FFXIV 6.0 Job Predictions with @Meoni

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FFXIV 6.0 Job Predictions with @Meoni

[Brian]: What’s going on WorkForce Brian here and it’s time once more to talk about 6.0 job predictions. As we look forward to the future of final fantasy 14 what jobs do we expect, what roles do we expect, and what is the limiting job factor here the limited job being introduced with the last expansion and now here we go forward to seeing what happens with blue mage and potential other limited jobs. But I can’t do this alone I have to bring in an expert I have to bring in somebody who I respect and who I just cannot wait to talk to about this so Meoni thank you so much for joining [Meoni]: Hi… I’m not sure about an expert when it comes to classes but you know [Brian]: I should I say genius… certified predictor of truth is that, is that adequate enough? [Meoni]: I need a mustache and like a monocle if you’re gonna go this far [Brian]: Oh, oh you should absolutely do that yes I know a whole brand change for you monocle you know and that’s perfect yeah there we go monocle, mustache, Meoni there we go it’s the 3ms all right so let’s dive in we’re gonna we’ve got three kind of you know main subjects here what kind of number of jobs do we think overall like what do we expect what is still like out there kind of roles that we’re gonna be targeting obviously I think the last part of this is going to be kind of the concept or the conversation around limited jobs they already tease Puppet-master, Beastmaster when they announced it do we think that’s still coming do we think some of the the jobs I mean because they mean there’s still plenty out there that could be brought in like maybe they fit it in so that’s gonna be the flow of this show and so Meoni I’m gonna I’m gonna say ask the hard question how many jobs are we gonna get in 6.0 what do you think? [Meoni]: Well… Brian, it has to be I think either two to three I don’t think there can be any more than three that’s obvious right because it’ll be too much work but I don’t think it’s gonna be three this time I really don’t I think they’re happy with with a smaller sort of work flow especially considering how much they have I mean it pushes the development plans back a little bit with the current situation as they’ve already said right but it does mean that you know how much of that stuff has already been done and how much is yet to be done have they already planned these out are they literally looking at chalkboard and just writing down names of classes like we would be in this sort of situation mm-hmm but I think it’s unrealistic to expect more than two [Brian]: Two feels right my concern is they go to one Meoni: Really? [Brian]: yeah and that’s and the reason I have that not that it’s a bad thing getting a job is still going to be exciting the only problem is is I feel like obviously as the community we all rush to play it you know and that job is not and so whatever that jobs role is it’s like if you want to play any other role you’re gonna get a fast cue my concern with one is is that when they introduced the limited system that gives them the ability to basically it’s kind of like what you would call like one-and-a-half we’re okay we’re gonna really make one job we’re gonna focus in on it what’s gonna be great you’re gonna enjoy it we’ve really thought it through it’s balanced right etc like they’ve done a really good job with the balance I think samurai Red Mage when those were introduced when they went to – felt better three obviously their people were like and this is not so good you know long story short of it is that one gives them with the limited system to say you have one and then you know we’re gonna continue to introduce limited jobs in every way and I know that that’s not a popular opinion because I think what’s great about two (jobs) – I think it’s easier for them to do the amount of work obviously lessened and then they can target a a couple of different missing roles last time we got a tank and we got a, a ranged DPS which in in that line we only had two [Meoni]: Yeah [Brian]: Now we have three there that feels a little bit more structured we got 3 healers we do have 4 tanks we got 4 melee DPS’s, and on a caster side like if you factor in Blue Mage you do have a you know another caster but that’s still on that limit and that’s where everything gets complex [Meoni]: do we actually factor in Blue Mage at this point? That’s the big question [Brian]: well you know, yeah the that’s where I’m really curious with patch 5.3… Is that, do they increase the level cap of blue mage because they said they were gonna do with every patch when it originally announced and it’s still you know at 60 I like what they’ve done with it in terms of revitalizing some of the old content and some of the like zones I personally want to see blue mage in Eureka I mean just hands-down [Meoni]: Wow, that would be interesting actually [Brian]: That’s where I want to see like what can people do with it? Baldesion Arsenal is there a challenge there? [Meoni]: How would that work though, with the logos actions and things? [Brian]: I don’t know that’s the thing like you know how like these jobs like especially when the job is introduced in that limited way it slowly trickles out anyhow so you I think pretty much two feels like natural [Meoni]: Yeah [Brian]: With that in mind what

