible for it hardens for reasons right so once you’re done with that and by the way you need I think it’s some kind of rubbing alcohol and not exactly sure I don’t have a resin printer so I can’t tell you but I am pretty sure I know which material would shall call it is once you’re you’re done with that washed you want to recuperate your material that you didn’t use because unlike filament with just stops feeding in this case you don’t want to let it sit and risk it getting exposed to anything so you going to recuperate it but during the printing process as a chance that our Resort particulates that were that were formed during the printing process or maybe it’s dust and particles whatever you want a filter that out and recuperated material for safekeeping and after that you need to take your prints and you need to put it in the sun or a UV light source like nail salon last for example and you’d let it there for a couple of hours cousin used to cure into sun and by the way the entire process is a gloves on mask on process for resin speaking of which safety fdm printers can use a lot of different types of plastic there are a lot of different types of spools of plastic do you can buy and use when you’re printing one of these types of plastics called ABS can you mix toxic fumes while you’re printing meaning if you want to print with that stuff you need to have a well-ventilated area if you want to do it but for board game purposes I never had to use anything else in another type of plastic called p l a to talk about that later ABS is done is used for rugged outdoor Transformer projects that you want to beat the crap out of order let out in the sun for a long time but we don’t use that not in boardgaming printing we just use peel apla is food safe it doesn’t even any order it’s not toxic blob attacks she mostly made out of food is actually made up mostly of cornstarch so there is no safety considerations in terms of other than using an electrical equipment that you obviously there’s always a risk there but I like your toaster but there’s no there’s no toxicity or issues you don’t need gloves or anyting you just printed once you’re done you take it off and that’s it it however when it comes to resin printing it said mask on gloves on process the entire time first off just a printing itself is very remiss a very strong odor and it has it it permeates easily so if you have like you know textile cushions and in the Next Room that could actually permit to that you’ll easily get a headache if you’re not filtering yourself short filter in the air as your printing in fact most of the resin printer is a modern ones they actually come with the air air vent duct adapter is in the back already there ready to be installed so did you can eventually that that are elsewhere

in once you’re done well because of the wash chemical process and everything else you need to keep your gloves on masks on and great result that you get out of them comes at a cost of you of being a little bit more careful of some more demanding technique but it’s totally worth it especially if your miniature so that is something you want to take into consideration to print something without having to worry about gases or or toxicity or anyting is for me the main deciding factor as to why I don’t use one in the house that I have right now I will be getting one there’s no way I’m not getting a resin printer eventually I’m just waiting for the right opportunity Place time and set up for me to get one so in terms of board gamers let’s look at these two next slides which will help you understand exactly what tool is best for what the main difference is the only have when it comes to 222 printers at 2 Technologies while it’s very easy to determine that resin is by far the best type of printed you can get we’re talkin movie prop quality prints right if you want to if you want to completely replicate something and someone would not be able to tell where the hell that thing came from go with a resin printer Easley but everything else when it comes to expensive Prince sordo very very active t of materials like I said PLA and and and I mean the fdm has a lot of different types of materials and D also come in a lot of different colors and Plastics again I’ll show you that old a liter that goes to MDM and that opens up a lot of of possibilities as you says you can be able to see a bit later and another thing I didn’t mention is that the bill place for these two machines tend to vary greatly after the M machine the school once they tend to have a bigger build plate easily two to three times bigger for the same price than a resin printer which is usually the size of not unlike that of a cell phone so there’s no job that’s too big for a printer if something goes beyond the size of the machine itself the bill clean itself you can just bring that part down into different pieces and printed separately and glue everything together after that but obviously it’s a lot more easy if you don’t have to do that all the time especially if you are projects involve printing big things if you want to print big things are actually big printer big Afghan printers are a lot cheaper to get done read big resin printer as you can get big resin printer his butt they don’t do don’t come cheap right so Shear what I like to do is give you an idea of what to I would rather use for any given job when it comes to a board game and basically all the stuff that we talked about it a little bit earlier before at the beginning of the presentation would go a little bit like this right when it says grave to meet means it’s a clear winner when is STAAR grade and he’s I would rather use that tool if I could but any of these tools they would still be any one of these two printers can do everything I’m listing down here all right no printer is limited in terms of what he can’t do it’s just a question of what tool would you rather use to do XYZ so when it comes to Miniatures it’s no contest miniatures are by far best done on an S printer but you can still do them on that fdm printer that fdm printer look I have some some he’s right here like this is the Cthulhu thing I was talking about other day can you tell the problem with it I can’t know I have play terraforming Mars first player token here I printed the a complete strip reduction of the Curiosity Rover can you see the problem with it I can’t no problem you can make so many single those printer is Stir Crazy But if I had a recent picture you would freak out because it would be that good right when it comes to board game components they’d be better looking on an F on a resin printer but you tend to have to make a lot of them and because of the entire workflow process for a resin printer is little bit more complex you’re good enough for the niviane printer but I would

rather use them as being printer because it’s it’s easier for me to print a lot of different parts all of the same time which is not a super good idea but because if one part screws up it could screw up everything else at the same time but it’s still for me my my my choice if I had to make a whole lot of different parts our custom containers are dice trays Dice Tower things that are relatively big I’d rather do it on the come the fdm printer I can do it with a resin printer but I’m limited by size and I do have to break him down all the time and honestly I don’t really care about the look of the panel’s if your resin like it doesn’t really matter I don’t look at that so for me it’s good and it’s more than good enough does a great job when it comes to props go to the definition of the imprint but if she have a resin printer you gives your your RPG players for example class emblems they’re going to look crazy good and they’re going to be looking at that from up close they’re going to have a lot of fun with that so obviously I would rather do it with the resin printer and when it comes to resin printing same thing now this is easily one of the to each his own but she wanted me to build build big buildings probably easier with Jim printer but if she want to make like small parts that are very many level quality you’re going to go with a resin pressure by far which brings us to the very obvious conclusion that when it comes to when it comes to which which printer is better for you I my personal opinion is this I think that when it comes to board games in general you’re better off with in fdm printer but when it comes to people who are me painters for example people are really into miniatures and the level of quality of Miniatures is very important you go with resin right I’ve noticed a lot of miniature painters starting to get into the whole resin printing game because a lot of companies actually are now making Kickstarter campaigns to have custom Minis created model and sold and camping specifically for people who are into resin printing because it’s obvious you a whole new world for these guys it’s a fantastic thing but stick talk about Miniatures and resin gift is something that really get things out of scope in of this presentation so what I’m going to do here I’m going to going to basically point you guys to a couple of of great resources you can look into because these guys are really into not only really great me to painting and crafting but you’re also they’ve also shown a lot of interest in miniature printing lately so many I can black magic Crafters are probably my two favorite sources right now but you also have 3D printed tabletop and spiky bisit mention those a lot in fact she printed tabletop has a lot to show when it comes to board gaming table top and all these kinds of things as well if you want to have more Minis and you can throw for your mini printer like we’re talkin high-level quality cast quality you want to go to my mini Factory. Com a lot of your models are free a lot of them are not probably 50-50 at this point they have a lot of stuff for the miniature enthusiasts who likes to bring their own things we’re going to talk about that little bit later because you also have board game stuff but when it comes to printing Minis on resin somewhere else so I probably didn’t say that right blame that on my English not being the first language but I’m pretty sure you understand what I mean so that being said I’m going to concentrate on FTM as of now for the rest of the presentation mainly because I’m not saying resident has no place in boardgaming printing I keep saying you can make anything with either one it’s just more practical and because of that more people are most likely going to Veer towards fdm printers or cost ease-of-use issue and so forth and so on but especially because of materials are easily available and easily usable and have a lot of Arrietty it’s probably one of the better Solutions again that is my personal opinion so that that’s where I’m going to Veer off for

the rest of the presentation I have no beef against resin like I said I’m getting one can I be more transparent than what I just said so going back to the world at fdm printers like I said everything printers use something called a plastic surgeon to come in schools and you have a lot of different types of materials a b s p l a Pidgey so forth the one that you want to hear about the one that you want to buy is called peeling chili is non-toxic it is food safe it is mostly made of cornstarch and most importantly it is very reliable when you when you print with it it it it doesn’t tend to have a lot of failure rate because some more exotic materials I’m saying exotic probably sold it to exaggeratedly here but a lot of the materials that exists Beyond p l a be a bit more finicky RSD could be more to do you have humidity problems all kinds of things that you need to take into consideration but please very rarely fails so it’s a great material to use it’s a lot of stress ring to use it and like I said he comes in a lot of different looks and materials used are just examples so to give you an idea of how the different types of of looks in New Jersey can get out of him I’m going to give you a quick list of what I know by heart right so you have your pretty much any color you can think of is going to be there so you got rid of the the find blue you going to find sky blue light blue Powder blue dark blue whatever you can find any color shaded probably need for your projects but if that’s not enough she can even get all of the colors you can have what they call rainbow colored pla which is a a filament that is gradually constantly changing color endure a lot of different types of rainbow colored p l a i mean some are specific to certain shades of color others are very dynamic you name it you can think of it as even marble peel a so if you want to make statue looking types of Prince you can do that I’m actually working on creating a bust of Poplar figureheads so I could put my VR headset on it because you know why not I can do that yet transfer PA now this I think is actually more actually more realistic on the resin printer because the the transparent colors of eyes use myself didn’t give me clear looking results like that probably gets his be post-dated but I just want people to understand if there’s also a transparent pla which I use for water tiles I have a bunch of transparent blue pill a ready for that you have metallic-looking tlso she wanted print coins and stuff like that you can use that yet Copper Brass gold silver you name it it’s out there and it’s really shiny by the way of course I bought some silver looking TLA because I printed my cell phone initiative descargar you know why not you got glow-in-the-dark peeling if you’re old like me and you remember GI Joes Zarate figurine that turned green out when he was in the Sun you can print with that stuff as well you have thermal sensitive will change color depending on the temperature you have night long and silk based Fiel a witch has a very different smooth looking finish to it yet carbon fiber the craziest I’ve seen is wood base now this picture is also shared to us from another user you can sand and stain it which is what this person did here this is this one here I printed myself it’s a failed print you can see it here I didn’t finish the entire Bowl but I kept it because it was so practical and to be honest it looks like wood it doesn’t feel like it at all in fact I would tell you I would say that it’s more like if plastic and cardboard how did Baby this is what you get its kind of weird but very solid very solid tube does which is kind of are you happy yet strange effect you can expect the prices of these colors to end and types of material types of p l a to be more expensive the more exotic they get ones that I said you were around 2:25 you is z range multicolor probably has add another $5 when I bought gold I think it cost me about $32 or something like that

