Worth the hype? OFFLINE by Aerie Haul and Review!

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Worth the hype? OFFLINE by Aerie Haul and Review!

– This is the best mesh I’ve ever felt I feel like this is something I could have found at like Walmart And I have to say, I really like them This fabric has nothing like Aligns Hey guys and welcome back to my channel And today we are trying Aerie active wear This is from their new Offline collection I’ve actually never tried Aerie active wear, but I’ve gotten a ton of DMs asking me to review it Because they just launched this collection I’ve heard from a couple of people that these are like their holy grail leggings So obviously, I have to try it By the way, if you’re new here, my name is Kathryn We do a lot of brutally honest reviews, affordable active wear, lots of good stuff So if you’re new subscribe for more So I got a ton of stuff And most of it was like randomly on sale I don’t know why it was on sale because it like just launched Like usually it happens like after, but I’m not used to shopping Aerie And I just looked yesterday, which is about like a week after I purchased this stuff and it’s still on sale So I’m just going to tell you the sale prices I bought this for because it’s all pretty affordable, especially on sale And I think they often have sales and coupons available So you shouldn’t need to purchase any of this like full price Also I did purchase all of this myself, and it is unsponsored And I couldn’t really decide what to get, so I really just got a little bit of everything, and it was all like under $35 So it was pretty affordable in my book I got each one of their signature fabrics I got the OG, the Real Me and the Goals And tons of cute stuff, like some cross waist leggings, some no front seam leggings, some bike shorts, a little bit of everything Also, I’m sitting today because I just had a big lunch, and I’m really tired now And I shouldn’t have done that before filming So this is the Offline collection, and I read a little bit about the collection just ’cause I like to educate myself before I do my reviews They’re really emphasizing that this is an active wear collection that’s meant for real life and real activity And they really highlight that And I’m just like, as opposed to fake activity, I just Sometimes I think the way that brands describe their collections is like a little bit cheesy Like I don’t think anyone’s meaning to put active wear out that like isn’t meant to work out in, but we’ve all come across those leggings that just do not hold up in your workouts So maybe that’s what they mean So the name of the collection is the Offline collection and instead of an I, they have like one of those backslashes so it’s actually like slanted And they said, and I quote, “Even the slant of the I in our name “is there reminder that there’s no straight path “to the finish line.” Is anyone going to tell them this is still a straight line? So I’ve always liked Aerie even though I haven’t shopped a lot of Aerie stuff I’ve always liked the brand because they’re really inclusive with their models in terms of ethnicity and different sizes So I feel like everyone shopping on the Aerie website feels included And they’ve also always been really transparent about not retouching their photos, which I also think is very important And they’ve been doing that for years now And something I didn’t know about Aerie, which also carries over into the Offline collection is it’s actually sustainably sourced So a lot of their products are made from recycled fabrics and it’s manufactured in a facility that is very water conscious I’m not really sure what that means, but they’re trying to reduce water usage So this actually makes Aerie one of the more affordable sustainable brands I found I’m actually doing a review on sustainable active wear coming up So make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it But those are kind of expensive I actually didn’t know Aerie was focusing on sustainability So I do think that’s really cool as well Lots of bonuses so far And they also have a pretty good size range They have extra, extra small, to extra, extra large And for the leggings, they also have short and tall versions So, very inclusive So without further ado, let’s start talking about the pieces So first I have the Offline Real Me crossover leggings And these are the first ones that I really saw a lot of people talking about them I think there were launched like before this new collection I got these for $31, which is a really good price And it’s this animal print, which for me, like, it’s not my favorite of the animal prints, but it is still cute I just don’t know if I look at this and really like, say like, “Oh, that’s like a leopard”, you know This is the color raw sienna And I got these in a size small, they are 7/8 length They also come in tall, but those were sold out So I just got like the regular smalls And I heard a lot of people say that these were just like Aligns And I’m already going to tell you this fabric is nothing like Aligns So yet again, people lie about things being a Lululemon dupes What else is new? So this is their real me fabric, which is supposed to be very lightweight, which I do agree, it does feel very lightweight and stretchy It’s also supposed to have light support, which I also see I guess that’s why people compare them to the