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faux fabric paper tag

hi I’m Donna from art craft crazy and today I’m going to show you how to make this faux fabric paper Tag I made this tag a little while ago to go with this vintage book that I made for Nick the book Smith’s deserted island challenge. how do I say this? Reni grun hut? Reni, renigrunhut… has asked if I would make a video of the faux fabric tag please and I replied to her and said I sure will so here it is in the video so that’s what we’re going to make today now because the challenge I was not able to use any additional cardstock I made it all out of just tea stain paper I can show you how I done that just so that you know exactly how I made it and I can also show you how you can instead of thickening Europe you know you have very light paper how you can just you use cardstock and glue that down to get a heavier card so we’ll do both methods or I’ll show you both methods anyway all right now the way I done it was I just folded it into three originally to get this method and I glued each piece down and I used the crystal clear flexible bond glue because it doesn’t make the paper warp or wrinkle or you know get wet bubbles in it so I found that quite good and it gave it that nice smooth finish so that’s how I I done that using just the tea stain paper so you can do that method if you like or you can just straight out get a piece of cardstock not too heavy not too light that’s about 250 GSM and you can just sandwich that in there so you’ve got a front in the back and that would work you could also use a craft paper and cut it out on that now this is a 280 GSM so you could use that and cut to pieces and make it even heavier to get a good weight tag so we’ll just do the double-sided tea paper and sandwich it between a piece of off cuts now the the top part I’ll still use some ripped paper and glue that together and that’s roughly about that size I’ll put these measurements down for you so you know what size tag or I have made and the little pieces of leaves and the little flower center that I’ve put there I just hand cut those out and I’ll show you those when I get to it so we’ll start off by just sandwich in this together so just lay your glue down you want it pretty close to the edge so I’m just going to have leave that border around it and I’m gonna make sure it’s nice and level I don’t want any blue sort of you know making little bumps in it anywhere so we can smooth it down using my teflon bone folder you know if it starts to change shape and want to curl up just curl it back the other way and train it to lay flat so we’ll put the other side down so we’ll just fold that over and press it down nice and flat now I’m just going to find the edges of my insert and cut that out sit there I’ll just use my nail to give me a a guide I’ll do that all the way around that’s pretty good idea so I’m just going to slice that off just inside that that marking now if you wanted to just use the T guide paper don’t forget you could just use three or four layers of the paper on its own and just glue it down and then cut that out

there we go if you call it a punch struggles just cut it by hand all right now we’ll get a piece of scrap that’s going to be at least long enough to make the tab I’m just going to fold that over so I think I might make it at least three at least two layers he doesn’t need to be too heavy so this is how I made my original card just doing this if you want the ribbed edges to look like that once that’s been flat down you can it probably would have been better if I used a wider piece of paper to do that and then I could have easily ripped it but if you want to do that just rip your your piece it’s entirely up to you you might cut that off I think I will I was not able to use a ruler in the challenge so I could use scissors though now I will rip the edges and like I said it’s a little bit narrow so I do advise you to make you your tab a bit wider so it’s easier to rip rip those sides up I’m just using the top of my fingernail on my thumb and that’ll give me my tab so I’ve got me pieces ready so now we’re going to make some faux fabric so all I’ve done with that is I’ve picked a piece that I want to be wide enough and you can cut it or rip it I’ve actually cut these pieces so I’ll just cut it about that wide doesn’t have to be perfect doesn’t have to be straight because we’re going to distort it anyway so I’ve got one piece there and I’ll make another piece there I’d rather cut it out a bit longer than what I need it to start with and that way as you pleat it if you’ve got too much you can cut it off at the end even if it’s too short you can add to it and this look will it’ll carry it alright so we’ll start off with the top piece I’ll just put some color on it first (distress ink) just so it’s got some background color and then I’ll do the edges after I’ve pleaded it I’m just going to use the vintage photo in the distress ink just dabbing that on and I’ll come around the edges be a bit random over these these folded bits here I like to fold my papers and then get into some darker spots like that it works quite well and this gives it a really good look to do that and just randomly just go over it and and grunge up that paper grab some and put on the edges as well I’ll get it to the other piece while I’m at it and to color that up as well I don’t know can you hear the rain we’ve got rain here we’ve had a pretty dry season and now we’ve got some rain happening so I did decide to keep on recording even though it’s raining and you can hear it on the roof so I hope it’s not too distracting because it sounds really good to me so now I’m going to start pleating up my south fabric background so I’ll put a little bit of glue on first to hold it down to place I’m going to glue as I go so I’ll put that about there I’m gonna come in a little bit to allow for the stitches like that and just fold it back make a pleat and fold it back and make that pleat off-center and random and crease it up crease it up squish it up whatever and just crinkle