I ended the last thing I want to mention on 3D printing technology is something called slicing again you you could have a full presentation only on it on the sly saying because there is a lot to talk about it because it is the entire software side of the 3D printing process I will give you only to run down really quickly of what you’re probably want to know so slicing software is what makes it possible for you to make any 3D printer file a reality it’s the old is the thing that makes it possible for you to take any fire you find and bring it to life with a 3D printer basically takes a model and analyzes it I will be able to tell you what your machine will need to do well not tell you but basically create a file giving machine instructions to your printer to know what he needs to do and how it will do it how it will behave how it will basically function so you need to give it at least a couple of settings such as layer thickness how much infill you want like you want your model to be still or still there empty or somewhere in between you can determine to of the exterior of of the walls of the shells of top to bottom parts if you’ll need supports supports is when you need to print something and you’re something is obviously going to be hanging out in the air like the letter T standing upright if you’re printing spices at some point what happens when you had the letter T hear what where does this come song as well the supports are basically things that you print in advance knowing that at some point there’s going to be something with an overhang to give you an idea what we’re talking about here I have a quick example about Leisure sickness layer’s thickness probably the most important and if not the future going to be changing or at least taking into consideration for any print sickness can be easily attributed to the resolution of your print all right in other words your lair the more slices you’ll have and the better-looking your print will look like but the more slices you add the more time your people take so here’s a quick example here is a model of a snake man what you can barely tell right now but this is what my software is my slicing software was giving me as a preview if I use the thickest fly south could come up with for my machine I don’t know if I could go sicker than that but if I double the number of layers by sorry if I cut down by half the thickness of my lair it’s already looking a lot better but I’ve already doubled the time because I have twice as many layers and if I go even further than that it looks even better but now the time he’s getting really crazy high but that’s fine because it’s probably worth it look at how clean those edges are now compared to before I’m going to revert back in my presentation look at how you had steps everywhere and now it’s way better looking right so these are some of the settings you’ll tell your printer before you you know this is how you tell your printer print something like this okay no the good news is that most it’s not some of the best slicing software is that you’ll need to print with their free eye ultimaker Cura is by far one of the most used once it’s free and because it’s free it means it’s very easy for you to find some help for it because a lot of people will have trouble shooting tips for you and so forth but are others like slicer literally called slicer except to the last he’s a the numbers 3 * slicers that are that you need to pay for which are considered professional grade as simplify3d which I own but I still use Cura very often because Kira happens to be I find it very user-friendly compared to others and by the way if all this stuff seems complicated the good news is that they almost all have some kind of wizard mode where you just say literally dose for settings and it will ask you how quickly do you want this or how pretty do you want this and go but if you want you can go and every single micro detail that would be completely out of the scope of this presentation what is interesting to you however the board gamer ER and Specialty miniature printer

almost every I actually can’t think of a single slice of software that doesn’t do this but because there are a lot of different settings that are possible for any given project they’re usually let you save those settings for set project so for example if I’m printing a whole bunch of terraforming Mars tiles and I have the specific settings because I have this specific requirement I have my terraforming Mars settings right. I’ll save under that work that name now you can share settings on other people these settings are easily exploitable in a portable and that is a big thing when it comes to Miniatures a lot of people for any given printer it’ll say I’m using this printer with Kira and I got the best results with Z settings and assure it online and that happens all the time all the time so one of the things you want to look out eventually our you know when you’re getting a little bit more at ease with the whole process is what settings are other people using in download them and try them out for yourself for yourself especially for miniatures entering printing so that being said that pretty much covers the part that we had hello everyone this is Kevin from Treasure Coast games here to give you a quick construction to our game hamster scramble cancer scramble is a brand new Fusion between two familiars genres a platformer and a match free puzzle game it’s separate into two distinct sections and puzzle boards up above and the platform stage in most puzzle games you just have the game board and throw pieces at it from a static location in Hampshire scramble however you have full control over a character in the states below is also here but the Hampshire’s will scramble the hamsters enter from the top of the stage by a pipes running up the sides of the area and loop back up when they reach the bottom in order to make matches on the puzzle board players will have to chase down and catch the hamsters each hamster has a color in wincot becomes a ball of the same color carried by the player two-player can then aim and throw the ball at the board to try and make matches making match to send zorbs at the opponent’s board filling up a meter that adds alignment full

movie app on his part down work but players were hit the center line the platforming and puzzles themselves are rather straightforward so I’ll skip the fun part swapping in Hampshire scramble making matches isn’t the only way to attack your opponent players also have the ability to swap into their opponent’s side of the stage for a limited time why are there you can harass your opponent and disrupt their game plan by throwing balls at their board stealing their hands refer yourself or straight up finishing them off play can defend themselves from an invading appointed by attacking them which will knock their hands out of their hands and stun them for a short time time finding the right times in positions to swap his key to getting the most out of it each stage and have to scramble had its own unique look layout and mechanics such a slippery ice platforms and Bubbles that catch hamsters and carry them up work players will have to adjust their strategies depending on which stage they’re playing in in our demo here at Pax online up to four players can enjoy local and online multiplayer in Ford the game stages there’s also the hamster Village to explore and it tastes of the game single player content as well please come try out the game never great time at Pax online dr. Ken. And register here from Excel lights on lights on in Brisbane Australia complex on in fun ways and at this stage we really focusing on cancer education from Castle themed Escape rooms to freshen

reality to a are tripping off calories in the project. that I’m talking about today is all I can see the Abba your favorite auntie is I know firsthand talkin to the general community that does a lot of misunderstanding and cool fundamental knowledge gaps what cancer is because cancer is incredibly complex up everybody welcome

so why can’t I come with you I told you already Cape cuckoo

isn’t safe and remorse and the Wormhole conspiracy is it coming

of age Adventure sit in a goofy Galaxy of old bull character

ridiculous conundrums and Cosmic Depot

1 de Banda en la Piel I threw a hot field exploration of

Independence Family and growing up Tina sling Henry Moss helps

his mother Sharon Albright most family supplies an Interstellar

delivery business servicing the outer worlds Henry longs to

break free of his domestic duties to seek his fortune and

fame amongst The Fosters together the most is uncover a

cosmic conspiracy are the same but as soon as the Benedict Moana mall all this it’s the muscles on an interplanetary journey of compassion exploration and self-discovery Together full feeling a secret Legacy founded a generation ago really try to capture that classic point-and-click adventure experience that so many people love to bring to it twist multiple solutions to problems a dynamic soundtrack Unique Mechanics in with the family audience in mind the whole life through its a story about coming of age in a family relationship and a modern family that this is a game that will really appeal to people that grew up with these games and accept our kids of their own and can hardly share that Joy with them too hi everybody I’m Raphael Pokemon so better known as Doctor be on the Clinical Director of take this the first mental health non-profit to serve the game Community make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook at take this sword will our mission is to educate people on Mental Health topics and that’s what we’re here to do today we’re going to talk about burnout especially in Creative professions know we hear the term burn out all the time but what is it we hear about people working too hard and it leads to burn out so they’re exhausted right we’ll burn out is more than that it burnout was just about over work we could take a vacation and fix it yes exhaustion from overwork is a big part of burnout but the second part is a sense of ineffectiveness you are not just overworked you don’t feel like you can do anything about it you don’t feel like you can hit your goals you don’t feel like you can you know do really anything right in your job more than that there’s a sense of cynicism that goes along with burnout you just don’t care anymore you’re not you’re not just worked and don’t think you can do anything about it you don’t care about your goal if you don’t care about your fans you don’t care about even maybe why you started doing what you do in the first place nothing matters anymore these three things together combine to

create a chronic psychological condition that we know is burnout what do we do about it some common strategies are the one yeah take breaks we have this myth especially in Creative fields that if you’re not constantly working you’re not going to make it or your you know going to lose your position but the truth is taking breaks actually makes your work better the research is pretty clear on this one that taking breaks allows you to work more effectively effectively another one especially for those of us who are working at home creating a sense of work home separation and there’s a lot of ways to do that maybe it’s only working during certain set hours maybe it’s not answering emails outside those our maybe it’s having a separate workspace I don’t know try it out get creative for you figure out what works for you a third thing especially if you are doing what you love for a job is having new things to do outside of work that have nothing to do with your job for me that’s cooking I love to cook and has nothing to do with video games tabletop games or mental health I love it creating measurable goals can be an effective way of fighting that sense of an efficacy maybe you pick three things to do that day and if you can hit those three things everything else is just gravy maybe you create weekly goals I don’t know again figure out what works for you but finally aligning your goals and your job with your values can fight help fight that sense of cynicism if you’re doing something that you with you know you’re morally not aligned with that can be a really hard thing to do so change your content to meet what’s important to you if you enjoy this please make sure to check out take this. Org for more mental health information and please enjoy the rest of packs everybody everybody

stop at Showdown everyone this is parkasaurus and it is one of the India showcase winners for PAX which we are very happy to be part of washbear is made by a two-person team called wash for studio and one of those people is me I’m Chris High the game itself is a dinosaurs Tycoon simulation where you obviously take care of dinos in expanded Park so let me give you a quick welcome to the game we could do a customized game but let’s go to the world map instead and I’m going to do one of the missions which is Toronto and let’s start that up I have a quick look and the first Quest pops up and I’ll peel and those are Park Citgo on restarting with with turn us where we’re going to have to do Quest so the first thing we need to get fired from the dino Ki I’ll have for dinosaurs and unlock to science okay so various ways we can do all this at first thing I’m going to do is see what the quest gave me so I have a hat and hats can go in your dinos Ori employees on an Ankylosaurus so I’m going to hire some people to help me first when I go to the office go to resumes vet

I hired Shannon Beador pretty good I sign test because I will want some science I’m going to show you know what I’m going to move this over here because I want to build my exhibit where this all is what’s me save it I need some concrete walls first so these are cheaper there pretty strong the only catch is guests can’t see through them to see the Dinos which is okay because we’ll add some other advances and I’m going to make it just this big for now add some wood fence and these are allowed to guests to CNN so I’ll just add some Pat here you know what the strawberry shake while we’re at it it if I fell asleep with grass most of this is already grass so let me fill the rest of crass crass that’s so this exhibit now I can click anywhere on the wall or on the ground and I’ll pull up the exhibit pain Nevada interesting information here and we’re trying to get the Taiga Biome so you can see we have to add some recognition some wetness so let’s go ahead you can see it’s transforming and there we go we just got over to the rainforest we need to get up to Tyga so we want to I want to add some some ruggedness I’m going to do that with the train to all at a mountain here Merry Go now let’s Hatcher Dino now it’s make a perfect save it so now you can see here we need some bushes and trees and some rocks so I’m going to go ahead and get those cat can see the meteors filling up I want some bushes that are meant for grass tiles and see if our diversity is filling up and I want to finish that offer some rocks or granite perfect biotics pretty good Your Dino are you go is Olive I first I know keep all are going to start watching all of pretty cool and Scott to get some donation boxes for them to get money to do we have to get food and door on the exhibit so bad Vets can expect a Dino and yes lots lots lots to do so but I just want to give you a sneak peek into how this game works and there you go so I hope you enjoy this and if you have a chance check out parks are as you can get it on Steam currently yeah alright thanks