roles would they target because we you know if we look at what’s missing we do have four melee DPS and four tanks that would leave either [Meoni]: It’s a healer, it has to be a healer [Brian]: You think that’s gonna be guaranteed? [Meoni]: Oh yeah guaranteed. I will put on me I don’t have any money on the desk. I would put money on it being a healer. One of them will be a healer [Brian]: What kind of healer? What would you want to have added to the healing esque, you know kind of currently trifecta? [Meoni]: Probably based on like a lore perspective as well as what I want I want something shamanistic mm-hmm I would I would love something that uses like like that the shamans currently in the game are in the Azim step right with the Xaela tribe and the whole law behind that is that they are summoning rocks basically and to fight for them sort of a defending thing so you have some similarities with like scholars and summoner obviously mm-hmm you do have like healing touch mentioned in some of the law right so they have the ability to like touch people and heal them they have the ability to look into the future and you know protect people against incoming attacks [Brian]: Damage, right. Yeah and yeah that then of itself is always like like I like that kind of idea like when they took away some of the time stuff from Astrologian is like oh [Meoni]: Everybody’s always been asking for like a time mage and then they’ve always said oh you can’t have a time mage because we have an astro and they’re reversing damage basically it’s like no you can though you kinda can [Brian]: So shaman is definitely option do you think like chemists would be something like because I know a lot I see a lot of people want to see a chemist brought into the game as a healer? [Meoni]: In terms of how chemists would work though is that based on tools to actually help people is that more of a focus as as if you were to do triage on a person or is that from I mean what magical spell effects can you put into a game for a chemist other than just pouring potions on people…? [Brian]: Drink this buddy… you’ll be fine my idea like what I look at chemists because I think it could be as a healer you could they could make it they could fit it into like the healing thing where your magic is like this unlimited potions and you know what have you and the effects that that grants and more. I think if there was going to be a chemist introduced that plays into the limited system where you are actively using potions meaning like when you look at limited it’s like the rules you know they can do whatever they want like if they wanted to introduce a limited ranged class it’s like this one actually uses ammo if you want to be that way you can play that way like it’s like they can totally like break the mold and so for me I know a lot of people who’ve said chemists I would like it that yes they could absolutely make it fit as a healer but I think you’re more right on to kind of a shaman as it’s already into the lore or geomancer. Geomancer a lot of people said that was coming last time I said I don’t think it’s coming I don’t think geomancer is coming at least yet because it was it’s in the lore like when you talk shaman with the Azim step with the Astrologian lore you have Astrologians and you have geomancer’s we have the geomancer dungeon obviously that I of always kind of felt that was closer tied to some of the lore around the just conjurer as the base why mage but that kind of seems to have gotten you know blurry over time [Meoni]: Well… geomancers use a bell right that’s already in the game the models for the bells is used on various different enemies if you go through swallows compass as you mentioned which is the dungeon you see a great big statues of Ganon who’s like this prophet who basically was the founder of DOMA and basically he brought with him this whole or geomancy thing and he told his followers through you know basically carving it into stone and then people learnt from that and his in that dungeon is like the three rooms at the start before you can drop the barrier one of them is water one of them is is wind and one of them is earth yeah and it’s teaching you as you go through there if you keep your eyes open how those things are balanced to actually create barriers and remove barriers that’s why each room has a different barrier of a different kind so you have like the wind barrier, you have the stone barrier, and you have the water barrier. So you could really really really go wild with the sort of spells and ideas if you think of what we already have in the game in terms of a shield healer mm-hmm we don’t have a full shield healer I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of maybe having like a discipline priest from Wow and this kind of seems similar [Brian]: So for those who don’t know because I’m not a big wow guy yeah and that would be Chris in this case what is a discipline priest like well how does that function? [Meoni]: So the majority of the healing is actually preventative so it’s pretty much all barriers shields and you is lots of

