ElisabethThieriot (Business/Entrepreneur/Health) on The Woman's Connection® w/Barrie-Louise Switzen

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ElisabethThieriot (Business/Entrepreneur/Health) on The Woman's Connection® w/Barrie-Louise Switzen

welcome to the woman’s connection I’m Barry Lewis whitson your moderator the women’s connection is a program about events shaping women’s lives and helping one gain authentic power on a personal or a professional level so won’t you stay tuned welcome Madison Avenue has done an incredible job of brainwashing everybody that you have got to be beautiful because if you’re not beautiful in their terms you just don’t really exist well it’s not true beauty comes from inside and portrays outside and with me is Elizabeth churro and we are going to talk about how you can stay beautiful at any age and I would like to welcome Elizabeth so good to be here thank you for joining me I’m so glad that you’re addressing this very fact what beautiful is and how H really should not matter how we feel and being beautiful at any age is being your best at whatever point in life you are and knowing the secrets how does they you wrote a book yeah called be fabulous at any age what made you write the book I realized that what you just mentioned that there’s that peer pressure of looking certain way and most women and men would not have peace within them unless they would match that projected image when I found out a lot of people were not really within their own body within their own emotional comfort of being themselves because of that and I felt that they needed to look deeper into what makes them whole what gives them their inner peace and only from that place will they be able to find a real purpose in life so I decided to share how to get there and what compromises survives and what influences ozzie in everything we are in everything we do well I think part of what you’ve got going for you is the fact that you were born in Europe you were raised there so you have multi cultural differences that you can accumulate and build from and one of the things in your book you were talking about is you go by the seasons of taking care of your skin and what you eat let’s go back to what you eat first and taking care of your skin okay I find that really what we eat all the rights just about everything else we do I mean that’s the truth when you eat well you nourish your body you bring nutrients into your body to work with to repair and restore in the case of damage or replace as a natural replacement cycle takes place it provides energy and when you have natural energy from good nutrition that we can absorb we don’t look for things for quick parts of instant energy we look for stable performance we have emotional performance we have energy to physically perform all day long and we become highly productive people till 5:00 and then after 5:00 have amazing personal life now what do you mean like until five o’clock it’s at five o’clock or age five now I mean like work area where you actually can leave work when you earning your living where you are intellectually expressing yourself and then go home and have a good healthy person alive because many people work from 9:00 to 5:00 unless you are like me where my son says of course you’re not working for anybody because you like to work from 8:00 till midnight but that’s my personal preference and I don’t advise that oh man you better but I do love what I do and I think that what keeps me interested it feeds me doing what I love doing is compiling information having research that I believe people can benefit from and then sharing it you said that you had several operations and I love our medical profession here in the States how does the deal how is the difference between the American way of doing things in the European way well there is a difference because in the european way it’s still more interested in all the wrong condition of your life because it’s more traditional to some degree here we are very specialized this is what already is happening in europe that everybody is becoming so specialized that the toe doctor doesn’t know that when the big toe hurts the problem is in

the head they’re not connected anymore and i think that this kind of disconnect in current medicine it’s hurting us because the advice cannot be correct how to correct the cause of the symptom and only the symptoms are being treated so that started in europe years ago which i described in my book where i realized that the influences of western medicine became mo prevalent because europe always measured themselves under standards of american everything I mean dentistry in America is best in the world research is best in the world I mean we are leaders here in multiple disciplines so I was on that brink of giving up the more traditional healings where I remember seeing herbs on the shelves of pharmacy and being replaced with synthetic prescriptions I remember that moment when it took place so on a brink of that I was exposed to quick fixes well if it hurts cut it out I mean I had food poisoning there was nothing wrong with my appendix but I lost it I overdosed on ice cream so they took my tonsils up which is typical reaction to overdose of ice cream I grew up on ice cream heavy cream butters and that was my father’s business so it’s hard not to eat what you and golf did so we are what we eat and it affects us completely we are what we eat because my I grew up with my grandmother who believed it you are what you eat with all that you’re doing as far as the inner self healing with the foods do you find that we have gone from chemicals – now going back we swamp let