hello everyone and welcome the joy of coding we’re going to start today by answering a few simple questions why are you here and who the heck is this guy so the first one’s pretty easy to answer or nerd got a bunch of board games and that sweet sweet combination of board games and data is simply Irresistible but who am I the most important answer is not a professional coder so let that be a huge caveat for everything you’re about to hear I promise it will be interesting and informative about as far as the tabletop space goes I’ve been bouncing around that industry for a little more than a decade but you probably most recently recognized me as the event coordinator for a Pax unplugged and you know I’ll stay while packs online is a Pax West Pax Australia egx event I couldn’t let them have all the fun so I did not just sit back here I spent all of my unexpected summer free time picking up an old hobby of mine so it’s been about ten years since I read some serious code so I thank you for attending this clickbait title of a panel where we’ll be focusing mostly on the first half of this equation building up a robust dataset for categorizing just about any board game collection this is to say we’re going to talk about that more so than the actual performing of data analytics but towards the end here we will get into talking about some of the tools you could use for nail visualisations and statistical analysis and I actually to show some of the initial outfits from those those efforts so if you’re ready to head down this road with me maybe you’re an experienced programmer in which case you can call us over some of this or laugh at my amateur code but if you are not an experienced programmer and you’re interested in taking up an interesting Hobby I highly recommend picking up the book automate the boring stuff with python I’m not being paid to say this and that guy didn’t even pay to read the book I just checked it out of my library but it is very powerful book it will teach you how to be a wizard a wizard who you know knows how to do things with computers are at least grab them and automate them and use them in a slightly more advanced fashion men your average computer user so the book is great I’m in the first half is a great hey you haven’t ridden this bike in 10 years kind of coding 101 Refresher but it gets into the nitty-gritty of how to use Python which if you haven’t been around in a while it’s just fantastic I can’t say up great things about how clean and elegant of a solution python percents to most coding challenges in the book in the second half of really dies in all sorts of purpose python libraries for doing the automation science things no web scrape Excel spreadsheet creation things of that nature so you two can teach yourself to be a model in software developer who just sorta of libraries in that stack Overflow why didn’t work but if you want to skip all of this I highly recommend this as one of the many off-ramps I will protect you here this is called The Bee Gees stats app is available on IOS and Android but you know no seriously just download this and use it and get all sorts of fun visualisations about your cardboard have it you can track what games you played who you played them with to one where you played at many other little details and it does tie into BoardGameGeek collections which were going to talk about in some serious detail here in a bit but you don’t necessarily need to read a book create your own convoluted python script that’s just needs to be a lifestyle choice that some of us embarked on but you know this isn’t going to be the last time I offer you an an offer from this journey but know that what I’m showing hear the code we’re going to go through and and what it does and why it’s all sort of hard mode on purpose one + fun to learn how some of the stuff works and down as a learning project but you know this is also a project rather unique that a requirement when you might be familiar with with this this is a very large convention Library thousands of games with an amazing crew called the Pax enforcer is who maintain it staff at operate it make it so it is there for you to play and enjoy can’t say enough great things about everyone I work with their butt the other great thing you don’t often hear about is that the enforcers actually developed their own open source board game Library software Start with tax and and where the code base maintainers for it but Shucks use it a lot of Comic Cons use

it Pax Australia it it’s next time we have a physical facts are those are the day that you see here is all sort of North America Pac specific or that you will see here but this is all to say in very short that I’m using my own project here with some rather unique requirements of convention Library management to characterize the games in that Library but a lot of the Lessons Learned here are applicable to your own no management of your own personal game collection if you choose to go down this road so let’s take a look a bit further at that if you want to get a peek at their Library software hear you know hey welcome taxis 20/20 the convention where are we didn’t die and you know this is an example hey we had 1917 games in that Library are there is a lot we could do if we had a to the board game database that characterizes those those games in many different ways you know added unplug we probably had at least an additional thousand games to supplement that Library size and one of the other unique things about this you know what we’re operating the board game collection out of what’s essentially a glorified airplane Hangar you know with tens of thousands of people inside Always going to have reliable internet internet lot of design choices has be made here make this a system that operated offline disconnected disconnected NBA be a lot easier methods here if you’re doing this at home and you can assume persistent connection to a website like BGG so if you are not familiar with BGG let’s give you another off-ramp here maybe you don’t have your own unique convention software Maybe you’re not managing your board game collection in your own custom spreadsheet that wasn’t the case right simple way to do this track your own inventory is the login to be Gigi at your profile drop down click collection takes you to a collection page you can one at a time at all the games that you were wrong and once they’re in there for the download board games and click the owned a link and that will generate a CSV file that they will send you through the teeth nails mail to you download that and it’s actually going to come with right out of the box 99% of the turn the metadata associate with these games at that we’re going to work on pulling down today it’s things like player count suggested age range number of minutes it takes to play the game average rating for the game all great stuff so you can be off to the Races ready if you want to get more into the data science aspect of this bump that into the times two of your choice and really get running with know what sort of observations you can make about the games you chose down so looking can also at here’s an example game page and I honestly randomly chose a game out of the past the library this is a game called Bloomin blizzard that I believe was imported in 2018 for the first look section at unplug and I meant until that metadata hear this is just to show that it’s all available around the front page you know the designer the artist the publisher some of the big key factors here I just as a process of learning some aspects of coating that I had it earlier implementation that just scraped this right off the website usually that is not what you want to do but just something I want to learn how to do so it shows that the information if they are accessible at your fingertips both for your eyeballs and you know what the script if you so chose to write 1 if you take the stats tab here you get all sorts of exit detailed information on the good news is that everything you see here plus the sad sad all available through what we call an API so if you want to read the docs the right to this URL read about the ATI I’m going to have some call outs to Surin API inspection in this page I want that we’re not using today but that you might prefer to use if you’re not say doing the offline system that I’m describing here puppy if you’re actually going to use the API here is the URL you a type into your browser on you can do this yourself just to see what the ABI call result looks like going to get there in a second key aspect here is this string of numbers I highly unregister call out the attention that is the BGG unique ID number for Bloomin blizzard but you know you type in ID equals 1 you got democker German

politics game that is the first game ever added to BoardGameGeek and the Games added you can go around and take her with that your browser the other thing we depended stats equals one we set the stats value to true that we get there are the extra detailed version of the results that are turned in here we go here so look you know this is an XML which is meant to be a easier human readable form of organizing data but it’s also super great in Easley machine-readable The Best of Both Worlds you can very easily talium in player’s value equals 2 max players value equals 6 you know what it’s saying there but it’s also really easy to programmatically develop something to read in those values and you know do something with them Alexa look at for the key things we want to extract here at least initially When developing at convention Library management script script that we want to extract the overarching item tag that describes the type as a board game and gives us our ID number for Bloomin blizzard be name the primary name is that bloom in blizzard on with the you know the native kanji in the translation will talk about you no special characters in touch later but also we are concerned about the year published bag here so the value for year published is also of some import for us because it also helps us resolve duplicate name situations where I know a bunch of board game Publishers to put out the same name 4 different games and then we’ll get more into that and just a little bit go over the four goals of this project at in its entirety personal I do is create that offline directory next thing you want to do is link all the games in our existing collection to the unique E-Z g i d number values so the next thing we do after that and so we can if we can pull the real bgt data using the ID number compared to what we’ve got and correct the spelling of game titles that helps us out immensely no no duplicate entries and makes the stats reporting cleaner it’s less embarrassing when you’re not going up sending out to the public world and you’ve accidentally type of the name of very popular game just generally good thing to do the last thing we want to do is collect the whole bunch of metadata associate with those games I describe some of it before no player count age range time wait will get into a more about it later but there’s all sorts of amazing things we could add both as future uses for a convention Library software and passed uses chewing through G+ of old check out data and seeing what sort of observations and and Trends we can blame or how people’s gaming habits have changed both as our convention has grown and the popularity of War games in the war game industry in general you know has really taken off like a rocket in that stretch of time so scouting time where are you going to use Python which I already sung the Praises about but also if you are the new Kotor type who is looking to pick up the tab e and as a result of watching this amazing facts online panel I’m not going to take the rest of presentation of this walk you through getting up started I’m going to give you these four things to Google and they will teach you everything you need to know in conjunction with reading that book automate the boring stuff with python I had a really just get your legs under you and start writing some code you want install Visual Studio code as your development environment that’s just my recommendation ends of options out there it is free you’re going to erase save file to. Py extension that’s python file and visual studio will just throw to step in there and say hey we can I see what you’re trying to do here you probably developing in Python you want us to install python for you and it’ll do it for you but then you also want to do you know Google how to install pip that is a package manager let’s let you pull in all these other segments of pre-written code with eating a purpose-built functions are the sky before 4 doing all the automation bits I would think you also want to add python it and probably pick up as well to your your system path variable so that this allows you to type in commands to your command line or terminal window and your operating system will know to look in that location as well as others you know to look for those particular executables associate with the command your typing and just makes everything work in the end but if you do this it good to go read the book on backwash wrestler presentational make a whole lot more sense but I will be presenting it in in Easy Mode

here so hopefully it that’s all tomorrow into the code I said the first goal was to create an offline index of all the games on BoardGameGeek I’m going to describe how we do that by stepping through some of the models and packages that we chose to install answer use the functions that they provided us and I’ll caveat here again this is really only necessary for offline usage if you go back and read the docs on the b g g a t i it has a search API you can use to BDT search bar right there and not have to create your own turn off offline mirror of you know a few key field for their entire database of three hundred thousand something games that’s a little little bit over a little extra as the kids say so so assuming we are going to go go forward with this hard mode plan here in crate the offline database we use their requests Library Northwest Library just helps you reach out to the internet content into your script so within request there is a function called get so I say requests. Get and I put the variable for a URL address of string where I’ve stashed a web address and I happen to write this big honkin URL here remember thing I D equals one is democker we’re actually going to take it a hundred games at a time and get a rather large XML file and chew through it and Hunger Game increments I just broke it up here so it goes all the way up to a hundred let me start by importing some of these libraries Lansing Define 3T variables The first one is our base URL thing I T equals we don’t know yet if item is the first item in the bdd database and the last item is a result of a custom function I won’t be diving into that’s called BG Max item is something I wrote and this does use web scraping BGG has a page called The Geek feed I would just kind of like looking at the Matrix and seeing all the new things that get added to be e g time so it just pulls out that page finds the most recent timestamp dumped over to the ID number for that were just added and sets it and said this is the highest ID number value you’re ever going to find the BGG database as of right this second let’s put the brakes on once we hit that item so we go right into a for Loop here and we’re going to take like I said a hundred numbers at a time and go through it so before Lupul increment from one then 101 men 201 and 301 because we said we’re going to go from first item to at last item and we’re going to jump a hundred numbers at a time and if else here you can kind of ignore that’s really just a check if your ex value is within a hundred digits of your max item that is being put the brakes on and set the range to be something less than a hundred hundred but one way or another we’re setting the ID range variable to be a range of numbers 99% of time it’s going to be under numbers along bendy URL arguments is how we get this extra string of most likely a hundred numbers Tech Don’s the end of that URL we map a string conversion function to every integer in that range and we stick that group of strings into a list and then we join the list together using commas so it makes a huge separated string stored in the value URL args and Arie final URL is that original baseurl Plus b u r l r u r l equals this is great python just do math with letters we called to get function from requests on the URL and stuff into this response is the full content of that webpage that huge mess up go back couple size hear all this scrolling down a hundred games along all that is in me stashed in this response object or variable going on to this is actually going to help us read a computer read what we just stashed in response so remember how responses that raw XML output we’re going to feed into the beautiful soup function B text version we call