Aligns, but the fabric itself does not have that same brushed feeling If anything, it’s like slightly slick They have a cross front waistband, which I always find really flattering So I am excited about that And they also don’t have a top seam And oh my gosh, yeah, this is really stretchy And this fabric is a nylon elastane blend The waistband looks slightly tapered They look really small, but I trust that they have a lot of stretch to them And these do have a front seam, so I hope that’s okay And they do have like just a small little gusset crotch Here’s a closeup of the fabric As you can see, it’s not brushed like a Lululemon Align is So that’s why I said that it’s really not comparable to the Nulu fabric These were originally $45, but they were on sale All right, so here are the Real Me cross waist leggings And I have to say, I really like them So I was thinking about how I would compare this fabric because I feel like it has the weightlessness of an Align, but it doesn’t have the brushedness So I feel like it’s, if the Lululemon Aligns and the Gymshark lightweight seamless had a baby and made these

Like they almost have a little bit more brushed than the lightweight seamless I love this cross waist I think that more legging brands need to do it because I just feel like it’s so cute Like yes, you get to come up and like, you know, hide a little muffin top area And they feel more comfortable Not that there’s anything wrong with any part of your body, but sometimes it just feels So these have like super light compression so they do feel very weightless Shouldn’t get a lot of pilling because there isn’t any brushedness You also shouldn’t get a lot of cat fur, lint collecting on it The waist doesn’t really have a lot of compression either So if you’re looking for a really high compression legging, these aren’t it So at first I thought that these were gonna be a little small, but they actually have a lot of stretch to them I’m in a size small And I would say definitely true to size Think if you’re in between, you could probably size down because I feel like no area is too tight I also don’t have any loose fabric Like it all is fitting really well It doesn’t look awkward and it has this front seam, but it’s like not invasive at all Like I literally don’t even feel it And I pulled these up and it did not cause any problems So you’re safe with camel for these So not a ton of detail on these It’s literally just the waste band, the little cross waist detail It is more of like a wrap waist So it doesn’t come down to a V, it’s like actually two pieces of fabric like crossed over And the waistband seems to actually go above the glutes a little bit I would give these a solid medium to high, maybe even high on the booty scale I feel like it’s actually doing some good things (cat meowing) Hey, look who came to visit us yet again, my love All right, you trying to play? Trying to play fetch? Go get your toy This is a patterned fabric So cellulite coverage is not a problem on these, but for the solid colors, I feel like you will get some cellulite showing So I wouldn’t really consider these cellulite friendly They actually feel slightly sweat wicking though I’m not sure about sweat proof And these are just the regular size small I didn’t get the lungs, and they are a true 7/8 length So I do have a size small long coming up or tall, whatever it is So we can compare that My only thing with these is that I do feel like they’re so slick that they actually might kind of slide down I’m just going to do a little walk around my apartment and we’re gonna see Okay, I’m back And they actually didn’t really slide down There might be a little risk for siding down in your workouts I wouldn’t be surprised, but it was okay just for like a little walk All right, guys, we’re getting a little gym test in These are the Real Me cross waist leggings that I have decided to keep because I like them So now I’m going to see how they hold up in the gym And I really hope they don’t slide down because they’re so cute (energetic music) Okay, so I thought that these would slide down, but they honestly really didn’t slide down any worse like any other pair of legging I did like, you know, pull them up a little bit, but I always just kinda like adjust my waistband at the gym It’s just like, kind of like a, a habit, I guess But yeah, they were super lightweight I didn’t feel hot at all Even though it was like 90 degrees outside, and they just were really comfortable and really stretchy Didn’t restrict me You can’t see any sweat probably because of the pattern And I don’t know if they just didn’t slide down because I was like really sweaty And the sweat was kinda making them like stick to me, but either way, these are workout approved (energetic music) I’m trying to be better about including these guys in my videos Pinto is just sitting with me filming, but you can’t see him And then I got the Offline Real Me high waisted mesh leggings, which also feel super lightweight Like these actually feel even nicer than the last ones I’m kind of impressed So I got these for around $35 And I wanted a solid color because sometimes I feel like it’s hard to judge a patterned legging sometimes I don’t know, you can’t see like all the details and stuff like cellulite and all that stuff And we like our reviews here to be comprehensive So I just got these in a size small And they’re also