me start over we started with eating healthy yes all prescriptions now we’re swinging back to eating healthy absolutely it’s a trial and error we thought there was a quick fix of internal instant gratification by having a pill and having a TV dinner we know that that is not working remember the era of fast food face now there is a slow food phase there is a joint preparation there is a joy in choosing there is a joy of choosing organic food remember when finding organics was maybe one story in his city now it’s almost in every corner in every city and farmers markets are prevalent as well but the whole key is how to combine the food to even find and keeping it to the hemisphere you live on for example we live on northern hemisphere and I believe that anything that grows within a northern hemisphere during that season matches our density and therefore is appropriate the old theories were that you only eat local food but we don’t have to do that anymore what do you view in a city there is no local food there is concrete so you have to be exposed to a food that is brought in into the cities so my advisors make sure that the food you are getting it’s still within a northern hemisphere and it’s appropriate to that season because of it so avoid foods that are brought from southern hemisphere because they’re never appropriate to our seasons I mean that’s the truth bananas don’t grow on a northern hemisphere in a winter but they do grow here in a summit and reverse oranges grow here all through the winter in different parts of northern hemisphere and citrus fruits and the appropriate fire digestion they actually ate the heavy fatty foods and it’s processing so everything is beautifully balanced in nature why you eat is and why you ate that I found out that I can’t eat bananas that I can’t really eat apples because I found out there they’re extremely gassy foods than I was making these smoothies and I was just like why am I so bloated so getting back to how do you know what to do is find through combining I mean I would have never known I mean it was just the fluke that I found out that these spoons were gassy so they’re out of my diet really don’t belong together for several reasons once the densities different and its purpose is different so apples are in the fall in the autumn and they’re very reaching enzymes and they come after the tomatoes tomatoes and I describe that in the book have a very specific beautiful role of shedding the sense of cells that remember summer Romans and moving on into my productive time of the year without reminiscing and having major heartbreak to us on the Romans I mean we were on summer camps and had this special one we were so panting for they can’t piss over back to school so the

tomatoes actually helped to shed the liner in your intestinal system and in your heart to forget about it and move on with your life apples come and prepare the intestine after that to receive heavier denser foods and it tightens it because we change density Sadler’s more expanded Ottomans bring a transitional seasons and through autumn we moving to most denser part of our body most answers that economics where we are good form heavy meats knots anything roots this is how we are we like a root by the time we get into the winter and during a summer we’re like a watermelon and and if you would want to eat the two kids who get hurt whoever is softer so when your intestine and all the insides are very expended like watermelon in the summer you don’t want to have heavy foods you don’t want to have hot foods that’s when people have in digestion colitis blow out gain weight because the body can’t handle it it’s just overwhelmed in the summertime eat light salads and then the wintertime you eat heavier foods thank you then serve to keep your body warm in the winter it’s appropriate to what we need at the time because there is greater density also in nutrients and the purpose is that when it goes into our body doesn’t expand us it respects the fact that we are closed up and protect it because our outer skin right now it’s our biggest densest Shield of the year to protect us from elements and mind your very important fact that it really doesn’t matter if you’re in Alaska or you are on equator because for that particular person that lives there that is still the season it’s the hormonal season it’s a season where all of our internal processes of contracting and expanding take place regardless of temperature this is what many people think well but it’s warm it doesn’t matter it’s still the season of the year you’re going through the processes and cycles that we have to go in order to live what about if you take a vacation you’re in the northern hemisphere and in the wintertime you go down to the southern hemisphere what do you follow do you follow where you are to what you’re eating so it takes about six days to adjust so our body is very adjustable so this is why people describe it as jetlag or you know they’re out of sorts because they traveled and they don’t know why they tired body has to shut down in you order to make the changes to adjust to where it is to adapt and it that that’s as you go from northern to southern for example you go from London to South Africa you go in Safari within six days you gonna be in that season and you should eat foods that are appropriate to that area but it takes six days so you’ll find yourself sluggish tired because the body has a lot of work to do to realize take six days when you’re traveling then but if you’re only gone for a week by the time you would just you’re readjusting again correct is there any way that you can prepare in advance for where you’re going as