How to Crochet Shrug – (Lion Brand Pattern)

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How to Crochet Shrug – (Lion Brand Pattern)

hello everyone this is Yolanda from the all crafts Channel and today’s tutorial we’re going to be making this a shrug it’s an easy level so pretty much you only need a few stitches to do it it is comes in all one size it’s a free pattern download from Lion Brand yarn company so if you want to follow along or you know have your own printed out you can go to Wi-Fi and print it out if you haven’t signed up you have to put in I believe you can sign up for like you all you do is put in your email and then you know a password so you could create a count and you could save all your patterns or download them and if you go there then it’s going to be pattern number let me see put this closest you could see nine zero six eight nine D and it measures about 42 inches by 38 inches before we fold it and we seam it so that’s about 100 this is 100 6.5 by ninety six point five centimeters and this is a pretty easy little thing we’re going to do here you’re going to need to have four balls of the yard and then an N size hook which is the thirteen nine millimeter a stitch marker and then of course your needle so the blunt needle so that you can seem it up this is the gauge it says here eight stitches equals about four inches or ten Sumeet centimeters it’s not too too critical because it’s a free-forming it’s not like really fitted so you should be able to be okay and then here like I said you go to WWI and Brad calm and see it just shows you the pattern number this is calling for this yarn which is a number five it’s a chunk of bulky yarn so you can make sure it’s number five and this is asking for the homespun what I kind of like about this is that it is textured so it won’t look flat but this yarn is pretty well you know pretty much available in most stores like Joanne’s and Michaels Hobby Lobby so you could use that and this pattern calls for the candy apple I know it’s hard to tell from the camera but it’s a really rich color it’s almost like a deep um deep red you know so I really like the color if you don’t like this color you could go to line your bread and check out all their colors or choose another color of homespun because it’ll be still the number 5 both keys you want a bulky and then you’re going to be using the size in hook I didn’t have that size hook because usually I don’t do anything too much over J so here I got the hook set and it comes with a K the N and the P and also it’s also available I am Brad or you could find these just a n size hook at your Joanne’s or Michaels Hobby Lobby and this will be the first time I’m going to be using a plastic cook so we’ll see how that goes so anyway I hope you’ll enjoyed this tutorial please be sure to subscribe hit the like button and let’s get the party started ok everyone so here to begin this is kind of giving a little diagram of how we’re going to fold it and I’ll show you exactly how to do that to shape it once we finished our piece it’s made with one large rectangle and so here to begin all we need to do is chain 85 there is no different chains for so if you’re a smaller size or larger I guess if you’re a lot smaller like you were a small or tiny you could start with the future to change this but here we’re going to follow the instructions as a designer made it that’s chain 86 oh I forgot let me see did I have the name okay I didn’t have the name of the designer here I wanted to give them credit so anyway here we’re going to begin by simply chaining 85 so here you just get your yarn I’m going to leave a little bit of the tail because that was you know I don’t want I’m going to be able to sew that on if you cut it if you make it too short it’s hard to kind of sew that tail in and hide it in your work so here you’re just going to go ahead and wrap around and make your little slip slip loop there so that we could get our hook in there just like that and you could see maybe now what a rich I really like this color but I love dark colors also noted that comes in purples and I love that so here to make your chain all you’re going to do is wrap your yarn around your hook and pull it through and it’s going to be 85 of those so I’m going to go ahead and make your eighty-five chains and then we’ll come back and start doing the shrug our first row so go ahead and complete your

eighty-five you don’t have to pull it really taunt or just use your regular tension as you would so I’m just going to go ahead and finish my 85 chains and we’ll come back here and start on our shrug okay everyone I’ve completed my 85 chains here and remember this is the loop it does not count as a chain so then if you look at your pattern you’re going to see here that it tells us so I did my 85 now we’re going to do a single crochet in the second chain from the hook and in each chain across so we’re going to have the total of 84 stitches because we’re skipping that first one first chain there so what we’re going to do here is that remember this doesn’t count as that chain if you could see I put in a gel cover four pens or pencils so it makes any hook comfy so especially the way I hold my hook this way so I’m going to skip this this is just a loop I’m going to slip it my first chain here let me see if I could focus this a little bit better now we’re going to skip that first chain and then in the second chain which is here I’m