spells where you do damage to a target and it heals based on the damage you do to the target so it’s a lot of reflective magic [Brian]: I could see that specifically when you talk about babe I’ve called that blood healing we add that back in 1.0 with Thaumaturge you know and so it’s that the idea of doing damage that actually heals that’s how I originally got on to the idea that dancer might be a type of healer in which that when you look at 11 dancers had various like Sambas that they could put on so when everybody hit the enemies they all were getting healed so you could kind of apply that so that it’s like as damage and actions are going out so is healing on that kind of correlates to that so kind of a blood I think that’s kind of what I see as like if you look at a gap when we talk about kind of the roles when we’re focusing on the healer whether it’s a geomancer a shaman whatever is that with the current ones we have the regen and we have the shield, however, we really don’t have that blood that you know damage to heal kind of concept that could I think fit in to the current you know set up because essentially if you just have a fourth healer that is no better than a White Mage no better than a you know the scholar, no better than an Astrologian you know you did you really introduced you know anything else other than different animations and spell effects which at some point you know if they could always get to and that’s kind of my like I don’t want that to happen I want when they introduce a new job it so there’s a way to play that and they’ve been excellent at delivering that I think nobody is I don’t know anybody who’s advocating for just give us new jobs that are just carbon copies, like this is a paladin but it’s called something else you know nobody wants that and that’s where I think a blood healer could be really important as really then go ahead [Meoni]: Potentially you could have a blood healer but the problem there is you’d have to write a lot of extra lore for that because then every story we’ve had for a healer so far has always been about the manipulation of ether external from the body itself because if you use your own ether entirely in the, you know, the early conjurer questline. That character pretty much ended up killing herself Nellie right simply by using her own ether so you have to I mean sacrifices how would it work vampirism so you like you’d literally drain blood from the Boss you’re fighting to heal your allies like chained heels of red oh yeah pretty cool [Brian]: And essentially also kind of the concept of like dots instead things like that keeping those dots and I think the blood healer also would be focusing on dots and hot so it’s like hey not a lot of healing going out I mean not a lot of spike but it just like a constant flow obviously that’s like how do you balance that how does that work that’s you know I think that falls onto the devs to kind of figure out if they decide to go in that direction but yeah I’m with you I think if they don’t introduce a healer I think the fact that they were I they were I felt like they were legitimately caught off guard that people were thinking tank healer and really excited about that potential being introduced with the shadow bringers and obviously since we got a tank we have four tanks when we look at the healers we only got three when we looked at when we look at ranged DPS and we look at casters those are what I would say fall into the three categories and thus being filled. So outside of a healer we get a second job are we getting another caster or are we gonna get another range DPS? [Meoni]: mm that’s the question [Brian]: That’s the question… hmm [Meoni]: If I say caster people are gonna say we’ve got too many casters Meoni what are you saying but it’s like well [Brian]: Who cares what people say like what do you feel like they’re going to look at and prioritize? [Meoni]: I think they won’t add a melee its been too soon Blue mage isn’t enough of a caster relative to actual content sorry to say your actual content that matters for the majority of people so you don’t count that really apart from a healer it might be like a arranged spell caster I don’t think that well they won’t go with arranged physical because we’ve just got dancer mm-hmm so [Brian]: Then what then what caster would you put in? [Meoni]: I don’t know, maybe something that’s like a take on something else in the game Red Mage uses a lot of this but beyond the Omioji since we’re going towards Garlemald we’re going through a place well in theory at some point called Nanxja and the nation magic is all focused around the Omni og tribe who use they balance light and their balance darkness so it does sound a lot red mage-iy but they’re using this to create a balance between an umbrella and a straw basically to infuse a pet is basically a pet class because you summon shikigami and you bind them with wood

and you bind them with clay and that’s how you get those monsters that are currently around Yanxia at the moment [Brian]: I’d love to see another pet class absolutely yeah or if nothing else like the pet could be something like a spirit or something like that that’s following you and kind of doing damage from from afar or something of that nature obviously I think with pets I’d like to see like so like to jump in from my perspective I definitely would say if we’re gonna get to healer and Kaster i want to kind of like sit here and say like what specific dealer like either is it shaman or geomancer here in a minute though I want to I’m going to talk about kind of the casters that my hope is is that when you kind of look at who is the token or the poster you know job for the expansion I hope it’s like black mage or a caster (summoner) because we’ve always seen kind of the melee I think it’d be kind of fun to see a caster be that highlight namely so that when we look at summoner I’d like to see summoner or kind of get out kind of a rework that we saw like with machinist this last expansion that’s just me I’ve main summoner every expansion since 2.0 and I haven’t wish Shadowbringers I just was like I don’t like it I used to I just don’t and I you know I’m not knocking it I you know I know it can do damage and other people who really