The Alan Cox Show (10/8/20)

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The Alan Cox Show (10/8/20)

what Federal Communications Commission has to determine the following content to be emotionally harmful funny things that you think’s funny aren’t funny funny it’s gonna be a great show let’s go ass a ticket and you’re gonna take it with a tasty group okay one two three okay Kitt come on goddamn it put your one time here we go Alan Cox Show on 100.7 WMS WMS how are you hi there hi there onions had a real hankering for a couple of Chicago dogs so I went up the street to Charlie’s and I got onion and brush my teeth before the show I’ll have to do that to drive me crazy otherwise actually just lean into it just let the onions and you become one they already are I need to get him out I need him and I need to separate us no need a separate us like an infant from the parents at the border let them burrow into your gums no that’s your gingivitis grubs imagine the people don’t take care of their mouths hey anyway hi hi my name is Alan thanks for showing up if you did say how to build Squire who is right over there could be hugs everyone thinks we listening to and watching this episode of The Alan Cox oh don’t forget to like subscribe and share: with the boys are you going to say that bill Square sheet hey there’s Mary santora right there guys know baby she had a rough night on Instagram from what I saw well I ate so much food that I didn’t need to eat we can we talk about it now if you want I just had a had a peanut butter and jelly and two packets out meal for dinner because my mouth hurt and I don’t want to do anything so I was eating soft foods and then I immediately passed out at first like a carb coma and woke up at like whenever you tweeted me 931 over the debate started I woke up on my couch and then I egg salad sandwiches and then I went back to sleep that’s the part that I saw and I am so uncomfortable and so bloated and so full none of my pants but here’s Mary on Instagram Okay so I am not pushing out my stomach right now I had to egg salad sandwiches at like 1:00 a.m. and then went straight to sleep and then woke up and have breakfast it’s so hard this is gonna be oh my God this is gonna be the worst poop ever later you tell she’s got a boyfriend put stuff like that up before these are not the kind of thirst traps that single girls are putting out there dude I’m like about to unbutton my pants so uncomfortable I understand why did you go all the way with jeans today I wanted to still look like a member of society listen your body your choice right I’ll just unbutton my pants that’s all so when you go to Exhale 2032 egg salad sandwiches kick your ass is what you’re saying well haven’t pooped and then I had breakfast this morning so I’ve got like three meals sitting in here a lot of sulfur hmm that’s what the negs right sulfites I don’t know what I’m that’s what it’s a byproduct I think yeah I think that’s probably in there hey say hello to Pound Cake he’s back behind the glass afternoon white people I don’t know what his methane levels are right now what do you I pooped this morning hey congratulations yeah I don’t know oh good for you you I was excited to get congrats what sin did they get congrat just have to poop otherwise how could it be stuck in me all day but

you’re like me right you’re like clockwork you’re more like me I know what to guy can set my wife yeah I set my watch by when I go morning and then when I get home from work everybody knows clear the bathroom later because pound cakes coming home my time to poop they I like they have their at home all day they’re working remotely like this is my time to poop I pay rent here poop time huh so when you’re there at work at home working like their quiet time right and then you come on I’m so glad he’s pooping they hear books and bed frames falling all over the place they hear my car and they’re like oh God okay put away all the snacks hide all the liquor turned some boy on TV so he won’t sit down here with us like hide all the liquor liquor liquor all right what constitutes liquor a night like Uncle Jemima smash liquor like that one well Tito has rum vodka all the all the snow that was liquor anything other than white claw hi all right well I understand anyway welcome if you’d like to join us today that certainly certainly your right as an American to 165 781 oo7 on the phone 800 3481 oo7 you can text me I will see all of them even if I don’t respond to you 3519 to is that number there you can watch at Alan Cox there’s a brand-new pound take there for you as well it’s called urban legend part 1 part 1 part 1 100 that makes me feel a little better because when I read it I was like Oh I thought I was going to be in for like a couple of things well it’s going to be like a series series 2-1 okay it’s an anthology and this first time I’m doing like a series for like it’s the month of October so every Thursday in October you’ll get a new spooky story for my family I have plenty okay are you gonna go to retell the story of the that plastic bag that was watching you jerk you know what I had to really stop myself from doing it this time that’s what it was gonna be there was a lot of details in that story so I didn’t tell this time because I was writing my pound cake and watching the debate so a lot of my attention I’m sorry went to the debate but but how what do you mean how because the people on the stage didn’t even give their attention to the debate I wouldn’t see Kamala no I understand that see black woman come on the liners in the nothing changed I mean the face I’m sure we’ll talk about it later with some of the faces she made made well that’s why I the see it anywhere about a half an hour in in Gwen’s like I can’t take this anymore yeah we shut it off I bailed before the fly and everything and they’re know the fire was in case of fire that guy was so good I caught the second half I passed out on the couch and then I woke up at like 9:45 and watched the second 45 minutes and then fell back asleep yeah I didn’t see the I didn’t see the fly on his head I paused it went downstairs to let my dog out then when it come back open Twitter and everybody’s like there’s a fly and I’m like I leave for 10 minutes later I hate that that’s the show goes crazy I hate it well that’s an everyone’s like if you’re could if your candidate one you wouldn’t be talking about a fly like everybody’s talking about the fire they want Jeff Goldblum on Saturday Night Live to do whatever’s in the cold opens gonna be and vice presidents don’t really decide presidential race has no no one votes for vice president like it doesn’t matter I was curious to see listen for a lot of people I think they probably just just want to see two people pull that were they were boring but they were polite and I mean they have for the most part it looks like a robot he well he looks like a sexbot like one of those things that you would manufacture in a lab and then it just has nobody picks that has no one would manufacture that it’ll and I’m saying he looks like he has the mannerisms of a robot but he doesn’t it no one would go give me that give me that one looks like race Bannon he’s a Proto give me that one yeah we’re gonna work out some of the Kinks and then work in some new Kinks and then we’re going to set it to Market he’s a default create a character Terron a video game so great well the gate Twitter that the ones that are Trump supporters they’re like oh my gosh is that me Daddy I need that conversion therapy they’re like could you could you imagine him and leather like they were talking about kids daddy like zap me Daddy that’s just like nickname in the who knew they were like so many self-hating homosexuals that were into Mike Pence wow I can the guys that make people think he’s hot there is a percentage of gaze at think anyone at that’s why I feel so loved and accepted and I don’t feel to work out no matter who you are what you look like there’s going to be a percentage of the population that will talk to you so you’re happy to just be the low hanging it’s a low-hanging fruit I don’t mean it that way I mean it you know you’re happy to just exist where you’re like somebody will grab grab onto this may not be somebody you want but there will be someone that finds you attractive for sure well that’s anywhere now speak when I would complain about being single people are like just do you guys even just dates just ate a listener just go into your DMs and like I’m not doing doing that listener no he didn’t he he and I met through a mutual friend last year but didn’t he listen to show before no never

know at one time probably once I don’t know it wasn’t like I was picking off listeners though what sort of building its listeners it’s a matter where that I dated listen with a calm down a minute just I’ve we’ve talked about a it’s different for girls if they don’t like it well I know it’s different for girls I’m just saying that you know it’s not right for you but it wasn’t that right yeah well when you can yeah so there’s a listener no it’s not the same you you exactly Mary DMs and finding someone who you don’t have to try at all with you’re just like oh they’re already interested they already know everything about me this is the easiest thing ever yes what’s the matter with that that I got a life to lead I’m not trying to if I can skip ahead if I can do the slide on Chutes and Ladders I’m happy to do this like I guess you don’t have anything to talk about know I guess in a relationship where know you can talk about them yeah is that not a thing no you can but like you don’t have anything to share you don’t bring anything to the table because I already know everything about this it’ll be until everything on the show my wife had no idea who I was she thought she was coming in for a job interview and I met her and it became very clear to her that that was not the case but playful she had no clue who I was people who listen to the show no infinitely more about you than people who do not that is correct right nevertheless you uncomfortable I don’t like going into a situation like a tender one then you get to know them I’m not saying I don’t want to get to know them I’m saying if I come into a date and I just sit quietly because you already know everything I’m going say what’s the matter with sitting quietly at a date that was that what being cuffed best the best what could you cannot talk about yourself 15 minutes or not talking well then there’s a sweet and you’re just ripping you’re describing an amazing situation where you get to sit there and they tell you about them you know guys want to talk about themselves anyway no so there what’s the problem you sit there and we can’t talk about me I got nothing to say no you can’t say anything that they don’t already know not true you’ve only said on the listen people think they know all about me me you know what I I’ve told you you know what I’ve allowed you to know about me and I am kind of a super open book now it’s really things I hold back on air well that’s on you not on him which is why I don’t date listeners well we have huh exactly we don’t know everything about how many what how many Hubie I don’t know how many pubes I have I mean you probably should know so you can tell people I mean I got none underneath I don’t know how many I got up top but you know you’re like just wow pardon me you don’t have any hair down there at all so I I set up underneath the balls my undercarriage they’re like hard-boiled eggs baby I was outside your hardwood flooring in 2020 I did that one time and when it grows back you want to murder his exactly yeah I did it the request of my girlfriend and I go a I look like a Ken doll so I’m never doing that again me don’t know why you want to do in the first place and see ouch ouch ouch very uncomfortable when it started coming back back in ouch yeah a lot of people pointing out Mike Pence looks like Cotton Hill yes from King of the Hill the brain cancer no names Dad yeah all right I’ve got to take a break if gotten he’s got no shins so notion these is Peter caen sewn onto his knees go okay I’ve got to take a break if you want to send me a text 3519 to a couple of my favorites today Henry Winkler is going to check in around 3:30 or 4:00 in Greg Fitzsimmons is the weekend at hilarities so we’ll talk to him after 5 o’clock today we’re also going to have Terry the goats week five picks for the NFL games coming up and we’ll be back the Alan Cox Show I’m 100.7 WMS and everywhere you go on our free i heart radio app our device you have

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girls got that but big girls got that blue pop and boom this is the Alan Cox Show on 100.7 WMS WMS done with it so you hold this up a Rec Tobar the other night yeah this is I think my Tuesday or Monday pick some like that today’s Deftones oh yeah which one adrenaline oh nice yeah Deep dive yeah that’s their first album color in the shape is almost 25 years old it was a Foo Fighters second album their first as a legit band Dave Grohl did everything in the first one again the first one is still my favorite this is my everybody up but so many great songs on this album but still a really good album Foo Fighters would have played the Romo fijo this past weekend that was the rescheduled date I don’t remember what the original one was thinking mae-mae is that what it was yeah yeah Foo Fighters a along with everybody else announced dates and then kind of Foo Fighters were a handful of bands who kicked the can down the road hoping things would be better man it up outright canceling it but it would have happened this this past weekend and but Foo Fighters are going to be part of something called SOS Fest you’ve seen the save our stages hashtag going around to try to help independent venues we had Kathy from The Grog Shop on a few weeks back they are starting to do live shows over there much lower capacity of course but the national independent venue Association is doing something called SOS fast which will be next weekend weekend and it’s going to be 35 performances from 25 independent venues and the Foo Fighters are going to be among the the headliners Miley Cyrus Dave Matthews Demi Lovato oh dami what’s going on with you honey this is our first live performance or little one have her man like to get right in that cleft she’s unfit on Sade yeah the roots Brittany Howard she’s great Portugal the Man not the country

Rise Against fantastic yeah so bunch of other people Reggie Watts is going to be the host and God bless one of the times we went to Austin I convinced Gwen to go see Reggie Watts with me because I wanted very much to see what you want and she went along we were there but we ended up in the very top row of this old timey Boston Music Hall where there was no air-conditioning we’re in the very it was like 90 degrees out and again I love Reggie Watts but he’s not like I dynamic performer right he’s up there Loop and beets and making weird noises and and things but it was so goddamn uncomfortable at the very very top of this venue in the balcony and it wasn’t that big but it was like it was so hot didn’t even stay for the whole show we hung out as long as we could and we’re like we gotta get get out of here doesn’t that seem weird now where you just be dying to go to a show you don’t care how hot it is or what I would still care yeah I wouldn’t go sit up in the balcony and show 95 degrees hmm would what depends on the show well of course yeah I mean again I like Reggie Watts a lot it was more of a curiosity pick than anything else he happened to be in any time travel we got shop and he was very funny yeah anytime time you you travel you go okay who are the bands that are in town when we were there and Reggie Watts what you know we were there for ACL but Reggie what so you you have all these he’s doing like side appearances to or side performance is like whatever and but Jesus it was hot so Foo Fighters are part of this SOS Fest which is next weekend it’s through YouTube so you can probably log log on there over 90% of independent music venues face closing for good if there’s no federal support so obviously there’s a big push to help those venues as best they can can I was hoping to see Grog Shop on that list but that is not one of the venues that they’ll be doing performances from Metro in Chicago the Troubadour in LA Whiskey A Go Go are there any in Cleveland there are not nope I would they include the birthplace of rock and roll why indeed but there it is yes oh Grog Shop they got their going to start running some shows through the end of the year they’re doing live music people got to do something man people got this um can’t let all these places closer would be nowhere to perform like people people who are mainstream they can’t do the Wolstein or like Quicken Loans or I’m sorry I mean bands that are doing small venues though they’re always going to find small venues to play they just might not be concert venues that’s the problem I mean you know let’s go well then I’m bit bars have bands I don’t know you know I don’t know I certainly would not want any of these venues to close for Good Grog Shop obviously not going to pack the venue they’re just going to have 40 people for each event Howl’s howl have them at tables huh how is House of Blues doing they have an open down yeah but again that’s like a corporate entity these are independent music venues right they’re not owned by AEG or Live Nation or anything like that so you know they don’t have cash room I mean even the big companies are hurting because when 90% of your business goes away that’s bad but independent venues that don’t have you know huge cash reserves they’re just barely kicking by on on a regular year so Thursday October 15th a local band called black dragon black dragon decimal band money I immediately thought of you Brittany I got on my God I can’t wait to tell Brittany about black dragon you think I don’t know about black dragon I’ve been back tagging fan since like day one I assumed that you were it’s all about what was in tation hours I’ve seen well none of them are black know I’ve seen your shirt right so like when you can can see somebody just encompasses what you are that’s really good yeah I feel good about it when you go there I got black dragon for wife for life I love black Dragonite I’ve been since day one sand okay fam fan fan fan fan she’s part of the black dragon fam yeah well dude Wagga nights yeah they’re a haunt Rock band oh it’s poke ya yeah sounds like it it you’re not when you go you’re okay no it’s not that frightening it’s more like kind of fun and like it’s a good time of year for it to be honest with you absolutely I’d be surprised if they didn’t play some haunted houses of corn mazes corn mazes