going to go ahead and just go in there and just do one single crochet so I pull out my yarn there’ll be two loops here and then you pull through both so that’s our first stitch now I’m going to go in the next chain right next to it and do one single crochet just like that you’re going to continue that way all the way across here’s my next chain I go in here and there’s another single crochet and you could see that it’s giving you that texture is kind of bumpy which is kind of neat and if you don’t really want it that bumpy there are other chunky yarns you could choose from that will you know give you the same gauge or same size but this is kind of neat because it gives you a interesting texture so here I’m going to go in every chain all the way across and look at how quickly it’s going to work up because it’s going to give us a chunkiness so we’re just working every stitch across okay so just continue that way until you finish the whole stitches all the way across I’m going to have 84 total so just going everyone so I’m not going to sit here and go she ate every chain but you’re going to be get you get the idea of what we’re doing here my next chain is here so then I would go there pull out my yarn and continue all the way across okay so now I have finished each single crochet all the way across and so now here we’re going to see the instructions of the seed so now row I did Row 1 so now Row 2 says chain 1 turn which means to turn your work over and we’re going to work in the back loops only single crochet in every stitch then we repeat row 2 until your piece measures about 38 inches which is nine point three six from the beginning so when I measure from here to the end of my rows it should have that measurement 38 inches or 90 6.5 centimeters from the beginning and then we’ll do the folding piece so you’ll get plenty of time to practice so basically what this means here we’re going to do that so here my instruction set to chain 1 so now you’re going to chain 1 and when it says to turn basically you’re just going to turn your work over because now we’re going to work instead of going you know we’re always working from right to left so let me move this tail out of the way here and get this a little bit better focus for you now they’re wanting us to work in the back loop only so let take my hook out of here so I could show you what they’re talking about when you do your loop your chains let me put this side here you’ll see that there’s two loops of the chain the top of the chain if forms so here’s the front and here’s the back instead of going through both loops which is just what we normally do here if you look at you could see here if I squeeze it you could see that this is the front that’s the back the front the back we’re only going to be working in the back loop for these instructions so here we’ve chained one we’ve turned our work over and now we’re going to start in our first stitch because we’re not skipping anything we’re going to go into the back loop only see how the front loop is free you’re going to pull out your yarn you’re going to have two loops here one two and you’re going to pull through both loops just like that and the front loop is free you’re going to do that again go into the next chain here front and the back we’re only going through

the back right there and we’re not going to yarn over just going to pull out because we’re doing a single crochet just like that now I’m going to go to the next one I’m going to repeat this all the way across and then to keep going up moving up my rows I’m going to chain one turn my work over just like I did now and we’re going to be working on the back loop only and the reason we work on the back loop well because instructions says that but usually what we’re doing when we do the back loop it creates a little bit of a ridge it’s not that’s notable it’s noticeable now because you’re just starting but once you start going from row to row and it gives us a little bit of texture so the work is not flat so not only are you going to get nice a really nice pretty texture with the yarn because of the way it’s um spun see how it’s got this little wave you’re going to get a texture from the yarn and then you’re also going to get texture because you’re working on that back loop right here can you see how that little loop is change is creating a little Ridge and then when you work it on the other side you could see the ridge is the other way so you’re going to repeat this all the way to the end I’m going to go ahead and do that show you what it looks like after I do add and make sure you’re not twisting your work because we’re working here so my next loop would go there back loop only I’m going to pull it out there and go around so that’s going to give us a lot of texture and it’s going to be nice and warm because we’re doing single crochets it is a bigger yard a thicker a chunkier yard so your work will progress pretty fast it’s not like we’re using fingering weight yarn and so I’m going to continue this way I’ll show you what it looks like at the end of my row then I’m going to continue adding rows until I reach that measurement so see you can see kind of the little Ridge there can you see that how it’s making that little bump and I can already tell this is going to have a really great texture in the finished garment so I’m going to go ahead and finish that I’ll come back at the end of the row and then I’ll just show you one