it a text message by the pending. Text at the end of their response object and then we tell beautifulsoup in the second parameter to use the L XML parser soap to use on a stock list Alex and all this happens to be the one to tell it and I expect XML output so we can take a quick detour here if you’re curious about this you know just tagging. Text on here if this is truly audience of complete amateur programmer you may be curious about you know you’ve always heard the term object-oriented programming this is a great example here so object-oriented programming is really just in time to finding new classes of variables and we called them objects so for a beautiful soup am reading in the XML parsing it as XML and storing it in a a soup object and that’s just a variable of some unique type that we just created by using a beautiful suit clasp same thing happened with requests we write a web page and stored it as a request object in the definition for those classes are variable types there are other functions which will just call methods here and it makes it really easy to write because instead of having to apply functions do it you say the barrel people named variable name Whatever and it applies that method and just changes what you stored there in some way a really easy way thing about this is say what the string class you a variable that is just a string of letters you can say. Upper or. Lower and it changes the string to just save you all uppercase or lowercase in this case we’re changing the XML it just be the wrong with letters on the page and allow beautifulsoup to read it crawl out through the side by now I digress for the diversion there is another one of those methods for the beautiful soup package called find all so if we take our soup object Find all method and then have it find all items those 100 items that we sort of bucketed in the response object are going to come up one at a time and I just pasted in the XML output here as a reminder the item showed you know board game type and ID number so for every game is a temporary variable called game in the soup items only know list of hundred buckets buckets it’s going to take the attribute from the ID tag so I T equals this string of 6 numbers and set it to be game ID number same thing for category I’m going to look for the type value here and then I’m going to take the attribute for it and set it to be a Tacori it’s a board game your publisher is a little odd you know it’s it’s not within the master item tag and XML is nested down in there somewhere so we’ve got to do another soup method find instead of fine dog sits all the only one for every individual 100 games or going to look for the year published tag and I would have been take its value better than the year published the rest of this year deals with a little bit of weirdness and databases particularly bdg you can’t expect every game is going to have the year published and what they might have chess in the library and who the hell knows when chess was published so a lot of games that don’t have that value there’s also I I said it so as long as it’s not none you know what none if it could not find the year published tag and also the chance that the value is just an empty string now it says year published value equals I don’t know and in theory that shouldn’t exist but you know he’s been around for like 15 years and it’s a exhaustive database of every game ever made so I think one game I came across just they had about a year published at some point I guess I’m leaving with them deleted it made was wrong and then they got to fix who knows the trivia behind that one but that crashes your code so is there a little edge cases we work around the choices we make otherwise as long as it’s not none and it’s not blank we set it to the True Value in the year published tag on these things did happen else if he comes published the year zero so it’s like Jesus

moving on 518 list is the third package we consider using which is open pie XL I’m just going to sing the Praises of it here but not going to the detail this allows you to write Excel spreadsheet San Jose Valley so damn well but it’s completely optional because if you’re going to be riding this and then passing this and other data processing scripts know any situation where a spreadsheet is not your final output probably has better off gone with it a CSV file for now if you’ve dabbled with python the past the CSV writing features the built-in functions of python. So so much better when Python 3 came out a lot of the help you will Google for invariably relates the people struggles and writing csp’s and python 2 or earlier and requiring all stores extra packages in libraries you won’t have to deal with so make sure you get in the right advice advice using a fraction salt python and make sure you get that fresh install if you’ve got you know some past experience but we’re just coming back to it after a little while so before we wrap up gold number one here just to talk about some of the other considerations one is file encoding and title formatting I mention I just kind of randomly chose blue and blizzard happens to be a an Asian import came with some Congee in the title you’re going to come across all sorts of special characters symbols letters with diacritics and different types of accents on them and I don’t know what you intend to do with the stator for a next steps but I mean you can get yourself into Unicode hell here and you won’t understand how your and coding these characters the systems that you’re going to pass it on to what their expectations are what you know UTF farm at the expected export your CS fan it’s all just clean leave everything as default try not to worry about it but if you get weird errors in your tax welcome to the set of problems and you know now you know it start googling for your fix the other thing is rate-limiting I just described taking a 15 year old old gold standard database for all games ever invented and making your own personal copy of it be very respectful of other people’s bandwidth and like don’t do this willingly and use lots of you know timely sleep statements in your API calls I spaced it out here that takes well over a day close to two days actually Implement all these Hunger Games at a time chugging through three hundred thousand something games in the BGG database vet if it does not give you like nostalgic feelings of pirating things over 56 k and like you’re not doing it right and you’re being too aggressive and and you might actually want him getting rate Limited and you’re a guy calls will just start failing in know nothing in a perfect world are we be using something here called like a bulk satch and point where we just send the one magic huge API call intend to make and it it chopped it up and slowly gets it done over Shrek the time but ideally this is a run at once never have to run again cuz we’ve got our offline copy now you know for you send the disconnected convention airplane hangar so I didn’t want to get too fancy with it and and learning towards extra new stuff that we weren’t going to be using again over time are the other thing is maybe ever logging describe the script that takes almost 48 hours to run maybe you want to make sure your Internet didn’t pick up or that you you know didn’t get rate Limited at some point so you can set your program such that if it has no results with him on his hunger game badges you spit out of text file log it just tells you pay these ranges were curiously empty very unlikely that an entire a hundred game Run of the bdg databases going to be completely black and I can tell you from experience now that’s that certainly is not the case I’m X was only you know 80 or 90 games in a hundred ID value run but you’re always going to get at least that much they can check your lot later and then on our last thing existing an index update an existing index update you can manually set those first item last item values and have it run over the parts where maybe it was experiencing make some pickups or maybe it’s the next year of your convention and you just want to set the first item to be the final result from your last index file search and just have it update that little Delta and it’ll take an hour just to get whatever has been added to be in the past you know X number of weeks months or a year that again just use the search API is whole lot easier than this but if you want the convenience of having an offline copy and not having to constantly hit Bee Gees API

this is something you could do or I’ll have my GitHub Link at the end of this you could just take my file so that you don’t have to go you know that API for a day I just get your own off on copy you can have mine 3 which we will merge for convenience here this is linking the BGG ID number to each of your games and this is like the master key for everything and then using it for one single purpose right now up front is to fix the spelling of all your game name so everything’s nice clean an accurate but there’s one major key consideration before we go and do all this and I hinted at it before sometimes publishers use the same game as a name is a game that already exists so in this case is going to use the great 2019 Tim fowers game Savatage here and realize that there’s other games name sabotage to and if we’re trying to differentiate we’re trying to link our copy of sabotage to Abby gtid number to better get it right or if we do any sort of fancy metrics or you know trending of data using any of the metadata Fields is coming off Family Link into games with other play X & player counts and who knows what what so we’re going to use a tool in Python called a dictionary and think of this sort of like SSAT analogies you’re going to have a long list of values but every value is a matched pair of a public e e value pair keys are unique there can only be one of any key and in this case he is the game name so in this dictionary there is one key after another and that’s all the unique names that a game might have the time sabotage Ticket to Ride Ride Monopoly and so on and so forth but the associative value you know after the coal in here happens to be another dictionary and so associated with sabotage is a dictionary of e g g g g i d number and year published pears of this tells me there are three other games name sabotage they have these pairs of ID number to your published the number to your published so on and so forth no offense to Robert Abbott I’d like a really cool I’ll do to make great games some of the gems of the early Decades of War gaming but you know odds are library of games probably the one from 10 that just came out of a year ago so this little segment of code here just does exactly that the BG games value here that is just a a string that has the system passing I was he calling / whatever all the way out to the CSV file I generated from going number one my offline BGG database I use the CST St. Reader function be there from the CSV Library stash that that read CSV file into BGG reader open up an empty dictionary and for every row in the BGG reader I’m going to say hey does that first value the game title is it already exists in the master list of a canary keys if it does just update that second dictionary with a new ID your published pair you crawling that sub list if not we’re just going to create a new entry in the database here is my game name here’s my the one unique Perry that exists so far is Keep On Truckin to all 350,000 whatever James from RBG index now moving on to how we actually smack those two list together offline BGG index and our list are Personal Collection are our game Library collection whatever you’re managing here that goes to list together sometimes it’s real easy you know the game has no typos in it the name clean only exists and DG there’s no duplicates for we just know immediately what the BGG ID number is that we skip right to the title writing function which is something I created we’re not going to go to the code for that cuz it’s stupid simple chest to CSV writer all the little bit of extra fancy nails for my unique application here I’ll order the right down hey here’s our databases ID number for it hears the BGG ID number for it and oh oh by the way here is the definitive

except for what the title should be and those three things can be stashed in a correction stable for your own database are having your spreadsheet whatever you happen to be using but if we said say four packs names I use that as my array if that game is not in the list of BGG keys and I need to attempt to match it using some sort of string matching cuz that that means I’ve got a game it’s probably it’s not likely that I’ve got a game in the packs Library that does not exist in Bee Gees database honestly I think it was like three games at that was the case for brand new stuff for you no Lo print run in these things for the publisher is necessarily have them put their games on BGG app I have to use attempt match if we are going to get to organize what’s the code for how we actually attempt to match two strings and find the spelling corrected version of game title in the b g and X we do that or after we do that remember we always take the time out here and say are there duplicate titles use that a douche Checker function which I won’t get into that one either places Barcelona some sing-alongs I’m sure of it then statements that I spend too much time refining finding that will tell you if you’ve got potential duplicates at all are you two and a half a user for a little bit of intervention there tell getting into this it’s all downhill from here let’s look at the attempt match function you’ll notice we have another library that we’re adding in here Des lib or only importing one function from it called get close matches know we’re really going to lean on that get close matches function here which is fine you can kind of tuna it to your liking it’s a very rudimentary you know text Matt matching function and this does have it some of its own advantages because while I mentioned you just want to use BGG search live if you can depend on a persistent internet connection to search is it just not always the greatest hits it’s very particular if you you make a typo it’s not going to really try to help you fix it like say a Google search wood so you can tune the parameters you know the n and cut off browder’s of a get close matches function to your liking and you don’t fiddle with it learn a little bit about it and know see how tolerant you wanted to be of wildly typo two titles here the only thing is really not going to help with is games that have huge subtitles it’s like Clank a fantasy deck building Adventure using cards whatever yada yada yada sometimes Publishers do or do not use the massive subtitles they put on their game boxes that can kind of throw you off if we have time we’ll talk about how to work around that using it extra corrector function but any case ignore the manual name portion of this attempt match function for now and let’s just say that we’re going to create a variable called case match and apply to get close matches function to the game or searching for Within in the dictionary to use of BGG names here’s a little bit of code that makes it easy on the user and doesn’t have to have them keep flicking confirm buttons If the length of this case match array that’s all the potential spell incorrectly matches long as it’s not zero didn’t completely bust him and failed to find any clothes matches we are going to look at the. Lower version of our game title string and the first result from case match you know a real values 0 that’s the most likely match we’re going to lowercase them both and compare them and if they are identical that that point that means I’ve just got a case error know someone put a random capital letter or or lowercase letter when it should have been capital in the title we shouldn’t ask the user to correct that we just know that that was a common mistake let’s just keep correcting and storing proper BGG values if not if it’s not just a simple case matching error we are going to use the match selector function which I think I mentioned before you know so if the length of matches it’s more than zero we are going to store the selected value in our match select their function do I send the whole list of matches plus the original game name and without diving into the actual code for it I can use a numerate function in Python witch just takes an array of values and displays them to the user as a