of corn maze consulate yeah bit I’ve never been to a corn maze concert that’s great it’s like a it’s like a you know like a soundtrack when you try to make corn mash pit yeah those are cool Mashpee a mashed potato races mashed potato races that could get messy yeah but why dude top-of-the-line well they listen they are going to to they’re going to be part of the bands playing Grog Shop there’s a handful of bands here on this list I love Punch-Drunk Tagalongs nights with two eyes because they’re double the fun Hornets organ Space Trail of Doom another great big leather great so you buy a ticket for the show they’ll give you a snacks from places around Cleveland Heights Heights and you get to sit at a table which you get to sit at the table of the think sitter over there even even for a hunt Rock show you want to sit at a table instead of the table and tap my toe yeah okay maybe Drum Along on the table you have that I understand just like Ray Liotta sitting here Lorraine Bracco and Goodfellas yeah he’s like it’s icy night out out yep oh by the way say me days all juniors black dragon is gonna play with cereal banter it’s like a mosh pit but it’s a mashed Pit what do you put potatoes in it I think we already did that I’m warning you know that’s a definite yes I know I like it though you gonna go no I got plus 1 I can’t I can’t make it you don’t be my boyfriend tonight you know I’m not allowed to sit that closely to you you can why not we’ve gotten into trouble before people start to talk and neither of us us can afford that sexual tension I didn’t say there was but there’s two people enjoying live attainment yeah black dragon flagged wagon hey I’ve got a thousand dollars to give to you here it’s a part of our ongoing efforts for you to go fund yourself and grab a thousand bucks so good luck hey it’s rover go fund yourself time for your shot at $1,000 now takes the Nationwide keyword smile to the number 200 and you’ll get a text confirming entry Plus iHeartRadio info standard data and message right Supply in this Nationwide contest that smile to 200 200 good luck and go fund yourself from 100.7 WMS ladies and gentlemen Foo Fighters and Christopher Walken come out and introduce Foo Fighters fooled by the Foo Fighters ladies and gentlemen Foo Fighters yeah yeah the country guy got cancelled from SNL yes we were talking about that yesterday I said that that it looked like that that might have happened because you have like right after we got off the air yeah somebody called me on the after-hours line hey Alan this this is Mike in Golden Colorado you guys may have seen by now but SNL Uninvited their musical guest for this week because he was seen on Tick-Tock going around kissing a bunch of girls no mask on after the Alabama football game and I just thought it was funny because this just further confirms Bill point of country music being filled with stupid Hillbillies thanks it took a long time to get there but yeah this Morgan wall and listen you’re a 27 year old guy with a mustache in a mullet of course you’re going to be running around trying to kiss girls of course you can’t let that follicular party go to waste waste but he apologized online because he ignored the safety protocols while he was partying and he was set to be and they had to have been in talks already like he probably knew he was already booked I would you record yourself though I don’t understand it because everybody records everything they do people are hurting for cash these artists want to get on TV they want to do something they want to perform yes a break for him who you tellin you throw it away I’m with you stupid I’m with you I could hose the hose will always get you they’ll be there them hoes ain’t loyal oil God well yeah the hose will not always be there that’s why he’s trying to maximize his ho Years tell him to hit up cramp flag whether the hose will all we have is kissing one in a long time there’s a reason for that safe I’m not positive for covid but my accent is this past weekend we’re pretty short sided and they’ve obviously affected my long-term goals and my dreams I respect that shows decision and I take ownership for this I’d like to apologize I’m not reading this at all right at the beginning of the by phone on top of my head this is coming all from the from Sneedville TN Tennessee and we don’t read too good so I am not right at the beginning of the video he said I put some notes down because I want to make sure I hit all my points so if I look off camera sound rehearsed that’s why so he had rested at the beginning of the video Alan

skies are performer and he can’t read something and make it sound like he’s not reading the early he doesn’t win a war he’s also you can do more than one one take right you could probably went love it would be my guess this is also one of these things we like let’s just get it done like I’m not gonna be on the show so it was going to be Bill Burr and Morgan wall in this weekend yeah we’ll eventually I hope that they have a special show where they let Morgan wall and be the musical guest and Shane Gillis be the host let me ask you this could build Burrs a drummer quit they just could he be the musical guest quickly drum welcome his monologue to the drums play sit in for the Saturday Night Live drummer maybe ladies and gentlemen Gentlemen The Bill Burr he gets out there and there’s gonna be raising frankensteiner but you know Moby Dick or something I think he plays guitar to but there’s got to be like remixes that people will put out of his stand-up like songified it and auto-tuned it so maybe just play some of that don’t know to my fans to my team for bringing me these opportunities and I let him down and on a more personal note I have some growing up to do you know I think I’ve lost myself a little bit I’ve tried to find joy in the wrong places and I don’t know it’s left me with less Joy so I’m gonna go try to work on that make this a song man this is great for a little while and go work on myself kissing girls got me booted from a a cynic no Maher was a cowboy boot in my corn chute cowboy boot in my corn Chute from Lorne Michaels wanted to shoot my shot but I ended up getting got that’s right uh-huh what a donkey on feel bad for this dude at all we’ve been in we’ve had this crisis for eight months now now 9 months 10 months months we’re in October so I only heard the story where was he he was at a party like a legit party or okay are you bummed out where you excited to see Morgan Wallen no I just don’t like it when you guys are right well we’re right about this guy I mean I get I’d never heard of the guy until I saw his book pressing right but I do like when 27 year old guys go I just got some growing up to do do I got it calm myself listen God bless the spotlight always work on yourself but I got some growing up to do let me got an EP out in that when talk about working on himself and taking a break from the spotlight it’ll be there when you get back especially when man the fact that he got booked for Saturday Night Live was probably a series of Lucky breaks too he’s opened like he’s the opening it for a couple really big people so he’s been on the road and he’s like out there and he has you know this is on big song I’m just saying somebody probably probably vouched for him right yeah right that’s what I’m saying is that if I’m sure that could have been a big thing for him I’m sure that his agent was like hey these are the people he works for don’t die you know Brad Paisley put out a great piece of Instagram video he did a benefit a couple of years ago where as Chad Smith on drums I don’t know that much about Brad Paisley his wife went to college with me but other than that I don’t know I didn’t realize he was I guess one of the greats as good of a guitar player anyway yeah he’s doing okay anyway he put out out he did a he a benefit a couple years ago with Will Ferrell Chad Smith and Duff McKagan was there too and they played Hot for teacher and he’s playing the Eddie Van Halen part obviously Hot for Teacher in this benefit is pretty good pretty cool I the video you know the sounds not great there but the video is real good he’s kind of along the same lines I’m sure you could learn that riff but still I mean you know he’s kind of along the same lines as John Mayer and that when they first start out and they played those catchy songs the riverbank song that you were on vacation you’re like oh come on now on the literally all I know Brad Paisley is from those Nationwide commercials well it’s so the Nationwide is on your side that’s my favorite a Browns fan yeah so he plays like this drinking in the sun I’m in love songs you know and then when you see he’s an amazing guitar player and John Mayer’s the same way where it’s like all Your Body Is a Wonderland John Mayer I manage an unbelievable because we’ll see him live and you’re like oh damn that’s okay it’s kind of the same thing but in a country music with with Brad Pitt Brad Paisley okay now Pratt pad braised Lee had briefly had to stop opening for him because people were so confused head buries lie oh goddamn it I bought another pret bracele ticket I had braces pad breezily it’s too much confusion and I can’t get no relief

relief well I wonder who they will replace Morgan Wallen with it doing it 11th Hour call to somebody right now somebody in New York who more than five people might know it’s probably somebody like that I’m sure there is Rihanna Grande Paul Simon Haley dust him off but I’m out there do the own Urban this guy was all over Tick-Tock all week and multiple parties 40 bars making out with random chicks just going ham he’s going mostly ham yeah dude it’ll get you yeah he’s just I don’t even blame him it’s the hose the hose would just it’s just but if you’re disciplined you gotta resist the host plenty of people do it and they go on to great success because they don’t have to worry about any ho coming back into the picture you got to keep your eyes on the prize son know I’m no prize eyes on the prize it’s Halloween what okay I think for some people though the hose are the prize not necessarily him but I mean if he’s just starting to get famous and Fortune he got his prize he’s just not getting on Saturday Night Live I mean it’s not a particularly great looking guy he’s a very average looking country boy right so if he’s good-looking yeah but I mean he’s not like your phone but you finally have women come and that’s what I’m saying so if he’s starting to get success in the the in people are recognizing who he is It’s probably hard to bad off I would assume I don’t know yeah yeah yeah pound pound cake does his whole pound taken at the end he goes happy swallowing my favorite time of the year but it’s what but you made like no reference to that in the rest of the thing I’m like where did that come what a hard left turn that was talking about like urban legends yes scary stories his grandma died and like what where that come from a great family story that we have happiness why don’t we need to twist on it I can’t verify any of the information anymore because my my grandmother has passed and obviously her siblings cousins have passed none of that has to do with swallow wean which is what you close the pound cake with I can verify that it is a happy swallowing you’re talking about lesson listen I you know yesterday’s whole show was me complaining about Eddie Van Halen being dead but I knew that we would get no more fitting tribute than from Brian who calls us every day on the island control after-hours line this is Brian I’ve never never finished who do you think’s better at guitar Eddie Van Halen or Brian had grizzly they’ll make him say this is Brian doing hot for teacher right here or maybe Panama may be running with the Devil maybe Why Can’t This Be Love that that not know it’s running with the devil but no it’s jump you’ve never done how it now I think it’s a medley good calm he’s just mash them all together oh now he’s dead no he’s not Alan he’s never done done you better enjoy he gets out of playing guitar this worse is amazing you think you’d be better at it you can just practice against I love it how many years has he been doing here there is what’s that how many years has he been like calling in and playing for you how many years have I been at WMS 10 there you go ten wow 11 okay good friend yep I’m sure he called the people that were here before me too I’m sure he predates me here I’ve I’ve got a break if you want to get a text in 3519 to Alan Cox if you want to watch the Alan Cox Show a 100-point 7wm WM doctor I

can tell you with a hundred percent certainty that wearing a

mask will protect you from being identified while listening to the nonsense on this show the Alan Cox Show protect yourself from the embarrassment of being a fan on 100.7 WMS it’s watching another one of these city Council meetings where lady gets up and complains that she’s being discriminated against daily because being asked to wear a mask I thought we were past this I thought we were past people finding about this lady in Kansas I went into a city council meeting and said she’s being mocked online for complaining that she faces to security well then don’t put things online online man it all know how the interwebs work do you think this city council can do anything about that you go to the city council maybe I’m getting bullied online can you guys help me out here where is your internet switch flip it to off please I’m discriminate against every single day in my County now sometimes multiple times a day we are treated worse than second class citizens are treated like we’re not even human I went to mail package at my local that I feel like that’s overstating the case a little ball so our second citizen that wasn’t my question they just confusing people with mail I’m being treated worse than I treat black people that’s pretty bad that’s what she said basically saggy a second class I wonder who in her mind are these second-class citizens thankfully though blacks in the gays or the black and gays legal immigrants things like that and the poor people you guys wanna keep going for us poor people is gross poor people God I was reading a thing this morning and said that they’re 50 richest people in the United States the 50 richest people in the United States are worth the same as as the one a and fifty-six six million poorest there should be more that’s crazy yeah well they all get together and be a billion to be richer honestly right there there was like 50 people why don’t they gang hundred and fifty six million on 50 those are pretty good odds cause I feel like if you go Network Style a lot of those people are carrying debt so that 156 there and they’re dragging the average Town yeah they’re in the vast minority really are yes yes human I went to mail package at my local FedEx Kinkos scan the package and the receipt then put the receipt on the same counter that I put the package on but put it over to the side so I had to walk around

the counter as to avoid him as he retreated from his register like I’m some sort of disease leper like she’s some she was upset that she had to walk a couple extra feet together receipt when she mailed a package at the FedEx so there you go go she’s being discriminated against online online poor woman so wait so she’s mad granted I can’t imagine anyone is giving her a hard time offline Nicole Atwood was at the Johnson County Board of Commissioners to let them know I guess when you’re done screaming at all your neighbors you got to find somebody who will pay attention to you met a young girl I don’t know what her situation is but there were about 60 people from the town there and it was a heated debate she said the mask guidelines have to stop now miss her claim she’s being discriminated against she said Mom I’m not wearing a mask is my choice as a free individual which is absolutely true but it doesn’t mean these that is your choice as a free individual he’s businesses have their protocols in place and they have the freedom to not serve serve you it’s what comes down to she says it has nothing to do with the virus and has everything to do with how we treat one another another no lady I agree I’m told stand back stand back you don’t care about other people and the best one is please leave guys loved it when yes like I can stand by like like I mean I don’t know anything about her other than this but I mean to say that when someone asked me to please leave for instance last week bill I was discriminated against because I walked into a store hmm I was not wearing shoes I was not wearing a shirt and I said I’m just here to get some air heads man and the guy pointed to a sign on the door and I forget what I said but he said that a service-related ha it’s probably a sign explaining some sort of policy that the store had in place no service animals hmm I had no shoes on I was not wearing a shirt but I did have my service ferret and he seemed very upset at that to papers for the ferret you don’t need papers that animals are to serve me I’m not there to serve it was the therapist reassurance choose I’m sorry was the ferret wearing shirts and shoes laughter have you ever seen a ferret wearing shirts and shoes I think of never has a service ferret should definitely wear at least a stressed maybe maybe yeah I mean I would like a sash I did a fix a tiny captain’s hat to it if that makes you feel any better makes it feel more official yes I was discriminated against when I went to my ER with my mom when was this this was a day we were off that was Tuesday oh just this week into my Iran yeah I went to Meyer and I walked in grab what I want and then I walked out and they sir they said sir you gotta pay for that I said what Land of the Free right so I can take this I can leave can you believe that he was I gotta pay Land of the Free that’s not what I mean sir says in the Constitution whatever look it up and he walks out the door no that right to bear arms excuse me I bared my arms on this chicken and walk it out did you did you have a mask on top yeah I did have a mask on all right good then that’s all the matters then you should have been able to help yourself to some free chick I wanted to report it though I was discriminated against higher go and I like how you fight stereotypes to all right well this lady in Kansas had got a real problem a lot of people have in again you know she wasn’t screaming she was calm about it but she she was visibly perturbed that she had to give her a tirade behind Plexiglas I’m not sure how wearing a mask to a person like that though means the complete and utter breakdown of society I’m not quite sure because it’s all that’s how it all starts they get you to wear a mask and that’s nonsense of the slippery slope is all of a sudden I see you can’t even leave your home or whatever I see you know that was first yeah yeah well anyway the town reaffirmed The Mask mandate by a vote of four to three so it was close oh it’s closed yeah tell you I’m thinking about getting on that only fans not as a reformer oh not as it were of course I am walking around with no shoes no shirt maybe I should get on their feet and boobs that’s all people want maybe you guys have heard of me I’m the barefoot performer hate people don’t hate people people like they’re so kind of sending when they were ball are a mess