love it I want to see something different with him but that’s what I’m hoping come in there from or like a job rework but I think that from a caster perspective if you’re like brass tax if I hadn’t if it was me designing it I’d say time mage as a caster as a damage-dealing Yeah, we got gravity, space magic, stuff lately exactly and then it has that somewhat support to it so we’re the black mage is damage damage damage no utility that the time age is damaged but it does have a kind of a little utility blend thus anybody is saying like they want black mage us to have utility it’s like well you now have the option you can have like you know it’s like in that way though where it’s like with space and time magic but then also having hey here we go some haste, some slow, some other things that they can kind of manage some poison I think anything that wraps oh man ooh a res that’s that’s a real tough one yeah I would I wish that we could use just phoenix downs just with a long cooldown that way every like all right you know but I won’t get that wish anytime soon the man I don’t know I don’t know if if a time age it would make sense I think from a lore perspective that they didn’t die they didn’t get knocked down time magic [Meoni]: Well they could do the whole thing they did in Alexander way you know you were there but you’re not going to die because you moved to this place so it just like rewinds you a few steps I don’t know how they do that I think Lynnae would look cool it would look really cool [Brian]: We’ve seen time magic already in the game and they kind of stripped it a little bit out of Astrologian. I think that opens up the door but I wouldn’t make time mage like time age a healer like I would make them a DPS that’s what I would really like I love the time mage I’ve always enjoyed them especially in tactics that’s where it’s like even 11 I was always like oh man will they ever add a time if they ever did that I’d lose my mind be crazy so that’s what I would like to see for if like brass tax I think at the same time bringing it back to the healer damage I think you could see them bring in geomancer but as a as a DPS you know as well I think so yeah I know a lot of people lean to the healing aspect of it and it very well could do I’m saying that if they were sitting here let’s say they decide to go with shaman for healer you know let’s just say hey we’re gonna we’ve got this we’re gonna go this way and you know the hey but people are also hoping for geomancer they could easily kind of shift that into another kind of role I think in my mind I you know it’s like I’ve seen you know geomancer’s do both obviously in 11 I could lean more into the healer role but you know it’s like yeah you know they could kind of they could kind of make it work I mean I wouldn’t want them to force it in you know kind of like we’re then you have the blue mage frustration we’re you know people were like oh man it’s it’s like you know 50% blue mage and we won’t you know it’s like it’s it’s true but it doesn’t work with the model in which the game has have you have just on a side note have you followed blue protocol at all? [Meoni]: No [Brian]: Okay so they are doing an interesting system in which that you’re like level your gear and your weapons and stuff level up themselves your skill trees and stuff like that all contribute to a score and that score then determines how you can do matchmaking [Meoni]: So it’s like iLevel? [Brian]: In a way, but not just iLevel do you have certain skills equipped do you have your levels weapon up leveled up accordingly and all that all that comes into like a score right so instead of just like oh what gear do you have it’s looking at your skills and all these other factors to determine matchmaking for you and I think that’s something that if they wanted to at some point and I even thought of it at the beginning it’s like if you factor in the skills of the blue

matron has equipped unlocked etc like maybe that could end up contributing to this you know to the the gap in what they can do you know so that way you don’t end up getting into content and find out like oh you don’t have any abilities like well now we can’t clear this dungeon because we were relying on you [Meoni]: That sounds like a quality of life feature that could be put into party finder honestly like just a tick box this person must have res on blue mage simple and then we can do Alexandra and get the Malboro (mount) exactly so easy on that [Brian]: Like all on that you know concept is that you know people are experimenting with player agency which that’s what blue mage brings a lot into and matchmaking which is one of the main reasons why we don’t have a blue mage the way that people want a blue mage to be on them yep so like brass tax if you had to pick between today just you know for historical purposes right or wrong it really doesn’t matter no money on the table is it shaman or as a geomancer as the healer come 6.0? [Meoni]: I think I’d have to say geomancer out of the two I’d rather have the shaman but is there’s no weapons there’s no models there’s no is not enough in the game there’s plenty in the lore but is not enough in the game yeah where’s geomancer has everything laid out and just to come back to a point you said earlier about the idea of them being a DPS add credence do that just slightly before we move back on and the only cutscene we have seen in the game and I won’t mention anything about it here’s a geomancer in a cutscene dispelling evil let’s say yeah and that’s the only cutscene we’ve seen with a single geomancer