numbered list and we can actually spes we can take user input their say which one of these numbers was your game we could even also include one if you get fancy with it that says it was none of these and that’s where it comes to the point of hey maybe you have an option type in a corrected title and have it spin back through the attempt match function that’s where you would set this optional parameter of manual name it would get called with the second argument specified which would override the default assignment of a empty string tell if it comes in and says 100 manual name is not empty it’s going to skip this some other code that treats it slightly differently this will be a slightly different tune get close matches function and when actually go to do the title right or function it might even be alright some different values to note that this was a problematic game name that required to manual intervention for other uses I won’t get into here but in any case of the user gets you know that they want to do sabotage and it gave them a whole bunch of results they typed in you no option number for or comes back as the it gets set if it’s returned by the match socks or function to get set up the selected variable and then in the title riding function we can go and sake pull me the game name and the bgt ID number for you know enumerated value for from that last match we attempted and just write it to the CSV and Movin On with life to our next game so I have been talking for quite a long time and showing you a lot of code China bearing levels of experience so we’re not going to go through the code for collecting metadata only because it’s pretty simple having just showed you the code for goal number one which digestive the entire Bee Gee Gee is a very similar script but instead of using all 355,000 whatever values from one to the max value we’re just going to use the BGG ID numbers of games we know we own but they should execute pretty quickly maybe an hour or two with them you know the rate-limiting I mentioned before and instead of doing just a few key beautifulsoup find all or find methods we’re going to do a whole bunch of them and when we go out there all sorts of metadata and this is kind of tip of the iceberg for what you can get these are they obvious Fields you’re at your maximum players minimum Flyers Fires rating weight where it gets interesting and we’ll shove some of this later are the families mechanics in categories those really help you to categorize the types of games you own and what people are playing and using for how long it can be really great description narrative no big old paragraph of text that tells you about this game but you can think of some uses a mansion library to make of that are you getting at the thumbnail image the jpegs or some of these games which could be super helpful I have time later I’ll talk about it you know some of what could be you know truly done with best app for now it’s look at this final package here this is what it looks like when script is fully compiled and sent off and if you notice up top I put one line of code in here this is you know my love affair with rediscovering coding and learning python pyinstaller is a single line command no provided you pick up installed the buy installer package you can use this great one single file of your script and have a spit out as next to executable that is portable and use on any system so if I’m using you know loaner laptops in a Convention Center airplane hangar and I want to be able to run this script on the Fly and be super helpful so I created a master script on main menu. Pie and you know imported all the other scripts for the four goals I listed for and you know you have a old school text menu here you know what you trying to do update that Master index Houston game title correction pulled on a fresh copy of the metadata and so on and so forth did you go today then put you know what’s the source of your data are you you know re running some corrections that you just did maybe you missed a couple of games To II go at it or are you pressed number one it’s just the stock expected export the Excel file format that are Library generates that’s defined as the standard

in CSV out but know if you hit that boom it pulls up the table of b e g i p values as well as your game Library inventory starts chugging throne here we can see that 1920 Wall Street was good we got an ID number for USS Yorktown was good but when we got an ID number for it but back to sabotage it turns out that it was number 5 so there was a clear match are there was no user intervention required until we did that time out let’s do it do to check duplicates were detected six of them is it one of these six or was it do we have to start from scratch and have you rewrite the title and a loop back to the whole whole script it’s right there he gave you some contacts in for me year published likely to 20191 let’s go the most straightforward usage of this crap is hey I got this game called copper Island no one’s ever heard of it well it’s cuz it called Cooper Island and we go has a pooper Island Clover Island Coney Island or do we need to you know play no match and either give up or do a manual correction and is what happens when there’s know when there’s no duplicate and it’s clear obvious match so so that was all well and good we got a little bit of time left let’s actually look at what the data looks like and what sort of visualizations we can make always got two other people working on the software that are working on visualisations the first one is all going to be Altair so this is our our data science guy in for Sir Handel water beards give you a big shout out there is super helpful at this he informs me that this has a much better usage then matplotlib but you know I have not attempted use out of these is that wasn’t the one had on this but noted out there are much better I’ll tell her I will tell you is a declarative statistical visualization library for python is it just read that mouthful the other enforcer frisky is playing around in Splunk which I have only heard of because they keep advertising and all my favorite Public Radio podcast Radio podcast she’s still working on some cool trending in observations this is pre-recorded so I’ll be in the chat as you know and if we got anyting cool extra to show here absolutely throw into an image gallery length hair that you can check out as well as well as a copy of these slides for anyone that wants to look at them at their own speed so if we actually want to look at what the specialization shows now it’s it’s growth chart here going out to the last call here to label 2019 a showing all of the tabletop checkouts for the packs of libraries – Pax Australia which I mention is coming as they’re they’re adopting the software package for their own use and we do have 20/20 data which continues fantastic growth but it’s a little too depressing to think about you know a chart that only shows half a conventions for a year that we chose to end it 2019 here and this is the favorite chart of mine just cuz it shows that my baby packs on plug him along first onto the scene 2017 and damn near eclipse every other packs combined as far as board game checkouts are concerned I let’s look at one of our other big conventions PAX East going to PAX East and doing the daily check out check out before lines here go from light to dark the latest line is the earliest time to get darker as time progresses but this is super dark one that so it drops off a cliff only kick everybody out is Sunday and Thursday is slow starter cuz I want that work but it’s really interesting to watch Friday and Saturday so Friday I didn’t say I just sort of come up together almost in lockstep you only get to the same point at around the same time as it says it’s Saturday Saturday gets going a little bit later than Friday does but Saturday remains an even higher traffic day but they did Verge right here at 4 before they have the same standard like dinner activity and the going to sleep but I assume is what happens when you leave packs why is this we can think about this and contemplate data my own personal theory is that if you’re here out of packs on a Friday and it’s 4 expo hall closes in 2 hours and maybe you are a person of many interests

and like all that packs has to offer so you might say ah damn Expo House close in 2 hours don’t get over there now I am going to have to fight Saturday Sunday traffic which as we all know is much busier time so people might choose to put aside the cardboard for just a bit hall before it gets too crowded there in the weekend and then get back to it in the same fashion that we do on just about every day that we have dinner hour gaming aside for now and I’m look at Pax unplugged 2019 Pax unplugged 2019 and we’ll go through just our top titles here this isn’t normal eyes for how many existed in the collection that is coming and you can look at her Twitter TT_HQ at TT_HQ is the tabletop headquarters Twitter account we to publish top 20 stats both Nan and normalize for copies for check out so this is just a raw look at the three most popular games just dominated here if you’re not familiar with obscurio this is the follow-up to mysterium and I just come out prior to unplug 2019 funny enough mysterium is down here at number nine number nine is number 10 I swear I didn’t bring this data or dumb dad jokes but them’s is the brakes so hey you know what got checked out a lot but it can get a little bit more interesting if you look at the mechanics so I mention that these are large families of descriptors are there actually a hundred and sixty nine different mechanics and the PDT database and you know they’re not you know mutually exclusive they could be many assigned multiple assignment to a particular game so you can have a Lowe’s card Drafting and tile placement assignment and to one game cuz it happens to have both of those mechanics in them irregardless of how many may have existed in the library we don’t know right now if we do a more detailed cut but Hannah management games or a fluid out of the water we had like basically 3000 checkouts of hand management games which is nothing to sneeze at special when you consider how big the drop off is for we can get to the top 10 what is $169 mechanics so looking at our final view here at is the popular categories now there’s only seventy-nine of these categories but it certainly checks that card game as a generic descriptor again it’s just this massive domination of the categories field but if you want to settle any sort of like nerd rage debates here fantasy much more popular than science fiction animal just animals are more popular in sci-fi so I know you can take that sitting down in any case I mentioned hopefully I got a couple more fun of used to show you in the chat if not you can do this yourself using what I just thought you and that book I kept referencing I’ll post a link to the slides in here as well as the link to the GitHub so this is where all the tabletop Library software is maintained ignore that and just look at the BGG API scripts folder here which is what I’m working on with all that summer free time for fun though remember not a professional coder when you pour through this him and laugh at all the non pythonic statements maybe not done the most elegantly always but there are many points that I’m proud of at least proud enough to come here and take an hour of your time thank you for giving that out of your time and hopefully have a good time at Pax online and hopefully you can get right back to it. Thanks again for watching hopefully hopefully see you at a future packs of an quite soon

hi I’m Gareth Amia Martin the solar developer behind another Waters another Waters is a narrative exploration game that costume is the AI assistant who is that a biologist has the Explorer and study and ID in ocean play through unique interface that off as a distinct perspectives on the world world of glass 667cc of unique and complex ecology throwing a mess of a ray of signals descriptions and sounds straight As you help Ellery Bass track missing scientist Dr Medina Mora uncover the complex history of this planet in other Walters also rewards free exploration that scientific study taxonomy entries completely biological sketch has to be unlocked for each creature creature imagine does an alternative to the militaristic in colonial focus of most science fiction is a game about Humanity’s relationship to the ecology sits around us that are insatiable curiosity about about set a timer climate crisis in ecological destruction can we imagine a different future or are we doomed to repeat the mistakes about species past find out who this unique and beautiful dive into another world available now on PC Mac a Nintendo switch my name is Eve crochet and I’m the executive director of take this the mental health non-profit that serves the game industry you may know take this as a Pax attendee in the past from are AFK room switch are a feature of in-person conventions and here we are at Pax online with a online and one of the reasons that so important is because just like in a regular can imperson convention convention a space that you can go to to relax and quiet your mind and take a a break from the intensity of the convention is important here to and the reason we care about this and the reason this is something even to

talk about is because of online to mention that only is it new it’s also pretty intense experience in ways that we’re not you and so I’m here to help you identify some ways to take care of yourself stay calm and feel like you have your tools for self-care so I encourage you to remember even though packs online is a 24/7 convention for 9 days days that it’s okay to miss things you will in fact Miss many things it’s okay to feel like you’re not finding your friends you will in fact not always find your friends online it’s okay to feel like this is strange Okay to feel distracted and it’s probably going to happen manage your expectations and understand that this is a strange experience and a strange new way of working it’s fine it’s okay and take breaks walk away give yourself the opportunity to rest and recharge just like a regular convention the same basic self-care principles apply get enough sleep eat proper meals drink plenty of water and walk away from your screen in fact that’s what I’m going to do right now I’m going to take this lovely mug of tea to drink every morning and I’m going to turn off my camera step away from my computer and said that I hope you have a great time at Pax online and I hope you visit AFK online what you can find through the packs website there’s an AFK page and there’s a link to AFK online right there and come visit if you need it thanks I have a great day