more time how we go up we’re just going to repeat Row two so I’m just going to keep repeating that until you get your measurement then we’ll come back and I’ll show you how we’re going to fold it how we’re going to sew it work we’re going to put our markers so that we could complete that’s right and I really like the way this looks it’s really forgiving it just kind of covers everything so we’ll be back when I finish doing that piece okay area when I finish doing the rolls necessary for my piece here now from the beginning to the end to measure my 38 inches so across and so here is where we start it there and here’s where I finish so now if okay now since we finish this this is where I finished my tale this is where I began so I tried to I wanted to finish on the same side meaning on the right side here so both of your tails should be on the same side okay and so here the instructions Naturalis this is that sec this is the area where the tails are that measured the 38 inches you don’t want to stretch out your piece just let it lay flat like it normally does just naturally dust and then that’s where you measure because if you’re stretching it out you’re not getting the true measurement and it won’t drink correctly so here if you get your instructions here you will see that this is the 38 inches is we’re going to fold that down onto itself and then we’re going to measure from the fourth fold down seven inches on either side and those seven inches will be left open so this side here and this side here will be left open this is where your arms are going to go through right those are this openings for your arms and this then will be sewn from here the last 14 inches down it’s approximately 14 inches by 21 inches either side okay so now we know that the tails were there right right here so this is a site that you’re going to fold down onto itself this is the right side okay remember we finished here with our tails so that way you don’t get confused somebody had told me that they had folded it the other way with the stripes going the other way and so here what we’re going to do is we’re going to fold this down just like that okay onto itself just like this so here is one end you would have your tail on that side and then the other side has the beginning tail okay just like this so we’re going to measure measure it I go down this way

okay and now on either side without pulling or stretching it we don’t want to stretch it we wanted to have a natural drape and oh my god I just really love the texture this is comes out so nice and the color is so nice of course I love red but this is like reminds me of those vintage cars we used to see when I was growing up that were painted in the candy apple red color the little trucks so here you’re going to go down and you’re going to measure seven inches on either side and you’re going to put a stitch marker or something to hold it there let me show you how I do it but this is not necessary you could put a piece of yarn or you could do something else there the Excel section that we’re going to leave open on either side okay everyone once I have folded down my piece I have put these clips to hold it in place to know where to sew this is totally optional but I find these are super useful and they’re not that expensive so what I did on this side and I’m going to do the same thing on that other side is that once I folded it I matched my edges first my scene and I put my little knit clips like I said you could either use I even a hair clip or you could use a piece of yarn safety pin to hold your pieces in that way it’s nice and even what I’ve got these at Hobby Lobby they were on sale but I put a link for you if you want to get something like this it’s not necessary totally optional usually they sell for $7 and I got it on sale for 419 so I thought wow I can’t pass that up and I use these a lot when I’m seaming things especially when I’m knitting because it’s got that little but what it is let me show you here and like I said this is just another little optional thing and I use them all the time it’s a little clip that has that little thing through there see so it will hold your stitch and that’s why it works really good for knitting because you you know how you have your actual individual stitches so I hold it like this and so what I did here was on this side and I’m going to do the same thing on the other side let me focus this sorry guys so what I did once I folded it down let me show you how I did this on the other side because this one’s already done so I just folded this which you could see I got my edges here the bottom edges and once it usually doesn’t take too many clips or three or four and the first time you use them they’re a little bit stiff but once you open them that’s okay you get your edges here remember you’re going to solve in your tails I get the edge here and then like I said you could use a safety pin a piece of yarn whatever you want these clips work super neat so I just get my clip and put it there and it’s going to hold it there see so I know now that my pieces are in place it’s not going to be going anywhere and I’m going to do the same thing on the other side but what I do here is I do the first one first kind of smooth it out a little bit I’m going to go up here and measure my seven inches let me see if I could do this here the tripods kind of getting in the way so I’m going to get there there’s my seven inches there so