in a game so that doesn’t look like healing [Brian]: So we’ll see… Anyway so if brass tax you would go without of out of the two the Geomancer will be our healer. All right so now the same question like who is your caster DPS? [Meoni thinking…] you see I like your idea of time mage now because I’ll tell you why [Brian]: Muhaha, it’s my whole plan is that everybody on my side [Meoni]: You’re good at manipulating, Brian [Brian]: They call that management. (Brian Laughs) [Meoni]: The point in my head that stuck out most about your whole spiel there is the idea that this needs to be a poster child for an expansion and I completely forgot this we had Dark Knight and it worked beautifully how cool would it be for a time mage version of a character from the Saiyans we know to suddenly appear right and go I have come from the future I bet great I’ll tidings yeah and then they’ve got the whole Oh God we need to change things before and things happen in our world now Garlean… Blah-blah-bla yeah so outside of time age though like it like it was ER before I said that before I corrupted you and it was there a another job that you were looking forward to and if it has to be I still like the idea of a pet but I like the idea of necromancy oh yeah I’ve always loved the idea of bringing things you know think of the possibilities for some of those models like for different sorts of um you know pet you could use but if they’re gonna go down the whole idea of homogenizing pets to the point where they do the same thing it wouldn’t fit with that unless it was just a visual thing in which case I would like it so that we could tame perhaps mmm-hmm so like a magical tamer kinda I don’t know how it would work I don’t know yeah the M okay so yeah I think I think III feel like base off you know but we you know everything and how the game has trended in what we’ve seen healer and caster seemed to be like I think what would we feel if you guys disagree who are listening to this watching this sound off in the comments below like if you feel like it’s gonna be more another range DPS or heck if that they want to just like throw a curve ball to everybody me like and here’s a new melee dps if we’re gonna if you’re gonna have to pick either a new ranged DPS or a melee DPS what would you want to see out of those like what kind of weapon you think that would be and you know like you could kind of tie it to a job specifically but like they could really make it work with anything what do you think in terms of malli I have absolutely no idea because they’ve covered a lot of the stuff that I would have wanted anyway in terms of ranged I don’t know everybody has always wanted a proper Ranger you know a proper Archer mm-hmm you know again another pet class with the Ranger I was always kind of when they did the like summer Scholar before that like that kind of went away I was always thinking that like oh man maybe you could go from Archer to bard or Rangers or like Archer would have to like the arcanist idea yeah yeah and then they kind of that kind of fell by the wayside as a lot of people have always wanted and you know someone who focused primarily on the bow rather than

their support stuff mmm yeah they’ve kind of shifted bard into that position over the years to be less of damaged focused sort of character until you know it’s always seems to be balanced around their buffs and people have said oh well we’re not happy with shadow bringers we would like a lot of the buffs coming back we want as to basically be on par with dancer we want you know stuff to be back there for that class but at the same time you’ve got the people who are like no I want full damage I want I don’t want to be a support at all when I look at a bow I want to have lots of abilities where you line up lots of errors and fire it someone or rains a fire for example yeah the arrows that is going I miss that I miss them I do actually yeah I miss I really missed there you know I mean Ranger could be a really good fit I think I mean you could almost like from a weapons perspective I think a whip could end up working for kind of arranged DPS and that’s kind of where it’s like would that fit into beasts master like would they do it as a weapon and a pet but man you’re talking about Ranger makes me makes me long for that yeah I couldn’t I don’t know what I wouldn’t expect to see other than like more different types of swords or knives you know brought into kind of the melee DPS when I think of kind of the overall jobs like it’s like I can see variations of jobs and we’ve seen that and in the history of the game itself but no I think I think overall like if it the site looked like the thing if they did decide to do three that would be really interesting where all of a sudden every roll has four four four options filled in that would be cool that would be that’d be really cool some I would think yeah like either Ranger or some type of I think whip I think a whip would be a cool weapon there any other good sorry no any other thing I can think of in terms of melee is that when Dark Knight was announced a lot of people saw the two-handed sword and went oh we’re finally getting someone who’s like a berserker type character true and we didn’t get that biggest warrior thank Raya taking the stances great axes way tandem great axe is something that kind of is or no no it’s not great X we have that one-handed acts like you could see like a dual axe wielding like you know that all this also big hammers right oh yeah one guy is hammer so mm-hmm no yeah that’s like that you know from a weapons