individuals are pretty nice you can find something about individuals once people glom onto each other what the hell was was that my coffee what has your coffee okay did your coffee burp you said ice in it okay I’ll try to do it quietly and it did not work people can be a real mess it’s just they were frowning upon sex work like oh you’re less than I can’t believe not everybody job but not everybody on only fans doing sex work most of them you don’t know that I don’t know what the data isn’t only fans there’s a hell of a lot of people you think that people that I know that I’m about done or van yeah that here’s all I’m saying the people that I see are joining I really hope listen Amber Rose’s going on there Jordan Woods who I don’t even know who the hell that is like generous right very good name sounds familiar she and that’s how I know the name that Lamar chose nutrition Tom hard to keep track with that gonna forget them but they’re both joining only fans and Amber Rose’s like I will show my boobs all day long and I’m like now we’re cooking with gas cardi B to she’s newly single I don’t need that I don’t think she’s going to be showing boobs on only You by summation I remember seeing them in whap I didn’t see her boobs and web I saw very much see everything I’m not talking about pretty much if you’re going to charge people they’re not going there for pretty much they can only see if they can already see it in a video then I got to pay 12 bucks a month to almost see it again they did it with Bella Thorne yeah but then it’s all right everybody good with the website because they will ask for refunds everybody got mad because they thought she was going to be doing what allegedly you do not only fans and she wasn’t doing it there are people that have like in only fans and it’s free and they’re not showing anything like there’s a few that I follow that they just have a free only fans in there trying to get you but it’s all I can brought us I never buy their stuff stupid dumb can I interest you in only hams it’s just girls with a spiral ham over there hoo-ha over there hoo-ha does it have to be boobs are us have to be spiral it it can be whatever you’d like shaved spiral all right sliced well I’m an ass many baked so you know I’m less concerned with the front I need the cool oh okay we haven’t discussed that well anyway Amber Rose listen because of the pandemic you have my only point is that you had a lot more people joining only fans who weren’t necessarily necessarily doing it up a porn Channel it it was obviously once dominated by people who did that Amber Rose says that it’s going to be an x-rated Channel Good her quota is I’m going to leave my vagina for my husband but everything else is fair game but like I said I’m on record I’m an ass man so but no one wants to see cheeks but I think people want to see like whole know you do because that’s your that’s your bread and butter but I don’t need this act I don’t need to say that I don’t need to see you don’t need to spread for me but you can see that in mind I’m fine sir cakes don’t see everything I know you do and there’s people who will let you see that right it read in the news the nudes is there are people who will show you that stuff but great ass right now man you getting my money my hard-earned money spread it well that’s you I understand I’m just saying I don’t need that show me let me watch it poop I like how her kid they named her kids / oh my God it’s the best celebrity celebrity babies she said with my second kid I got up to get a cesarean because that is the best she said what did because they were like why you joined only fans now she’s like well I got pretty heavy with my other kids she’s like I got up to 224 pounds damn When shall call is she not not she said you know she’s a stripper for a long time she did that walk and you know just and she’s gonna join and that Jordan Woods is on there too people frowned upon sex work oh like you were less than and now the minute they start losing gigs and start losing money and can’t do modeling and who kills people they’ve all been about another on only thing like rather rather than get angry at people why not be happy that the cut but that more people the Overton window is is opening on sex I am happy about that but did you know it’s not happy but I feel like the people you’re talking about are two different people I feel like there’s a lot of people that weren’t doing only fans and now they are but they weren’t the ones that were shaming sex worker I guess it wasn’t people that are shaming sex workers we’re probably shaming sex workers before the pandemic and now I’m not going to say so much they do that professionally yeah I’m not gonna say the celebrities I guess mainly like their teams like oh don’t show nudes or they beat Kim Kardashian up for the

sex tape I’m like now people are doing it Mater mater but people were calling her a for a decade because of that like door he’s like she’s anything was because she was she had a sex tape yeah and if she showed them yeah I mean it certainly didn’t prohibit her from making money so I don’t know what anybody’s point is by calling her out on that it’s jelly did not prohibit her from making money I believe that that it’s just a jealousy thing of course you’re calling Paris Hilton a and all that stuff but this is all things from like 10 12 15 years ago ago it’s a world now okay what about the actress Hunger Games girl when her new was got leaked yes they’re always get but that’s what I’m saying for those people are always saying that people that are shaming people for doing nudes and stuff like that those people have been consistent because that’s who they are your hands like a lot of them now are doing only fans though I don’t think those are the people doing only thing they’re hurting I know I know people that like I went to school with like you got a job with a degree and you got an only fan right but also those are the same people who are are standing on an edifice that is slowly crumbling around them Jerry Falwell Jr you know all these hitches is you know crumble your credibility is shot if that’s your guy and you’re going to give people a hard time for doing stuff like only only fans yeah I just don’t understand like what pound cakes trying to say where there’s a lot of people that are always going to have that mindset but they’re going just trying to Stir It Up yeah but there’s not like like anybody that shame Jennifer Lawrence for everything that she did is going to shame anybody but those were hacked phone right because those but at that time saying that people have to have that mindset it’s like the guys that go on Instagram and they liked roll these Instagram models for being like oh you have no personality you’re insecure that’s why you post these sexy sexy photos it but why are you here you’re here to just tell me that I’m not supposed to post sexy photos what do you I just don’t understand that mindset that these people have listen I don’t give Mary a hard time when she posts sexy videos on Instagram so I am not pushing out my stomach right now I had to egg salad sandwiches at like 1:00 a.m. yeah mayor so hard this is gonna be oh my God this is gonna be the worst poop ever later check out uh-huh this not hey I’m talking directly to you do you want to just Donald Duck it like put on one of my buddies yeah I couldn’t startled look at the rest of it because it kind of comes down to your knees like you put on my hoodie oh yeah you never heard in the office call I did bring in my fuzzy socks though so I’m awesome thought I put it on my pants yeah you go I’m just it’s not feeling good Baby so right so Amber Rose is going up on only fans she’s she’s she’s married again married to some record label dude she’s cute I mean she’s pushing 40 nothing wrong with that she let Wiz Khalifa in there you think there’s an only fans audience for people who are really bloated and can’t poop there is an audience for everything he probably have to do like before and afters with your belly like distended and then your audience a man the uncle Cameron the toilet though yeah I’m I want to see it come out oh God come on baby my first yeah he is is Men Let me watch it poop I yeah you got to let your audience find you because I’ll start eating sour cream again if people can I’m just saying just see see how far you can push pound cake before he cancels his subscription on you sour cream de miembro I couldn’t Lawson’s chip dip there that’s God it’s so good see that’s what you do is people say hey eat this you could be doing a mukbang only fans they want to watch you eat it want to watch you eat it I eat it so it’s okay so I can get three payments out of him you watch me eat it for $2 yeah during and after monthly subscription so if I hate it I don’t love it exactly so if I’m a man it’s been coming together for years yep if I’m doing three posts per day we’re like you watch me eat it and then you you see my fall and then the after I feel like that’s worth a lot more money than just like five bucks a month incrementally charge the you can make a private video like even though they’re subscribed to your only chance you get them like even better because they’ll say unlock this photo for you know 99 Cents more because I’ll tell you what I’ll tell you what what only fans is going to weed the people out who are pulling not really a bait and switch but they’re not really giving you more and only fans there’s a lot of girls now on Instagram they’re like swipe up for my only fans and where that might give you a free follow or something and then you ooh out there only fans they’re basically doing

what they’re doing and Instagram yeah like why would he marry yeah why would I give you money for that check out the reviews on read it first oh yeah yeah well I’m not looking to do detective work I was like if you’re if you there’s a person you want to follow yeah there’s usually some research that you can do or you know if it’s like a smaller account you can just ask them hey do you do full nudes blah blah I’m going to just the facts I just like to see I’m gonna do this and then I read it’s gonna be I don’t know this chick is doing shots a ranch and your pants you’ll see hundreds of people show up just weird enough there’s a lot of weird people out there that might be a thing right yes and not so much embrace them right God just squeeze here that’s a brace you still have that stocking I got you for Christmas no they can also tip you to so you’re like gifted it I did re-gift it to someone who eats ran yeah we don’t want to come in handy right now so really what it comes in handy all right I have to take a break we’re going to talk to Henry Winkler love Henry Winkler around 3:30 he’s got a new kids book out so we’ll chat about that our friend Greg Fitzsimmons is going to check in later on he’s doing the weekend at hilarities on East for thing the Pickwick and to get the details on that I’m going to have Terry the goats week five NFL picks for you tonight by the way Thursday Night Football is the first one in the mix it’s Chicago and Tampa oh God Tom Brady tonight so we’ll get to all that coming up 3519 to if you want to text you can get to us at Alan Cox the alacoque show on 100.7 WMS and everywhere you go on our free iHeart Radio app app how are you guys doing here he’s just scratching his own itch I

got it the Alan Cox Show

on 100.7 WMS WMS 216 5781 oo7 to join us live or 800 3481 oo7 oo7 3519 to send me a text I’ll be talking to the great Henry Winkler in about ten minutes he has not been on the show in a bunch of years so I was like catching up with him if you want to watch the show you can Alan Cox the live stream is there today with the help of grit mix Lich mmm back was back in our video offices and thank you too him or her for helping out today that’s great with two T’s of course I’m the familiar with a grip with one t but great with two T’s yep let’s do it too I saw Mike from far more for gritter but without it is all right Miss I’d like from Parma a tweeted out he suggested Mary attend check out Ham Lake in Minnesota saw that yeah very exciting I should be going to Minnesota probably in the spring but you’ve been there but not to Ham Lake I didn’t even know existed you’ve been to Minneapolis so many no one suggests August 10 thousand of them right yes well I have nine thousand nine hundred nine nine more to go right Mary signed her contract for her a comedy album I did I signed it yesterday thank you I’m very excited I’m so excited it was one of those things I talked to a couple different Comics that I saw on their label and pretty much everybody had nothing but good things to say and then I had a friend look over it’s a very basic type of contract I had a friend look over it and he was like you know this looks pretty straight forward Euler plate is what they call it a boilerplate boilerplate standard standard language yeah it was really underrated plate got to read it though yeah and he don’t they don’t have any of your intellectual property the words in perpetuity weren’t in there where they go but no no no the only thing that my friend told me that I should try to change is that they have the rights to the Masters yeah if you can have it on your own masters yes because everything there is your input but your assigned it already signed it oh there’s nothing you can do it I can do it yeah for future reference reference but I honestly though your master it’s I’m not really that worried about it also won album of stuff that I don’t even do any more that’s like good jokes but they’re three years old you also have no Leverage and that was what I told you it’s your first contract you know you go wait a second he was like course you’re gonna sign it he was like you gotta go back and do this do this do this I said I’m bringing nothing to this table you are though you can absolutely but you are because you you’re not someone that doesn’t have a following you have a following right I I understand that but you are promoting their record company have a following I get what you’re saying but the I feel like this is where I was at with it is that if I go back and say change all these things and then they say no now I’m out now I have nobody but because in this day and age you have the ability to create your own stuff and make money off of it and not like it used to be no but also you’re not necessarily out all they can say is no right getting to know is fine my I guess my my view going into it was it’s my very first one we’re going to do it like this we understand how it goes first and and there’s nothing wrong with you again yeah but that’s that’s a reasonable thing for an artist too own their masters like that attitude to have control of that that’s your intellectual property and so that’s why I’ve never like I had offers in the past to do this kind of stuff but I never liked it I liked to have the that control pretty much everything else else was great like everything that they offered I mean they do an 80/20 split to the artist on all royalties they push it through to a very popular well-paying streaming service like there’s things like that where I just hurry exactly that no whelping Oh you mean this the apps free Bill when he’s talking about that I would not be able to get on my own you know yeah no I fully understand services that serious well that heard of it that’s that that’s a spy service well you get what I’m saying that they would play it through there and that’s like and it’s not guaranteed to do that but they I mean I have a minute yeah I have a much better chance of getting my things plate on there at $17 a play if it goes through a record label then if I’m just like hey guys here’s my story right you know what I mean like they have a reputation with all these other comedians like hey these people we are saying they don’t have a lot to bring to the table I’m saying that you also have something to bring to the table in that you are you have a bigger following that like I looked at the people on their label mmm and you’re like coming in you have a bigger

following than a lot of those people you also know how to Market yourself very well so you have all these different qualities that they’re looking for so when you make you know a request to them they have to take it it serious because it’s not cure you have no following and know access to but that’s also in Cleveland that’s the only place they don’t even have a club here syllable mountains are the places that I’ll be playing and working and and right doing those things I have no I’m gonna go in on a Thursday and have 26 people they’re right but I’m sorry you still but I’m not talking about selling tickets to their clubs I’m talking about the way the algorithm works with these streaming services is you’re going to to people that will listen to it and then because you have that audience already even if it’s in Cleveland it gets pushed out to everybody else that has a similar Taste of them so the raw numbers will have so I have like I get like a hundred thousand people screaming my comedy every month hmm and the majority of them are not in Cleveland even though that’s my biggest audience the majority of the people that listen to my stand-up are spread out across the country right because they people that listen to it in Cleveland like my stuff and then they like other people and it gets pulled into those algorithms what he’s trying to say is there are more people everywhere else than there are in Cleveland if you add them all up really a lot of but I’m saying like the means of distribution though is always going to be more lucrative than the means of production this is Mary’s point to right well the only thing I mean I don’t know you guys are making I feel like I don’t know like I’m very excited for you and I’m happy for you and I get where you’re coming from on this first the first body feel like that but for like future reference like you got to give yourself credit for what you’ve built here right right I I understand that but I don’t know I guess the way that I looked at it is that I have other than the radio show I have no credits I’m I’m a absolute 100% no-name comedian right so when I when they’re bringing this is not Capitol Records screwing over the Steve Miller Band I heard like this is my first contract I’m gonna and and eggs was a big and I guess maybe I did get a little like starry-eyed but it was a big deal for them to come to me and say we like what you do right we want to work with you don’t want to put you in control if they came to you that means they want you so so you can say hey well this is what I want but you don’t even come into me don’t have control you have some leverage there and she said she has no leverage I don’t another kind to you I would disagree if they’re coming to you they they you have some well but they could they could go well this is how we do it mmm yeah and they could and I say take it or leave it there here I work but if you don’t ask they can make any changes that’s what I’m saying like it doesn’t hurt to ask I guess being someone who you feel like you were not in a position to negotiate correct papers radio contract ever got I go I don’t even care what I said sign it I didn’t like $48,000 I go Alice I know and when it says like the parts under rights and ownership it says artist maintains ownership to the Tyrael contained within the album including the rights and Publishing related to the material contained within the perform you can’t tell those jokes after you my can she carry all my jokes so I can tell him where ever I want I can put them out on another album they just saw him the hard copies basically yeah so I do own the material yeah it’s not like I sold them and I can never tell those jokes again right and I understand that and again this is something that’s like what very inside baseball and you didn’t make a bad decision at all right you made a great decision in this is gonna be awesome for you because like I said the way the algorithm works works in the boy like my album that has carried everything for me has been the one where I did the perm the decisions are my thing because I promoted that album so much anything that I post now gets blasted out pretty well and gets picked up by like different playlists and different algorithms because that album did so well right so the same thing with you you have this and you feel like yeah it’s just in Cleveland but because and we have you know Bureau Chiefs all over the place like just the amount of play that I will get here we’ll put it into other algorithms and so they may not purchase it but they will hear those tracks because it they’re like oh this is getting success this is getting listen to so more people are going to want to hear this listen when Kramer sold all of his stories to Jay Peterman he couldn’t tell those stories anymore because he had sold them J Peter and you were stories are still your own well so this is kind of the way that I looked at it and I’m I like to think that when it comes to my stand-up career I’ve been pretty calculated and I’ve been pretty safe and I don’t ever want to do something before I’m ready to do it if that makes sense so with this I kind of look at it as a jumping-off point where I take it and I say we blow it out of the water and it gets streamed and picked up and played and makes tons of money and tons of exposure then I can use this taking this contract for what it is and use whatever happens here as leverage in the future hey guys my debut album where no one had