I’m going to do my other clip right where the seven inches are guys so here I get the bottom i smoothed it out so I know there’s not like it’s all nice and even there see my granny glasses here then I’m going to go through there okay grab that there and then close it there so I know that this seven inches I’m going to leave without sewing that’s the opening for my arm my arm is going to go through there and then the rest here is my first stitch and then I could do the rest just clip them there and like I said if you don’t have these clips even have you seen those hair clips at the Youth Forum when you’re fixing your hair or perm they’re like those plastic clips those work good too this one I like because it’ll actually hold the stitch through there and now I know that my piece is not going to be like lose its shape because it’s going to be there holding that space for me so it goes through there just like that and then it closes here so now I can turn my needle begin from the edge or from this and it doesn’t matter because here I’m going to start sewing my pieces remember this is the wrong side we folded the right sides together that’s why our tails are on top of our work this is the right side and now I’m going to go ahead and throw it in my yarn I’m going to sew up the edges and then you’re going to repeat the same thing for the other side and these little clips will make your life a lot easier I really like them like I said it’s optional you don’t have to have it I know that it’s expensive to buy everything but if you do a lot of pieces they it really helps and I think it’s a pretty good deal you can also use your remember when you need to buy

supplies use your 50% off coupons and then we buy week you know you could buy one thing each week and then before you know you have all your tools and your supplies and these really make your life a lot easier so let me go ahead and turn my yarn and then I’ll show you how I sew that up and then your piece will be ready to be enjoyed and I love you’re going to love the texture okay so I just took a long strip of yarn and of course the same matching yarn and I threaded it through a blunt neat nodal a blunt tip needle so that it doesn’t hurt you it’s just it’s not sharp at the end or if you like you can also use a plastic yarn needle that comes in a lot of this crochet kits or knitting kits I’m going to go ahead and use this one and then what I did here since I put my little clip here I know that this is the and I can open that up I’m going to catch that first stitch there with the first it’s really the first stitch here when I move the tail right there the left okay so I’ve just threaded my needle here the with the matching yarn and so I’m going to begin here I’m sorry the camera kind of stopped on the first point remember I have my stitch marker or my a stitch mine it clip here so I guess so although I know that I need to stop here where the last clip is that so here I’m going to room I remove this clip here’s that tail remember going to hold it over our work so I give my needle and I go here in the last stitch they’re just in the corner grab that there grab that the other in okay I’m going to bring this up through there if I could just get this so you guys could see what I’m doing and then the tail it’s kind of long but I’m just going to go ahead and make my little knot and some people say you don’t need a knot but I don’t want it to fall apart so you do what you feel comfortable with and then this till of course we can trim it because it’s pretty long but what I’m going to be doing let’s just turn this with this around together so that I could easily kind of hide this tail in the work okay so now once you do that I’m just going to do a little whip stitch you could do whichever stitch works better for you but I’m going to let me take that needle here lay this down and press and then you could just go grab from the back grab your back layer the next stitch over here and you’re just going to close it off and as I work and grab catching that tail so here let me show you so if I move this back I get my next stitch there go into the next dish you’re just going to be grabbing and sewing and see how it catches that tail there the tails pretty long so I’m not going to sew all the way up to the tail but I’m going to go ahead and hide it so you catch the next stitch from the back catch the next stitch in front and so up until that first that last stitch marker or the first stitch marker whatever you want to call it where the opening for the sleeve is so see here I’m catching that so now this is getting sewn shut and this is how I just complete it all the way up make sure you’re catching the back stitch grabbing the next front stitch that tail is just there in the middle I was trying to kind of get on through it run come out there and then we catch that just continue this way all the way up going from the next stitch to the next stitch now make sure you don’t have any holes and look at that first tail is already where I did my knot is already coming to the answer the bottom grab the next one here and I continue this way let me move the yarn so that I hope you could see what I’m doing here grabbing it there it’s a little fuzzy I’ll trim that right now so don’t worry about that hard I’m going to keep going up ask that see so you can see that this is getting so it’s nice and close there and having the clips kind of helps because it doesn’t let the work structure get uneven but if you go from stitch to stitch there’s a next stitch here you will be able to finish your work all the