perspective that’s where I think there is that gap side there we have a glamour for a scythe but yeah it’s like yeah there’s definitely some interesting options that we could see then missing a bazooka for sure yeah oh yeah I always thought that again back to the idea where a class could become multiple jobs I always thought like a berserker could be you know the gladiator going paladin or going like dropping your shield and it’s like now you have you know like a great sword or now you where do two swords or two axes or like you just change it up but uh you know maybe maybe for a future Square Enix MMO who knows where we see that yeah i’m i’m hopeful always hopeful for for time age but i think i would like to see summoner kind of kind of remastered as it goes into 6.0 and then kind of that focus that highlight of the casters because i think that I love casters and that’s just my bias and that’s my personal bias all right for the final part of that of this discussion I want to talk about limited you know because we kind of you know hit on it throughout the show because blue mages that and they teased puppet master and Beast Master as a part of the system meaning in my mind if you know it doesn’t get delayed and you know they are able to continue to do their work in their development I threw out like all the what’s going on right now in the world we could see a limited job prior to the expansion like we saw with blue mage last time so essentially this question is kind of two parts what limited job do we get before 6.0 and then what limited job would they introduced in 6.0 in that series that we would expect so it’s kind of a two-parter Mione what do you think do you think puppet master beast master or something else entirely I think if I had a choice I wouldn’t have another one personally but that’s mostly because I don’t think they’ve done enough of what they have but then I’ve always said this as well the idea may be that if they do add another one it will help make it so that there’s some sort of content that both of them can interact with you said matchmaking is the key to make those limited jobs work I completely agree as long as it’s something worthwhile and doesn’t take away from the main point of the game in terms of what it could be I mean puppet master is is just such an obvious choice and they’ve said that it would be the only way for them to really represent some of these jobs mm-hmm in a better way would be to give them access to some truly powerful abilities now I don’t think blue mage really has that much of powerful abilities we have some stuff

that is there’s so many limitations there are only certain bosses that you can use certain things on it doesn’t seem you mean it seems too limited to me so so would you pick puppet master for the point for the point 5 job that we get soon I think so yeah yeah laughing that’s good money if we have one I would love it I mean obviously we already have kind of in the model for the puppets so or at least unless they decided to do something different hi Looney and that’s where like puppet master beasts master seemed to kind of fit that that role I know when you’re talking about tamer it’s like man they could they could do Beast Master they could do Beast Master as an unlimited job you know in my mind where it’s like really good yeah you know I would love that you don’t really have a collection game and maybe you know it kind of be interesting I think this is obviously me spending square-enix money and putting an insane amount of work on them so I don’t expect what I’m about to say to happen but it would be I think within the community that they could probably get behind this is that within the system you have a job and then you have a limited version of that job in which that you have all that agency so like with these master here you go here’s Beastmaster here it’s balanced for the content playing go nuts okay now you flip that limited and now you go and collect the beast and now you could do all these things but then there’s you know that’s just too much work that’s yeah you know like especially you know they’re in the games design it’s just like I don’t yeah I don’t see that happening but that’s the dream and it’s like oh man you know imagine if like you could have kind of the best of both worlds and you know but at the end of the day got it you know I don’t see that ultimately happening I’m gonna say I guess there’s a difference just to kind of separate it like if you think puppet master I think we’re gonna get beast master first okay you know you’d like you have tons of any you know the enemies in the game you know I asked for as a weapon like you know that they don’t put a lot of priority currently on the weapon like that you know and maybe that wouldn’t change the weapon is more just cosmetic so I could see them doing whips I could see them you know just having whatever you know whistle you know it’s like here you go go know it’s like it’s it doesn’t matter the weapon it’s just here I would say like yeah I think we would get Beastmaster and then in 6.0 I think puppet master would be you know obviously the other being that they name those specifically as things to kind of get people excited about the limited system that’s wearing come up with that I like I said earlier I see I could see chemists coming into the lemon system and here’s a currency I could see them doing Ranger or something like that you know in that system in which that you then have to supply your arrows and it’s just a way of saying like okay like if you know for those who want this who