far as what you’re eating I think it’s more but through sleeping I think that adjusting the pattern of sleeping before you go and changing the hours of when you’re eating to make an easier transition at these three days before you go for different hemisphere which is not as important as if you move without within the hemisphere just time change then you need 24 hours and you can adjust much easier but the changing of hemispheres really takes a toll on a body because just like you said you go down and then you’ll come back before you know it so you’re going through twelve days of where am i and the body has to figure out where am i right now so we have to respect these natural processes and you can’t force them through too much caffeine or forcing now I’m gonna have whatever I want so what you’ll be doing that time speeds out that change actually if you gradually go from dense of foods to lighter foods but not shocked I think that anything that is shocking to the body is damaging and it takes longer than to recover I think that gentle way and and smart combining of fruits with carbs certain fruits like what you said over season only and not others so they’re not challenge of density and also the content of they’re just of enzymes because they different for each season in each food that’s another big issue and then combining meats with green vegetables keeping the starchy vegetables separate from having meats and saving them for other

vegetables having fish with light other vegetables of color is really helpful so knowing how to combine for example heavy roots with beef appropriate because they’re denser foods fish is more appropriate with bok choy is more appropriate with cabbage is more appropriate over later density and cabbages really winter salad it’s winter lettuce just in its denser form so you can tell how nature gives us the same thing but adjusted to what our body so how are you combine and I explained this in a book really create energy after you ate instead of having what some refer to as food comas because you’re supposed to give nutrition to feel good from and be energized and be usable so how you deliver that to the body becomes usable or becomes a drag something to deal with and let me give you a best example how you can’t have those fabulous day when you wake up have something of more of a stimulant are there tea or coffee something very light but no food until at least the 11 o’clock the old belief system was that you wake up and the breakfast was most important part of your day well that was a fallacy that was going against the natural cycles during the time of 6:00 and 11:00 our body is in the process of detoxification purification disposing of everything that we are accumulated day before why would you then imagine the refrigerator you’re just cleaning out the refrigerator and you’re just getting to it and somebody is coming and squashing all you stuffing to it how many times can you do it in the row without this not working and the refrigerator breaking down and everything starting to fall out and things become disorganized do you see what I’m saying you have to clean everything out and allow it to be cleaned out when that process is finished remember you things otherwise you take attention away from the body of detoxification purification and say stop everything and receive more that is not logical that is not right out of all the hours in the day and night 24 hours there is that five crucial hours where we clean ourselves out drink some water and not too much I don’t believe in eight glasses a day either it’s a very expanding you’re gonna have two glasses in the row you’re gonna be nauseous pass out one of the things that you wrote in the book was you shed your skin during the net when you sleep yes we actually do because when we go to sleep the beautiful things happen we go into the state delft the aubrey parent rejuvenation that’s why sleep is very important that’s why we call the beauty sleep but we have to go to bed with nutrients in our body so dinner is very important and what we eat for dinner is very important and preferably not to go to sleep drunk because then the mind is confused and spends most of the time trying to to become intelligent again so sleeping sound conscious intelligent was good nutrition and you will help you to really stay young and beautiful for life so of course once in a while somebody has a wine or drink I’m gonna say no but most of the day should be conscious nights where the body can go into the repair to build your collagen to repair what’s broken to shed that skin that is no longer beautiful I’ll replace it we built from inside out is there a particular food that is more damaging than another food or is it just on your body how you eat it in would you do with it of course acidic foods are for example Tomatoes I meant just when they grow and then once we have all the tomato sauces so they they very very caustic almost to the system and I know there are fabulous marinara sauce is but they’re really not very good for the skin anything that it’s overly acidic it’s not good for our system trying to be more alcohol be more alkaline is really the answer all right what exactly is alkaline and acidic and how do you know which is which for example as sea salt sea salt contains 12 major minerals that we are made out of I mean our meiotic fluid it’s its environment that equals to a sea ocean water that it’s about three thousand feet deep and it’s 20 times the density and mineral content of the surface water so when you’re thinking of well should know it’s