a 7/8 length This legging in particular comes in a lot of like earthy fall tones So definitely good for the upcoming season change And this mesh is like so soft Usually mesh is like kind of scratchy, but I keep feeling it and I’m like, “What is this mesh?” So this is still the same Real Me fabric, except I will say this one does feel slightly more buttery, but it’s still not brushed So I feel like you’ll get less pilling than a super brushed legging, which is a benefit, but it’s still like super lightweight And these are incredibly stretchy And it has a little mesh panel detail along the bottom, which is very unique mesh And they have a V-shaped waistband in the front, which comes down to give you extra lower tummy control So I think that these have a lot of really cool details So I’m interested to see how they’ll be on, but let’s check out the fabric So here’s the fabric And as you can see, it just kind of looks buttery soft, but it’s not quite as brushed But it is super, super soft and super stretchy So I am impressed And the top material is the mesh And I’ve just never seen a mesh that’s like this finely knit Usually, I don’t know, you can kind of see the holes of the mesh, but this one doesn’t really look like a mesh But then it’s like, clearly see-through Very interesting Here are the Real Me mesh leggings And these are just seriously like so lightweight, so thin I would say that these would be a really good summer legging because they’re not hot, like at all I definitely feel like I would stay pretty cool in these They almost feel fitter than Aligns, like light support, light compression These are very similar to the first one So I’m just going to kind of touch on the differences They do have this V-shaped waistband,

which I feel like is a good idea in theory, but this waistband has very minimal compression at all So you’re really actually not getting a lot of lower tummy control because there isn’t any compression to actually like control it So it’s a good idea in theory Perhaps it’s flattering, but it’s not actually giving me any lower timing control Seamless waistband It’s not going to cut into your waist It feels super buttery, soft. So soft The only thing is these leggings are so thin And the fact that this is just like a solid color, I definitely feel like there’s more opportunity for, you know, camel, maybe like just seeing a little too much that you don’t want to put on display I’m just gonna say that The back is super flattering I feel like these seams could be a little bit higher up, but if I pull them up back here, we get some issues in the front, so I’m not going to do that really But I’d still give them a solid medium to high on the booty scale Like I said before, really no cellulite coverage This mesh is seriously amazing Like this is the best mesh I’ve ever felt I’m freaking obsessed with the mesh And these ones, although they’re 7/8, they actually feel a little bit longer than the first ones I don’t know why Definitely true to size, size down if in between So yeah, I really like them I feel like they are just almost even a tad bit too thin for me So I am not going to keep them for that reason But I still think they’re really nice and they feel really great (upbeat music) Then to match those leggings, I got the Offline Real Me strappy back sports bra This was only $25 I also got this in a size small, which is my normal sports bra size And it was originally $35 So I feel like everything is kind of $10 off, which I’m not mad about It’s the same fabric, but it does feel like it’s a double thickness around most places And it does say that it’s a medium support, which I’m a little skeptical because it’s a looks a little soft and spaghetti straps So I feel like there’ll will be more of a light support, but we’ll see So it’s just kind of a basic sports bra The straps match the fabric, but they do feel like they’re more of an elastic material So it might be a little more comfortable They do have removable cups, and they also have a long line detail So this is going to cover more of your like bodice itself And then they do just have the two straps, but it does come in back into like a little strappy crisscross detail So let’s try it on All right, so here’s a sports bra So this is a double thickness So it’s giving me a little more support than the leggings I still would say they rated this a medium support It’s really more of a light support The straps are not adjustable They just go into a little crisscross detail in the back It’s really comfy though It’s super, super soft And it does actually cover my whole boob I’m not having any spillage And I do like that it’s long line I’ve been into long line sports bras It’s kind of like, is it a crop top? Is it a sports bra? She’s going to wear it anyway And I would say, it’s true to size And then again, if anything, I’d size down because this fabric is just really stretchy and very forgiving (upbeat music) Next, we’ve got some bike shorts in one of my favorite colors Just like, look at this color You can’t be mad at it So these are the Offline OG ribbed bike shorts And they were only $30 I also got these in a small I’m usually in between a small and medium in shorts, but usually with biker shorts, I can go with a small because the bottom band is like a little farther down So it doesn’t risk squishing my thighs as much They also have this in a pocket legging