want that go nuts I do as a somebody who made my fortune in the game in 1.0 selling arrows and when I win that market when I weigh I was like I get it I get it but like Megan for more of that yeah that’s all I made all my money when I went to window started I was like I’m a king and we could probably get your errors now but I’d have to put it in diet and something something like that yeah and then I always thought like you’d be neat to see from an archers perspective if they like you have your bows but then kind of like you know oh here’s another type of thing you can equip that you would have for certain arrows that didn’t have a oh yeah I guess cross suppose could be weapon but have different arrows that had properties but they didn’t have like they’d never trained so you never run out of it but you could say I want to have a magic arrow or a fire arrow and then maybe that’d be part of the rotation maybe we see that with a ranger like you could see whether it’s not something you equip but it’s something like kind of a stance like you want to go with like here’s anyway so many different options just give them a limit break where they pull out this massive like trebuchet or a novelist on it like wheels hold on guys I’m just bringing this up I’m gonna do my limit break don’t mind really yeah like 36 second cast time or something so me only is there anything that regarding jobs and 6.0 predictions that we did that we that we haven’t covered that you want to make sure that you detail no I I really wanted to just talk about healers and I’m guaranteeing it’s gonna be healer I still think Chairman’s got a good chance but they’d have to make everything scratch geomancer is the likely horse isn’t it to bet on but yeah I could see that and in the same thing it’s like it could be there could be a cast or two so they can end up doing kind of kind of a twofer if they if we get will only one job hmm if we get only one you think it’s 100% healer yeah guarantee it do you think he’s gonna be okay with only one uh the community is never okay with any decision that’s the first draw the majority of people will see sense though and they’ll know oh wait they’ve actually listened to us because I think the crew of the cries and shouts and people asking for healer were not heard last time and lives a lot of like heart dances a damage class there’s a lot of

that if you watch any of the live broadcast back mm-hmm when while the original one where they announced it it was a lot of noises from the crowd that tells you all you need to know and there’s somebody some bit somewhere with a clipboard but was there an right Gila next yeah the the other the other thing I would say it said well I always kind of phrase it like this it’s like don’t think you only get one job or you only get two jobs you’re getting 1819 jobs because they go in and add on to everything and they go and review how everything kind of interacts with each other so every time that gets to be more and more and more work and when’s the limit though at what point do they stop making jobs because then they’ve already said the only reason they did her off guard at the same time as the area so they could actually get them done of why’s they wouldn’t get to do a hrothgar at all that was in one of the write-ups that I read last year is something that all gets into when does the game kind of go into maintenance and when’s the next thing coming out and I would say honestly if I was going with their put a kind of like a you know they were always gonna support it just like they do eleven as long as people are playing in I would say 2025 like we’ve got plenty of time there’s a good three four years yeah Oh a couple more expansions and then then I you would see probably like even still more expansions but they’re just gonna be kind of focusing on it because at some point also from a player’s perspective like we don’t like I don’t think anybody’s sitting here like I want to paladin but I want it called Dalit and you know it’s like okay like it’s the same you know like nobody wants that like I don’t think anybody I mean like this is great I can level up the same class all the way like you can just create a new character and do that you know it’s like that exists you know so I think that yeah there’s there’s plenty of life plenty of you know jobs that they can introduce and that’s kind of where the limited system also if I was going to be positive on it adds that value that they can do all kinds of crazy things introduce things in crazy ways that don’t fit the mold without like necessarily breaking what what gamers hold you know to be important which is the raids and and the progression as a part of that content that curated content and you know it’s kept sacred I would like to see and those systems though brought up faster into the end of the thing like if you’re like I said it at the beginning if blue mage trailed one to two patches so like you kept it where it’s like okay you can’t do eaten until you know like until at least two patches behind and then you can go in and break it and have nuts because there’s already something higher than it if they were worried about like imbalancing and things like that that’s essentially where it’s like I would I would be more apt I think more excited about that content because it’s still relatively current at the current pace like it’s just serving as a if you want to go back and do the older stuff we have a we have of this you know carriage for you and you can pick one of these you know avatars to go and experience it in a different way so at the