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do you love Indies then you may want to stick around for the

next hour as we attempt to rank the top 10 Indies of all time name is burning room and I’m the host of the testing for podcast in joining me on this Indie field journey is an illustrious cast from around the country let’s meet the panel joining us from India obscure the editor-in-chief Morgan shaver Morgan how are you doing tonight tonight not bad at all keeping this train going we have Cameron Hawkins Rider Dual Shockers and the current kind of funny Interstate Champion Cameron how you doing tonight tonight I’m ready to talk games where you Takin these I’m a very curious to see what you go to bed at 4 tonight to be to be a good time also joining this is Jenny Wyndham developer Rose City Games the queen of cozy games and recently featured a Nintendo mini Direct Jenny how are you doing tonight talk and games and bees need more love and that’s what we’re here to do today is going we have Alex Van Aken editor video producer podcast you’re pretty much everything you can think a tokay Beast Alex are you doing tonight hey I’m doing good thanks so much for for having me on the panel I’m excited yeah this is a great group I’m very excited and rounding us out is one of my co-host the former OverWatch fiend call Gary Todd are you doing tonight I mean you’re wearing a cuphead shirts I feel like like I already asked them that someone on my side fighting for the floor again I’m interested in so I’m very excited so a little bit of the nitty-gritty of how we’re going to run things tonight we each picked three games ahead of time what’s going to get to us a list of 18 games in between that 18 we’re going to all come together and figure out how we can narrow the impossible task of making a top 10 list of the best indie games of all time so to kick things off we’re going to start with Alex Alex if you want to take a moment to fight for your first three indie games sure will my first pick is going to be Celeste by Matt makes games for those who are on our way or it’s a 2d platformer that is really going to come out nothing 2018 features a character named Madeline and you are kind of a platforming through this like dreamlike dream ask Mountaintop that’s full of you know different environments in different buildings and your kind of platform in making your way to the top of the summit and along the way did the game surprisingly when I first played it I didn’t I wasn’t expecting this but it kind of Dives pretty deep into some you know mental health discussions and and I just saw that when I play this game I was going through you know some hardships and they just came at the right time and kind of spoke to me and it was a touching story and honestly just a really fun game play experience and so the last Incredibles soundtrack by Lena Raine it’s phenomenal there’s also a great remix soundtrack so all-in-all just a really fun game and I’m happy to include on this list on my second pick is one that I’m sure many people are familiar with undertale by Toby Fox & Friends it’s ARP did the RPG that that got famous for you know allowing you to not kill enemies in to progress through the entire game via a pacifist run and it’s full of really fun characters in I’m actually like not one of those people that like sometimes like video game stores kind of just bounce off of me and fortunately I think it’s you know just like a you know when you’re just reading text on screen sometimes it doesn’t always lay in it but for me undertale was one of his games that just you know it was so relatable is so funny the characters you were the characters were are honestly all over the place and R are written in a very I don’t know whether a meanie format look at a lot of like internet culture in this game as I’m curious of how that’ll age like 10 years down the line but having played that I played it in 2017 I think 2 years at least I quickly became one of my favorite games also Banger soundtrack as well and then lastly my third pick is a walking simulator is actually actually my favorite walking Sam is firewatch Delilah by Campo Santo I just I love the story between the main characters Henry and Delilah Henry kind of goes out into the Wilderness and becomes a you know joints the fire watch and and is on the lookout for fires and develops a relationship with this other character named Delilah along the way and yeah it’s just a very cinematic a story that I was presented gorgeously with beautiful artwork and yes oh fire watches easily one of my

favorite games and more like their Indies of all time so that’s why I included on this list and those are my free picks but definitely a trend of Banger music in your pics Kim what are your three pics to add to this list of 18 it’s like a pic is a limbo limbo is one of my favorite games of all time the ending made me cry and it literally has no dialogue throughout the entire game and it’s a very gloomy game as you as you can tell by the title and I think that achieving that for me was just a huge speaks volumes and I think that it is masterful in the sound design like they’re a little in the game where you have to rely on the sound design 2 pass certain levels or certain sections of the game cuz it’s literally just completely dark so you can’t see your character which I think is really really cool level design and sound design I think just artistically it is beautiful with it being all in whites blacks and Greys I think it’s just I just can’t think of any flaws with this game I think other thing I think it’s his Perfect 2 of video game as I can be and yeah I think it’s great my second game is Castle Crashers yeah the 360 that was like I put so many hours in the castle crashers up Ira play the game countless times it’s so replayable it’s it’s endlessly fun there’s so much content in that game it’s it is just a great one in my opinion probably the best like multiplayer Indie there is bringing back the arcade feel that you like you know him like the TMNT like those. Those type of experiences and I don’t think really any any other game like it has surpassed that since its release and then the third game I don’t it’s honestly like not one of my favorite games but I think it should be in the discussion which is why I brought it to the table and that’s The Binding of Isaac I think that you know since induce have become more popular again we’ve seen a lot of roguelike roguelike titles like dead cells which is personally my favorite but I think that the Binding of Isaac is just just the best I think that it’s just it’s just brutally hard but it’s never like I never feel like it’s it’s my bike I always know it’s something I got to learn and get better at in like the a dozen doesn’t it doesn’t hold your hand at all and I think that as someone who likes to be challenged and video games I think that that is the most attractive thing with roguelikes is when they’re just incredibly hard and you just got to figure it out and just adapt and learn and and it’s just such a unique game and again just tons of content I think it’s great so those are my three three all great pics Castle Crashers is definitely one of my favorite games of all time Jenny its return what are your three it was like picking kids my top three so my first one was Florence and this is a really like hopeful and heartfelt game by developer mountains and Annapurna interactive published in the premise of this game is about a woman named Florence Co who is Phil stuck in this Monday and loop of everyday life going to work coming home going on social media like sleeping on repeat day she meets this cello player named Chris and Sparks and Sue and this game is just as beautiful love story but throughout it it’s not a love story perhaps in the most the way that you think by the end and I I really appreciate that this game packs so many emotions into a very short time span I think it is only about 30 minutes to play and so I found that the shorter timeframe actually felt really great because TimeWise it was accessible to consume it’s a game that you can pick up and just really immerse yourself in and feel feel what about and I picked this because like the story is so human and poignant and the art uses color and an incredibly intelligent way the soundtrack is this beautiful and I think it’s also really need that this is an indie that was on mobile 1st and the way that the Mechanics Work and the way that they use touch screen to convey the repetitive repetitive nature of some of these daily actions it just it’s something that only games can do and only

games can immerse you and I thought that was really really beautiful I also thought it was cool cuz the team actually intentionally created something that did not involve violence within the game and I always appreciate when games try to look at different ways that we can engage in a loop and play with that’s not traditional traditional so what that’s why I picked Florence my second game was one that I didn’t initially think of but the more that I thought about it for a second. I think this this should be at least mention on the list and that the Stanley Parable gosh where to start with this is so it’s developed and published by Galactic Cafe and it’s another short game so I guess I’m also just Diggin indie games that I can actually finish this is another one with about a person named Stanley who’s stuck in this load of daily is he’s an office worker he was not happy at his job which is very relatable and things take a strange turn at the start of the game because all of our co-workers in the office building at Stanley Works has disappeared and so you begin exploring and as you as Stanley explore this office the narrator starts to really cheekily and snarkily explain an area was happening and then starts to narrate your decisions and sort of tell you what to do and as a player you can choose whether or not to follow those traditional steps that the narrator is telling you or break the mold and this game is genuinely one of the funniest games I’ve ever played like I was laughing out loud and I personally find but humor can be kind of difficult for a lot of games very few games I think really get funny in the way that the Stanley Parable does and what I love is cuz just am really thoughtful themes presented about the nature of playing games and what it means to consume and engage with a narrative and whether or not we choose to break the rules like what does that mean when the game designer has allowed you to break the rules if it gets really meta and really cool and I think only you only really get to see that in indis like Indies have the freedom to explore that kind of a discussion and then my last selection which this is personally my favorite game of all time and that’s a journey co-developed by that game company and Santa Monica Studio and I think it’s published now on PC and PS4 thanks to Annapurna and it’s a really straightforward game in Journey you just play a robed figure who is compelled to move forward toward this mountain and this beam of light and there is no text there’s just music and you just kind of intrinsically know that that’s your goal and the way that the game takes you through these ruins and through all of these sort of environment without text but just threw music and an imagery is impeccable it’s like probably the greatest one of the greatest works of art in games for sure and maybe even outside of games in its Simplicity and Clarity it just I love how when you play Journey because it is so almost simpler bear as a game every time you play you can kind of go into it and engage with it in a different way the soundtrack was like grammy-nominated so another just a great soundtrack and for those of you who haven’t played the way I thought about online and Co-op play throughout the game there are other Road figures that you can interact with and by the end like I have never played it and not cry yeah those are my three definitely definitely like so far already this list is so diverse and I think just in general anyone that made their own top 10 is probably going to be nothing like the rest of our list but I’m excited cuz like everyone’s being so passionate about these games and I’m not just I’m really excited right now I love talking with any games so Morgan that brings us to you what are your three picks pics so my first pick was Don’t Starve it’s a n d Survival game and it kind of changes the way survival games work in a few different ways the art style I think is probably one of the most memorable aspects of it it’s got this like Tim burton-esque kind of gothic art style the way the characters interact like this with music instruments and I thought that was really cool when they speak it’s like the sounds of musical instruments and yeah just a really addicting game to play it’s different every single time but it’s easy to judge open because you just start and you just start collecting things and it just it doesn’t feel as difficult in some ways it’s only other Survivor games at first

and then it’s like as you play you’re like everything can kill him which I think is also really fun and funny cuz there’s a lot of unexpected elements to it and as you play and go along it just gets harder and harder and harder and I haven’t made it past 1 I haven’t gotten that far so it’s very difficult I put quite a bit of time into it so I don’t know if I just suck at the game or if it’s just really hard yeah and then they also added the multiplayer element which I think is funny as well cuz you can play with your friends and you can choose YouTube Silly help each other or burn everything I have some friends friends torch it so fun and then I guess my next pick is a personal one for me but I think that it’s really good and worth mentioning chivalry medieval warfare and it was his start as a mod which I think is really cool cuz a lot of Indie Games time start that way in some aspects like stars and Maude and has a really great Monica Community to it as well work people can you do anything there’s like a mod that has like no gravity and you’re just flying through the air screaming and really out there multiplayer Elementary what is kind of interesting as well because the game doesn’t encourage you to be chivalrous to other players but I’ve noticed that something that just naturally happens where sometimes I’ll be going around in like a team deathmatch or just a free-for-all and I’ll just make a friend that you just won’t kill for whatever reason like you can’t really communicate with them other than the voice prompts that you can scream at them or say no over and over and over again in the voice acting at the game is really funny so it’s it’s hard to play it sometimes and not laugh cuz you’ll just see somebody and it is run away screaming and it just becomes like a thing another great element to it is well as the the intricacy of the sword play a little bit when I play it was really difficult and everyone has their different favorite weapon and it’s just really hard to master and I love the fact that there’s like Clan some people you can make friends with and there were like servers will teach you you know it’s not like I think it’s built into the game game two players just made that and I think that’s really great I’d I haven’t seen that kind of elements 2 multiplayer games too much where it’s just it’s layers have expanded it on their own so I think that’s kind of cool and then my last pic is life is strange strange that one I really likes The Narrative of I think it took kind of an understandable concept of like High School in friendship and it kind of elevated it and made it very interesting and difference with the time travel mechanic in the rewind in the the characters were just so well-written I found myself really relating to Chloe I can see a lot of myself when I was in high school and Chloe and I thought that was kind of it was nice and refreshing to see that kind of dynamic between also between Max and Chloe in their friendship and it’s not perfect a lot of things night game that are perfect in the way that they overcome those things and how heavy some of it hits like there’s so many heavy elements to the game I think of it doesn’t really well and it’s another one it’s hard to play without crying for many of these different episodes in the plot I don’t want to spoil anything but it’s it’s sad it’s sad but it’s good but it said so I really like what I love it so it sounds like between all the picks so far good music and you have to cry and that’s like the benchmark hear your 3 pics one of my favorite games of all time it’s another play that game it’s inside the first time I picked this game up I just remember you just dropped into this world with limbo you know you don’t know what’s going on you just a boy in a red shirt the the tension the lighting the shading everything in this game is like so amazing and you are just it’s the same kind of not the PTAC I can but it’s the same thing where there’s no dialogue in this game and you are you’re really rooting for this boy you want him to get to where he’s going and there’s not like a single word spoken in the whole time on the site call come on we got to do that you’re doing this together you know and then you get to that last 10 minutes and it is one of them was batshit crazy and Sewer game ever played and I loved being like what oh my God MN replaying and replaying it there’s certain things which playthrough and then you go through on your second place me like wait what