ever heard of me did a b and c now going into the next contract I can say this is what I want this is kind of what you have to give me right because these are the numbers I can do so I was like take this go into it yeah because then you use it you could have another label that would want you to come with them right so then you go look these guys over here want me to what you can they’re offering like this and you’ll have that in already with serious or whatever that businesses is here we might be the same business a couple of years agos but because you already have that in with them you will be you’ll have the opportunity to go with that to them without the record label if you want to do it independently I’m just a fan of doing stuff independently because see I’m not it makes me feel like I have more control and I just I like that I would rather other than working for I Heart Radio likes doing things yeah well I mean there are some things that I yeah my thing with the wood doing it independently is that this is a tried-and-true they have it down to a science all of their clubs are wired and ready to go and they can put this out with good quality white and they’ve got their own recording equipment isn’t that crazy amazing amazing 100% of the I’m it’s going to sound good they have a professional mixer like all that stuff where I could piece that together here and do do it on my own but this is way easier this is like I know I’m going to get a good product out of this whereas if I were to do it on my own and I use people that I know are recommended to me and then I don’t like it now I’m ruining personal relationships to you know if I’m hearing you correctly and I think that I am he’s saying that you should get a perm I will not get a perm it was I hearing you correctly a pizza a promotional tool hot perming my hair get a perm your hair is short so after six weeks you can cut it and it’s fine it made him look like a promotional tool night I’m not cutting all of my hair off because of a perm I just want people to listen to it and I hope I don’t want to do my hair to get that that’s and then just a fun flight it feels like one it is like when you tell me I’m signing my contract wrong no I’m not I didn’t say you did anything wrong I’m just telling you my preferences of it right right and I also don’t really think you should get a perm okay just he wants to be if you’ll pardon the pun on record I would be like yeah the maybe royalties perm hmm I don’t know it just want a bowl cut I’m not getting will cut either know it just it seemed like for where I am in my career this felt like the right the right thing to do I know I fully agree yeah I know I kind of been looking at it like a springboard board where this is I agree and I think we do you like to do things different than I am but I like to express the weight like I do things yeah you know I know you don’t and I really really like that all that I have that’s great and this will and that was the other thing is that I felt like I had most of the control here they’re just making it easier yeah like I said being 20% to them to make my life easier hey show up we’ll do everything else and this is different than like the content you know I was offered some stuff in the past and that was before streaming was something that you could actually make some money off of and is more like selling albums but it’s like a transitional time too because a lot of people were going to streaming and so they didn’t seem as as lucrative yeah so now to not have to have the physical albums which is very costly yeah because that’s a lot more overhead this makes a lot of sense right and it’s gonna be awesome for you and when you’re all done with this Invisalign just think of how much better you’re going to be signing documents you are gonna be doing amazing way all right I want to talk to Henry Winkler here all right more than 6 but fewer than 10 minutes Henry Winkler is an actor he’s an author he’s a director he’s a fisherman he’s an all-around secret comedy weapon and how are you Henry happy to talk to you happy to talk to you to first and foremost I hope that you and your wife are feeling all right these days 2020 has been such a consistent nut punch I don’t think I could handle much more more you know I say that the year 2020 has a very mean personality it’s there is a fantastic documentary on The Comedy Store it’s currently airing on Showtime and I always forget that Michael Keaton started as a stand-up comic and so they were going through a little bit of his stuff and they’ll always throw to a night shift clip of you and Michael Keaton and to this day night shift is still in my top five films films I love that movie much last Thursday Ron Howard called me and he said you know it’s been a long time and I really never thanked you for this you could have played either roll but you were kind enough to say yes to me a new director you did night shift you Got It Made and I thought you know I just have played the Fonz very flamboyant in night shift I’m going to play Richie and that’s what I did yeah you were the perfect wait man in that movie so

based on what you just said there did the movie get made because Henry Winkler was attached to it know what I’m not sure that that is completely true but I know that Ron wanted me to be in the movie so for a while I was able to count on a Henry Winkler fishing book that I could give my dad for Christmas or something and I would imagine that one of the harder things about making a fishing book is it’s got to have like a fun title you can’t just go here’s a book on fishing you’ve got to come up with something kind of of kind of punny or witty with a fishing book title right and so mine is I never met an idiot on the river right you could have it could have been like waiting on a friend or you know something along those lines I like that there you go that’s for the next one so the new book is called lights camera danger this is if I can’t get a book for my dad with fishing I’ll get my kids Henry Winkler books so you’re basically taking care of the gift list for my whole family Henry well you know what let me just say this I guarantee that we will make your kids laugh because that’s our mission yes there are underpinnings yes there are there are looks at friendship and do you choose your career over friendship body shaming authenticity but if we don’t make your child laughs we have not done our job that’s kind of what it is and I think that there’s there’s a lot of people think that kids books would probably be very easy to write or develop and I would always thought the opposite because like you said you’ve got to have whatever kind of the subtext is whatever lesson you’re kind of trying to get in there but you have to make it funny in a way that they’ll understand it and it’s a very different sense of humor the kids will have absolutely absolutely absolutely and I to be high you know he the alien Superstar star Buddy Burger in lights camera Danger really makes his best friend Cassidy angry so he calls her and says you know what I wouldn’t call you normally don’t hang up on me I’m in danger and he’s inside the mouth of a mechanical Brontosaurus 35 feet up when you’re putting these together together you and your call whoever’s working on these with you do you kind of use your grandkids as consultants or have you observed enough either professionally or personally over the course of your life where you’re able to kind of lay these stories out you know that’s a very good question I think it’s a little of all of it I try it out on my grandchildren when we are done with the book and see if they laugh and just this past weekend I babysat for for r3 my grandson’s Ace jewels and August and when I got to the fact that his stomach that the alien stomach was flattened to such a degree that the fart moves I knew I had them I’m 49 I will still abide by the Mantra that farts are never not funny so you get notes From the grandkids on the books probably are the notes ever just more farts don’t don’t want the kids are so smart and so perceptive and if you really listen in the middle of what they’re saying is a kernel that you can use that is going to improve your life yeah I have a couple of older kids but my wife and I have a four-year-old and watching her watch cartoons or stories or whatever you can kind of pick up little ticks that kids have for instance my daughter when she senses that someone’s in trouble on on television she puts her hands over her ears as though she doesn’t kind of want to hear what’s coming or whatever and so it’s interesting to see the way Kids react to and process those kinds of situations you know I’m saying something we were watching tiny world a documentary on cable with our youngest who three and he said I have to turn it off now it’s too scary for me yeah because it showed a frog frog come up a caterpillar you know the balance of nature but just that it was just that was too much for him Henry Winkler’s new book is called lights camera danger you continue to be the exact opposite of a one-hit wonder between Barry zuckerkorn and the Sandler movies and everything else you’ve done I always love talking to you and stay safe best of luck with the book and we’ll catch up again down the road Henry thank you take care I neglected to mention Berry which is a

phenomenal show couple of Seasons worth on HBO I don’t know if it’s on Netflix or not but no but it’s should be on HBO Max yeah love Henry Winkler he is H what is the H Winkler for real real H Winkler the number for real is him on Twitter he in the new Adam Sandler movie I believe that he is yes the Halliwell one yeah you be all owing to do that for this week clicks and behind I am excited to see how ridiculous it is yeah I’m okay let me take a break here if you want to get a text in 3519 to to do that you can hit us up at Alan Cox and we’ll be back the Alan Cox Show on on 100.7 what

she say Sheriff John Brown come for you to listen Justin Brown Jackson Browne he’s come for you when Jackson Browne come by you you’re running on empty lawyers in love Inner Circle this band of course known in the United States for only one thing despite despite being a very old band these guys have been around since the late 60s but they are known For the theme to the show

Cops which they made a big show out of they were stopping cops in the wake of George Floyd in the wake of I guess it was George Floyd that was the nail in the coffin and they said we’re gonna do we’re not producing cops anymore and then very quietly they were like let’s just wait for everything to calm down it’s the cops is back cops will not air in the United States but they’re making episodes that will Air the rest of the world they get recording them oh yeah they’re doing here but they’re not going to air in the United States right so they’re like look this is a really popular show to Global TV Market people still want to see cops behavioral up in other countries you know people like seeing what America’s really like Dom American yeah but cops was never like the true face of what was going on either you’d see these guys that’s what always made me laugh is you know as terrible as it is is when you see these dudes get gunned down it’s always because these trigger-happy cops unload their clip on some guy it whatever but in the show they’re off like they’re running they’re jumping fences and they’re they’re like to win a marathon chasing these guys down the guys on the show because there’s a camera on them never once pulled their gun well there may be sensor we’re chasing cameras how come they away cuz they turn them off that’s right there’s a guy at a traffic stop right there not even suspecting me of doing anything big he takes off a run right after him real life boy you don’t see much running there’s nobody body cam footage of a guy huffing and puffing chasing some dude they just drop him in a Wendy’s parking lot I’m more of a life PD guy well that show went away to I was like I don’t care about cops but life PD that that was the one Dan Abrams who was he’s a lawyer by by trade but he is television producer for a long time he stole he’s still a talking head that will show up on Lake Court TV and things like that live PD I mean cops whoever runs that show just decided they would Gus go on hiatus live PD got in trouble yeah but they got an actual trouble allegedly by you think his promotion no live PD was running into trouble because the show was being accused of scrubbing body cam footage for a particular episode I mean cops let any of these any show is going to edit something you know what I mean but there was a case I get deleted yeah there was a case that I brought to live PD in the past six or seven months where they were like the show’s been scrubbing footage that we need like there was a sheriff that got indicted over a traffic stop that was on that show some guy in Texas but cops resuming production that the I don’t know how quiet they wanted to keep it but there was a sheriff’s office in Spokane County and and Washington said that cops was there too shoot shoot and so back in June when the George Floyd thing blew up Paramount was like we’re done with cops longest-running reality show on TV 1989 cops started so it’s been a long time it’s still still makes money for Paramount so so there were like well we’re going to pull cops and then very quietly they were like work gonna need money these places need well they here’s what they said because Paramount did cancel the show Paramount says that they have to produce these because they still have commitments in other markets so they’re not going to are here but they’re producing them because look we sold a thousand episodes to Thailand we got ya think you know there are Global markets I get that so but I don’t know that they’re trying to call much attention to the fact that they’re doing I’m sure it’ll end up back on American TV as well you think yeah boy I don’t know you have to wait I think wait it out and flip their wig if they put I’m not saying television but I think in five years yeah not five years you know you’ll be that longer you be longer depends on who wins the election you know what that’s absolutely whoever wins the election that’s going to determine whether cops comes back hmm all right well you could be right but I’m curious what inner city did other than bad boys I’m sorry Inner circle not enter had a friend in life really into that bad boy song like and you’d hear it all the time like it but he would like listen to it on repeat and keep dancing till I might can we listen to another song like this is this is a theme song like we’ve heard this song a billion times well they just keep playing it again and again really into it I remember when I was working top 40 very beginning of my career and they did drop a follow-up song they dropped a song called swept boys good boys huh no no they dropped us off I’m called sweat sweat long la la la la la long Lee long remember this song clubs for a minute

and kind of this is the only follow up they ever had good luck I want to make you sweat – these are old dudes boy the Classic this is early 90s obviously late 80s 80s like I’m back in the islands right now look at any big brown eyes you like that pound cake yeah for you right I think you gotta wonder if they do like Hometown shows and Kingston with the crowds like pretty bad boy song like now we heard that we were tired of playing at that’s like their Stairway to Heaven the bad boys of the theme to cops man you I think some theme song should be played in clubs like the Pokemon gotta catch em all I would totally torque to that don’t know that song well that’s it let’s hear it let’s see if it’s something you would talk to Alan what’s what’s that let’s play it go to YouTube and super if this is something you’d work to in the club had great song if you played that in the club people would we don’t know the songs it’s really not not this this that’s not it I mean that’s it so it’s gotta catch em all it’s it’s a cover I that that role I don’t know the original who did the original Pokemon gotta catch em all just type in the Pokemon theme song I did there’s a hundred different versions of it the first one should be there your the picky one over there this is it you think this would be a combat man you’re gay they should play this in the clubs get to the give it is get to the middle of what like the Originals better I don’t want to it’s better audio I don’t know what that is is song song as a child he thought it was a lot cooler than it is yeah don’t be as unearned Nostalgia for it doesn’t sound as good if it’s not like a flash of Charmander and Pikachu coming in you know no you need the visual aspect all right see that our Golden Girls theme song If for the club thank you for being a friend all that sweat song is legitimate rape because one of the guys was molested as a kid I guarantee you this morning not why would the band do a song about when he was raped as a kid text my love sweat come on that’s my la la la la la a llama and a limo somebody else concert all right people are very upset at Bills take on your contract I’m on Mary side whatever he’s trying to help her like what do you mean cake all I’m saying if you’re upset with me for saying that I don’t remarried skin you again a goddamn thing is bringing more to the table than nothing then that’s ridiculous because that’s all I’m saying is that Mary has built herself up and built an audience and for people to think that that she doesn’t have leverage going into that contract negotiation negotiation to a degree and you and I have talked about this privately before you’re just saying Bill you’re just saying ask the question yeah I think a lot because that what I think a lot of people overestimate their leverage to we’ve all seen that happen yes well and I mean you and I have talked about this in private before where any will be careful anytime something happens for me and stand up it’s a for whatever reason a difficult conversation between the two of us and it seems like you you come off as condescending to me a lot when it comes to stand up things and I think that that’s what people heard that’s what I heard when your honor because I felt cornered but like the whole thing I’m talking about is that I Believe in you and I know you have all these skills and you can just following so I don’t see how that comes off kind of sending what I’m in your corner and saying you should get everything that you can for the situation because it’s a way that you say it so when I say hey this is what I did this is how I signed it and then you’re like oh well that’s not how it was should you should have done it you should have / future reference you need to do a b c and d where it’s like was a happy moment like yeah I did something awesome this is huge my comedy career and then it’s like immediate criticism about what I could have done better here’s what you let me as an objective Outsider yes I get what bill was saying yeah I think you’re projecting on to him a little bit I think you I think you’re being defensive about it because you know him I think you’re projecting that onto them because I didn’t hear that I have well and it might be because we’ve had in this is not news we’ve had this conversation before that very well could be me projecting it because of past interactions that we’ve had but if other people are saying it to they’re not projecting my feelings on the bill well they didn’t go into that detail that’s how I thought I just thought bill should have been the happy for Mary and I are

happy for Mary and I’m that like this is the thing I’m sending is the right word if I’m not being critical I’m just saying like you know I’m trying to build her up and maybe I’m not doing it the right way but by saying you have more power than you think because you do have like I look at the other people on on this earth label and I see what they’re doing you can I can research the numbers that they’re doing and I know you were going to blow them all out of the water because you already have an audience larger than all of them and so that’s why I’m saying when you go into this and you have more power than you think and you have because you have an audience that they didn’t have right and that’s that’s what I’m trying to say I appreciate that I appreciate the sentiment of it but the way that I took it may be the way that other people took it was you didn’t you didn’t do it right you could have done it a lot better than you did like oh cool you got a record label but you didn’t do it how you should have done it it’s it came off a little bit dismissive that’s all and that’s not what I was trying to say I’m trying to keep you I want you to know what you will have right right and what you can bring to them because when you say I haven’t done anything that’s not how it is you’ve done a lot and you have something that you can bring to them and that’s what I’m trying to across to you and the listeners out there is that when like Mary’s not a no-name she even if you know she hasn’t been on late night TV or anything like that Mary has a very you know that she’s got a good following their defensive to yeah and they’re going to show up for you and that’s what I’m trying to tell you is when you say like they go oh we do you think this record label can do more for you than you’re going to do for them I don’t see that as the case because I think that you are going to do a lot more for this record label based on their roster already right right seeing what yeah I went to their record labels website I told you this because we did on the air I go I’d never heard of any of these people right I heard of you have you hey that should mean something I heard of you but that’s what I heard of of them get what you’re saying as far as that like I do when it comes to streaming and things like that it doesn’t really matter the market that were in and we talked in the brake a little bit and I do understand where you’re coming from and I do know that you have my best interests in mind I know that and that’s why saying to is like Alan you said you don’t know any of these people but I know these people through the comedy scene and they’re all very funny that they’re all really good Comics but I know how to see the numbers that they’re doing on the different streaming platforms and I know what I’m doing without a record label so and that’s mostly because of this show and so because of that and knowing how good Mary is a comedy and how good she is at promoting herself I know that she doesn’t have a disadvantage going in all I’m saying is have a lot of power because she’s going to have a much bigger audience than all these other Comics I think you should have walked into your contract signing with the copy of Cleveland magazine and said oh yeah check out page 131 how do you like them apples Frankie Lindor the best Cleveland Indian all right I’m in it up page 132 sorry we can’t afford to sign hey trucker Stone hey Alan hey Mary hey I just wanted to support you because I completely understand why you’re doing what you’re doing I can give an example that’s when I run my trucking business you know I do a 75 25 percent split that gives me access to thousands of Brokers not get your exposure you want to get yourself out there more and I’m totally behind that I get what you’re saying and Bill I understand the side you come coming from as well because you’re independent and you want to do your own thing so I get that as well I mean I get my own authority and go out but it would be a little bit harder but the end end goal is the same even better what right and that’s what I’m saying is I still think she should be signing with that and I don’t even think she made a mistake or anything like that because like we talked about in the break the Masters thing is not that huge of a deal for stand up yeah that’s for but I just like I want you to know that you have more power than you think imposing myself yeah a little bit yeah sure thanks man the well that’s why I said to bill in the break is that it’s like kind of going into into it and you said you’ve done this in the past to where you go into it the first time like all right we’ll do it your way the first time and then I’m going to show you all the things that I do bring to the table and that I can do and then the second time now I have an unarguable is that even a word I bring it like you can’t deny the numbers that I put up right going into it they can say hey you don’t have anything to show us and even if I showed him strings and numbers from this show this isn’t my show right so they could say hey that’s Alan right those are his numbers but I can know what I mean it’s why my album contract contract is so good it’s so Ironclad honestly I want to take those albums in there and put them on for you because those will do well too so if you

