Life is a Ball of Yarn: Ep11

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Life is a Ball of Yarn: Ep11

hi everyone and welcome to life is a ball of yarn episode 11 my name is Rachel and you can find me as our Josie on Instagram and revelry that’s our dozy are d 00 s ii and i hope you’ll read me and we can chat and get to know one another and we also have a Ravelry group so if you go to the group tabs on ravelry you can just search life is evolved yarn podcast and it will come up yeah so it’s a bin longer than usual since we’ve seen each other that is for a couple of reasons first is the day that I’ll uploading I actually today is Tuesday I it’s not over yet September something I don’t know and so yeah I think Tuesdays are a better day for me record originally I are previously I was recording on Thursdays and then either uploading on thursday or friday depending on when the internet wanted to cooperate because i would record in the morning and then try to upload that night but i live in a dorm and so at night the internet is basically useless because everyone is here using it so it would just be way easier to wait until the next morning to upload but I Thursday Thursday is my busiest work day I work the most hours that day and that’s by the end of the week and I’m just like done so i’m hoping that i’ll have more pep on tuesdays I’m not generally peppy person but comparatively I may be more peppy on Tuesdays and yeah so that’s a plan so I’ll be recording on Tuesdays I think and then either uploading on or wednesdays again depending on the internet and then also i think i’m going to switch to a every other week or two weeks schedule however you want to call it just because my episodes are generally very short and I think I can stand to wait an extra week so firstly I have more to talk to you about but I also think that I’ll just they’ll still be pretty short and pears and the others just because I’m not super chatty host i guess i would say so that’s led me the plan subject to change of course but i think that’s the best way to go so let me know if that’s a problem but at the same time i really doubt it would be so um yeah so that’s kind of the update it’s taken care of um so let’s get on with the knitting crocheting yes so I have three foes for you this week last time and I can’t say last week anymore I was working on a scarf that had 12 squares they’re not perfect squares because i am participating in the dcs lower down cellulose to do pigskin party Cal which is a Cal that goes on with a American football season and do you can win prizes and stuff and I’m only participating for that aspect and for the fun because I don’t care about football but each month there are like interceptions which are little challenges that can get you extra points and so this month September’s interception had you had to make something attitude 12 so I crocheted a scarf that I hat that is 12 stitches across and has 12 blocks of colors so isn’t that and the sky to charity again this is Lima in homespun I don’t know the names of the colorways because I did not have the bands on them because these were just given to me I think from someone else and yes I’m pretty happy with it I think it will keep someone warm i crocheted this with an extra large hook i think it was a size n and yeah so that’s a quick simple project and i got my extra points and yeah so i’m happy with that and I’m got quite a stockpile for charity and that makes me happy I’m just going to keep going our charity deadline my I run a club that’s on campus and we bring them to a certain place who will donate them for us and that the day that we can bring the things is november seventh so i’ve got a little over a month to keep going with

charity stuff and I same note my other two foes are also charity items and these are both hats crocheted hats following the hats in a hot flash pattern by Kathy north and its really cute she favorited both of my projects on ravelry so that was kind of adorable so the first one I mean was this simple green adult-sized hat just crochet this is with a i hook which is five point five millimeters and this is using a discontinued yarn it’s naturally Karen calm country in the collard green Sheen and this was a wool blend so it was mostly acrylic but then I had some wool and it too so hopefully it will keep someone’s head warm so I was pretty pleased with that because I talked to the last couple episodes about how I wanted to start making hats and especially for charity I can’t not really a person because I have a lot of hair going on and I think I also have a big head I’m not really sure how accurate that it’s kind of hard to tell when you have big hair but yeah so I am place with this and the other one I made is for a baby and this I used I mean it looks like if you see monsters inc you know Sully who was like the big blue and green monster well this looks like his little sister yeah i just called this my fuzzy baby hat and actually i crocheted it like with too small of a hook so it almost like can be a face like it stands up on its own you could like use it as a candy dish or something but yeah so this was with the size h hook because i didn’t i just dropped it I didn’t think to look I just kind of guessed what hook to use and this is a two yarns you can only see one of them but I used to to make it warm so the underneath you can kind of see the white poking out so that is just my own brand baby soft solid and there’s a white and then this fluffy stuff which i use i used to be referred to as fun fur I don’t know that still exists is a wells label does feel like feel Treecko tear Rio and that just means literally yarn to knit Rio and there was no colorway on it does on resent polyester and this that was given to me by a friend so I thought you know what this would be fun little hat for baby who can resist we’ll keep it a little head warm and I mean I don’t even know how big baby heads are but I followed the smallest size in the pattern and I think this works yeah so that was that I don’t think I even love to say about that but they’re fun quick projects and i’ll probably make more because i’m still working my way through my bag of charity yarn or you’re on that i want to use for charity projects so yeah so there’s three projects for charity and I’m feeling good about that it’s nice because the reason why I have so many finished objects for charity is because for 1i crochet them so its way quicker both because I I personally think crocheting is faster in general but then also because i’m a i’m way more experience with crocheting so it’s just like my muscle memory is much better with that but then they’re also somewhat objects so i can just there my instant gratification projects so yeah those are my foes and I on to the whoops guess what i’m making socks again and i’m really happy with this if you follow me on instagram you’ve seen it a couple times but yes this is my second attempt at fox and i named my project second attempt socks on revelry and it’s actually really funny and bud commented on my first sack which i thought was really awesome but like I didn’t know how to respond her because my first sock