oh and one of the reasons why I love this game so much I love games that the second I’m done with it I go to the ends of the internet’s Define people talking about it and everyone has a different Theory every one has but they all work they all seem to work in some weird way there’s no set story everyone has you know it’s it’s it’s great and I just love stuff that makes me think for days and days after playing it in that vacuum was absolutely just a game that I couldn’t stop thinking about and that’s it’s probably why it’s one of my favorite number two is probably the second India it was one of those on PC and I’m like man I need to see I need to see him right now and then it finally got an ounce of Evita Hotline Miami from Dennis and it was it’s another game but just like hit me over the head with like this crazy you violence but the movie Drive came out about a year before this game I believe and I it’s right and that’s one of my favorite movies of all time and I love the soundtrack love love love love love the soundtrack to when I started playing Hotline Miami all of a sudden I’m like okay I’m down with that to kill people that is get out of there so many things they throw it to you but one of my favorite things about that game is after you kill everyone everything stops and you just walking through this building when you mess with everyone quietly you know so they kind of want you to reflect on everything you did it the end of the game the end of every level which I always loved about it but that game I Still Play the soundtrack to This Day is one of my favorite that on at any point and I’m like final game is the and it goes back to my via get my betta was like my Indie machine back in the day on Rogue life before and this game for me about it I didn’t know what I was doing at first I was like wait what’s going on here and I kept on this like having to learn the game more and more and more and it was unlike anything I’ve ever playing before and it’s kind of funny cuz I just recently and surprise you at any point I bought an axe from a shop was picking at something next thing I know this thing about it just dropped down into my skin like something new every time you play it and I really appreciate that I was like oh okay I’m done with this I will say that won’t go off in too big of a tangent put Todd and I have had many discussions where he says the Vita is better than a 3DS and I like hard disagree with that why you always brings up that it’s the Indy machine for him and spell auntie and Hotline Miami and all those other things and I’m like my Indie heart has a hard time fighting against him on that but the 3DS is better I bring sorry anyways so I will now add my three pics to this list of 18 and all three of these games are something that I like very very special to me I’ll start with Shovel Knight which I personally think that it’s probably the best indie game ever made for a lot of reasons but for me Shovel Knight came at a time where there wasn’t there are so many games like Shovel Knight now weather is the art style or it’s you know traditional platformer that’s Harkens back till like 8 or 16 bit but there was a time where that wasn’t the thing that everyone was pumping out and Shovel Knight was kind of you know towards the beginning if not the beginning of that at least in a mainstream way and I think that you know over the course of that I mean begging technically has a bunch of DLC that still considered like the main game but even if you just take Shovel Knight Treasure Trove which is the original game I’m sorry the shuffle of Hope which is the original game I think that that game itself without the expansions which are all great in their own right is such a benchmark for not only Platformers but just Indie Games in general I think that when you’re looking at platforming games in particular one of the most important things is tight controls and if the jumping doesn’t feel right if the place is still slippery if the platforming doesn’t feel Pixel Perfect I feel like that can really make or break a platform experience and I feel like Shovel Knight executes both on gameplay on art style it has incredible music by Jake Kaufman I like I love love love so that is my first pick my second pick is another game that

I have a long history with which is cuphead and cuphead is one of those things that when I saw cuphead get revealed it was immediately like this is something I need to play as soon as possible and it got delayed for so so long and I remember it must have been like PAX East 2016 maybe maybe that’s too early 2017 and it was like the first demo that was available to play anywhere that I could go that I was at and never playing a game is the Microsoft booth and playing the game over and over and over again and just like it was is actually way more difficult than it was in the final release the the early beta was more difficult but it was just so punishing and want one of the developers was from Studio mdhr was standing there and we’re just like talking and it was just everything about that moment then to win game finally came out myself the other people into asking for all of us got to my house and data came out we all sat down and played take turns playing Co-op together and it just it it had such a special place in my heart for all of those reasons but aside from all the personal stuff I think that again just it’s very very impressive what they did with that are style where it’s all hand drawn and it is I think there’s like nothing else as gorgeous as I can that I’ve ever seen it’s just it’s literally you know all playable cartoon it’s a cartoon image and if you dig deeper into the history in the story of studio mdhr and what those people had to do we you don’t pay mortgage their house they did all those things which is a story that probably is not too far from other Indies which is why I love Indies butt there’s just so much love and passion into that game and for me it stands out in that music is so good for like how Todd can play The Hotline Miami soundtrack all the time the cuphead soundtrack That is always finding its way into into my rotation and yeah I look up it and then my final game which this is like my personal pic I really hope it makes a top-10 I don’t feel confident it will make the top 10 but it is the messenger so for me the messenger is is I would say that Shovel Knight was the Benchmark for Indie platformer games and I still think that she’ll tonight is a benchmark but I feel like the messenger is the closest if not the best comparison to an indie platformer that I think executes completely on you know a game standpoint I think that it it Nails what is doing with the art style which is you know a tape is 16-bit you know they do a little I don’t want to go into too much spoiling but there is a Twist that happens later in the game there’s a switch between a graphics and I that I was not like I was expecting to love this game when I had the chance to play with with Siri willinger who’s the creator Studio but when I got to play it for my like at home with the with a review copy and play play the whole game at once and knowing ahead of time that I knew there was the stuff cuz we talked about it even when it happened in the game it was still so impactful to me I think that’s like good storytelling and good and good something that’s very hard to achieve I think for four things especially if you know in advance certain plot twist or elements that are going to come about so for me that is just that it’s it was my game of the year in 2018 when it came out I love that game and it definitely is one of my favorite indie games of all time so awesome now that we have gone through our three picks each we are at have gone through our 18 pics we have 18 delicious Indie Games ahead of us now the hard part is basically telling eight of them they’re not good enough they’re not good enough before we get started I just want to say about the top 18 indie game they end up on the list as well for sure I mean I’m sure we all had me and I saw some of your other lists of things that we you know I had to leave out early but yeah there’s there’s so many other games that you know could very easily given a different day different conversation be on this list so we can take take this for what it is it’s it’s our top 10 at this moment it could change tomorrow if we had the same conversation you know it’s true who wants to do the honors of taking a game and putting it on this list first this list first

how do we want to how do we want to start David how do we want to start deciding what what makes the top 10 will say like just from observation out of all the games that were said I think the most agreeance that we got like the head nods and things like that was when I said Castle Crashers I’m just saying I’m not saying that to say like everyone being like yes Castle Crashers is awesome so I’m just saying that like you know how to put it in the top 10 so I’ll put that on there for now where it stays on the list to notes sitting pretty at number one for now I’m going to start hurting some feelings I’m so sorry Brandon I love you for the message I’m sorry I had to go to bed for my one of my favorite aunt I’m going to have to let you down quickly cuz the thing is my messenger is that there are games not that I once they are comparable but I feel like they were games have recently came out on the same span of the messed around the same time frame as a messenger that I feel like our more talked about and more like you need to play this you need like a new playlist get like me to play dead cells you need to play Hollow Knight no play dead cells holiday in the messenger all came out and no one talks about the messenger which is why I have to bring it up today because I love that game and it doesn’t get the praise it deserves I sold very well it did very well they’re making a prequel that’s also an RPG call City of stars fantastic-looking game but yeah I have to go to bed for my favorite games but I understand it I I can take that I can take that I’ll take over again these are good games like none of these be able to like top 10 me I think like the easiest cut right now that I see that I’ve played a little bit of is the messenger so I’m bats are there any that we can hold hands on him say yes I’m with Cam on the messenger we hold can we eat cannolis four of us hold hands on undertale cops put undertale above Castle Crashers as well I think we also both hands on Celeste I feel like this just didn’t and I think it does some important messages it just didn’t hit with like I played it in full by play the entire game I know the entire story I can be friends after the scan a relationship is over I don’t think it’s a top 10 Indian Hindi Zahra like 10 years old at this point you know what I mean like 20 minutes from now one thing that I really want to point out about Celeste Celeste was actually one of my top three choices and then I was so excited that Alex picked Celeste so that I could like free up another space for something else so for me it’s Celeste is especially impactful because for me to change the way that I thought about a genre because of all of the accessibility that it has included and so I think the fact that it allowed people to access a genre that maybe they would have never tried I think it’s so powerful for any game so I definitely want to like not knock it off the list but definitely keep it there you know what I’d like to add something to the list and maybe suede maybe Swayze some hearts may be swayed some people you know it’s the last came out in 2018 the messenger came out in 2018 land of Jenny and Alex want to go to bed for the messenger I could you know Take that bottle okay I think we can all hold hands on Shovel Knight I mean. That’s a yes for me obviously I think cuz no no no no I got it’s not my favorite I mean I don’t say that

reason why I respect that game so much and I know that is beloved and like me even just like saying like a butt in here at like everybody hated me so much at respect Shovel Knight ending it’s an excellent game just didn’t necessarily way in for me as as hard as it did for other people Rozier it got amiibos y’all kind of metal is the only game representative that is a assist trophy in Smash Brothers yeah like Shovel Knight was the one character that I like legitimately thought could have been could be a smash character when you should have been sold Mash Spike like that one the one in D character that I can think of this makes sense I think Shovel Knight is a like I don’t know now but like as Not Top 10 not like number one go making like the pillar of indie games like I am at Top 10 like pillars of Indies Shovel Knight is like a favorite on that building for me method of getting to this top 10 is holding hands like dick in a majority of people say that this would be on top 10 Okay so here’s where things are things going to get back to you as well I plead I plead ready I play Journey when it was like 3 for PS4 PlayStation Plus and I’m not a big PlayStation Like I didn’t have a PS3 for most of the PS3 so I didn’t really play Journey when it came out and that might be the reason why it didn’t really connect with me cuz you know James talking about like basically you can run into other players in the game while you’re playing I did not have that experience I didn’t end I think that even though I probably at the time it was an amazing experience as a game but knowing that that is like a really attractive feature about that game that is no longer really a thing thing kind of in my opinion hurts the quality of the game over time and just the amount of replayability entire Journey experience but that was like cuz I remember I play through the entirety of the game and I didn’t know that that was a feature when I play through it until after I beat the game and someone brought it up like on Twitter and was like what you can run into other people in the game but I didn’t even know I was a thing I don’t know so from me I just feel like even though I think the music is incredible I think the art style is gorgeous I just think that because of that being kind of a journey feels very much to me like a at the time this was phenomenal but like if you replayed it now I don’t know if it would fully be the same experiences an exam knees other players so the first time I played other players and for me it was more impactful for me to play alone then when I encounter their players when I played it again on PC and it kind of boat was small Resurgence of new players I think that the solitary Journey makes it a little bit more intimate and it makes it more I want to see sad but you feel that kind of loneliness as you are alone in the world is kind of dead around you I think that that still works at least for me I definitely felt it especially with the music I think the music is one of the things that really hammers at home because there’s no dialogue but you still get the sense you know even without other players that are playing a lot of what the game is about and the replay ability of it I mean yeah I think with players without players I think that there’s a lot of great elements to Journey that I would I would go to Solo or with other players of color and you know how the entire the game isn’t steeped in like he’s warm like Reds and oranges and then you make that final ascent and my girl has that such a dramatic shift visually that likes park something I don’t know don’t know Noelia for sure I just I just think that I completely agree like I definitely finish the game of like that was a good game that was a very good game I just didn’t like when people were like when I became the air like I do not I did not understand the house like like okay and I still don’t but I just think that want to talk to anyone else thinking top 10 it just doesn’t come to mind I expected someone to bring it up but I just for me personally so we go