ever want mine yeah if you ever want to I know how to do it I mean I don’t I’ll put him out nah yeah fine but today I know and again thank you Stone maybe I’m just taking a more like I said I’m more calculated approach to it where it’s like going in as far as streams in this and that I don’t have anything to show them other than a social media following I carry nothing to show them it’s a social media following that shows up for you I get that so but they don’t know that there’s no way to prove that if I show them a picture from a show promotion that got 98 likes not only me but it’s not that but it’s one of those things like when you do shows people show up like you can sell tickets and I know it just in Cleveland but those numbers are going to translate to big numbers once your album is out right and then when it does when I walk in the second time I can say okay all these things on the first contract I want them to be this now and they’re going to say hey you got us us a lot of money you can’t argue with that but take whatever you want but one thing that and not whatever you want what I’m saying and you said this in the break that they kind of said that they’re going to do more for you than you are for them I think that was more on a stand-up bass because he was saying I can’t have you headline all my clubs yet because nobody knows who you are essentially is what it is if yes we have Bureau Chiefs all over the place but if I played Portland in my name is on the weekend right over the course of five shows maybe 15 people would show up who actually knew who I was in Portland so so that’s what he was saying with we’re going to do more for you as far as stand up going to make you a draw yes he’s saying when we put this out with us through our clubs and our social media then you’re reaching our audience we can help you draw in our city setting you up for Success right hey Sue yeah going on some career advice from you soon which one of you two is one in the most thanks so much what what is enough or because she can’t get enough attention say oh so they’re just we’re just hashing out there just hashing out some professional differences oh my goodness surely you’ve had professional differences with your fellow Four Loko drinkers well because the right no fellow polar coordinates all of her friends died of cirrhosis she outlived all of them whoa fatty liver all that kind of fatty liver I’ll tell you what she was a good fatty liver boy when she was around she’s so proud she should be you proud of your accomplishments no yawns here’s Mary very just go forth and be strong baby girl don’t you worry about nothing thank you it what you feel like you got to stay you gotta get some career advice from drugs to telling you yep you got the touch all right thank you so much appreciate the input there there’s drunks ooh who has listened say what you want she has excelled at what she has set out to do how many streams of her Comedy album kiss I’m checking that right now 609 hmm yeah so I am very proud of you I know and I’m very excited for you thank you and I want you to to again these are mistakes that I’ve learned from in the past that I want you to be successful and be you know I don’t want you to be a pushover and right you know I want you to get what you deserve so be your manager go in there with a suit and eighty bitty little tie and you sit down let me go it takes five percent yeah there you go no I appreciate it bill and I do and like I said to Alan’s point I probably am projecting a little bit onto it and getting defensive when I shouldn’t but because because I did like you know I I feel like when you initially told me I was pretty excited not really even gonna lie to you when I talked about it last week when they called me you were like we talked about it briefly you kind of stayed quiet and then I said something and I know it was a joke but you’re like or it could be nothing and it could all be a sham that was what you said after pretty well so which is My Jeweler that is your humor and that’s fine it’s a little something I feel like when you think text me the best things right a little that’s amazing that’s right like I’ve feel like the text was the first right hearing of I was like congratulations that’s awesome right no yeah you’re right this one pound cake yes the Club Banger you wouldn’t even talk to this in your house I do that’s how I know this song I listen to it on the way huh please submit video of that hey Woody how’s it has a woody riding out covid you’ve been working the whole time you got laid up didn’t you no dragon right yeah okay okay but yeah I’m getting better every day and I should be here shortly

you know that you think that will be easier to get a deal as two boys as opposed to being equally qualified male comic so I’m going with us you’re asking if I got this deal because I’m a woman she showed if it’s not him he showed Beav I think he meant more of a in the interest of diversity because sleep your way to the top pound cake has no compunction whatsoever sleeping his way to the top he’s gonna sleep all of his weight he’s gonna sleep all the way to the middle I’ll take that one yeah yeah during the show I know phones ringing I get what you’re saying what do you think but it’s when it comes to like stand stand up or really any profession it’s a numbers game there are far more far more males that do stand up than females so when you’re a female who is talented you stand out so it’s not that I’m getting it before I deserve it or that I’m getting it in place of somebody else I think that it’s I’ve worked just as hard as anybody else has by the way everything anyone gets is in place of someone else and nothing wrong with that somebody get some somebody else doesn’t I don’t think it’s easier for a woman to get signed or or I think that I think it’s still harder there’s more people who don’t let women open for them yeah hey could you get what I’m so anything I’ve gotten is because I’ve earned it great ass yeah absolutely yeah I’m not taking what you’re talking about you know by any means but it’s just that it’s like well hey we got a Woman comic you know as opposed to hell this guy is and is it what but this isn’t this isn’t like a giant record label where they’re like we got to have diversity we got to have those that they’re saying who are the funniest people yeah these every week Anna Griffin right now and so marry someone that was on their radar because of something that she did for them and they said let’s make this offer now there is somebody else that we know that was on that show and I don’t think he got the offer right and I don’t think it’s because once funnier than the other ones a woman wants a man I think it’s because they saw Mary they said hey this this kid’s got she’s got it Whatever It Is got it yeah Play the song again you got the X Factor – yeah you you got the touch get what you’re trying to say what he but it’s inherently sexist and honestly pisses me off and and that’s not the easiest thing to do just what he off no please marry off thought I’ve gotta take a pink ride chelation thank you I’ve got to take a break but whoever you are listening right now you’ve got You’ve Got The Touch you’ve got that riff you’ve got the power 3519 to if you want to text the Alan Cox Show 100.7 WMS and everywhere you go on our free I Heart Radio cares

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Fitzsimmons is going to join us on the phone in a bit as well he’s doing the weekend at hilarities I always loved catching up with him he has said to us on a number of occasions that this show is one of his top two favorite radio shows to do in the United States that’s I’ve never asked him what the other one is because I would be terrified to find out I’m but I guarantee that I’m firmly number two otherwise he would just hit number one he would he’d say you’re my favorite so it’s nice of him to even give me that to go you’re one of my top two two he’s just being being generous we have 26 days until the presidential election in voting if you’ve seen any of the lines outside the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections if people were standing next to each other or right behind each other lines obviously wouldn’t be as long but people are distancing but still some really long lines from people who want to vote in person I was starting to worry about my absentee ballot because I was starting to think like man is getting down to it but those people are telling me that they’re starting to get there’s I was going to say because I didn’t get mine yet and I filed like month ago yeah they’re starting to go out of a male October 6th I there you go you you can go to I will vote by the way if you’re not sure if you’re registered I certainly hope by this time you know at the very least to a register is it yeah the deadline is my Monday so does it matter well despite my richman’s nice me off you should know by now you should have done your research on minute every time you open any social media it’s right there Kyra’s vote I heard PornHub I was like I’m I will vote now back to military classified now back to watch and holes and poop time right right so there are a number of celebrities who are trying to coax you into voting by being naked is it working ah I mean if you’ve seen the lineup at a node B you know they’re obviously they’re that they’re naked from the waist up Sarah Silverman’s got a very nice hand bra no she’s got quite a traffic cam she’s got a couple of full Palms Chelsea Handler who you can’t keep clothes on as part of this Jane Lynch she unit I don’t know I didn’t go through all of them once I saw Mark Ruffalo I’m like I gotta get out of here Mark Ruffalo Tiffany haddish Chris Rock where is this is it a website so it’s on YouTube naked slabs for it is through represent us is the organization I’m naked I’m completely naked naked naked I’m like naked there isn’t a man behind me these are my hands y-you want me to be naked I’m here to talk to you about voting Laura it’s the only one in there who’s fully clothed by the way he was but he can’t vote for I can’t vote in our elections he sure yes now United States citizen he is sitting listen of Kazakhstan I’m dr. penis doctor penis is naked to in this know that ballads could be naked and if you don’t do exactly what I tell you your ballot could get thrown out first of all when your ballot comes you’re supposed to read the instructions really and follow the instructions that come with your ballot that they say to use the black pen use a black pet number two okay some states like Pennsylvania there are two envelopes you have to stuff your ballot and otherwise it’s called a naked three male your ballot in as soon as you listen Malin balloting they’re not looking for ballots to count they’re looking for ballast to toss so do everything you have to do to make sure that your ballot does not get tossed because they’re just looking for irregularities the go bit so just make sure every T is dotted crossed make sure every T is dotted and every eye is crossed many people don’t listen to me that’s right already tossed me out anyways I understand I forgot what time it was I got all jammed up poop time I like how upon K Ki sounds exasperated every time I play a clip of him pooped on love It Poop time Sarah Silverman was so busty she’s very busty there was a film where she showed him off are those are real yes they’re real and they’re spectacular yeah they look good yeah she’s got an old man oh hey your dad and all sit on them get those things out ASAP like now let’s go please vote take your clothes off and vote vote vote vote everyone’s voice matters in this election please vote why didn’t they get like Chris Hemsworth you know what he’s not about America’s either yeah Chris Hemsworth who

am I thinking of Chris Evans Chris have Chris Evans are Zac Efron there’s a bunch of our draw he just did that whole naked thing so he doesn’t want to double dip who’s friend Chris Evans he go the tee Peg and you’re gonna put go vote on the side of it in Black Sharpie it’s black and white give us some color do some justice to yourself no black-and-white is a bit more mysterious I never saw it so I’ll take your word for it but hate it but you don’t you wanna see I could I don’t know I don’t want to say it okay it’s not that I’m incapable of finding it I just didn’t let me respond to us since it she asked me for it was he wanted to make sure that the room was blanketed with Chrissy Owens careening want to do the research I was like I know I know you have she’s like I know you have it a private message you just send it to me yeah you just want to get the you want to get the result really do the work I understand I’ve got $1,000 here for you chance for you to go fund yourself just about every hour today you got a crack in a thousand dollars a good luck hey it’s rover go fund yourself time for your shot at $1,000 now takes the Nationwide keyword thanks to the number 200 200 you’ll get a text confirming entry Plus iHeartRadio info standard data and message rates apply in this Nationwide contest that’s that’s thanks to 200 200 good luck luck and go yourself from 100.7 WMS if you listen to The Show by the way on I Heart Radio let me know where you do that especially if you are listening out of state make sure that I have you on the map of bureau chief Yves but listen all throughout North America and Beyond Victor listens in Roanoke Virginia Mark is up in Albany New York York Dustin is in Columbia South Carolina Mike is in Livonia Michigan Michigan Kaitlyn and an or two of our many Bureau Chiefs in Pittsburgh and I also heard from our Vermont Bureau cheese we’ve got people in Montpelier we’ve got people in Burlington Vermont has become the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana don’t don’t there’s no way to know how many states remaining that have not legalized recreational marijuana but Vermont is the 11th so so congratulations to them them Vermont is a lot more conservative than people think by the way just because they have Bernie and been in Jerry doesn’t mean everybody there is a tree hugger Vermont is like the most rural State out of the 50 it’s the second whitest and usually you put those two together and you have a firmly red state with the first widest Main main like 98% white people yeah find a black eye in Maine it’s like everybody knows him hi Chad oh wait no maybe some more black Maine could be named Chad if you see two black eyes and Main talk and people get like what the hell’s going on around here Vermont elected Republican Governors for a hundred years so so anyway I congratulations to the state of Vermont now granted they are also one of the 13 states where bestiality is still legal so you take the rough with the smooth Love Is Love it’s really it’s hard to believe the bestiality is is legal into it’s not like one of those things that falls through the cracks because eventually you will get people who are trying to have sex with animals and then it will go through the legislative process I go guys let’s let’s outlaw sex with animals do we have to animals can we at least come on up for debate anything bigger than a waist high let’s make it illegal to have sex with those animals seeing a baby kangaroo came out of a pouch on Twitter the other day day really scarred I could imagine having sex with an animal or cakes horse you want to sex with that animal no be terrified back back at its end of that history hands there’s a guy in Pennsylvania if only he’d gone to Vermont dude in Pennsylvania who got pinched because he was trying to rent a horse for sex for him and his wife how do they know how does who know did he get openly say like hey I need to rent this horse for sex or did he just say like I’m looking for a horse how did they find out part of an investigation but a woman contacted the police after saying that she got a message on Facebook from a guy who wanted to rent her horse she has a horse named Bentley and she offers her animals for rides and training to families who are trying to teach their children about the framing not trains yeah stop it there about the Noble Equine so the woman goes back and forth with the guy the guy asks her if she would be willing to rent the horse