if you haven’t watched before I’m not making the second one because I screwed up a bunch and because I don’t want to and so I put in the notes you know i’m not making my other sock and then her comment on my project was your feet will be really happy and I didn’t know how to respond to that so I didn’t respond to her i don’t know if i was rude but I thought it was awesome that she responded but if she also like invited me to like her like group on ravelry for like a group that some fans started for her which I thought was funny but yeah I thought it was really cool that she commented on my project so thanks and bud if you’re out there I don’t think you are yeah so this is my second sock and I moved up a size so I’m using size to us US size two needles so i don’t think i’d like to point 75 millimeters or something which is way figure it seems the most knitters use however i’m a very tight knitter so I think and I’m like okay with the fabric and it’s been way more comfortable for me so I’m just going with it I don’t really I don’t think there’s a problem with this fabric at all and yeah so this is a six-inch six stitches per inch sock following in buds pattern and this is Deborah Norville serenity sock in the surf colorway I love it I really like in the skein these aren’t like normally colors that I would reach for but like knitted up I just think it’s beautiful and it’s called everything I think it’s cool like it’s called surf so like you can kind of see it this is the sky this is the water this is the beach and this is the grass and I think that’s really cool and it almost like it reminds you watercolor like just the way that the color is kind of splotchy and they kind of run into one another they’re not super-clean stripes and I like that so this is my first this is the first sock so I’m a couple inches into the foot and then I just have to do it toe and then start the other one so hopefully this will be my first pair of socks and yeah so I’m just super happy with this again I was like looking at it as like I can’t believe I made this socks just amazing like I can’t believe my hands made this I think it part of it is the construction but also there’s so many stitches like it looks you know like it didn’t come from hands and my ladders are much better this time like I’m sure you can still find them but they’re way way better so that’s a success yes and then I started another whip last night so there’s a chance this might not actually come to fruition because I haven’t start got into like the actual knitting part and I don’t know if I like I get but it is the notebook owl by emily casa link it’s a free pattern I’m really you can’t see too much but does have a lace pattern in it but it’s not a place weight yarn but I think this will be my first lace pattern if I actually stick with it and she calls out a noble Kao because you can’t see it too well but like she I guess she thinks these are like shields so yeah and I’m using leftover yarn from my ginger snap sweater which I was making it’s my very first episodes and so I am using my game is completely falling apart but i’m using baby yarn and this is Burnett maybe softy baby in the little mouse color it’s on your percent acrylic so I literally just like I have the first two rows and I hit and I’m about to start the lace pattern so hopefully I do end up liking it and I stick with it but I might not and what else to say about this these are in size of the needles and these needles are part of stash enhancements I won’t talk about them too much but yeah so I just started this I hope it like I really want you to a cowl and I wanted to do the lovely ribbed cowl by pearls so out but that requires at size 20 a 20 inch long circular

needle which is like a weird sighs so I mean I don’t have it and I haven’t come across one so it’s probably one that you have to look like a cable you brought in to order online so that was not happening I guess at least for now about you eventually I will make it it’s not that for whoops those are my two whips excuse me ain’t stop yawning I on in all of my episodes it’s just the college life I guess so yeah whoops and then I have some stash so I mentioned one last episode that I was going to be going down to champaign illinois i am applying to you by which is university of illinois urbana-champaign for grad school i’m going to grad school for library science and so I wanted to just go see the campus very informally I didn’t like set up appointment or anything with them I went down with my friend and her sister lives down there because she goes to you have I for urban planning grad school and so we’ve a shock trauma campus it was beautiful i really liked it i mean it was huge the school I go to now is only like 2,000 2,500 students total and someone told me that you have I is like over 30,000 students so big difference but I realized the campus is very pretty but of course I anywhere I go I have to check there’s a year in shop and there was one was called close-knit but closest spelled the K and it was a really cute shop it was kind of enough we’ii it was in a house basically like she had recently what’s that word converted it into a store I don’t know where I was getting the read from um but it was really cute and she was very the proprietor was very nice and Nick her name was like Fergie or that and so yeah so I knew I wanted to get some size 16 like 16 inch cable circulars because I wanted tried ‘not pads so I got them in a size 5 and 7 but I got two different kinds so I now own my first pair of carbons which is very exciting so I got the size by us five 3.75 milliliter 16-inch carbons and then the ones i’m using my cowl our chow goo place i have Chavo bamboo which i like these are the red lace which i like so far I’ve online it to wrote stuff but I like them so far yeah so now I have not only do I have size 16 inch needles so i can make 16 inch cable length circular needles I can’t say that for some reason correctly but i also have two different times to try because i don’t own a set of interchangeable yet so i’m trying to dip my foot in all the different waters of knitting circular knitting needles so i got those two and then I got also got some yarn one skein and I got here cascade heritage prints according to internet called clouds but printed label it’s just color number 09 and I really like I don’t know why but I just love these colors even though it’s like literally white gray and black but I just I think that’s so pretty and I guess what the pattern I like the pattern less and I like what it looks like in the skate but I feel like that always happens but yet just a nice wintry color so I’m really happy with that that’s it for stash um let’s see to have you think I’m see i’m only at 20 minutes and that was a week and a half I me a week and a half’s worth of stuff um but I heard that some people like shorter episodes so hopefully that’s you who was watching um what else is going on so not a whole lot honestly I yeah I went to champaign this weekend like I said and that was good not much else is going on I have obviously school stuff i have two papers due next week so i need to get going on

those and what else not a whole lot honestly I get to go home in a couple of weeks we get like one random day off and that one day off is called our fall break so I’ll be going home and I’m all I have to call the I actor because i’m hoping to get new glasses i had these glasses for over two years now and they’re so scratched and loose like they all say in my head which i know you can like go in and get them tightened but they’re also so scratched like i can barely see so that will be good I need to call and make sure you can get an appointment and that’s really it so I hope that you guys have had a wonderful week and a half ish and please go on to a Ravelry group akshat I did open a questions that for me so if you want to ask me anything go ahead and do that and I will see you guys in two weeks I think okay bye