way up when I get to that stitch I’m going to take a bit a little bit further than so I can see it I’m going to stop but the tail will be sewn in I’m going to clip that – I think it’s sewn in long enough see here so this is all now you have one piece and then we’ll just flip this inside out because this is that the outside this is the right side so here I’m going to continue every time I get to a new clip I remove the clip and just continue sewing same way so it’s really easy you’re just grabbing the stitch from the back going to the front just hiding your tail as you work if you don’t you don’t want to hide your tail you can just pull the tail out and then sell the chilling at the end but it’s just easier to just go ahead and hide it as you’re working so now you can see how quickly it goes I’m going to my next clip so then you can remove the clip and continue all the way up let me get a scissor so I could trim off this challenge it’s already given enough can you see that it’s already in there I’m going to cut that off and then I’m going to continue sewing it all the way up and I’m going to stop when I get here to this clip that’s the 7 inches this will be left open for my arm to be able to go through there okay so let me go ahead and continue doing that and we’ll come back and then I’ll show you how it looks when it’s finished on one side and you’ll do the same thing on the other side stopping to leave your seven inches open now I will continue all the way to the end and leave that little space open so do that and then make sure you do this same very same thing on the other side so that both of your ends your edges are sewn shut remember that our rows that you crocheted are going up and down Masek basically um the vertically like mean up and down and then this the the width was this way so I’m going to go ahead and finish that we’ll come back and I’ll show you what the finished product looks like okay here I’ve come to my last clip so that I know I just need like one more stitch if I could open this sometimes they get kind of stiff so I just need like one stitch I still have some a little bit of the tail so once I do my last stitch there I’m going to make a little knot right there and then this tail I’m going to sew it into the work to kind of hide it in there I don’t want it to be coming up so I’m just going to do it goes that way and then I can go I’m able to see how the end gets kind of fluffy there and go back a few more times just hiding it in the seam right there and what’s good about the yarn is that it kind of hides that texture let me see if I can pull it out there got kind of hard okay oops there we go so now that I pulled it through I can go ahead and this that tail this is the seven inches that we left open so that your arms will be coming through here okay so now I want you to do the same thing on the other side and then when you finish you really can’t really see we’re going to flip it over you know like turn it inside out but if you can see here because of the texture of the yarn and then the way I showed you how to sew that um that seam you won’t be able to see that much this is the seam here let’s see on the other side but it is cleaner on the other side so we’re going to go ahead and flip it out but go ahead and do that on the other side and do not come back once it’s done flip it up for you and show you how you work okay everyone it’s done remember this is the

wrong side so now what we’re going to do our seams have been done and I here I have the openings on either side so now I’m just going to flip it inside out okay just like that I’ve trimmed off little pieces of yarn there so then the way you wear it is that this is going to be your arm sleeve your sleeves so then I just kind of fold this back a little bit to form the shape of where it’s going to be on my collar and then I would just slip it on here and then it would go over my back so let me just show you quickly how that’s done everyone so this is your your arm shrug so then what you need to do it doesn’t matter either side I just get this and I fold it back just like this to create like that collar just fold a little edge back just like that and then you’re going to just slip your arms through the openings here and then through the other opening so then can you see where I folded this back like to form a collar and then it’s all dead it’s pretty much like one size fits all I wear a large size but if it’s me and the texture is really nice but what I really like is that it covers all my sins know my imperfections there it’s nice and long so it’s really it’ll be nice and cover everything and if you want you can even use like a little pin or something here but that’s it you just fold it over I’m trying to get kind of centered because I’m next to the wall here and it’s all done so you just wear it just like that anyway I really like the way it came out the texture is great I haven’t really used the the homespun other than for scars I like the texture it gave it it’s nice and fluffy it’s nice and warm I hope you enjoyed this tutorial please be sure to subscribe hit that little thumbs up like button if you liked this tutorial please share your video of this video with your friends and family help me grow my channel I remember always that God loves you thank you