to him and his wife so that they could have sex with it he just destroyed just so not a bright man he doesn’t like so how when it gets excited I got how do we milk it oh God so was it it’s like when Woody Harrelson walks back with the big pail of milk in Kingpin me I got up in milk your cow do female we don’t have a cow we have a bowl turn a long time it took him a long time he’s got the milk mustache you know not Norman’s Alec and his wife now even though it’s illegal in in Pennsylvania is still a misdemeanor acting getting hired they’re like okay so we checked your background at all looks good except for the time try to screw a horse when I elaborate on that I tried to screw a horse I tried to rent a horse that is that’s right never got that far they didn’t catch him in the act you know where you grab the stepladder and but this guy’s going back and forth with woman why on Earth you would think that a woman renting a horse would rent it to you if you told her we want to have sex with it maybe he was him and the wife he goes we’re open-minded and we like to try different things that is really open-minded so open-minded so open-minded to open minded if there’s a to open mind and that’s it so he messaged this woman repeat he was holding nothing back he said we’ve never been with a horse in any manner but we want to geez we’ve never Kyle of that we’ve never even ridden a horse we’re going to skip writing we’re gonna go right to sex but at least ride the animal first get a feel for it but it’s danger girl huh it’s not more dangerous than having sex with it that’s why I’m saying it’s dangerous I don’t understand how you could like you have to sedate it or something how could you now because I think listen a human man is going to be so small that that horse isn’t even going to feel going to kick you can’t be underneath it or behind he wants to put it in I think though it’s for both of you it for both I think it is great I think the guy wants to take the horse to it doesn’t matter you still have to be the have to get underneath it I don’t know about that I’m sure he wants the wife too open wide do it it’s watch easy to when I found out that was the thing from the movie 40 Year Old Virgin it’s huge I was like how like physically no watch the movies ooh don’t watch the documentary that guy guy who got killed because he had sex on the floor hands huh that’s his name mr. hands mr hands is what they call him in Seattle right yeah dr. something there’s a documentary called Zoo about this guy who is the documentary about people have sex with animals but the money shot is this guy who was killed by a horse having sex with it like just ripped him up just destroyed him and there’s like some audio and the think it is horrifying yeah horrifying yeah years waiting for your little baby baby you’re right like you’re raping an animal you think the animal doesn’t know it’s getting raped it doesn’t want you in there uh listen I don’t know what animals want or don’t want I know that an animal normally Earth and animal can’t give you consent but I don’t know what they want horses don’t normally rip people apart and neither do you well yes if you’re taking a horse if you’re taking horse junk into your body it’s probably going to go awry I don’t know how you even practice for that that’s what you know I don’t either are you how are you how are you so confident I was watching I was catching up on Better Call Saul because I had really fallen behind with that show and you know there’s a part of the Season where he’s got a scam going where he’s selling prepaid cell phones to people that shows you like it in time that that episode is set right where he’s in a parking lot selling prepaid phones to people they are untraceable and blah blah blah I said to Gwen ago Jesus imagine because a lot of these guys behind him have friends in prison and they’re a smuggle them in like imagine getting a phone in your ass even the smallest phone yeah but that’s like Nokia 300 back then sounds hot small how many gigabytes is this there she is is so this guy to and his wife although he was the one speaking to the woman renting the horse I would I would throw him underneath the horse I’m like that was him I never would have sex with a horse you’re not going to put that on my permanent record what do you mean permanent record if you ask what’s your number go well humans are everything everything everything a man this is going to go in your temporary record all right it’ll be expunged in a few years I imagine people will want to get that expunged so the cops recorded the guy on the phone they asked the lady who was renting the horse if she’d

record a call and they said yeah operation huh so he talked to her on the phone and said he wanted to rent the horse and he offered her $200 so so they’re like money is an object object t’ ho he told the woman he was not interested in having intercourse with the animal but he wanted to manually stimulate it it when asked if he would be alone he said no me it’s me and my wife so he wanted to work the thing up and then you know probably particularly heated mrs. L like what take it from there but yeah and if only he’d gone to Vermont it’s not even West Virginia West Virginia bestiality I think is I think is still legal so it really runs the gamut it’s a misdemeanor in some states and then in other states like Idaho and Michigan you can get life in prison for for bestiality don’t you their meat so they go really hardcore the other way life in prison okay that’s a bit extreme don’t even get that hey look a person look at the bright side you have sex with a horse a nothing in prison going to ruin you you’re gonna be like oh please are you I can’t even feel anything what happened to you man I’m in the I’m in the geldings what do you want from me all right I’ve got a break if you want to give me a text 3519 to we’re going to catch up with her friend Greg Fitzsimmons ins after five o’clock he is doing the weekend at hilarities very funny dude you go to pick up a quick and frolic for all the details the Alan Cox Show on 100 to 5 7 8 1 oo7

oo 7 800 3481 oo7

two five one nine too if you want to send me a text anytime somebody sends me a story that is just completely Bonkers I always have to make sure that it’s not like a first thing I do is check and see if it’s like the onion or if it’s one of those weirdos news sites let me sent me a link in the break man I don’t know if this is a real story or not yeah well suss it out out now this is not a real story what is it come on this is San Francisco homeless man dies of rabies after performing oral sex on stray dog back in the picture they’ve got to the guy he’s like looks crazy he’s got two teeth he’s got a pair Neta his head and about that that because then you gotta you got it like Google the person’s name to see if it shows up anywhere else there’s any other corroborating news source with that story and if it only goes back to the one website then you know that it’s fake can you get rabies that that way I mean I don’t know and a person get rabies I didn’t know that people could get rabies of these people get rabies from people know transfer human too what does it do to you I know what it does to the dog but what does it do to a human I thought it was a different type of the disease um no it makes you it just I don’t think it’s fatal but it makes you very very sick I mean it can it can make your brain swell that’s no good I mean I think rabies rabies if you the doctor and go I think I got bit by a rabid dog they can give you something and they can take care of it but I mean if you’ve ever seen a rabid animal like a raccoon or something like that you’re like man you want to give that thing a wide berth you call Animal Control they look crazy yeah foaming and I mean all the all the stuffy here Joe yeah all my rabies knowledge comes from the office so I’m not gonna I have no idea if any of its true or not is there a lot of rabies knowledge in the office a whole episode that revolves around it yes 30 minutes of rabies knowledge a two-part episode yeah it’s the Fun Run episode because Michael hits Meredith was car and then they find out she has rabies so she got bit by a rabid bet do I grab it back yeah so covid started but like he says ridiculous things like rabies causes a fear of water which is not true that’s not gonna know that he ever had rabies I haven’t your I don’t know that it’s watching of the deadly virus and it’s true it’s watching a video of a girl in Texas who just got to Guinness World Records this poor poor girl pogo sticking know I can we got to figure out the pogo stick going stick damn it make myself a note did you slip my mind Pogo stud you ordered him already knows like a harm 50 but I really like that but he’s only getting one getting one and see who could do and then will be the longest and then we’ll each take take it to practice a little bit I think that are there any that have counters on them like a skip it I don’t know you can count in your head how many again you’re not where have no official kou none of us are going to be getting the triple digits you don’t know that never seen me bounce baby true anyway this girl is 17 she lives in Texas and her Guinness World Records are longest legs in the world for a female and long yeah it’s not just poor girl like that’s not attractive Jesus this girl she’s 610 both of her legs are for over 4 feet 4 inches long long so longest legs in the world for a female and longest legs on the teenager this girl obviously she’s gangly she’s not you know yeah it’s bad enough he’s guess kids at school are going to think you’re cool just because you’re in the Guinness Book of World they’re like what the hell is that Maci current is 17 to live in Cedar Park Texas and yeah she’s all legs but even

above the waist she looks like Jack Skellington oh yeah just your type Bill she looks like Jack Skellington taken back really tell us what does not Skeletor this girl scouts said she comes from at tall family but none of her relatives are 6 feet 10 felt like she is away pardon me skeletor’s jacked by the way he’s not just a skeleton he’s got a skeleton face but sculpture shaped body is jacked so learning references they look like every other Masters of the Universe hmm action figure they were all ripped okay even the old guy okay I first noticed I was taller than everyone like in preschool I never really had a single grossberger imagine you’re in preschool you’re not even in kindergarten and you go wow I’m taller than everyone else I saw this video the other day of a kid that’s like 10 years old 10 or 11 years old and he’s already 6 1 he’s like 6 1 like so strong is the word oh God God playing football with other kids that are his age and he’s run for a touchdown and just he’s still runs all goofy because he grew he doesn’t know how to move in this body yet but it’s hilarious as these kids are just bouncing off him love it but isn’t it pretty Universal that people who have like these outside the margins body measurements something’s going on with him right like something not good is going on with them like this girl is 6:10 she’s going to have like hip surgery or something or like a friggin Whip whip it I grew a lot I grew about like four to five inches a year so I was like consistently and getting taller the pros of having long legs boy she sure sounds happy she’s gonna have a prom date oh it’s gonna be great great and there’s nothing you can do about it you’re just like Christ I’m 610 like I’m not guys aren’t my height yeah but she can get any scholarship she could I mean volleyball basketball oh they show a clip of her playing volleyball yes no good yeah she kisses your toll I agree with you but I want the End by the neck they showed a clip of earner mom’s going on oh yeah I mean just cause you’re tall and mean you can play sports means you can you can reach the hoop just by standing there there Thanks it’s goaltending gonna have to learn to do that is that you’re like you don’t really strike friggin Ginger ostrich category of like normal your kind of like unique you have something different and people are like drawn to it almost I hope that tall women can see that the height is a gift and that you shouldn’t be ashamed that you’re tall you should really embrace it I mean God bless her but like you these things you have to consistently tell yourself because life is is not going to be a a time for you when you were that tall your 610 and you’re 17 you’re like a giant bird walking around to get like a basketball player boyfriend or like one of those who 7/3 overseas like those guys right what I’m saying is I’m your your primary Criterion then becomes height yeah hey I got a guy who’s this tall as me he looks like a friggin but I mean he’s 67 feet tall that’s what I mean that’s a lot of women’s first thing anyway height for a guy right like I’d like a guy who’s 6-3 not 7 feet tall I know but I’m sure she’s bending over in an airplane fuselage I gotta get to my seat they show her driving she’s got her knees and her chest and her seeds of audit automobile that I could stop making be made the subject of fun I guess so I only requirement is not being like under 5 feet like as long as you’re 5 foot in above of I’m okay with that you could date a guy with five one my size yeah if he’s if he’s jacked they usually are usually are the ones have abs so see if you get is a bottom then that’s perfect I just don’t have time tiny little abs abs listen I’m not tall for a guy I’m I’m I don’t think I Break 6 feet but boy if I was like five one or like my mother-in-law’s like 411 you know I mean if I was like that or if I was six seven oh my God no thanks like nothing is going to be simple for you clothes shopping isn’t going to be simple travel isn’t going to make your own clothes make your own airplane wait I want to I want to make my own clothes what am I a Mennonite try to live my life man tunic and it’s just something like you can’t control no oh oh that’s the worst but then you gotta accept it no idea those are the things it’s about that it’s a blessing airplane like Trump saying it was a blessing from God that he got coronavirus like come on man it’s like it to everybody else to die too I won’t be happy until I infect you too hey Nicky

hey hi Alan what’s up hi well I have some information about rabies and what happens to you when you go lay it on me well well my brother-in-law actually was attacked by a bobcat at Christmas time two years ago wait wait wait that is the worst Hallmark movie I’ve ever heard in my life attacked by a bobcat at Christmas all right what did it Loughlin it maybe maybe when they make the movie it well so beautiful but I know he was attacked by a bobcat his dog was to and my sister and her kids they all hug the dog and they hugged him so they were all exposed to so so where did this happen happen it happened in Virginia wow was Virginia Bobcats goddamn I’ll tell you what they are just yeah stalking the countryside all right so they had to have what they came here to Cleveland and they had to go and go to the hospital and they had to get all the shots and what they do because his it latched onto his thumb and it scratched up his legs and it is side and he slammed it into the house and let go and and which is and it got away they did shoot it though by the way well Nikki I’m just I’m just you know Bobcat cat attacks are very rare they don’t traditionally attach a bit oh I see so all bets were off I got you okay it was a rabbit I wasn’t sure if he was out there won’t like hey Tyson bobcat I don’t know who’s calling at Robert cat making him mad and actually my brother-in-law’s name is Robert to that’s kind of funny there you go Bob got bit by a bobcat call 911 what that’s why he got bit because they have gone bobcat okay is like go ahead well they give you shots in your size for some reason I don’t know why and then they also gave him shots at all of his wounds he said that was the worst part and they had to get two or three rounds of shots so they put his they put syringes in his thighs and then right dead center in his bites yes and they were bad by its it almost worked oh my God they like camping or I mean no it was in their yard and the first protect the dog and they heard a commotion and then and out to see what it was and then it attacked him did the dog fight it offer was the dog a loss the dog fight it off and luckily the dye was up-to-date on shots otherwise they would have put her down she was quarantined for a while and she had to have all the shots as well so but it was really pretty wild and crazy that’s crazy neighbor shot it yeah did he have any like lingering issues as a result of that like down the road or yeah I don’t think so no huh all right this is really crazy experience in the whole family had to get all the shots doing doing there sighs listen think we’ve all learned a valuable lesson here from Nikki today don’t name your kids Robert because it’s going to be a source of confusion if you’re ever come across rabid bobcat yeah okay thank you Nikki oh you’re welcome also it can get rabies can kill you I like the PostScript there’s like okay anyway it can also Kill You by yeah it can all hear because of because because like what brain inflammation or if it’s untreated yeah I think it could yeah I think it’s that it’s some kind of fever something I can’t remember the details on why or how but I know I think you’re right about the brain swelling how long does it take though like how long after you get bit shoot you go to the doctor the media right away yeah really cuz that’s it goes right to your brain now listen you know let’s pour to make a distinction syphilis goes untreated you got some time it’s gonna eat your brain away but you got some a forget how to walk and talk and all that kind of crap rabies you better get it taken care of right away syphilis you can let it sit rabies you better let it get taken care of yep that’s right all right good way so I hope everyone knows now what to do in case we run into real tell you what that’s the most esoteric information we’ve gotten all day today and the probably the most useful Nicki just schooled us on what to do if you run into a rabid bobcat don’t fight it and don’t ya all right thank you Nikki Thanks Q how much time do you have if you get the rabies syphilis combo there is no rabies syphilis combo that’s why if you’ve been bitten by a rabid animal and you also have syphilis you’ve got a real coin flip on your hands you’re thinking who you’re in a real pickle yeah I wanted the people that take the chancellor like I got bit

and I might have rabies but I don’t have health insurance so it was worth it you go to the ER yeah I just got bit by a raccoon or you know something and I need a shot I’m worried I have rabies Sabaton my house you had to get a tetanus shot if you stepped on a nail when you were a kid you know it’s still thing yeah tetanus I mean now you got them usually as a matter of course yeah I got mine and they say you can feel that shot years later which I did tennis shots suck they’re like soup too thick my yeah yeah I can feel it years later like just that impact spot where it was the Phantom tetanus shot he was weird was every seven years you’re supposed to get one or something like that something like that all right man chill out I forgot how to drive think we see you sorry yeah so poor Nikki by the way you know she’s calling me with some information and we keep making our dumb jokes and I know she’s just trying to give me some tell us how to be safe just trying to give me some bobcat information we’re like bobcat cat named Robert course it turned out it was so joke’s on her bill as we know what’s going on on but I will always get to the truth always right sorry oh boy he had more girlfriends than you can even count I’m most of them are still warm when they got here he was just just me ass I suggest you save your pickle juice you to do shot your I’ll tell me what to do in my pickle juice those are for pickleback shots how is gonna be big jar of pickle juice in the fridge frankly I can’t believe he went that long before dropping a I know that’s like the several problems yeah several calls boy bill out of all all the caller’s I never would expect that that blind drunk guy to say something inappropriate he’s blind how could I assume how could I not have seen that coming hey Cody damn are you hanging in so about rabies rabies is pretty much a hundred percent fatal fatal if you get bit and then four weeks later you go to the hospital because you’re feeling kind of bad yeah hey I got bit by an animal in the doctor thinks it might be rabies there’s a good chance you’re probably going to die from it almost definitely really yeah rabies rabies is only been cured one time after it’s been diagnosed and the treatment that you use a cure the man with it pretty much turn him into a vegetable so if you don’t go just got it if you don’t go right right away done for yeah I mean if you get bit by an animal and you think there’s even a slight chance of could be rabid you need to go to the doctor and get pre bite treatment immediately wow her post by treatment treatment for us here I’m looking right at it once symptoms appear it’s nearly always fatal ooh look at that but there are fewer than a thousand cases a year in the United States of rabies thanks to Michael Scott everyone got Cody are you just are you just a rabies Enthusiast or are you in the medical community I used to be an EMT so yeah did you ever have to treat someone with rabies no I have never treated anyone with rabies yeah okay it’s pretty cool air but if you if you get bit by an animal you need to go to the doctors right away because the scary thing about rabies is it makes you it makes you go insane essentially you get candy eat your brain so you’ll be terrified of water really wages itself they die from dehydration from the lack of their body is literally wow so it’s so how so how what is the time frame on that like how quickly does it go it doesn’t necessarily have a defined time line because it can you could get bit and then three months later later full blown rabies I you can get bit and then two weeks later rabies you just wake up with hole blown rabies yeah depends on how long it takes for the viral load to build up in your system yeah I’m not Alright good thank you Cody I appreciate it I tried to go right past it viral load ah stop come on I’m gonna want to get one more viral load out if I ever get bit by a rabies Animal Boy