form, but these do have pockets And they have little ribbed detail on the side I’ve really been into biker shorts lately because I’m just over wearing shorts that don’t have longer than like a five to six inch inseam because my thighs just eat them up And you know, I used to think I hated shorts, but really I just hate short shorts So this is the OG fabric, which is a cotton elastane So to me it feels like a little less of a workout material It does kind of feel like just like a stretchy T-shirt I’m not in love with it It’s not rough, but it’s not brushed or buttery soft like the Real Me fabric It is a slightly washed fabric So you are going to have some areas that have like that slight faded detail, which I don’t absolutely love I don’t think it’s super noticeable on this blue, but some of the other dark colors, it kind of looked like acid wash And I will never get behind acid wash They do have a classic waistband, but they do have a seam at the top of the waistband So I don’t know, I was kind of excited about the shorts, but they’re not really enticing me yet We’ll see when I try them on And then they just have a rib detailed down the side But let me show you the fabrics All right, So here’s the fabric As you can see, it’s really just like a cotton material and then they also have a little ribbed detail So it’s really nothing special All right, so here are the biker shorts I believe they’re like a seven-inch inseam So I do like the inseam length And the bottom is really not cutting into my thighs Maybe it is a teeny bit tight, but it’s not actually like creating a little divot or anything I just feel like these are okay for me I feel like this is something I could have found at like Walmart Which these weren’t expensive These were like 25 or $30 or something But I just don’t think I would go out of my way for them The fabric is just kind of like a basic cotton I wish it wasn’t this like washed material because they don’t really, like, it looks like worn out, which I know is the look, but I just don’t really like my active wear to look like it’s already been worn They do have little pockets I just feel like this fabric is gonna stretch out easily It just doesn’t really feel like an active wear material that’s gonna hold its shape well

And I don’t like it has the band at the top because it doesn’t cut in I just feel like it makes it look a little weird I don’t feel like it’s doing much for my glutes Maybe like a solid medium, like not really helping or anything They’re about to light medium compression They’re really not compressing me very much I’m really not getting any like tummy control or anything So that’s something that I would have liked to see I feel like with bike shorts, especially, that’s usually something people do The only place I’m really getting compression is like the bottom of my thighs, which like, who cares? Because these are more like a lounge bikers, which is totally fine Like that might’ve been what they’re going for But I’m not going to spend like $30 on like lounge But to me, I’m just not impressed enough to get these for lounge shorts, so They are true to size, I’d say I would not size up in these because if anything, I feel like have a little extra space in the waist So I guess size down if in between Go with your normal size, Forgot to mention that camel really isn’t an issue I don’t really have any extra fabric gathering And I would say that these probably are not very sweat proof This doesn’t feel like a fabric that’s going to wick away sweat at all And I wouldn’t say they’re maybe cellulite friendly because this fabric is a little bit thicker So not cellulite proof but cellulite friendly (upbeat energetic music) And then I got the Offline OG ribbed sports bra, which obviously matches the shorts And this one was only $13 But I do feel like this is more of like a relaxing bralette It is a light support, they say, which I definitely agree It’s gonna be a light support Same OG fabric, so it is very cottony Probably not the most sweat wicking And the whole thing is ribbed like front and back And it has like a little shelf in it and there’s no removable cup pads This one’s like kind of disappointing me a little bit I thought it would be more bra-like, but it’s kind of weird They have like a little built in shelf in it, but they don’t have any cup pads So I don’t know why the support isn’t just like built into the bra itself Like why would they need to create a second layer when the whole thing feels like it could just be a little bralette? I don’t really, I don’t get it And they do have these little elastic straps with an adjustable back So at least the straps are adjustable And has a little ruche detail in the front I don’t expect this one to provide a lot of support or shape So I feel like I won’t like it I feel like I’m drooping a little bit All right, so here is the bra that goes with the shorts And like I thought there’s really like zero support It kind of reminds me of like a little kids bra I don’t personally gravitate towards these types of bras I just feel like without any sort of padding or anything in it, and when it’s such a soft material, I just feel like he’s not really doing much for the shape of my girls, you know This whole outfit actually is totally like a lounge outfit And like, honestly I love the color and everything, but I’m just like really not won over by the feel, the