end of the day I’m hoping for – I think it was just one we’re gonna healer I really would love to see into the caster and I would love love love that caster to be a time age in name eruption is seeping out of you will it’s gonna be behind you join me all right join our cult of timing it caught the culprit images we have future PI future pi me only where can people find you man what you got coming up so on YouTube just type in me only you’ll find me um pretty much lots of videos talking about things to come in the future most likely like most other content creators in a minute because there’s not a whole lot to go off we do have a lot of stuff to do with the Google event coming up on the 18th of May the hunt for law yes indeed the grind fest will begin once again so I’m gonna put some stuff out for that probably min max a little Betsy what fastest possible run that physically be can be done of or and bail will be now that sounds like fun are you going in with a premade oh yeah oh good I was like oh man like or a male is still the artist dungeon in the game well you get three blue mages and a warrior and last time he was pretty good yeah only took was about what just under five minutes so that’s that’s actually that’s less that’s well unsynched it’s fun whenever i get it in oh you do it synced whenever I get that dungeon it never fails like it’s you know in roulette like it’s like we’re gonna wipe a couple times and it’s like I’m doing my best like you know hey does anybody have questions I don’t pay myself say all right that’s true we have we basically just have a warrior running that pull everything from like the first pack oh and then you’re like holy wind and then pieces oh yeah oh yeah we made just yeah that’s where it’s fun alright

guys be sure if you don’t not follow me on a you check him out a fantastic content rater just fantastic guy in general really always enjoy his content especially your tee times I think have been just on point yeah yeah dude oh dude it’s it’s some of them oh you’re my favorite content that you make um I only posted a tee time I’m gonna sit back and I’m gonna drink coffee because I’m an American when I’m on yank I’m actually not a Yankee I’m a Texan but uh you know I don’t know what you guys call us I don’t know I drink coffee as well it’s like a 50/50 it’s like coffee in the morning tea in the afternoon somebody mix coffee and tea and then I just looked at them I was like you’re a monster but that’s a thing like anyway so well join us next time where me Oni and I talk about coffee and teas of the world in our new collab channel the new collab channel you drink the tea I drink the coffee there it is and we rate it all right perfect thanks guys for checking in and hopefully you’ve enjoyed this video as always sound off in the comments below what your job predictions are what you’re hopeful for what you feel is most likely always exciting and engaging and a kind of kitchen with the community see what they’re feeling hoping for in 6.0 anyway hopefully you guys are all staying safe love you very much for work to gain my name’s Brian and my name is me Annie thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next time I what’s going on workforce Brian here and today it’s time it’s time to talk about the two not the 2.0 guys I have I’ve it on big authority Summoner is coming we’ll go back in time and put puppetmaster and in 2.0 see what happens what if like we literally just as a troll filmed an entire thing and said like hey me yoni and I we this is we found we filmed this we never published this back you know six years ago and we thought it would be funny or we thought like you guys got to see this like our like we predicted the whole thing yeah you could put some like grain effects in there and we could like make the microphone sound really muffled you know see if I can get some like FaceTime to make me look like you know like have six or something you know it’s like I found this when we were like we were doing a FaceTime you just need to shave in an instant like when he is younger oh my god yeah I would look like they would be so white it would be so like awful if nothing else I don’t know this is gonna be out like I’m gonna put this on video but it’s just like that would be so funny be like oh my god okay and then after two years nobody’s gonna say it they’re gonna come out with the new expansion I’m thinking I’m thinking heavens bound I see something like that and then we’re gonna see we’re gonna see a focus on dragoons and and and that we’re finally going douche car okay and yeah it’s just like but it was so funny sword sword I like that better immunity heaven sword that’s permanent and then I think so maybe we maybe we do something after five three and literally just kind of basically tell the whole story of but in a way of like we found this and this is just us hanging out six years ago yeah we get like I’m sure it is like a timeline of when everything released anyway that we can just look at oh yeah and just talking I think that might be kind of fun and see like how about people anyway well that was a fun blooper let’s yeah we check this again you might toss that at the end of the end of this video for anybody who cares force was up represent it’s kind of real some YouTube secrets did you know did you know i i’m very curious if you’ve caught onto the trent chris is a squirrel you can’t see it he hides his tail very well but regardless if you want to find it you should check out the playlist should check out some videos and i think i think you’ll start to notice something