not the top water you’re swimming not all that makes us alkaline that creates the environment in which we were born and created so it’s a good thing rock salt is really not what we are accustomed to it’s more for the goats it’s more for the deer because they have different consistency and again they only link it during a winter not summer so these are very interesting foods for example swimming in the ocean during a summer is appropriate we don’t swim very much in a cold water by the nature of the environment and the temperature we choose not to we just don’t feel like it so see so this is good for us all around and especially through the autumn and winter because I’ve been eating a lot of sea salt I’ve been sprinkling my food with the sea salt and I’m now into term ik turmeric and when awesome oh I do cinnamon in garlic and that’s so much garlic but ginger I’ve been putting a lot of that into my food these days okay let me help you is the idea of a lot of something because we generally kick everything needs to be balanced and for a reason the body responds to a herb because they all have a function when it’s needed much better than when you’ve provided all the time just in case that’s the beauty of knowing how things work for example cinnamon it’s excellent for regulating and cucumber for regulating sugar in your body ginger is excellent tonic for hormones shouldn’t be in the morning it should be in the afternoon because all the hormones roar in the morning they don’t want to be disturbed thus testerone roars our estrogen roars so we don’t need any health in or morning but if you give a little bit in the afternoon it’s not such a bad idea and that’s where the Acadian cycle comes in that I talk about in the book where I explain every two hours what happens in alibi so that if all of you can become better managers of your life because now you understand what’s going on what is that thing going on in my intestine why am i hurting in here right now why is this hurting me right now well what time is it oh it’s the kidney oh okay am I upset here’s my kidney weak but you can go fix it by their knowledge I provide in a book so you don’t have to panic around to the doctors and just recently as we were coming back from from a lecture someone mentioned you know the hospitals are getting bigger and bigger I said that’s a good point maybe that advice that they give is not always so right if they keep putting more need for more and more rooms in a hospital because doesn’t matter that we have more people if the advice was right we would have more advisors but not hospital rooms so there is some disconnect in the medical advice we get again they save our lives when we broken in an accident but the quality of life looked at your diagram of where you were explaining different points on your face I got these I call them Chipmunks and I have been to more doctors tell me oh you’re getting old no and I say oh so you don’t know what you what you’re doing excuse exactly yes so I’d love to hear what you can do for your small intestine and large intestine the great house about largest small intestine is always to eat small amounts of food and not overwhelm it at each meal and I’m not saying eat often the opposite there should be four to five hours in between the meals so that the intestine can process it about three hours and have at least an hour to to rest so these whole ideas of eating all the time makes you tired so this part of the face is telling you give it a rest give it a rest so again create four to five hours in between do a few sit-ups make sure that you’re empty completely and then stop smiling because they say that the more you smile they have here your tummy is and it’s true people that have pain in the stomach the face troops from pain people that’s a grande me everything else goes I don’t want to deal with it and it goes away so it truly elude effects you’re inside and you’re inside affect your mood that’s why I explain every two hours figure out if it’s your organ that it’s weak or is your emotion that it’s weak during that time and go and address the opposite for support so

for example you’re grieving you’re waking up 4:00 in the morning and you have a sense of grief that’s lungs that’s hard to breathe breath is life this is the first thing we do and we die when we can do it no more so you know everything is has a beginning of an end everything is booked case everything is explained nature is very very smart and if we just look back and see why things happen and why and how they repeat and how the cycles happen again in the game we become very intelligent how to take care of ourselves and we then require less advice and when you require less advise you most certain in your way how to go I mean imagine you don’t have to spend days in a hospital asking again am I gonna die yeah because you know you just combined wrong foods and you knew you did it you took the risk of doing it and you say okay now I have to wait till it passes tomorrow will be another day and you go on with your business right I’ll help it a bit but you want that knowing about yourself you get to know yourself because when you have the confidence of knowing yourself you have the confidence in the world and that’s what we want to come back come back to because there’s nothing more beautiful then knowing who you are what you are and that is what is attractive at any age you had ten you had twenty now people live to 106 I just was shown a photo of a man 107 he looked like 55 told me dressed rolled up jeans on top I am saying no you’re kidding me right no he just celebrated his birthday he was walking when I was his briefcase still involved in life so we can go on and we living longer because medicine is keeping us longer taking