fabric, the functionality It’s really more of like, Oh, I’m just going to sit at home And why do I need to wear like a cute little matching set to sit at home? I do like that the straps are adjustable So if you do like this type of like really lightweight bralette, no padding or anything, I do think it’s a totally fine option And it was literally $15 So you can’t go too wrong I feel like the style is just not my personal style And I just don’t feel like it’s the most flattering on me I would say true to size, though This is a size small, which is my normal size And I feel like I have enough space and you can always address the straps So I think it’s pretty forgiving (upbeat music) The last pair of bottoms These are the Offline Goals leggings So they look like the first ones They’re an animal print, except I would say that these are more of a true animal print Maybe the first ones weren’t even meant to be an animal print I don’t know, leave a comment down below Are the first ones animal print or not? This is definitely animal print I thought this was going to be the same as the first one, but this is actually a totally different fabric This is like more of a slick performance material with a little more compression And they have no front seam, which it seems like everyone these days is getting on this no front seam hype, and I am here for it This is the Goals fabric And it does say it has the most support So I will rate it on compression when I try it on The Goals fabric is a nylon elastane blend And it’s a lot more cool to the touch and a lot more slick performance feel Oh, they also have a raw-cut hem, which I didn’t realize But this is a thick enough, like structured fabric to have the raw-cut hem I wish they would just add a little hem I think sometimes these look a little cheap and I’m never really reaching for leggings that have this like intentionally Usually I’m like, “Okay, it’s fine.” But I’m not like, “Oh, raw-cut hem, I’m sold.” And they do recommend these for working out Oh, and I did get these in the long version, so we will be able to see how these compare to just like the regular small So I hope you can see the fabric, that it is more of a slick performance material And a little, not really shiny, but it’s not brushed or buttery soft, like the last ones All right, so here are the Goals leggings And these are supposed to be their more performance material, high compression And I would definitely give these a high compression I do feel very held in, very compressed But I still do feel like it has a lot of stretch, which I always like when high compression leggings, aren’t just stiff They actually have stretch to them And I would say that these do a very good job with that So if you’re looking for a legging to really hold you in, I do like these I feel like the waist holds me in a little bit and I just feel like I have a lot of good hold

Called it booty support I feel like it’s a little tight on my butt Like it could have given me a little more space there I prefer to have more like compression, like in the legs Not squish the butt down, you know? So these maybe just get like a medium on the booty scale I don’t really think they’re doing a whole lot of enhancement I’m having a hard time thinking about fabric, that this is exactly alike, but it’s kind of similar to those new Tier leggings, if you’ve tried those If you’re not new to my channel it’s just overall a compressive fabric with a sleek performance material Definitely very sweat wicking I feel like they won’t show a lot of sweat Seamless waistband and no front seams Hardly any camel, which I do appreciate We love to see that So I got a size small, and I definitely recommend staying true to size I think if you’re in between, I might size up because they are pretty compressive I’m not sure how much bigger I could be to fit into these smalls And I did get the tall version for these, and it does go all the way down my ankles So if you’re on the tall side, I have my inseam in the description below, if you’re curious The pattern is really cute I’m a fan of this one And I liked this gray color I feel like some of their colors are a little weird for the patterns Like I don’t want like a purple little leopard print You know, I just, this is nice For cellulite, I’d actually say they’re pretty cellulite friendly Maybe even, I don’t want to say cellulite proof, but I do feel like they are decently thick and have a lot of hold to them So I would say that these would be much better than the Real Me leggings in terms of like cellulite and support So yeah, I think these are great leggings I think I still preferred those first leggings overall, just because I love how buttery soft they felt And I felt like those were the most flattering on me So I like these, but I personally prefer the Real Me fabric, at least in the pattern (energetic upbeat music) I also got the Offline Goals wrap back sports bra, which is meant to match the leggings And I thought this was cute because the front is just gray, so it matches like the spots at the leggings And then the back actually has the same animal print But in like this like clear mesh It’s weirdly animal print mesh on the inside of the bra, which I don’t really know since it’s not advertised as reversible So I don’t know why you would bother doing that, but you still just get a touch of animal print So if you don’t want to wear