fatal think about that you go huh I mean first of all who’s gonna get bit by a raccoon ago that we’ll see what happens I don’t think I need to choose people that are like that too big tooth marks Fang marks on your hand I think I’m okay on what freaks me out of the people who were like my dog licked me and then I had to have her leg amputated you know the innocuousness stuff where they find out the dog had something in its saliva that couldn’t be detected or whatever rabies pretty open-and-shut case dude a couple of years bed go to the hospital it’s not rabies rabies but a couple of years ago oh friends cat bit me while I was drunk and I let it go for a couple days and my hand was so infected disgusting it was like why would anyone bitten by an animal Leave it go I was wasted first of all when you were bitten up the next day well when I woke up the next day I was like hey we’re having like a oh you were messing with the cat and she bit you and I had to go to work so I’m like half drunk went to work and by the end of my shift I was like I gotta go to the emergency room because like my hands swelled up I couldn’t move any of my fingers like my hand was which is not good for when you’re on shifter bartending yeah um my hand was probably the size of a grapefruit and I couldn’t bend any of my fingers and I had to go in and then I was on IV antibiotics every day every morning I had to go and get IV antibiotics for like 10 days straight and then they put me on pills you could have gotten the feline AIDS a mess dude and the Frozen full-blown feline AIDS first time I ever had morphine it was like they were like are you allergic cause I don’t think so I’ve never had it before they put it in there and like I was sitting there for like five minutes and I looked at her I was like I think my hand is better she’s like that I picked it up and went to go to try them bend my fingers again she’s like stop you’re not better you just feel feelings what is the opposite of allergic because that’s how I feel all right mazing stuff a mess you up yeah yeah all right I gotta take a break comedian Greg Fitzsimmons gonna join me on the phone shortly is doing the weekend at hilarities it go to Pickwick and to look into that always like talking to him I’m going to have week five picks for are for the football games coming up courtesy of Terry the goat out in in Pennsylvania and if you want to text 3519 to and will be radio shrink makeup on comfortable

well if it’s weird it’s not right that cool and there’s

plenty more where that came from Back to the Alan Cox Show on 100.7 WMS Seaside sitting here smoking and drinking and ringside I’m on top of the world ma I gotta bring in my hand I got my toes in this in all I need is beautiful girl Van Halen from 2012 David Lee Roth’s and Alex on the congas so track on one of their DVDs I was reading that Van Halen songs and album sales are up six thousand percent since Eddie Van Halen died they got all kinds of stuff obviously over at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well well they got a 1994 prototype guitar you know Eddie was constantly making his own guitars because the ones that were out there didn’t create the sounds he wanted so he was always messing with his guitars which is why it was so difficult for a lot of people to replicate his sound never mind the technique the sound because he had been building his own equipment equipment and and then people would just custom order those guitars thinking Hey listen maybe if I buy the Eddie Van Halen’s guitar I’ll sound like Eddie Van Halen who knows about that probably not but you know there’s no no instrument has inherent value to it just what you can do with it so they have all kinds of stuff over at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Van Halen centric they have the huge huge rig rig in there and they got all kinds of stuff so so they’ve kind of manage to recreate a lot of things that Van Halen have put together for tours and things so if you’re a gear nerd you’ll probably want to get over there and check it out they’ve got a replica of the Frankenstein guitar which was Eddie Van Halen’s most famous guitar the black and white the duct tape and the paint and the whole thing comedian Greg Fitzsimmons is at hilarities this coming weekend Fitz dog as his speaking of rabies as his friends and compatriots and no shortage of perfect strangers refer to him as the fits dog and Gregory how are you well I appreciate let’s take them all down and talk about Eddie Van Halen being dead do that for about five minutes and let’s bring the fifth doggone should have been here yesterday I did listen No Regrets no regrets I did the Eddie Van Halen thing you’re getting a mere trickle from yesterday’s show I did basically the whole show yesterday about my love of Van Halen and Eddie Van Halen and it I had to cop to it it was

it hit me a lot harder than than I had anticipated I did it would yes it is one of those things where you have to stop for a second ago I’ve got to make a list of all the rock stars that are going to bring me to my knees when they die because you don’t you forget how much certain ones mean to you until they’re gone like Eddie Van Halen the first time I heard eruptions segueing directly into the power cords of review You Really Got Me I had goose Bumps yeah said what happened what was that and it was like rock and roll change rock and roll guitar changed when that first album I think that was the first track on their first album maybe it was the second trial it was second Van Halen one opens with Running With the Devil and then goes and that’s how but that’s how much of a badass you knew that guy was you were like wow he doesn’t even open the album with with corruption yes attract to but yeah you you had to like I was saying yesterday at Great length you had to everything you had heard up to that point right right because it wasn’t just that it was fast because there was plenty of guys in the 70s that were fast but it got monotonous with him it was fast but it was also as a comedian I found a playful I found it humorous almost how much fun he was having doing it yeah yeah well yeah because it creatively what it had the it had the ability to make you think that it was being improvised that it wasn’t and maybe some of it was was but you know things that obviously you and I if we practiced forever would never be able to recreate probably yeah I think technically the way he went between you know synthesizing different sounds and like I said going into those really you know fuzzy power chords like there was a lot going on it wasn’t just one sound do you play anything I play guitar yeah guitar okay so the dear kids play anything yeah my son is actually way better at Guitar than I am well he is okay so we’re you a guy I mean for you is just like a hobby or you start playing when you were a kid did you have any aspirations or was it something you were like you know what I’ll learn some chords and have some fun with it well that’s how guitar was for me I’m just a chord guy I don’t I don’t shred Yeah but I played bass I played bass in junior high school and part of high school and a band and I had a buddy who was like a savant he was he was studying music theory with guitar when he was in like you know when he was like eleven yeah played classical guitar and then he started playing blues and rock and he basically taught me how to play the bass so that that he would have jam with and then my brother played drums and this other kid Ricky’s a bark saying and we split birthday parties you know a junior high school and we were we were badasses what was the what was the coolest what was the band name zephir nice I love it and what after the television of the car your dad was driving what Guitar Center does that guy work at now about the the skateboard shop and and we played we wrote Our we played covers obviously like Zeppelin The Who but then we wrote a lot of songs like one of them was called the MS Bellator yeah get it yep that we were doing we were and then we did like songs that were parodies of our teachers you know like we had a teacher named Dewey act doll and so we did this Calypso song once there was a man named do we do we do we do you remember the songs and I’ll tell you what’s even better for this what’s even better is that now the Greg Fitzsimmons has had a very successful career and all of his Zephyr Zephyr bandmates have Into Obscurity when the eventual reunions happens it’s going to be called Greg Fitzsimmons and Zephyr and that’s going to be nice Vindication for you that’s right because it was always the drummer that got laid now it’s going to be the bass player for a change there you go and I just as a you know I would love to picture you in this band playing the upright Bass oh yes I like that I like you really want to get laid you lug that puppy around ladies will come calling we will call him TV will try to do is that brown plug there you go Greg Greg Fitzsimmons is in a band what’s that did you play in a band I did I’m a drummer yeah my brother played bass and I was a drummer he he didn’t really he had fun with it but he never really cared about getting all that good and I wanted to get good so yeah I played with a bunch of bands I I usually get

but I mean I was never in band in school I wanted to be in a band and so I was in a handful of you know not very good ones but we had a lot of fun and do you know it was great but I don’t know that I ever had aspirations of a life in rock and roll roll look the best the best ones always get kicked out of the band you know yeah that’s what I said said said you’re gonna run it let’s come up with a list of the best musicians kicked out of bands Pete Best obviously had David Lee Roth yeah well he left to need the kick him out her it was one of those like you can’t fire me I quit type things I heard a rumor and I don’t want to disparage the event Helen family but he claims there was anti-semitism involved in am leaving the band really what what because the because the Van Halen boys were from the Netherlands and they had a weird stink on him yeah they are our Alabama Europe’s Alabama yeah yeah well they they came over here with nothing but 75 Gilder and a piano that’s not a good sign that’s right lives in a the I mean it’s it’s great I love when win see some you know the American dream happens with rock and roll I think that I would you talk about famous guys he’s getting kicked out of band you got to go Michael Anthony from Van Halen he was very unceremoniously Lee kicked out Dave Mustaine getting kicked out of Metallica that’s a big one Dave Navarro getting kicked out of the Red Hot Chili Peppers bright but he got but he got kicked right in two Carmen Electra’s vagina so it worked out for him soft Landing a very soft Landing that’s right Syd Barrett got kicked out of Pink Floyd right now that’s right yeah right yeah well if I have that the biggest probably of all time would be I’m trying to remember his name the drummer for The Beatles Pete best yeah yeah Brian Jones got kicked out of the stones okay I’ll tell you what we could whenever Greg Fitzsimmons and I get together and we play a rousing round of who got kicked out of one band it is I’ll tell you what was the kiss guy the kiss guy all of them except for me the kit Ace Frehley we’re rate we’re radio clickbait yeah we really are Greg Fitzsimmons is back in Cleveland thank Christ he’s doing the weekend at hilarities that is a seven o’clock tonight and then seven and nine tomorrow 7:00 and 9:15 on Saturday you got to pick one can they give you the breakdown on because the price they have it set up differently now so that they’re doing it by tables and everybody’s distanced and they got some Next Generation HVAC system and their Greg has you’re going to have a phenomenal time time there I can’t wait I haven’t done stand-up since March 15th Chanda and I think that that sounds bad but it’s actually good because I’ve been writing the whole time and so much has happened that I’ve got you know obviously I’ve got my old act whatever I can remember of it but there’s going to be a ton of new stuff and I think there’s going to be a fair amount of audience interaction don’t kid yourself so have you done outdoor shows No I did too like 15 minutes sets outdoors in LA and the last like three weeks and they were super fun I think audiences are so ready to laugh right now that when they come out there Matt like I’ve talked to a lot of comments that have been really like on the road the last month or so yeah and even the ones that are doing these drive-in movie shows say that the crowds are just like they’re the best friends I’ve ever had Nate bargatze is in town tonight doing one of those driving shows that’s hilarious he was on my podcast last week I know is that Greg Fitzsimmons does like half a dozen podcast and they’re all awesome are you doing one with your wife now I do one with Alison Rosen it’s called childish and she she’s not my wife but she is a mother of young kids and I’m a father of old kids okay we talk about raising kids I try to I try to teach her about raising kids and she’s not really buying anything she’s looking at the finished product and going there 5050 so we do that and then yeah and then I do fit snug radio for like 11 years yeah and then and then I do Sunday papers on Sunday which is like a me and my buddy Mike given who’s

been my best friend since College we go through each section of the paper business science International and we cover each one with jokes and we just actually recently covered I forget how it came up so all I know it was cause you guys had a big fight was that the Browns are the Indians that had a fight in the stands recently Browns rounds yeah and so we started talking about that and then we got all these letters from people from Cleveland saying you think that was something back in 74 of there was 10-cent beer night okay so I went down the rabbit hole of videos from that that was insane there’s like retro t-shirts to that effect that you know either the burning over and then you’ve got the 10-cent beer night yeah and then and then there was also someone else wrote in that you guys had like a balloon day oh yeah yeah that’s a good one tell you what one and a half million balloons and two guys died anything that has for 10-cent beer knight any promotion that you might do that instigates new legislation you know was probably a bad decision you want to see a fun one look up look up the Terminal Tower softball toss and the the owner of the Cavs the time also owned an amateur like softball team and he was throwing softballs out the top of the Terminal Tower and it hit like a car and hit a lady but they just kept going with it as if this whole big thing it’s ridiculous what could go wrong we’re gonna throw softballs off of a high rise yeah wait what do you call that the terminal Tower it’s the biggest building in Downtown Cleveland and they were throwing softballs off of it because we like our fun in Cleveland Cleveland Greg yes I think the cost of human life is lower here and that leads to a lot of fun shenanigans per capita and per pound per capita you’re absolutely correct that’s right there’s a lot of different per capita as you know I grew up I grew up in the Bronx and we had we had bat night at Shea Stadium oh God what could go wrong it sounds great yeah yeah it was and there was always a rest on that night of course the last that’s how covid started bat night at Shea Stadium there it is all right listen I’m Gonna Let You Go I look forward to the day when you were sitting across from me in this room but in the meantime I’m always happy to hear from you and and you truly are one of my favorite radio shows in the country you guys are great I really miss seeing you in person and and thanks for having me on next time you’re in I want to sit in with Zephyr yeah brother don’t we don’t talk so we actually have an opening behind the I’m going to take full advantage of the familial Strife in the between the Fitzsimmons boys I’m going to shoehorn myself in there yeah all right that your family Hagar you got it all right thank you Greg Beth take care of there’s Greg Fitzsimmons he is at hilarities all weekend seven o’clock tonight 7:00 and 9:15 tomorrow and Saturday go to Pickwick and for the info I got $1,000 give to you here a chance for you to go fund yourself good luck hey it’s rover go fund yourself time for your shot at $1,000 now takes the Nationwide keyword win to the number 200 200 you’ll get a text confirming entry Plus iHeartRadio info standard data and message right Supply in this Nationwide contest that’s wind to 200 200 good luck and go fund yourself from 100.7 WMS WMS hey Mark hey Mary I while back you were talking about that cat that’s Becky well drunk just how drunk was that cats huh holy cow was drunker you were drunk oh boy she had lost two of her lives that night oh my goodness I mean we’re familiar with it more in the rodent Community than anything else right bill that’s right I told you out good could you do you want the goat pics before you get a break okay okay all right every Thursday we get the brand-new pics from Terry The Goat Who is out there at Carleton in Carlin PA am arsenic Farms and and al runs the farm out there and he always sends me a little bit of video showing me Terry going to the prognostication station and then he emails me her pics 13 picks this week for week 5 well fall is definitely here in Carlton Pennsylvania and Terry’s picks fell this past week

she was five and seven and hopefully she will be able to redeem herself this week as you can see today is rather enthusiastic and ready to get out there and redeem herself with her picks this week week she’s even trying open the door herself and we will release her now as you go to the prediction station station and she’s just working our way around and her predictions will be posted on Thursday she is getting excited she’s trying to bust that door open she get over there and get us our picks so hungry you gotta call your bookie get a pen write these down 13 picks Thursday Night Football is tonight he she picked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over my Chicago Bears that is going to be Tom Brady against Nick Foles should be a good game she picked the Tennessee Titans over the Buffalo Bills I don’t think that game is happening but I don’t know that’s still as of right now it’s happening okay she picked the Patriots over the Broncos she picked the Jacksonville Jaguars over the Houston Texans Texans she picked the Baltimore Ravens over the Cincinnati Bengals she picked the Carolina Panthers over the Atlanta Falcons these are good choices so far she picked the Chiefs over the Raiders and you know that’s a good choice she put the Arizona Cardinals over the Jets basically anybody over the Jets yeah that Joe Flacco and the Jets probably she picked the Philadelphia Eagles over the Pittsburgh Steelers hers that’s your Pennsylvania brawl right there that’s Donovan McNabb over Charlie Batch the Eagles are struggling who’s there guy who do they have the Eagles now Carson Wentz oh Carson Wentz she picked the Dallas Cowboys over the New York Giants she picked the Minnesota Vikings over the Seattle Seahawks I don’t know about that one okay Monday Night Football we won’t get the full rundown here until Tuesday Tuesday Monday Day Night Football is Saints Chargers Terry picked the Saints over the Chargers Drew Brees and I don’t know who the LA guy is Jack Youngblood the Chargers Justin Herbert all right sir and last but not least the Cleveland Browns are playing the Indianapolis Colts and Terry chooses chooses the Cleveland Browns wonder if Al chooses the Cleveland Browns for us camera the last time that would be cheating and and house no cheater that’s true but I wonder though I can’t think of the last time that Terry picked the opposing team over I think she started off the season picking the road is she really okay all right there are your picks courtesy of Terry the goat for week 5 mark them down learn it love it love it it and we’ll take a break here 3519 to if you want a text Alan you can hit us up there on 100.7 100.7 and is that a who’s yelling show one 100.7 WMS