it as you go whichever way you want to and just continue until you get across your tag so what I’ll do now is all I’ve made a bit of a mess of it I can actually well it’s a deliberate mess too I can actually start gluing those little pieces down see that there I want to go too close to the edge because I’m going to stitch that edge and anything that is left over I’ll cut off or rip but oh this one here I actually did take it to the edge and I stitched over it just to give a another little bit of variety so I’ll fold that back down and tuck it under and just squish it to make it sure it’s inside so I’ve just folded that last piece under itself and squished it to the inside you know but I’ll stay there all right now I’ll do my second piece this time I’ve taken it right over to this slide and I’ll stitch down on this side and start pleating again scrunching and pleading scrunching and pleading just like I said no order what so ever get some glue in between them pleats just so they stay in place and push them back down as you go and they’ll stay there then there we go all right now I would let that dry and then I would come back in and color it but because we’re on video I’ll just continue on and very lightly and like I said it doesn’t matter if you mess it up because see how it’s sort of moving then pleats it’s it’s actually suiting me quite well so I can then pop it back down if that one folds over it’s good because it gives it a really good look and use it to to mess things up even more put more ink on it to get the darker bits darker those higher bits right now we’ll make a flower it might be a little bit big so I’ll rip it down a bit more and do that so fold it in to the middle fold it in to the middle fold it into the middle and into the middle again and that gives you a little bit of a flower now get that one there and push it into the center using your fingernail or your finger same with that one push it into the center turn it around push that one into the center and we’re just sort of forming a bit of a petal and I’ll get my distress ink out again and curl up that up this time I’m just going to scrunch it down on top just to get that color into it I’ll glue that on pushing it and as you’re gluing it just push it into the shape that you want it right now we’ll introduce the the extra bits which are the colors for the petals and the center of the flower and I’ve even popped some string in there that I use to it’s a hundred percent cotton like a crochet thread that I used to

stitch around the edge so in an earlier video I made up these little pads of my scrap papers so just go if you’ve got a little scraps – just go through that and pick out you know what you want to use for your colored part that you can – pop on here if something works you know something that goes with the tea stay and I’m just going to use this one and give it a little bit of pop in the color so I’m just going to cut off a piece because you only need a tiny piece to make the leaves so we need two leaves or as many leaves as you like and a center that is a half inch circle punch might be a bit small for what I’d want to do because I want to be able to then cut into it to make these little set up bits that they’re all sitting up so I think I might just cut my circle out by hand so just see whether that’s going to show up enough I might do one with the blue I think and make it just a tiny bit bigger it’s like a recipe you know doing craft doing paper crafts like this nothing set in concrete I’m only giving you you know a starting point you can change this up and and make it yours make it however you like now with the leaves I’m going to cut a stem then I’m going to cut around up to the top of the leaf turn it around get a bit of a shape to it come back to the bottom and make a stem so I’ve got a bit of a stem there and I can fit that in anywhere where it’ll go this time we’re going to make it just a tiny bit smaller and I might get hmm don’t want too much glue in it a bit smaller this one let’s cut it out to a random shape of your leaf so that it works with the design something like that right now back to the centre circle I’m just going to cut lots of little friendships fringe lines around the edge so I’m not cutting right into the center of the circle I’m just cutting to somewhere to just to just so that it’s going to be able to fold up like that so I can now pop the glue on that push it into place push it down and hold that there just for a minute and see how it’s sort of now taking a bit of shape and if you find that your leaves are too long just cut them off and reshape them and it’ll be the glue on the bottom of the leaf and tuck it in some on that one and just push it into place with whatever you’ve got just need that to sit there and fill that gap a bit more all right so that’s that done now the string I’ll use the tea bath when I was doing my papers I just popped this cotton thread in there with it and let it sit there so it was nice and gray dated in color cup thread I won’t use that because I’ve measured enough just to go around my edge so I’ll just take some off here and just make up some little curly bits oh gosh I don’t know what did cool piece and just pinch them together there you’d have three or five you could easily do two more and might turn that into five

if you wanted to have more so I’ll try it with five to start with I’ll cut that off and I’m going to put some glue on there to hold it first and that’ll help me put it in place because it’ll it’ll grab hold of itself there might use this tool here with a ball on the end because it won’t piece the paper so I’m just going to pop that in under there so I’ll lift that up and just push all that in there like that and that’s giving me my little decorative strings and ribbons I’ll put the tab on next I might just put a bit more color on that just using the leftover ink that was on there from before fold it in how I’m not creasing that I want to try not to crease it I’ll just use this to round it a little bit I sort of accidentally creased it a little bit but I can use that to my advantage and get that nice line mark there with the with the distress ink okay so I’ll glue that in place now just put some glue on the back and the front got plenty of room there to hold on and keep that nice and rounded there right now that’s ready to sew up so you can put whatever decorative stitch that you’re handy at doing you can do a running stitch all the way around like that one the zigzag I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to go around the corner but if you’re proficient at hand sewing you can do whatever stitch you like so I’ll just stitch this up and come back and show you what it looks like when it’s finished playing music playing music playing music playing music well thank you for requesting that I show you how to make this little tag and I really do appreciate your comments and you watching my videos so thanks again to renigrunhut I’m Donna from art craft crazy thanks for watching and bye for now I’m taking it step by step just