like a full on animal print outfit, I think this is really cute This one they rated as a medium support They have adjustable back straps, a little mesh in the back, seems really breathable In front, it’s just like a little V detail And this isn’t my favorite thing on sports bras, but maybe it’ll add to the support They just kind of have one of those like thick elastic bands along the bottom So yeah, these aren’t my favorite ‘Cause sometimes I feel like they’re a little uncomfortable, and they don’t just like flow seamlessly with the bra So we’ll see how I like that And this one also has removable cup pads All right, so here’s the sports bra And I don’t know why I got so many spaghetti strap sports bras I felt like all of the cuter ones were like at the top of the page that like actually had matching sets, had spaghetti straps And I just looked on their website and they did have ones that looked like they’d be a little more support, but I’m not sure I saw any bras that really said like high support That’s something I like to see out of brands that preach inclusivity Like really make sure you’re making bras that are actually going to fit everyone Because I personally don’t love spaghetti strap sports bras And I know when I used to be a cup size bigger, I wouldn’t even dream of wearing a spaghetti strap So anyways, I do like this bra I like the material I feel pretty compressed I feel held in In all of the bras so far, I haven’t had any spillage So I feel like they all fit pretty well I like the slight little V detail No side boob I’m wearing a size small, which is my normal size And I feel like it fits, like the band feels pretty good If I got a size bigger, the band might be loose, but it doesn’t have a whole lot of like boob space Like I feel like the band is coming up on to my actual bust, which is something that I don’t really love So this one isn’t really like my favorite It does have the adjustable straps, which is nice And I really like how the little back detail just kind of subtly matches the leggings because it’s a little mesh and it’s very breathable as well, which I think is nice So I love that little crisscross detail and it’s mesh So I think this design is really cute, probably more for smaller cup sizes They said it was a medium support, and I would still go with a light support for these But yeah, I think this outfit is cute, especially since people don’t always wanna wear like a full leopard print, you know You got a little one and two, a little one, two (upbeat music) And lastly, I did get a full-length tank top This is the Offline Real Me tank And this one was $39 So this one wasn’t on sale, weirdly enough More expensive than the leggings for a tank Kind of weird I got this in a size small It’s the same Real Me fabric, which the more I feel this fabric, the more I really like it It’s so buttery It’s so soft and stretchy It’s just like, it feels like a really good workout fabric that’s gonna last but also be really soft So just has these two little spaghetti straps that come into like a little V in the back, kind of like that Lululemon, like Y sports bra But it also has a little shelf liner with removable cup pads So it will be kind of like a built in bra And it looks like a full-length tank, so it’s straight on All right, so here’s the Real Me tank And I love this fabric I think it’s super, super butter soft Definitely a very comfortable athletic tank So I’m a big fan of this style in general I feel like these don’t have a lot of like space in here for actual like boobs

Like I’m really pushing it to fit in here and it’s a little bit uncomfortable So I feel like max C or D cup, if you’re going to wear this Which I don’t think it said that on the website I don’t think it was saying like, oh, like, you know, usually it’ll say like light support for like B to C cup, but this one did not say that So it’s soft I feel like I just have like a little bit of spillage and it’s just overall not really supporting me very well But it’s comfortable I feel like the straps are okay They might dig into my neck a little bit, but they’re pretty lightweight The little back detail is cute and it’s definitely a full-length tank So you’re definitely going to be covered up in this So definitely recommend for smaller cup sizes I would go true to size But maybe if you’re trying to push it with a cup size, maybe size up, I could probably do with a medium in this (upbeat energetic music) All right, guys So that is it for the review Overall, I’d say I’m definitely pretty impressed I felt like for the prices, and even not for the prices, like these are pretty great leggings Like the fabrics are really well made The overall designs are really nice I especially liked the Real Me leggings Yeah, I liked the Goals ones too I’m just like, not always into super compressive leggings, but the Goals leggings, they definitely feel like high quality leggings People would assume that they’re like at least $50 But I think my favorite one had to be the cross waist one It just really won me over I love those cross waists So overall I definitely recommend Aerie active wear, especially the Real Me and the Goal stuff The OG was just okay Thank you guys so much for watching If you have any more suggestions, please leave them in the comments below Make sure to subscribe because we have a lot of fun videos coming up And I will see you guys next time, bye