2016 5 7 8 1 oo7 to join us 800

4817 eight one seven three five one nine too send me a text Alan Cox Road economy can watch their the brand-new pound take is there for you it’s called urban legend part 1 how many parts will there be for for hmm you got a quarter of the story today all they’re all different stories they’re all different you see you get the first of four stories today it’s an anthology for a Halloween month which is easy for me because then I already got the theme on the graphic that I made and I just changed apart part 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 cute little witch hat okay I put a little witch hat on pound cake cute is the word you’re going with is cute all right hello little something a little something you’d billion want to throw them in as the hocus-pocus lady I don’t have that kind of time I already have a picture of me as it and I don’t have that kind of time so the first of four urban legend one is and then three sequels for the rest of the month that will drop on Thursdays all spooky stories from my childhood right right are they all paranormal in nature or as one of the spooky stories from your childhood about like when some kid ran away after you try to smooch him behind a bush or something like they’re operating draw paranormal okay hey next week on the show I’m going to have Pat Blood Prison is coming back out at the Mansfield Reformatory reformatory a low contact high quality experience is what they’re calling it so if you are worried that they weren’t going to be doing stuff at the Ohio State Reformatory over Halloween worry no more it’s open

now through November 1st so I will have passes for you all next week to get out to Blood Prison I’d be in love going out there be interested to see how they’re going to make that that work sure they’ve got it all figured out out Allen on the rabies discussion I think that the lesson is to be proactive and bite the animals first there you go a lot of people also suggesting that you are new opening line should be no rabies that’s pretty good hey I don’t have rabies or babies or babies with rabies what’s more likely that odds are babies oh boy don’t really mess with animals I have sex so but I’m on birth control I don’t know that’s a tough guy I’m not on rabies control medicine maybe you should be I don’t know what rabies controlled medicine is the Dua are the animal babies prep Maybe are the animals upset because they have rabies and you know they’re going to die or does it it’s not fatal for the animals is it not as fatal it is fatal so there are no no no they know they’re going Goofy and yeah I think Old Yeller didn’t know Yeller have grape rabies yes yes okay that was that ended great as I recall Old Yeller had a very good to get a new dog very uplifting note huh was it golden retriever Old Yeller was a yeah golden retriever yellow lab or something like that that Alan asked pound cake about the down-low guys being Trump guys I don’t know what that means I said that well they were in my DMs because I said I don’t know where the down-low guys all the straight guys that I slept with in high school and in college for some reason they they’re all Trump supporters now like every last one they’re married they have kids you know productively probably standing Overland I mean college I college too but they’re they’re rednecks to I I mean God went to college too but yeah they’re all Trump supporters so I see them on my timeline because I followed them from when I was in college I see them on Twitter or I see them on Instagram and I’m just like how can you spew that how can you say oh you tweeted something about the straight guys but it was only after I saw all the posts that they are making I felt this this text I thought the down-low guys were like do gay dudes on Instagram or something no their DL you had tweeted something and the tweeting homophobic stuff so so I was just like I don’t I want my six-pack all them out well yeah just what I want have you ever just wanted to take your sex back from someone nobody nobody that doesn’t even mean anything anymore like you got all these like right-wing politicians they find out or they got a boyfriend on the side of my house every day so what every day he was at my house and now he wants to talk about oh Trump is this Trump is that because there’s a lot of self-loathing gay men that’s why when they should be self-loathing Trump support but I don’t understand how you could love every second of it and then you go on on and just it feels good gays get married out like if you were at your wife they want to have the fun they don’t want anybody else having the fun but if you’re his I’m not going to make sense of it because it doesn’t make sense there’s no way I can explain he’s probably not in a place where he feels comfortable living as an out person but why do you have to vote for someone who’s going to take my right away because he is going when you he’s trying to do robbing in the roller he doesn’t want people to know but I’m just saying you are robbing people at the luxuries that you to enjoy he probably still does I don’t think that I’m special like I just cracked the code and I was the only guy he ever messed with in his life right so he’s probably still doing it and I’m like okay so you’re going to make it harder so you have to sneak around even more the same thing as like Lindsey Graham or any of those politicians where but he’s not a senator that can afford right boy he is still on that side because he feels guilty about what he’s done and so he’s trying to overcompensate for that side of him it’s gross I was just like look I’m not doing any more yeah it’s gross and and i doing any more straight guy unless they bought it for my unless you’re riding with Biden if you’re married and you have kids and you voted for Trump don’t test me I was I was gonna save the married with kids part should be the part that throws you off but they not the who they voted for Ivy really insecure side and one who come here is if who they voted for if they’re married and they have kids that still on you that you messed around with them I respect of of what their politically but they weren’t married and had kids when you mess around and I’m not and this is when they were in college and now they’re all these years removed from college they see and they you know they but haven’t you figure out with Mary dudes I have but I don’t then that’s what I’m talking but I didn’t know they were married at the time that was the one thing I haven’t messed knowingly I’m not annoyingly home wrecker okay no I’m not a knowingly home wrecker maybe that’ll be the title of my album knowingly homewrecker yeah crash into

semis like I’m not married I didn’t jump out any windows I think about the window I walked out the front door just in my shoes I bet you want to take your sex back after that you didn’t want to jump out the window and be barefoot to be a bloody feet exactly like MacLaine and DieHard it’s a mess you know like this mentally uh Neff people I’m like I’m blocking you I’m unfollowing you I mean to a certain degree obviously I’m not gay but like I like I’ve told the stories where I’ve been a sidepiece three times without knowing it and then I’ll see those guys now preaching loyalty and oh my God now they have kids and I’m like get the hell out out day of all Paul not that they can’t change what is all this you know I don’t care if you devolve I got a problem with you if you have evolve in a way that’s not hurting other people I’m all for you change but there’s that in the back your mind we’re like once a big Nellie bottom always a big Nellie bottom I don’t know what those words I am and I feel like the people that are doing that knowing who they are because I know some of them they’re not changing their again overcompensating yeah you’re probably doing something now yeah and so they got to be like look at how much I love my girlfriend girlfriend or my wife it’s that’s where so we happy and that just means he was in some of the em and I don’t know how someone doesn’t blow up his spot like I don’t know how like people will screenshot you people would talk to you like they will contact your wife is not like especially when you tag your wife and all your photos it’s easy for someone to be like think let me tell you what your husband’s is doing or something like that there’s it’s me there’s a documentary and everybody talked about this at the time but there’s a documentary on Netflix called American murder the family next door in this is about that Chris us and Shannon Watts do you remember this guy this was a few years ago about this guy Chris Watts in Colorado who killed his pregnant wife and his two little girls oh yeah and he said that his wife was going to take the girls they wanted to get a divorce blah blah blah like shove him a septic tank or something he worked for like an oil and gas company or something he’s an operator in Colorado and so kills the wife and he had all these stories like she said she was going to girls so I accidentally killed her but then I told the girls want you know took the girls with them and then put their bodies in like oil tanks or something okay well then they come to find out that he was having an affair with a woman at work and she didn’t know that he was married so she was you know she’s like Amber Frey the Scott Peterson dude that killed these guys who like kill their pregnant wives like Jesus Christ so anyway so Gwen said that she had watched this thing and I go while I watch it because it’s a you know we make fun of them but those kinds of stories are fascinating I swear to God I got 25 minutes in I go why am I watching this I’m not they would show these nothing pictures of these beautiful little girls and I’m like I don’t care about why am I watching a documentary I know How It Ends I’m not going to get dignity happy you’re not gonna drag myself through this guy who like kills his children I shut it off I’m like oh my God what you know yeah that’s like that social I mean this is a much lower level but like the social dilemma just watch that the other I tried watching him like I know no piece of crannium well that’s the thing too I’m not watching us like oh wow social media is playing with our brains got it you know my car you know that but my point in the hole that’s why I watch this because I heard about it on social media my point is that Chris Watts thing is he has a lot of pen pals okay as women writing him left and right he is attractive now part of it isn’t ok looking guys gonna gain weight in prison but I mean anyway this guy gets life in prison right right there he’s a they said that he was unusual by the way to because there’s something called there’s a legal term called family annihilation which is a brutal term but it’s when you kill your family and they said this guy was rare because usually the people who do that then kill themselves so that was an oasis album family annihilation you’re thinking what’s the story Morning Glory so you know and they said this guy he heard about the documentary and it makes him feel ashamed you know his wife gets home from like oh now he feels bad yeah his wife gets home from like a business trip and they fight she gets home at like 2:00 in the morning and then he kills her but he’s going through the whole thing of like he’s sending her texts hey please call me the cops come over the only thing interesting about the documentary what I watched of it all of the police body camera footage because obviously you’re not going to get that and I’m sure that’s what you know you’re going to need that if you’re going to make a documentary about a story that’s so well documented but women right this guy sure they probably probably think there’s no danger because the guy is going to be in prison forever but it doesn’t matter what these guys do you can kill your pregnant wife and your toddler’s and other women will write you letters dude you’re you’re misunderstood the the the Wisconsin guy making a murderer was a MM 18 or 19 when that came out I can’t remember if I was drunk tonight 7:00

but 2008 earlier I think then I was done I was definitely drunk while I was watching it and because I wasn’t 15 16 I was genuinely upset watching it drinking wine alone in my basement apartment and I’m like this dude has had for fiancé’s well yeah it bummed me out this all up from Manitowoc I was in prison yeah I was like I can’t believe this like episode he had a new girlfriend he’s like yeah well we’re in love and she’s fighting for me and like high quality fiancé’s as well forget it well again this Chris Watts guy is a good-looking dude but they’re like hot he gets women think he’s handsome and they’re like are they worried about what he did there like no no they are compassionate and they face are you okay you had a friend yeah they want to pass them that it’s a classic they want to fix him I can fix him yes that happened it was America’s wife his kids but I can all be the one that can you know oh help them get get on the right path sometimes you just marry the wrong piece not day to murderer hot really he’s good looking pretty good-looking dude yeah strangled his wife you know Allen’s type thank you Bill drove her body to a job site at the oil company where he works so he buries the wife and a shallow grave and then he Smothers the daughters and puts them in the oil tanker so they had to find these girls in these you know he had a four-year-old and three year old old daughter’s the wife’s and and and I’m just watching this and I go Jesus I I can’t watch a thing about a guy you know every shot they had of these two girls I’m like they’re not around anymore yeah and I got a four-year-old am I why am I watching this is why am I watching this blooded huh he’s just cold blooded I just I just don’t understand like the wife obviously it’s horrific but then he’s like all right he had in his brain is premeditated he’s like now I gotta go finish the job with them and those kids are looking at him like well because because he he initially said that it was like a crime of passion blah blah blah but now in the wake of this documentary they’re like oh he’s written prison letters to people who’s like I was premeditated and since Gwen had seen the whole thing I go what was it because like weren’t they in a ton of debt he didn’t want to tell his wife she does know he had a side piece of work wild but I’m like Jesus just so Gwen’s like if you ever want to divorce me just easy tell me we’ll figure it out I’m like I have no interest interest whatsoever ER murdering anyone and you’re divorcing you I mean you can’t we don’t have access to an oil tank either so kind of puts the Riff in this way for yourself what you think I can’t find an oil tank huh well I obviously don’t want to do that you gotta go with something new and copycat killer kind of kid stuff always get caught yeah you know and I got a lot of people are pointing out to Pound Cake these guys could be bisexual for all you know you don’t know that they’re just straight well when they’re actively fighting again maybe they’re right maybe they’re well that’s different altogether that’s like for me not for thee there’s nothing home Affairs that they weren’t like no you guys need to get off you guys are a bunch of pansies and but when did our country become a bunch of sissies I’m like that overcompensates of always makes me laugh though it’s like it’s just it’s very funny their the dues that don’t have a profile picture it’s an American flag or as an eagle it’s funny if it survives matters funny if it’s just contained to you and you’re not actively trying to make other people’s life cold yeah I mean but it’s it’s funny funny sad I would say because it’s one of those things where they’re trying to be extra Macho and they’re trying because they find their herd heart of who they are yeah hurting it’s like they gotta like build up this tough-guy exterior because they don’t know how to actually just access who they really are it’s also a really really archaic form of being a tough go yeah it’s just like outdated masculinity that’s it’s a cartoon version of being a tough guy they’re not actual tough guy and I think they don’t like like me they don’t talk to me anymore because they know I know the real them I’m like yo I knew you in high school like I’ve seen stuff oh honey you’re not about to see me stuff I know where your mole is like stop it and they did last summer that’s my that’s my one thing if anyone tells me I’m lying I’m like he has a birthmark right there I was like ask your wife what if he planned ahead and had to cut off you sitting out maybe get me went to his dermatologist know I don’t it’s right there what’s that huge scar scar nothing keep melanoma hunting accident Jen from a tell you about your husband my husband would ever do anything with you ugly you got a big nose I’m like he has one testicle she’s like good guess yeah but also even if you blew up some guys spots like the wife’s gonna split I don’t know what they would do but I would never deny it anyway if you got a house that you got kids you know that’s my life I gotta figure this out you know I would never do that husbands and wives will put up with a lot can you get mad about something um that long ago people do I think people would be I think especially the type of woman that they’re probably

with if you go find out that your husband put a bunch applicant has a stuff in college that’s really upsetting hand-picked I don’t know how old he and mean goodbye I guess it’s only six years ago some of them but but they but before you and righty then I get friend but they are probably not very accepting of a gay lifestyle were experimenting or anything like that like imagine your brother fight that his wife had like a lesbian stage year probably gay one time and he was uncomfortable as it just don’t even joke about just calling tonight he say he did something when we’re done he did something and I did that like gay you know what I mean like that right and he was like do not even funny don’t Joe whole system right and I’m like all right easy and then I was like and then that’s so weird like do you kind of get like it’s okay if you want he’s like no man no don’t even it’s not funny to talk about like this is sexual sexual no longer hide in Shadows giving secret signals of recognition to each other but rather they have joined together into groups or clubs in an attempt to seek freedom and acceptability for their type of sexual inclinations hunky can you try and catfish Mary’s brother to it’s the bottom of my god do it will be double whammy he’s like hey you just my type his wife would be like oh my God he’s black actually the one I’m Blythe I’m gay I said she’s like actually very Progressive she was like a Bodhi of vody a burning guy and things like that so you might get away with that one where she be like listen you never know and Let Live he’s dude Munch butts and celebrate Halloween yeah all right let me take a break you want to get the last word in do that via text 3519 to next chance for you to grab some money is coming up 6:30 you can go fund yourself