supplements keeping us living alone there was better quality and that’s where I advise people take supplements but be smart what they don’t take what you’re doing need figure out what your weaknesses are March then was what you need and that way you replenish what we don’t get into regular food and we can go on and on because aging comes from absence of minerals it’s not time it’s not the time time only gives us opportunity to do things one of the things that happen to you in your life when you were pregnant with your second child is that your husband developed cancer through this you went on a quest to find out how you can cure him naturally and you found out about macrobiotics but you explain exactly what microbiotic is sure I met with Misha Khushi who that was still alive and you lived in Boston because I believe if you want to learn something go to the master because the translation of things may not be accurate and and I was very impressed how he explained to me what it’s all about he says it’s introducing Bonnie to what you wanted the body to become and that is most simplified way of putting it what we try to achieve by changing what we putting inside of our body and why so the goal was to make the body more alkaline because cancer does not live an alkaline environment if you have two peach traditions one is sugar and acid and one is alkaline the one was alkaline the cancer won’t survive for a minute but was acid and sure got it will thrive and will take over the petri dish they be no sugar left will eat it all as an energy to live on so I realized that and I changed I was always in a good way of eating but I really want to save him and and I was then seven months pregnant was my second child and the idea of them not having a father was just horrific myself raising the children was scary too which I ended up doing anyway and now because he died but because I ended up walking away later on I guess to pursue more of other things in life and but it was scary factor was was driving me enough to do the best I could and I learned from it that how we combine foods with 2 to 2 2 to 3 creates the environment I learned that beings which most people have they should be no less than 6 preferably 12 to 13 of kind for us to be absorbed correctly as the correct protein to be easier to absorb not one being not two beats minimum six very interesting teaching because the combining of foods make them accessible

to us or not I learned that soybean is really meant for the earth and the estrogen is meant for the earth is not meant for the people we don’t even absorb it it grows easy but it’s supposed to be turned off and left in the earth every seven years from the area that we harvest we don’t do that very well which is a reason why a lot of our crops right now I’d deplete it because we don’t respect a cycle that Earth needs every 7 years to be left alone and refurbished with its estrogen so that’s why right now in South Africa and other places where they were giving soybeans they found people with smaller and looked more nutritionally deprived even so they were eating a lot of soybeans soon not everything is meant for us you know some of it is meant for the animals some of it is meant for the bird I mean for the waters to have a turn oven microbes so we have to look at it and respect how we fit and that’s what I learned in microbiotic s– everything had to have a purpose the same food when you need it it healed you that the same food in excess became toxic so eating less we can live on so little I mean I gained 14 pounds was my first child and 15 paths was my second because I promised the 15 I swear I ate extra just to get that the one more pound and I think I was an envy of everybody because the man and I walked out of the hospital I was back in my GE size 14 teenager and they could not like her you know look at me because women thought that eating for two was eating for six and it’s not necessary to make a baby you need good value nutrition you need no more than probably an extra ounce of protein a day that can come from an egg there isn’t that much more we need to create a lot of it is vibrational intentional and it’s all within us already so I learn a lot from the circus tree because there was that balance of nature and ice I mean I can’t look at a person and tell you you know the died of your mom when she was pregnant with you Western medicine doesn’t have an understand how you were created was their time of peace was the time of work in your mothers like when you were created was she balanced was a diet or was she know the balance and you can tell the glandular preferences during that time those are fascinating things to learn because you realize connectivity you realize cause and effect and that’s what we have in this book and in today’s world about us connecting to cycles because every of our actions and decisions has outcome lissa Beth I’m overwhelmed I am speechless and unfortunately our time has run out and in the closing moments of the show what would you like to leave the audience with I think that every person has to find that you know beauty within themselves because it comes from knowing understanding oneself having sense of self learning about how things work so they most self-reliant and I think creating self-reliance and all the basic factors brings back the confidence and it brings back the beauty and attractiveness and in a process of it brings backs the energy and passion for life and as long as we have those we’ve Lauren thank you so much and thank you for joining us are you aging gracefully and beautifully please let us know here at the Women’s connection we want to hear from you bye now