saying that’s a bad thing but I feel like I mean we talked about it because it’s been a long time but I don’t know I never play Journey so I have to hold my head in shame in and step away from this this unfortunate conversation I do like that cam is this is like completely owning and assuming the role of villain on this phone time do we have left eye burning while we are about about 18 minutes at least four of us hold hands on limbo I think if we are going between limbo and inside I would have to lean toward inside good games but I think the inside does is take what limbo has set up for the studio and they have markedly improved online gameplay aspects on foreshadowing on the new ones on the story they did what they did in limbo and then some and inside so I think I’d have to go with inside for that so so people say they like brain is the game that brought back Indies right limbo was again Set like concrete like end in these are back they’re important this is what games can be at a small level and like that like I member when little came out everyone has planned it came to like all the systems is on phones on tablets it was everywhere and I would see people come out and play it like poop I didn’t even know why people I didn’t even game dice all playing limbo and you know and then with inside my should go inside I think I don’t think it’s a like I didn’t I wasn’t a fan of the water sections I thought that those were met and I did not like the ending even though it’s all speculation compared comparing two because they both played at like I felt an impact with limbo sending while inside which is kind of like I just kind of fell flat for me so I’m either the Indians like I agree the incredible Journey inside is for a game that rely so heavily on animation and the character’s body language to tell the story the ending of inside take that that concept for me at least to the nth degree and it is so absurd and so unlike anything else you see in the rest of the game I just like strikes you and just like I don’t know it just left a lasting impression on me inside as it would be my heart let me know at the very least put inside on the list I mean that it’s in my top personal timeline of the police say I am so hurt right now anyway want to propose a hand holding on anyting a good one guy was going to say I don’t tell me at 4 that for me that the engine I just felt like for me when I played it was kind of didn’t perform as well as I like the game I think the story was really good at started off really great and I get it’s all about like normal characters but the ending I don’t think the ending it that it’s not something bigger you know when I hear more about like these characters everything but I was really into it halfway point I’m just like roaming through the woods and I’m just like where am I going right now and I don’t know it just kind of lost me halfway through but I finished it but yeah I was expecting I got over lyrics back that like I think one of the reasons like I like that game so much is Henry and his wife are like from Play Store Boulder Colorado which is where I live so I have that extra emotional touch one of my they talked about like Pearl Street in the entro or whatever like bonus points for that you feel like more a little more could I think it’s an Added Touch point you know what I mean that kind of

but I enjoyed the humanness of it and I know there’s like a couple different choices but they all kind of boil down to the same thing and yeah I like that it wasn’t it is didn’t pan out like I wanted them to and sometimes that’s how life works and you know people people part ways even when you know it’s sad and that kind of looks just like a pointed ending for me but I I’m looking at the the rest of this list I’m happy to say you know firewatch made it into the top 18 talked about how are you I know Todd and cam were against fire watch is there a third I’ll be in it I love fire but I’m going to say let’s let’s though you guys were saying like all inside over limbo that’s fine don’t disagree with that we can revisit visit at the end like to propose a hand holding on something that would be Florence because of all of these games that are here Florence is probably the one that has given me the biggest emotional experience where I played Florence Al Gala turn on a whim I heard it was good it was on mobile I never play games my phone usually and I downloaded in bed one night and I was crying yes I went to bed like hello darkness is it is a fantastic representation of a relationship like it is it might be the best representation of relationship I’ve ever play in the video game like it is so well done and to Echo some of the things that Jenny said earlier it’s just like the things at the game makes you do like the game play isn’t necessarily like this crazy you know groundbreaking gameplay but the stuff that makes you do and how it changes as the course of The Story Goes long is very very interesting and really not done in other games that I’ve seen so how would say Florence should be on here I don’t know I guess on the list six on the list now we are we are currently at I work setting is selected on the list is it okay can we hold hands on Hotline Miami I am back in Hotline Miami I haven’t played in is a huge huge kick in the ass for indeed’s as well that was what I wanted that game is so freaking cool Hawaii Miami is definitely like one of those games where it’s like you know I feel like with Andy’s nowadays specially people or more attuned to like Indies that have like a really good story or something like that like Story related video games just in general behind Miami I just feel like in general is one of the titles where where people is like like you have to play Hotline Miami you just you have to and I just feel like with some of these other games that are on the list that we even somehow we haven’t brought up yet that’s not the case just threw my own experience hotline gets a fringe vote for me I can see it sneaking onto the bottom of the list I do love Hotline Miami but I’m not necessarily 100% sold on it at the top 10 but I do love that game okay so the things we have left that we haven’t debated on are The Binding of Isaac Spelunky Don’t Starve chivalry life is strange Ibex I think that’s everything those are the games we Have Nots wearable to us God I’m going to say two things really quick again I’m not trying to the Tacony one of their opinions I’ve never I’ve heard of Thrones start I just haven’t played it and chivalry I I have not played either so I’m really just can’t say much about those two games I say about you Morgan

leaving Don’t Starve and chivalry off but I would not be fine with leaving life is strange off just because of the narrative choices and the Legacy for don’t nod and how they’ve continued to build on that but that’s just me ok someone who has not played chivalry I do want to say hearing you talk about how you know without the game pushing players to be this way that it has this online community that is very helpful and guides people I feel like not only is that something that’s rare in games in general but it’s even rarer if not something I’ve never even heard of an online indie game so I think that in itself speaks to Connolly the community but clearly the game is such a good enough game that there are people that care that much about the game so I would again is it someone who has never played chivalry that two-bit to me I think speaks volumes about the game itself and it’s obvious he’s community community I played in Isle of chivalry I mean the game has a dedicated yellow button like it’s it’s hilarious for me although man I mean I need to play chivalry after we’re done with this podcast cuz it’s so good Talk to him for me though though are you okay with that that’s fine so is life is strange making this list cuz Morgan is about to is about the shank some people if it doesn’t still looks Taco life is strange I will all talk about life is strange I’m going to play the bad guy again it strange I really do I have issues with it but I think it has so many incredible moments but but just thinking from top 10 Indie Games perspective I just don’t think it makes the list I think some of the dialogue is really corny I think that the characters are well-written but just the actual dialogue does my cat sometimes it’s just really cringy I saw my I have my fiance play through it the first time I got a few weeks till I got like a few months ago and I don’t know but I think I think there’s so many incredible incredible moments in that game but inevitably and just like heading reality in the face and I think it does that very very well but I just think as a game I don’t know if that’s why I don’t does anyone else want to step in here for life is strange I haven’t played it are you sure it’s great I had asked where I had an appointment last night on Big Brother Big Brother I have to agree with Cam on this one which I am so sorry I really enjoy life is strange but I think looking at some of the other titles on the list contextually I don’t think it would make top 10 just among this group of game for me me he has a holic people I know I feel so bad just went from hand-holding to backstabbing the clock and looking at the fact that we have to potentially three spots to fill what is going to round out a 10 I want to be even bring it up when things about 20 to be like I would be okay with it being on top tank of gas and I just heard from word methylone enough good things about it that I would be down to backing up for for top 10 but you know I think I wouldn’t do that but pick up for me when we having to work right now Brendan so the current list is in no specific order undertale Castle Crashers Shovel Knight Celeste inside cuphead Florence Hotline Miami at least two spots I know Celeste was a was a potential Fringe knock off I think it’s based on what we’ve discussed already I think Celeste is probably going to stay so that leaves us with two spots to figure out in a few minutes and we’re talkin spell Long Key Binding of Isaac may sound like response Don’t Starve limbo maybe not Stanley Parable journey in the messenger but I think we cut off the messenger like yeah journey I love you and I’m just going off my experience like but I’m sure I like you know I just can’t I can’t speak for anyone else on that just just got my experience was different but I still think out of this list that we went over

that limbo is the strongest contender that isn’t a lock yet I’m just saying I was the one that brought it up I think one thing that really is going for Stanley Parable among this list and as a top 10 all-time Hindi great is that I don’t think any other like this game could not have happened in any other space than an indie space and I think the fact that it really forces the player to think about what it even means to play a game is is just again it’s something that doesn’t happen outside of Indies and the game design for that is so masterful so I just wanted like put that out there again inspired gone home fire watch everybody’s gone to the rapture like countless games that kind of like help Revitalize the walking like the narrative Basinger walking Sim in as we know it today I got to stay like I was like what torque 2011 would like that first one that I like that kick-started that was hilarious games new indie games would be here without limbo none like in a bid that’s what it does parabol cuz I want some water like I’m cool with it just to see if I forgot forget anyting and on like I think the main list that I looked at the Stanley Parable was number one 2-minute Mark Sweeney Todd what are you saying between rewind mean I want Journey but that’s it this person is just like such a I think it’s such a mess of those I would vote for journey the journey has to limbo has one Spelunky has one of your journey I’d be willing to do Journey Todd rough I’m going to house coming to save a life my God after so I owe so between the three games blanqi journey and limbo which two would you will it down two and then we’ll vote you got someone someone we have 40 seconds so I’m going to I’m going to throw my vote is Spelunky so that puts Spelunky on the top 10 that’s that you Allison. but Journey has two I’m okay with that ends up being and no specific order undertale Castle Crashers Shovel Knight Celeste inside cuphead Florence Hotline Miami Stanley Parable and Spelunky that is the top 10 best indie games of all time I like wanted to try to leave time for everyone to quickly like plug themselves Alex Kam Jenny Morgan Todd me lot of cool things over at okb stay calm and Okay beast and check out the cookies podcast those are all my plugs on IGN kind of funny games daily and inside gaming and then I saw stream on Twitch. TV hi I’m Jamie Wyndham I’m the communications manager for Rose City games you can find us a Rose City games and I also stream indie games at / Kim chica hi I’m working shaver I do a little bit of everything on the editor-in-chief fitting obscura I work agreement content writing for sites like all Gamers and Prima and then I do these social media for Tetris and I burn a groom I’m the host an editor at past controller and you can find all of her stuff at passing floor. Io on Twitter and on Instagram at past controller

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